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Crazy Jack's House
By e. wolf
M+/F+M+/nc, kidnap, torture, rape, mutilation. All the good stuff. Do
not read this if you're easily offended or are under the legal age of
majority for where you live.
Crazy Jack turned to Lana expectantly, and she began to sob.
"Oh, come now, dearest," he said with the hint of a smile. "Surely you
expected this. You didn't think maybe you'd be exempt from the rules I
set for the rest of my pets? Come now, sweetness. I'd hate to have to
punish you on your very first day."
With a heaving sob, Lana pulled her muddy T-shirt off over her head,
exposing a lacy blue bra pulled askew slightly, exposing the top of
her left breast as the strap fell down her shoulder.
"Mmm, very nice," said Crazy Jack, reaching out to pull the cups of
the bra down around her 34C breasts. "I like the way your nipples
stick out ... nice and puffy. All right. Let's have a look at the rest
of you. Get rid of those jeans."
Lana tugged at the waistband of her pants, unbuttoning them and
coaxing them to her ankles. Her white cotton panties went with them to
the floor, and trembling, she stepped out of them.
"Very nice," he said. With a practised movement he reached between her
legs and grabbed her labia, tugging her sharply toward him. Expertly
he slid a finger into her dry tunnel, yanking her closer to him as he
explored her insides. "But you're not a virgin, are you?"
Lana whimpered, shook her head, no.
"That's too bad. I was hoping to take your cherry. But that's all
right. By the time I've finished with you today your cunt will be so
sore you'll feel like you lost your virginity to a battering ram."
He left his finger inside her a few minutes as his other hand roamed
her body, squeezing her breasts, sliding his finger between her
buttocks and finding her anus, poking at it painfully.
Lana let out a soft whimper as Crazy Jack pressed her body to his. She
could feel his erection bulging through his pants and tried to pull
away. He smiled, pulling her pelvis against his.
"Ah, ah, ah. You mustn't shy away from Master's cock, little pet.
You'll have it inside you soon enough. You must always welcome the
cock. Any cock. Soon you'll live for it. Do you understand? If you do,
say ?yes, Master.'"
"Y-yes, Master," Lana whined.
"Very nice." He shoved her away slightly, grabbed her by the hair and
tugged her further down the hallway. "Come on, then. Let's go see the
rest of the house."
The first room Crazy Jack led Lana to was the kitchen. He paused for a
moment before he opened the door.
"You'll have to understand, little slut, that you'll no longer be seen
as a person once you've been integrated into my little stable.
Depending on your role here, you may be treated as well as a household
pet. Or maybe you'll be treated like a pack animal - a beast of
burden, if you will. But there are only so many work animals I
require. I have far more pets than I do jobs for all of them. So the
odds of your landing such a cushy position are negligible. You'll have
to earn the privilege of serving me in that way."
He pushed the door open then, shoving Lana through it. What she saw
made her gasp and tremble.
"We're having a special banquet tonight," said Crazy Jack. "It's the
birthday of one of our trainers, so the cooks are really pulling out
all the stops."
There were half a dozen cooks preparing what looked to be an elaborate
meal with several courses apiece. The cooks themselves - four women
and two men - wore aprons and hairnets and nothing else. Lana could
see ugly welts and bruises over most of their backs and buttocks, and
other marks that might have been burns or bites. But she'd been
prepared for that - what made her so frightened was the dozens of
other people - Crazy Jack's ?pets' - all around the room. He hadn't
lied - they were being used as a variety of household objects, some
quite horrifying. One girl, a child of perhaps ten years old, was
apparently going to be the centrepiece for the table. She was bound
tightly with her legs bent double, her wrists tied to her ankles. Lit
candles stood in pools of melted wax all over her body, and a slave
with thick gloves on was carefully creating a floral arrangement in
the space between the candles.
"Poison ivy and stinging nettles," Crazy Jack said with glee. "The
poor little cunt will be writhing around so hard trying to stop the
itch that she'll drip melting wax all over herself."
Elsewhere there was a girl dangling by her wrists and ankles from the
ceiling. The skin all the way down the front of her torso was puckered
where it had been pierced with thick stainless steel hooks, and the
hooks were being tugged downward by an assortment of pots and pans
that were hanging from them.
