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Subject: {ASSM} Jenny's Couch Book IV: A House In Gross Disorder, part 5 (Mg, Fgg, ped, cons, oral, rim, fist, ws, drugs) by Rufus Fugit
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This story is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution
Noncommercial 3.0 Unported license. You may copy, distribute, or transmit
this work so long as authorship is properly credited and these introductory
paragraphs are included, and you adhere to the terms set forth at
 Please send feedback to rufusfugit at yahoo dot com. I write for
enjoyment; my only payment is knowing that my writing has brought pleasure
to others, so let me know what you think.
 This and other stories available at and New stories are posted
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 I'd like to extend my thanks to the small group of deeply disturbed
individuals who make up my fan base. :-) Also, please support
bandwidth doesn't grow on trees.
 (For the original A House In Gross Disorder, see
 Jenny's Couch Book IV: A House In Gross Disorder, part 5 (Mg, Fgg, ped,
cons, oral, rim, fist, ws, drugs) by Rufus Fugit
 I heard two things as we walked up the stairs from the garage onto the
main level of Rubin Dauberstein's townhouse. Classical music was playing
softly on the stereo. I recognized the voice of the local NPR station's
announcer. Over that background, though, was a sloppy, wet, rhythmic
sound. You might think it was someone lightly slapping a shallow puddle. 
Or someone working their tongue in a mouthful of spit. I was pretty sure
it was neither of these but I was enjoying the sight of Karen's bare butt
preceding me up the stairs too much to hurry to confirm my belief.
 The twelve-year-old was definitely blossoming. Naked, she was obviously
just at the beginning of her journey to womanhood but you could glimpse her
destination. Her breasts were firm and high on her chest, jiggling as she
took each riser. Her nipples were small but the entire areola swelled when
she was aroused, like now, poking out the size and approximate color of
Rainier cherries. Her prominent mons Venus and labia were bare, though I
knew without waxing she would have a sparse bush, honey-blond like her
waist-length hair. Her hips had acquired a definite flare and her legs
were shapely, though still skinny enough to frame but not hide her vulva
from behind. Her jawline was still narrow and her cheekbones soft, but it
was no longer a little girl's face. You could glimpse the handsome visage
she would grow into in ten or fifteen years.
 Her most adult-looking feature was of course not visible from my
vantage. I'd first seen Karen's clitoris more than a year ago and it had
grown with her, remaining shockingly large in comparison to her undeveloped
sex, and especially when it was swollen with arousal which nowadays was
nearly always. I had the fleeting thought of tripping her, rolling her
over, and shoving my face into her crotch right there on the carpeted
stairs. I could practically taste her piquant sex juices. I could
definitely smell them wafting behind her. The odor stirred memories of the
heat and texture of her stiff, rubbery pleasure knob between my teeth, and
the feel on my lips of the tiny ridge of scar tissue that made it curl
around itself when it pulsed to its full erection.
 Karen's butt had me so lost in reverie that I bumped into her (tented
pants first) when she stopped at the top of the stairs. Renee had her nose
in a book as she had all the way over and she still managed to step around
us. She went unerringly to her favorite spot in Rubin's living room, a
pile of oversized pillows in one corner, and threw herself down on her
back, all without looking up. Even if she'd noticed what brought Karen to
a full stop, she wouldn't've cared.
 Lilah and Moira were on the couch opposite where we stood. Lilah was
scooched down with only her head against the back cushion. Her legs were
up, knees folded back and almost touching her shoulders. There were little
footie socks on her feet and that was all she was wearing. Her pale skin
stood out against the dark fabric of the cushions. A slash of sunlight
fell across her, filtered by the sheers on the big bay window, making her
ribs and collarbone stand out in sharp relief. I could even see the tiny,
fine hairs on her arms and legs. Sweat dappled her chest and cheeks. 
Moira sat next to her with one elbow resting on the top of the couch. 
