Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2015 10:31:30 +0000
From: John McQuillium <[email protected]>
Subject: My first pimp part 1
My 1st Pimp
The following is a true account of the sex I had when an older boy started
renting me out.
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 One of the great things about growing up in London is the
interconnectivity of the place. My schooling to the age of 16 had been in
private schools for boys only so I was known and had friends there. Also I
was the rugby and cricket captain for my age group at school so I knew boys
from the teams of others schools. On top of that I played amateur rugby
and cricket so had friends there. Being in the air cadets meant I had
friends there as I did from a youth club I attended. Then I knew friends
of those friends. The downside side to that interconnectivity was being
found sucking off an older black lad when I was 14 years 8 months old. The
rumour that I was a cock sucker spread like wild fire through all those
veins of friendship.
 When I was caught noshing knob it had been the Easter holidays so I
viewed the start of term like a prisoner on death row especially as I went
to a boys only school. However my outing went well and I quickly became
thankful that people knew I was into guys. Some boys have a hell of a time
when they come out or are found out but mine just drew the other closeted
gay and bi boys to me. Also as I was the rugby and cricket captain I
didn't have to worry about physical violence and my scything sarcastic wit
could cut down any verbal abuse.
 The rumour I was a cock sucker reached the ears of an older straight boy
at the youth club I attended. Leonard was one of the boys there who I
secretly fancied but I knew he was straight. He had a bad boy appearance
and aurora but he didn't do anything illegal except smoke pot occasionally.
Leonard attracted girls like months to a flame and in no time he was in
their knickers. He was 18 years old but could pass as 19 or 20. He had
really dark brown hair with his fringe fashionably styled. He had a
trimmed dark brown beard and moustache that added to his bad boy
appearance. His pale oval face was perfectly proportion with flawless
skin. He had dreamy dark brown eyes a cute angular nose and lush pink
lips. Leonard was about six feet tall with a slim but not skinny body.
 The first time anything sexual happened between us Leonard was wearing a
thin long sleeved white V-necked jumper and ripped dark blue jeans. On his
right wrist he had a black leather strapped watch and on his left he had a
black leather bracelet with metal studs. It happened in the toilets when I
was 15 years old, a few of months after I got caught sucking a black boy's
cock. Leonard joined me at the urinal trough as I was taking a piss. My
heart started to race at the possibility of getting a glimpse of this older
bad boy's cock. He unzipped his jeans and fished out his cock. Keeping my
head facing forward I looked downwards with my left eye and got the glimpse
I was hoping for. Leonard was uncut with his pale foreskin covering all of
his knob. "I hear you're a cock sucking faggot." Leonard said to me.
Immediately I began to panic and feared I was about to be queer bashed
however there was nothing I could do as my piss was mid-flow. With will
power I managed to halt my flow and prepared to run. "Hey where do you
think you're going?" Leonard said blocking my path. Now I really worried
I was about to be beaten up. "Get to work poof." Leonard than added as he
placed a hand on each of my shoulders and tried to push me down to my
knees. This totally confused me as I thought he was going to be beat me up
but now he wanted me to suck his cock. The fact it was well-known he was a
ladies man who had shagged his way through all the fit girls at the youth
club added to my confusion. "Are you bi?" I asked. "No I ain't not into
gay shit but a blow job is a blow job." Leonard said without malice in his
voice or on his facial expression.
 Leonard's reply confused me even further. So far I'd only had sex with a
handful of gay or bi boys so I was confused as to why a straight boy would
want another boy to suck him off. However throughout my sex life I would
meet more guys like Leonard who were straight but open minded or horny
enough to take a blow job off another guy. "Have you been blown by guys
before?" I asked still confused. "Yeah a couple of you homos have sucked
me off through a glory hole in the public bogs down the road." Leonard
replied and despite him using derogatory terms there was no malice or
hatred behind them. Wow I'll have to check those loos out I thought to
myself. "So are you going to suck me off or not?" Leonard asked. "Do you
want me to?" I asked confused that this straight older boy wanted me to
suck him off. "Like I said a BJ is a BJ." Leonard said nonchalantly.
