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The Caravan Route
 The Northern Bay still clogged with thick floes of ice. The late and 
extremely cold winter taking it toll on the merchant fleet already as some 
ships have failed to negotiate the pressure of the ice on the hulls of the 
wooden ships.
 The winter also taking it toll of the passes over the mountains to the 
East. The usual routes causing delays to all movement, all except one 
possibility. A pass to the grassy plains of the herders is the easiest way 
for a caravan to go; if you don't consider the hostility of the people. It 
is a cold road to travel this time of year with the lack of trees and 
mountains once you through the pass. And then there are the herders who will 
collect a large sum of gold or other valuables for the use of their land.
 The caravan is in need of haste as the young lady is to meet her 
betrothed on the other sides of the grasslands. A member of the royal family; 
but not a princess the marriage will solidify a much needed alliance between 
to two countries.
 Her dowry part of the caravan riches, and increased as we will be held 
up for a hefty amount to be allowed to pass safety and with the guarded 
presence of the plains people. Bribery a part of life for a caravan. 
 These people are little more then barbarians, living in tents most of 
the year and then wooden huts during the extreme weather months. Moving 
their herds from grassland to grassland to feed their stock.
 Being mobile as they are it is difficult to determine where they may 
be at any given time. They truly are barbarians with their bodies covered 
in tattoos and garments made from the pelt of their herd animals. When they 
have been in our country, they are smelly, sweaty and unwashed for the 
most part. Totally lacking in civil manners.
 My lady who is a few years younger then me, in her mid teens, and the 
rest of her ladies in waiting riding in a coach that jostles the body in 
most unpleasant ways. The rest of her household riding in wagons that are 
jostling much worse then ours. This journey would have been so much easier 
and faster if we could have used the water route.
Tempers wearing thin as we pop down from the pass through the mountains 
and enter the flat grasslands. Thankfully they are fairly even and the 
wooden springs of the coach taking most of the shock. 
The caravan master informing my lady that we are being observed by the 
nomads and that to expect them to come and talk maybe when we camp for the 
 Outriders have been sent to contact them, so that an offer of tribute 
for protection may be given. It is robbery; but at least we will be safe 
till we gain the forests on the far side of the plains.
 Wrapped in woolen cloaks and fur blankets adding more warmth as we 
start down into the open plains. A stiff wind blowing across causing the 
sparse grass to wave as we move along a worn road. Shivering as the cold wind 
finds any gape in the drapes at the windows of the coach and the door. The 
ungainly coach moving with the rest of the wagons in a long line standing 
out against the flatness of the low grass.
 Riders coming closer and gaining in numbers as we stop to rest the 
horses and oxen. A warm lunch taking away some of the chill as we stay close 
to the wagons as we look at the men on either side of the caravan. 
 Not only are they looking grimy in their colorless clothing; but up 
close you can see scars but they have rings hanging from their ears. A 
fashion that has not caught on with our people. Not only are they scary in 
their demeanor; but you can almost feel them stripping you of your clothing 
with their eyes and seeing us naked. Nervously looking out of the sides of 
our down cast eyes as we move quickly to do the task at hand and hurrying 
back to the safety of our coach.
 Our lady peeking through a small spy hole to look at the men that will 
be entrusted with our safety and giggling without a work, as we all have 
thoughts that are best left unsaid.
 Moving again across the plain to waterhole that will be our encampment 
for the night. The caravan master using this time to barter with these 
barbarians. An array of goods will be displayed with gold and trinkets of 
jewelry something that appeals to our hosts.
 Word that a large encampment of the herders will be at our night time 
camp area. Nervous as we roll to a stop and camp if pitched. When all is 
settled, word is brought that we may leave the coach to stretch our legs. 
 In spite of the scents in the coach to mask other smells, the fresh 
air is a relief. Though the wind is still blowing strongly and with the sun 
setting quickly, the air is taking on a chill.
 Long cloaks not only keeping us warm; but also covering us from the 
undisguised looks of the male herders as they mingle amongst the caravan. 
 Our guards not enough to be a threat to the herders; but more then 
sufficient to ward off attacks from bands of robbers. The strength of our 
country and the one that my lady is to be wed should not have more then a 
passing problem with these nomads.
 It seems that on the morrow we will find a large encampment and 
bargain for our safe passage across the grasslands. The night not as frightful 
as expected as we exercise and stretched our cramped muscles.
 Morning departure cool but with the promise of warmth later in the day 
as we are now surrounded by endless grass and distant mountains behind us. 
 News that we will stop early in the day; because of a gathering of the 
clans in a bowl of land, protected from the blowing winds.
 A soldier bringing word of our imminent arrival. The caravan working 
its way into the surrounding herds and tents of the nomad clans. Absorbed 
like a drop of water in a pond.
 The smell of cooking fires, fueled by dung burning our eyes as we 
step from the back of the coach into the deep bowl. The grasslands waving in 
the wind around us as we look upwards. Not a breath of a breeze in the 
depression. A giant crater in the middle of the flat plain.
 A huge permanent building the center of the encampment. The roof 
dried grass, the sides open on all sides. This is the hall of the herdsmen. 
Small enclosed huts to one side of the circular building. Tables of hewn 
wood and seats of logs. Other objects made from wood barely visible in the 
center of the room. The wood not native to the plain and the slender trees 
that grow here. All of the wood having been brought here from a great 
 More amazing are the huge carts that are circling the center of the 
encampment. They are like wooden houses on wheels, giant wheels. Multiple 
teams of oxen drawing these ponderous wagons.
 Our wagons drawn up to form a wall enclosing us in a small circle 
compared to the immensity of surrounding herders.
 Discreetly listening as the caravan master explains what will go into 
the bartering for safe passage to the far ends of the plains. My lady 
wanting to see the warm springs that bubble from the crater and help to heat 
this area, even in the deepest wintry blast.
 The high leader of these barbarian is present and so the cost of 
crossing will be most likely higher then expected. Listening shocked as we hear 
that not only are gold and jewels going to be given as part of the price; 
but female and male slaves also.
 Shivering as I think of the culture shock of those poor souls having 
to adapt to the customs and ways of these nomads. And I am sure that they 
will be used hard, working and harder when the work day is finished.
 Wandering around the encampment with guards, our heavy cloaks thrown 
off as it is actually balmy in this crater. Looking at the nomads going 
about their tasks, doing what the tradesmen of our country do; but in a much 
simpler fashion. Everything functional; rather then for show.
 The men half naked as they work, the sweat leaving a sheen on their 
decorated skins. A fierceness to their appearance as they go about their 
tasks. The woman demurely dressed to include a wrap of material around their 
heads. Eyes dark and following us as we move through the encampment. The 
women deferring to each man, stepping from his path. The children playing 
with little rag cloth dolls or balls of some material that they strike with 
a stick on the ground. Some dressed as their mothers and fathers, other 
girls, younger ones wearing a simple shift and the really young children, 
boys and girls running naked through the camp.
 Abashed as we try not to look too closely as we have seen a woman bent 
over, her skirts thrown up on her back and a man having sex in the open 
with her. Also another woman on her knees giving oral sex to a man as he 
holds her head close to his body. His trousers down around his ankles as his 
hairy ass cheeks thrust to her mouth. Blushing and not acknowledging; but 
very aware of the crude and openness of this people.
 The nomads curious as they visit the stalls of the merchants and look 
in wonder at the brightly adorned jewelry and clothing, and other trade 
goods, especially brought for these people.
 An evening meal in the round house will welcome my lady her maids and 
the merchants as the heads of the tribe will host a celebration. Already 
instructed to not wear too much jewelry as a piece may strike the fancy of 
one of the council and will be expected to be offered to them.
 Dressed in bright finery; but not overly adorned we join the merchants 
and my lady and her captain of the guard as they are introduced to the 
leaders of the clans. Woolen dresses exchanged for simpler cambric ones as 
the heat of the encampment is enough to make a lady sweat. Subdued colors as 
each wore a dress with half sleeves and a square cut at the bodice beads 
defines the opening, showing the whiteness of the upper chest and the tops 
of the breasts and possibly cleavage. The skirt falling to mid calve and 
girdled at the waist. Plain white hose and sturdy slippers. My lady wearing 
a pendant of some value on her chest and each of her ladies wearing a 
smaller version with slight variations,
 In other circumstances we would have dressed much more fashionably and 
bejeweled to awe the audience. In this case we dressed to downplay 
 As we had walked from our wagons, the air felt charged. The air warm; 
but a shiver running through the group. The sound of the encampment 
strong with a feeling of anticipation. Eyes watching our group as the rest of 
our caravan moves to the outer circle to gaze at the proceeding. 
 Musical instruments playing strange and haunting tunes as the twilight 
settles and a series of torches light up the meeting house of the nomads. 
What I thought were log stumps for chairs, was not totally wrong; but for 
the honored guests there are rough; but chairs with cushions and backs and 
arms. My lady escorted to one on a raised dais with the caravan master and 
captain of the guard and two of her ladies.
