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From: Xavier Lancaster <[email protected]>
Subject: Mom and Dad Know How to Throw a Party
Mom and Dad Know How to Throw a Party!
by Xavier L
This is a fictional bisexual story containing sex between multiple adults
and a young teen boy. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from
reality, or if this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading.
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My parents were having a big party, and I was sent to my room early. They
had tried to get me out of the house, but it didn't work out with any of my
friends' parents. Everyone had plans this close to the holidays. So I was
told I was not to come out of my room for any reason unless Mom or Dad
personally came and got me. They made such a huge deal about it! Kind of
pissed me off. I was given drinks, pizza, and a bunch of snacks. I said
goodbye to their guests when Mom told me it was time, and then I headed to
my room. Once again I was reminded me of "our expectations." I heard the
music get turned up as I shut my bedroom door.
I went ahead and changed into some pajama pants and started playing video
games. After a while I could've sworn I heard someone moaning loudly
downstairs. I thought What the fuck? I turned down my TV and walked to
the door. Sure enough I heard it again. I quietly opened my door a little
so I could hear better. The noise from downstairs was confusing. Load
thumping music mixed in with moans and comments that didn't make sense for
a party. I decided to risk it and crept out of my room. At the top of the
stairs I peeked around the corner just enough to get a tiny glimpse.
The first thing I noticed was someone's face moving along the glass table.
He rubbed his nose, dropped something on the table and then moved to his
left. My eyes followed him just in time to see him move between a woman's
spread legs. I inched out a bit more and saw a bunch of naked bodies! Dad
had a woman with red hair between his legs blowing him. That was NOT my
mother! I looked around more and saw another guy on top of my mom fucking
her hard. I stepped backward as her head moved afraid she'd spot me, and
bumped against someone. I spun around to see a naked guy in front of me.
My eyes immediately noticed his large, half-swollen cock dangling between
his legs. I quickly moved my eyes up his body to see his smile. "Why
don't you join us?" he said mockingly.
"No. No, that's okay," I said and started to move past him. "Come on,
dude. Where ya going?" he asked starting to follow me.
"To my room. Please don't say anything to my parents." I shut my door and
stood there panting for air. I felt dizzy and thought I might pass out.
Then I heard my door open. I turned around to see the naked man coming
into my room. His dick had stiffened somewhat since I saw him in the
"How old are you?" he asked, closing my door behind him and looking around
my room. He set something down on the dresser.
"Thir. . . thirteen," I stammered.
"Had sex yet?" When I shook my head no, he asked "Not even a hand job,
man?" I shook my head no again as he got closer to me. My heart was
pounding in my chest. "Why don't you come join us then. Plenty of pussy
down there."
"I'm . . . I wasn't supposed to leave my room."
He was now just inches away from me. "How lucky for me you decided to
anyway. And just when I was coming out of the bathroom, too." His hand
rubbed my shoulder through my shirt. I moved backward.
"What are you doing?" I asked putting more distance between us, but he kept
coming toward me.
"Popping your cherry, man."
"What do you mean?" I asked bumping against my bed. He reached out and
shoved my chest, and I fell backward onto the bed. He reached down,
grabbed a handful of my pants and yanked them down. I grabbed onto my
waistband to hold them up. He laughed and started moving over me. "Please
stop!" I said. I felt his face against my crotch, and he began moving his
cheek against the lump in my pajama bottoms.
His hands moved to my waist and then slid under my shirt. His hands shot
up lifting my T-shirt and exposing my torso. Before I could react his lips
were on my nipples sucking on them. "I love it when they play hard to
get," he said peeling my shirt off. I moved my hands to push him away, but
he grabbed my wrists and pinned them down by my head. His hard cock rubbed
against my groin as he kissed my neck, and then his mouth was on mine. I
tried moving my face, but he just followed me. When I opened my mouth to
tell him to get off me, his tongue shot inside. He tongue kissed me as his
hands slid down my bare sides. I put my hands on his shoulders to push him
away, but he was too strong for me.
I felt his hands pushing down my bottoms as I wiggled beneath him trying to
get free. Then he grabbed my briefs and shoved them down as well. His
fingers rubbed my cock as he kissed me. To my horror it began to respond
immediately. With my dick tingling some of the fight went out of me. He
must have sensed it because I felt him kissing down my body. Was he going
to suck my dick? I wondered as he continued moving down my torso. "Nice
small bush you got going on," he said right before I felt his tongue slide
up the shaft of my hard dick. I shivered. His tongue flicked against the
tip of my cock, and I sucked in my breath. Then I felt his tongue licking
my sac right before he began sucking on my balls. I spread my legs as wide
as I could with my bottoms and briefs still on my legs, and then he went
down on me.