 Wow I couldn't believe my luck that this sexy straight lad wanted me to
suck him off. The fact the favour wouldn't be returned or that I was
nothing more than a hot wet mouth to him didn't matter. All the boys at
the youth club wanted to be Leonard and all the girls wanted to be fucked
by him now I had the opportunity to suck him off. He had a confident
swagger and the gift of the gab. If a girl didn't drop her knickers for
him freely he could talk his way into them. A fair few of the girls at the
youth club had lost their virginity to Leonard and despite knowing they'd
never be his girlfriend they kept coming back because he was so sexy, a
great fucker and there was the social kudos of it being known you were one
of his bitches. Now this straight sex god wanted another boy to suck him
off. He could have gone back into the youth club and any number of girls
would have willingly dropped to their knees to suck him off or drop their
knickers for him but he had chosen me to do it. There was no reason for me
to feel special though. Leonard had had countless blow jobs off girls and
women but he'd found that gay guys sucked cock the best so he didn't mind
using a fag's mouth to get off in.
 Before Leonard changed his mind I went into a toilet cubicle and sat on
the loo. Leonard followed me and locked the door behind him. When he
stood in front of me I saw he was now hard. Throughout our conversation I
had been concentrating on Leonard face in case he was trying to entrap me
to give him an excuse to beat me up. Leonard undid the buckle of his black
leather belt and then undid his jeans. He was wearing a pair of yellow
briefs with his cock out but his balls still inside. Hooking my fingers in
the waistband of his briefs I pulled them down a bit to give me better
access. The erotic stink of teen boy crotch sweat hit my nostrils as I
pulled his briefs down. Leonard was pale skinned but his groin was an even
lighter shade. He had a dense bush of really dark brown pubes trimmed
short and a broad treasure trail. His pale hard cock was pretty thick and
7 inches long. The shaft was fairly veiny and his pale foreskin had peeled
back a bit so that it just covered the ridge of his swollen knob. It
jutted upwards at a 45 degree angle from the horizontal. Below his balls
were encased in a tight pale sack covered with dark brown pubes. Looking
at Leonard's hard cock it was no wonder why so many girls ended up on their
back under him.
 Just to check this wasn't a trap I looked up a Leonard. He had his hands
clasped together behind his head. His eyes were closed probably to block
out the fact he was about to be sucked off by a boy rather than a girl.
His very good looking face that had bad boy sex appeal with its trimmed
beard was expressionless. Before I woke up from my wet dream or Leonard
came to his senses and changed his mind I set to work by licking and
sucking his balls. They tasted and stank deliciously of teen boy crotch
sweat which fired off my taste buds and flooded my nostrils. Leonard
started to quietly purr with pleasure as I sucked and his sweaty hairy
balls. His pale thick veiny 7 inch cock throbbed in eager anticipation and
there was a trickle of pre-cum running down the underside.
 Once I had sucked Leonard's balls clean of his delicious teen boy crotch
sweat I started licking my way up the underside of his thick throbbing
cock. My taste buds had a new flavour to savour when my tongue dragged
through his trickle of pre-cum. When my tongue reached his swollen knob it
circled around it to lick up Leonard's tasty pre-cum. Then opening my
mouth I swallowed Leonard's thick throbbing 7 inch cock whole. With my
nose buried in his dark brown pubes I tightly clamped my lush red lips
around the thick base of his cock. With all 7 inches of Leonard's cock in
my mouth I savoured its heat and throbbing pulse. Then I launched into a
deep throat blow job. My lush red lips rapidly wanked the thick throbbing
shaft of Leonard's 7 inch cock as my tongue tickled it. My mouth was
sucking like a Hoover on overdrive. When his swollen knob plugged my
throat I squeezed the muscles back there on it. When I pulled back and
just his swollen knob was in my mouth I strongly sucked it and swiped it
with my tongue. As I sucked Leonard's cock I fondled his balls with my
right hand and caressed his firm furry stomach with my left hand. "Shit I
love the way you fags swallow it whole." Leonard quietly purred at my deep
throat blow job. Looking up I saw Leonard still had his hands clasped
behind his head and his eyes closed but his good looking face now had an
expression of sexual pleasure as he had a younger boy deep throat his cock.
 As I deep throated Leonard's hot hard throbbing 7 inch cock I drank in
the erotic musky sweaty aroused aroma of his groin. My taste buds buzzed
from the salty sweat flavour of Leonard's pre-cum and he was a real leaker.
Whenever I could I would look up to admire Leonard's sexy face. It had bad
boy sex appeal probably due to his trimmed dark brown beard. Leonard was
the kind of confident cocky but not arrogant lad that made other lads
envious and girls wet in the knicker department. Leonard's sexual success
with females was well known so I felt so privileged to be sucking his cock.