 The customs of the nomads odd so it had been explained to us as we 
huddle at one end of a table. Explanations and formal introductions and 
speeches with a series of toasts starting off the night. The meal lots of 
tubers and vegetables and meats that could not be readily identified. Picking 
at the food delicately and moving it around in the serving bowl to look like 
I had eaten. I could see the other trying not to show their distaste of 
the spices and whatever we had been served. A strong drink served, 
fermented from the milk of their herds. Again trying not to choke or gag as we sip 
the strong alcohol. A sip with each toast offered added up to a fair 
amount of the nasty swill.
 My lady looking young and beautiful and holding herself well as she 
listens to the small talk of the head clan men. The closeness of the nomads 
must truly be awful to the delicate sensitivities of the young woman.
 Not able to hear the conversation; but seeing her shaking her head no 
as the caravan master uses his skills to gain an edge. My lady looking 
worried as she glances over to her people gathered close for comfort.
 The mood changing as the drums beat out a tattoo and men perform 
acrobatic feats, and then some feats of skill by other men. 
 Next women move into the middle of the circle. The music now sensual 
in a primitive way as the barely clad woman sway and dance. Arousing the 
men, not only nomads; but also some of our men as well.
 As we had seen in our tour of the camp earlier, these are a base 
people and no real surprise as men join the woman stripped to their waists and 
the dancing now of a highly erotic nature.
 My lady trying not to watch; but showing a good face as this 
performance is totally indecent now. The dancing close and the touches physical as 
you can see the arousal of the women in the hardness of their nipples and 
the men by the bulges swelling in their bloused pants.
 Wanting to hide my eyes as some of the other ladies have or close 
them; but feeling that as my lady is watching that I should show that we 
observe the customs and enjoy the skill of the dancers.
 Needless to say that my lady is virginal as are her ladies in waiting, 
except for her official chaperone who is a widowed woman. I have been 
touched on my breasts and bottom and sort of touched in my lady parts and have 
touched a young man's penis through his pants; but other then kisses that 
is the extent of my experience and I daresay that of the other ladies in 
 I can feel a flush of embarrassment for myself and those around me as 
I watch the wanton display of sex and flesh. The music building to a 
climax as the men and women disappear into the night.
 Wishing for a cold glass of water; but instead taking more then a sip 
of my drink as I feel the heat of the moment on all those gathered.
 Heads bent again in negotiation, my lady shaking hers emphatically. 
The price asked must be much more then was expected. The conversation 
louder and more heated as caravan and nomads wait on the outcome.
 A chest of gold and another of jewels and weapons brought out to 
display. One of the caravan men behind us explaining to us the nature of the 
 Women, slave girls that were carried in a wagon, brought forward for 
the Headsman to look at and appraise. It seems that this was anticipated 
and prepared for in advance as the women are stripped and inspected like 
cattle by the nomads. The nomads picking out 10 young girls from the 15 and 
tying a rope around their necks, they are led naked from the encampment. The 
chests and weapons are also taken away.
 It seems that one last item is being negotiated. Another heated 
argument that is now upsetting those gathered around us. A line of nomadic 
women come forward to stand in front of my lady and the leaders of the nomads. 
Gesturing and with loud words, the women shyly divest themselves of their 
outer attire and bow their head as they stand partially naked now in front 
of the massed camp.
 The caravan man explaining that these women are being given to be used 
for the pleasure of the men of the caravan. An intake of breath by the 
women who heard this not just the ladies women; but also the other females 
that are part of the caravan. My lady has traveled with seamstresses, cooks, 
maids and what ever she needs to make her new life comfortable.
 To refuse these women would be to shame them and to be a major breach 
of friendship between the nomads and the caravan. Watching my lady finally 
assent with a bow of her head.
 The contrast of the two different cultures is a vast abyss. The 
younger woman with my Lady, a cousin sent over to where we are. Informing us 
that the herders would like to see us dance. Looking around a group of us 
that are quite talented in a form of step dancing, glide to the center of the 
room after a instruments are acquired from our wagons.
 This is probably a better form of dancing then the ones where we have 
male partners. I am sure they would think laugh at the mincing. Our step 
dancing of which we are quite good will be lively. 
 Lining up and lifting our skirts a few inches to insure that we will 
not catch our feet in the hems. Then the music staring slow and working up 
to a much faster beat. Arms held at our sides holding our skirts and feet 
soft shoes flashing in quick movements as we slowly move in designs to the 
beat of the drum. Our feet stomping as we have not taps on these shoes.
 The climax of our dance a quick and unexpected stop as we finish as 
one single unit. The movement easing the stiffness of my legs as the feet 
snap out and fly to the beat of the next dance. This one legs lifting high 
the skirts of our dresses swirling around our legs and again ending with a 
sudden cession of movement. 
 The other girls stepping back to form a half circle and with the 
musicians move slowly with precise movements. Fours swords brought forth and 
crossed and set on the floor as another girl and I begin our step dance. 
Skipping in unison as we move around the swords that form four quarters to a 
circle. Then with a hop, both of us landing to do an intricate weave of 
toes landing in one spot and another.
 Heads raised and looking straight at my Lady and the head of the 
nomads as our arms are at our sides stiffly. Feet moving to the beat of the 
drum, never touching any part of the swords as we move faster and faster and 
exchange positions. Our skirts swirling around our thighs as we pivot and 
spin and our feet become a blur of movement. 
 And with a loud bang of the drum, we have humped back and joined the 
line of women again precise in movement. I can feel a sheen of sweat on my 
body from the exertion. Hands clapping now as the line turns and dances to 
around the circle and back out to where our friends are.
 My Lady clapping as are our fellow countrymen, and sounds from the 
nomads that I expect must be some form of appreciation for our skill.
 The Headsman standing and saying something to my Lady, then walking 
over to us. His wide smile scary as his dental hygiene is sadly lacking. 
Smelling of unwashed body and smoke. Laughing heartily he speaks in his 
language and gestures to the floor as he points to a girl.
 The girl afraid and backing into the midst of the rest of the women 
dancers. A gesture from the nomad to the interpreter who quickly walks over 
to where we are standing. A series of guttural words spewing from the 
headsman's mouth with an accompanying spray of spittle.
 "The Great Leader of the Clans would like those that he picks come out 
into the center of the hall so that he might bestow his gratitude for an 
excellent display of dancing." At a nod from the interpreter, the headsman 
touches the girl he indicated with his finger and then another and another 
woman as he looks round the group. Then his blunt finger pushes against my 
chest bone and the young woman next to me who did the sword dance.
 Stepping tentatively out in front of the quiet crowd, bowing to our 
Lady as we wait. The Chieftain, gesturing at the five of us as his 
translator explains to my Lady and the Caravan Master, what he is saying.
 Not hearing the quiet words, but seeing a hand going to my Lady's 
mouth in shock as she shakes her head in a definite "no." The conversation 
more heated now and louder. The five of us extremely nervous as we stand 
lined up in front of the massed crowd.
 Finally shaking her head in assent as the woman who did the sword 
dance with me, my Lady's cousin is told to go back to our people and another 
one who danced is brought forward. Again a nod of her head as she whispers 
to her Captain.
 The five of us looking for guidance as we stand. The older woman 
chaperone coming forward to talk with us. Explaining that the Chieftain does 
not want to let the caravan proceed unless we followed the correct protocol 
for hospitality.
 With dread I wait the next words, as I look at my Lady and see tears 
in her eyes. Trembling as the chaperone explains that since the Chieftain 
has given five of their women to ease the needs of the caravan, we must also 
respect that tradition.
 Hearing the cries of fear, and one young woman fainting, as the women 
understand what is being said and that we are to be exchanged for those 
five women. Not able to believe this barbaric custom is going to be applied 
to us.
 "It will only be for the duration of our time in this encampment. 
Just a day or two." As I have said, I am a virgin as are those of the Ladies 
household are suppose to be.
 Protesting loudly now, as the realization of what is being said and 
what is expected. Tears in my eyes as the confidence that I had dancing is 
now totally shattered in myself and my Lady.
 In so many words, we are being given as unpaid whores to these 
barbarians to take their pleasures with.
 As the chaperone leaves the circle, the five nomadic women return and 
bowing to the Chieftain, strip naked and wait with bowed heads.
 Looking in horror at these women, as they kneel on all fours, legs 
wide and ready to accept a man. The chaperone coming back to us and 
instructing us to take off our dresses and clothing. We can not disobey our Lady, 
but slowly we strip till we are standing naked to the eyes of the gathered 
crowd. Then told to take a position like the nomadic women facing them.
 Feeling like I have to pee myself as I walk over and kneel on and 
spread my legs apart in imitation of the herders. Eyes closed and feeling my 
body flushing as I am exposed to male eyes for the first time. 