He sucked on me briefly before standing up. I watched him as he grabbed
the clothing binding my legs. He eagerly tugged at them, and I lifted my
legs so he could remove them more easily. He held my underwear up to his
nose and inhaled deeply. He smiled before setting them down on my bed. He
got on his knees by my bed and went back to sucking to my cock. It felt so
fucking good!
After a bit he stopped and got to his feet. He walked over to the door.
"You're not leaving are you?"
"No fucking way, man." I heard him lock the door. Then he grabbed
whatever he had left on the dresser and returned to the bed. He set what
looked like a plastic bottle on top of my briefs before coming to stand
right in front of me. He stroked his big dick and then said "Let's see how
those lips feel on my cock."
I stared at his stiff meat. The head looked like a mushroom, and he had a
huge vein running along his cock. It was surrounded by a thick bush of
black hair. I felt his hand on the back of my head. His other hand took
his dick and rubbed it against my lips. There was something wet on my
lips. I knew he hadn't cum yet, so I licked my lips and tasted something
faintly salty. "Come on. Get busy." I hesitated as he pressed his rod
against my lips, and then I finally closed my eyes and opened my mouth.
His meat slid into my mouth, and I began sucking as he moved it back and
forth. It wasn't that bad, and as he continued feeding it to me, I started
getting into it more.
After a bit he pulled back and removed his cock from my mouth. I wiped the
spit off my lips and face. "Hand me that bottle, will you?" I grabbed it
and gave it to him. He smiled at me as I watched him pour liquid onto his
dick and rub it up and down the shaft. He closed the bottle and tossed it
back onto my bed. "Move up," he said, and I scooted so my body was on the
bed more. He climbed onto the bed so that he was over me, and he leaned
down and kissed me. "What's your name, bud?" he asked as he started to lay
down on his side next to me.
"Adam," I replied as his hand moved to my hip and began pushing me onto my
"That's a nice name," he said as he moved in close to me, his dick pressing
against my ass. I turned my head to try and see what he was doing. I had
a bad feeling about this. He began kissing me, and then I felt his cock
moving between my cheeks. I started to move away, but I felt his weight
press against me more. "Oh no, Adam. We're not done yet, man."
"What are you going to do?" I asked, hoping the answer wasn't what I
thought it was. "Told ya, Adam. I'm going to pop your cherry." I felt
his dick push into my hole.
"No, no, no!" I said moving forward.
He wrapped one of his arms around my chest and pulled me backward. "Look,
man. If you stay on your side, it won't hurt as bad, but I'll be happy to
get on top of you and hold you down and give it to you real good." I
froze. "Smart move. Don't worry. You'll like it once we get going more."
I doubted that!
"I don't like it. Please pull it out!" I begged.
"I will, bro. When I'm done." He pushed more of his thick cock into my
tight hole.
"Shit!" I said as my ass burned from his dick moving into me more.
"That's some good fucking hole, man! Much better than anything I'd get
downstairs." I felt his grip around my chest tighten as he continued
pushing his hard-on into my butt. "That's a big cock, ain't it?" he
finally asked when it felt like there was a huge pole up my butt. I nodded
my head. I couldn't open my mouth. "You got about half in there so far.
You're doing great, bud."
Only half?! I thought, but he started moving his dick back and forth, and
that stopped my musing. As he slowly humped my butt, the pain gradually
eased. After a bit he started picking up speed, and then it felt like he
was putting more of his thick meat inside me.
"Fuck that's some seriously sweet ass, man!" he said, and then he shoved
more of his dick into me. "I'm gonna need to hit it more than once, bro!"
He shoved forward with his hips pushing me onto my stomach. I felt his
cock sliding back and forth, and then I felt fire in my hole as he plunged
his dick in deep. I figured he had it all the way in, but it kept filling
my hole more until I could feel his skin pressing into my ass cheeks. "Fuck
man!" he said, biting my shoulder as he pulled his dick backward and then
pushed it back in.
"Oh God!" I said as he started shoving it in with more force.