His favourite kink was cherry popping virgin posh public schoolgirls but he
would fuck practically any female. He'd seduced a female teacher when he
was 16 and was banging a mother and her daughter. Surprisingly he went for
the mother to get to the daughter, even using his gift of the gab to
convince her to offer up her daughter's virginity to him. All that made it
all the more surprised that he had come to me to suck him off.
 For about fifteen minutes I sucked Leonard's thick throbbing cock. My
tightly clamped lush red lips savoured rapidly sliding up and down the
thick veiny shaft of Leonard's throbbing cock. My taste buds relished the
delicious salty sweet flavour of his free flowing pre-cum. My nose drank
in the aroma of his teen boy crotch sweat. My right hand savoured fondling
his balls as my left caressed his flat firm furry stomach. His purrs of
sexual pleasure was music to my ears and let me know I was going a good
job. There was the kinky thrill I was 15 years old but there I was sucking
off an 18 year old straight sex god in a youth club toilet cubicle. My
untouched cock was achingly hard in my shorts which now had a large damp
patch. Then I started feeling Leonard's body starting to tense. Sensing
he was getting close to orgasm I stopped deep throating Leonard's 7 inch
top but worked on the top few inches at a faster pace and with a corkscrew
 Leonard held out for another couple of minutes before he was ready to
blow. "Drink my cum bitch." Leonard quietly moaned. Leonard's thick cock
swelled even more before it began to twitch with orgasm. Leonard
powerfully blasted out jet after jet of really thick cum into my strongly
sucking, rapidly bobbing hot wet mouth. Straight away its strong salty
sweet flavoured fired off my taste buds. Leonard powerfully fired out ten
large ropes of tasty cum and I let it all pool on my tongue. When
Leonard's orgasm ended he pulled his cock from my cum laden mouth. He
stuffed his saliva soaked cock back into his briefs and started doing up
his jeans. As he did so I swilled and savoured his really thick and
delicious twink boy cum in my mouth. "Breath a word of this and I'll beat
the shit out of you." Leonard aggressively said threatening me with a
clenched fist once his jeans were done up. It was probably just him
asserting his masculinity to cover up the fact he had just used a younger
boy's mouth to get off in. "Does this mean I'm one of your bitches?" I
asked after swallowing his cum. Leonard was so sexy so I hoped this wasn't
going to be a one off. "I ain't ever going to fuck you as I wouldn't even
do a girl up the shitter..." Leonard said with disgust in his voice and on
his face. "...but that mouth of yours will come in handy." He added.
 Leonard then left me in a contented daze. It was so hard to believe
that I had just sucked off the lad that every other boy wanted to be and
every girl wanted to sleep with. After locking the toilet cubicle door
with the lingering taste of Leonard's spunk in my mouth and the lingering
aroma in of his teen boy crotch sweat in my nostrils I had a wank reliving
what I had just done. It was such a turn on to have sexually serviced a
boy four years my senior. When I orgasm I squirted my cum onto the
dividing wall and left it there for another boy to find.
 After that I regularly sucked Leonard off. He had an insatiable sexual
appetite so he'd use my mouth whenever there was no pussy around or if he
just wanted a good blow job. Because I was younger than him he felt able
to control me so I became his sole male cock sucker. He felt safer getting
a blow job off me rather than risk using the glory hole in the public
toilet down the road. Leonard then realised the commodity he had on his
hands and with his gift of the gab he could make money out of my mouth.
The first guy Leonard pimped my cock sucking mouth out to was Brant who
worked at the youth club.
 Brant had been a wank fantasy of mine since he started working at the
youth club the year before. He had short ginger hair that really appealed
to me. His oval face was sexy and perfectly proportioned. His milky white
skin was blemish free and contrasted with his copper hair, bluish grey eyes
and lush pink lips. The first time Leonard pimped my mouth out to Brant he
was wearing a red V-neck tee shirt and light blue jeans, both of which
hugged his gym buff body. The armbands of his tee shirt were stretched
taut around his big beefy biceps. His toned pale forearms were covered
with copper hairs. The way the material was stretched over his chest
showed it was well toned and muscular without being overly beef. His light
blue jeans showed off his sexy meaty muscular arse perfectly. They also
clung to his muscular sexily shaped legs. Brant was so buff and sexy he
played havoc with me rampant teen boy hormones every time I saw him and I
would have to lock myself in a toilet cubicle for a wank after talking to
 The first time I did anything sexual with Brant, who was 23, I was
chilling in the common room of the youth club. Leonard came up to me and I
was hoping it was because he wanted to use my oral services again.