 The sobs of the other women audible as now the Captain of the Guard 
walks to his men and asks for volunteers to complete this contract with the 
nomads. With not a lot of effort he got five men to walk to the women. 
Already five of the nomads leaders have walked to the middle of the room and 
reaching into their breeches and exposing their erections to the gathered 
crowd. A cheer of appreciation from the gathered peoples.
 I am not a classic beauty, I am tall and lean and small of chest; but 
my hips are wide. I have no idea what to expect as I kneel on the floor. 
As we kneel a small jar is hung from our neck. Not needing to look, but 
from the smell knowing it is animal fat. My stomach churning.
 Seeing feet in front of my lowered eyes, as I catch scent of a sweaty 
body and then feeling fingers twining in my hair and yanking my head up 
till my cheek grazes the swollen organ. The man rubbing his cock on my cheek 
as I moan in fear and try to pull away.
 His cock head being pushed against my lips. The meaty flesh looking 
long and round, skin pulled back to expose the dark head. The scent of 
sweat and piss and others I don't know filling my nostrils as they flare in 
protest.& Strong fingers squeezing my nostrils together and after long moments 
my lips part to pull in a breath of air. The cock pushed hard against the 
"O' of my lips.
 Gasping as the fat knob is pressed against my lips and spreads them 
apart and I taste the nastiness. Gagging and my stomach heaving again as my 
head is pulled tighter onto the cock as hips thrust forward. The blunt 
head bulging a cheek and then caressing the back of my throat.
 Tearing flowing from my eyes down my cheeks as I mumble my protest. 
Spittle flying from my lips with each thrust of his organ. More drool 
running down my chin.
 A pounding of blood in my ears, as I kneel trembling in fear as my 
mouth is raped by this barbarian. I can hear groaning and moaning and the 
cheering of the people around me; but not able to decide where or who. My 
world, my mouth filled with a cock and the rough pubic hair grinding into the 
softness of my cheeks.
 Coughing and sputtering as the man pulls free of my mouth and lifting 
me by my hair, spins me around dropping me onto my knees and kicking my 
legs apart in one quick movement. The man's pants against my bare ass cheeks, 
as he holds hair still with one huge hand and I feel his other reaching to 
the open jar around my neck and dipping two fingers into it.
 Then feeling him bending me over to kneel on all fours once again and 
then his fingers rubbing the animal grease on the puffy lips of my 
womanhood. My eyes closing as the fingers dig into my tunnel and rub the thick 
grease on my walls. Groaning and writhing to escape the strong fingers as 
they push deeper.
 Then feeling them removed and now the swollen cock between my legs 
from behind and the blunt head rubbing against my labia and then one hand 
still hold my head back, the other hand wrapping around my waist in a bear hug 
and pulling me back onto the fat cock.
 A scream of pain wrenched from my throat as I feel the fat head 
pushing my walls apart, tearing my virginity and then burying deeper in my tunnel.
 Impaled now on the barbarian cock. The man holding it deep, his pubic 
hair now scratching my soft ass cheeks and then his hips rocking back to 
jerk forward again. My insides burning with the pain of the sundered 
tissue. The grease easing the way into my dry walls as he pumps hard into my 
 His grunts of pleasure mirroring my grunts of pain and discomfort. My 
body feeling distended and stretched. The slap of his flesh on mine, 
driving me lower to the ground as my small pear shaped breasts are dragging my 
nipples on the rough wood of the flooring.
 A long loud keening of sound coming from one of the young women, maybe 
even from me as I try not to think of what is happening to me and 
wondering how long it takes a man to fuck a woman. I am a woman now, not a girl or 
maiden in waiting. I am a used woman, fucked out of marriage. These are 
my thoughts, as I pant and moan rocking on the man as he takes his pleasure.
 His grunts matching his thrusts as he beast my body into the ground. 
The feeling of his cock swelling inside of me and then his hard thrust. I 
have never felt the ejaculation of a cock before; but I know he is now 
spending his seed deep in my womanhood. The man pulling out and wiping his 
cock on my ass cheeks as I slump to the floor as he releases his hold on my 
 Laying face forward, feeling the soreness of my labia and the feel of 
moisture oozing from my bruised lips. Not wanting to open my eyes or look 
up or even see what is happening around me. I can hear grunting and groans 
and movement as I hide from all around me.
 As I lay there, I feel a hand tying a rope around my neck and pulling 
me up like to kneel in a puddle of moisture, flowing from my pussy. The 
smell of sex and the sounds of it strong around me as I open my eyes and 
seeing copulation still going on as there are also other kneeling like me, neck 
leased and held by a nomadic woman.
 When I try to cover my breasts and mound, the woman uses the end of 
the rope to whip at my hands till I drop them to my sides. Not able to look 
at those outside of the circle. Not wanting to see my Lady and others of 
her court or those from the caravan.
 My body heaving as I sob silently. And finally all of the women are 
kneeling now. Five from the caravan and five nomads. All been used by a 
man that is not their husband. Used in front of friends and others.
 The translator coming forward and explaining that we will be taken to 
a hut where we will entertain our hosts, tonight and tomorrow and there 
will be a feast tomorrow evening. There is a nomadic woman who understands 
our language and she will explain what is expected of us till we rejoin our 
 Standing and let away like cattle and little did I know that the walk 
to the hut would be the easiest part of the rest of this night. I can feel 
the seed from the man on my swollen lips and thighs, oozing from my body 
and hanging in strings touching my thighs as I walk.
 Sobbing muted as the crowd parts and we head to a hut that has a line 
formed outside. That line will be our night. Told to make water, pee. 
Then given a bowl of water as we are led to a stake in the floor of the hut 
and tied to the post. The woman telling us that whatever is wanted we will 
provide to relieve the men. 
 The nightmare a steady stream of men, who mostly fuck us from behind 
or use our mouths for a hole, and in general maul every part of our bodies 
in the process.
 My breasts and ass and pussy lips and mouth sore and bruised and 
swollen in particular. My body aching and tired as I turn this way and that. 
Every part of me penetrated, to include my ass by these smelly and horny 
 The nomadic woman giving us a couple of hours to sleep in the morning 
and a brief breakfast and a chance to wash and relieve ourselves. Then led 
by our neck lease around the camp, stopping to pleasure anyone that 
desired the light skinned women.
 Numb in body and mind as after another brief meal and a chance to 
relieve ourselves, we again are paraded around the camp for all to use. No 
soft loving in this camp as the men take you bent over or on your knees or 
on all fours. No soft cushion under your back as you face the man that is 
using your body. Lucky if they just fuck you, as most like to slap or 
squeeze your flesh.
 Worse luck as grey clouds fill the skies and a light rain, then a 
harder downpour. The floor of the crater now wet to my bare feet as the 
normal business of the nomad, turning the dirt floor to mud.
 A count of the number of the number that have used my body lost 
sometime in the early afternoon. Just walking, stopping when touched or pulled 
up by the rope leash and taking care of whatever needs are desired. The 
males from young men or older boys to old men. No virgin males as they will 
lose their virginity to one of the nomadic women, not some foreign slut.
 The smell of the lubricating grease now a part of my body, inside and 
out as the salve is all that keep my bruised parts from blistering and 
bleeding. I wish that I was totally numb, but the soreness of my outside and 
the feeling of being stretched on my inside making me all to aware of what 
and where and how a man may use his cock for pleasure.
 I have learned already ways to pleasure a man that a lady would 
probably never be aware of in a lifetime. The men showing what they want and the 
woman translating it with words and actions.
 One of the five of us have dropped out of our camp wandering. Not 
able to walk any more, she is left, her body bent at her stomach and left to 
be used by any that pass. The men from the caravan using the nomadic women; 
but in the privacy of one of the huts by the main house.
 Not just us; but all the slaves of the camp are for use by anyone that 
wants their attention. If not for them and nomadic women that won't let 
their men near the foreigners, we would not move from a spot with a long 
line of men waiting their turns.
 Again as evening approaches we are allowed some nourishment and a 
brief period of resting and a slave to bring a bucket of water, a soap and a 
brush and scrubbing our bodies of the accumulated filth from the camp and 
fluids from the men. The slave rough on the bruised flesh and the women 
crying out in pain as they become clean from the bristles of the brush rubbing 
away the dirt and a layer of flesh at the same time. 
 A leather strap placed around our necks with symbols burnt into the 
leather. A connecting leather leash tied to each of our collars. Instructed 
that we will serve at the evening feast. Only four of us as the other 
young woman not able to stand and left outside a hut draped over a pole and 
arms and legs pegged to the ground.
 Our service will not be serving food; but serving our bodies as the 
guests eat. we are to be under the tables and move to service any man in 
need with our mouths. A fresh grease jar attached to our collars and led to 
the feast and forced placed under the tables.
 The feast starting and everyone sitting down, the cloths covering the 
table hiding us for the moment as we are instructed to watch for a men 
needing attention. And if for some reason one of the ladies at the table needs 
attention to use our mouths and fingers to give them what they need.
