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CAUTION: This story is not politically correct. It includes the humiliation and degradation of willing and maybe not so willing black women. The "n" word is used liberally.

Puerto Esclava

by Neal

The island of Puerto de Esclava Negras, or Puerto Esclava for short, was a resort in the Caribbean Sea where wealthy white folks could go to experience a modern day version of the Ante Bellum era slave days. The organization that ran the resort and controlled the island recruited black women in financial or legal distress to act as slaves for the pleasure of the guests. In exchange, their difficulties were taken care of in full. The only question remaining for these women was: is it worth it?

Chapter 1 - Tamika's Dilemma
* New story added 2/6/09 *

Chapter 2 - Tamika's First Interview
* New chapter added 2/13/09 *

Chapter 3 - Tamika's Second Interview
* New chapter added 2/20/09 *

Chapter 4 - Tamika's Contract
* New chapter added 2/27/09 *

Chapter 5 - Tamika's Voyage
* New chapter added 3/6/09 *

Chapter 6 - Tamika's Arrival
* New chapter added 3/13/09 *

Chapter 7 - Tamika's Training
* New chapter added 3/20/09 *

Chapter 8 - Tamika's Inspection
* New chapter added 3/27/09 *

Chapter 9 - Tamika's Auction
* New chapter added 4/10/09 *

Chapter 10 - Tamika's Sale
* New chapter added 4/24/09 *

Chapter 11 - Tamika's Master
* New chapter added 5/8/09 *

Chapter 12 - Tamika and Wanda
* New chapter added 5/22/09 *

Chapter 13 - Tamika's Club Visit
* New chapter added 6/12/09 *

Chapter 14 - Tamika's New Owner
* New chapter added 6/26/09 *

Chapter 15 - Tamika's New Home
* New chapter added 7/31/09 *

Chapter 16 - Tamika's New Attitude
* New chapter added 8/14/09 *

Chapter 17 - Tamika's Morning Ritual
* New chapter added 8/28/09 *

Chapter 18 - Tamika Goes Outside
* New chapter added 9/11/09 *

Chapter 19 - Tamika Receives a Visitor
* New chapter added 9/25/09 *

Chapter 20 - Tamika Gets Used by Caitlin
* New chapter added 10/9/09 *

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