Punjabi Erotic Dictionary
 by Padshahi Begum Sufiya Sultana
 - Chut. Usu. means Vagina, when applied to males means anus. Only occasionally used for anus.
 ~ "chut ... s. m. (M.) The anus; the part of a carrot, turnip, radish, &c., where the top and the root join;
i. q. Bun-.d-.a." (Maya Singh, p.251)
 - Dhua. The buttocks, the anus.
 ~ "D-.HUA ... s. m. The buttock, the anus; the back:-d-.hua khar-.a karna, v. n. To try utmost; i. q.
Bun-.d-., Chittar-., Chuttar-., D-.huha." ... "D-.HUHA ... s. f. The buttock, the anus; the back. See Bun-.d-.."
(Maya Singh, p.312)
 - BOOND, BUND. The rectum, the anus.
 ~ "BUN-.D-. ... s. m. The rectum, the anus" (Maya Singh, 171)
 ~ "bun-.d-. pat-.n_a, v. n. (lit. the anus to be cracked.) To be in a great fright" (Maya Singh, 171)
 ~ "bun-.d-. par-.na, v. a. (lit. to crack the anus.) To put one in a great fright" (Maya Singh, 171)
 ~ "bun-.d-. marna, v. a. To commit sodomy" (Maya Singh, 171)
 ~ "bun-.d-. maraun_a, v. n. To suffer sodomy, as a catamite" (Maya Singh, 171)
 ~ "bun-.d-. r-.agar-.na, v. n. (lit. to rub the anus). To try or labour very hard" (Maya Singh, 171)
 ~ "bun-.d-. vichch ungal den_a, v. a. (lit. to thrust one's finger up the fundament.) To harass, to vex, to
annoy." (Maya Singh, 171)
 ~ "bun-.d-. vichch gun-.h na hon_a, v. n. (lit to have no faeces in the rectum) To be extremely poor" (Maya
Singh, 171)
 ~ "bun-.d-. bhir-.ikka, bhir-.ikki, s. f. Mutual sodomy" (Maya Singh, 171)
 - BOOND CHATNA, Bund Chatna, Boond Chatna. To lick the anus.
 ~ "bun-.d-. chat-.n_a, v. a. (lit. to lick the anus). To fawn and flatter, to toady" (Maya Singh, 171)
 - GAND, GAAND. anus.
 ~ "GAN-.D-. ... s. f. The anus" (ibid.)
 ~ "gan-.d-. gulami, s. f. lit. The slavery of the anus; met. mean flattery, mean service" (ibid.)
 ~ "gan-.d-. maraun_i, v. a. To act the catamite:-gan-.d-. marni, v. a. To commit sodomy. See Bun-.d-." (ibid)
 - CHUTTAR, CHOOTAR. Buttocks. 
 ~ "CHUTTAR-.. ... s. m. The buttock" (Maya Singh, p.252)
 ~ "chuttar-. kut-.aun_a, v. a. lit. To suffer so- domy; met. to suffer a great deal from the hand of anyone,
to sustain a loss for other's sake, to work hard for an- other" (Maya Singh, p.252)
 ~ "chuttar-. kut-.t-.n_e, v. a. lit. To commit sodomy; met. to take hard work (from anyone)" (Maya Singh,
 ~ "chuttar-.wakhaun_e, v. n. To turn tail; chuttar-. wajaun_e, v. n. lit. To beat one's buttocks; to lament;
to grieve over; to be overjoyed." (Maya Singh, p.252)
 ~ "CHUTAR-.I ... s. f. (dim. of Chuttar-.) A small buttock of a child." (Maya Singh, p.251)
 ~ "CHUTAR-.IA ... s. m. A man with huge buttocks." (Maya Singh, p.251)
 - CHUTIYA, CHOOTIYA. Wittol. Fool, Cuckold.
 ~ "CHUTIA ... s. m. A mean, spiritless man; one who is indifferent to unchaste conduct among the females of
his family; i. q. Chutya." (Maya Singh, p.252)
 - CHOOT, CHUT. Vagina. Vulva.
 ~ "Chut ... s. f. Vulva, pudendum muli- ebre." (Maya Singh, p.251)
 ~ "Chutt ... s. f. Vulva; i. q. Chut." (Maya Singh, p.252)
 ~ "Chutto ... s. f. A whore." (Maya Singh, p.252)
 ~ "Chud-.d-. ... s. f. Vulva." (Maya Singh, p.244)
 - BHOSRI, BHOSRA. Large Vagina.
