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Subject: {ASSM} Tommy's adventure: Part 2(b)- Neighborhood sluts. (bg, bF, MILF, bff, oral, anal, DP, cons, mg, nympho) by Jimmy
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Tommy's adventure: Part 2(b)- Neighborhood sluts. (bg, bF, MILF, bff, oral,
anal, DP, cons, mg, nympho) by Jimmy
After Mike opened Tommy's eyes (and dick) to the joys of pussy Tommy begins
to explore his own neighborhood for new conquests. Which isn't to hard with
all the young and willing little sluts that live there...
After the most stimulating shower I had ever had (two girls, well one girl
and a MILF, sudsing up all my body parts) I wandered home high with sexual
satisfaction. Mom and Kelly were still out shopping so I just went up to my
room and collapsed onto my bed. I lay there with sweet visions of Claire's
naked body in the shower, suds dripping off her double D tits like cum. My
prick was getting hard again as I drifted into a sound sleep...
I was dreaming about Claire's lips gliding up and down my cock which began
to twitch. Slowly I drifted upward from my dream state and the more awake I
became the more intense my erotic dream got. Suddenly my eyes snapped open
and there was Kelly with her mouth wrapped around my prick looking me
directly in the eyes.
She pulled off my cock with a pop. "Good you're awake." she said in a very
seductive tone. Then she slowly pulled my shorts to my knees, hiked up her
skirt climbed onto the bed and straddled my waist with her naked ass. She
put my cock to her pussy-hole, lay down on me, put her arms under my
shoulders, hugged me tight to her chest and whispered into my ear. "Fuck
I was still wound up from my afternoon with the mother-daughter
nymphomaniac team, I hunched my hips jamming my cock into her hot pussy. I
pushed up hard letting my pubic bone bang into her mons Venus then I
started stroking into my sister's hot cunt.
"Where's Mom?" I asked breathlessly as I fucked my sister.
"Uh, Oh! Oh, uh, Downstairs in the kitchen. Yessss, harder!" she hissed
between sensual grunts.
"God! She might hear us!" I tried to squirm out from under her but she was
having none of that, she hugged me tighter and kept humping her mons into
"She's, uh, making, uh, Dinner uh, and, uh, I, uh, just, uh, need uh
quickie." she huffed into my ear as she fucked herself on my stiff cock.
I couldn't get out... so I fucked back. We fucked intensely for several
moments trying to get off with a quickie. Then... "Kelly, is Tommy up
there?" Mom's voice came up from the bottom of the stairs.
"Yeah! Cumming mother!" Kelly screamed out.
"Good, hurry up dear." Mom called back to her.
Then her cunt muscles violently squeezed my prick drenching my balls with
girl cum. She put her hands on my chest and raised up catching her breath.
She humped her hips a couple more times before jerking off my cock, "Later
brother" and she ran for the door pulling her skirt down as she went.
When she reached the door she looked over her shoulder, "Oh yeah, Mom wants
you to take out the garbage." She turned and was gone.
I came as she jumped up leaving my cock waiving around in the cool air. My
cum shot out of my dick like a fountain and squirted several times into the
air before I could get a Kleenex over the end to catch my sperm. My balls
were quaking from the sudden orgasm and my abdomen contracted in sympathy
to the sudden loss of pussy. I flopped back dizzy from the drive-by fucking
I had gotten.
Slowly I pulled myself together, starting with my pants and I got up and
went downstairs.
In the kitchen Kelly was at the sink scrubbing vegetables in the sink, Mom
was at the stove stirring something. "Kelly said you wanted me to take out
the garbage?"
"Yes dear, its quite full, and don't forget to put a fresh bag in the
"Yes Mom." I gathered up the trash bag and carried it out to large can by
the garage.
I stood beside the garbage can and looked toward the Sokolov's house with
wistful eyes. I would never look at that house the same way again. I felt a
warm feeling in my groin. My cock gave a twitch as it started to stretch
out at the memory of fucking Debbie and her MILF mom. I pulled my eyes away
from the house and went back in.
"Tommy, help your sister peel potatoes and carrots for the stew."
