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Fountain of Youth
Author: Tounge Tied ([email protected])
Cum has life giving force. (bF/Fb, exh, voy, inc, nc, rp, rel, oral, anal, mc, fan)
When I was 11 years old my life was not what you would call good. I was the only child of a marriage that fell apart years before I could remember. My mother at the time was HIV positive and working the streets to earn enough money to support her habit. She liked her drugs and alcohol and would do anything to get them and I mean anything. We were well established in the welfare system and by this time I knew enough to be able to get food and clothing for both of us and keep a roof over our heads. I didn’t know weather my mother was a slut because she enjoyed it or she just wanted the money. She slept all day and was out all night and when I did see her she was high or drunk. Don’t get me wrong I love my mother and would do anything to help her. I went to school every day but never participated in school activates and tried to keep my home life a secret. This made me somewhat of an introvert or loner. Reading was my outlet and I became very well read for a person my age.
My mother must have had no problem turning trixes because she always had men at our place. She was short but very good looking with long blond hair and huge tits. She sort of reminded me of little Anne Fanny the cartoon character in one of the magazines down at the barbershop. Most of her clientele would leave before I got up but I would get up in the middle of the night and watch her perform. It was at this time that I started my change of life and my balls began to ache. I would get an erection and start to masturbate but I would never cum. I was always in pain and didn’t know what to do about it. 6 months went by and I decided that something had to be done so I went to the emergency room at the hospital and asked for help. Before I could be admitted my mother had to be notified so she could sign a release. When she arrived I had to tell her about my problem and how it came about. She was surprised that I had been watching her at night when she thought I was asleep but didn’t seem remorseful They admitted me and started to run a lot of tests. They found that my balls were not the same as everyone else’s. They were very large and hung down from my crotch like a pendulum. My dick was rather large to match my balls so I never felt as if I was a freak. It just seemed normal to me
They didn’t know of anything that could be done for me so they gave medication to ease the pain and sent me home. My mother must have felt guilty because she couldn’t do enough for me. After 12 years of being on my own now she wanted to help me. The next mornings she was up and fixed me breakfast. She was still all fucked up from the night before and all she wore was her bathrobe which kept coming apart at the top showing me most of her beautiful tits. While I was eating she sat across from me and asked if I had watched her the night before. Her robe was open and her left nipple hung out but she didn’t notice. I told her I did watch and she wanted to know if my balls were aching.

" I feel so guilty about all of this baby. I don’t know what to do. Just tell me what you need. I will do anything I can to make my baby feel better."
" I think I need to cum but it doesn’t seem to want to happen." I said.
" Maybe you’re not jerking off the right way. Tell me how you jerk off and what you think about when your rubbing it."
"Mom I just grab it and stroke it up and down. Sometimes I use one hand and sometimes I use two." " Two hands! How big is your thing? Show me".
I stood up and stepped away from the table and pulled my pajama bottoms down. My cock hung there and swung back and forth when I moved. My mother was shocked. "Does it get much bigger when it’s hard baby?"
"Yes it does but it doesn’t get hard easy. I have to see something that excites me."
"What can I do to excite you baby? I want to see you jerk off and see if you’re doing it right."
" At night when I watch you I like to watch your tits swing back and forth. When they roll around I get hard as a rock and when the men start to pull your nipples and feel you up I have to start rubbing my dick and when you start sucking cock that’s when it gets big enough to grab with two hands."
"If I show you my tits do you think it will get hard." Mom said
" I don’t know but I would love to see them anyway. I always loved looking at your tites" My mother stood up and undid the belt of her robe and let her tit flesh flop out and jiggle before me. She put her hands under the massive globs and pushed them up.
" You like these babies" She bent over at the waist and let them hang and slowly rolled her shoulders making them swing and rotate. My dick started getting hard and I grabbed it with one hand and started to stroke it up and down."
All the men like to suck my titties baby. Do you want to suck mommy’s tits too." She came to me and pushed me back into my chair and picked up her right breast with her hand and held it in front of my face waiting for me to suck on it.
" Suck it baby, bit my nipple and suck it Suck it real good for mommy." She put her other hand behind my head and pulled my face to her breast. I opened my mouth and licked her knobby nipple then sucked it in and out and then took the whole nipple into my mouth and sucked. I grabbed her tit with both hands and squeezed and pulled and kneaded. All the time she was moaning and telling me how good it felt
" Now show me how you stroke that big dick of yours baby."
