The Carnival

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Published: 18-Mar-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Monday afternoon and the P.T.A meeting went longer than expected. Sally Gruber and her friends were getting tired and desperately wanted to stop discussing the mundane topics of school lunches and budgets. The meeting room reeked of coffee and donuts as the women took turns giving their opinions on each item. Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel.

"Just one last thing to discuss," Janet Wood stated with a smile of relief, "The funding of our daughters' trip to the cheerleading national finals."

"It's out on the coast this year," Heather Davis added, "This is gonna be pricey."

"Yeah, about twenty-five thousand dollars pricey," Commented Stella Rogers.

"There's no way my deadbeat ex-husband would cover any of that," Sally sighed.

"AMEN!" a chorus of response came from the other women simultaneously.

"But if we don't go, we will be laughing stocks in our community." Heather added with frustration, "We have to do something, lousy school won't give us a dime and the town council thinks we're a joke already. Nobody wants to help us."

"Then we'll just have to help ourselves," Stella said firmly, "We'll raise the money ourselves."

"How?" Asked Janet, "How do you raise twenty-five thousand dollars in two weeks?"

"I don't know," Pondered Stella, "We could have a bake sale."

"A bake sale?" Janet repeated, "You don't raise twenty-five thousand dollars with a bake sale."

"Janet is right," Sally sighed, "We need to think bigger."

"Bigger? Like what?" Heather asked.

"Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, and nobody is more desperate than us." Sally responded.

"What are you thinking?" Heather questioned.

"A Pussy Buffet," Sally blurted out the worst and yet only plausible solution to their problem.

"What the hell is a 'Pussy Buffet?'" The women asked.

"Well," Sally began explaining, "You know how our neighborhood is full of pedophiles? I say we give them a few hours of playtime with our daughters, for a price, a huge price."

"Geee... I dunno..." The women mulled over this radical idea in their minds.

"Well, the cost to us is nothing, and I'm sure our daughters won't mind taking one for the team." Sally defended her idea.

"But with pedos..." The voiced concern echoed in the room.

"We could keep an eye on things, you know, chaparone." Stella added.

"I suppose," Heather began thinking aloud, "It could be like a carnival."

"Yes," Sally smiled, "That's the spirit."

"So its decided," Stella said firmly, "This Friday is our pussy carnival."

The next few days were filled with preparations for cheap but unique ideas for the Pussy Carnival. All the women got more and more into it as the day grew nearer. By Thursday, every Pedophile in town knew of this once in a lifetime dream cum true event and advanced tickets were sold out in no time.

Friday, the show was about to begin and the doors were going to open on the Wonderful Preteen Pussy Carnival. Twenty mothers showing off thirty of the cutest little girls in town. All under eleven years old and each one a virgin. They really wanted to win the cheerleading trophy this year.

"Hello," Sally greeted the man in the trench coat with a smile, "Tickets please."

He handed her the ticket he had bought just two days ago. A smile took over his face and for a moment he almost fainted from anticipation. Here he was, a known pedophile, standing in an elementary school hallway and waiting in line to do things that always dreamt of. This was going to be one well spent five hundred dollars.

"We have games galore," Sally smiled, "I hope you brought spending cash."

The man smiled and waved his thousand dollar wad of bills in the air.

"Excellent," Sally smiled as she opened the door to the gymnasium and let him loose inside.

Inside the gym the girls were prepared, the man barely got a chance to take it all in as the other patrons pushed and shoved to get to the girls first, they were like ferocious sharks on a feeding frenzy.

"Step right up and play the squirt game," Heather barked as the man approached. He stood quietly and looked over the set up. What he saw was a lovely ten-year old girl, slim and petite. She was hanging upside down, tied up by a rope tightly around her ankles. Her head was dangling inside a large wash tub and she was gagged at the mouth. Her hands were tight behind her back and squirmed naked, trying to escape but to no avail.

"How do we play?" The man asked.

"Fifty dollars and you get to piss in the washtub." Heather explained.

"You mean I can...?"

"Yep," Heather smiled, "All you want."

The man paid his fifty dollars and walked over to the upside down little girl. He took his time, eyeing her pretty naked body from all angles and then stopping behind her. SMACK, he spanked her little ass as hard as he could the twisted her around and began feeling her ten year old pussy. After a few minutes he felt the need to piss so he let his cock hang out of his fly as he grabbed the little girl's hips and stared into her gorgeous twat.

"Here," Heather offered, "Let me help you with that." She stepped behind him and held his wang in he delicate and soft hands. Heather was a gorgeous blonde divorced woman aged thirty. "The little girl you'll be pissing on is named Molly, 'Say hello Molly,'" She said sadistically, "Shall we hit her face?" The man smiled and nodded. Soon he was freely pissing as Heather directed his stream up and down Molly's tight little body.

"There," Heather said in a higher tone, "Isn't that warm and tingly, Molly?" She looked and the man and smiled, "I think she likes it."

The sight of the little girl hanging upside down by her ankles with the warm golden fluid running down her flat chest and the sound of her pleas being muffled in her gag relaxed the man.

"You know," He started to speak as her turned to look at Heather, "Some asshole dial a doper cut me off yesterday."

"Was it a blue Honda?" Heather asked.