"Kay Mom." I put a new bag in the kitchen garbage bucket and then went to
the sink to help Kelly. I stood next to her, hips touching as we both
worked at the sink. I was feeling horny after memories of that pair of
nymphos next door flooded my mind. Kelly's girlish hip pressing into mine
was enough to keep my cock in a semi-aroused state.
"What does this remind you of Tommy?" Kelly smirked as she held up a
deformed carrot that had a round lump on the fat end and a long tapering
shaft jutting out from the lump. I bumped her with my shoulder and grinned
at her joke. I took her carrot and pushed the pointy end into a potato that
was creased down the middle, which to a horny twelve year-old looked like a
pussy. Kelly giggled.
"Okay kids quit playing around and get those veggies peeled." Mom said
without even looking up from what she was doing.
I quickly unfucked the carrot and potato and started peeling the spud.
"Mmmm," Kelly murmured, "Looks like the vegetables were havin' a little fun
time... Wait'll lights out tonight, I'm gonna finish off what I started
earlier." My cock definitely lifted at that suggestion.
I woke up suddenly. I felt my sister's naked ass spooning into my naked lap
with my morning boner nestled between the soft twin globes of her ass. God
what time was it? Light was just starting to brighten up the window in my
room. I remembered now, Kelly had snuck into my bed after the parents had
fallen asleep. She had straddled me and without even the slightest foreplay
had put my cock to her burning hole, then I fucked her brains out, we had
fucked and fucked. I came until I was drained of all the cum in my body
then we passed out with my cock buried in her cunt. I had a pleasant warm
feeling in my gut and started to rock my cock up and down in her ass crack.
Then I heard a noise downstairs in the kitchen. I sat sat bolt upright. I
grabbed Kelly and shook her.
"Oh, Tommy, fuck me again." she murmured.
"No! You crazy nympho, I hear Mom down in the kitchen!"
"Awe, come on, Tommy, I want little Tommy inside me again." she said
tugging on my cock.
"No, no, no!" I was panicked. "Get back to your room before mom comes up to
wake us." I pulled her hand off my dick.
"Party pooper." Kelly dragged herself out of my bed giving one last squeeze
to my cock, with a coquettish look over her shoulder, she tip-toed to the
bathroom adjoining our rooms. Her short nightgown was hung up on one hip
exposing her bare ass and the back of her cunt to me, one strap had fallen
hap-haphazardly off her shoulder exposing her small breast nipple on one
side. Her hair was a total chaotic mess, bunched up and sticking out at all
angles. She looked like... well she looked like she had just been wildly
fucked, my cock twitched with a bit of regret. No sooner had the bathroom
door closed and I heard footsteps on the stairs. I threw myself down,
pulled the sheet over me and feigned sleep.
Mom opened the door and put her head in my room. "Tommy are you awake?"
I pretended to be groggy, "Huh... wha?" I sat up being careful not to let
her see I was completely naked and rock hard.
"Time to get up, breakfast will be ready soon, tell your sister when she
gets out of the bathroom."
"Okay Mom." I waited for her to leave then I sat up on the edge of my bed
my feet on the floor and my boner tenting the sheet over my lap.
The bathroom door opened and my sister stuck her head out, "Good, she's
gone." Then like a bolt she shot across the room her naked ass flashing me
as her short nightgown flapped up around her. In one smooth motion she
jerked the sheet aside and jumped into my lap straddling me with her legs,
her naked pussy connected directly with my boner. She pushed down, with a
couple of wiggles she had me inside her. She was still wet with cum from
the previous night's fuck session, I slid in deep. When my cock felt the
velvet grip of her tight fuck tunnel my hips instinctively bucked up
driving my impaling shaft in to the balls. Giving in to the inevitable I
flopped back on the bed, took a soft ass cheek in each hand and began
urging her to fuck up and down on my cock. My cock was already primed and I
started humping hard until moments later I felt my balls contract and my
hot cream surged up my shaft, setting my cock-head alight with fiery
tingling pleasure as my incestuous cum poured into my sister.
She was right behind me, her fuck tunnel contracted, squeezing more of my
cum into her vagina, splashing against her cervix. She shivered with
orgasmic delight and drenched my ball sack with her girl-cum. She continued
to squirm on my impaling shaft crushing her head into my shoulder and
squeezing my chest to her trying to get every bit of my seven inches into
her as she road out her orgasm.
