STORY TITLE My Little Houri
AUTHOR Unknown
CODES mmmfff, teen, preg?
DATE ADDED 9th May, 2004

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.

See, the thing you have to understand is, there's literally nothing fun to do in Nebraska, especially during a long boring vacation from school. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, and all your friends - boys and girls both - are sitting at home just as bored as you are. There's only so many times you can watch the same movie over and over, and even surfing the internet gets a little stale after long enough.

So to keep ourselves entertained we have sex. Lots of it.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're saying. "You're just high school kids, what are you doing having sex?" The answer is: a whole bunch, especially after you've been to a couple of our parties! Seriously though, when it's the only fun thing left to do to pass the time, it starts to look really, really good. My best friend Jesse was the one who first started organizing them. His middle name is James, some kids call him "The Cherry Robber" when no adults are around. He's the one who got mine.

Oh, I suppose I should introduce myself, huh? My name's Rachel. I just turned eighteen three weeks ago, and I'm (technically) now a senior in high school. I'm a little on the petite size, five foot two, standing exactly a full head shorter than Jesse. I know that because he has this habit of resting his chin on my head when he's standing behind me and hugging me to his body, I think it's kinda cute. It's all in his legs though, so when I'm riding his cock I can still kiss him just fine. Good thing too!

Let's see... Um, I have dark reddish hair (but I'm a natural blonde - you'll be able to tell at one of our parties!) and I'd guess I've got average boobs; they're well proportioned for my height at least, and although Jesse swears up and down they're perfect I kinda wish they were just a lil bit bigger. Jesse looks like a poster boy for the All-American Teenager; he's got wavy brown hair that somehow never falls out of place and a lil goatee I've convinced him to keep neatly trimmed so it actually looks halfway decent. He's usually well-dressed, and he's got a killer smile. He's my best bud, and we share absolutely everything. Although I guess you could say we're "friends with benefits," that never gets in the way of us just being friends.

Lemme just use our last party as an example of what goes on there.

We'd been out of school for under a week, and I was bored to tears already, so I called up Jesse.

"Hey Jess, it's me. Whatcha doin?"

"Nothing. Watching X-men for the fifteen millionth time." Once upon a time it had been his favorite movie, but like I said, it gets old after awhile.

"Listen, my folks got called out out of town; Dad's out on business again and some aunt once removed or whatever that I've never heard of is dying and asked for Mom." I shrugged even though he couldn't see me over the telephone. "Anyhow, I've got the place to myself for all of today. Mom promised she'd definitely be here for my big birthday tomorrow, but she can't make it back until noon at the earliest. Think we could throw a party?"

He cleared his throat. "Sure, I bet I can round up some people." It's tricky throwing these parties sometimes, because you don't want a lot of people to know too much about 'em. There's my parents obviously, and Jesse's, and the parents of whoever else decides to come. There's also the people who don't come and would love to squeal on us because they're saving it for marriage or whatever, I dunno. And then there's the people who would wanna come if they knew, but you don't want to invite. It's bad enough if people know we're throwing a private party, but a sex party is something you've gotta be real careful advertising. Somehow Jesse's got a knack for telling just the right people, so I always leave that part up to him.

"When do you wanna start?"

I glanced at the clock on the wall; it was four past noon. "Think you can get everything together by one?"

"Sure, no problem Rach. See you then?"

"You betcha. Love ya bud!" I hung up the phone, feeling myself get ever so slightly wet in anticipation. I know for a fact he's gotta be hard by now, and is really looking forward to getting to fuck me. I gave in to the temptation to slide a hand down into my panties and rub myself a little, visualizing Jesse's hard cock and imagining how good it'll feel to have it inside me again. We've gone all the way a bunch of times, but somehow each time is like the first for us. I dunno how to explain it exactly... just know that I'm not complaining!

I gasped a little as I rubbed my clit in little circles, then pulled my hand out of my pants. I'll be getting plenty of that in an hour, and I have a few preparations to make! I ran upstairs to make my bed, since I knew it'd be seeing a lot of action today. I hopped into my parent's bedroom, making sure that bed was made too; I suppose I should feel funny about other people fucking on my parent's bed, but I don't. As long as they don't do anything that'd get me caught, I really don't care.

Then I straightened up downstairs, especially around the couch and dining room table; horny teenagers will fuck anywhere, so I might as well prepare for just about anything. I put on a CD full of raunchy music that one of our friends made for us specifically for these parties: Next, Gillette, Tenacious D, Chef from South Park, Pink... anything so sexually explicit it's funny, especially if you can dance to it. I also made it a point to lay down several towels on the seat of the couch; our cushions are a little thin, so get a girl horny enough and she'll soak them clean through!

Finally, I pulled my porno tapes out of their secret hiding spot and set them up downstairs in front of the VCR, plus my personal lil bottle of lube and the vibrator I ordered online. I don't know why I bother, they never get used. Now, I'm basically done, but I try to keep myself busy until one rolls around so I don't get crazy horny waiting for everybody to get here. I try to avoid thinking about what's gonna happen in an hour because if I do then I can't stand it and I have to fingerfuck myself on the couch, and I'd rather wait until Jesse's here to play with. I don't wanna sound like I'm oversexed or anything... I just get really excited before these parties. You probably would too.

It felt like it took three weeks, but finally one o'clock rolled around. Or if you wanna get technical, six before one; Jesse arrived with two other guys and five girls, all looking like they were ready to start the party right away. Teenage boys are always desperately eager to get a lil pussy, and some of the girls are just as desperate for a nice hard cock... they just hide it better than the boys do is all!

But we've been throwing these things since junior high when we started with only a half dozen people, and one of the unspoken rules we've developed over time is that we don't start until almost everybody we're expecting has arrived. It helps make sure nobody gets left out or doesn't get a chance with somebody that arrived earlier, but I think another big reason we do it is to get everybody worked up. That way when we finally start, everybody's more than ready to go; the girls are already hot and bothered, they're wet, and can skip straight to fucking if they wanna get laid right away. After ten or twenty minutes of horny anticipation, most do, and the boys love it.

See, that's the great thing about being a girl at these parties. Freshman economics helped make perfect sense of it; there's a high demand for girls and a big supply of horny boys, as you might expect. So we get our pick of the best of the guys, the ones who really wanna please us. Turns out that's usually the geeks. Our school's jocks think they're hot shit and don't really give a damn about the girl, but if you get a geeky guy he's gonna do his best to make sure you have a good time so you'll wanna do it with him again. You wouldn't think it looking at them, but the geeks in our school get at least as much pussy as the jocks would like everyone to think they get. It's hilarious.