Moira wasn't large - my height, and slender if well-padded - but she
towered over the tiny naked child. And she had one hand pressed against
Lilah's cunny. She rubbed three stiffened fingers rapidly up and down,
repeating the sound we had heard. As she went faster, Lilah tossed her
head from side to side, making little whines of pleasure. Her feet kicked
up and her body started to stiffen when Moira paused, giving the
seven-year-old just a few moments to relax, and then masturbating her some
more. Moira's face was calm, nearly blank. Her green eyes held none of
the fire I'd always seen in them. Her lipsticked mouth was parted
slightly. Her brown curls were gathered at the back of her head with a big
plastic clip. She was wearing a lavender tank top with darker purple
piping and a short white pleated tennis skirt. Her feet were bare and her
finger- and toenails painted with glittery polish.
 I gulped at the sight of my erstwhile lover vigorously masturbating a
second-grader. Involuntarily I ground my erection against Karen's bare
ass, and she pressed back against me. My arms went around her. I stroked
my fingers feather-light up and down her ribs and felt the gooseflesh
rising. She shivered as I cupped her perky breasts in my hands and gently
squeezed her nipples between thumb and forefinger. I brushed her long hair
to the side and lowered my face to kiss along her neck. She was starting
to pant as I whispered in her ear, "Look at Lilah. Look at what a whore
you turned her into."
 Karen's tearful moan turned Moira's attention to us. She stopped what
she was doing and stood, adopting a pose that I couldn't recall ever seeing
her take before: submissive. Bare feet together, the sticky fingers of one
hand laced with the other at her waist. Back straight, head up, eyes
downcast. She stood as if waiting for orders.
 Lilah, on the other hand, had enough energy for the both of them. The
naked seven year old was on her back with her skinny little butt at the
edge of the couch. She'd unbent so her legs were still spread but draped
over the cushion with her toes inches from the floor. She was idly
slapping her belly and chest softly with one hand then the other. A goofy
smile was pasted on her face. But when she saw Karen she practically
levitated to her feet. "Karen!" she shrilled, took half a step, then her
sock feet slid out from under her on the smooth hardwood and she fell right
on her face. I winced at the sound of her nose smacking the floor but it
didn't seem to bother her. She rolled over onto her back and started
making swimming motions, undulating her preteen body and flapping her arms
and legs to push herself across the floor, laughing goofily the whole way.
Her hair, already damp with sweat, became a literal mop, picking up dust
and schmutz until she bumped into Karen's bare feet. Karen automatically
spread her stance a bit so Lilah was looking right up at her crotch. 
"Babycunt!" she crowed. She rolled onto her side and pushed her face
against the arch of Karen's foot. Then her tongue snaked out and she
licked in between each of the older girl's delicate toes. "Thparkles," she
said. Her lisp was back "Karen, you taste like thparkle colors."
 Karen and I both watched, bemused, as Lilah worked her way around
Karen's foot, then to her ankle, and up to her calf and then her knee,
wrapping her naked body snakelike around the older girl's leg as she went.
She kept mumbling about how Karen tasted sparkly and happy. I looked
quizzically at Moira but she was still looking meekly at the floor. I
stepped next to her and put a hand on her arm. She looked up at me. 
"What's the deal?" I asked.
 "She's been a good girl," Moira said. Her tone was flat, almost
robotic. "She was a good girl all week, and got an A on her spelling test.
I gave her a brownie for breakfast and," she paused, "some vitamin E." I
rolled my eyes. Did Rubin know that the nanny was getting his
seven-year-old daughter ripped on Ecstacy? "And I was playing with her so
she'll be ready when her Daddy gets home. He likes her to be ready when he
gets home from church."
 "Not church!" Lilah looked up from where she was nibbling on Karen's
inner thigh. She was sitting on the floor now, her bare butt parked
between Karen's feet and her arms wrapped around one leg. "Thynagogue. We
go to thynagogue. Daddy goes," she corrected herself. "Whores are naked
and thtay home." She craned her neck to lick higher around's Karen coltish
legs. She could just reach the elongated drips of mostly dried white crust
that ran down from Karen's still-oozing cunt. Karen was starting to squirm
- no doubt that spot on her inner thigh was ticklish - when Lilah get up on
her knees, putting her face right on a level with Karen's sex, clamped her
lips around Karen's clitoris, and sucked noisily.