 Crawling around on the floor and taking one nasty smelling and tasting 
cock after another into our mouths or hands and bringing it to a spurting 
release. Sucking on the men from our caravan and jerking others off into 
our mouths and hands. 
 Worse was one of the men grabbed my head and placed his cock in my 
mouth and then pissed. My surprise becoming a gulping gagging as I try to 
swallow the warm acrid liquid. The piss staining his trousers and coating my 
body with his urine. Coughing with not water to wash my mouth out.
 The feast done and a woman leading us from under the tables on all 
fours, crawling to pieces of wood driven into the ground. Our leashes tied to 
hold us head high as we kneel on all fours, legs wide.
 Flushing in embarrassment as I know that my Lady and others from the 
caravan can see and know what is happening to us. The fifth woman led to 
the center spot as the five of us are used pussy, ass and mouth as the 
entertainment for the night goes on behind us.
 Each of us handed a wooden phallus and instructed to fuck ourselves 
with it as a nomadic woman rubs our clits and bring us to an orgasm. It is 
not my first of the day as the continuous sexual use has stimulated me with 
the pain and pleasure. Our moans of pleasure and release loud as the women 
work us into another release. The wooden phallics now wedged in our 
gripping walls, as my own lubrication fills my nostrils with my filth.
 Hearing the headsman behind us explaining to the those at the feast 
His meaning escaping us till our keeper explains. Him and his clan are 
great warriors. His women are also warriors when needed. The man gesturing 
and one of his great massive dogs is brought as a present to my Lady. They 
are great warriors also and he presents a bitch to her. Laughing loudly," 
you can't trust the males around a woman." The crowd breaking into raucous 
 laughter at this comment.
 "Let me prove that to you?" Another gesture and an even larger war 
dog is brought forward. Our keeper taking the wooden cocks from our 
stretched cunts and bringing them over to the Headsman. Sniffing at the greasy 
wood and then letting his pet sniff each one in turn.
 "Now, my pet will find himself a bitch." A loud protest from the 
caravan people and my Lady; but the crowd yelling in excitement. 
 The huge dog growling deep in its throat as a woman carefully kneels 
by the dog and reaches under to manipulate his cock. The organ thrusting 
noticeably from his sheath now, the thick cylinder of red tipped meat.
 Then as the dog yelps some more, he is released to pick himself a 
bitch to give him relief. The fear not having reached us, till we can hear the 
nails of the paws and the firm tread of the dog as he moves close to pick 
his bitch. The scent from the wooden cocks already having a choice in his 
 Shivering as I have seen the huge camp dogs and the nomadic woman had 
slapped at them during our tour of the camp, beating their wet noses and 
tongue away from our crotches. Trembling with fear as this time one of us 
will not escape or maybe they will before he mates.
 The large snout tickling my thighs as I waver and try to close my 
legs. The burning strike of the rope on my ass cheeks forcing them apart again 
as she has trained us during the day. The snout again brushing between my 
thighs and the wet nose touching my swollen cunt lips. A loud moan of 
fear as I feel a tongue touch my cunt lips, swiping at the raw flesh and then 
feeling part my lips and touch the grease of my cunt lips. My musk strong 
as my thighs tense, trying again to close my legs to the monster and 
receiving a series of strokes on my ass and back.
 Feeling leather straps tied to my wrists and ankles and stakes driven 
into the ground around me to hold my legs apart and arms in place. 
Screaming in terror as I feel the warm slobber of the huge canine as he drools on 
my ass cheeks and his tongue worms its way into my cunt and the long 
flexible organ tastes my juices and the seed of the men that have fucked me. 
Arms pulled forward, closer to the pegs in the ground, drawing my head and 
upper body forward and towards the ground. A bar secured to keep my lower 
body high.
 My breasts bouncing on my chest hard thick nipples rubbing on the 
ground as I am secured in place. The weight of the huge canine pushing on my 
back and bending it and then the nails, sliding down to rip furrows of my 
skin as it now grips at my sides as it walks it furry back legs closer.
 The huge erection feeling slimey as it touches the backs of my thighs 
and then feeling it slide against my swollen lips. Wimpering as I feel it 
pull back and then the dog thrust forward again. The bone thrusting into 
my bruised thigh. 
 The camp quiet accept for some sobbing alongside of me on either side. 
 The growls of the beast loud and deep and the rumbling increasing as he 
thrusts again and this time the red tipped cock finds my cunt lips and parts 
them quickly. 
 The long thick cock penetrating, spreading and taking my cunt all in 
one stroke. My scream of pain and surprise loud and long as his cock is no 
sooner buried in my tunnel then his is thrusting as he walks forward on 
hind legs. The cock filling all of my cunt and the tip pressing on the 
entrance to my womb. 
 My body shaking as the huge animal takes me totally and fills my cunt 
again and again. His front paws pulling me tight to his furry belly and 
his cock deeper as he spears my cunt. 
 I can feel the swollen knot at the base of his cock rubbing my bruised 
labia and pressing them apart as he pounds away and slowly forces the 
thick ball of flesh into the entrance of my cunt. My scream long and loud as hi
s strokes pound my body forward and into the ground. 
 Fetid breath washing against my nostrils and thick globs of slobber 
falling into my hair and on my back. Grunting as his thrusts become more 
fervent and emitting a long wail of sound as I feel the cock swell inside me 
and a large amount of thin seed is erupting into my womb, filling it as he 
uses his bitch relieve himself.
 Worse then the fucking is the feeling of the nomadic woman's fingers 
rubbing my clit and my loud scream of protest; becomes a loud wail of 
pleasure as the woman takes an orgam from my body. My cunt contracting again and 
again on the dogs monster prick.
 The dog howling as I clench and squeeze his prick with my muscles. 
The dog announcing his victory as he would in downing an enemy and then 
pulling my body back as he reverse his position on me and tugs at his knot 
embedded in my cunt. My screams again loud as with a loud pop and growl he 
pulls the fat knot from my body and his seed runs from my cunt like a small 
stream. I can feel the air on my cunt and in my inside of me as my womanhood 
is gaped.
 Sweat coating my body. The smells of my musk and the dogs oozing from 
my body as I kneel quivering the woman taking another orgasm from me as I 
rock and moan and my body contracts again helpless to stop.
 The laugher of the headman around me, just a buzz of noise as my mind 
has escaped my body for a few moments. Luckily I am still dazed as the 
second dog takes my cunt and I move like a doll pinned to the ground as he 
knots my skanky hole and brutalizes the sore and raw flesh. 
 The fingers of the woman on the sensitive button too much for me as I 
come again and dance like a broken toy as she rubs harder on my cunt. The 
dog giving a howl of pleasure and release as my cunt massages his cock and 
he fills my cunt once more with canine seed.
 My cunt a slack hole dripping dog cum as I lay to weak to move after 
the second dog finishes with my body. The third one I don't think I was 
even conscious of taking me; but one of the women told me later that I came on 
his cock also with help from the nomad woman. 
 Ice cold water causing my body to shiver back to consciousness, as I 
lay sprawled on the ground now. Entertainment going on behind me as I am 
lifted onto a man's back and carried to one of the huts. My lower body 
aching with the stretching of the tender flesh by the long thick canine cocks.
 Feeling myself laid down on the floor of the hut on my stomach and the 
man kneeling behind me. Straddling my thighs, as he swipes grease into my 
ass crack. Just a weak grunt of protest as he spreads my ass cheeks apart 
and then I feel the pressure of his bulbous head pressing against my ring. 
 My eyes going wide as he pushes the blunt head to my ring and then with 
his weight, spreads the opening slowly and painfully and then a grunt 
scream as the ring is stretched enough to allow entry. 
 The fat prick stretching my opening and now his prick sliding into my 
bowels. His pubic hair rough on my ass cheeks as he lowers onto my back 
till he flattens my soft ass cheeks. Grunting and drooling as he pulls back 
and slams quickly into my body again and again. The discomfort of my 
expanded bowels and the pain as the slight lubrication dries and the friction of 
flesh on flesh rubbing my tissue raw. 
 Thick fingers reaching around and squeezing my swollen and bruised 
cunt lips. Rubbing one on the other and twisting and pinching the distended 
labia. The man pushing me down till my breasts are brushing along the 
ground with each stroke. The hard tips aching with sensation as they are 
caressed by the rough earth. My body twisting to escape the impaling cock. 
Alternating between groaning, grunting and moaning and a beaten whimper of 
surrender as the man finally pulls my body hard to his and empties his seed 
into my bowels.
 Pulling out of my beaten body and wiping his stringy scum on my ass 
cheeks as I collapse onto my stomach and shake uncontrollably. 
 Begging for mercy as another man lifts my by my waist and slips into 
my gaped asshole. My words pouring from my mouth, not realizing that those 
using me can't understand what I am saying, begging.