We lay panting, my sister's legs sprawling out over my hips, her torso
laying on my chest head turn to the side and my bone tightly embedded in
her pussy.
"Kids get down here for breakfast, I'm not going to call you again." Mom's
voice came up clearly from the bottom of the stairs.
"We're coming mother." I hollered back as I scooted out from under my
sister my dick popping free, uncorking a small cum flood from her freshly
fucked hole.
"You keep this up and Mom's gonna catch us fucking one of these times." I
said as I pulled on my shorts and found a clean T-shirt to put on.
My sister pulled herself together, got out of my bed and went to the
bathroom again, speaking over her shoulder, "She's so clueless, I doubt
she'd even know what she saw if she saw me riding your cock." and she
closed the bathroom door. Somehow I doubted Mom was that stupid... but then
I really did enjoy fucking my sister.
I went downstairs to the kitchen. Mom had plates with eggs and potatoes
already on the table. I sat down and started wolfing down my food. Fucking
sure builds an appetite.
"Where's your sister?"
"Still in the bathroom I imagine." I said covering for her absence.
"I declare that girl lives in the bathroom. Well I'm not making a second
breakfast for her, she can eat it cold if she isn't down here quickly."
I went outside when I finished my breakfast as my sister was just arriving
to eat hers. She looked chipper and all aglow, I had begun to noticed that
girls get a certain glow about them when they're freshly fucked. She sat
down and started wolfing her food (they also get an appetite).
I didn't know what my sister had planned for the day but I had decided to
scout the neighborhood for any fresh pussy I could find. Before Mike showed
me how to fuck and really enjoy girls I had never thought about girls in a
sexual way, but once I had dipped my cock into that well, fucking was all I
ever thought about anymore. I wandered down the block walking nonchalantly
on the sidewalk just enjoying the warm August afternoon. I had gotten about
four houses down from our house when I saw Lori and Lydia Ryder, the ten
year old twins, playing with their dolls on their front porch.
I stopped and watched the pair for a bit. I had never paid much attention
to them before, they were just girls my sister played with occasionally.
But now my eyes were drawn to their girlish figures. They were dressed in
identical little yellow sun dresses, the kind with spaghetti straps over
the shoulder. They were sitting cross legged with bare feet on the porch,
exposing their matching yellow panties for any passer-by see.
Lori was holding her Barbie doll and Lydia was holding a Ken doll. They
were animating them and talking for their dolls.
"Hello's Ken." Lori said in a seductive little voice and danced her doll up
to Lydia's Ken doll.
"Well hello there Barbie." Lydia said in a false base voice trying to sound
like a man. "Have you got a smooch for me?"
"Oh Ken I always have a smooch for you." and she pressed Barbie up against
Ken and made kissy sounds with her lips.
"Oh Ken!" Lori said in a swooning voice as she pulled Barbie away from Ken.
"Wanna feel my boobs? And she unbuttoned the front of Barbie's blouse.
Lydia moved ken's hands up to touch Barbie's breast mounds.
Then Lori noticed me standing on the sidewalk watching them play. She
waved. "Hi Tommy."
I walked up their walkway to the porch. "Hi girls, whatcha doin' " I said
eyeing the half naked Barbie doll.
"Just playin' house with Barbie an' Ken." Lydia said.
"Oh, is that it?" I said conversationally. "How come Barbie doesn't have
her shirt on?"
Lydia looked at Lori, then they both looked at me, then whispered in twin
unison, "We like to play dirty."
"I see." I felt a familiar warm feeling in my crotch.
"Do you like to play dirty?" Lori asked in a conspiratorial voice.
I looked from one set of panties to the other, then raised my eyes to look
the girls in the eyes. "Yes... yes I do... Do you like to play dirty with
real boys?" My ears were starting to buzz and my cock was growing.
"That depends on the boy." Lydia said slyly. "Do you like to play house?"
My ears were getting hot. I thought to myself, "I'd play anything if it
gave me a chance to tap those twin pussies." then aloud, "Yeah, sure, do I
need a doll too?"