 "AAH!" Karen yelped in surprise, raising her arms and clenching her
fists. Her eyes went wide and her balance faltered. She had to spread her
feet further. Lilah wrapped an arm around each thigh. Karen groaned and
her hips began to move involuntarily. Lilah's throat worked and she
swallowed and continued to suck on Karen's swollen pleasure knob, suck it
like a tiny penis. She'd had plenty of those, too, of course. Karen
lowered her arms and rested her hands atop the seven-year-old's head,
stroking her sweaty blond hair. We watched Lilah's almost frantic
cunnilingus for several minutes as she seemed totally lost in the
sensations and flavors of Karen's heating sex organs. Then, just as
Karen's legs started to tremble and her moaning rose in pitch, Lilah pulled
away. She looked up at Karen through steamed-up eyeglasses. Her face was
shiny and smeared with globs of cum, both Karen's own and residue of tricks
from earlier in the day. A thick dollop of white, foamy juice formed a
slow drip from her pointed chin.
 Lilah licked her lips and giggled. "Yummy yummy cunny honey!" she sang
in a playground melody. She lifted her arms, overbalanced, and sprawled
backwards onto her butt. Her skinny legs spread out and her heels thumped
on the floor. "My turn!" With the boneless flexibility of little children
she threw her legs up over her head until her toes touched the floor and
put her shoulders in front of her knees, holding herself folded double. 
"Tickle my cunt, Karen! Be my whore and tickle my cunt!"
 Karen looked a little dazed from the second-grader's oral attack and its
sudden cessation. She looked down at Lilah's folded form, at eyes glassy
behind her spectacles, mouth lolling open. She lowered herself unsteadily
to the floor, her perky pale breasts wobbling ever so slightly. She got on
her knees then let them splay out as she leaned forward, bending her head
down and letting her torso almost touch the floor until she could extend
her tongue and swipe it up the length of Lilah's vulva. "Ah-ha-ha-ha!" the
little girl cried. She grabbed two handfuls of Karen's thick, honey-blond
hair, tugging this way and that. "My asshole!" Lilah commanded. "Do my
asshole!" Smiling up at the younger girl, Karen moved down to polish
Lilah's squeaky-clean little crinkle with her tongue, then suck on it with
pursed lips, then nip at it with her teeth, making Lilah screech and laugh
 "Vagina! Asshole! Vagina! Asshole! Clit! Vagina! Asshole!" Lilah
ordered Karen to move back and forth between her juicy little clam and her
poopchute and, smiling, Karen obeyed. The two children smiled and laughed
together, Karen indulging the little girl as she had with any playground
game when she was Lilah's regular babysitter.
 Lilah's labia were split at their apex where the bud of her clitty
peeked out from under its hood, spread at the bottom to show the dark,
flushed red of her vaginal opening, but pressed tightly together in
between. Karen forced her tongue between them, digging at the opening of
the child's ureter, then going up and down, up and down, clit, peehole,
fuckhole. Lilah laughed shrilly throughout.
 I glanced aside at Moira. She was still in the same pose, head down,
feet together, hands laced in front of her. But now she was looking at the
two children coupling on the floor before us. She was pressing her hands
against the front of her skirt, rubbing herself just a little as she
watched. Her muscular thighs were clenching and relaxing and, under the
soft pleated fabric, I could see her tight butt flexing as well.
 Karen had discovered that Lilah's peehole was very sensitive and she was
really working it, pressing her tongue-tip deep between Lilah's tight, bald
labia. Lilah's laughter had turned to moans and whines, suspended between
pleasure and pain. She tried to unfold her body but Karen grabbed her
calves and kept her skinny legs folded back. Lilah's feet waved in the air
helplessly, her toes curling and uncurling inside her footie socks. Then,
with a hoarse squealing cry, her bladder let go. Urine sprayed right into
Karen's face. Karen jerked back but was brought up short by Lilah's hands
still tangled in her hair. She closed her eyes and twisted from side to
side, trying without success to get her face out of the way. By the time
the hissing stream tailed off into a dribble, Karen's hair was soaked. The
two children lay in a spreading puddle. Lilah didn't seem to notice. With
some effort Karen got her hair free of Lilah's fingers and sat up,
blinking, She was drenched. Droplets fell from her chin and the end of her
nose, and gathered in her eyelashes. She made a spitting motion and urine
dribbled from her lips.
 Moira stepped over the two little girls without a word and headed for
the kitchen. I followed and found her rummaging in the pantry. I spoke to
her back. "I saw you."