Admiring Leonard's bad boy sexiness and the thought I would be soon noshing
his knob caused my cock to begin to stir. "Come on I've got a job for
you." Leonard nonchalantly said. Yes he does want me to suck him off I
thought to myself. Getting up I followed Leonard with my gaze fixed on his
sexy arse that was toned from fucking so much pussy. He was 11 years old
when he lost his virginity after talking a mate's 14 year old sister into
having sex with him. After that he became addicted to straight sex. He
loved the shape of the female form, the taste and smell of their hot wet
cunts and the pleasure of fucking them. He had the gift of the gab and
could probably talk the Pope into sucking him off.
 When Leonard went down the corridor in the opposite direction to the
toilets I was puzzled. That bafflement was increased when we arrived
outside the door to Brant's office. Brant was a counsellor there running
sports clubs, activities and generally being an ear to listen or shoulder
to cry on as the teens there went through the ups and downs of life at that
age. Maybe Leonard had a proper job for me rather than one of the blow job
type I disappointedly thought to myself. Leonard knocked on Brant's door.
Brant's sexy voice bid us enter. When we went in the friendly smile on
Brant's face changed to one of shock. I was completely in the dark about
the deal Leonard had struck with Brant. Brant was only half in the picture
as Leonard had been economical with the truth. Brant was a counsellor
because he was passionate about kids but not in the paedophile way. He was
gay though although he showed no outward signs of it.
 Leonard had found that nougat of information and the presence of the
glory hole by seeing Brant go into the public toilet down the road from the
youth club. Curiosity got the better of Leonard when he realised Brant had
been in there too long even if he was taking a massive shit. Leonard went
in and saw a toilet cubicle door locked with no-one else in there. It was
then that Leonard noticed the hole in the dividing wall and the gay
graffiti around. Leonard had never contemplated gay sex as he had lots of
pussy on hand. Even then the thought hadn't crossed his mind but he needed
a pee so decided to take a leak in one of the cubicles. As he vented his
bladder out of curiosity Leonard read the gay graffiti. It came as a total
surprise to him that gay men would hang around public toilets looking for
sex. Then he saw a finger circling the rim of the glory hole and he put
two and two together. He had seen Brant going into the toilet but hadn't
seen him leave and now a finger was tempting him to use the glory hole and
that finger could only belong to Brant. Whether it was curiosity or the
consumption of cheap cider Leonard decided to stick his cock through the
hole and see what would happen. Luckily the booze had dulled his straight
boy logic and he surrendered his cock to the pleasure of a blow job even
though he knew it was another guy doing it.
 After that first time Leonard used the glory hole whenever he was horny
enough and couldn't get any pussy. Leonard had never let on that he knew
Brant had sucked him off until the rumour I was a cock sucker reached his
ears. Now he realised that he could use the knowledge that Brant was gay
and had sucked him off and that I was also a cock sucker for financial
reward. Leonard had confronted Brant over his glory hole cock sucking
activities and could quite easily have just blackmailed him. However
despite his bad boy appearance Leonard wasn't a bad lad. He was a business
man of the dodgy persuasion though, like the BBC comedy character Del Boy
in Only fools & horses. He had told Brant that for a finder's fee he could
supply him with a cock sucker. Leonard had failed to tell Brant that the
cock sucker he had found was a year underage for straight sex and due to a
dumb law back then six years underage for gay sex. At the time you had to
be 16 for straight and 21 for gay sex but they have now been equalised at
16 for both. Because of that it was no surprise Brant wanted to back out
of the deal as I was jailbait regardless of sexuality.
 When Leonard realised his money was flying out the window he resorted to
blackmail and to be honest I was complicity in his crime because of my own
selfish agenda. Leonard told Brant he couldn't back out otherwise he'd
tell the cops about being sucked off by him in the public toilets and in
the eyes of the law Leonard had been a minor although not if it had been a
woman sucking him off. Leonard backed this up by describing what Brant was
wearing and Brant's white face went even whiter. Leonard then said he's
also testify to the fact he had seen me sucking off Brant as well. This
further increased the worry on Brant's face. Brant was a great guy who
loved working with teenage kids but he didn't view them in a sexual way
whatsoever. Now he was faced with the prospect of being sucked off by one
of his underage charges or be threatened with being reported as having done
 Brant still protested and selfishly whilst Leonard was seeing his money
disappearing I saw my opportunity to suck one of my wank fantasies off
disappearing. Turning on my male Lolita seductive charm and with my cute
posh schoolboy accent dripping with lust I tried to talk Brant into letting
me suck him off. Brant had hidden and not acted upon his homosexuality
until he was at university. Therefore it was a shock to him that a 15 year
old boy was coming onto him so brazenly. Fearing for his job and best and
a prison sentence at worse Brant continued to resist my seductive charm and
Leonard's blackmail threats. Realising he wasn't going to get the cash he
was banking on Leonard decided to bring his market stall holder business
acumen into use and put on a demonstration for his potential customer.