 ~ "Bhosr-.a ... s. m. Pudendum muliebre, Valde magnum. Bhosr-.i ... s. f. Pudendum muliebre, Valde magnum."
(Maya Singh, p.141)
 - Gabbha. vulva.
 ~ "Gabbha ... s. m. The midst; vulva, pudendum mulibere;-(M.) A young calf."; "Gabbhan ... a. Pregnant
(applied generally to animals.)" (Maya Singh, p.350)
 - FUDDI, PHUDDI, PHUDDA. Vagina, vulva.
 ~ "Phudda ... s. m. Vulva."; "Phuddi ... s. f. Vulva." (Maya Singh, p.913) "Phuara ... a. Corrupted from the
Arabic word Fawwarah. A fountain, a jet."; "Phuddu ... a., s. m. Worthless, cowardly, imbecile; a worthless
man." (Maya Singh, p.913)
 - "GHUSSA *************** s. m. Pudendum mulieris; met. a fool, an idiot:-ghusse ghat-.t-.a, s. m. 
See in Ghat-.t-.a. GHUSSI *************** s. f. Pudendum mulieris; met. a fool, an idiot:-ghusse
ghat-.t-.a, s. m. See in Ghat-.t-.a." (Maya Singh, p.395)
 - "PAT-.AKA *************** s. m. A crash, a crack, a cracker; a kind of whip lash, by the loud crack
of which gardeners scare away birds, a bamboo fixture used for the same purpose; a kind of fire-work;
the vulva of a young girl not yet married (abusive)" (Maya Singh, p.882)
 - alat. penis 
 ~ "Alat ... s. m. (A.) A tool, implement, instrument; utensil, apparatus; membrum virile; penis." (Maya Singh
 - "AN-.GGUT-.H ****************** s. m. A thumb, a big toe:-an-.ggut-.ha chumn_a, v. a. (lit. to kiss
the thumb). To flatter, play the sycophant:-an-.ggut-.ha dakhaun_a or vakhaun_a. v. a. To show the
thumb (to one) in defiance or derision, or to signify a desire for sexual intercourse, (an attitude
used by women in blandishment, also an obscene gesture made in abuse by men); to turn off with a joke;
to withhold, refuse." (Maya Singh, p.35)
 - bhind. penis of a dog.
 ~ "Bhin-.d-. ... s. f. The penis of a dog. (Maya Singh, p.137)
 - Dandi. Penis. 
 ~ "D-.an-.d-.i ... s. f. A handle; the beam of a pair of scales; penis, membrum virile; the name of a silver
or gold ornament worn by women in the ear; a straight or strait path; the hoop of a signet ring; the hoop of
fruits, &c.; a mendicant who carries a staff in his hands" (Maya Singh, p.269)
 - Falan. penis.
 ~ "Falan_ ... s. m. Corrupted from the Arabic word Fulan_. Membrum virile, penis; pudendum (abusive):-falan_
thok, s. m. The generative organs of both sexes." (Maya Singh, p.345)
 - Ling, penis.
 ~ "Lin-.g ... s. m. The leg, a limb of the body; the penis." ... "Lin-.g ... s. m. The male organ; the
genital organ of Shiva, or Mahadev worshipped in the form of a Phallus." (Maya Singh, p.681)
 - LULL, LULLI, penis.
 ~ "Lull ... Penis, penis pueri."; "Lulli... Penis, penis pueri."; "Lullu ... s. m. A simpleton, a blockhead."
(Maya Singh, p.689)
 - NARA. Penis.
 ~ "Nara ... s. m. The Penis, especially that of a horse or bull; i. q. Nara." (Maya Singh, p.802); "Nar-.a ...
s. m. A thin kind of bamboo"; "Nara ... a., s. m. Haughty, proud, perverse, forward; (corrupted from the Arabic
word Narah) a loud and sudden exclamation, the shout raised by an army in charging, any loud noise made with the
voice, a shout, a cheer, a cry (c. w. marna); the penis, especially that of a horse or bull;" (Maya Singh,
p.802); "Nar-. ... s. f. m. A vein; the stalk or wheat straw and barley; (M.) a wheat or barley stubble." (Maya
Singh, p.802)
 - "SAPARI *************** s. f. A betel nut; the glans penis; i. q. Supari." (Maya Singh, p.1012)
 - Chutto. Prostitute.