 The woman laughing, amused as I sputter and try to crawl away to 
escape my persecutors. Finally passing out only to be revived with a bowl of 
water splashing into my face and body as I look up, eyes fluttering open and 
realization of my situation becoming clear in my mind once again.
 My body aching and sore and swollen with the abuse of cocks inside of 
my three holes and the slaps and whipping and abuse of the outside of my 
body. Trying to escape my thoughts as I wait on the next indignity. Worse, 
my realization that my Lady has left me to these barbarians. She will not 
try to help me or the others women as we are made as public display of 
what might happen to other women captives.
 My tormentor tugging on my leash and making me crawl behind her as she 
leads me through the camp the rain beating down on my back as I splash on 
the muddy ground. Not even resisting or protesting as I am made to stand 
and splashed again with bowls of water to wash the mud from my white flesh. 
 Then lead into a tent and told to lay on rough wooden table. Feeling 
my hands and feet tied to the four corners and then looking up as a woman 
stands over me and her fingers caress my nipples. Bringing them to an 
aroused state and nodding to the woman in charge of me. More binding tying me 
to the table holding down my chest and waist and knees.
 Eyes wide as I feel something cool being rubbed onto the thick tips 
and feeling them going numb. Closing my eyes and enjoying the pleasure of 
her touch. My chest rising and falling. My body tensing. In spite of the 
abuse and humiliation of the past few days, my hips lifting off the table as 
I feel my insides clench, ready to orgasm.
 My scream of pain, eyes wide as I feel the pinch and see a needle 
inserted into my left breast. Biting back another scream, drools running down 
the sides of my lips as I move my head side to side. The numbness of my 
nipples temporary and I feel the pain as something more is inserted into the 
swollen tip. 
 Trying to escape into my mind as refuse to look at what is being done 
to my body. My other nipple treated to the first one. Then I can feel the 
pain at my navel and then cringing as I feel the numbness and the pinch on 
my fat labia. Somewhere I have retreated into unconsciousness and the 
bliss of no pain or thoughts.
 Waking I can feel oddness of my nipples and of my lower folds as I sip 
water held for me. Sitting up on the table and noticing that now I have 
thin gold rings around my wrists and ankles. Little circles of gold hang 
from my nipples and looking lowering seeing that a ring is inserted in my 
belly button and three small gold rings one each in my clitoris hood and my 
labia. Gently touching my ears as I can feel that they also are adorned with 
rings of gold.
 A woman sitting to the side looking at me as I touch the gold rings. 
My hair has been shaved back high from the side of my ears and falls in a 
long tail, tied with a leather thong. 
 I don't know how long I was unaware of my surroundings; but in that 
time my appearance has changed drastically. Not wanting to see myself in a 
looking glass or water as I know that my appearance is now of a wild woman 
of the plains.
 I have seen the women and their body rings and tattoos and hair style 
and now in many ways I look like these women. My fair skin the most 
telling difference as it has not been weathered by the sun and winds of the open 
 A simple cloak shawl is placed around my shoulders, as I sit and the 
woman rubs a paste onto the areas of piercing and it soothes the dull 
 The beat of rain on the sides of the hut loud as my thoughts move from 
the changes to my body and I think on what will happen when we women are 
exchanged again. 
 Tears run down my cheeks as the realization that my life will never be 
the same. My lady cannot take me back as one of her close group. My 
quiet sobbing now a louder sound as the stark reality of the situation dawns in 
my slowly awakening thoughts.
 These nomads have totally humiliated and abused my body and spirit and 
taken my chastity and virginity from me forever. They have mutilated my 
body with their piercing and heaped indignities on me and the other women, 
that will always be in the minds of those that have observed us.
 The sound on the walls of the hut actually not rain as I am led by a 
leather thong threaded through the nipple rings into the open area of the 
camp. My body not protected from the sleet falling from the dull grey sky. 
The ice stinging as it pelts onto the bare flesh of my body. Keeping up as 
the pull on my nipples makes me afraid that the rings will be ripped 
through them totally if I slip or fall.
 Head bowed; but hearing the words of another language and knowing that 
they are commenting on my appearance. 
 Led to a huge wagon and standing in the icy moisture. Shivering from 
the damp and cold. The sleet stinging my flesh in a thousand spots; but 
also soothing or maybe numbing.
 Looking up as the tail of hair on my head is yanked backwards. Seeing 
the leader of these Clans looking down at me from the top step of his 
wagon. His eyes moving down my body and nodding approval.
 A huge man as many of these barbarians are, towering over me as he 
steps down and his huge paws of hands touch my pear shaped breasts. His smile 
wide on his lips, as he tugs at the rings in my nipples and then touches 
the other small rings in my navel and labia. Big paws pulling the rings 
apart to expose the pink flesh of my tunnel.
 My eyes closing as he inserts a thick finger into my wetness and I 
feel it invading deep into my body. My walls wrapping around it as I whimper 
with his quick strokes. My legs weak and threatening to buckle as he 
fingers my hole till I am panting. 
 A loud gruff laugh again as he pulls out his finger, sniffs it and 
then wipes it on my upper lip. The scent of my pussy and arousal drawn in by 
my nostrils. As much as this man disgusts me, he has found my insides wet 
to his touch.
 Whimpering as my body shivers from the cold sleet and the juicy warmth 
of my walls remembering his finger. His hand reaching behind me and 
taking the tail of hair in his grip. Pulling my head up to look at him as he 
forces me to my knees.
 "When a man puts you on his knees in front of him, you are to suck his 
cock." The voice of my handler instructing me. "Reach and take his cock 
and give him pleasure."
 My hand fumbling into his pantaloons and freeing the huge uncut organ. 
 Feeling it pulsing in my grip as wrap both hands around its girth and 
pull on it. Feeling it stiffen more. The sight of his aroused organ, 
something that would have shocked and amazed me a few days ago. 
 Now I have a basis on which please a man. The scent of his unwashed 
body strong, as strong as the musk emanating from his warm cock. Leaning my 
head down and licking the tip of the partially skinned back head. Tasting 
his musk and urine and sweat and another woman. 
 My fingers pulling back the skin to fully expose the bulbous knob. 
Tongue licking over and around the warm flesh. His hand urging me lower, 
head between his legs as I lick as the hairy testicles in the big tight sack. 
Raking my teeth over the delicate orbs as he slaps my face with his 
aroused prick.
 Then raising my head again as I pull his organ down to my mouth and 
spread my lips as I lean into his body. The mushroom head parting my lips in 
a wide "O". Choking as his hand buries his cock against the back of my 
throat as he impales my mouth. Choking and sputtering, spittle flying from 
my lips and drool sliding down my chin to fall in warm drops on the top of 
my thighs.
 There is no tenderness now as he works my head in hard strokes against 
his groin. Tears wetting my cheeks to mix with the other fluids on my 
chin as I reach to his tree trunk thighs and try to pull back. His humping 
blocking my throat and feeling weak as I gasp for brief fractions of a second 
for air.
 His thick seed being fed down my throat as he rocks on his heels and 
empties his huge load of cum into my mouth. As soon as he is finished he 
pulls out of my warm wet hole and wipes his cummy cock on my face. Another 
spurt of cream coating me as I fall in a heap to the grown as I sputter and 
choke and cough. My throat raw and lungs burning as I suck in precious 
 His laughter loud and those around adding to the sound of amusement as 
he now talks to the woman in whom I am in her charge. The woman swiping a 
rag of cloth between my legs my grease soaking into the material and 
fragrant as he presses it against my face for a moment, then deposits it in a 
small pouch.
 Finally the woman tugging on my nipple leash and pulling me up to my 
feet. A cloak thrown around my shoulders and soft leather boots for my 
feet. Wrapping the cloak around me as best I can as I follow the woman.
 Men seeking to stop us; but this time the woman not allowing them to 
use me for their relief. Finally leading me to a dog pen and letting a huge 
white monster of a dog, take me on my knees as his bitch. Propping up my 
arms to brace for the weigh of the huge canine as his nasty cock finds the 
opening of my cunt and pounds away, knotting me and then spewing his thin 
seed deep in my body. The dog not interested in my after busting his nut. 
 Brought into the hut where they had pierced my body. Instructed to 
lay face down bent over the table. My body strapped down, the nipple rings 
pushing into my breasts painfully. Then a scream of protest as I feel the 
hot iron pressed into the soft flesh of my ass cheek. Then finally 
finished as salve is wiped over the abused flesh.
 Released from my bonds and allowed to see the brand embedded in the 
soft flesh in the shape of a dog. Not just a dog; but one with a huge 
erection underneath his body.
 The woman seeing me look and the realization of what has happened on 
my face. "You are marked as a woman that will give pleasure to war dogs." 
Her laughter burning my ears with shame.
 Sobbing as I think on the changes to my body in the past couple of 
days. Not only the piercing's; but also the ink deep in my skin. The rings 
might come out; but the tattoo will mark me for life.