 "What do you mean?" She turned to look at me, something like fear on her
 "I saw you rubbing yourself," I said, stepping forward and pressing
myself against her back. Moira froze, a roll of paper towels in her hand.
I reached around and slid a hand up her thigh, under her short skirt. "Oh,
look, no panties." Moira was indeed not wearing underwear. As my hand slid
upward it encountered nothing but skin. I cupped her vulva. It was warm
and smooth, freshly shaven.
 Moira trembled beneath my touch. Her inner labia were hot and moist. I
ran a finger along them, feeling for the seam where I could peel them apart
and plunge into her. To my surprise, she shoved back hard against me,
pushing me away. She turned, holding a Swiffer mop across her body like a
weapon. Then I was distracted by the sound of a soft thud from the other
room, followed by Lilah's crazy giggling and then Karen moaning, deep and
 I looked back at Moira and surprise turned to shock when I saw tears
rolling down her cheeks.
 "Don't," she said. "Don't tell, please."
 Tell whom? "Uh, ok." I responded brilliantly. This was not the Moira I
knew. And besides..."You were getting off on watching them. I saw you
rubbing yourself." Moira shook her head dumbly, trying to deny the
obvious."Hey, so was I." I grabbed my pants, squeezing the obvious lump of
my erection. "Bet you're having a good time with Lilah, aren't you?"
 Moira shook her head. "I can't," she said dully. "Daddy won't let me."
 "OK, calling him 'Daddy' kind of creeps me out. He's your boss, not..."
 Moira cut me off. "Not Rubin," she said dismissively. "Daddy. Daddy
says I'm not allowed."
 Now I was REALLY creeped out.
 I was saved from trying to figure out what to say by a loud squelching
sound from the other room, in rhythm with Karen's moans climbing the scale
in pitch and volume. Moira took the mop and paper towels and I followed.
Karen was lying on her back in the puddle of piss Lilah had made. Her
thick hair had mopped up a lot of it already. Now she was the one with her
knees bent and her legs in the air, and Lilah was the one kneeling between
them. But instead of using her mouth on Karen's preteen sex, she had
buried her fist in it. A heavy coating of thick, gooey sex honey
surrounded her wrist like a bracelet. That was the source of the loud
squelching we had heard in the kitchen. Lilah's face was flushed and
sweaty with exertion as she pulled her arm against the fantastic suction of
Karen's overstuffed cunt, then plunged it back in, forcing out another
surge of hot juice. Both children were wet with urine all over now, but
neither seemed to care. Karen was totally concentrated on the pleasure
Lilah's penetrating arm was bringing her, and Lilah was too high to notice
much of anything.
 I'd clearly upset Moira but I don't know if that's why she wasn't
watching her footing as she moved to start mopping up the mess. Either
way, she slipped in the spreading puddle and, in a flurry of flying arms
and legs, ended up right on her ass. Literally - her skirt flew up as she
fell and her bare backside thumped down onto the floor. She still had her
reflexes, though, from all our years in the dojo. She let herself fall
flat on her back with her arms outstretched, spreading and absorbing as
much of the impact as she could. She ended up in a posture directly
mirroring Karen's with her legs scissored open surrounding Lilah from the
other side. The naked seven-year-old looked at her nanny's exposed vulva.
She turned her head to look at Karen, on her back with her knees up. She
looked at her own arm disappearing into Karen's engulfing quim. She looked
back at Moira's spread thighs, the hearts and vines tattooed on her cunt
shiny with moisture. She crammed all four fingers of her free hand into
her mouth, removing them all shiny with saliva. And then she pushed them
between Moira's labia.
 "NO!" Moira shouted. Then more softly, "Noooooo..." as Lilah wiggled
her fingers, worming them into Moira's cunny. Lilah's brow knit in
concentration as she moved her wrist until she found the correct angle of
attack. Moira's mature sex was very different from Karen's. Her inner
labia were much more prominent and involuted, with the left lip lapping
over the right diagonally. Karen's inner lips were visible but they were
still thin, just an extra bifurcation surrounding her vaginal opening, even
when as now they were thick with blood and flowered open,.
