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Chapter 1
Marshall's mistake
 My clients are special, each of them young boys who have been
unlucky enough to be saddled with one or more homophobic parents. As a
therapist, these parents want me to aid these boys and try to cure them of
their tendencies. Often I am sought out because the boy cried after getting
chewed out by his little league coach, was too sensitive, didn't make other
friends of the same sex, or my personal favorite was simply caught
masturbating. What ever the reason they bring these boys to me in hopes of
protecting them from a horrible fate as a homosexual deviant. These
ignorant, and arrogant fools pay me to ease their minds from their own
misguided fears. I love that they decide to trust me to fix these kids,
instead of just loving these kids for who they are. I take it upon my self
to fix these kids by allowing them to fully explore all the possibilities
of such alternative lifestyles. Once a boy learns that all the trust and
love their parents had for them is in jeopardy they are quick to come to
trust in my methods. After a boy learns his true place in the world they
are so much happier for it. I guess when parents see my tight tone body
outlined by my form fitting button up shirt and slacks, my piercing green
eyes and my short black professional fauxhawk, or my carefully manicured 5
o' clock shadow they don't see a boy loving gay man, but instead they view
me as an ideal picture of masculinity. Hey it works for me.
 Take little 9 year old Marshall Jacobs, the youngest of my clients
and one of my most adorable, in my opinion. His single mother brought him
to me because he was caught trying on a pair of her shoes. He sat in my
waiting room looking full of fear and desperation, his dark hair in large
loose curls hiding his steely blue colored eyes from view. His caramel
colored tan standing out against the white board shorts and Holster polo he
was wearing. His attire and attractiveness gave him the appearance of a
child model. His mother sat in my office in tears explaining how she walked
in on him after coming home early from work in her closet wearing her high
heals. The woman was in tears as she explained how it wasn't her fault he
didn't have a father figure in his life. She went on explaining, that her
husband ran off with his secretary 4 years ago and she has been too busy
with work to really seek out a new husband. I assured her that she did the
right thing coming to me. I told her about how young boys at his age are
already starting to develop sexual awareness and if not given the proper
guidance anything could happen. Of course my program was expensive but she
was more than willing to pay. He would stay with me so I could assess if he
were in fact a homosexual child. Then I would move on to other treatment,
if necessary. I made sure it always was. I let her know he would have to
miss a few weeks of school. I would tutor him in the mean time to keep him
up on his studies. Also, they could have no contact with each other during
this time. I would keep her updated by email. She agreed, as they all
do. She told me that she had already packed his things and had the suitcase
in the car. She was going to take this opportunity to take a small personal
vacation on a cruise and wanted to know if I could keep him a little longer
than normal. I let her know there would be an added fee but it would not be
a problem. She signed some temporary custodianship papers and we went out
to let Marshall know he would be staying with me.
 As usual the poor boy had no idea why he was entering into therapy
with me or that he would be staying away from home. I really prefer it this
way and instruct the parents not to mention these details, though most
times this is already what they were going to do. It helps me to convey the
gravity of the situation to these kids. After his mother gave him a good by
kiss and was out the door he looked to me. I could see the sense of
abandonment starting to settle in. With a cold expression I waved for him
to join me in my office. I took a seat behind my desk and told him to stand
in front of it. I have found that these very first moments are very crucial
in breaking through a child's defenses. An apprehensive kid is going to
second guess you and will rarely come to trust you completely.
"I am Dr. Foster, but you can call me Rick."I shoved the papers forward
across my desk and asked if he knew what they were. He looked at the
papers, the terms completely foreign to him. I explained that his mother
has placed me in charge of him, that she thought he was gay and had handed
him over to me. Marshall was understandably upset, he felt rightfully
betrayed and helpless. While he cried I offered him a chair and a glass of
water. I sat quietly for a moment and then explained he would be staying
with me at my cabin on the lake for the time being that I would like to get
to know him before deciding if I was going to enroll him in another school.
