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Subject: Dad Son Exchange Club
Title: Dad Son Exchange Club
Codes: Mb10, inc, ped
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I lay on the hotel bed admiring my son's naked body. Petit and slim, a
little short for his ten years. His blonde hair was delicately falling to
his boyish neck. He reminded me his mother, who passed away many years ago.
Since then, our relationship with Boris changed so much...
Yes, we became lovers. Me and my son. But it has not replaced our
father-son bond. It just tuned it to a higher level. I was not harming him
and he was a willing and happy participant. And still, apart from our
sexual things, I was his caring and protective parent. I would not do
anything against him. Not many would understand that, but he was not my
sexual toy, he was my love.
Boris lay on his stomach, sleeping. But we needed to get up. I moved my
hand to his back and touched it. Boris's body was silky and fresh. I leaned
to him and kissed this very special place where his back fall down forming
two sexiest globes in the world, deeply inhaling the scent of my boy. The
most erotic aroma in the world. There is nothing more arousing for me than
a fragrance of his young, willing body. Boris turned his head and opened
his eyes. He yawned and smiled. Joyful sparkles appeared in his hazel eyes.
"Hi dad. What time is it?"
I did not respond, admiring his lovely face. My precious Boris. My hand
lowered, moved down to his bum and slowly sunk between my son's firm
buttocks. Feeling warm grasp of his ass-cheeks sent a thrill down my spine.
My boy closed his eyes and basked in his own pleasure. His breathing became
heavier. His ass moved upwards a little in a innocent yet provocative
invitation. He was acting instinctively, like a female cat in heat. I
smiled to myself. We both knew what we wanted. My dick tingled, begging for
the attention. But I also knew this evening it would not be me who will
make love with my cute boy.
"Son, we must get ready. Its almost 8 PM", I whispered, trying to control
"Dad, please... cant you stick it inside just for a moment?", he moaned.
"My boy... I want it more than you. But tonight you are on a visit,
remember? Maybe you will get more fun from this guy who is waiting for your
sweet ass."
"Dad, I prefer to be loved by you...", he whispered words every dad would
like to hear. His ass raised again, tempting me and provoking. I almost
surrender to this, but somehow I regained my senses.
"Honey-bun, I know. But I will be waiting here for you. Tomorrow morning we
both will stay in bed together till lunch. We will be watching films,
eating and fucking. I promise. But now lets prepare."
I got up from the bed. Boris sighed and sat straight. His lovely face
suddenly appeared just before my swollen cock. A cheerful light sparkled in
my son's eyes. Before I could react he grasped me and moved towards his
greedy lips. The purple head of my rod touched his face. I moaned when he
engulfed my dick in warm wetness of his mouth.
It took all of my strength of will to withdraw.
"You little rascal", I smiled, "You know how to tease your old dad, eh? But
not this time. I bet you will get your hot ass busy quite soon"
Boris stood up and tried to look resentful. However, we both knew we both
like those events. After all, caring is sharing. This time I would be
sharing my son. Or actually, giving him. In one of the nearby rooms in this
hotel one horny pedophile was preparing for his visit. I did not know him,
but he was a safe contact. I was pretty sure this was no police trap, but a
fellow member of Dad-Son Exchange Club. This ring was established by some
really smart guys from The Programme - a heavy funded, secret and exclusive
organization of people of... special needs and tastes (a note to readers:
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"How old this uncle is", Boris asked.
"Forty five, I guess"
"Gosh, he is older than you, dad"
"Dont you like that?", I laughed, "I thought you liked the last one. And he
was almost sixty."
"I do", Boris said seriously, "The younger uncles are sometimes too rough.
Older men are nice and smooth. And they do like to blow me. And kiss a lot.
And they prefer to cum in my bum, not on my face."
"Ok, so lets prepare your butt. If your new uncle would want a quickie, he
wont hurt you"
I took a KY lube and asked Boris to lean against the table. He obeyed
happily, presenting his bare buttocks to me. In a most sexy way. Damn, he
wriggled his ass in so provocative gesture, I almost lost my control. All
my body cried: take him, use him, fuck him. Stick your dick in his hot ass
where it belongs and fill him with your daddy cream. However, I regained my
will. I spilled some lube on my fingers and delicately put it to the hot
rosebud of my son's ass. He moaned deeply. I saw his hand grasping his
little pecker.
"Boris, dont jerk!", I remained harshly, "You will do it, on your uncle's
"Dad, I have to cum...", he begged.