 Lilah's mouth pursed as she rotated her wrist slightly. She had found
Moira's vaginal opening. She pressed forward. "Noooooo..." Moira cried as
Lilah's hand began to disappear inside her. "Nooo, Daddy, don't, Daddy
says no, dooon't, oooh nooo..." she babbled. Her green eyes flared wide
open as Lilah's penetration reached her knuckles and she leaned over,
putting the strength of her skinny shoulder into it and forcing the wider
part of her hand inside. Slowly, slowly it sank in.
 I looked down at twelve-year-old Karen, lying naked on her back. Her
feet were flat on the floor, knees up. Moira, twenty-one (or was she
twenty-two by now?) lay facing in the opposite direction in the same
position. She was dressed but with her tennis skirt up around her waist
she looked more exposed, more vulnerable than Karen who I had grown used to
seeing naked and debauched. Moira's leg was outside Karen's on one side,
Karen's outside on the other. And sitting between them seven-year-old
Lilah, her bare body dripping with sweat and her own urine. Her knees were
splayed and she was grinding her bald little coochie against the floor. 
Her narrow ribcage expanded beneath her flat chest as she panted with
exertion. And each arm was buried up past the wrist in a cunt.
 Lilah's expression was dazed and happy. Her head swiveled back and
forth between Karen and Moira as she fistfucked her skinny little limbs
into them. The older girl and the young woman grunted in turn as Lilah
rocked from side to side, forcing first her left arm, then her right
 My pulse was throbbing in my temples and my cock was throbbing in my
pants as I watched preteen Karen on my right and young adult Moira on my
left writhing from Lilah's pummeling of their insides. "Oh, my babycunt.
Fuck my babycunt," Karen moaned over and over, her voice climbing as she
felt her climax approaching.
 Moira's voice was lower, harsher, and more desperate. "No, Daddy, no,
I'm sorry, Daddy," she cried as she resisted the pleasure the
seven-year-old was wrenching from her stuffed vagina. I looked over to the
corner where Renee was sprawled comfortably. Her eyes met mine over the
top of her book. I realized I was groping myself through my trousers when
she snorted faintly. There was something that looked a lot like contempt
in her eyes. Then the ten-year-old went back to reading.
 "Oh, the hell with it," is what I would've thought if I'd been capable
of that level of coherence. Instead I just yanked down my pants and kicked
them off, making sure they sailed over to the far side of the room where
the floor was dry. I dragged the coffee table over so I could sit right in
front of Lilah. I fished my erection out of the fly of my boxers. Lilah's
eyes crossed as it waved in the air before her face. I grabbed her head
and without ceremony pushed it at her lips. Lilah was well-trained; she
opened her mouth to admit it.
 "Oh, shit, you little whore, suck my cock," I mumbled as Lilah did just
that. Saliva spilled from her lips as my cockhead hit the back of her
throat. She made choking noises and her throat worked. Her tongue slid
along and around my shaft. I pulled on her hair hard and, gagging, Lilah
took my penis into her throat. Tears filled her eyes and mucus drooled
from her mouth as I face-fucked the seven-year-old harder than I'd ever
done any adult woman. With one hand around the back of her neck and the
other with a firm grip on the hair on top of her head I pulled her down
until her little snub nose was buried in my pubes and held her there a good
fifteen seconds, feeling her throat squeeze and ripple around my cock. I
pulled her off just long enough for her to take a huge breath and for me to
get a look at her face, red and blotchy with effort, tears spilling from
her eyes and snot from her nose. Then I shoved her back down on my cock.
Throughout it all, Lilah was wriggling her little clam on the floor and her
thin biceps flexed and relaxed as she drove both arms forward and pulled
them back, fistfucking her nanny and babysitter as hard as she could.
 I loved watching Lilah strain to swallow an adult penis. She had to
stretch her jaws as wide as she possibly could so that even my
average-sized pole could slide in without her new permanent teeth scraping
on it, over her tongue and back to bump off her soft palate. And then as
my hand on the back of her neck pulled her toward me, feeling the
constriction of the entry to her throat slide over my glans, catch as it
passed over the corona, and then take as much of the shaft as she could,
until my balls were resting on her pointed chin and her nose was hidden by
crinkled black hair. Her eyes were open wide, white showing all around the
deep blue of her irises. Tears leaked from the corners and ran down her
cheeks. Her face turned red, deepening towards purple as she struggled
futilely to breathe past the obstruction plugging her throat. Her skinny
chest with its flat little nipples heaved. And each time I lifted her head
until just my glans rested on her bottom lip, she dragged in a giant breath
and wobbled as the sudden hit of oxygen dizzied her.