"That's fucking right little boy! You're gonna love it even more the
second time around!" His knees pushed between my legs and thrust them
apart. I wasn't sure about this whole second time thing, but as he drove
his cock into me harder, I started moaning with pleasure. Soon I felt him
plunge his rod into me and then move his body forward. I found my ass
rising into the air as he did this, so I wasn't surprised when he put his
arm around my waist and hoisted me up so that I was on my knees.
In this position he started doing shorter and faster thrusts. I jumped a
little when he slapped me hard on the ass cheeks. He pulled his dick
backward slowly again, and then he resheathed it in my ass just as slowly.
When he was pressed against me, he leaned down and kissed my face again.
"How's that big, fat cock feel in your ass?" "Good!" I breathed. I had
never felt so many new sensations at once before. I felt his arms wrap
around my chest, and as he started sitting back, he pulled me into a
sitting position. I sat against his thighs, his dick moving inside me as
he sat on his heels. His hands moved up and down my torso until one of
them rested in my groin. His fingers rubbed my sac and drew lines up and
down my hard meat lazily as he moved his dick back and forth. "You're a
hot little fucker. Glad I live nearby."
"You do?"
"Lay down on your back," he said releasing me. As I moved off his firm rod,
he answered my question: "Yep. Just a few houses down the street, man."
When I was on my back, his head moved between my legs, and I felt my dick
surrounded by his lips. I couldn't help myself. I grabbed onto his head
and ran my fingers through his thick, black, wavy hair.
After blowing me for a bit, he began kissing up my body. "You gonna come
visit me?" he asked as he continued working his way up my tummy and chest.
"I . . . I don't know."
He started sucking on my neck and kissing my throat, and then his tongue
thrust into my mouth. He kissed me roughly leaving my mouth covered with
spit before he sat back again. I wiped my face with my arm as he lifted my
legs into the air. He grabbed both my ankles in one of his large hands,
and then he shoved my legs toward my head. He inserted just the tip of his
cock and then stopped. "You want it?"
"Beg me for it."
"Give it to me! Please!"
"Not good enough, little boy."
"I want it! Please give it to me."
"Give you what?" he asked.
"Give me your fucking cock!" I yelled impatiently, and he rammed it into me
so hard I yelled "SHIT!"
"You love that fucking cock, don't you?"
"YES!" I yelled as waves of pleasure rippled through me. I could tell I
was close to cumming.
He picked up speed and said: "You're close aren't you?" I nodded my head
vigorously and then reached for my dick. "No way, mean. Don't touch it."
He adjusted his position, and it felt like his dick was slamming against
the back side of my peter. My cock felt like it was going to explode. I
hadn't realized that he had already changed his grip on my ankles so that
my legs were against him and were bouncing as he pounded my ass. I grabbed
handfuls of the blanket beneath me as I began panting. I looked up at him
and saw he was biting his lower lip. His body glistened with sweat as he
rammed his cock into me. I put my hand on his large chest and felt the
muscle under his damp skin, and then I started rubbing his nipple between
my fingertips.
Within seconds I came, my hot jizz shooting onto my chest as I almost
screamed from the intense feelings. My ass gripped his cock firmly, but he
kept pounding away. "Get some of that on your finger, and let me taste
it." I looked at him thinking he was joking, and her jerked his chin up. I
rubbed my finger in one of the white gobs on my chest and then lifted my
hand to his lips. He began sucking on my finger which felt pretty good
actually. "Mmmm. Nice and sweet."
After a bit he slowed down again, and then he pulled out of me. He let my
legs down. "Open your mouth," he said, and then I felt him licking up my
cum from my hot skin. Suddenly he shot forward, and I tasted my salty
sweet jizz as he kissed me deeply.
Then he moved off me and the bed. "Are you done?" I asked surprised. I
didn't think he had cum, but I guess I didn't realize it.
"Fuck no, man." He grabbed my feet and yanked me to the edge of the bed.
"Get up and turn around." I slid off the bed and did what he said. His
foot kicked against the inside of one of my feet, and I spread my legs.
Then I felt him pushing my shoulders down, and so I bent over. "Hold on
tight, Adam." I gripped the bed just in time. His dick slowly entered me
a bit, and then he slammed it all the way forward.
He grabbed hold of my shoulders and started plowing me hard. As he shoved
forward, he yanked my shoulders backward and drove his cock into me so
fucking hard! I could feel his balls bouncing against my ass, and my limp
dick bounced around as he pounded my hole. "Fuck yes!" he said as he picked
up speed. Soon he was standing straight, his fingers digging into my hips.
"Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!" he yelled as he picked up speed and then suddenly
stopped. I could feel his dick twitching in my ass as he yelled "FUCK!"