"Not now, son. You will cum soon. Just let me lube your sweet cunny. I bet
it will draw attention of some fat, meaty dick very soon"
I gently grabbed his hand and put it on the table, leaving the tiny cock
alone and throbbing. Then, I put some more jelly on Boris' ass. As a caring
and loving father, I put it just on a pulsing opening and smoothly pressed
it in. I felt my son's body thrilling when my finger went in. Then, I added
some more KY. I wanted my son to be properly fucked. And I wanted his tight
ass to welcome the unknown cock with hot, slippery grasp.
Finally, he was properly prepared. I knelt before him and looked in his
"Son, you are perfect. Damn, I envy this guy who will fuck you now. Now, be
a good boy and make me proud. Service this uncle, make him moan, make him
happy. And in the morning, go back here and tell me everything. I promise,
I will do much more with you. Love you, cub."
He said nothing, but kissed me and hugged tightly. His tiny dicklet stood
hard and pressed against me. I was the luckiest dad on Earth.
Finally, we wore our clothes. I choose casual jacket and jeans trousers,
while Boris got sexy white cotton panties (there is no better underwear for
a sexy ten years old!), trousers and white shirt. He did look as a kid. A
perfect pedophile prey, just a boy taken from a school. And his ass was
more than ready to serve an adult male. A proper task for a boy of his age.
I gave my boy a spare room keycard and we went outside. The uncle's room
was located just around the nearest corner. Boris was clearly excited and
looking forward to his date. I smiled to myself, feeling proud of my
parental skills. I have raised a really good son. Finally, we reached our
destination and I knocked at the door.
"Dad, do you know this new uncle?", Boris asked suddenly.
"No. I only exchanged emails with him"
"So, he might be...", Boris started but did not complete. The door opened.
The guy was rather short, around 40 years old. He also grew a potbelly. He
was not fat, he just had a belly. He was wearing a white dressing gown. My
first thought was that he was naked underneath. Under this tiny cloth there
was a fat, thick cock. Probably hard right now. Glistening with precum.
Ready to test my boy's holes. All of them. Looking at the man I was pretty
sure that he was horny as a goat. His balls must be heavy from cum, that
would surely be deposited in Boris' ass. Soon.
The man had a glass of whisky in his hand. Well, he would really looked
like a pedophile cliche, but his face was somehow handsome. He could be a
middleage manager or a CEO. A man of position and manners. He greeted us
with a smile.
"Name's John. Nice to meet you."
"I'm Alex. And this is my son, Boris."
He looked at my boy. His eyes beamed a clear shine of desire. I knew this
look so well.
"Hi Boris. What a handsome boy we have here."
"Hi uncle John. Its is nice to meet you"
The man looked at me and our eyes met. We both new why I led my son here.
We both share the same dark desires. This time it was my turn to offer my
boy. Dad-Son Exchange Club rule. Caring is sharing. I wondered if the man's
tool was already dripping precum. Mine was.
"Will you join us?", he asked.
"No, thanks. I bet you will enjoy your time together", I grinned.
"Well, I think we would. I will take good care of him", he returned a smile.
"So, I think this is the time I leave you, Boris", I patted my son, "I am
sure you will have fun, both of you"
John's wide grin revealed that he also had the same feeling. My son went
inside. Like a lamb entering a wolf's cave.
"Man, your boy is cute as a hell", John murmured.
I smiled, proud of this words. I knew my son is a pure pedophile's dream.
Mine, too, actually.
"So go and get him, stud", I whispered, "The whole night is yours".
He smiled.
I turned and headed towards my room. I heard door closing. Did John rushed
to my boy at once? Was he kissing him right now? Was he impatiently taking
my son's shirt off? Was his hand seeking for my boy's dick? I felt a rush
of desire flowing my body. Or maybe John was a patient predator. He could
ask Boris to sit on the bed. Maybe he would show him a video game? Or give
him a drink to loosen him up? He would then massage my son's arms... gently
kiss his neck. And then, he would sneak his hand into boy's pants.
Feeling horny as a hell I reached my room. I poured a big glass of whisky
and drunk it. Then I sighed. This would be a lone night for me and a
fucking great one for John. Feeling the first waves of alcohol warming me,
I went to bathroom. I got rid of my clothes and set free my aching dick.
Damn, it is I who should be fucking Boris now! I touched my cock and gave
him a nice squeeze. I wanted to cum so badly. But I also wanted to flood
Boris' ass in the morning. The sight of my cum leaking from his rosebud is
so sexy...
I looked to the mirror and smiled to myself. Then I looked again and
thought: "What a monster I am? Not only I am having sex with my own son,
but I just sent him to a pedophile like me. A man who I even do not know!
And I am fucking horny about that. The idea that in a nearby room this guy
is now probably putting his fat dick in Boris's mouth makes my dick hard as
a steel rod.