 Through it all both Lilah's hands remained pinioned, buried inside two
cunts, and she never stopped punching with both little fists. It was
during the eighth or ninth cycle of plugging her throat that Karen finally
climaxed. "Ohhh, oooh, OOOH, OH JEEZ!" she groaned. Her legs shot out
straight to either side and her back arched. Her oval face locked in a
rictus of pleasure as her orgasm burst over her. Her belly rippled and
Lilah whined around my cock as Karen's powerful Kegel muscles clamped down
on her wrist until the bones grated. As her pelvis pushed into the air,
ejaculate squirted out from her overstuffed opening, spraying up Lilah's
arm to the elbow, then dripping off the child in thick white strings to the
 A few moments later, Moira appeared to cum as well. Her gaping cunt
visibly clamped down on Lilah's wrist and she writhed on the wet floor. 
But her moans turned to outright sobs. She covered her face with her
hands, wailing "Daddy! Daddy! I'm sorry, Daddy, don't hurt me!"
 I was so distracted watching the older girls' orgasms that I forget to
let Lilah take a breath. With both her arms pinioned it was only her
feeble struggles to free her head that kept me from suffocating her. And
those same struggles put me over the edge. As I yanked the child's head
back, the feeling of my shaft rubbing against the ridges on the roof of her
mouth made my nuts draw up and my whole body clench. My first spasm fired
a heavy glob of semen right past her gap-toothed grin and onto her tongue.
The next shots painted her face. "Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee," Lilah giggled
crazily as hot sperm went up her nose, onto her eyeglasses, into her eyes,
gummed her lashes, and dripped down her cheeks. Lilah snaked her pointed
tongue out of her mouth, pushing jizz over her bottom lip and down her
chin, giggling all the while.
 Lilah was panting as hard as I was, looking up at me through her
cum-blurred eyeglasses, when there was the rattle of a key in the front
door. I looked up and there was Rubin. He was wearing his Shabbat suit, a
black, single-breasted jacket with an open-necked white dress shirt, black
pants, black leather belt, black wingtips sorely in need of a polish, and a
black Borsalino hat. He was carrying a zippered bag that I knew had his
prayer book and shawl tucked inside. He put his hat and the bag on the
shelf in the hall closet, then turned to look into the living room.
 Neither Moira nor Karen had any reaction to Rubin's entry. Moira was
still crying, lost in whatever weird mental landscape her drug overdose in
the woods had created. Karen was limp, utterly relaxed as she only was in
the moments after an orgasm, before the unremitting need for sexual
pleasure uncoiled in her belly again. Lilah, however, was wriggling with
excitement. Her shoulders were immobile since each hand was still stuffed
into a vagina. I'm sure she could've pulled free but she seemed to've
forgotten it was a possibility. She turned her cum-spattered face to her
father. "Daddy!" she cried. "I'm ready, Daddy! I want your penith!"
Little drops of cum flew from her lips from the plosive. "Daddy, give me
your penith! I'm ready to be your whore!"
 Rubin seemed oblivious to everything else in the room besides his naked
seven-year-old daughter, laughing as semen dripped off her face. I stood
hastily to get out of his way, pushing back the coffee table with my
calves. Rubin went down on his knees before Lilah laboriously, puffing with
the effort. He was still gaining weight, and not gracefully. With an
expression of disgust, he swiped his fingers through the pearly semen
glazing the little girl, covering her whole face with his and and pushing
her down hard. She fell onto her back. Moira and Karen both groaned
softly as her hands rotated within them. Rubin opened his trousers and
fished out his penis. The knees of his suit darkened as they soaked up
some of the urine still puddling around the children. He bent his head and
dribbled a long string of spit onto Lilah's pale vulva, then fell forward
above her. He supported himself on his hands to keep from crushing the
little girl. His penis was dark and thick and looked monstrous wedged
between the child's tiny bald clam. He pushed.