With Brant sat behind his desk, his pale face even more ashen due to fear,
and Leonard and I stood on the other side of the desk in front of him
Leonard upped the ante.
 Leonard turned to face me side on. He used his hands to turn me to face
him so that we were in profile to Brant. Then pushing me down to my knees
with a hand on my left shoulder Leonard used his left hand to pull down the
front of his tracksuit bottoms and briefs. My eyes became level with
Leonard's perfect straight boy cock. It had pleasured plenty of girls and
women but had only been sucked off by a handful of guys with Brant and I
being two of them. Every time I sucked Leonard off it followed the same
pattern; being called a fag or poof prior to the event, referred to as a
bitch or whore during the event with him keeping his eyes shut and then a
bit of macho posturing afterwards to get over the fact he had used another
boy's mouth to get off in. None of that bothered me as it meant I got to
suck off such a sexy older boy. The only pangs I had were the lack of
social kudos that I was one of his bitches even if just a blow job one.
 Brant was in total shock not believing an 18 year old boy had just
whipped out his cock for a 15 year old boy to suck off in front of him. If
Brant had acted quickly he could have saved himself. He could have gotten
Leonard kicked out of the youth club or even arrested for exposing himself.
However the moment I swallowed Leonard's thick 7 inch cock whole and coated
it with my saliva his fate was sealed. Brant could also have just paid
Leonard the finder's fee and not go through with the blow job but sometimes
sexual urges override logic.
 Kicking into cock sucking autopilot I started to rapidly deep throat
Leonard's thick throbbing 7 inch cock despite the fact a 23 year old was
watching in shock. Even if I didn't get to suck off Brant I may as well
make use of the opportunity to suck off sexy Leonard again. Leonard had
good personal hygiene but his groin always stank erotically of teen boy
crotch sweat. There was the added aroma of his a girl's cunt juice in his
dense dark brown pubes so it was obvious he had fucked earlier. That was
confirmed with the lingering taste of her pussy on Leonard's cock. Leonard
was a copious pre-cum leaker and its salty sweet flavour quickly replaced
the lingering taste of the girl's cunt. My tightly clamped lush red lips
savoured rapidly rubbing up and down the thick throbbing veiny shaft of
Leonard's 7 inch cock. My hot wet strongly sucking mouth rapidly bobbed up
and down, swallowing right down to the pubes base and pulling back until
just Leonard's swollen cock was in my mouth. My talented tongue was like
an electric eel snaking all over Leonard's hot hard throbbing cock.
 As I deep throated Leonard I would look up at his face as much as I
could. The main reason was to admire the sexiness of his face as he always
kept his eyes closed when I sucked him off so he could block out the fact
it was another boy and not a girl giving him a blow job. His face was sexy
in a bad boy way mainly because of his trimmed dark brown beard. He was 18
but could have passed for 19 or 20. Occasionally I would glance at Brant
out of the corner of my right eye. In a way I felt sorry for him as he was
stuck between a rock and a hard place. A younger underage boy was sucking
off an older boy, who whilst legal for straight sex was underage for gay
sex and it was happening in Brant's office. One boy was blackmailing Brant
for money with the younger boy blackmailing him for sexual favours.
Despite that Brant was still a red blooded gay man so watching two teenage
boys engaged in oral sex before him could help but have an effect on him.
From the bulge down the left leg of Brant's light blue jeans it looked an
impressively large effect.