"No, silly... You be the Dad and we'll be the daughters." Lydia said
"Yeah, you just tell us what to do. Like our real dad does." Lori said.
"We play this game in our bedroom." Lydia said coyly.
My cock pulsed in my pants and I felt the deliciously uncomfortable feeling
of my bone trying to unfold in my underwear.
Lydia bounced to her feet, her dress hung up on her hips briefly, revealing
tight little panties molded to the curve of her ass. She brushed her dress
down, one hand holding her Ken doll as she smoothed the fabric, I could see
her shape through the loose fitting material. Her hips flared out to
encompass a beautiful little bubble butt. A nice indented curve to her
sides rising up to her chest and her tiny little-girl titties just the
cutest little bumps hinting at the luscious breasts that would someday be
there. Her hair hung halfway down her back in a beautiful strawberry blonde
cascade. Her face was fair without blemish with soft pouty lips and
beautiful eyes glowing with excitement. Lori was a carbon copy of her
sister, cute little ten year-old twins just starting to bud into womanhood.
Lori stood up too and I was treated to the same vision of girl-flesh.
"Let's go inside." she said.
I looked around. "Where's your Mom?"
"Oh she's next door visiting old man Jenkins." Lydia said. Then with a
devilish grin, "She won't be back until lunch."
They headed through the door. "C'mon Tommy, let's play house... Daddy."
As I followed the girls into the house I asked, "What's your Mom doing at
Old man Jenkins place?"
Lydia answered without even turning around. "Getting her brains fucked out
by that monster cock of his. She thinks we don't know... but we do."
I gawped at that candid answer and looked over my shoulder at the Jenkins'
place, all the shades were drawn down. Then I turned back and followed the
girls up to their room.
Once we got to their room Lydia turned on the radio on their dresser, Rock
n roll music started to softly fill the room. "Daddy says music helps set
the mood." Then they both sat on one of the twin beds.
"So," I asked, "How do we play this game?" I was a bit nervous now that I
was alone with them and about to close the deal.
"It's easy, you just tell us what to do, like Daddy does, and we do it for
"Your Daddy plays this game with you?" I asked. Their Dad was apparently
nothing like my Dad.
"Yep." they said in unison.
"Well, um, uh, what does he have you do?"
"He usually starts by having us play with his thingy." Lydia said leaning
forward and unzipping my pants. She unsnapped my button and pulled my pants
to my knees. She took hold of my cock with her hand and looked at it. She
reached out with her other hand and extended her finger to touch the tip of
my cock where the wrinkled foreskin enclosed the end with just a small
opening in the hood.
"Lori look at this his dick, it looks different than Daddy's. Daddy doesn't
have this crinkly hood over the end like yours does. Is there something
wrong with it?"
Her warm hand felt great holding my shaft. "He's probably been circumcised.
The men in my family aren't." I said proudly.
"Circumcised? What's that?"
"Doctors cut off the extra skin that covers the end when you're just a
baby. In my family We have uncut penises."
"Cut it off? That sounds... awful." Lydia said breathily.
The stimulating touch of her fingers on my cock caused it to swell filling
out my foreskin stretching it tight around the helmet of my cock. "Look
it's stretching out like a balloon." she said with a grin.
"Feel this Lori, His skin is so soft, especially this bit covering the
end." Lori reached out and her hand joined Lydia's wrapping her fingers
around the hood of my dick. I was in heaven, my dick was stretched out to
it's full fat Seven inches.
"Look how the head pops in and out of its hood." Lydia said as she jacked
her hand up and down my rock hard cock.
"Oh God! Suck it!" I moaned.
"That's just what Daddy says too." Lydia said then her soft pouty lips
slipped over the end of my cock. As her lips went down my shaft the
foreskin rolled off the end and my bare knob slid deep into her mouth. She
wiggled her tongue around the head then pulled off with a smack. "Did you
like that Daddy?" She asked in a baby-girl voice.
"My turn." Lori moved into place and took my purple knob into her mouth
while Lydia stroked my balls.
"Oh God!" I moaned as Lori literally sucked my shaft into her mouth while
humming along with the radio music. The vibrations from her humming excited
and tingled my shaft all the way to the balls.