It was big and hard .I grabbed it with both hands one above the other and started to stroke it up and down. After watching for a few minutes she opened the rest of her robe and put her hand between her legs and inserted two fingers into her hairy pussy. She would slide them in and out a few times and then take her index finger and rub her clit real hard. Then she would go back to her finger fucking .All the time she was watching me stroke my meat.
" I think I know your problem baby you have to rub the head a little. It will feel a lot better. Let me show you how. "
I dropped my hands and mom went to work just like she would do to her men friends. She was kneeling in front of me and she spit a big gob of saliva on the head of my dick and started to slid her hands up and down my shaft. When she was at the top of her stroke she would rotate her hand around the head of my dick. It felt a lot better than when I did it. My breathing was becoming short and labored. She started talking to me and it was driving me crazy.
" Cum for mommy, Tell me what you want, shoot your load on my face baby, do you want mommy to eat your cum? Shoot it in my mouth baby."
She leaned forward and wrapped her big tits around my tool and they were so big that she didn’t have to move her body to give me a tit fuck she just lifted and lowered her breasts with her hands. "How does that feel baby are you going to give mommy your cum now or would you like mommy to put that big cock in her mouth and suck you off?
Then it happened the world came down around me. I began to spasm and I could feel the cum racing up the length of my cock and it kept shooting out over and over again.
At first the cum was landing on her tits and shooting onto her face and hair. It just kept cuming so she capped it with her mouth and tried to swallow the load as it shot out. I had one hand behind her head and the other had a big soft tit and I held her there until I was done.
"Baby that was some load. I never tasted anything like that, its different than any mans cum I have eaten and it’s so thick." She started to lick her fingers and clean her eye sockets out. Eating all she could get off her tits. I just laid there wiped out. I never thought it could feel so good.

When I got home from school the next day my mother was getting out of bed and she lit a joint up that had been lying in the ashtray by her bed.
" How was school baby? " When I didn’t answer she came over to me and sat down .She asked if I felt all right. I told her that I was ok but my balls were still aching a little. "Ah, your balls, I have been thinking about that. I think you should go and get some more tests done because I have never seen any cum like that in my life and it tastes different too." By this time the grass was having an effect on her and she started to get bleary eyed. " Mom I have been thinking too." With that I undid my belt buckle, unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. "I think you should take care of my dick again" She was sitting on the couch next to me and I put my hand down the front of her robe and grabbed a handful of her tit. She just looked at my cock and let me open the top of her robe and get both of her tits out. I pulled the nipples and pinched them until she whimpered. At this point I realized she was a submissive person and I could have my way with her anytime I wanted. All I had to do was tell her to do it. I grabbed my cock and put my hand behind her head and pulled her down to my crouch. "Suck my cock Mom" and she opened her mouth and began to lick the head and stick her tongue into my piss hole. "Suck on the head Mom and finger fuck you self while your giving me a nice face fuck." She spread the bottom of her robe and stuck her hand between her legs. This was great. What a slut my mother is and I am going to use her up. As I sat there she slid off the chair and onto her knees and started bobbing her head up and down on my dick. I grabbed her by the ears and fucked into her mouth. My hands pulled her hair into a ponytail and I held it with one hand so I could watch my cock slid in and out of her mouth. " Play with your nipples Mom and just suck on my cock. I want you to be a cocksucker. Use your tongue and don’t move your head. " Her head stopped and I could feel her tongue massaging the under side of my prick. I was almost there and she could tell because she doubled her effort and then I started shooting my load in her mouth. She swallowed shot after shot of my jizz and moaned with every swallow. When I was done I pulled out of her mouth and rubbed my shrinking cock all over her face. " I want you to thank me from now on when I finish with you Mom" All she could do was look up into my eyes. " Come on Mom thank me" She looked at me in shock but when she realized I meant it she said. 'Oh baby thank you, thank you so much" " Now go get cleaned up for work, "I said.