 For about fifteen minutes I sucked Leonard's cock. Not only was there
the kinky thrill of sucking off a sexy older boy there was the thrill of
doing it in front of a buff and very sexy young man. Leonard's body then
started tensing in the tell-tale way. Sensing he was on the brink of
orgasm I stopped deep throating Leonard's 7 inch cock and instead worked
the top few inches at a faster pace and with a corkscrew action. Most of
the blow jobs Leonard had received had been from girls, not many of who
were into a guy cumming in their mouth. The first time I sucked Leonard
off he had ordered me to swallow his cum as he did with any virgin girls he
got to suck him off. However Leonard quickly realised I was a jizz junk
and had stopped verbally warning me he was about to cum. Beside even
though I had been sucking cock for just under two years I had given lots of
blow job so I knew the physical warning signs anyway.
 Leonard's body locked solid before beginning to shudder and shake.
Leonard bit his lower lip to stifle his moans of sexual ecstasy as he
started spunking up in my mouth. Leonard's cock always went off like a
knocked over fire hydrant and he started blasting jet after jet of really
thick, salty sweet spunk into my strongly sucking mouth. It delicious
flavour fired off my taste buds as I let it pool on my tongue. As Leonard
orgasmed I continued to bob my hot wet sucking mouth on his cock to milk
him dry of every last tasty drop of jizz. When Leonard's orgasm ended he
pulled his cock from my cum laden mouth. He then stuffed his cock back
into his tracksuit bottoms. Now that he'd had his sexual reward it was
time for Leonard to collect his financial reward. He walked over to Brant
who fished in his pocket and handed Leonard some folded pound notes.
 With Leonard gone Brant relaxed a bit but he still knew he could end up
in a whole lot of trouble. He was there to look after the kids, not have
sex with them. First Brant asked if I was being forced to suck Leonard
off. "No way, I love giving blow jobs, I'm gay." I said to reassure
Brant. As I said that I looked down at the front of Brant's jeans and saw
he still had a hard on. "I've fantasised about giving you a blow job ever
since you started here." I added hoping that Brant wasn't going to back
out. Brant could easily have backed out. He had seen me sucking off
Leonard so Brant could go to the police and give a detailed description of
Leonard and say he caught him forcing me to suck him off. Alternative
Brant had paid Leonard so he could have convinced me to tell Leonard I had
sucked him off. Brant was no kiddie fiddler but he was looking at a cute
15 year old schoolboy who had just demonstrated how much he loved sucking
cock. Plus the said schoolboy was directing his male Lolita seductive
charm onto Brant at full force. As I sat on the edge of Brant's desk I
noticed his gaze drop to the bulge in my shorts which would have been
impressive for a man but more so on a 15 year old boy. My really thick
cock was an obvious log down the left leg of my shorts ending with a large
pre-cum damp patch. Subconsciously Brant licked his lips and I knew I had
 As Brant looked at my covered erection I looked at his. His cock was
about 8 inches long and ended with a prominent ridged knob. Because the
ridge of his knob was so obvious he was either circumcised or his foreskin
had peeled all the way back. Brant also had nice sized balls. About half
an hour ago Brant had just been a guy to fantasise about when I had a wank
but now I knew he was gay or at least bi-sexual and that he had sucked
Leonard off, even through Brant didn't know that was who he was sucking off
at the time. Brant was so sexy I was prepared to do everything in my
power, good or bad, to get into bed with him. He was buff and sexy in an
American University jock way even though he was English. Ginger haired
guys hold an alluring appeal for me and I suspected Brant was the root
cause of that attraction. He had dreamy bluish grey eyes, a cute angular
nose and lush pink lips that begged to be kissed and were perfect for
wrapping around a cock. Brant had a buff gym fit body that made me want to
surrender my toned teenage body to him for his carnal pleasure.
 Brant was also my hero. He played rugby, he was funny, he could
empathise with us teenagers and he seemed cool for an "adult". Therefore I
decided to let Brant off the hook slightly. Sure I was still intent on
sucking Brant off but away from the youth club. "I still owe you a blow
job but I can see you are scared about doing it here. Meet me at the glory
hole later." I said as I traced the middle finger of my left hand down the
length of Brant's hard cock encased in his tight jeans. Then I left Brant
confused and with blue balls. That was deliberate as he would be more
eager to engage with me sexually now that I had left him hanging. Also by
suggesting we meet at the public toilet I could suck him off through the
glory hole so should PC Plod walk him he wouldn't know what was going on.
Plus Brant didn't have to worry about a colleague walking into his office
to find him being sucked off by a 15 year old boy. The downside to this
was that I was as horny as fuck from sucking off Leonard and had to deal
with the postponed prospect of sucking off buff ginger haired Brant who was
8 years my senior. To vent my sexual frustration I went to the youth
club's boy's room, locked myself in a toilet cubicle and wanked off. When
I orgasmed I cupped my copious cum in the palm of my right hand before
hoovering it up with my mouth and imaging it was Brant's cum rather than my
own I was tasting. So many times I have eaten my cum and very time is as
delicious as the first.