 The look of terror on his face was heart breaking, but I knew that
the more extreme this situation became for him the more he would come to
rely on my help. I gathered my files and my briefcase from my office and
ushered him out to my car. His suitcase was right at the front door as I
had requested from his mother. Once he saw it a new spasm of desperation
washed over him. I smiled reassuringly at him as I helped him into my
car. I was already packed so we immediately got onto the highway and headed
out of the city. The drive took about two and a half hours. We made one
stop at a gas station for bathroom breaks. I got him a candy bar and we
were on our way again in silence. We found the forest road that lead to my
privet cabin. A modern two story cabin style house with a deck right on the
lake. I took him to his room and let him unpack. I left for my room
stopping at my hidden control room to turn on my surveillance system. I had
hidden cameras all over the house to record our progress. Finally stopping
in my room I ditched my clothes for a gauze robe and one of my favorite
Andrew Christian jockstraps. The robe was completely see through but I
wanted to give the illusion of modesty. I peeked at the monitor showing
Marshall sobbing on his bed. I tied my robe closed and padded barefoot to
his room.
 I stopped at his open door and asked for him to come out to the
living room to talk. He followed me out commenting on how he could see my
butt through my robe. I ignored the comment and sat in a low designer chair
opposite of its matching couch where I offered Marshall a seat. He sat
looking at my body through my robe, I could see it was making him a little
uncomfortable. I let the hefty form fitted pouch holding my slightly
thickening cock hang right over the edge of my seat to display it for him
more prominently.
"Do you understand why you have come to live with me Marshall?" I asked in
an even authoritative tone. He sat there his eyes fixed on the bright red
pouch of my jockstrap. The boy looked up meeting my gaze and said in the
smallest voice.
"Cause my Mom thinks I am gay." He stifled back an onset of fresh tears.
"Yes, that is correct. So, let me ask you Marshall. Do you know what being
gay means?" I asked keeping my tone level and professional.
"It means she thinks I am a faggot!" His voice choked in his own throat as
he said the words.
"Well yes also to some extent but, do you know what a faggot does?" I asked
using his own terminology so he would understand he could talk about
anything in this house.
"It's when a dude like other dudes." He said looking a little unclear about
the full details.
"And do you like other dudes?" I asked my cock starting to arc slightly
against the fabric of my jock. His eyes kept darting between my crotch and
my eyes as he shrugged and shook his head.
"Look Mars, your Mother said you liked to be called Mars, is that right?"
He nodded in response. "Mars let me make this easy for you. Do you like
girls?" He looked at me with a kind of contemplative look mixed with a
slight bit of disgust.
"No, not really girls are stupid and most of them are mean." "Jackpot!" I
thought to myself realizing he had not yet found interest in girls.
"So you shook your head when I asked if you liked dudes but your Mother
said you have quiet a few friends. She told me about Derek, Shane, Adam,
and Paul. You like them don't you?" Mars lowered his head in thought as he
was filled with confusion. I cold see his mind contemplating the facts. It
was true he didn't really like girls, and he did like his friends. He had
never really thought of it like that. Could it be true, was he gay? He
hated to think it could be true and silent tears began to roll down his
"Hey Mars, it's okay. I am not going to judge you no matter what you
are. Your mom told me she found you trying on her shoes. Can you tell me
about that?" I asked him my voice shifting to a far more comforting
tone. Marshall's eyes widened with fear he had known his Mom was mad about
that but he had not thought about it. Did that make him gay? He had just
been curious about how to walk in heels it seemed so strange to him and
none of his own shoes had such heels. He hadn't considered that it could
mean he was gay.
"I just wanted to try them out." His voice oozing with guilt as he
struggled to stem the flow of his tears. I stood up stepping toward him
letting my crotch brush against his cheek as I leaned over the couch to
grab a box of tissues and offer it to him.
"There, there, it is totally normal for a "faggot" or sissy boy to want to
try on high heals. Mars do you think you might be a sissy boy?" I asked
placing a reassuring hand on his leg.
"No... I mean I don't think so. I don't want to be a sissy." He said
desperately his chest still heaving. I pulled him to his feet as I stood up
hugging him tight.
