Now is the first day of the rest of your life.
I could not believe the local school still had students typing that same line
for students to learn the keyboard. But here I was, a relief instructor at
the local middle school, writing this phrase on the chalk board for the
students to practice on their keyboard. A little about me....

I decided several years ago that if I was to seriously pursue my interest of
the young twelve and thirteen year old girls, I needed a plan to be able to
contact them. So I became a relief instructor, one who fills in for the regular
teacher when they cannot be at school for whatever reason. At almost fifty
years old, I am very trusted by the staff at the local school. I am called
upon several times a week for one class or another. This has assisted in my
devious habit of young girls, just when they are starting puberty. It seems that
several times each year, I am excusing some student to go to the school nurse
because she has starting menstrating in class for the first time, and is shocked
to be caught unaware of the situation. Each time this happens, I make a mental
note to see if this girl is worth my pursuit of my pleasures. I generally find
three or four such girls each year who allow me to "help" them understand their
new found sexuality. So, in a sense, I get paid for seeking out the girls which
I can use for my perverted pleasures. Lucky me.

Today is one of those days when I get aroused just watching the class, specifically
the girls in the class, work diligently while I play with myself under my desk as
I fantasize of what each girl could be doing with me if I had them alone. It has been
a few months since I last had the company of a 12 - 13 year old sweet pussy and my
itch is getting the best of me. About half way through the second class of the day, a
young girl, Debbie is her name, comes up to my desk and asks me in a whisper if she can
go see the school nurse. I politely whisper back to her that I need a reason to send
her to the nurse. Her reply, while blushing, is that she thinks she is bleeding in her
private area, and she has not brought any protection to school with her. I whisper in her
ear and ask if this is her first period, and she shakes her head yes. I write out a hall
pass for her to see the nurse, telling her to return to me after she is finished in the
nurse's office.

Just before the second period bell rings, Debbie returns with a note from the nurse
saying Debbie should be excused for the rest of the day because she needs to go home because
her clothing is soiled and she has noone to bring her some clean clothes. As I excuse
Debbie and write a note to the principal office, the bell rings. Debbie is still
standing by my desk when all the other students have left the room. As this is the
part of the day when I have no class, I offer to take her to the office and see if they
will allow me to drop her at home so she can retrieve some clean clothes and return to
her other classes for the day. The principal allows me to do this task since I am just
a relief teacher and Debbie is relieved she will not miss but one class for the day.

As we head to her house, with her giving me directions, we talk non-chalantly about
school and her work. When we get to her house, she mentions that noone is home and she
asks me if I would mind waiting in the car for her, as it will only take her a few minutes
to change. I said sure, I would wait for her patiently.

When Debbie returns to the car, she seems very relieved and a big smile on her face. As we
return to the school, our conversation takes a turn toward what I am really interested in.
I ask her point blank about her parents and she says her dad is nonexistant and her mom
works two jobs just to make ends meet. She also tells me that she appreciates what I
have done for her and she is forever grateful to me. I ask if she understands all the
changes that her body is undertaking right now and she tells me that her mother does not
have the time to talk with her much and she rarely gets any information like that from
friends at school. So I offer to give her all the information she wants, after school
of course, if she does not mind an older man explaining to her what she should know. She
studies on this for a few minutes and then tells me that she is more than willing to
learn what I can teach her or else she might not know the truth for a very long time, and
it might be hit and miss even then. We agree to meet in the classroom after school, to
start her insturction. Little does Debbie know that my instruction will be a whole lot
more than just verbal insturction.

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