AUTHOR Lust4Life
CODES M/F, Unsafe, Impreg
DATE ADDED 26th August, 2007

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


Traveling the silk road is a hard life, but if you have a good position, and if you live, there are ample rewards. There are bandits and ambushes. It is not unusual to lose 60% of your troops on a long journey, and whole caravans occasionally vanish, never to be seen again. It takes tough and desperate men to serve as guards under these conditions, which means sometimes the most dangerous enemies are within your own troops. And the long, lonely travel between towns without decent entertainment can make many an otherwise normal man start looking at the camels in unnatural ways.

Perces was a caravan guard commander. His pay was good, and he got a (small) percentage of the profits. The current trip had been an especially difficult one. There had been several attacks by unusually strong groups of bandits and the guards had been hard put to defend the caravan, resulting in the loss of many good men. There had been more than the normal discipline problems as well - several guards had been staked as an example to the others. Two months travel across the wasteland from the last substantial town, with most of their provisions gone, they were finally approaching a good sized town. During the last 2 months of travel, the only female companionship available for the men was a single, well worn whore in a hamlet about 2 weeks travel back. Perces remembered the line at her door had been long - she had been busy well into the night. Rank does indeed have privileges Perces thought, recalling that long line.

They would spend several days here re-supplying, before continuing. The merchant in charge of the caravan found stables and storage for the gear. Perces detailed a guard schedule for his men, and gave those not on duty leave. His duties attended to, Perces and two of his lieutenants went looking to explore the entertainment offerings of the city.

They soon found a club catering to caravan travelers, a strip club where the booze and smoke were over-priced, but the girls were available for a price. The place was already busy when they entered, but the men found a table near the stage and ordered drinks and a hookah, from the scantily clad bar maids (who made a point of bending over to show their cleavage to one man while showing their barely covered asses to another). The girl on stage had just finished her act when their drinks arrived. After disappearing briefly backstage to put some skimpy clothes on, Perces noticed that one of the other patrons soon called her over and after sitting in his lap while they discussed terms, they headed into the back together. The room was heavy with the sweet smell of smoke from other hookahs, and a fiddler and piper played an eerie and exotic melody in the background.

One by one, several more girls danced. Since most of them were local girls, and this was foreign country for Perces, they had an exotic look about them that he found alluring. They all seemed to dance well, whether they started with a skimpy outfit or a long flowing outfit. They all managed to be sensual, and once their clothes were off, they were blatantly sexual. But it was the eyes, there was something about their eyes. There was a smoldering look about them, not just "come fuck me", but "come fuck me, I am sex incarnate, the most earthy, sexual woman you will ever meet", or at least so it seemed to Perces. One by one the girls would dance, shedding their clothes, until naked they would spread their legs wide for the men, running their fingers along their slits, or briefly pressing their breasts to a man's face. Then, like the first girl, they would disappear backstage to dress in a skimpy outfit which left enough uncovered to be excruciatingly tantalizing, but covered just enough to increase one's interest, by the suggestion of things unseen. After dressing, they would circulate among the men, looking for customers. Several of the women approached Perces and his men, explaining that there were private rooms in the back with mattresses where they could provide further entertainment. And the women left little doubt about the entertainment, whether sitting in the men's laps squirming their asses, or blatantly dropping their hands into the men's laps, massaging their crotches. While the men enjoyed the attention and let their hands wander freely over the women, for a while they declined the invitations, preferring to continue watching the show and getting more worked up.

Perces was enjoying himself. They were on their second round of drinks, the hookah had passed around the table several times. The women were turning him on and he was looking forward to picking one (or more) of them for fun later. He felt a growing tension in his crotch, and felt himself starting to get hard as the women propositioned them. One particularly full breasted woman caught the eye of one of his lieutenants and once she had dressed he beckoned her over. She sat in his lap, pressing her full breasts to his face and letting his hands wander freely over her body as she told him how handsome he was and how much she'd like to take him in the back and fuck him. After a brief negotiation on price, she stood and taking him by the hand, led him toward the back.