"Oh Mars, it is totally alright for you to be a sissy boy if that is what
you are. Don't feel like you need to know the answer right now. It has
been a long day for you. I am here to help you if you want. We can find out
if you are a sissy boy or not then we will know for sure. And once we know
then we can fix you. Then when you are better we can call your Mom and I am
sure she will want you back right away. What do you say to that?" Mars
looked up at me his eyes suddenly full of hope.
"Rick, you can get my Mom to take me back?" I smiled pressing his little
tight quivering body against my semi hard dick.
"Oh yes, if you want to let me help you figure out who you are. That is
what I do for boys, Mars. If I do this though, you will have to do
everything I say. I am not going to lie some of it will be hard for you
but, once we are finished you will be able to be happy with yourself and
your Mom will want you back for sure." Mars filled with hope finally got
control of his tears as he nodded his consent.
"Excellent, then we will start, for now lets go take a shower and get to
bed." I led him upstairs to the master bathroom. The shower was about a 5
foot square with huge clear glass door panels that went from floor to
sealing and four separate shower heads. Two at about waist level and two
fixed into the ceiling creating a rainfall effect. I showed him into the
bathroom and explained how to operate the shower controls. I explained to
him that he would have to be very clean for me if he wanted me to help
him. That he would be inspected thoroughly after every shower. He gave me a
worried look so I told him I would help him and show him how to make sure
he was all clean. With that I asked for his shirt which he hesitated to
give me until I suggested that he seemed to not want my help after all. He
removed his shirt and his little pert nipples were already standing at
attention. His perfect skin was over come with goosebumps as soon as he
handed his shirt over and I had to suppress a smile. I carefully folded his
shirt placing it out of reach on an empty shelf. I motioned for him to
continue and he hesitated again turning an obvious shade of embarrassed.
"Look Mars, there is no need to get embarrassed about your body we are both
guys here. Real men are not ashamed of their bodies. I have seen it all
already so you have nothing to be ashamed of. Here look, if it will make
you more comfortable I will go first." I opened my robe hooked my fingers
into my jock and let them fall to the floor my cock now soft again was
inches from his face as I hung my robe on the door hook. Marshall looked
obviously conflicted he wanted my help but seemed unused to being nude in
front of others. I squatted down next to him and placed my hands on the
waist of his board shorts.
"Come on Mars, like I said I am here to help you. Let's get you clean and
you can hit the sack." I started to undo his shorts and he let me remove
them. Once he was naked I looked him over carefully his eyes fixed securely
to the floor. He stayed silent his hands hiding his little cock from my
view. I started the shower and soon the warmth of the spray was soothing
our bodies.
"Mars, you are really very pretty for a boy. Is that because you want to be
a sissy boy so badly?" I asked my tone very nonchalant. Mars blushed
looking back at me with confusion on his face he was obviously not sure how
to answer. I looked from his eyes down to my cock which was at it's full
thick ten inches pointed straight at his face.
"Yeah, Mars your are a pretty sexy boy. Look what you did to my cock. Sissy
boys are really good at getting real men's cocks to stand at attention. You
don't even seem sorry about it either, look at your little cocklet it is
hard as a nail too." I said my voice dripping with a fair amount of
disappointment. Marshall's hands both fig leafed in front of his little
erection. His eyes were glued on my cock as the water splashed off of it.
"I did that? I'm sorry... I really am!" His voice full of desperation. I
could already tell I was going to have a lot of fun with this boy.
"You don't really seem sorry Mars. I would show you how a good sissy boy
shows how he is sorry but you still don't know if that is what you are
right?" He shook his head not really knowing what to say. "Well I guess I
know a way to tell if you are a sissy boy or not. We could check and then
if you are not we could forget this who thing. What do you say, wanna check
if you are a sissy boy? Do you want that? If you do you are going to have
to ask me yourself." Mars seemed unsure but hopeful that he could prove he
wasn't a sissy boy.
"Rick, can you check for me?" His voice was small and he seemed to shiver
even in the warm water. "Check what?" I asked waiting for him to say all
the words. "Can you check to see if I am a... sis...a sissy boy, please?"