"Careful Lori, we don't want Daddy to lose his juice to soon. Daddy always
goes limp after that, an' it takes like 'forever' to get him hard again."
Lydia warned her sister. Lori pulled her mouth off my cock. They both sat
back on the bed leaving my forlorn cock swinging in the air.
"A good Daddy usually tastes his little girls before he fucks 'em." Lydia
said as she lay back on the bed then Lori followed her, flopping down
beside her sister.
I looked at the two little nymphos laying back on the bed arms raised over
their heads, bare legs dangling over the side of the bed. I could see their
tight panties molded over cute camel-toes. "you both look so delicious,
Which should I eat first?"
"Me! Me!" they both said in unison.
"No, Daddy ate you first last time." Lydia said with a pout.
"Yeah, but he fucked you first." Lori shot back.
"Okay girls calm down, we'll switch up this time, I'll eat Lydia first and
fuck Lori first. Okay?" I reasoned.
"Alright... I guess." Lori acquiesced.
"What good little daughters you are." I pulled my shirt over my head,
pulled my pants off my ankles stepping over them to reach the bed and
dropped to my knees between Lydia's legs.
The rock n' roll music coming from the radio was enhancing the experience.
I guess the twins dad was right, the steady beat from the music worked into
me, leaving a heady sense of anticipation as I knelt between the little
girl's legs.
I reached up, took hold of Lydia's panties, there was a small wet patch
dead center of her pussy-lips. I slowly pulled them down her thighs
relishing the feel of her baby-soft skin as my hands slid down her legs
pulling her panties down and off her bare feet. I dropped them to the
floor, took hold of her knees and spread her legs. I hunched over, dropping
my face into her crotch, while sliding my hands up her thighs, across her
flat tummy and up to finger her tiny titties. I inhaled the delicious aroma
of a sweet little girl's pussy. As badly as my cock wanted to get into her
hot little hole, Mike had taught me to make sure the girl was pleasured
good if I ever expected to get a second fuck.
I lightly pinched and twisted her little tit buds as I stretched out my
tongue to probe her hot pussy. She shivered when my tongue made contact
with her cunny lips. Then she sighed and squirmed her cunt into my face
pushing her hot pussy against me. I licked slowly up to her clit then
tickled it with several rapid strokes. She mewled in pleasure and squirmed
her ass on the bed. I sucked her clit into my mouth and worked my lips
against her mons. Lydia was really getting into it, humping her cunt up and
down against my tongue. But I had two pussies to satisfied so I pulled up
from between her legs trailing my tongue up her hot slit as I pulled off
her. Lydia made whimpering "I want more noises" but didn't try to hold me
as I moved over to her sister.
Lori was raised up on one elbow watching me eat out her sister's pussy.
When I moved between her legs she dropped back on the bed and started
pushing her panties down. The wet spot on Lori's panties was even bigger
than Lydia's had been, she was really turned on by mine and Lydia's
foreplay. I helped her pull her panties off then pushed her dress up to her
armpits and stared down at her naked body. It was a lust inducing sight,
curvy bare hips, flat tummy and the little bumps swelling on her chest
crowned with pointy nipples. God my cock was hard, I played with her
nipples and watched her face flush and ears turn red where her head lay in
the soft halo of her hair. I bent my face down between her legs and she
spread them out fully exposing her sex to my eager mouth.
"Oh Daddy lick my cunny, make my birdie tingle." My tongue swirled around
her clit. "Oh Daaaddeee!" she screamed out and hunched her cunny hard into
my lips. This one was super-sensitive, I could feel her fuck hole loosening
up, cunt lips flowering out before my tongue's onslaught. She grabbed my
head and pulled me hard. I pulled my hands off her nipples and grabbed an
ass cheek firmly in each hand and lifted her off the bed and into my face.
She was humping her hips like crazy on my mouth.
"Daaadeeee! Fuck me!" I couldn't get up between her outspread legs fast
enough. She threw her arms up to hug me into her as I fitted my cock to her
sopping wet fuck-hole and shoved into her as hard as I could, I knew she
was no virgin, no cherry to pop, but still a tight hot hole to stuff full
of cock. She mewled in pleasure as my hard cock sank into her.