Perces looked at his remaining companion and grinned. His cock throbbed pleasantly at the thought of his lieutenant sinking his shaft into his woman and fucking her. Meanwhile another woman danced, slowly shedding her clothes. She put on a good show, but was not what Perces was looking for. The next woman who, appeared in a long flowing gauzy outfit, immediately caught Perces' attention. Her dark hair framed a beautiful face with full lips and smoldering, sensual dark eyes. She moved lithely as she danced, undulating her hips and slowly dropping the veils of her outfit, revealing her body bit by bit. First her long, well toned and shapely legs flashed between slits in her robes, and her arms snaked freely. Then her side, back, and bare midriff appeared. Soon the long robes disappeared completely leaving just a skimpy top and bottom. As she continued to undulate, Perces was mesmerized, first by her belly button rolling with her gyrations, then by her firm ass. Perces could tell she noticed his rapt attention by the sultry looks she gave him as she danced. Soon she danced over to their table and standing close to Perces, reached down and unhooked her top letting it fall away as her full breasts sprang into view. Leaning forward she pressed her chest into Perces' face for a second before moving on. The feel of her soft, warm, and full breasts lingered with Perces as she continued to dance. After teasing several other men with her breasts, she began to tease the men with her last piece of clothing, lowering it enough to show some pubic hair, or thrusting her barely clad crotch out. Now she lowered her panties, letting them fall to the floor and leaving her naked, fully exposed to the lusting eyes of the men. The sight of her dark patch of hair covering her pussy was electrifying for Perces. He found her soft curves, unimpeded by clothing to be exceptionally stimulating and felt his cock swelling at the sight. As she thrust her pelvis out, exposing her lips, Perces could see moisture glistening on her lips - she wasn't just doing a job, she was enjoying turning on the men and was herself excited by her act! His hand dropped absentmindedly to his crotch and rubbed his swelling cock causing it to throb some more. The woman looked at him and licked her lips while lowering her eyelids in a sensual look. One of her hands dropped to her crotch and gently ran along the slit. "God I want to fuck that woman" thought Perces, "She is so hot!"

As the woman finished her act and began to pick-up her discarded garments, Perces' companion ask, "See something you liked there?" "Definitely" he answered. Soon the woman reappeared in just her skimpy top and bottom. She quickly caught Perces' eye and he beckoned her over. She walked sensually over, and sat in Perces' lap. He could feel her heat in his crotch, and his swollen penis pressed up against her - there was no doubt that she get feel his arousal, especially when he flexed his hips upward a bit to press against her a bit more. She looked him in the eyes with a smoldering look as she ran a finger down his chest, "Hi good looking. My name is Zorintha. I like the way you were looking at me out there - it turns me on." As she said this she ground her ass into his crotch. "Mm, I can see I turn you on as much as you turn me on" she said in her sultry voice. Perces had initially rested his hands on her bare legs. Now he let them slide up her body to her lightly covered breasts, enjoying the feel of her soft smooth skin under his hands. "Would you like to come in the back with me? We have some mattresses back there and I think we could make each other very happy."

After a brief discussion of price, Zorintha stood and led Perces toward a door in the back. A man standing there collected the agreed amount from Perces and they passed through into a hallway. Walking down a hall with curtain covered doors, Perces could hear coming from several rooms, the sounds of sex: moans and gasps, and the slapping of bodies driving together. Zorintha led him through a door into a room dimly lit by a candle on one wall and a mattress on the floor.

Perces watched mesmerized as Zorintha shed first her top, then her panties, to stand naked before him. She undulated her hips, "Do you like? Do you want me?" she asked, looking at him with those eyes of hers, her hair framing her face and falling down her back. He was mesmerized by her body, her soft curves, full breasts, dark triangle, and sultry looks. She stepped up to him and helped him remove his tunic. He could feel his cock stir at the sight of this luscious woman, at her gentle touch. He reached out and felt her soft breasts, massaging them with his hands, bringing a moan from her. "Oh is this going to be good!" he thought. "I am going to bury myself in this woman, feel her body wrapped around mine, her breasts pressing against me as I fuck her, as I thrust my cock in her. She is offering me a shot at her womb and I am going to shoot my load in her." Now he felt her hands sliding down, grabbing his cock, squeezing it, making it swell and harden. Then she was running her fingers over his balls, cupping them, making him sigh in pleasure. "Oh I want you. I want the big hard cock of yours inside me. Fuck me please!" she said, laying down on the mattress, spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy lewdly in wanton invitation.

Perces needed no additional urging. The sight of this soft, sensual woman with her legs spread wide to receive him was the most beautiful sight he had seen in a long time. His cock was straining out, sticking up, and throbbing in anticipation. Looking down he noticed a bead of pre-cum already oozing from his slit. Sinking down on the mattress on his knees he crawled between her legs, then leaning forward he brought the head of his penis to her moist slit and ran it up and down, moistening himself with her juices and spreading her lips for the mating that was about to happen. She wiggled her hips at him, urging him to hurry and slide inside her to begin their fuck.

