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Exhibitionist Boy 1

(MM/b) This is a work of fiction. It is not based on actual events. Nothing here ever happened-- not even close. This story contains sexual scenes involving two men over nineteen, and one boy of thirteen. You have been warned! Please support the Nifty Archive if you can. Comments to [email protected]

One of my favorite places to go during the summer, during college break, is the library. It's air conditioned, for one thing, and has huge windows that look out on the neighborhood park, for another. It gives you all of the joy of being outside, with none of the heat and hay fever. Another bonus is the fact some of the chairs are placed so that it overlooks a smallish half-pipe the town had built as a concession to the fact that kids like skateboards and a playground.

I figured the chairs were actually there for the parents, but few parents actually bother to come in while the kids were outside. In fact, the playground was mostly a parent-free zone, too, except for the toddlers and really young kids, so no one was likely to notice if you sat in chair by the window and watched shirtless 13 year olds showing off their boxers, skinned knees, and developing 4- and 6-packs.

I liked the 4-packs better; they looked more like boys, athletic without giving the impression of encroaching manhood. For the most part, the boys did not venture into the library, which enforced a strict dress code, but that was fine by me. Other than binoculars and maybe a video camera, I could not have asked for a better set-up for boy watching.

Today, like most days, I came in at noon, placed my jacket on the corner chair to mark it as taken, and went in search of a book to read until the skater boys started arriving later in the afternoon. This time, one of the rare skater kids was in the library, wandering around the stacks. Without quite meaning to, I changed course to follow him.

He was maybe 12 or 13 years old, thin, about 5 foot tall, and very striking, even for a boy ? all boys are born beautiful. I doubted he weighed more than 85 pounds. His long white-blond hair came just past his shoulders, and the ends were dyed black. Or maybe it was the other way around, but I did not think so. He was wearing white cargo shorts and sneakers with no socks, which set off his long brown, tanned legs, a white wife beater mostly covered by a short-sleeved light denim shirt, and a heavy silver chain around one ankle. The only off note was the lime green skateboard he had tucked up under one arm.

I imagined the cargoes would be lowered later on in the day, showing off his underwear, or if I was lucky, his tan line and ass cheeks, while the shirts would be right off, puddles somewhere on the ground near the half-pipe. I started to chub up a bit thinking about it. I so wanted to see this boy's body!

My boy kept browsing along, stopping occasionally to run his fingers along a shelf or the spine of a book. It was obvious he really was not looking at the books, just wasting time. Whenever he stopped, I would do the same, hoping he would not notice that I was drooling over him.

He never actually looked at me, though I thought I saw him looking at me out of the corner of his eye once. It worried me, so when he turned the corner of the shelf, I stayed where I was, watching him through the shelves. I also noticed that there was another man following him, maybe about my age, 19 years or so! He was more obvious about than I was which made me both jealous and relieved. On one hand, I wished I were brave enough to be that open; on the other hand, if the boy complained to the staff, it would be my rival that got the boot.

The boy looked back at the other man following him, and gave him a smile and a wink! Now I was really jealous!? I hurriedly followed as they turned the corner, heading towards the back of the library. As I followed, I saw the boy's shoes shoved up against the shelves. I stopped and picked them up. Even though I do not have a foot fetish, I could not help but sniff them as I hurried along. They smelled earthy, not stinky -- more like the smell of a garden, or fresh mown grass.

I went to the next row of shelves, and saw the boy and his other watcher. The boy was still playing at looking for a book, ignoring the both of us. Even though the man's back was to me, me, I could tell from the motions he was making that he was rubbing himself. I started doing the same thing, through my pocket with the bottom cut out.

The boy had unbuttoned his denim shirt, and now he took it off and let it drop to the floor beside his skateboard before reaching for the top row of shelves. Even standing on tiptoe, he was only just able to reach the bottom of book and pull it down. His motion caused his white wife beater to rise up, showing off his trim, flat tummy. It was just a brown as his arms and legs -- evidently, this kid spent a lot of time outdoors with his shirt off.

When he came down, his cargo shorts had slipped a bit, showing a sliver of black white checked boxers. The boy turned his back to us, flipping pages in the book as he walked deeper into the stacks in his bare feet. The other guy and I both hurried to follow. I stopped to pick up the boy's shirt and board. It had the same outdoors smell as the shoes, but not as strong. I was a bit cross because I couldn't play with myself anymore, but I was happy to be holding onto my boy's -- I thought of him as mine because I'd seen him first -- clothes.