 "We mark the skills of a woman. Yours are that men and now dogs like 
to stick their cocks in you." The woman reaching down and with her fingers 
squeezing my swollen labia, rubbing them together with a wet sound. 
Squirming as her fingers mash my cunt lips and thumb rubs against my clitoris.
 "You are a slut and see how you enjoy the attention. You are wet just 
from my touch or maybe it was the dog's cock still has you wet, or maybe 
the cock you had in your mouth. You need to be fucked and to satisfy 
 "We have given you a mixture in your food that will allow you to 
service men without making a baby. That will keep our men happy and our women 
 "I will check you now, your insides. Get on the table and bend your 
legs apart wide." The woman coating her hand in grease from the small pot 
around my neck and then working it a finger as a time into the entrance of 
my womanhood. My hands grasping the sides of the table as she pushes with 
more grease and his hand is now swallowed inside of me..
 My body feeling the extreme girth and uncomfortableness of his hand 
and wrist being worked deep into my tunnel. The walls expanding to 
accommodate; but my insides feeling so full, and then jerking as her fingers find 
the entrance to my womb and push into the opening.
 Moaning a long low sound as sweat covers my body as my legs spasm as I 
hold them wide. 
 Finally the woman nodding her head as she slowly pulls her wrist and 
hand out of my gaping hole. Nothing at all erotic as I gasp for breath and 
a shiver runs through me from my neck down.
 My fingers covering the flesh between my legs, cupping it and feeling 
the walls still open. Not sure what more indignities can be done to my 
 Only now wondering why I didn't question or protest as this woman 
probed my body deep. Finding myself conditioned now to accept what is done to 
 "Girl, you are going to be given a special honor today. And if you do 
exactly what I say, you will be safe and unhurt. Do you hear me girl?"
 Nodding and wanting to ask what this "special honor" might be. 
Knowing that I should not question and just do as instructed. Not sure how 
anything could get worse. Not sure if my Lady would take me back as I am 
spoiled goods and an embarrassment to her and my country.
 Numbly sitting in a corner of the hut and drinking and eating the food 
given to me, awaiting my special honor. Trying to keep my mind a blank 
and not think back on how I was given up to appease the customs of these 
barbarians. Wondering how the other four women have made out, as I have not 
seen them for almost a day. 
 Feeling sleepy as I sit in the warmth of the dry hut. Eyes heavy and 
realizing that they have given me some drug and not just the nasty tasting 
elixir that they have given me to keep me from becoming pregnant.
 The afternoon turning to early evening as the sun moves behind the 
clouds to the horizon to set across the flat plains. Being led once again by 
a leather thong that has been threaded into the rings through my nipples. 
A horse blanket draped over my shoulders as the rain has turned to a light 
mist. My mind not able to register thoughts other then the crowds of 
nomads lining my path as we move up a small mound of ground and stop at the top. 
 Not caring at my nakedness as it is the least of my humiliations of 
the past days. Looking around and seeing the Headman's of the clans and 
woman now grouped around me. Seeing a low table and then numbly observing as 
thongs are tied to my wrist and ankle rings. The blanket taken from my 
shoulders and spread on the table as I now stand totally naked the center of 
this gathering of the clans. 
 Wondering if I am to be sacrificed to some pagan god, the thought not 
alarming me as the drug has had its desired effect of calming and relaxing 
my spirit. The horse people of the plains, not a blood thirsty bunch of 
heathens for worship of their god.
 Finding myself laid down on the wooden table and looking up, my eyes 
and mouth asking my handler what is going to happen. Feeling a saddle of 
hammock of some sort against my back as I lay still waiting for guidance.
 Turning my head to the side and seeing not only the head clansman; but 
also members of my party sitting on rough benches to view the ceremony. 
My lady does not recognize me as my body is pierced and my hair partially 
shaven. I look not much different then others of the women that are not of 
the nomads that are slaves in the camp.
 Some high priest or something lighting a fire under a brazier and 
dropping incense onto the hot coals. The scent intoxicating as it wafts over 
my nostrils. Feeling them twitch as I inhale the smoke into my body and 
again feel a lassitude of my limbs and mind.
 A chant low beginning from the encircling nomads as I feel the women 
around me rub grease over my bruised and swollen labia. Looking at the 
woman who is my keeper as fingers slip into my pussy and rub scented oils into 
my folds and pearl.
 My nipples engorging and thrusting proudly from my small breasts. The 
smoke and a slight breeze and the mist seeming to stroke them with touches 
of pleasure. Trying not to moan aloud as now the woman are stroking my 
breasts and womanhood with their fingers.
 My hips moving under the ministrations of these arousing movements. A 
moan escapes and then more as my hips move unbidden as my aroused body 
inside and out is poised for a release. Teasing fingers over my body drawing 
my hips to thrust up to feel the touch.
 My face burning with a humiliation that I didn't know I still was 
capable of as my pubes dance to the touch of the fingers on my swollen lips and 
clit. My moans loud and long as they bring me close to a release and 
then stop and my body trembles with need. The priest reciting some words and 
making signs that I can not concentrate on as the attention of these women 
have me distracted from everything but the next touch of a finger.
 My musk is overpowering as my grease leaks from my tunnel and mingles 
with the smoky incense. My cunt lips are tingling with excitement as are 
my nipples.
 The stroking seeming to go on forever as I lift up for release and 
then gasp in frustration as they let my peak drop again and again. 
 My cunt is soaking with my juices as they slaver more oils onto my 
cunt lips and inside my body. The sudden silence of the camp, puts a fear in 
me as I look to the shaman and to his hands for a dagger to use to 
sacrifice me to their god. 
 The measured sound of feet the only sound as I raise my head and see 
that a war horse is led up to the mound and I feel the thongs on my ankles 
and wrist pulled tight to hold me to the table as the huge beast is guided 
till it is standing over the table I lay upon.
 The thongs on my wrists and ankles pulled to be tied on his back, my 
arms and legs raised touching the sides of the huge animal. Then feeling 
the padding under my body being lifted and raising my body as it is strapped 
over the horse.
 My mind slow; but understanding at least some of what is happening, as 
I yell to my handler, asking her what is happening. My wrists and ankles 
retied to keep me helplessly suspended under the belly of the horse.
 The smell of the animal strong and earthy as continue to stroke my 
swollen cunt lips and other women are doing something that I can not see.
 My cries of fear growing as the woman gently start me swaying 
underneath the monster. My hands and legs tugging to myself of my bindings and 
escape this ultimate act of humiliation that might well be my death.
 Torches have sprung up around the hillock where the horse stands 
outlined in the circle of the surrounding crowd. Wishing that the woman had 
put a gag in my mouth so that I would have something to bite.
 As my body moves towards the back of the horse in my makeshift swing, 
I feel the warm weight of the swollen organ sliding over my outer lips and 
stabbing at my belly. Not having seen a fully erect horse cock; but having 
glanced in passing, I tip my head up and see the ugly head of the cock 
staring at me from between my widely spread legs.
 Eyes closing as I imagine how long and thick that organ must be to 
touch my belly and slide along it like a snake. A woman pressing it down so 
it saws along the inside of my spread cunt lips. Small thongs of leather 
tied to the rings in my labia and pulling them apart as my juicy pink 
entrance is exposed underneath the massive steed.
 In spite of the situation and impending doom, my flesh is fevered with 
arousal as the women have continued to caress my body and prepare it for 
the sacrifice to their horse god.
 Each sway of my body in the harness rubbing my wet flesh against the 
hard prick. My handler moving to the back of the horse as the others step 
away and she grasps the erect phallus with her hands and positions it at the 
entrance to my womanhood as I try to wiggle to bar it with my spread legs.
 Another woman pushing harder and the harness sway to the back and I 
feel the head of the horse pushing at my entrance and then the woman holding 
me against it and pushing more as the blunt head presses my flesh and I 
feel the opening being stretched to accommodate the massive tip.
 Screaming loudly in protest, my voice hoarse as I scream again and 
again as the shaft is nudged slowly into my yielding tunnel. My flesh feeling 
like it is ready to tear open as more of the shaft is forced into my 
womanly hole.
 The woman relaxing her grip on my back and pushing and pulling my body 
in the harness as the horse cock is fucked into me. Thrashing as best I 
can still protesting the rape of my cunt by this equine.
 My screams turning to guttural grunts and moans as carefully they move 
it deeper into my body, adding grease to the shaft and feeding it slowly 
and deeper into my cunt.
 My insides feeling stuffed full and more as the steely shaft 
penetrates deeper. My groans and moans a low steady whimper of sound as the horse 
is now bucking its back end and fucking the cock deep inside of me.
 My stomach bulging obscenely as the head moves inside of me. At woman 
feeding grease to the horse cock and to be stretched clitoris, massaging 
it into the flesh.
 My body in spite of the misting rain and dampness around me, in a hot 
sweat as my legs and arms twitch with strain. My insides cramping 
painfully around the steely rod impaled in my body.