"Yes. How did you know?" The man replied.

"That bastard cut me off two days ago. We see that piece of shit trying to sell meth to twelve year-old kids and if I ever see that fucker around here I'm gonna cut his balls off and have him arrested." Heather explained angrily. "He's fucking up our kids and I want him stopped."

"Absolutely," The man agreed, "Shake please."

Heather shook his cock as the last of the piss dribbled out.

"There," She said, "All done."

"Thank-you," The man smiled as Heather put his cock back into his shorts.

"You just enjoy our carnival." She told him.

The man walked away from the piss game and approached the next game.

"Ooohh... So close," Stella said to the contestant who did not look too disappointed. "Step right up, test your strength and win a cigar." She said in her best carny voice.

The man looked over the game and what he saw was a strength tester that led to a series of wires each attached to three vibrators the first vibrator was stuck on the clitoris of nine year old Marsha, taped to her body with medical tape. The second was attached to a vibrator that went right inside the vagina of ten year old Mackenzie and the third set of wires were attached to several vibrators taped to and inside the ass and vagina of twelve year-old Kendra.

"The game is simple," Stella explained, "For fifty bucks you get three hits on the strength tester, the higher the weight goes up, the more power goes to the vibrators, if you make any girl squirt her cum then you win a cigar. Personally, I think Kendra is ready to squirt, they've been doing this for an hour straight and she can't hold out much longer."

"Okay," The man smiled as he handed her the fifty. Stella gave him the mallet and the man swung down hard and watched the weight climb halfway up. Marsha and Mackenzie shivered as their vibrators started but poor Kendra felt nothing but sexual frustration.

"Come on," Stella stated, "You can do it harder than that. Think of something that angers you."

"That damn fucking punk cut in front of me in line at the convenience store." The man said angrily as he swung the mallet crushing down on the strength tester. The weight flew up like a rocket and rang the bell but all he could hear was the satisfied moaning of the three little girls. The vibes buzzed and massaged their young tight bodies.

"You did it!" Stella exclaimed, "Let's see the replay." She pointed out a monitor and rewound the digital recording of the camera focused on Kendra's pussy. Up close and clear as a bell they could see the vibrator going strong and the twelve year-old squirted her juices in a torrential flow of ecstasy. The man happily accepted his cigar.

Moving on to what Janet was proclaiming to be the 'Big Attraction'. "This is it," She proclaimed, "The reason you came, our infamous elementary school, Pussy Buffet."

A table, twenty feet long with seven little girls ranging from age six to age twelve years. Each one was naked and lying on her back with her hands tied behind her back and her ankles tied up to hold their legs spread and high in the air. So much young snatch to snack on.

"All you can eat for a hundred bucks," Janet said with a smile.

How could he pass up a deal like this. The man paid his money and made a bee line to six year-old Taylor.

"Hello, Mister," She said politely as she looked down at the man about to go down on her.

"And what's your name?" He asked as he helped himself to licking her tiny muff.

"Taylor," She moaned as she felt his warm tongue lick and engulf her little cunny.

"This is so cool," The Pedophile next to him commented. "Just an hour ago, my shitty boss was chewing me out for no reason."

"Yeah, I like this too," The first man replied.

The second man whispered the first, "Now, I'm fucking my bosses daughter," He smile and pointed at the seven year-old girl. She just lied back and stared at the ceiling. "You like fucking don't you?" He asked the little girl.

"Yes," She cried out with pleasure, "My daddy's a cheap cunt who never does anything I want.. Oh GOD!! Don't stop... Fuck you, Daddy, I don't need your shit anymore and mommy's fucking the mailman."

"I love it when they talk dirty," The second man smiled as he pulled his cock out of her pussy and went down to lick her slit. The first man stood up and began to grab and squeeze the clitoris of the six year-old before him.

"That's it," The second man encouraged, "Go for it dude, you only live once."

The first man agreed and began slapping and spanking the six year-old's pussy. Smacking harder with each hit.

"Here," Janet interjected, "You can use this." She handed him a riding crop and he began using it, whipping the little girl's tiny snatch. Soon it was turning red and swollen.

"Nice," The second man smiled as he stared at the six year-old's pussy, "But you missed a spot."

"Where?" The man asked.

"Right... There." The second man said as he flicked her clitoris with his index finger. The two men laughed and all the little girl could do was lie there and take it. Soon all Seven girls at the buffet were being being used and the fucking and pussy eating went on for hours. So many pedophiles shooting their cum into so many little girls and all in the name of fund raising. A splendid afternoon indeed.

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Miss UK Chicken-Hawk

Nice story! :)


I do hope the carnavel wil continue for a few mor chapters it is just starting to realy be good and I will read other chapters good work


Very nice. Perhaps you could write part two, with more carnival events. This was quite a weird fantasy. I wrote something similar, in JuraSex Park, Part 1, Chapter 5 - The Meat Factory at Babes of Thailand and the in Chapter 12 -The JuraSex Park High School Science Fair. You might get a kick out of these.


Yes loved the story and loved jurasex park would love to see more of both!


this has to be one of the best prick pleasing storys I have read in a long time. I love the pussy buffet and the ageof the girls on it. five stars

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