 ~ "Chutto ... s. f. A whore." (Maya Singh, p.252)
 - "Gun-.d-.a ... a. Lascivious, lewd. (Maya Singh, p.413)
 - JANI. Beloved, dear, darling, lover, sweetheart.
 "Jani ... a. Beloved, dear, darling;-s. m. A lover, a sweetheart; (corrupted from the Persian word zan_i) an
adulterer:-jani dushman, s. m. A foe at heart, a mortal enemy:-jani yar, s. m. A dear friend, an intimate
friend." (Maya Singh, p.479)
 - JAR, YAR, adulterer, lover.
 ~ "Jar ... s. f. Corrupted from the Persian word Yar. A friend; a fornicator. an adulterer, a
whoremonger:-jarchor, s. m. An adulterer and thief; a man of base character. See Yar;-(M.) A back tooth." (Maya 
Singh, p.481)
 - "Jar-.ya ... s. m. A setter of jewels; a lewd person, a paramour." (Maya Singh, p.483)
 - "Luchcha ... a., s. m. Lewd, profligate, debauched, dissolute, demora- lized, depraved, corrupt; a libertine,
a debauchee, a rake. " (Maya Singh, p. 686) 
 ~ "Luchchi ... s. f. A dissolute female; an adulteress; a kind of thin cake made of fine flour, and cooked in
ghee." (Maya Singh, p.686)
 - "LOLI ************ s. f. A prostitute, a dancing girl; (M.) See Lori." (Maya Singh, p.684)
 - PAPI. A sinner, an adulterer. An adulteress. 
 - PAPI BIBI. Cheating Wife, an Adulteress. A Woman who has sexual intercourse with Men other than her 
 ~ "Papi ... s. m. A sinner, a criminal, an offender;-a. Sinful, cruel, hard-hearted:-mahan-. papi, s. m. A
great sinner. (Maya Singh, p.862)
 ~ "Pap ... s. m. Sin, iniquity, trans- gression adultery, immorality. misconduct:-papatma, s. m. A great
sinner:-pap lagaun_a, karna, v. a. To commit sin, to do wrong; to charge, to impeach:-pap char-.hn_a, laggn_a,
v. n. To commit sin;-pap kat-.t-.n_a, kat-.t-. jan_a, dur hon_a, v. n. To wipe out one's sin's; to be wiped 
out." (Maya Singh, p.862)
 ~ "Papan_ ... s. f. A sinner, a crimi- nal, a wicked woman." (Maya Singh, p.862)
 - RANDI. Whore. 
 ~ RANDI-BAZ, an adulterer, a whore-monger, a pimp.
 ~ RANDI-BAZI. Fornication. Whoredom. 
 ~ "Ran-.d-.i ... s. f. A widow, (a better term is Widhwa); a prostitute:-ran-.d-.ibaj, s. m., a. An
adulterer; a whoremonger; given to whoredom;-ran-.d-.i baji, s. f. Fornication, whoredom."
(Maya Singh, p.953)
 Cultural Terms
 - BHANGRA, a Punjabi dance.
 ~ "Bhangra ... s. m. A dance which is often danced in villages; c. w. paun_a." (Maya Singh, p.123)
 Terms for Sudras and Other Blacks
 - Bail, a bull
 ~ "Bail ... s. m. A bull, an ox; met. a blockhead; also ill-conduct, as gambling, lewdness,:-baildar or
baili, a. Vicious, dissipated, given to evil habits, as gambling, intemperance, lewdness, deceitful, deceiving,
a cheat." (Maya Singh, p.76)
 - Kira, Keera. A worm, insect.
 ~ "KIR-.A ... s. m. A worm, a reptile, a grub, an insect, a large ant, a maggot; a snake:-d-.abba kir-.a
lar-.n_a, v. n. lit. To have insects biting in the vulva or anus; i. e., to feel the sexual passion:-kir-.a
laggn_a, v. n. To be worm eaten:-kir-.e pain_e, v. n. To have maggots (in a fruit, sore),-kira sin-.gghn_a,
lar-.n_a, v. n. To be bitten [ p.0616 ] by a snake:-kir-.a makaur-.a, kir-.e makaur-.e, s. m. Insects, big
ants." (Maya Singh, 615-6)
 # Singh, Maya. The Panjabi dictionary. Lahore: Munshi Gulab Singh & Sons, 1895.

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