 Drool and spittle coating my face as my head thrashes side to side in 
pain and helpless humiliation as the magnificent animal fulfills the rites 
of the Nomads.
 Fighting to clear my mind of all thoughts and feelings as the horse 
continues to fuck my body. The strain physically and emotionally takings it 
toll as I lay body cramping in jerks the twitches as the horse is 
manipulated by hand and inside of me.
 My whimpers low and a gurgle as moisture bubbles out of my mouth as I 
gasp for breath under the continued assault. A seemingly endless amount of 
time and what actually is just very long minutes. Inane giggles and 
muttering as I have escaped the immediate situation into the confines of my mind.
 Then my insides swelling as the horse begins to erupt large amounts of 
seed deep into my body, washing my womb with his sticky seed. My eyes 
wide as I come back to reality and feel the pressure of the liquid expanding 
my flesh. A long low cry of "aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh." The sound being 
carried to the surrounding masses.
 The horse being controlled now by two strong men, holding it as it 
erupts again into my body and two women slide my back to pull the still hard 
shaft out of my body. Resting it on my swollen lips and the seed spurting 
to wet my belly and chest and face with the slick cum of the potent 
stallion. The quantity of cum covering my body in thick clots of goo that is fed 
into my mouth by the hands of the women around me.
 Choking and gasping as one pinches my nose closed and more of the 
musky seed if fed and swallowed. The slickness rubbed into my body as the 
spurts cease and the harness pushed forward and the end of the horse cock is 
place again my mouth and I lick, unthinking at the tip and taste a little 
ooze and my cunt as I clean the end. The woman telling me to kiss the tip and 
give thanks to the horse god.
 Not even thinking to resist as I do as I am told. Laying limply as the 
women minister to me.
 Feeling hands holding me as my wrists and ankles are undone and the 
harness is released to lay me on the low table as the horse is led away. My 
eyes seeing the horse cock, not as erect as before; but still long and 
dangling from its belly.
 The horse blanket under me as I am turned on my side and lay my mind 
blank looking into the crowd, till I feel the burn of the brand, etching an 
image of a horse into my ass cheek. My scream loud as I try to jerk away. 
Held firmly and then feeling the soothing balm applied to make the pain a 
dull ache.
 My eyes meeting my Lady's for a moment. A look of horror on her face 
and her women around her. No sign of recognition in her eyes, as she looks 
away and the Headman declares that the rite is finished and that they 
should go and celebrate at the main tent.
 Watching as the crowd shifts and moves from away to break into groups 
and find circles of celebration. My blanket lifted and the women carrying 
me back to the hut where I was branded before and pierced for my rings.
 A strong dose of some drug, now taking away the pain of body and mind 
as I sink into a deep torpor of sleep. Not sure how long I lay 
unconscious; but waking to a man fucking into my body.
 Eyes trying to focus as he takes deep strokes into me and then quickly 
a nomad woman as she kneels and he empties his seed into her. This 
process going on for awhile as they are not fucking me; but coating their cocks 
with the seed of the horse and it is thought to make a strong and healthy 
 Not sure how many used me before I awoke; but it was quite a number as 
I lay just watching and barely feeling as they enter my body and pull 
free. Still under the influence of the drug and watching as if from out of 
 Pain and cramps making my body shudder as a delayed reaction to the 
unnatural use of my insides. A dull ache and uncomfortable feeling as I 
slowly move my legs and shift on my blanket.
 Not even wanting to think what my body looks like down below as I 
conjure up pictures of horse cock as it slide over my belly. It was as big as 
an arm and as thick and I realize why the woman pushed her hand and arm 
inside of me before the rite. 
 More water and some food to give me strength as no more men are 
fucking into my lifeless body. The scent of the horse and my musk mixing with 
the oils a blend of odor wafting to my nostrils. It is still dark outside as 
I fall back to sleep and surprising left to myself for the following 
morning and early afternoon. Other then a few men wandering in with their woman 
to fuck into my hole and then to hopefully impregnate their woman as they 
grunt and rut like animals beside me.
 Docile and sore as I am led outside and brought again to service the 
huge hunting dogs. The dogs using me as their bitch. The slimey cocks 
slipping into my hole and fucking me as they try to knot and seed me. Paraded 
around the encampment naked but for my rings. My brands clear outlines of 
and erect horse and dog on each cheek of my ass. 
 Occasionally stopped to service a man's cock with my mouth or cunt and 
once with my ass. The days a blur of endless fucking and sucking. I have 
no idea at all of the human cocks that have been the holes of my body. I 
don't even know the amount of dogs that have fucked me as their bitch. All 
I am sure is that a horse has fucked my cunt and seeded me.
 I see other of the four women being led around the camp servicing the 
nomads. They at least have not been dog fucked or offered up to the horse 
god and their bodies may be foul with male seed; they do not have 
piercing's and brands and their hair cut to resemble the tail of a horse.
 Registering the women and seeing looks of disdain as they don't even 
recognize me as Patrice, companion of my Lady. They see me as a slave being 
used to keep the men and dogs of the camp and the girl who was offered up 
to be fucked by a horse. I think purposely we are kept apart and that is 
fine with me as I blush with humiliation at the woman that I now am.
 The days and nights blending together and though I can't remember for 
sure, it must be at least a week that I have been offered as to the 
population of the camp. 
 Learning a few words, but mostly commands that I have learned of obey 
immediately as the women that watch over me are as cruel or worse then the 
men that use my body. Wet straps of leather and sticks used to beat my 
body or a convenient object used to fuck me hard if I don't respond as I 
 And in the free time when not eating, sleeping or relieving myself the 
women amuse themselves by tattooing designs onto my body to highlight my 
sexual parts and holes and to use stick figure on my body to illustrate what 
has been done to me. My pale skin, darkening as I am almost always 
walking in the open naked. The coloring of my body with my small tattoos totally 
has destroyed the unblemished skin.
 I have been given to a huge war dog to service a few times each day. 
If I was looking at him from a distance I would have said he was a 
magnificent specimen; however my point of view is mostly with him on my back and 
his large cock filling my pussy. There is not need for him to growl and nip 
my skin as I do not attempt to resist in any way.
 My private parts and breasts almost constantly aching and bruised as I 
travel the camp. The soft flesh of my body now much more toned as my 
keeper watches over every aspect of my camp existence. Her tutelage of sexual 
uses of my body complete in all ways and though and by that I mean she has 
had me please her and taught me how to give a woman the most pleasure.
 From a distance I have seen much preparation being done to ready the 
caravan to move across the plains to my Lady's future husband. I try not to 
think what will happen when it is time to go and I am returned to the 
 A feast arranged for the last night in camp for the caravan and 
hopefully an early start across the plains. The rains have dried and the ground 
is firm and good time should be made. My sexual slavery to these nomads 
has been eleven days and time needs to be made up to reach the castle of my 
Lady's future husband.
 I have seen the other four girls brought to the back of a hut and 
bathing in open sight as they wash the crud of dirt and male seed from their 
bodies. A gown given to each of them to cover their bodies. Looking up to 
my handler with questioning eyes as to when I will be cleaned up and my 
nakedness covered. Nothing can be done for my hair; but if they put a gown on 
me it will hide the piercing's and brands and tattoos.
 Today I have not had a single male use me for a vessel to empty his 
seed into. Trembling with fear as I await the feast and the return of the 
women to their people. "Go sit in the hut and finger yourself cock girl. Do 
not allow yourself to cum; but keep yourself close." Not sure what is 
happening; but I am sure that I will not be allowed to meekly rejoin my 
 My practiced fingers moving over my nipples and pussy lips and 
finding the smooth button in the folds of my pubes. The touch arousing me and my 
mush begins to leak from between my engorged cunt lips. Lost in my 
pleasure till my eyes catch my handler watching me and nodding as she notes that 
my well used young body is ready to please others again.
 In spite of the initial rape of my body, I now find that I take 
pleasure at times from being used like a camp whore. Sitting on edge as my body 
is get in a state of high arousal. Not allowed to peak, but to hang so 
close to an orgasm that I can not properly think.
 Laying back, legs held apart as a thin stick is repeatedly struck 
lightly on my swollen pubes. Squirming to escape as the taps are causing my 
pubes to turn a bright red and the height of my excitement is raised again. 
My screams of pain and pleasure cut off as a stick is stuck between my 
teeth and my torment continues till my lower body is quivering with need. My 
nipples hard plug of pierced flesh, nerve ending raised to respond to the 
gentlest of caresses from even a light brush of air.
 Whimpering in need as my musk is filling the hut with a scent that 
disgusts me and excites me at the same time. The ministrations of the women 
as they hold me helpless and continue to tease my flesh, driving my 
conscious need focused on the orgasm so close.