I had something to eat and went back down to the hospital and explained my problem again. They wanted me to jerk off and give them a sample of my cum for testing but after trying for about a half-hour it just wouldn’t happen. I came out of the bathroom and told them I needed some help. They put me in an examination room and told me to take off my pants. So there I laid until the door opened and a 300 lb. black nurse came in. When she saw my cock she was flabbergasted and didn’t know what to say. She walked over and introduced herself and grabbed my dick and started to pull and push and rub." Good lord boy this is one big cock and balls. I have to get you to cum in this jar. Tell me what feels good "I told her that I needed to play with her big tits "I reached up and grabbed her tits but they were packed into her uniform. They were big much bigger than my mothers were. " You’re a tit man, let me help you with them. "She stepped back and undid her uniform and reached into her bra and lifted one breast out. " Is this what you like young man, a big black tit ". She held the tit up with one hand and pulled the nipple with the other. Her nipple was the size of my thumb and the rest of the nipple was the size of a small plate. " You play with this while I jerk you off." I had both hands around the tit. It was like a small pillow. She leaned forward so I could get it into my mouth and suck it. She began to stroke my cock again and slowly it became harder and harder. She must have started to get excited herself because she pulled her tit out of my mouth and went down on me with her mouth. She was stroking it two handed with her mouth on the head. I was starting to get the impression that all women were sluts deed down inside. As she sucked and stroked my cock I pulled her nipple and shook her tit. I guess she could tell I was ready because she pulled off my cock and it popped when it came out of her mouth. With a couple more strokes I was cumming again but this time it was all over me. She collected several samples but there was still a lot left on my belly and chest " Do you mind if I eat the rest of the sticky cum of yours. I have never seen anything like this before. " I just nodded and she started to bathe me with her mouth and tongue. When she was done I got dressed and went home. They told me they would call me with the results.
About 6 days later I got a call from the hospital. They wanted me to come down for a consultation. I went into my mother’s bedroom to wake her up but she wouldn’t come to. She was half-naked so I started to feel her up and finger fuck her. I pulled her nipples and tried to get 4 fingers into her cunt. Slowly but surly as her pussy got wetter I got my whole hand into her snatch. I started to fist her and she started to come around a little. Her cunt was starting to bubble with juice and it ran down into the crack of her ass. I spread her juice all around her ass hole and stuck a couple of my fingers into her ass. She was awake now and she reached down and grabbed her ankles and pulled them back towards her head and I fucked her cunt and ass .One in one out until she started to buck and bounce on the bed. After she stopped cumming I slapped her on the ass and told her to get cleaned up because we were going to go down to the hospital. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and when I came back she was up but still half-naked. " Come here slut" She started to walk towards me. "On your knees. I want you to crawl over here and suck my dick like a good slut pig" We didn’t have a lot of time to spare so when she got over to where I was I put my dick in her mouth and fucked her mouth. I was a little to ruff because she gagged and retched a couple of times but in the end I shot a big load in her mouth and finished on her face. "What do you say Mom"
"Thank you baby for fucking my mouth and cuming on my face." "OK! Lets get going we have to go down to the hospital for a consultation."
When we got to the hospital the doctor came into the room and told us that my cum was very unusual and unique. There was no sperm in my load. It was a rejuvenating protein that they had never seen before. They did some tests on sick rats and other animals and within a day the animals were 100% healthy. They wanted to know a lot of background from my family and started to ask a lot of questions. When they asked about my mother’s health she told them that she was HIV positive (among other things) but when they tested her for the virus they found she was not positive anymore. They wanted me to come back for more tests and started explaining to me that this could be a medical breakthrough. Well that’s how it started. I am 45 now and still look like a 12-year-old kid. My mom has been sucking me off for the last 33 years and she doesn’t look a day older. Don’t get me wrong I do a lot of things for the sake of the human race. This story is going to be about the women and men who are so vane that they would do anything to stay young and healthy and from what I have seen most will do anything I can think of. Some are sweet and innocent and some are calculating and ruthless .If they want to eat my jizz they have to do what I say with alacrity or I will cut them off and they know it. Since I am the only fountain of youth in the world it gives me an enormous amount of leverage and control over these people. I can’t say that I am over whelmed by people who want my services, but I do have to turn some away because I can only produce so much jizz in a day. The effect of one treatment Is a complete curing agent of what ever you have and an anti aging effect that seems to last for about 8 months.
I started off small with the girls in School. The ones with acne would want a load on their face to clear their complexion. I would make them suck on my dick until I was ready and they would hose themselves down. The young girls didn’t respond much because of their youth but older women who were losing there youth were desperate for my services. My teachers were all over me. This meant that I was getting great grades but not learning much. Soon I started to charge for my services and stopped going to school I would only service four or five women a day. I would charge what ever the market could bear. Soon I had plenty of money a nice home and car. I guess I had it all. My mom still lives with me and she is still a slut but she is my slut. She needs to be used and abused. She is very insecure like most of the women that come to me so I humiliate her and them by making them prostrate themselves before me. My mother works the phones and schedules appointments and in-between sucks and fucks me whenever I need to take the edge off. I am pretty well used up so there isn’t much left for mom. This makes her even more insecure. She always tries to push herself off on me to make herself feel wanted and fulfilled. Sometimes I just don’t have anything left witch makes her very upset and wanton. I let her help me humiliate my clientele sometimes so she feels more useful and wanted. I have kept a diary from the day I turned pro. I will try and tell my story using it
as reference and my own memory of the events that took place.