And having been fucking 'em since junior high, lemme say the boys definitely get better with practice! It's sorta the same with the girls; most of the girls we invite aren't very popular, just plain or unattractive or shy. But they really love to fuck. The studs and sluts in our school are usually the very last people you'd expect! I guess in a way, Jesse's the one everybody has to thank for that; he picks out the boys that turn out to be the best lovers in the school, which in turn makes it so more girls are willing to come party with us because they're basically guaranteed a good time. It's perfect for everybody.

Oh, and before you start getting the wrong idea... nobody gets a rep for what they do here, at least not that the rest of the school knows about. We just don't talk about it at school, generally speaking. In fact, most of the kids that go to our parties are a lot like Jesse and me; a girl can be talking to a guy she knows and you'd never be able guess that just last week he was doing her doggystyle while she sucked off his best friend. It's like you're a completely different person, almost. Oh sure, sometimes we tell our girlfriends how great a lay David was and how you totally need to fuck him next time or whatever, but it's an explicitly stated rule that you don't mention anything to anyone who hasn't been invited already; it wouldn't take much to slip and and tell the wrong person and bring the whole thing crashing down, and nobody wants to ruin a good thing. Sometimes I'm amazed it's lasted this long, with this many people, but I guess that just shows ya Jess must be good at what he does.

Anyhow, getting back to last week... As people arrived I told everybody coming in to take off their clothes, putting them in separate piles so nothing gets mixed up. This is always a little bit of a difficult time, when you have boys and girls stripping naked within easy reach of each other... but everybody knows that they're gonna get some soon enough, and they don't wanna blow it no matter how much they wanna get blown, hehe!

Anyhow, I put on a porno and invited them to plunk down on the couch, or dance to the music if they felt like it. And no, it's not as farfetched as it sounds. After you've been to a couple parties, with everybody fucking around you and you doing it in front of them, you tend to lose your self-consciousness and just enjoy yourself. Some of the couples that were dating began feeling each other up a little, but everyone in this group had been to at least one party before and obeyed the unspoken rule; nothing serious until everyone (or almost everyone) was there and I got to start the show. I always got a laugh being the only one clothed (besides Jesse) in a house full of dancing, horny, butt-naked teenagers.

Next came a couple of some of my own girlfriends, dragging along with them two really nervous virgins from one of the underclasses, "Sonya" and "Becky." I try to make it a point to take any virgins aside and explain things to them so they're not so scared and confused, then hand them off to Jesse if they're girls. Since he's the one who invites them (and he's been recommended by their more experienced girlfriends), he has a way of gently easing them into it and making them comfortable enough that he can "steal their cherries" and they end up thanking him for it!

The next trio had a sophmore boy with them, also a virgin. Three is very unusual for us; we don't pick up new people very often, and when we do they're not always virgins. I guess some of Jesse must have rubbed off on me over the years, because I usually like to give the boys their first time. His friends pointed him out to me with huge grins so I took him aside and told him what to expect as well.

"You a virgin? No, don't worry, it's okay, everybody starts out one. Let's see..." I looked at the ceiling, exhaled thoughtfully, and started ticking off the rules on my fingers. "First off, don't mention any of this to anybody or you'll blow it for everybody, and then you'll never get so much as the time of day from any of us ever again. Second, if you wanna be invited back, you're gonna need to be nice to the girls and give 'em exactly what they want. Sometimes that means eating pussy, so learn to love it. Third, you've got plenty of time, so don't be in a hurry. Fourth, just because she wants to have sex with you doesn't mean she wants to be your girlfriend. Sometimes people do hook up here, but don't assume anything, okay? Fifth, don't do anything until I start the show. You'll see. After that come talk to me and I'll give you your first fuck myself." The poor boy's eyes got as wide as saucers, and I finished explaining things to him with a stupid grin on my face, then asked him to take off his clothes and find somewhere to sit until we were ready. Virgin boys are never confident enough to dance.

I was going crazy with anticipation myself, but I managed to wait as people trickled in over the next twenty minutes. A few came by themselves, but most came with the boy or girl they were dating. By the end we had well over two dozen naked people dancing, making out on the couch, or just lounging around enjoying all the stiff cocks or T&A.

Somewhere along the line it got decided that I would be the one to get the parties going. I took my place in front of the assembled group, looking at all the horny teenagers ready to fuck each other silly. I stopped the VCR and nodded to Jesse. He stopped the CD player, then turned back to watch.

"Okay guys, I need a volunteer!" I yelled to get everyone's attention. "Someone with a big, hard dick!" That line always got laughs, and I still can't say it without cracking up a little bit. As you might expect, over a dozen hands went up, including some raised enthusiastically by their grinning girlfriends. I always try to pick a different guy each time to be fair.

"Umm... Ryan, how 'bout you?" He pumped his fist and hissed a "yesssss!" which got everybody laughing as he eagerly bounded up to the front. I knelt down and looked at the bobbing cock in front of me.

"Okay guys, listen up. This is how you put on a condom!" I tore open the package and grabbed his dick, rolling it down as I explained everything. Don't snag hairs. Pinch at the tip. Blah blah blah, they've all heard this before I know, but it's important dammit. All we need is for somebody to get pregnant and then we're in deep shit. "Thanks Ryan!" I said, and gave his cock a naughty lil lick as he bounced back to his seat, now sporting a bright yellow shrink-wrapped dick. Everybody laughed. I nodded to Jesse and he hit play, then came to join me up front.

"Ready, my little Houri?" Jesse whispered lustily in my ear the few seconds before the song kicked in. That's been his private nickname for me since freshman year. Supposely houris are these eternal virgins Muslim men get when they go to paradise; their hymens grow back every night or something, which is kind of a cool trick in my opinion. Jesse'd probably love it if mine did that, but he popped my cherry once years ago and it's never come back since. Good thing too, since it really hurt. Like I said though, every time still feels like the first time and it's impossible to explain, except to say that it's not painful when he fucks me, it just feels like it's completely new somehow.

The first time he called me that I thought he had called me a whore and I didn't speak to him for two days. Then when I finally listened he explained it and I thought it was such a cool thing for him to say that after it got dark I snuck over and fucked him in his bed. It's the only time I've ever let him come in my pussy without wearing a condom, which was a really risky thing to do I guess, but I'll never forget how good it was when I felt him squirting his load deep inside me. I don't think I've ever come that hard since then.

"Hell fucking yes! You ready to steal my cherry again, Jesse James?" I whispered back. He and I both giggled, giddily awaiting our first fuck in quite awhile.

We chose "Does Anybody Wanna Have Sex Tonight?" by Gillette as the song to kick off our parties with. I s'pose we could probably find a better song, but I really like it and it just seems like as good a song as any to start with. I rolled my hips seductively to the beat and started grinding on Jesse, dry humping against the hard bulge I felt in his pants and lipsyncing with the song. I slid my hands up and down my body, and up and down his, teasing both him and all the impatient teens watching. As nervous as I get, I also gotta admit I really love to do this.