As I started to fuck Lori the DJ on the radio announced "and now movin' up
the charts to number fifteen we have, 'Then He Kissed Me' by the Crystals ."
With the music playing in the background on the radio. My thrusts began to
line up with the beat of the song and in my head I substituted new words
for the lyrics 'kissed me'...
Each time I saw him I couldn't wait to see him again
I wanted to let him know that he was more than a friend
I didn't know just what to do
So I whispered I love you
He said that he loved me too
And then he "fucked me"
I pushed deep into little Lori. Then the next verse...
He "fucked" me in a way that I've never been "fucked" before,
I jacked my hips out until my cock-head was nestling in her pussy lips,
next verse...
He "fucked" me in a way that I want to be "fucked" forever more
I rammed in deep again, my balls slapped her ass.
I knew that he was mine so I gave him all the love that I had
I pulled out to her cunt lips again, watching her cunt stretch around and
cling to my cock-shaft...
And one day he took me home to meet his mom and his dad
Another exquisite thrust and her hot fuck channel slid up to engulf my hard
Then he asked me to be his bride
I could feel my cock tingling from the grip her pussy had on me...
And always be right by his side
I looked over at little Lydia laying beside us on the bed, dress pulled up,
playing with her pussy. I jerked my cock out of Lori's hot hole and moved
over to Lydia, lined up my shaft and rammed it home...
I felt so happy I almost cried
She squealed in pleasure as I penetrated her...
And then he "fucked" me
She wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me into her...
Then he asked me to be his bride
I got up on my toes and pushed in as deep as my shaft would go...
And always be right by his side
I felt my cock tip bang off her cervix, sending a delicious tingle up my
shaft to my balls...
I felt so happy I almost cried
And then he "fucked" me
And then he "fucked" me
And then he "fucked" me
Oh god did I ever, I pistoned into Lydia's hot little cunt with rapid deep
strokes holding her hips in a vice-like grip as I shafted her as hard as I
could. She started arching her hips into my thrusts and I had all I could
do to keep from cumming right there in her hot fuck-hole but I had two hot
pussies to satisfy so I held off on cumming in her. She was grunting and
huffing in rapturous delight as she came on my thrusting shaft, spraying
hot girl cum all over my crotch. I jerked out feeling her cunt lips popped
off my hard meat-pole and I jumped over to Lori and shoved in deep. I could
feel the hot slick grip of her fuck tunnel as her soft wet flesh slid down
the full length of my cock, my cock-head probing forward craving
fulfillment. Her mons crushed into the base of my cock and squirmed there
in pleasure.
I felt my balls start to swell, the tingling pleasure as my sperm rushed up
my shaft and I ejaculated a fountain of cum deep into her vagina. When she
felt my hot sperm filling her up she threw her arms around me and pulled me
tight into her as she fucked me with a feverish pace, humping her ass into
me and banging her mons pubis against me. I cut loose a second bolt of hot
cream into her. I pushed in as deep as I could and squirmed against her
mons and clit as another bolt squirted into her. My hips jerked
convulsively as I shot in the last dribbles of my cum. I squirmed my cock
in deep as I could get it to feel her quivering pussy engulf the base of my
shaft. Her belly was jerking against me and she mewled in deep guttural
tones as she came on my hot sperm coated fuck-pole.
I flopped down between the twin nymphos and just lay there, catching my
breath while the girls lay there, chests heaving in post orgasmic bliss. We
made quite a picture, two mostly naked girls legs spread wide dangling off
the bed and bald freshly fucked pussies drooling fluids down their ass
cracks, me with my limp wet cock lolling to the side, legs hanging over the
Lori pulled herself up on an elbow and looked at Lydia. "Time to clean up.
Daddy always says a job's not done until you clean up."
"Bath time?" I asked.
"Yep, Lydia agreed.
Lydia bent her head over my groin, took my limp dick in her hand and
started to lick it clean. "I can taste you sister, mixed in with Daddy's
cum." Then Lori got down on her knees between my legs and started to lick
the cum off my ball sack. God it didn't take long and my cock was standing
straight up in Lydia's hand, stiff as a board.
