AUTHOR Trinity
CODES F/m, inc, preg
DATE ADDED 9th April, 2004

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.

Paul sat in front of the tube, watching some story or other. He was obviously not concentrating. In fact, he was worried. His mother had not come back and it was already 2 a.m. He looked at his watch. Sigh.

His mother, Jennifer, had been coming home really late as of late. He knew that his mother was lonely, his father had passed away a couple of years ago, and after a year of mourning, she had apparently, moved on. Moved on to alcohol and such every night that is.

As of late, it was not unusual for her to come back really late. Late meaning later than midnight. This was his mother who had stayed up for him when he came home late from his dates when he was younger. But now, at the young age of 19, he was waiting up for his mother instead.

Why was he not asleep? He had just come back from his date with his girlfriend, Jessica and it had been another frustrating night for him with her. Sometimes, he just felt so frustrated! It was not as if he did not like her, it's just that, well she's so uptight. They petted heavily but that was all. Jessica did not want to carry on.

He fell asleep thinking about the day's events, apparently sexually pent up.


Paul awoke in a flash.

"Mom, is that you?" he asked inquisitively. The living room was dark, so he could not make out the figure properly.

He walked towards the slightly ajar door. From the light coming in from the crack, he could see the figure of his still attractive mother on the floor.

"Oh mom," Paul sighed, pulling her by her armpits to the couch.

He laid his obviously drunk mother on the couch. He dragged his mother, in her red dress onto the couch, having trouble lifting her frame onto the couch.

As he did so, the pulling of her armpits caused the top of her barely sufficient dress to slide slightly down and this caused her left nipple to be exposed as he lay her down, apparently the slut was not wearing a bra. The large brown monster capping his mother's left breast was there for all to view. He could not help but stare at the sexy thing that he himself had sucked on when he was younger. He felt himself getting aroused. It's my mother for fucking sake!

He came closer, eyes barely a couple of inches from what he deemed to be the most beautiful thing on earth. The aureole was a dark brown color, and the nipple, about an inch tall, started wrinkling from the coldness of the night. The little hole at the tip of her nipple signaling the entrance of fresh milk into his mouth when he was younger.

Knowing that his mother was fully knocked out, he slowly brought his mouth to the freckled white tit, pulling the entire nipple into his mouth. His mouth sucked on the brown little thing, feeling the same monster that had pleasured him when he was young. How could he not remember such pleasure? He felt the nipple involuntarily become fully erected and wrinkled.

Feeling braver, he slipped her whole dress down, allowing the release of her right breast as well. His mouth devoured the work of art, his saliva spreading itself all over her chest. Her breasts responded, and within minutes, he noticed her nipples were swollen and slightly from all the attention it was given.

If it wasn't for his unsuccessful day with Jessica, he would have been satisfied with sucking his mother's breasts all night long. However, at that point of time, he wanted more.

He slowly pulled her dress all the way down, his mother was now nude. To his surprise, his mom was apparently not wearing any panties at all. His already erect cock jumped up at the thought. To think that this was her favorite dress! He slowly lowered his trail of saliva and kisses from her breasts to her belly and below to her love hole.

When he reached her bottom region, he stopped and observed the hole that he had come from 19 years ago. The black patch of hair seemed to protect his mom's greatest secret. Her pubic hair was extremely bushy! He slowly parted her hair, and was rewarded with a clear and unobstructed sight of his mother's love hole. He looked at her vagina, the two folds of skin protecting her womb that he was sure most men were after. After all, he had heard more than once of his friends saying that they would fuck his 39-year old mother given the chance. At that time, he was disgusted. Not any more though.

He slowly used his tongue to part the two fold of skins of his mother's cunt. He felt her love juices, apparently, her body was ready for fucking. He slowly slid up and positioned his cock above her cunt and slowly entered her. She was tight! He had never fucked before, yet he knew this would be his best ever! He slowly rocked, mouth still on his mother's two nipples and jugs, showering them the attention they needed. He made hickeys on her neck, apparently wanting to mark this occasion.

His mother's body, amazingly started to react against his. Her cunt tightened against his cock, pulling it for what it's worth. Her legs wrapped around his torso, pulling him further in. His mother, amazingly, despite her state, was groaning and pushing back, thrust for thrust, like a bitch in heat, ready for mating. Due to his virginity, and the fact her body was fucking him back like a right old whore, he came very quickly.

"Oh Mom. Mom!" he groaned, pulling himself further into her. All the sperm gushed into her baby-making machine, her womb, definitely impregnating her, he was sure of it. The sperm rushed to her womb, having really no where else to go, clearly, the increased pull of her cunt on his cock made the sucking of sperm even easier. Her legs pulled him further into her, to the point of his origin, the point no son no matter how close, was not allowed to access. It felt so right to be back at his point of origin. He grunted as spurt after spurt of incestuous sperm knocked up his mother, their incestuous coupling the result of his unconditional love of his mother and her of his. A mother and son in a position where only true love would succeed. The purest love in the world being shown in the best way. He kissed his mother hard, knowing this moment might never come again.

He slowly slowed down his climax, pulling out of her with a pop. He noticed the sperm sliding down her by-now loose and sloppy cunt. He cleaned her and dressed her in the same dress again before having his best night's sleep ever. His mother would never know, hopefully.


"Morning Mom!" he said, while thinking, if she knew what happened the day before, I'm so fucking dead!

"Morn' honey," his mom said, smiling at him.

"I was totally gone yesterday, you would not believe the dream I had," she said smiling.

"About what?" he asked, innocently.

"Errrr. I think it's better you not know... but let's just sayit was a dream come true!" she said, her smile becoming broader.


Phew! He thought, safe. She thought it was a dream.

He was not to have the same chance with his mother ever again. A pity, no doubt, he thought, despite flirting with her, after knowing she did not mind incest, but she became determined never to make what she thought was a dream become true. She did not want to scar her little boy for life by living out her fantasy. Of course, she did not know it was already acted out, and he had not been scarred but rather emotionally stronger due to the experience.

A couple of months later, his mother told him that she was pregnant. She admitted to him that she had been sleeping around unprotected and that was why she had come back so late these past few days. She also said that she had no idea who the baby's father was and that she wanted him to act responsibly so that he can take the father's role.

Of course he would, after all he knew who the father was! A baby to mark his unconditional love for his mother. He smiled.

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