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Subject: {ASSM} RP: Becky's Ordeal Ch. 5 (M/f nc, torture, rape, kidnap, slavery)
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This story is for GROWNUPS ONLY. If it's illegal for you to read this,
 kindly go elsewhere. This is a work of fiction. Anyone who commits
the kind of horrible, brutal acts that are contained in this story is
a sick fuck. Do not read this if you are remotely offended by any
portrayal of rape, torture or brutality.
BECKY'S ORDEAL (M/f nc, torture, rape, kidnap, slavery)
by e. wolf
The answer came to me the next day as I was eating my breakfast. I'd
had a good night's sleep while my little bitch "rested" downstairs,
and when I went down to untie her, I found her unconscious, her
shoulders dislocated, her head lolling off to one side with the dildo
gag still stuffed firmly in her mouth. Her tits were purple from loss
of blood, but after I untied them, I
managed to slap them back to a nice healthy pink . . . well, maybe not
so healthy. But not permanently damaged, at any rate. The sudden pain
of having her tits untied brought my toy back to consciousness, and
she began to groan and sob as she came to. "So, what game are we going
to play today?" I figured I'd better get some water into the girl,
since it had been a while since
she'd had anything to drink. No food, though. She'd lost some weight
already, but her flesh still jiggled excessively when I slapped it.
But she was dehydrated enough that if I gave her too much too fast,
she'd just puke it back up again. So I took it slow. Strapped her back
onto the table, legs
spread wide. I put a length of hollow surgical tubing into a bucket of
cold water on the floor, then put the other end into Becky's mouth.
The tubing was thin enough that she would have to drink slowly. Then I
set to work on her pussy. I'd been neglecting it these past few days,
and consequently my poor prisoner hadn't been having any fun. Becky
sucked eagerly at the tube. She
was so distracted by the fact that I was letting her have a drink that
she didn't even notice at first that I was toying with her privates.
She had a nice cunt, soft and fleshy, with prominent pink lips. I
flicked back a piece of skin at the top of her slit to reveal her
clit, long and purple. I began to rub it roughly with a dry finger,
and I suddenly felt her body jerk in pain. She whimpered slightly,
trying to pull away from me as I continued to apply friction to her
little nub. Despite her best intentions, though, I could see Becky's
cunt was beginning to moisten. I'd been rubbing for more
than half an hour by this time, and thought it was time for a change
of pace. I gripped her clit between my fingernails and gave it a good
pinch, just to see what she'd do. It was priceless: she screamed so
loud the tube dropped from her mouth. Started thrashing around on the
table, shrieking incoherently. I pinched harder, and she started
spitting up water and pissing herself. She was pulling at her bonds
hard enough to draw blood. I thought this would be a good opportunity
to teach the little slut a lesson about gratitude. I let go of her
clit and released her from her bonds. As I yanked her to her feet, she
was still twitching and moaning with pain. "So, you don't want a
drink, eh?" I shouted, right in her face. "No, please . . ." she
stammered. "I didn't mean to . . ." "No, of course you didn't," I said
sarcastically. "Your master goes through all this trouble to give you
a drink of water, and what do you do? You spit it out. You know what
that means, Becky?" She shook her head, her lower lip quivering. She
was unbound now, standing in the middle of the floor, but it was
obvious there was no thought of escaping in her head. Her legs were
too unsteady, and her terror of me was all-consuming. "Please . . .
kill me if you're going to," she begged me. "Just don't hurt me any
"Oh, I have to hurt you more," I said, grinning. "Otherwise you won't
be ready when it's time to sell you off?" The look on her face was
priceless as she realized that I was grooming her to
sell to someone else. She looked shocked at first, then terrified and
offended. Then I could see her wondering if I might sell her to
someone who would treat her better than I would. I thought it would be
better to dispel this idea immediately. "There's a big market out
there for little sluts like
you," I told her. "Little bitches who can take a lot of punishment.
But I tell you, you won't last long if you start screaming and pissing
every time somebody gives you a little tickle like that." Just for
emphasis, I gave one nipple a good sharp twist. Then I dragged her by
the hair into a room where I keep one of my favorite devices. I could
tell from Becky's eyes that the purpose of this device was not
immediately obvious to her. Which is the way I like it. I like my
sluts to find out about this machine the hard way. It looks, to the
naked eye, like a thick metal pipe bolted to the floor. To someone
with a little more imagination, it might look like a very large, very
thick metal dildo. They would only be partly correct. I decided to
educate my little slave in the workings of this very special machine.
Becky's body was still stiff and out-of-control from the amount of
time she'd spent immobilized lately. That made it easier for me to
chain her ankles to the manacles attached to the floor on either side
of the machine. Her feet were shoulder-width apart, but with chains
about 10 inches long on each ankle, which allowed for some range of
motion. The dildo on my lovely machine is adjustable, which allows me
to move it up and down according to the victim's height. At this
moment it was at its lowest, which left the tip of the
instrument at Becky's mid-thigh level. I chained her wrists together
over her head, which left her nice and vulnerable. I didn't gag her; I
like to hear my little slaves screaming and begging for mercy when I
use the machine on them. I adjusted the dildo, raising it until the
tip was firmly embedded between Becky's cunt lips. Then I stepped
back, picked up my remote control and sat
down to watch the action. It's always amusing to watch one of my
little victims as they begin to experience my machine. The sensation,
at first, is quite pleasurable. The machine begins to vibrate
slightly, stimulating the victim's clit and pussy walls. Becky's face
began to fill with a kind of
rapture I hadn't seen since I bought her a meal the night I met her. I
couldn't let her start to enjoy her treatment too much, though, so I
switched the machine to the next level. The next feature of the
machine made Becky begin to whimper with fear and a little pain.
Mostly fear, though, as she
realized what was going to happen next. Hundreds of tiny holes on the
dildo opened, and short, blunt spikes began to push out against her
pussy walls. Becky's pussy began to fill to the maximum, then stretch
as the spikes grew longer.all the while, the machine continued to
vibrate, pushing out against the walls of her cunt quite painfully.
"Unnnngh!" she moaned, yanking at the
chain that held her arms above her head. I laughed. "You're not going
anywhere, darling," I said. Pressed another button on the remote
This sent a sudden, jarring electrical shock through the dildo and
into Becky's lovely cunt. She began to drool and convulse
uncontrollably. I felt my cock getting hard just watching. Another
switch on the remote made the entire machine begin to raise and lower.
I pressed this button next, and the huge metal cock began to fuck
Becky violently, spikes and all. Every once in a while I would let her
have a nice little shock, just for good measure. Oh, it was truly a
joy to watch poor Becky getting fucked by my machine. This went on for
more than an hour, the whirring and grinding as the machine tore into
Becky's cunt. Her head began to droop with exhaustion as she recovered
from each jolt of electricity, only to have me turn up the speed on
the machine, making it fuck her faster, harder . . . it was truly
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