Leaning forward he began to press the head of his penis into Zorintha's pussy. She was moist and he slid in easily about half way. Then pulling out a bit, he pushed in again until he felt his pubic bone grind against her. The both moaned as he held himself inside her, grinding against her. He flexed inside her and wiggled his hips, trying to get even deeper. Then he felt her clench her pussy around his cock. Now he let his hands wander to her breasts and start kneading them, causing her to moan some more. Perces thought to himself, "I wonder where in her cycle she is? I wonder if I have a chance of making her pregnant tonight when I shoot my cum into her pussy?" Almost as if reading his mind, Zorintha looked at him with hooded eyes and asked, "Are you going to just lay there? Or are you going to fuck me? I'm horny - I want to feel your cock fucking me." She reached around and ran her fingers over his balls. "Oh, I'll bet you're full of cum. I'll bet you're gonna shoot a big load into me. Come on, I want to feel you emptying your balls in my pussy."

With that Perces began a slow thrusting motion, fucking this incredible sex goddess. He concentrated on the feel of her pussy wrapped around his cock, her breasts pushing up against his chest, his balls slapping her ass on each in stroke. And he thought about how soon he was going to be filling her with his semen, how she was offering her womb to him for a chance to impregnate her. Then she was pulling his head down, kissing him passionately, slipping her tongue into his mouth, enveloping all of his senses with her presence. He was thrusting harder now, a strong rhythm that could have only one result. Zorintha was moaning loudly now too, thrusting her hips up against him. "Oh, oh!" she moaned, "Faster, give it to me good, I'm gonna cum, oh fuck me hard!" Perces was happy to oblige and increased his speed. He could feel he was getting near the end. He wanted this to go on forever, but he knew it couldn't. Suddenly Zorintha gave a little cry, and her body convulsed as she started to come. "Oh yes! Do it, fuck me, Aie-e-e" she cried as her body thrashed beneath him in ecstasy.

Perces was now fucking with complete abandon. He knew he was near the edge and he had given up holding back, he was ready to just go full tilt until he erupted inside her. She sensed that he was getting close and whispered, "Yes, lover, come on, let it go. I'm ready for you. Fill me up! Empty your balls in me! I want to feel your cum inside me!"

Now Perces felt himself getting harder. He was so hard, his cock was swelling and stretched so much that it would have hurt if not for the soothing caress of Zorintha's pussy on his penis. Now he felt the familiar sensation of his sperm loading at the base of his cock and knew that in just a few more strokes he would start pumping his seed into this woman's womb. As he fucked, he felt the tension building, he was pulling her to him with his arms, he was trying to hold out and prolong the pleasure for just another few strokes as he felt himself swelling, swelling, getting ready, and suddenly his cock gave a massive convulsion, blasting his first jet of cum into his woman. It felt like an incredibly pleasurable zip shooting the length of his penis as that massive first pulse shot through him and into her waiting pussy. Giving himself up to the sensations, he jammed himself into her as hard as he could, pulling her to him with his arms, and felt his cock begin a steady pulsing as he pumped his sperm into her waiting womb. "Ah yes, give it to me! Let it go! Give it all to me baby!" she moaned in his ear as he continued to come in her. Then he felt her fingers on his balls again, urging him to keep pumping until the last drop was in her. Finally his pulsing slowed and stopped. He rested inside her. Occasionally his cock would throb another time, trying to push just a bit more of his seed into her hungry pussy.

Finally his cock softened and he pulled out. "Mm, you were good honey" she whispered, "I hope you come back and see me again." With that, he pulled on his tunic and blowing her a kiss started to make his way back to the front. He knew he would be thinking of her many nights on the long journey still ahead of him.

The next day Perces attended his duties with the caravan and explored the city more thoroughly. That night he again headed out with one of his lieutenant, but this time they headed for a cheaper section of town, looking for a bar where the booze was cheap.

They soon found a suitable looking place and entered the dimly lit, noisy bar. The place was fairly full, but not packed and they took a table off to the side. A harried barmaid soon brought them two tall tankards of ale. They sat drinking, discussing some of their recent adventures, the road ahead, which of their soldiers seemed dependable and which bore keeping a closer eye on. They also watched the other patrons, most apparently local, but a few evidently from other caravans. They were on their second tankard when Perces noticed a scantily clad woman moving from table to table, obviously soliciting business. Perces had not come here looking for a woman, but she was still attractive and he knew there was a long lonely road still ahead of them. Well, maybe if the price was right, he thought.