It seemed like forever but he finally pulled my top off, throwing it aside. I kissed him and yanked his shirt up over his head, sliding around him and keeping time to the music. People started to clap in time, getting into it, as Jesse and I stripped each other piece by piece. I bent over as he wriggled my shorts down my legs, showing off my panty-clad ass to all the guys and playing footsie with Jesse's bare feet before kicking the shorts off. Then I undid his belt and unzipped his jeans. He literally dropped onto his back - I always wonder how he does that without hurting himself - and kicked his legs up to me so I could whip his jeans right off. It's kind of a cool move I think, especially since we've been practicing it for awhile now and he's getting pretty good at it.

Jesse kicked himself back up and kept dancing with me, his hands roaming all over my body as I ground my ass back into his crotch. He's told me he loves it when I do this with him, and it really gets off our audience too, so I kept at it until I finally felt him undo the clasp on my bra and whisk it off my shoulders, leaving me topless. I shook my tits at the guys and they went nuts, hooting and cheering and groping their girlfriends, but the song's reached the point where she drunkenly asks if "you've got a condom?" and that's my cue to pull out the big bag and throw a couple handfuls of condoms to the crowd. I dunno where he gets it. The school nurse, a deal with a drugstore clerk, orders it online, who knows? He always just smiles when I ask him.

The song's gonna end soon and we still had our underwear on, so I dropped to my knees and yanked down his boxers to free his cock. It's dead-on average both according to all those studies and in comparison to all the guys we have here, but I love it. I grasped it in both hands, stared up into Jesse's eyes lustily, and gave the head a lil lick (which always gets the guys cheering). Then it was my turn to step back, bend over, and spread my legs just enough so I can get my panties all the way down but still show everybody that I'm a natural blonde. They always go crazy when I do this because they know what's coming, and this time was no exception. I turned and kicked my soaked panties into the audience, which happened to land on the lap of the virgin boy I was going to fuck in a minute. I wish I could do that on command!

Finally, it's time; just as the song ended I dropped to my hands and knees, arched my back, and waited to feel Jesse's cock enter me. I can hear and feel the dull thud as Jesse drops to his knees behind me, and I'm panting in anticipation as I can feel the slickened head of his cock slide between my wet pussy lips. Just do it already, Jesse! Then I felt his chest press against my back as he leaned down over me, holding himself up over me with one hand and bracing the other on my shoulder as he shoved his hips foward, and suddenly I'm filled with my best friend's cock.

Supposedly Jesse and I have the exact same expression at this moment: Eyes closed, mouth wide open in an "O" as he penetrates me completely. I guess that means he's probably enjoying it just as much as I am, but there's no way to compare notes; we've tried, and words fail both of us. I'd love to have somebody take a picture at that moment so I can see his face right above mine for myself, but I don't want to leave any incriminating evidence for anybody to find, so I guess I'll just have to settle for my vivid imagination.

Still, that'd be fucking hot though.

We always get tons of applause for our lil show. It's the perfect way to kick off a sex party. Jesse and I always take a second to enjoy going all the way again, then Jesse opens his eyes and says "Enjoy the party guys!" in his big booming theatrical voice before kissing the crown of my head and pulling his wet dick out of me. He's a great showman, but it's always too soon for me. I always want him to stay inside me and fuck me raw. Just as well though; he never has a condom on for this part and this week I had a sixteen year old boy to deflower.

I got up and brushed off my knees, which were still quivering a lil bit from Jesse pushing his dick inside me. I looked up and to my complete lack of surprise, the boy I'm about to screw is fidgeting nervously and staring at me, which made me smile. I walked over to where he was sitting, swaying my hips a little more than usual, and picked up my musky panties with a finger.

"You can keep these as a reminder of your first time. Go put them with your clothes and come back." I'd never seen anybody move so fast. He was back in his seat before I had a chance to do much of anything, which made me laugh. He blushed a lil bit and tensed up as I straddled him and sat on his lap, his cock tapping my pussy gently.

"Relax! Remember what I said? You're gonna get laid a lot today, so ease up. What's your name, by the way?"

"R-Robert - uh, Rob."

Well Rob, I'm Rachel. This is my house, and I'm the one throwing this party, along with Jesse over there." I leaned back a little to appraise him. "You're kinda cute, maybe a lil young for me though." I grinned at him and nipped his nose gently. I love teasing virgins before I screw 'em. "So I'm gonna be the first girl you've ever fucked, huh?" I could see he was sweating a lil bit, and he had that "deer in the headlights" look, so I had to do something to jump-start his brain again. I kissed him full on the mouth and ground my tits into his chest.

He jerked back a bit, then loosened up and put his arms around me. I moaned a lil bit and pushed my tongue into his mouth, grinding my pussy against his burning hot dick. He wasn't very big, but I wasn't about to tell him that and spoil his day. I grabbed his hands and pulled them onto my tits, which made him gasp.

"Gently," I reminded him, before he could make any mistakes. "If you wanna fuck a girl you've got to show her that you know how to please her first." This slowed him down a little and I enjoyed him feeling me up for a bit as I made out with him like I'd been dating him for a coupla months. Then I pulled back and flipped my hair over my shoulders. "Ready to fuck?" I asked him brazenly. He nodded enthusiastically and I looked down at his dick and then back up at him. "No you're not." I picked up a condom laying next to us and held it up to his face.

"Don't ever screw a girl without one of these on. I mean it - we've got a big bag of 'em over there so there's no excuse. Now show me you know how to put it on."

He nodded eagerly and tore open the wrapper, fiddling with the condom to figure out which way it rolled. After a few moments he got it and placed it at the head of his dick, then began to roll it down his shaft. I stopped him.

"You've gotta pinch the tip first. If you have an air bubble at the end it could pop and then the condom's worthless. Make sure there's some empty space at the end so when you come it has somewhere to go." I reached down and demonstrated how to do it, making the boy gasp again as I rolled the condom down his hot little shaft.

"Great. Now," I grinned, "we can fuck." I raised my hips and grasped his dick to put it in me. He just sort of stared at me with that precious "Oh my God I'm about to get laid" look as I teased the tip of his cock between my pussy lips to get him wet, feeling the resevoir tip of the condom swirling around my folds as I lubed him up with my juices. I don't know why I bother bringing down that bottle of lube anymore; I'm always plenty wet by myself. Finally I put him at my entrance and slowly slid down onto his shaft.