Such a polite boy. I really liked the added courtesy.
"Hey, of course I can buddy. Do you know what cum is?" He looked at me his
face the picture of uncertainty. "So, when a real man, a guy who could
never be a sissy boy, strokes his penis like this..." I stroked down the
length of my penis keeping it less than in inch from is lips as I did. "He
can let some sperm out, we call it cum. It is white and milky, it happens
after a little while of stroking a cock. Sissy boys can't make cum. They
can stroke their cocklets, but it will only feel good nothing will come
out. It isn't their fault. You see they were born sissy boys. To be happy
they need to learn how to service real men. Have you ever stroked your
cocklet like this, Mars?" He seemed hypnotized by my stroking as he shook
his head no.
"Okay, well I guess I can help you with that too. Come over here with me."
I guided him over to me by his arm as I sat on the marble bench that lined
the back wall of the shower. I lifted his body and had him straddle my
lap. My cock shoved down under his crack pointing toward the glass doors,
and rubbing under his balls. I kept my legs wide so he could not shift in
his seat much as I pulled away his hands and started to stroke his two and
a half inch cocklet. His entire body blushed as I stoked him off, but he
didn't complain as I increased my pace.
"Sissy boys loved to be touched like this by real men, it actually makes
them feel good. Sissy boys will also moan when they like it." I said as I
started to fondle his balls with my other hand. Mars started to buck on my
lap causing my cock to slide across his crack as a slight moan escaped his
"Yeah, just like that. That is exactly the sort of moaning sissy boys do."
As I hastened my assault I could see his embarrassment level raising as he
tried stifle another moan with his hand. His body bucked in pleasure as he
squealed in delight once he reached his climax. As he shuddered in pleasure
he looked down toward my open hand displaying no sign of this "cum". He
shook his head and I could see he was feeling betrayed by his own body.
"Well Mars, looks like the test results are in and it looks like you are
definitely a sissy boy." I said my voice a little cross as I rose up
causing him to slide off my lap abruptly. "Just as I thought!" I
sighed. "Look here and see at what you did to my big cock! Sissy boys
always make areal Mans cock nice and hard. I mean do you want to be a sissy
boy? I know it isn't your fault. It is just how you were born, but it is
your choice if you want to stay that way!" I raised my voice to emphasize
the importance of his choice. He shook with fear as tears started to form
in his eyes again.
"I am really sorry Rick don't be mad. I don't want to stay a sissy
boy. Tell me how to become a real man like you, please!" His voice was
strangled as he choked down his tears. "Mars, I am glad to hear that is
what you want. However I don't think you can make a decision like that with
out first knowing and doing all the things that a sissy boy does. What if
you find out you really like being a sissy boy?" I asked him standing
before him my cock sticking out nearly rubbing his chin as I held his
shoulders sportively. "No, I don't wanna be a sissy boy any more! I know I
don't" He said obstinately. "Alright Mars, but you are going to have to do
a lot of stuff you don't want to at first but it is the only way I can help
a sissy boy like you and you will have to take responsibility for your
actions like when you make a real man's cock hard. Do you think you can do
that?" Marshall's expression was filled with uncertainty as he nodded.
"Here prove to me you are a sorry little sissy boy and kiss the head of my
real man cock." Marshall pursed his lips and leaned in getting his
adorable little lips all slimy with my pre. I placed my hand on the back of
his head and held him on my cock. "Now open your mouth and take it in like
a Popsicle. You have to be real careful not to let your teeth scrape my
cock." I kept up pressure on the back of his head letting inch after inch
of my cock slide into his hot little mouth. He gagged and brought his hands
up to my thighs fighting me once I had about three inches inserted in his
"That's a good sissy boy yeah Mars. You have to help me get my cock to go
down by drinking my cum. It will help you become a real man like me. When
you drink enough of it you will be able to make your own cum." Mars was
careful and the head he gave was lack luster but having my cock in his wet
mouth was hotter than words can express. I shoved a little harder with my
hips forcing another inch into his throat his gagging becoming a little
more violent.