My mother woke me up at 7. She was wearing the nighty that I told her to wear in the mornings. I could have had her nude but I liked sexy underwear. Women look better with some cloths on. I had a piss hardon that needed attention. " Will I be busy today mom" She said yes and told me that I had 3 appointments 9:30, 2:00 and 6:00. She put my coffee down next to the bed and I rolled over and took a big gulp. That didn’t seem like too much of a workload to me so I waved her over to the side of the bed. "Show me your tits mom. Give me a little show. " She started to dance and wiggle and slowly undid the belt of her nighty. I could see her nipples sticking out through the fabric of her top. She didn’t open it all the way but let it hang so just the side of her breasts could me seen. I had her shaving her cunt by now and when she started to do her bump and grind I got a chubby She stood in front of me and spread her cunt lips to show the pink moist meat within. Then she turned around and lifted the robe. Bending over she spread her ass cheeks apart with her hands. Her ass hole was a small darkness with crinkled edges leading to the center. She backed up and rotated her ass in front of my face. I spit on my finger and gently stuck my finger into her ass. I didn’t move so she started to hump her ass onto my finger .I put two fingers in after she started to moan. I looked across the room to the big mirror on the dresser to watch her expressions while she fucked her ass hole on my fingers. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. When she came the juice was running down her inner thigh. She grabbed both breasts form below and used her thumb and index finger to pull on her stiff nipples until her shuddering slowed. " Mommy needs some cock in her mouth. I need to eat some cum baby .Let me suck your dick honey. Please cum in my mouth so I can eat your seed." As she turned around she was telling me all this stuff. She got on the bed and knelt next to me and grabbed my dick. " Hold on mom my fingers need to be cleaned" Without hesitation almost urgency she grabbed my hand and sucked my shit coated fingers into her mouth. I could feel her tongue moving all over my fingers. "Don’t forget to clean the finger nails mom." She took each finger and sucked the tip and cleaned the nails." Please baby fuck my mouth now. Please baby Please. " Do your thing mom " She went down on my cock like a starved animal. I had to slow her down. " Mom I tell you every time that your are my cock sucker. I don’t want you to fuck your face on my cock. I want you to suck me off." She slowed down and started to gently suck and nurse my dick. I reached under her and pulled her nipple hard until she moaned in pain. I palmed her breast lifted, squeezed and rolled it in my hand. I put my other hand on the back of her head and pushed the hair off of her face so I could see my cock slid in and out of her mouth as she sucked it." Here cums my load mom .Now suck it all out oooooh yaaa that’s it that’s a good cock sucker. You’re a good girl now suck it till it goes soft in your mouth When she was done and my wet dick fell from her lips she thanked me for the load that I shot into her mouth. It was time to get up and take a shower and get ready for my first customer.

The first woman of the day was an old teacher that I had in school. She was thin and flat chested about 50 ish . This was the first paying customer. I always liked her because she was nice to me even when I wasn’t the fountain of youth. I would only charge her 500 dollars. When she came in I greeted her by her first name and led her into my office. It wasn’t an office but a room that had different tables, couches, chairs and toys. Mirrors covered all the walls. Everyting in the room was different in shape to accommodate a wide variety of positions. My favorite was a very short sawhorse. Rounded on the top with two dildos sticking out. Something to sit on while they sucked out my load or for warming them up a little. I also had a fish tank that had moe, larry and curly in it. They were 3 of the biggest leaches that you have ever seen. I liked to put them on sensitive areas while I am being serviced. I think the ladies perform better with them in place.