"Oh my God!" he whispered hoarsely. I was staring into his face as I sat down onto his cock, feeling him slide up into my pussy. I love watching boys' expressions the first time they feel a hot, wet pussy engulfing their cock. You'd think it was the best thing on earth. Maybe it is, I dunno. Like I said, Jesse and I have tried comparing experiences but there's just no way to do it. It does feel great having a boy's dick slide up inside you, though.

I finally settled completely onto his lap, with his balls pressing into me and his pubes tickling me a lil bit, my pussy squeezing him tightly. "How's my pussy feel?"

His mouth worked futilely to try to describe it, but nothing intelligible came out. I giggled. "How's it feel to not be a virgin anymore?" This time he found words and gasped out a simple "it's awesome!" "Mmm, good. Glad you like it," I purred to him, wrapping my arms around his neck and settling my lips next to his ear. "It's about to get better, though," I breathed lightly. I hunched my hips a bit, raising up off of him until he was just about to pop out of my pussy, then dropped back onto him with a soft moan. While I never really fake it, I always try to make the guys feel like they're real studs their first time since they're so nervous already. It really builds their confidence, which is great for the next girl after me. I dunno if they appreciate it or even think about it, but it seems to work out pretty damn well so I've kept doing it every time I break in a new boy. It took him a few strokes to find my rhythym but eventually he got it and we were fucking like he'd been doing this all his life, my ass rising and falling as I plunged up and down on his shaft.

While I moaned and gave Rob his first taste of getting laid I looked around the room over his shoulder to see what everyone else was up to. Most people had already paired off and had just begun fucking, with lots of asses pumping back and forth or up and down as they humped enthusiastically. A couple girls were bent over the arms of the couch getting rammed from behind (and loving it evidently, to hear them moaning); several guys had crawled on top of their girlfriends or chosen mates of the moment and were pumping into them with soft groans; one lucky guy was being ridden violently by one girl while another straddled his face, all three moaning loud enough to be picked out of the growing din; there was another threesome over on the dining room table (told ya!) as one guy stretched out and got his dick sucked by one of our hotter girls, while she got jackhammered from behind by another guy. The entire house was charged with the gentle moans of a dozen girls getting their pussies filled and the low groans of at least that many guys savoring the hot wetness of a mouth or pussy wrapped around their dick. I love just listening to the sounds at one of our parties; it'd be enough to get my panties completely drenched, if I still had them on. And I was definitely contributing my fair share to the noise as I bounced up and down on Rob's stiff cock.

"Hey Rach, you mind if we use your bed?" I turned and saw Sarah, my girlfriend. She was holding hands with her boyfriend, Will; they'd come a long way since I first met them, but that's a long story. Maybe some other time.

"Sure, be my guest" I said, still riding Rob cowgirl-style. Seems like we're a few couples short down here, and I bet if - yeah, I can definitely hear at least one girl upstairs going "oh! oh! oh!" and picking up speed. Probably riding her boyfriend's cock for all she's worth, I'm betting. Sarah's not the only one who prefers a good ol' fashioned bed for sex.

Speaking of which, Jesse was just about to pop Becky's cherry. I watched them intently as I bobbed up and down on Rob's swollen dick. He had her stretched out on the floor, with a small throw pillow under her hips. He was between her legs on top of her, getting her all hot and bothered before he finally took her virginity. Her companion in innocence, Sonya, was sitting crosslegged next to them, watching and waiting for her turn I'd imagine.

I breathed out slowly as Rob pumped me from beneath a little, really starting to get into this whole fucking thing. I smiled at him and gave him a big sloppy kiss with lots of tongue, then went back to watching Jesse as Rob threw his head back and moaned in time with my strokes, groaning erotically at the wonderful feelings I was producing in his dick.

Jesse leaned down to whisper something to the girl and I smiled; despite his ability to smooth talk girls, his flashy exterior, and his penchant for taking the virginity of young ladies, Jesse was still a gentleman at heart. I knew he was probing her to see if she really wanted to do this before it was too late, and warning her of the pain of her first time. I know this because it's what he did with me my first time... which is funny because I took his virginity too, so it wasn't like he was more experienced or anything.

I guess she must have agreed because before I knew it he had thrust his cock all the way inside of her, making her shriek in pain. Several of the girls fucking nearby all comforted her, telling Becky that it would pass quickly, that you only had to go through this once, that it was definitely worth enduring the pain, and telling Sonya that it wasn't as scary as it appeared. She looked unconvinced. Jesse held the girl he had just deflowered and asked if she was okay.

Rob gasped "I'm... I'm gonna -" and I felt his dick begin pulsing inside me, filling the condom with hot jizz. I love feeling guys come in my pussy, even with a rubber on. It's such a cool feeling, so I settled down on him all the way and just felt his cock twitch and jump inside my pussy as he shot his wad.

When he was done I pulled off his dick gingerly, watching it slide out of me and slap against his belly, still glistening with my pussy juice. I quickly caught it before he could go completely limp and gently took off the condom.

"Right after you come - I mean right after - you have to take it off and throw it away. You can't use condoms more than once and if you wait too long it might slip off and you've got a mess. Or worse yet it'll leak inside the girl and she could get pregnant." I held the condom so his spunk wouldn't drip out and walked over to grab the kitchen trash can.

"THIS!" I held up the big shiny trash can to get everybody's attention, "IS FOR USED CONDOMS! DON'T THROW THEM IN THE TOILET PLEASE!" We learned that one the hard way. I set it down in a corner and returned to my ex-virgin, who seemed to be recovering nicely.

"How was I?" he asked shyly. Normally it's not a smart idea to ask a girl that question, but I usually let it slide for first timers since they kinda do need to know.

"Not bad. You came too quickly, but I was expecting that. Pretty much all guys come quickly their first time. In fact I was a little surprised you didn't blow as soon as you were inside me." He grinned. "Pretty decent fuck, and I'm sure you'll get better," I finished, smacking him on the lips. "But right now, I'm gonna teach you how to go down on a girl."

His face was a strange mix of excitement and anxiety, so I figured I should set him straight.

"Look, most girls expect it, so you might as well learn to enjoy it. And don't jump to any conclusions until you've tried it, anyway. Know that kid over there?" I pointed to Zach Kitchner, a slightly athletic guy that looked kind of like Jesse but with black hair and no goatee. "Nope, don't think so." "That's Zach Kitchner, he gives fantastic head. He could have any girl in here right now if he wanted, because he can make us come in like a minute flat if he wants. Sometimes a bunch, back to back." I raised an eyebrow at Rob. "He usually only fucks his girlfriend Tiffany, but if he asked pretty much every girl in here would be willing to give him all the pussy he wanted. It pays to be good at oral sex." I finished. He looked impressed.