"You have to relax Mars let it slide down your throat it is easier to make
a real man cum that way. Just relax and breath through your nose champ. I
am so proud of you. You are doing really well." I pulled nearly all the way
out giving him a chance to regain his composer and let his panic recede. He
seemed to be energized by my praise and redoubled his efforts actually
forcing my thick mushroom head down his little throat. I loved the sight of
his neck bulging with my cock sliding down it. He managed to get about
half of my cock in his mouth. A real trooper. I cold tell already that his
therapy was going to go very well. I held on to his hair a little rough
letting him know how good he was getting and how proud he was making me and
how he was getting me closer and closer to climax. A few deep thrust later
and I popped, shooting a torrent down his throat. I pulled out quickly
cumming all over his face so he could see the cum. I used my cock to push
my come back into his mouth.
"Always clean a real mans cock after you make him cum. That shows you are
truly sorry for making his cock so hard." Mars followed directions
obediently he didn't seem to have any real problem with the activity it was
obvious he was trusting fully in my guidance. With my cock deflating to
about half mast I moved on to the next part of his training. I showed him
how two thoroughly clean his body and then introduced him to the enema
nozzle attachment in the shower. He was very hesitant but trusted me to
show him how to clean his insides. After two rinsings he was clean. I
helped him get dry, brush his teeth and then had him stand nude with his
hands behind his head.
"You don't have any hair on your body, this is another sign that you're a
sissy boy. So, I know you are clean since I showed you how to get clean but
I am going to do a full inspection anyway so you can get used to it. I have
to use my tongue that way I can taste any areas you may have missed . If
you do miss anything then you will be punished. While I inspect you, you
need to stay standing just like you are know even if it tickles." I knelt
down and ran my tongue around his ear, his body shuddered as I traced my
way across his jaw and licked his lips. I forced my tongue in his mouth for
a few moments before disengaging and licking my way into his armpit. He
giggled and shifted as I held his arm in place. I licked down to his crotch
and sucked in his perfect little cocklet and balls eliciting a loud groan
of pleasure before turning him around and having him place his hands on the
wall I moved down pulling his butt cheeks apart and licking up and down his
crack. He shuddered and moaned like a girl every time I swiped his virgin
bud. I kept this up for a little while before pressing at his tight pucker
and forcing my tongue in. He squealed and his body writhed against my grip
on his ass as I probed his insides deeply with my tongue. I am not sure how
long I tongue fucked his fresh tasting hole but I soon felt his sphincter
spasming on my tongue as he reached his second orgasm of the night. Mars
collapsed on the floor I let him recuperate getting him a glass of water
and sitting with him between my legs my soft cock right in front of his
face. I stroked his back lovingly letting him know what a good job he did
and how I could tell he was really sorry about what he had done to my
cock. I scooped him up and took him back to his room. I tucked him in bed
and once he passed out I removed all of his clothing from his luggage and
locked them away in my bedroom. The chest of drawers in his room was
stocked with a fair share of panties and a pair white speedos for swimming
in the lake.
In the morning Mars wandered into the kitchen with his new speedos on
looking a little self conscious. I was wearing noting under my gauze
robe. He stopped suddenly seeing my nakedness under my robe. "Morning,
honey how are you feeling today?" I asked in a friendly tone placing a
plate of pancakes in front of him. "I can't find any of my clothes
Rick. Do you know where they are?" He asked either not catching or caring
about the "honey" remark. He took a seat at the table and started to eat
the pancakes. "Oh, yes I packed them away, those are going to have to be
something you work towards. They represent the clothing of a boy ready to
become a real man. Your speedos are for outside only. It is fine for you to
ware them for now cause you didn't know, but in the future if you don't
follow my rules, I will have to punish you. When you are in the house you
can be naked or you can wear any of the panties in the drawers in your
room." I said in a very even tone that invited no room for argument. I
could see as Mars hesitated to take another bite of his food contemplating
arguing about the panties. I watched as his shoulders feel slightly in
defeat as he continued eating his food.