 A call rom outside and the women take the stick from my mouth and help 
me to stand. The tension in my legs causing me to trembling as they take 
a soft cape and place it around my shoulders to hang to the back of my 
knees. A thong attached to my nipples to lead me.
 A gentle tug and a moan as I walk behind my handler from the hut and 
in the direction of the meeting house. My feet toughened; but to day they 
have given me sandals to wear on my feet. 
 Eyes not looking to the sides at those who know not who I am; but 
rather what I am. A path parting to allow me to be led to stand a little 
distance from the main table. 
 "You will do exactly as instructed cock girl." The words whispered 
into my ear from my keeper. My body still tuned to total arousal as my 
fingers slowly massage my smooth button. Wanting to rub harder and give myself 
a release; but stick in my keepers hand slapping at the back of my hand if 
I seem to be pressing too hard.
 My grasp of the language minimal as the head man stands in front of 
the food laden table. The sweep of his hand showing the four other women 
exchanged with me for the nomadic women in a gesture of friendship. The plain 
gowns covering their bodies; but not able to hide the broken souls as 
their bodies as shaking as they sob with their humiliation and the knowledge 
that they will be regarded as used goods when others look upon them.
 My guard explaining how these women have been very kind and enjoyable 
to the nomadic folk and that he returns them to their proper mistress. 
Watching the look of my Lady's face as she nods acceptance of these women back 
into her company. Their status most likely to have changed from when they 
first came to this encampment. Now my guard explaining that the Head 
master wants to buy the fifth woman from my Lady. The words registering, as I 
start to speak and a hard tap on my clitoris making me wince in pain. 
 I have learned lessons and I don't need a second tap. My mind racing 
as I consider that I might be left behind in this camp. My status I 
already know as my young body as been the scabbard of many hard pricks.
 My chest heaving as the nomad woman continues to translate the 
conversation for my benefit. A smile of disdain on her lips as she tells me that 
I am to be presented to the company and then bartered as to my worth. Not 
believing that my Lady would even consider selling me to these barbaric 
 A tug of my nipple leash and I move forward through the crowd to stand 
a distance from the table. The cape pulled from my shoulders and I stand 
naked in my disfigured glory. My hair shaved from the sides of my head, 
till just a long tail up the middle and down my back. Nipples hard and small 
gold rings inserted in them and lower in my shaved labia. The fat lips 
swollen and a deep red from the recent attention. Different designs of 
tattoos covering my body and the brands outlining the redden cheeks of my ass.
 A few seconds facing those at the table and then their eyes drawn away 
from me as a huge war dog is brought forth. My handler explaining how 
this magnificent beast is being offered in exchange for the fifth woman. 
Three woman that have been slaves of the nomads added to the barter and a sack 
full of golden coins.
 The woman explaining that this animal will breed a strong line of 
hunting and war dogs for her future husband. A smack to my ass cheeks with the 
stick. "Down on all fours cock girl, let these people see what a specimen 
this dog is."
 Not needing anymore words then, "suck the dog and then let him breed 
you." Falling to my hands and knees and crawling to the huge beast. The 
dog already growling as I lower my head and my hands work the tip of his cock 
that is already partially exposed. Then my lips find the slimey tip and I 
suckle and lick at the red shaft. The cock swelling from the sheath and 
growinng long and thick in my hands.
 Sliding from under the dog as he licks and nips at my body and 
kneeling legs wide apart and my head lower to the ground, arms bracing my upper 
body. A loud moan as I feel the first slaver of the long thick tongue 
against my fevered cunt lips. The dog taking a few more licks, and my body 
shudders as my cunt contracts hard in a quick orgam. Spewing my grease onto the 
invading tongue. My groan of release loud.
 The dog growling and then lifting to land with front paws on my back. 
The nails scratching long furrows of red into the flesh as it grasps my 
sides and pulls itself closer. The pointy wet cock finding the insides of my 
thighs and thankfully with only a few thrusts bruising my flesh with its 
dog bone, it slips the thick cock into my pussy.
 This dog is the one they have been having me service the past days and 
his girth and length on a shock to me as he thrusts fully into the molten 
heat of my cunt. The initial thrust rocking me forward on my flexed arms. 
 Whimpering as my walls squeeze the dog dick hard. Clamping on his cock 
as it becomes the center of my universe. Clenching hard and feeling it 
sliding quickly in and out of me with hard long quick strokes. 
 Quickly finding another orgasm from my master as my body contracts 
again and again on the impaling cock. My moans and groans loud to the cheers 
of those nearby that can see that the dog is making me cum. 
 The negotiations at the table continuing as the Head Clansman explains 
that this is just a demonstration of the breeding skills of this beast. 
This woman has been servicing him for a few days now and the dog does need 
to fuck at least twice a day. This bitch will be glad to handle the needs 
of the dog for the rest of your trip till you are where he can breed your 
husband's bitches.
 The coarseness of these people well known to those who cross the 
plains. That is why whores were brought to be sold or given to them in 
exchange, not knowing that they would want proper women from the company.
 My Lady appalled by this crude behavior; but needing to hold back her 
disgust and look at the spectacle playing out in front of her at this 
feast. Appalled and fascinated as she watches this woman from the corner of her 
eye being fucked by the huge dog.
 Finally assenting to the trade of the huge war dog and three slave 
women and the bag of gold in exchange for her fifth woman. Sighing as she 
does not know what to do with the other four and almost wish that she could 
sell those four also.
 As the bitch fucking continues, the Lady asks of her missing woman and 
is told that when this display is finished she will be brought forth.
 My world clamped around the dog that has now forced its knot into my 
bruised and battered cunt. The force of his seed filling my womb with the 
thin liquid as I gasp loudly with each ejecting thrust. My cunt cumming one 
more time long and hard as he empties his huge balls into my body.
 The dog growling and reversing itself from my body with a grunt from 
me as his knot holds and drags me a few inches before it pops out with a 
loud wet sound. The thin semen running from the mashed lips of my cunt to 
puddle between my legs.
 Wobbling on my all fours like a bitch freshly seeded, skittish as I 
try to collect myself. My cunt lips still throbbing with sensation and my 
insides contracting to push more of the seed out of my body. My heart 
pounding and my chest heaving from the exertion. Spittle on my lips and hanging 
in a wet string. 
 My body coated with a sheen of sweat and dog drool all over my back 
and in my hair. Dog cum still dripping in string from my pussy as my handler 
tells me to stand up.
 Facing the gathered feasters, as I stand legs apart arms at my sides. 
Eyes lowered as I know they don't know who I am and a flush of humilation 
and disgust filling me.
 The Headman explaining that this woman is the woman from the horse 
ceremony. Extolling the brands on my ass cheeks and the rings in my nipples 
and cunt lips and the various tattoos. Then the training that I have been 
going through and how important it is to have men fuck the horse woman and 
then his woman. Good luck for the clans and for a woman who is impregnated 
after the man has been inside the horse woman.
 Seeing the people looking at me, not just my body and the 
disfigurements; but now at my face and seeing that they feeling that they know me.
 The woman now moving me forward, my eyes still looking down as I am 
pushed close to the table now. Shivering with fear as I look up into the 
faces of those gathered there. The Headman's hand under my chin forcing me to 
look into their faces and they to look into mine. His other hand reaching 
to tug at my left nipple as they realize who I am.
 My Lady's mouth wide open in horror, surprise, amazement, who knows 
what she is thinking. Women with hands to cover their mouths in whatever 
feelings they don't want to display.
 The men looking at my breasts and the wet thrust of my pubes. A low 
moan from me as I stand waiting.
 The translator explaining to my Lady that I can be given back to her; 
but that being a horse woman that I have special meaning to the nomads now 
and that they will let me escort the precious cargo of the war dog to the 
far lands. That I must be returned to the nomads. In addition to servicing 
the dog I will take care of the needs of the accompanying nomads who will 
guide the caravan safely across the plains.
 My Lady accepting the terms and without a word from her my keeper 
leads me away from the feast. My fat cunt lips rubbing as I follow and back to 
my hut to kneel on all fours so more men can stroke into my cunt and then 
into their woman. Falling asleep somewhere in the middle of the night, 
laying on my back legs spread apart as men continue to use my body.
 The next morning the caravan starts forward. Me and my war dog in a 
cart. Servicing him and the nomads that will fuck me after the dog has 
hallowed my insides. The caravan people coming to watch close up as the dog 
takes his bitch. 
 The women that the nomads used having been traded for horses and left 
behind at the nomad's camp. My Lady, having me give an exhibition of the 
skills of the war dog, as she and her future husband and the other nobles 
enjoy the war dog servicing his bitch and laughing outrageously as I come 
again and again from the fucking of my master.
 The ride back long and hard as my cunt is sore and bruised; but the 
nomads horny and using all of my holes regular each morning and night. 
 As horse girl I have been used a few times now to increase the luck of 
the nomads or to amuse visiting guests by again being horse fucked. Dogs 
and men and some women are my usual fare as I wander the camp...............
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