The other man had noticed me following, and at first he looked scared, but then he noticed what I was carrying and smiled. I smiled back at him, and we both followed the young skater boy down the aisle.

The boy's pants were starting to slip as he walked, but he pretended not to notice. Slowly more and more of his boxers were showing as he walked. I was so hard at watching his show that I thought I might come without touching myself. I could not believe this awesome-looking youngster was stripping off right in front of two horny college aged men!

His pants finally worked their way past his round bubble butt, and dropped to the floor. He lifted one leg and then the other out and kept on walking.

I could not pick up the pants because my hands were full, so the other man did. The boy's boxers had a hole in the back, and it kept opening and closing as he walked.

The boy had gone back as far as he could, into the back corner of the library. Now he turned around and looked at us, with a smile full of mischief on his face. His eyes were a nice chocolate brown that went well with his hair and skin. He had a boner from us watching him strip, and the tip was peeking through the fly of the boxers.

"Uh-oh," he said, he eyes dancing. "I've lost my clothes! Thanks for finding them for me. My name is Brent."

"Hi, Brent," I said, putting his clothes and the skateboard down on the floor. "I'm Davey."

"I'm Sam," said my co-stalker, as he reached out around Brent and took hold of the black and white checked boxers at one side of the hole. "Did you know you had a hole in your underwear?"

"It can't be very comfortable," I said, taking hold of the other side. Sam and I both tugged, and the boxers tore all the way up the back. They were now hanging on Brent's boner. He looked down and smiled, flexing his ass cheeks to make the torn boxers dance up and down on his dick.

"You're right," he said. "This feels lots better!"

"You don't have much of a tan line," I told him, pushing up his white wife beater T-shirt. It was true: his privates were almost as brown as his publics, except for a thin pale strip around his waist and crotch.

"Nah," he answered, holding out his arms to help me slip off his shirt. "I lost my tan line at the Pines." He was talking about a naturist resort I had heard was located nearby. No wonder he has so few inhibitions about showing himself off.

Sam got on his knees and starting sucking Brent's young cock through the remains of the boxers, rubbing his own cock through his pants. Brent was moaning loudly.

I unzipped and went behind him and started pressing my boner between the lean globes of his ass while tweaking his erect nipples... he reached around and guided my cockhead to his hole.

"Are you sure it's ok?" I asked him.

"Yeah! Suck me and fuck me, please!" he responded.

I grabbed his shoulders and pushed home for all I was worth. He yelped and rose on his tiptoes, forcing his cock deep into Sam's throat. Sam gagged briefly before starting to suck even harder and faster. It was so wild, fucking a willing boy in the public library while another horny man sucked on his cock.

His tight ass was warm, soft, and somewhat hard at the same time. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before, not loose and sloppy. We had just got into a rhythm when Brent suddenly froze and grabbed Sam's head to keep him from moving. Sam swallowed as Brent came is his mouth, and his chute clamping and releasing on my cock drove me over the edge.

During all my time boy watching I'd never dared to believe I'd ever be fucking a boy outside my wet dreams, but here I was, filling a hot young skater boy with my juices.

Sam had a wet spot in the front of his pants; he had cum, too... He stood up and wandered off in a daze, taking the cum-stained torn boxers with him.

My softening cock slipped out of Brent's hole. I used his T-shirt to mop up the juices dribbling out of his ass, and then held his cargo pants open for him while he slipped them on. I kissed him on his hard, flat stomach and I did up his fly.

"Thanks," he told me. "That was really hot!"

"Yeah. I wish it could have gone on longer." I sighed. "I figure since you're here for the Pines, I won't see you again."

"Hey," he said, handing me his wet t-shirt. I stuck it in my pocket. "Cheer up! We are moving here! My old man's gonna help manage the place."

He picked up his Skateboard.

"Now," he said, grabbing my hand, "come watch me skate!"

Afterword: This story is inspired by Big Bro Helps Out, Jimmy Shows Off, Jeffie Shows Off and all the "Show-Off Boy/Boy Loses His Clothes" stories in the Adult-Youth archive on Nifty. Please read them, and let the author(s) know you want more!

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