After he finished eating I took him into my "work room" a small dungeon I
use for training boys like Mars to be the little sluts they were born to
be. I had him remove his speedos and get on his hands and knees on the
raised table I had in the center of the room. He didn't argue but I could
see all of the desire to protest in his body language. "When I ask you to
do something Mars, I don't want to see you hesitate." I spoke sternly as I
removed some items from a cabinet not even stopping to make eye
contact. When I turned around he was completely naked and waiting kneeling
in the dogie style position. "I am a little concerned about your
inspection yesterday Mars, only true sissy boys get that good feeling you
did when their rear ends are played with. I am going to need to see if that
was just a fluke or if you just really like things up your bottom. So, I am
going to need your help here as well. I don't want to have to do all the
work, you need to show me you want to get better. I moved around the table
fastening his legs right below his knees, his wrists and ankles on to the
table. I explained that I didn't want him slipping off. I brought a rack
with a place to rest his head and to prevent him from leaning
forward. Telling him it was only for his head to rest on, of course. I
brought out an small prostate massager and a small syringe filled with a
special lubricant I developed to enhance anal sensitivity. I inserted the
spout into Marshall's tight boy hole and squirted the contents into him. He
protested with only a small yelp of surprise at the intrusion but otherwise
stayed quiet. I let the lube do its work while I asked him a few questions
about his best friend Derek, had he ever seen Derek Naked? Which he had
once at the pool. I asked him if Derek was circumcised or not, and
explained what that meant. Derek was not. I asked him if he thought about
other boys cocks a lot? He replied that he didn't think so. I grabbed onto
his little hard cocklet and asked that if that was the case why was he so
hard talking about it? He said he didn't know why. I explained that it was
alright and that he didn't need to lie to me. His body obviously liked it
when he thought about Derek's cock. The drugs in his ass were taking full
effect and at this point he couldn't go soft if he wanted to. I turned on
the monitor on the wall toward where Mars was facing and brought up a movie
with a young blond boy being fucked by a hot emo teen twink with long black
hair and a neon green highlight. I explained that boys who were going to
grow into real men would not be able to stay hard watching this kind of
thing, so I wanted him to try and get his cocklet to go down. I lubed up
the prostate massager and started to rub it against his tight hole. Mars
was hypnotized by the screen. I could see his intense concentration as he
tried to ignore the probe and will his little cocklet to go down.
"Mars, I need you to push back on this tool so it will go inside
you. Hopefully what happened last night won't happen again." I spoke as he
looked back. I gave him a concerned nod.
"I don't think I can. Rick I think it is too big." He said not really even
trying to push it into his hole.
"Mars, it is very small, you need to be able to do this. Just relax and
push back against the tool." I said rubbing his back gently causing
goosebumps to from at the small of his back and over his butt cheeks. Mars
pushed back and I kept the pressure steady but kept it from breaching his
hole. "Come on try bouncing back and forth a little it might loosen you up
a bit." Mars sighed in frustration a bit but started to rock back and forth
harder then was really wise. I took the opportunity to push the toy all the
way inside of him. He grunted just as the young blond haired boy on the
screen started to scream out in pleasure as the older teen picked him up
and bounced the little fella on his cock. He tried to lean away from the
toy but the head rest stopped him.
"Take it out, take it out!" He pleaded as I kept it embedded in his guts.
"Just relax Mars the worst is over." Mars watched the screen as I rocked
the toy against his prostate. He started to moan out like a little whore as
the sensation overwhelmed him. I slowed up and let Mars take over the pace
of the assault. He began to push back arching his back and wailing like the
little boy in the video. I kept my hand steady as he increased his rocking
and started to scream and shudder as his orgasm took hold. His little
cocklet still rock hard thanks to my special lube. He lay there with a
glazed look over his beautiful little face. I removed the toy and inserted
my finger rubbing inside looking for his boy button. As I found it I began
to pound on it. Again he groaned as my finger stretched him more than the
toy, but he didn't complain. I moved to the side as I continued working his
ass so he could see my now raging erection. I saw his eyes widen as he
realized what had happened.