"So, get down here and I'll teach ya what you need to know real quick, and then you can practice on her." I jerked my thumb at Becky. "She's new too so you won't have to worry about high expectations or anything, and I'm sure she'll appreciate it." He knelt between my legs and I propped them up on the chair, giving him a clear view of everything I had to offer.

"For starters, this is my clit, it's the most important part for you to remember," I explained, taking his hand and running it up my slit to the little nub. "It's really sensitive, so you don't want to put too much pressure on it or go after it too early. Get her warmed up first. Down here is my vagina," I said, pushing one of his fingers into my pussy. I don't much care for the word, but it's best to be clear. "You can lick it too, but it only feels nice. That's all, just nice. Now lick my pussy so you can see what it tastes like." He dipped his head between my legs, tentatively sticking out his tongue like he was licking a melting drop off an ice cream cone, then gave me a good long lick the full length of my slit. It felt really good.

"Ooh, that felt good. What do you think?" He considered a moment, then smiled and told me he liked how I tasted. "Good. It's a lot better for the girl if you genuinely like going down on her, and if it's better for her it'll be better for you, trust me." I grinned at him and he grinned back. I glanced over and saw that Jesse was fucking the same girl slowly, carefully doing it doggystyle and making the girl gasp while her friend fingered herself. Over the next couple minutes I showed him how I liked guys to suck on my pussy lips, to finger me so I had something inside me when I came, to start out by licking everything and then gradually focus more and more on my clit. I even passed on Zach's tip on writing the alphabet with his tongue, which made Rob laugh, but I noticed he was a lot better after I told him that. It didn't take that long before Rob had me panting and groaning, and finally coming.

"Holy shit that was great! You're definitely ready, go get yourself some pussy!" I slapped him playfully on the ass and sent him over to talk to Becky, the girl Jesse was screwing. I followed along behind him as I carefully stepped over couples fucking each other like crazy on the floor. I put my hands on Jesse's back as he pulled his dick out of the girl, tiny threads of blood still visible on his condom. I'm not sqeamish by any means, but that always kinda freaks me out a lil bit. I stood him up and pulled off the condom, tossing it in the trash can. Then I gave him a kiss with a lil tongue, cupping his ass with my hands and pulling his crotch into me.

"I told Rob to steal your woman away from you, Jess," I giggled, nodding encouragement to the boy who was shyly asking Becky as if this was a school dance. She was still pretty sore, so Rob used this as a perfect opportunity to ask her if he could practice his newfound skills on her. The three of us just watched as Rob soon had Becky moaning like a porn star. "Betcha twenty bucks they end up a couple" I whispered to him. It wasn't a terribly uncommon occurance. "No bet!" he whispered back, smiling, then turned to the other girl sitting nervously beside him, watching the action with a lustful longing in her eyes. "Did you decide?" he asked, with a charismatic smile. Sonya looked shyly down into her lap and smiled weakly. "Yeah, I think I wanna go all the way. You're gonna be gentle, right?"

"Of course." It's small wonder he's able to talk these girls into giving him their cherries. He just exudes confidence and sincerity, neither of which he has to fake. He loves popping cherries, but he also tries to make it as easy on the girl as possible. Jesse laid down on his back and motioned for her to straddle him, but instead of guiding her to his hips he pulled her onto his face and she gasped, then smiled eagerly. I could easily tell Sonya had been a little envious of Becky's good fortune in finding my little student.

Jesse taught me literally everything I know about blowjobs, so I know how to get him off when I want to. I sucked him into my mouth and swirled my tongue around his dick as Sonya rode his face. Jesse moaned into her pussy, which made Sonya moan back, which made me smile around Jesse's throbbing cock.

"Unnhh... Rachel, stop, you're gonna make me come." I grinned and bobbed my head a little faster. I kinda wanted to feel him shooting off in my pussy (even with a rubber on), but I felt like being evil and just sucking him off until he blew. Which didn't take very long, actually. He started panting and hunched his hips up into my face, and suddenly his cock exploded in my mouth in a burst of slimy, salty come. A lil bit dribbled out of my mouth before I could swallow fast enough. Jesse moaned really loud as I drained off his balls, then groaned softly as I licked the last dabs of come off his deflating cock and sat up with a big fuckin' grin on my face.

"Dammit Rachel, now I've gotta get hard again!" I know him well enough to know that although I delayed his chance to pop Sonya's cherry, he's just complaining for the sake of appearances and he loved it. He'll be hard again in a couple minutes, especially if I help him out some... which I intend to.

I straddled him and started rubbing his soft cock up and down my slit. "Jesssssssseeee, you wanna fuck my puuuusseeeeeee?" I teased him. I rocked back and forth against his dick trying to get him back up so he could fuck again. "Oh darn, your dick's soft. Whassa matter, can't get it up baby?" I acted surprised, as if I wasn't the one that had just gotten him off. "Can't fuck me with a limp cock, Jess. Too bad too, because I'm so wet and horny..." I pouted, then burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter before I could finish teasing him.

"I swear to God, Rachel..." he said as I laughed my ass off. He got back to eating out Sonya, knowing just as well as I did that he'd be hard again in no time and that once he was, I was gonna get it. And that I wanted it, bad. I continued to do evil little things like draw innocent lil pictures in his pubic hair and give the tip of his cock chaste lil kisses until he started stiffening again.

Sure enough, after a minute he was just as hard as before, and ready to fuck. He gently pushed Sonya off of him and gave her a little light peck on the lips. "Hold on a second." Then he lunged at me and I squealed like a little girl, wheeling to get away. This worked out perfectly, because Jesse caught me by the hips and dragged me back towards him. I struggled to get away, but not enough to risk actually succeeding when he used one hand to position his cock at my opening.

"UNNGH!" I grunted as he slammed into me and started pistoning his dick in and out of my pussy like some crazed sex machine, making small wet sucking sounds as we fucked with total abandon. I love teasing Jesse, partly because if I know that if I push him far enough he'll start pounding me mercilessly, and right now what I really need is a good balls-to-the-wall fucking, as fast and as hard as he can give me. My entire body was rocking back and forth as Jesse pummeled my hips with his own, and I couldn't help but say little things like "Oh God!" and "Yes! Yes! Yes!" as he completely nailed me in front of everybody. People nearby even stopped what they were doing to watch him screw my brains out. Part of my excitement came from knowing that Jesse was fucking me without a condom again. I could feel every inch of his burning hot cock intensely as it plunged in and out of me, without a rubber between us to dull the sensation.

But, while the idea of getting to feel him shoot his hot jizz inside me again gets me incredibly horny, I know that the next time I try that little stunt I'll end up paying for it. The mental picture of myself at 6 months pregnant was enough to get me to reluctantly gasp out, "Jesse! No... condom!" as he pounded me furiously, and he finished by plunging his dick deep into my throbbing pussy one last time and holding it there. For a split second I thought it was too late and he was coming inside me, but when I didn't feel those delicious hot spurts of semen I was expecting, I knew he was just getting back at me. Part of me wanted to punch him for scaring me like that, but another part briefly considered having my girlfriends hold him down so I could rape him until I did get to feel him filling my pussy with hot sticky come.