I called my mother into the room because she needed to get her nut and I figured I would let my present client get her off. I didn’t waste any time and started running my hands all over "Mary" Why don’t you go over by my mother and give her a sexy kiss and then suck her off real good. Mary knew the game. She went over to my mother and started to kiss her neck and fondle her breasts. Slowly their cloths were removed and Mary was between my mother’s legs. My mother was still standing with her legs spread and wide as she could get them without falling over. I told my mother to bend over and rest her head on the elevated table and then I brought the sawhorse over to Mary and had her sit on it. She positioned herself to take a dildo in her ass and one in her cunt. Just before sitting down on the implements she reached under herself and lubed the two dildos with lubrication that I had placed around the room for just these occasions. After settling down on them I told her to suck my mothers asshole out and tongue fuck her ass. She went right down on her asshole and grabbed my mother’s pussy with her hand. Mom loved it. After two climaxes I asked my mother if she had enough. She didn’t say anything she just shook her head yes with her eyes closed. Mom sorta fell off to the side and lay there and I stepped into her place. My cock was only half-hard from watching Mary suck my mother off. " Are you ready to suck my dick?" She looked up at me with a dazed look. Her hair was sticking out all over her head and her lipstick was smeared all over her face. She was gently rocking back and forth on the double dildo sawhorse. "Mary I have to feed moe, larry and curly" "Anything just let me suck your dick. I need a cock in my mouth. Please! I need your cum." I didn’t know which one was which but I would always tell them which one was sucking what. "Mary moe is going to suck this nipple and curly the other nipple. Larry will be sucking your clit today. Now get up so I can put larry on your clit." Mary got up and almost cried when the dildos left her holes vacant but after larry was in place and sucking the blood to the tip of her clit she started to convulse. " Now Mary you can start to suck me off but I want you to start on my ass hole and work your way around to my cock." I bent over and let Mary worm her tongue into my ass and wiggle it around. She always sucked my ass and I think she loved doing it. She reached around and stroked my meat as she licked and tongue fucked my asshole. Then she started to suck my balls. She could only get one in her mouth at a time but she would always try and get both in her mouth. She crawled under me and started to suck me off. I would never let anyone mouth fuck me. They had to suck me off. Soon my load was in her mouth and she would not give up my dick until it was soft. She always got her moneys worth. I took moe, larry and curly off of her nipples and clit and put them back in the aquarium. They left her nipples swollen and red. Her clit was enormous and bleeding. When she got her self together she came over to me with the money and a" thank you for letting me eat your cum" I told her to make her next appointment with my mother at the front disk as she staggered out of the room.

When two o-clock rolled around I showed up for my next appointment. As I came in the front door I saw her standing at the front desk talking to my mother. She was a new one. Walking over to her I introduced myself and she was in shock. " You’re just a boy. I could go to jail .How do I know this isn’t some sort of scam. " I just stood there and checked her out while she went on and on. Looking at her close I would say she was about 43. The wrinkles were just starting to be obvious. She wore a business suit that covered her but I could see she had nice legs. She was about 5’5" dyed blond hair and her ass didn’t seem like it had spread.
I told her that I was much older than I looked and if she thought it was a scam she should leave. She just looked at me for a few moments. "What do I get for all of this money I am paying you. " she said. I told her if she was sick she wouldn’t be tomorrow and she wouldn’t get any older for eight months. " I might even be able to do something about the wrinkles on your face." I said " Why you little brat who do you think your talking to." " Don’t waste my time lady if you want youth pay the money and lets get started. If not get the fuck out because someone else will fill this time slot." I could see she was use to getting her own way and I was going to enjoy demeaning her. She wrote the check out to cash and gave it to my mother. I told mom to go down to the bank and cash it while I got her ready. We walked into my office together and I closed and locked the door. "What happens now? She asked .I told her to walk over to the wall and put her hands on the wall and spread her legs. She looked at my like I was crazy. I wanted to play around with her until my mother got back from the bank with the money.
She put her hands on the wall and I walked up behind her and reached around with both hands and grabbed her tits through the jacket she was wearing. She had big tits. "Take your hands off of me you little shit" She turned around. "Ok lady now listen to me I don’t give a shit who you are but if you want my cum your going to do what ever I say and I don’t want to hear any shit. Your ass is mine until you have that cum in your mouth. Then you can do what ever you want and if you want to come back again you better think about how good your preformance is. Women will eat my shit to suck my dick. Now take your clothes off. I want a striptease and lap dance." I walked over to the stereo and put some good music for inspiration and sat down on the sofa to wait for the show. "Lets go lady I don’t have all day. There are other women who want to suck me off today.