"I'm so sorry Rick, I didn't mean to do that to you again!" I could hear
the sincerity and panic in his little voice. "Yeah, well if you are gonna
moan and scream like a little sissy bitch boy this is what is going to
happen. I guess, I will show you another way you can show how sorry you are
and take care of this." I pulled the step out of the bottom of the table
and took my place be hind him my cock aligned with his tender boy hole.
"Now just like the boy in the movie I need you to take care of this for
me. You are a sissy boy. There is now no denying it. If you want to be a
real man, you are going to need cum. You need as much as you can get. You
can swallow it like you did last night which is a great way to get it. Also
you can take it in your butt. It will absorb faster that way and will speed
up your transformation into a real man." I lined up my cock with
Marshall's pink opening and pressed just enough to keep it in place. "Now
show me you want my help Mars. Now, just like the boy in the video push
back and take my cock into you." His face was awash with confusion at his
bodies betrayal. His cocklet still hard and throbbing his insides already
starting to itch with a need to be filled again. He wanted to go home and
forget about all of this but he knew the only way his mommy would want him
back was if he was a gonna be a real man and not a sissy boy. He silently
cursed himself for moaning like that and causing Rick to get hard again.
"I think I would rather suck on it again Rick. I don't think it will fit."
Mars pleaded, careful not to relax his body or push back against the cock
at his hole. "Mars, buddy. This is the best way for you to get the cum you
need to help you. I know it is scary but look at the boy on the screen he
is doing just fine. Here let me show you." I fast forwarded the tape to a
scene where a muscular tattooed daddy type wearing only a jockstrap enters
the room. The man had sun glasses obscuring his identity and dark short cut
hair covered in a beanie. You could see some family resembleance with the
Emo boy and the man in their facial features even though their bodies were
very differently developed. The teen boy smiles up at the man letting him
know he has readied their play toy and calling the man daddy. He pulls out
of the boy's ragged hole and moves to the boy's mouth as the daddy walks
over behind the little guy and lowers his jockstrap revealing his massive
10 inch monster. He pushes his hard cock slowly into the boy. The teen
starts to ride the boys face keeping the boy from crying out as he is
violated by the muscled daddy's monster. You can see the discomfort on the
boy's blue eyes but like a trooper he continues to suck off the dark haired
teen. The hung daddy continues to feed the young boys ass with inch after
inch of his meaty 10 inches. Using only the emo boys cum as lube his fat
tube sinks into the little angel. The camera zooms in on the penetration
shot as the huge cock not yet fully inserted pulls out completely. The
little blond's ass hole stretched wide messy and leaking the emo boys
cum. The monster cock plunges back into the gaping hole sending the
frothing cum back into the depths of the small boy. The cock slides in
quickly this time not stopping until the daddy's trimmed pubes are smashed
against the boy's butt cheeks. The boy let out a gurgling howl around the
emo boys cock causing it to pop out of his mouth with a good deal of spit
and pre slime. The young boy begins to jolt forward as the daddy starts to
fuck him hard. "Fuck my boy pussy Daaaaaaaddddddy!" The boy screams out as
he was violently pistoned on the huge member.