Unfortunately, the part of me that ended up deciding settled for just pouting instead, as his cock left my achingly unsatisified pussy so he could finally finish taking Sonya's cherry. It actually physically hurt, being so fucking horny and not having him in my pussy anymore. I'm not too proud to say that I was pretty jealous of her right then. Jesse's not my boyfriend or anything and I don't own his cock anymore, so I can't stop him from fucking her. But I'm his best friend and I still feel like his cock ought to belong to me anyway. It's irrational, I know, but that's the way it goes. Maybe I'll tell that story some other time too.

Jesse wasn't paying attention to me anymore though. He was too wrapped up in giving Sonya her first time. He laid down on his back again, with his cock pointing up at the ceiling, and had Sonya straddle him again. This time though, she was getting the real deal, and she knew it. I handed Jesse a condom, wishing it was me that was about to ride him, and looked for somebody else to fuck to get my mind off of banging Jesse and satisfy my burning need. Apparently Becky wasn't too sore to fuck Rob, since she was writhing underneath him and begging him for more. I guess he must have been a quick learner!

I decided to quickly run upstairs to check on whoever was up there. I peeked into my room and sure enough, Will was on top of Sarah, kissing her and rocking gently. She'd kill me if I touched her boyfriend, but I swear those two need to learn how to fuck instead of just "making love" all the time.

I closed the door and let them be by themselves. Then I checked to see who had been moaning in my parent's bedroom. It turned out to have been Maggie Andersen, one of our biggest sluts, fucking Tommy Barnes and Tommy Pinkerton. She sings in the church choir and acts like a total prude at school, but when she's partying with us she's exactly the opposite. The guys all love her, she'll do anything they want as long as they bang her.

"Hi guys. Mind if I join ya for a bit?" Tommy Pinkerton (who was getting his cock sucked) grinned and waved me in. I smiled back and hopped on the bed, then grabbed a condom from a tiny pile on the nightstand as he climbed on top of me, wanting to fuck as much as I did. I rolled it down onto his dick and laid back, smiling up at him and spreading my legs as he guided his dick inside me.

"Oooh!" I gasped as he entered me, raking my fingernails down his back. Tommy loves that. And I could tell, because he started pounding me pretty good, making me moan for real. Screw the slow and gentle shit, I love to get fucked. I looked over at Maggie on her back, and she seemed to be enjoying her Tommy's cock too; her eyes were closed and her mouth was hanging open, and she was making little mewing noises as Tommy Barnes totally plowed her field. I grinned and looked up at my Tommy, and told him, "I'll have what she's having." He just laughed and fucked me a little bit harder and faster.

I really have no clue how long we were getting hammered like that, but it must have been a lil while; I heard Maggie come a bunch and I came some too before both our Tommies shoved their dicks into us as hard as they could and filled their condoms with spunk. It was wonderful.

"Mmm, thanks for the great lay Tommy! I'll take those down for you guys," I panted to him as they stripped off the used condoms. They carefully handed them to me and I headed downstairs to throw them away. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I couldn't help but grin like an idiot; fourteen or fifteen kids had all piled up and were having a big orgy. They're tough to get started so it doesn't happen all that often, but when it does it's fun as hell, both to watch and to participate in! Guys were fingering girls, girls were giving guys blowjobs, at least one girl was going down on another, couples were fucking, the works.

I had to go throw out the rubbers, and then I was definitely gonna join them. I walked over to the can and saw that there were easily a couple dozen spent condoms lying in the bottom of the can, jizz leaking out all over the place. Some girls find that gross, but not me; that just tells me that we've got a bunch of happy guys that (safely!) got off inside their ladies, and probably just as many girls too. At least four dozen orgasms in a bucket, what's not to like? I added my own used condoms to the growing pile, grabbed a couple new ones from the half-empty bag, and bounced off to join the fuckorama. Sarah and her boyfriend came downstairs, looking sweaty and flushed but obviously happy. She smiled to me and I smiled back, then I tried to find a good spot to join the fun.

I had to circle the pile of naked, humping bodies twice, but finally I found a nice big fat cock that was unoccupied. This one belonged to Gabe Stone, a kid I shared second period english with. He was lying on his back eating out one girl while he fingered another, both of them busy sucking other guys' dicks. I tapped him on the thigh and asked if I could fuck him, having to raise my voice just a little to be heard above all the moans. He peeked out from between the girl's spread legs and grinned "sure!" then went right back to what he was doing. I fuckin' love these parties.

It took me less than five seconds to tear open the wrapper, roll it onto his dick, and mount him. I groaned as he slid up into me, then started bouncing up and down and put both hands on his chest. As soon as I started really getting into it Jesse came up to me out of nowhere with a sly grin on his face.

"Hiya Rach. You look like you're having fun."

"Mmm, you betcha. If you c'mere I'll suck your dick for ya." He grinned and stepped over Gabe, standing right in front of my face and pushing his hips towards me.

I reached up and grabbed his cock, rocking my hips back and forth on the one inside me. Jesse moaned as I took him into my mouth and starting sucking him off the way I know he likes. One of the best things about having such an open relationship with Jesse is that I know exactly how to pleasure him; we love to talk about sex at school, so he's told me (in excruciatingly explicit detail!) how to suck him off best, and when we're alone at my place or his sometimes he'll get naked and show me. Ditto me telling him how to eat me out, and fucking, and all that other stuff. We share absolutely everything, even the stuff girls or boys are supposed to keep between themselves. I can't keep a secret from him to save my life. Like I know he's dying to try anal with me, and he knows that he's gonna get his wish on his 18th birthday coming up in a couple months. Contrary to what you might think though, we don't fuck every chance we get, just when both of us get really horny and need a release. I love him like a brother, and although you can't really tell from this account, there's way more to our relationship than just being fuck buddies.

Right now though, I was dying to fuck his brains out, and I told him so.

"Mmm, Jess? After I finish off Gabe I want you all to myself upstairs. Bring a shitload of condoms!" I grinned up at him.

He laughed. "Okay!" I went back to bobbing my head on his cock while I rocked against Gabe's, gently squeezing Jesse's balls as I sucked and licked him. He loves this.