They continued their conversation while Perces kept half an eye on the woman's progress. She didn't seem to be getting any takers this evening and soon came to their table. She was wearing a small top which did little to cover her breasts, and nothing when she leaned over - it gaped open giving an unobstructed view of her nipples. She was wearing a short skirt which showed off long legs. "Hiya sweeties! You good looking guys from out of town?" At their assent she continued, "Oh, I like foreigners! They are so exotic. Thinking about you brave guys on the road with all those dangers and no women to keep you company gets me hot!" With that she spread her legs revealing that she had nothing on under her skirt. Her hand dropped down and slowly massaged her pussy while she watched the men in wanton invitation. "I've got an itch right here and I bet you could scratch it for me." Perces asked the price and after a little haggling got her down to a fairly cheap price. He handed her a few coins and looking to his friend with a grin said, "I'll be back."

The woman led him to the back of the bar, to a little room with a mattress on the floor, screened off by a hanging curtain. They quickly shed their clothes and Perces drew her to him, feeling her soft warm body pressed against his, her breasts against his chest, her pussy grinding against his swelling cock. He ran his hands over her body, grabbing her ass, pulling her against him, then up and over her breasts. Her hands were running over his body, down his back, over his ass, and then stroking his cock and holding his balls. Perces knew this was not going to be like last night. Last night was sensuous, erotic, a complete atmosphere of sensuality and sexuality. In contrast, this was going to be pure animal sex, the simple mating of male and female. He was going to mount her and fuck her, taking his pleasure from her body, and emptying his seed in her.

By now his cock was straining in her hand, he was enjoying the pleasant sensation of his cock stretching in erection. The smell of an aroused woman, the feel of her soft flesh under his hands, the feel of her hand on his penis turned him on further, driving his passion to make him want to mate, to sink his shaft in her and feel his semen pouring into her receptive cunt. "Alright" he croaked, "I'm ready, let's do it" he gasped. She quickly lay back, spreading her legs wide in lewd invitation, the female, ready to be mounted by a male, offering her fertile womb to him for the ancient game of sperm roulette.

Perces knelt between her legs, his cock straining out in eager anticipation. He looked down, admiring her body offered up to him, and wondered if he would be the man who made her pregnant when his sperm filled her womb. Then he was running the head of his penis up and down her slit as she guided him between her lips, and let it slide into her. He felt himself sliding deeper and deeper into her until he was buried to the hilt, his balls pressed against her ass. She was already wet, ready for him, and her warm soft tunnel caressed his burning cock. Driven by his need, he started the thrust into her. Soon he heard the familiar slurping noise of a cock driving into a wet pussy, the slapping of their bellies as they met on each stroke. He moaned, and heard her moaning in return. There could be no mistake for those seated just on the other side of the thin curtain what was going on in here. He continued to thrust with his urgent need. He could picture his cock sliding up into her wet tunnel, his slit aligning with her cervix. He wondered if she were ready to be impregnated by his seed. The thought made him drive harder into her. He reached under and grabbed her ass, pulling her up tight against him on each in stroke. He could feel her thrusting up against him. She began gasping, "Oh, yes, keep going, oh you feel so good, you're gonna make me come ... Now, do it, fuck me hard, Ah Ah Ah-h-h h" and she began writhing under him, her hips jerking frantically as her orgasm washed over her.

Knowing that he had just made her cum pushed Perces on to even greater effort. He was fucking with but one thought, to spew his cum inside this woman, to fill her receptive pussy with his hot, white, seed. Now he could feel he was getting close, he could feel his sperm gathering at the base of his cock, his cock starting to swell for his final strokes. The woman could sense his impending ejaculation as well and urged him on, "Yes, come on lover. Come for me, shoot your load in me, I want to feel you spurting inside me." Suddenly Perces' cock jerked, he felt the first burst of cream, like a liquid bullet, fly through his penis. "Ah" he gasped and the woman wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeply into her. He felt his penis begin throbbing, pulsing, as he poured burst after burst of his semen into her. He was moaning in pleasure, "Ah, ah, oh-h, unh" as his body completed it role in the mating game, emptying the contents of his balls into his woman.

Finally, his throbbing slowed. The woman relaxed her grip on him, and looking up at him coyly, asked, "Did you like? It felt like you came buckets."

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