Taking a bath I tried not to touch myself, because I was a on a verge of
cumming. Visions of what was happening in a nearby room flown through my
mind. Was John now entering my boy's hole? Or maybe he opened his dressing
gown and pulled Boris's head to his sticking cock? Or maybe he preferred a
handjob? No, it must have been anal. Boris' ass was intoxicating. No adult
pedophile could resist it. Fuck! I almost came without touching myself!
I jumped out of the shower, and took a bottle. There is only one way I
could postpone my desire to jerk. To get drunk and go to sleep. I looked at
me hard tool.
"Sorry, pal. Today is no handjob. Rest now. I promise you will get your
reward early morning."
I took another glass of alcohol and headed to bed.
I woke up by hearing the opening of the doors. It must have been Boris. I
tried to pretend that I was still sleeping, but he did not give me a
chance. He jumped out of his pants and shirt and jumped on our bed wearing
only those sexy white panties.
"Hi dad! Wake up! Its morning!", he shouted, "Dont waste the day"
"Okaaaay", I murmured, "But where is my boy's morning kiss?"
He climbed to me and kissed my lips passionately. I felt salty taste on his
mouth. Damn! He have just made a blowjob to his lover. The taste was
intoxicating. Believe me, there is nothing better than to find a sperm of a
potent adult male on your son's lips in the morning... My little rascal
knew how to wake me.
"How is he", I asked.
"Nice. Sexy. I like him", Boris answered with clear joy in his eyes. "He
did me five times in the night. And he enjoyed my licking. His dick smells
"Did you blow him before leaving?"
"Yes, dad. Can't you feel that? I thought you will taste his cum..."
"Damn yes. I can taste it, boy", I laughed, "Did you enjoy this?"
"Mmmm... a lot, dad", my boy smiled, "I like him. And he also blown me a
few times. But he preferred to fuck me."
"How", I asked, almost not controlling myself, "How did he fucked you?"
"First time he took me in bed. He was nice and delicate. He removed my
pants, kissed me and told me that I have the cutest ass he ever seen. Then
he moved around and started to kiss my back..."
"My boy..." I moved my hand to Boris' hair.
"The four other times were more rough. And we were watching movies. Good
ones. You would like them. There were men and dogs. Would you buy me a dog?
They have red cocks, you now. And shiny. I would like to blow one.", Boris
answered, "In the morning, when I was sleeping, he woke up and took me
again. He was even more rough. He just pulled me to his body, moved his
dick to my bottom and rammed me. This was rough... Rough but fine. He was
so manly... Like he not making live but breeding me. Like those dogs in a
That was enough for me. I violently pushed Boris on the bed and raised
myself over his petite body. My son looked directly in my eyes and knew
what is coming next. He also wanted that. We both needed it. He moved to
his knees and presented his boyish rump to me.
With a deep groan I positioned behind him, catching a bottle of KY. I could
not resist my urge. I smeared some jelly on my tool and leaned to my boy.
"Prepare son. Prepare for breeding. Dad is gonna fuck you now and fill your
cunt with his seed.", I growled.
He just lowered his head and pushed back his hips. That was enough for me.
I placed my cock directly on his tiny rosebud and pressed into the warm
tunnel. Slowly I passed the tight gate and went in. I felt Boris rigorously
jerking his small dick beneath me.
"Can you feel it, son? Can you feel me inside?", I growled again, ramming
his young ass. He only gasped. I saw his little hand grasping a sheet.
I could not make it long. I waited too long. The warmth and tightness of my
sons' cunt was making me crazy. I only managed to make a few pushes when my
orgasm fell unto me. With a loud moan I filled his ass with my hot seed. I
grabbed my kid tightly and basked in the moment, sending spurt after spurt
into his body. Wave after wave my swimmers flooded my boy's love channel.
Finally, I collapsed and fell on the bed. My dick slipped out with a loud
"plop". The view was magnificent. Thick ropes of cum leaked slowly from
Boris' ass. He turned to my with lust glowing in his eyes. He knelt in from
of me and reached for my dick. With a happy smile he stared directly at me
and lowered his head, slowly opening his lips and engulfing me inside.
Waves of pleasure rushed through my body. I loved this postorgasmic moment,
when Boris was taking care of my penis. Like a playing puppy he gently
liked my cock, slowly slurping last drops of cum. Then he pulled me totally
in hot cave of his mouth.
His hand stopped jerking furiously his small dick. He did not reach his own
orgasm, but after a long night of constant fucking with John he was not
able to came so quickly. Even youths have their limits.
I reached, for him and we spooned. I hugged my sexy boy tightly. I felt so
proud of him. He was my precious and now I have marked him again with my
own cum. That was a good morning.
"Love you dad", I managed to hear his soft voice just before falling asleep.
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