"Rach, I'm gonna come," he warned me after a minute or two. I stopped rocking on Gabe's cock and started bobbing my head back and forth really fast, building him to a really big orgasm with whatever time I had left. After a few seconds of that he moaned deeply as he started blasting come into my mouth, his fingers tangling in my hair as he pulled my head into his crotch. With anybody else it'd be threatening, but I know his sex habits better than some wives know their husbands', and he knows my limits just as well as I do. I just relaxed and let him fuck my face, swallowing each time he shot a load of hot salty jism down my throat.

After a half dozen squirts, he released my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth, then collapsed heavily next to me. "Oh God, oh wow that was great Rachel, thank you!" He lay down there panting, and I watched his shrinking cock flop onto his thigh, resuming my bouncing ride with Gabe's stiff dick still inside me.

"You're still gonna be able to fuck me, right?" I never had any doubts about his virility, but I had no clue how many times he'd come today and he still had limits, like any other boy.

"Sure Rach. I only came that once when you sucked me off before, while I was eating out Sonya. Both she and Becky decided to fuck Rob before I really had a chance to get close."

"Yeah, I know. Looks like our little virgins are doing pretty well for themselves." I nodded over at the trio in the far corner; Sonya was riding Rob's cock, while Becky was straddling his face with a look of absolute bliss. Jesse laughed.

Just then I heard Gabe groan and felt his cock start shooting in my pussy. I ground my hips into his, getting him as deep inside of me as I could while he shot his wad into the condom. It was over way too soon, and I pulled off of him slightly disappointed, gently removing the slippery condom and throwing it away in the big messy trash can of love. Jesse came up behind me and put his arms around me, kissing the nape of my neck. I love it when he does this, and I just moaned softly and threw back my head to rest on his shoulder as he cupped my tits.

"Did I ever tell you you're fuckin' hot?" he breathed into my ear.

"Yeah. Did I ever tell you you've got a nice cock?" I giggled.

He chuckled back. "Yeah." I pushed his hands off my tits and turned to face him. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him fiercely, my tongue invading his mouth and dueling with his. A couple of my girlfriends have asked why he and I haven't hooked up. I'm never sure what to say, except that I don't want to spoil a good thing. While that's definitely true, that's not really why though; I just don't want to. He's my best friend and my fuck buddy, and I don't really see what I could gain by becoming his girlfriend too. He must think the same way, because he's never asked for anything more. I guess you could say I love him already, but I don't wanna marry him or anything, I just wanna be his friend. With benefits.

And right now I'm lovin' those benefits. I reached down and grabbed his cock, which was starting to rise again.

"This little guy looks like he could use a drink. I think I've got just what he needs upstairs." I winked at him and started walking to the staircase, swishing my hips a little bit to turn him on.

"'Little?'" Jesse laughed. I turned and winked at him, then started climbing the stairs to my room. Jesse grabbed a handful of condoms from the bag and followed me up, pinching my ass gently. I turned and gave him a mock "how dare you" look, then giggled and ran up the last few stairs to my bedroom and flopped onto the bed. Jesse followed me in and spilled the handful of condoms onto my nightstand. "Open or closed?" he asked, pointing at the door.

"Open. I want everybody to hear what a great lay you are!" I giggled, laying back and spreading my legs invitingly. He picked a blue condom out of the pile and climbed onto the bed, kneeling between my open legs as he tore the wrapper open. I took it from his hand and put it in my mouth, biting the little nipple gently and sucking the ring flat against my teeth. I smiled to show him and propped myself up, then rolled my knees underneath me and lowered my head to his dick. I worked the condom onto his cock, gently rolling the ring of rubber down his hot shaft with my teeth, then sucking him hard as I finished unrolling the last little bit with my hand. I flipped my hair back over my shoulder, pleased with myself, and laid back on my bed and opened my legs again, wanting my Jesse to fuck me.

He's never disappointed me in that regard, unless you want to count teasing... and even then he's always eventually given in and fucked me until my eyes rolled back in my head. No other boy can pleasure me with his cock like Jesse can, and for that he's earned an All-Access pass to my pussy for life. All he needs to say is that he wants me, and boom, we're fucking like there's no tomorrow. The only thing I can really say I miss is feeling him inside me without anything between us, but birth control pills require a prescription, and that means parental consent. Letting Mom and Dad know I'm fucking (let alone fucking Jesse!) is the last thing I want, so it looks like we'll be sticking with rubbers.

He climbed on top of me, rubbing the head of his cock up and down my slit to get it lubed up before slipping it inside of me. I've been wet all day so it's probably not necessary, but no sense in risking hurting me if it turns out I'm a little too dry inside. I gasped as he pushed his dick inside me in one smooth stroke, going balls deep and groaning softly. I reached up and pulled him down on top of me. I love feeling Jesse's body pressing against mine as he fucks me.

"Mmm, fuck me Jesse. I need you so bad." I whispered into his ear, biting his earlobe seductively. He exhaled a shuddering breath into my ear and raised up to gaze into my eyes as his hips started rising and falling quickly, humping me rapidly. "Faster. Harder. Deeper." I begged him, closing my eyes at the delicious sensations he was creating in my pussy and listening to the little wet slapping sounds as he fucked me. I could feel his balls slapping me gently as he bottomed out on each quick stroke, and felt the sweet pressure deep inside me as he pushed his swollen cock as far in as he could on each thrust. I started squeezing his cock with my pussy just as he began to withdraw, and was rewarded with a deep groan. I pulled him back down to me and kissed him deeply, bucking my hips back up at him trying to get him deeper into my pussy. Then I released him and arched my back, caught up in my oncoming orgasm.

"OHHH! UNGH, FUCK ME JESSE!" I felt my pussy clench around his cock, blinding pleasure filling my body as he pounded into me. I threw my legs open even wider and he sunk in another quarter inch. It felt like a mile, and I think maybe I must have come again because it seemed to last so exquisitely long. All I knew was that Jesse's cock was the best thing that ever happened in me.

And then I felt it, a hot jet inside me as he groaned and thrust deeply into me one last time. It fueled my own rolling orgasm and I practically blacked out, coming so hard on his cock that I literally saw stars. I think I knew what was happening, but the part of my brain that registered the consequences had shut down, so I just bucked up against him and moaned loud enough for the rest of the house to hear as he shuddered and shot another six shots of come deep into my pussy.

Unfortunately, my orgasm couldn't last forever, and when I just started to come down the part of my brain that had shut down came back to life, and I knew I was in deep shit. "Oh my God. Oh my god get off," I ordered Jesse. He was still a little bit fuzzy-headed after his climax and I pushed him off of me forcefully. Sure enough, the tip of the condom surrounding the head of his cock was just little shredded tatters of blue rubber with tiny white beads of come still clinging to it. I could feel the hot lava of his come in my belly and the full weight of the consequences hit me. Oh God, he came in my pussy. I'm gonna get pregnant, I'm gonna have a baby. Oh my God. I knew beyond any doubt I wouldn't get lucky a second time.