 "AIEEE!" Lilah trilled. "AAAAH, my cunt! Daddy, it hurth! Fuck my
whore cunt, Daddy! Oh, it hurth when you fuck me, Daddy!" Lilah clearly
registered the pain of having her undeveloped vaginal channel broken open
by an adult cock, but the drugs seemed to have cut off any emotional
reaction to the pain. She showed none of the fear that a normal
second-grader would of being permanently injured, never mind the terror of
being raped by her own parent. Her tiny form disappeared beneath Rubin's
bulk. Only her outstretched arms were visible, that and her sock-clad
feet, emerging from under his armpits. Her feet began to bounce and Lilah
chanted, "Ow, ow, ow," in time to Rubin's thrusts. His mouth was open,
spittle falling to mix with my spunk covering Lilah's face. Lilah's mouth
was also open wide in a maniacal grin that belied her grunts of pain. Some
of her father's spit dripped right into it. I realized that Rubin wasn't
just panting, but whispering "I love you," over and over as he rutted in
his seven-year-old daughter. It blended with the sound of her wet butt
sliding back and forth on the floor.
 Moira was lying paralytically still, her eyes wide and unseeing, but
Karen had raised her head to watch the obscene father-daughter tableau, and
she had started masturbating, her fingers circling her swollen clit above
where Lilah's wrist was moving between her bulging lips. "Oh jeez, oh
jeez, oh jeez," she muttered. Her hand moved faster and faster. Her head
fell backward. Then she stiffened, grunted, and pushed her pubis up into
the air as another orgasm swept through her preteen body. Plugging Karen's
cunt was like putting your thumb over the end of a garden hose. Girl-cum
sprayed out around Lilah's wrist, hard enough to soak the sleeve of Rubin's
 Then Rubin gave a deep thrust and froze. The air was forced from
Lilah's lungs in a whistling groan as Rubin strained to push his adult
penis deeper than the little child could possibly accommodate. His broad
ass quivered as he rabbit-punched his tool into the little girl over and
over, turning Lilah's voice into a quavering squeal.
 Then Rubin sagged. I worried for a second that Lilah would be crushed
beneath her father's bulk, but he gathered himself and stood. Without a
word, he stepped over the conjoined girls to the kitchen. In a moment he
was back, carrying a bottle of gin and a glass. He ignored all of us
entirely and disappeared up the stairs. I heard his bedroom door close.
 I looked down. Lilah looked even more debauched, if that were possible.
In addition to having each hand stuffed into a naked girl's cunt, her body
shiny with her own pee, and her face and hair clotted with cum and spit,
her vulva now gaped obscenely. The labia were bright red, fat and swollen
and sticking out from her already-prominent mound. Her hood was retracted
and the little clit stood up to a point, oddly similar to her snub nose. 
And like her nose, it was covered with fresh semen. Her hole was
distended, dark red and swimming with milky, pink-tinted ooze. As I
watched a big glob ran out onto the floor. Her face looked stunned beneath
its glaze of protein. Then she opened her mouth. Strings of cum stretched
between upper and lower lip and filled the gaps where her permanent teeth
hadn't yet grown in. She started giggling. With a heavy "shlup!" she
pulled her right arm free from Moira's tattooed quim. The sound as her
left arm came out of Karen was similar but higher in pitch. "Whore, whore,
whory whore, Daddy fuckth a whory whore," she lilted, slapping her slimy
hands against her chest and belly in time, and giggled some more.
 Moira sat up, blinking as if she'd just awoken. She looked blankly
around the room, at me with my wilted penis still drooping outside my
boxers, at Karen lying supine and exhausted, and at Lilah laughing and
muttering to herself and rolling around in piss. Wincing, she got to her
feet. She picked up the paper towels and the mop. "Lilah, honey," she
said, in as normal a voice as if the little girl had just come home from
school, "Go upstairs and get in the bath while your Daddy's taking his
medicine and having a nap. I'll be up to help you in a few minutes." Lilah
obeyed without question. She peeled off her piss-reeking footies, dropped
them on the floor, and tottered bow-leggedly to the stairs. She used one
hand to pull herself up the bannister and held the other beneath her crotch
to catch her father's semen as it continued to drain from her ravaged quim.
Midway up the stairs she stopped to slurp the gooey mess into her mouth.
 Ignoring everything else, including Karen's exhausted naked form, Moira
began to mop up the disgusting mess of fluids from the expensive hardwood
 To be continued...
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