Another girl stood with a huge tray full of vegetables suspended from
her pierced nipples. Her breasts were massive, stretched painfully
downward by the weight of the tray as she struggled not to whimper.
A man of about twenty-five was bound spread-eagled on a huge tray with
an assortment of hors d'oeuvre all around him. At first Lana thought
his job was fairly innocuous until she realized that each of the small
tidbits was impaled on a sharp steel skewer, which in turn was jammed
into the man's skin. His scrotum and penis were pierced and pinned to
the tray, and hundreds of the razor-sharp skewers decorated the rest
of his body.
"Well, enough of this," Crazy Jack said. "Can't have you disturbing
the cooks while they're working. I'd hate to have to punish anyone
because dinner's late." And he seized her by the hair and once again
pulled her on to the next room.
"This is the dining room," he said proudly. "Not much to see here, but
I am quite proud of my chandelier."
Lana looked up. Over the ornate oak dining table hung four young
women, nearly identical in size and build, all with long dark hair
tied back in high ponytails. They were bound hand and foot, wrists
tied to their ankles behind their backs, heads arched back with their
ponytails incorporated into the knots that bound their limbs. They
were obviously in agony, and not just from their bound positions. Each
of them had heavy rings through their tongues, ears, nipples, navels
and labia, and from each of the rings hung heavy silver chains of
varying lengths. At the end of each chain was a dish holding a burning
pillar candle, the flames on some of them so high that even a deep
breath would cause them to come into contact with the girls' skin.
Each of them had bright-red blisters where they'd inadvertently
brushed against the flames.
"Mmm, I DO so love the smell of burning slut flesh," said Crazy Jack
with a grin. He pulled Lana to him suddenly and kissed her hard, his
tongue probing into her mouth, his hands squeezing her breasts like
grapefruits. She grunted with surprise but returned the kiss,
terrified of winding up part of the lighting fixture if she didn't
please him sexually.
After a minute he broke the kiss and pulled her by the breasts into
the next room, which he told her was the parlour. It looked more like
a chamber of horrors to Lana. There were lush armchairs around the
room with bound slaves serving as footstools in front of them. Two
girls were tied with duct tape, limbs bent double and forearms taped
to biceps, calves taped to thighs, resting on their elbows and knees
and serving as coffee tables. On the walls were a number of gilded
frames that might have housed beautiful paintings. Instead, though,
there were slaves hung inside them, chained or attached to the walls
in the most uncomfortable positions Lana could imagine. One girl was
held in her frame by a series of hooks that encircled various parts of
her body. Twin hooks went up her nose, tilting her head unnaturally
far back while other hooks under her armpits and behind her knees held
her securely in place. The biggest dildo Lana could imagine was
inserted in the girl's vagina, and a smaller but still enormous one
was inserted in her rectum.
Another piece of ?art' involved a triangular wooden beam set up in the
middle of the room. There were three girls affixed to it in various
ways. One had a noose around her neck that kept her on her tiptoes.
She had obviously been standing there for quite some time, though, and
her calf muscles were spasming. Any effort to flatten her feet,
though, would result in the noose tightening around her neck. In
addition, the wooden beam was right against the girl's pubic bone, and
to lower her feet would mean to cause herself excruciating pain.
The next girl was in much the same position as the first, except that
in addition to having to balance on her tiptoes, Lana noted with
horror that her labia had actually been nailed right to the rough
The last girl was in an even worse position. She was straddling the
beam the same way the first two were, but instead of being able to
relieve some of the pressure by balancing on her tiptoes, her feet
were pulled off the floor, her knees bent and her ankles bound behind
her, tied to her wrists. There was a rope around her neck as well, but
instead of going up to a beam in the ceiling it, too, was attached to
her wrists and ankles.
Crazy Jack grinned as he saw Lana gaping at the ?artwork.'
"Would you like to try some of those positions, cunt?" he asked.
"N-no Sir," Lana managed.
"Oh. Well, that's all right. After some of the things we're gonna do
to you in the next twenty-four hours, you'll be begging me to let you
be a piece of artwork for a few weeks." He ran his hands over her body
again, almost absentmindly, giving her nipples a tweak, jamming a
finger into her asshole.
"All right. Enough of this sightseeing," he said. "I just need to make
a quick stop at the bathroom and then we can actually get to work on
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Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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