"Purrfect." Lydia purred then moved to straddle me and guide my cock back
into her freshly fucked hole. She started to ride up and down on my cock
with her thighs pressing urgently into the sides of my hips.
I heard the door open and close and then a voice came up the stairs.
"Girls, are you up there? You left your toys on the front porch... Lydia,
Lori?" Damn! This was getting to be a bad habit, getting interrupted in the
middle of a good fuck. No wonder Mike liked his little fuck-fort in the
Lydia dropped down on my chest and we froze, well I did, Lydia quietly
squirmed her pussy on my hard shaft. "Lori go down and distract Mom while I
finish with Daddy." She hissed at her sister then picked up her pace,
grinding her clit into my groin with depraved sexual urgency. I did have to
admit tho that I got a bit of an elicit thrill, knowing I was fucking this
hot little nympho while her mother was downstairs, unknowing of what was
going on right above her head. I wondered if their incestuous affair with
their father made them good at this hide and seek game with their Mom.
"Okay, but next time you have to cover." Lori let go of my balls, stood up,
pulled her dress into place, leaving her panties on the floor and skipped
through the door and down the stairs.
I could hear her mother. "Where's your sister?"
"Oh she's coming."
"Well pick up your toys from the porch if you're done out there. I'm going
to take a nap." I heard light steps then a bedroom door close downstairs.
"Good." I heard Lydia mumble. She raised up, pulled her dress off over her
head, put her hands on my chest and she started fucking me in earnest. My
bone perked up even more with her renewed efforts. After a few minutes Lori
came back in the room knelt down between my legs and started massaging my
balls while Lydia fucked me. The delicious feeling of total sexual bliss
came over me with two little girls working over my cock, then my balls
contracted and exploded into Lydia's hot cunt. It's great to be young with
a seemingly never ending supply of cum to spray into willing hot pussies.
When Lydia felt my cum gush up into her, her cunt started to contract
around my prick in orgasm, squeezing my shaft, forcing it to give up every
last drop of cream my balls could push out. I felt her hot fluids mingle
with mine, squish out around my shaft and onto my ball-sack that Lori was
still massaging. Lydia trembled on my impaling shaft and collapsed pressing
her little titty mounds into my bare chest.
"Okay Lyds get off him I wanna suck Daddy's dick clean." Lori said as she
pushed up on Lydia's ass. Lydia dutifully rolled off me onto the bed, my
bone was still stiff when Lori started licking my cock and balls. "Now I
can taste you on Daddy's cock."
She lifted my balls up so she could lick them clean and ran her fist up my
shaft to get any residual cum out. She licked the head clean and sucked my
cock into her mouth. Lori ran her lips down as far as she could reach
before pulling off my shaft with a smack of her lips. It was great laying
there next to a naked girl while another played with my cock and balls. It
was... delicious. Finally she ran her thumb up my urinary vein forcing out
a big drop of seminal fluid which she licked off, Lori picked up her
panties and used them to dry off my cock and balls.
"All clean." she announced as she pulled her panties back on, patting the
wet spot in place between her thighs.
"I guess Tommy needs to get out of here now before Mom wakes up." Lydia
said without even raising her head from the bed.
"Yeah." I said and sat up and started putting my clothes back on. Lydia got
dressed to.
"Okay Lori you go down and make sure the coast is clear and then Tommy can
sneak out the door."
Lori went down the stairs and stood at the bottom, looked all around then
waved me to come down. Lydia and I crept quietly down the stairs and went
to the front door. "Any time you wanna play house again come on by." Lydia
said quietly to me.
"Yes, do come back." Lori chimed in.
The two girls stood in the doorway and waved me off as I bounded down the
stairs to the sidewalk. I saw old man Jenkins sitting on his porch swing.
He waved at me and smiled. Then said "Nice weather aint it." I smiled back,
"Sure is." I suspect the old coot knew what the Ryder girls got up to,
especially if he was porking Mrs Ryder like the girls said. I wondered if
Mrs. Ryder was anything like Claire... and if there was any chance I could
get into her pants too.
continued...Part 2(c)
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