"See, Mars. If he can do it, you can too. Now just relax and push back." I
could feel Marshall's body quiver as I placed both hands on his rear
pulling his cheeks apart so I could watch as he pushed my cock head into
his tiny hole. He rocked back a little to far and shot forward into the
brace. I expected the reaction and let my body follow his so my cock stayed
inserted. Mars squealed out in pain as his hole burned from the sudden
stretching. His breathing erratic as he pleaded with me to take my cock out
over and over. "Mars you are going to have to finish what you started! You
asked for my help and I am not going to give up on you. Not now! I know you
can do this. Just relax buddy and then push back further when you are
ready." Tears were streaked down Marshall's flushed cheeks as he sniffled
and tried to catch his breath. "Rick, I can't... I can't do it, your too
big. It hurts too much." As Mars spoke the little blond boy on the screen
started to cry out as the emo boy slid his cock back into his tiny hole
alongside the Daddy's monster cock. The little boy was in obvious
discomfort and tears were cascading down his angelic face as he cried out
for them to continue. Mars looked to the screen his eyes wide with
disbelief, he never imagined such a thing. "See Mars, it doesn't matter if
you are small. You can do this!" His attention snapped back to the present
as I tensed my cock in his ass. He shivered, his coltish legs shuddering
from the strain. His golden body glistening with prepubescent
sweat. Realizing he has no where to escape to he swallowed his reservations
and fears and slowly started to push more of my cock into him. About three
inches in the pressure felt too great and he tried to pull forward again,
and again I traveled with him my cock still embedded. If Mars ever caught
on to the little trick of the brace he never let on. After a short while of
la bored grunting he began to push back again, this time I helped him. I
pushed in the rest of the way loosing patients with his speed. His face
flush with strain he nearly passed out leaning his head on the surface of
the brace. 'Good job Mars, I knew you could do it. You like this big cock
up inside of you don't you?" "No... it... hurts... please..." Marshall's
voice was tiny and ragged as I cut him off. "Marshall that is a good hurt!
That hurt is how you get rid of the sissy boy inside of you. When a real
man is inside of you, you need to let him finish. You need to help him. You
need to tell him you love it and want it inside you so you can get his
cum. If a real man thinks you don't like it he won't be able to give you
his cum. Like the boy on the screen. Those men are trying to help him
too. He calls that man daddy out of respect. That little sissy boy wants to
show him that he will do what ever it takes to not be a sissy boy any
more. That is what you need to do Mars, you need to let me know you respect
me by calling any man inside you daddy. You need to beg men to fuck your
mouth and your boy pussy to hurt that sissy boy inside you so bad that you
can grow into a real man. Don't you want that Mars? Don't you need to be a
real man so you can go back to your friends?" "Yeeeeeeesss!" Marshall
started to cry as I tensed my cock again snapping him back to the situation
at hand. "Then what do you need from me Mars, you little sissy bitch boy?
Tell me what you need, show me you respect me!" "I... I need ... you... I
need you to hurt my boy pussy daddy!" Mars spoke on the verge of tears but
those were soon forgotten as I pulled back and began to long dick the boy
steeling all his wind. "Oh Mars, Yes! I am so proud of you honey! You are
my sexy sissy boy. I will give you all the cum you need!" I could see my
words affecting the boy as he began to try an bear his deflowering. My cock
made obscene squelching noises as it plunged in and out of Marshall's
stretched out hole. His screams were ones of discomfort but he still tried
his best to fight against the pain. He was hoping this pain was the sissy
boy in him dyeing once and for all. Marshall's hoped that he was a lucky
and this was all he needed to stop being such a sissy boy. The pain from
Rick's assault was nearly unbearable. He had never been spanked before but
he imagined this was what that hurt like. He grunted as his body strained
to take Rick's huge monster. He was so grateful that Rick an obviously
straight man would do this to help him. Mars was exhausted the strain on
his little body quickly overcoming his ability to control himself any
longer. I pulled out, getting a small stool. I placed it under Marshall's
chest to keep him in the same position. As I reinserted fully hearing the
boy moan out uncontrollably I could feel his sphincter loose its ability to
try to squeeze my cock out. I went at Marshall's hole for a nearly an hour
before I finally came deep inside of him. The boys moans were horse and
steady a I forced the wind out of him over and over. I brought my softening
cock back to his dazed faced and reminded him to clean it. He looked a the
slimy glistening cock with some trepidation but his will to fight was gone
or he was just to worn out to argue and he opened his mouth to comply. Mars
sucked and slurped my cock clean with his exhaustion curbing his
enthusiasm. Once my cock was soft again I wandered over to the cabinet and
removed a small butt plug it was small but round like a trailer hitch. I
pressed it firmly against his tiny worn pucker and popped it inside. He
squealed out abruptly but I explained this would help him absorbed all the
cum and he had to get used to having it in.
I carried Mars back upstairs and into his bedroom and laid him down so he
could recover.
To be continued...