She still didn’t get it. I got up and walked over to her and slapped her as hard as I could across the face. She recoiled backward holding her hand to her face. I stepped forward again and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head down so she was bent over. Crying like a baby she bent easily. I kept one hand holding her hair and the other one went up her skirt and crabbed her panties. One pull and they ripped to give me access to her cunt and ass. I spread the cheeks of her ass and found her asshole and jammed my middle finger in as far as I could from that position. I hooked my finger in her ass and lifted her up by the hair and asshole and shook her a little. She was screaming, moaning, sobbing, and crying all at once. I told her to take her jacket and blouse off as I put her back down. When she didn’t move I picked her up again by the ass and hair. She screamed but at the same time started to reach for the buttons of her jacket. . I kept her in that position as she took her jacket and blouse off. " Now your bra" She reached around to the clips and undid them. The bra fell away. I pulled her head up and kept my finger in her ass. "Look at yourself in the mirror slut" Still sobbing she opened her eyes. I got a good look at her tits and they were fine. " Play with your tits. Show them off for me." I told her.

I would say they were D cups with large nipples that seemed to be hard. They hung a bit but they had a nice ski slope shape. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them but first she had to finish her initiation She didn’t move fast enough so I stuck my finger up her ass a little further and tried to pick her up. She yelped as she went up on her toes. "Show me your jugs slut you’re wasting my time. That did the trick. She started with her hands under each tit and lifted them up and with a look of offering slid her hands out to the nipples and started to pull and twist. "That’s better, now put your finger in you’re pussy and fuck yourself. " She was starting to get the drift of it. Her hand went down and lifted her skirt showing me her bush. I relaxed the pressure on her ass so she could spread her legs and get her fingers into her crack. It didn’t take long before her eyes started to get that foggy half-closed look. I started to saw my finger in and out of her ass and then inserted another. She was starting to move at last. I pulled my fingers out of her ass and let go of her hair. I reached around and grabbed her tit with one hand and put my shitty fingers by her mouth. When the aroma registered her eyes opened a little wider and we stared at each other in the mirror. I was rolling one tit around in my hand and pulling the nipple and she was fingering herself and pulling the other nipple. She looked at her reflection and with no words spoken opened her mouth to accept my shit covered fingers. When my fingers were clean I went back to the couch and sat down. She started to move to the sound of the beat and the rest of her cloths were soon on the floor. She came over to me and started to squat and spread her pussy lips. Shaking her jugs with bumps and grinds. At that moment my mother’s voice came over the intercom and said the check cleared. I fished my cock out of my pants and she didn’t waste any time getting to it Still gyrating to the music she started to jack me off. She stuck her tits in my face and I sucked a nipple and bit it. She moaned in pain and then offered the other nipple to my sucking mouth. My meat was hard and she had both hands on it stroking it up and down. I think she thought she was going to get my load when I said, " Get on all fours on the couch. I’m gonna fuck your ass " "Please, no I can’t " she said. "Shut the fuck up and get your ass in the air" She said no but she was on all fours with her ass up in the air ready to get fucked. I squirted some lube in the crack of her ass and positioned my self behind her. " Put it in." I said and she reached under herself and grabbed my cock. She slid my dick back and forth over her brown eye and then started to try and stuff it into her ass. I didn’t push I let her do all the work. Slowly but surly it started to work its way in. Gasping and moaning it went deeper and deeper. When she had it all in neither one of us moved. I just flexed my cock letting her get used to it. "OK ass fuck start fucking my big dick with your ass " Slowly she started to move but soon she was sliding it all the way in and all the way out. I pulled out and her ass hole stayed open and she moaned. Her ass started to wiggle and move back towards me. Please keep fucking my ass Ohhhhh I need your dick in my ass. Please fuck my ass hard." I slid it back into her gapping asshole and started to ride her like a horse. I fucked her ass as hard as I could. I could see blood mixing with the shit on my dick as she was screaming " I’M CUMMING. When she was done I pulled out of her ass and stood up and walked around to the end of the couch. Her face hung over the end of the couch and my cock bobbed in front of her. "Rub it on your face slut" With her eyes closed she reached out with one hand and found my cock and started rubbing the shit and blood covered meat all over her face and lips. What a pig I thought and then she started to lick it clean. She seemed grateful and started to suck me off. She nursed it like a baby sucking milk from a bottle. I stroked her hair until I was ready and held the back of her head and shot my load in her mouth. Before I was done I pulled out and shot my last rope on her face. She still had her hand on my cock and started to push the cum around her face with the tip of my dick. "Now thank me for my cum" She put my flaccid dick back in her mouth and gave it a couple more sucks and pulled it out with a pop. " Ohhhhhh thank you, thank you, thank you " She still hadn’t opened her eyes.
I just left her there for a while until she got her shit together and when I saw her getting dressed I told her to clean the bathroom before she left if she ever wanted to come back. I went out to get some fresh air.

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That was my first days work. Before I left that evening I looked at the appointment book to see what my workload would be the next day.

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