 When the youth club closed for the day I went to the public toilets down
the road and sat on a bench close by. About half an hour later Brant came
along and avoided eye contact with me and went into the toilets. After
checking no-one could see I snuck in behind him. The middle toilet cubicle
door was closed and no-one else was in the toilets so I went in the cubicle
to the right of the middle one. After locking the door I knelt in front of
the glory hole and saw Brant's gorgeous face peering back at me. The worry
and uncertainty on it was plain to see. "Don't worry it'll be cool." I
said to reassure Brant. After sucking in a breath to bolster his courage
Brant stood up and gave me another great sight to behold. "Wow such a big
sexy cock and I love the ginger pubes." I said in honest admiration as I
checked out Brant's cock. Brant had a small dense bush of copper pubes
with a thin faint treasure trail running down from his navel. From his
pubes dangled a milky white, slightly thicker than average 8 inch cock. It
was lightly veined and ended with a pink tinged knob. His knob was bulbous
with a prominent ridge and he was circumcised with a small neat scar. It
was already glistening with pre-cum. Behind he had nice sized balls in a
pale tight sack dusted with ginger pubes. "Let me suck you off." I
lustfully begged in my best seductive male Lolita voice.
 Brant stepped forward and pushed his hard throbbing cock through the
glory hole. After admiring Brant's cock again, but up even closer I lifted
it up to give me access to his balls. Brant's groin had that erotic musky
stink of manly crotch sweat. Using my tongue I steered his left testicle
into my mouth and began to suck and roll it around my hot wet mouth. Brant
started to quietly purr with pleasure. His ball tasted of delicious salty
crotch sweat and its pubes tickled my tongue. Then I gave his right
bollock a tongue bath too. It was then time to lavish my oral love on
Brant's big hard cock. Opening my mouth I took Brant's bulbous knob into
my mouth and tightly wrapped my lush red lips around the shaft of Brant's
cock. A gasp of pleasure escaped Brant's lips as the hot wetness of my
mouth soaked into his swollen sensitive knob. "Fuck." Brant quietly
gasped with pleasure when I swallowed his slightly thicker than average 8
inch cock right down to the ginger pubed base.
 With all of Brant's 8 inch cock throbbing in my mouth I ground my lush
red lips around the ginger pubed base in a corkscrew action and tickled it
with my talented tongue. At the same time I worked my throat muscles on
his bulbous knob. My nose drank in the erotic musky manly stink of his
crotch sweat. Then I started giving Brant a skilful deep throat blow job
that belied my young age. The fact that I was a 15 year old boy willingly
sucking off a buff, very sexy ginger haired 23 year old man in a public
toilet cubicle gave me a kinky thrill. My teen boy cock was achingly hard
and my shorts had a big wet pre-cu patch but it remained untouched. My
lush red lips pleasantly tingled from rapidly rubbing up and down the hot
hard, thick throbbing shaft of Brant's 8 inch cock. His bulbous knob was a
copious pre-cum leaker and painted my tongue with its salty sweet nectar.
When just his prominent ridged knob was in my hot wet mouth I gave it a
strong suck and swiped it with my tongue. Then when it plugged my throat I
squeezed the muscles back there on it. Brant's quiet purrs of pleasure let
me know I was doing a good job and he was enjoying it.
 For about fifteen minutes I deep throated Brant's 8 inch ginger pubed
cock. Occasionally I took a break to get my saliva under control and give
my jaw a rest but when I did I would lick his cock and bulbous knob
instead. "I'm going to cum." Brant then warned. That gave me time to
pull my mouth up so that I could work the top couple of inches. Then I
felt Brant's cock swell and then twitch in my strongly sucking mouth as his
orgasm hit. Brant powerfully blasted out ten large ropes of really thick
deliciously salty spunk that flooded my hot wet strongly sucking mouth. It
pooled on my tongue and fired off my taste buds. Brant quietly whimpered
in orgasmic bliss and I muffled purrs of pleasure as I savoured the
delicious taste of Brant's spunk.