"Oh shit!" gasped Jesse as he stared down at his dick and realized what he'd done. In retrospect, I probably must have nipped the condom a little too hard when I rolled it onto him with my teeth. I've done it lots of times without any problems, but I guess this time I wasn't so lucky. He turned to me with a scared look on his face. "Oh shit, oh shit I'm sorry Rachel, I didn't know!"

I was, if anything, even more scared than he was. "Oh my God what am I gonna do? I can't get pregnant!" I practically shrieked, staring at him as if he had the answer.

Incredibly, miraculously, he did. "Rachel, I can drive you to Planned Parenthood and we can ask for a morning-after pill!" he exclaimed hopefully. He hopped off the bed and practically vaulted into the computer chair at my desk, turning on my computer and impatiently waiting for it to boot up so he could check for info. I began to consider what he had said and saw a little ray of hope. "You think they can do that?"

"Sure, don't see why not."

"But my parents will-" I began, then fell silent. I could feel Jesse's hot seed swimming inside me. It was either this or have a baby, and either way my parents would find out. I might as well just accept the consequences. I started to weep silently, wishing this had never happened to me.

"Omaha. The nearest one's in Omaha," he declared, staring at the screen.

"Should we leave now?" I hopped off the bed and went to the dresser to begin picking out clothes.

"No... I think you need to schedule an appointment." My hopes sank. What if it was too late? I might still have to have the baby. This was unbearable.

He fell silent as he clicked through the website. I fell back on the bed, feeling absolutely crushed. All I could do was wait for Jesse to finish what he was doing so I'd have something to work with.

After a couple minutes he turned away from the screen to look at me. "Okay, you're scheduled for tom-Are you okay Rachel?"

I sniffled and shook my head. "I'm not ready to be pregnant!" I sobbed. He came over and sat next to me, putting an arm around my shoulder and holding me tightly against his chest, nuzzling his cheek against the top of my head. "I'm sorry I did this to you Rachel, it's all my fault."

"It's not your fault." I sniffed. "You didn't know." I couldn't help but squeeze out a couple hot tears onto his chest.

"I'm sorry," he offered simply. This is why I love him; most other guys would get scared and try to pass the buck, but not Jesse. He's always with me through thick and thin.

He just held me for a minute before he continued on. "You're scheduled for an appointment tomorrow morning. I'll drive you. Supposedly these things are good for up to 72 hours so hopefully you shouldn't get pregnant." I wiped a tear from my eye and smiled. "Thanks."

"Least I could do for knocking ya up, My Little Houri." I laughed and rubbed my eyes again, then I saw the silver lining.

"Oh!" I exclaimed. Jesse just looked at me curiously, waiting to see what I had to say. I grinned at him.

"Well, since you've already come in my pussy once..." I trailed off, letting him finish the thought for himself. He got it immediately and laughed, a big throaty laugh that made me feel a thousand percent better. I scooted back onto the bed and made a "come here" motion with my finger, giggling nervously. He crawled up between my legs and kissed me as reached underneath him to take off the busted condom. Despite the big scare, he was pretty hard already and I just laid back, waiting for him to put it inside me.

He didn't disappoint me. He lowered himself onto me, his cock poking into me of its own accord. He shrugged, and just shoved his hips forward, sliding into my well-lubricated pussy easily. Both of us gasped as he plunged into me and bottomed out, panting into my open mouth as our pubic mounds met.

"You're so wet!" he breathed, his lips touching mine. I laughed. "Partly due to all the Jesse Juice you squirted inside me, I'm sure!" He giggled and I kissed him lightly. Then I tilted my head back, prompting him to kiss my throat gently as he started thrusting lightly into me. I loved feeling his dick inside me with nothing between us.

"Jesse?" I whispered. "Since we only get to do this once... I want you to fuck me and come inside me until you can't get it up anymore." He grinned at me lustily, feeling up to the challenge. I kissed him lightly and placed my hands on his hips, then moaned as he started to thrust deeply inside of me with long, quick strokes.

I don't know how many times we did it that day, but he gave me more orgasms than I could count, some stronger than anything I had ever experienced. He must have shot a gallon of come up inside of me. It actually started squishing out around his cock and oozing down my ass to the bed as we fucked, he came so much inside of me. It was the best day (and night) of my life, and my poor lil Jesse actually passed out on my bed from exhaustion only to wake up to find me riding him furiously, desperate for even more of his come. I have no idea when the party ended or what all happened downstairs; one of these days I'll have one of my girlfriends fill me in, but I'm sure I didn't miss anything anywhere close to what I was getting from Jesse. You'd think I'd be ready to swear off sex for the next year with the pounding my poor little pussy took, but if anything I want it more now than I did before. It's like his come sparked a fire inside me that can only be quenched by more come. Jesse's a little intimidated by it, but he's gratified to know that I need his cock so much.

Anyway, Jesse slept in my bed the few hours we weren't fucking, cuddling up to me. I must have been really rough on the poor boy... once he finally got a chance to rest he was absolutely dead to the world, and I don't think he got hard again for a week. He tells me he absolutely loved it though, and he'd do it again in a heartbeat, which kinda warms my heart. In the morning I woke horny but he couldn't get it up; he tells me he was actually relieved that he couldn't! He drove me to Omaha, true to his word, and held my hand the whole time. I explained the situation to the woman I was scheduled to meet, telling her that we had used protection but it broke, which seemed to satisfy her. She explained how the morning-after pill works; it's actually just regular birth control, taken a bunch at a time to prevent getting pregnant. She explained the side effects and said I'd have to consult the doctor before they could do anything to ensure it was safe.

I braced myself for the worst when she asked for my age, and started to say "sev-" before it all clicked. Today was my birthday, my eighteenth birthday. I was legally an adult now. They wouldn't have to tell my parents!

"Eighteen!" I exclaimed happily, and the woman looked a little skeptical and asked for ID. I quickly dug out my driver's licence and presented it to her proudly. She looked at the date and chuckled a little bit, shaking her head, and told me the doctor would write me a prescription which I could fill at the drugstore in the same block. I asked if I could get a prescription for regular birth control too and she said yes. I squeezed Jesse's hand, and from the worried look he gave me I'm sure he had a pretty clear idea of what was in store for him. It was easily the best birthday present I'd ever received, and I guess I owe it all to Jesse.
It's only been three weeks since then and they suggested I wait at least two months before we stop using other forms of birth control. I can't wait. Jesse's literally afraid of what's going to happen to him when those two months are up, and I don't blame him. I plan to let him steal my cherry again, then fuck his brains out, and I won't stop until I've drained him dry.

I figure, "hey, there are worse things that could happen to a teenage boy."

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