When he pulled out of me, I looked back to make sure he was done. I saw
him grabbing one of my tissues, so I sat down on the bed. He wiped his
dick and dropped the Kleenex. "Get on your knees." I slid onto my knees,
and his dick was in my face. "Milk the rest out," he said. I hesitated. I
mean his dick had just been in my ass! When he impatiently grabbed my
head, though, I opened my mouth and began sucking on his meat. "That's
right. Make love to that fucking cock." I started licking it, sucking on
it, moving my head around, and he that seemed to be what he wanted.
When he pulled it out of my mouth, he told me to stand up. As soon as I
was on my feet, he shoved me back down on the bed, and then he was on top
of me, his tongue shoved into my mouth as he kissed me again. Then he had
me lay down on the bed on my side. He got behind me and draped his big arm
over my chest as he pressed his body against me. "Damn that was fucking
awesome, Adam!"
I felt exhausted, completely spent. I noticed my butt ached. After
several moments he moved off the bed. "Be right back," he said before
leaving my room. I got up and pulled my underwear back on. I grabbed my
pajama bottoms just as he came back into the room. "What the fuck do you
think you're doing?"
"Getting dressed?"
He came over to me and yanked the bottoms from me. Then he grabbed my
briefs and ripped them off my legs. "I ain't done with you, boy." He
grabbed my arms and lifted me onto my feet. He pointed to the door, and I
walked to it. He opened the door and pushed me through it.
"Where are we going?"
"Downstairs," he said, nudging me.
"NO WAY! I can't go down there! Especially naked!"
"Don't worry. They're all too fucked up to really get it." He guided me
down the stairs as I resisted. "Hey everyone. Look what I found!"
Some heads turned, weird looks on their faces as they smiled. They were
obviously drunk. Or high or something. I covered my dick with my hands.
"Oh look! He's shy," said a blonde woman as she got up and met us. She
ran her long, red-painted fingernails over my chest as she smiled. "Let's
see what you got, young man." She slowly pulled my hands away from my
groin. I found myself staring at her big tits. She rubbed my groin a bit
making it tingle. A large hand pushed my head forward so that my mouth was
pressed against her boob. She grabbed her tit and moved the nipple to my
mouth. I knew what she wanted, and so I began sucking on her nipple.
"Mmmmmmmmm," she said. I felt . . . wow, I didn't even know his name! He
had fucked the shit out me, and I didn't know anything other than he had a
big dick and lived down the street. Anyway, I felt his hands moving up and
down my sides as I sucked on her pink nipple.
It wasn't long before she sank to her knees, dragging her fingernails
lightly down my chest and stomach before taking my hard dick in her mouth.
My head fell backward against his chest as she sucked harder putting more
pressure on my young meat. His lips pressed against mine, and I opened my
mouth for his tongue. We kissed lazily as the woman blew me. Then he
shocked me when I heard him say "I think he needs to get his dick into his
first pussy, Sally."
She smiled and moved backwards on her knees, and she lay down. I watched
her legs spread wide and stared at her hairless pussy as the guy guided me
down. She helped guide my hard-on into her wet cunt, and I started humping
her. The man watched us for a few seconds before walking over to my
mother. A different guy was fucking her this time. "Hey, bitch. Get me
good and hard," the man who had fucked me said to my mom. She turned her
head, smiling and opened wide for his meaty rod. I watched my mother suck
on the cock that earlier tonight had been buried in my ass.
He didn't wait long before returning to my side. He grabbed my hair and
pulled gently so that I raised up. "Take over where Mommy left off," he
said. I looked at his dick and saw my Mom's saliva covering it. The idea
was kind of gross, but I went ahead and did it anyway.
"He likes dick, too?" Sally asked.
"He likes it all. Don't you, Adam?" I nodded my head, and he pulled his
cock out of my mouth. He disappeared from my view, and so I focused on
fucking the woman beneath me. I thought pussy was supposed to be tighter,
but I guess when you're older it's looser. Suddenly I felt someone moving
between my legs. I turned my head to see the man moving behind me. "Round
two. As promised." And then I felt his dick sliding between my cheeks.
This time it didn't hurt as bad as he slid it forward. He began by slowly
fucking me, and I quickly got into his rhythm so that I thrust into her as
he pushed his cock deep into my ass. "You're gonna get one fucking good
workout tonight, Adam!" he said. To be honest, I was looking forward to
what else he had in store for me.