 When Brant's powerful and copious orgasm ended I pulled my cum laden
mouth off his cock and swilled and savoured his tasty spunk before
swallowing it. Sucking Brant off, who had been my wank fantasy for so
long, and swallowing his cum made me feel as good as if I had just orgasmed
myself. "That was so fucking ace." Brant breathlessly panted after
dropping down to look at me through the glory hole. Brant's usual milky
white face was now flushed pink from orgasm. His dreamy bluish grey eyes
were glazed and his sexy face had a contend expression. "My pleasure." I
replied. "Do you want me to return the favour?" Brant then asked. "No.
I'm so fucking horny from sucking you and Lenard off I want to go somewhere
where you can bugger me senseless and make me cum that way." I lustfully
replied as sucking them both off had my cock hungry boy cunt itching for a
good hard fucking.
 Uncertainty hit Brant again. Being sucked off by an underage boy was one
thing but fucking him was another. Time to get out the lure. Pushing my
shorts down out of Brant's line of vision I then stood up and backed my
arse up against the glory hole. My hands had spread the tanned toned
mounds of my teen boy arse and I winked my wrinkly brown pucker at him. My
lure worked as I felt a wet fingertip stimulate my shitter which began to
quiver. That fingertip was then replaced with a hot wet tongue. Feeling
Brant's tongue lashing my quivering arsehole had me biting my lower lip to
stop myself from groaning with pleasure. Having Brant rimming my teen boy
arse felt so good but it just inflamed the cock hunger in my arse.
Spinning around I dropped to my knees to look at Brant through the glory
hole. "Come on let's go somewhere where you can fuck me, I gagging for
it." I lustfully begged putting my seductive male Lolita voice back on.
"Is your place free as my boyfriend will be home?" Brant asked. "That's
fine with me, he can have second dibs." I excitedly replied eager at the
thought of getting two men for the price of one. "You'd do that even
though you haven't seen him?" Brant asked. "You are fucking sexy so I
serious doubt you're going out with Quasimodo." I chuckled back. My reply
made Brant's lush pink lips curl up in a sexy smile. "OK." Brant replied
which made my heart leap with joy. For a year I had been wanking whilst
imagining having sex with buff Brant and now it was going to become a
reality. "Cool. You leave first as I need to think of Margret Thatcher
naked to get my cock under control." I said as my cock was a fat obvious
7.5 inch log down the left leg of my shorts.
 It took a couple of minute to will my cock limp however there wasn't
anything I could do about the big pre-cum damp patch. When I left the
toilet I saw Brant looking in an estate agents window further down the road
and started heading towards him. Brant clocked me and started walking away
from me. At a discrete distance I followed Brant and it was such a
struggle to not pop another boner. Not only was there the sight of Brant's
round muscular arse flexing in his tightly fitting light blue jeans but
there was the eager anticipation that I was finally going to be fucked by
one of my main wank fantasises with the added bonus his boyfriend was going
to bugger me as well.
 Once we were a safe distance from the public toilet Brant allowed me to
catch up. My heart was racing and I had butterflies in my stomach like I
always get when cruising for cock. As we walked to Brant's flat we told
each about our sex lives. Brant had lost his virginity even earlier than I
did. He went to boarding school and in England we have a tradition called
fagging but it has nothing to do with gay sex. The first year boys aged 12
would do chores for the senior boys who were aged 18. However Brant would
end up fagging in both senses of the word and had done so willingly. One
chore was to run a bath for the older boy. Once done the younger boy was
usually dismissed but Brant's senior boy would strip naked in front of
Brant. Brant couldn't help but look, not because he had no choice but
because he wanted to. The senior boy was fishing and noticed Brant liked
looking so took it from there. Starting by showing Brant how to wank it
gradually escalated through wanking together, to wanking each other, oral
sex and then Brant being willingly cherry popped.
 For the remainder of that academic year the two had sex at every
opportunity. Then Brant went into sexual limbo as his senior boy left and
like every boy Brant was fearful of being found out as being gay especial
in an all-male environment. That changed when Brant was 15 and recognised
a likeminded boy in the same year as by that time most people have worked
out their sexuality. They remained bum buddy for the rest of their time at
boarding school. They say what goes around comes around and that is what
happened in Brant's final year when he recognised his fag was a fag and
cherry popped him. Although Brant had lost his virginity a year and a half
before I had by the time he was 15 he'd only slept with two boys whereas I
was already starting to loose count. We then arrived at Brant's flat and
what happened there with him and his boyfriend will be in the next write
 I hope this one got you off and you're sat there splattered in cum. If
you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I
enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it.
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