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From: Zachary Blake <[email protected]>
Subject: Tales from the Male Bag: Barefoot, Borrowed and Bred
By Scuba Steve as told to Zachyboy
t/t, oral, anal, feet
The voyeur's paradise I call "Tales from the Male Bag" are true stories
from readers who are generous enough to email me the most intimate memories
of their childhood sexual history. Their stories have been edited for
content and flow, and are adapted here with the original author's artistic
approval and final permission before publication. The story below involves
sexual situations between two teen boys. If this material is illegal where
you live, or not to your liking, please leave quietly. The rest of you,
please stick around and see what my good friend Scuba Steve thinks of an
old high school crush's smokin' hot feet. Whoof!
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Scuba Steve writes,
Looking in my high school yearbook, I found a picture of a boy, and it
instantly took me back...
I ran Track that year. Distance.
One magical day one of the hottest guys on the freshman team - his name was
Wagner (so unique, and I don't think anyone teased him as he was achingly
hot, well-liked & popular, and he would have most assuredly kicked anyone's
ass who made fun of him) - approached me at a home meet.
He was a sprinter - muscled in all the right places. Blonde. Total
Adonis. Like a Greek statue.
Anyway, he walks up to me in the bleachers - BAREFOOT.
Sweet Mary, Mother of Jesus!!! Oh God - so hot. I popped a woody right then
and there. Absolutely perfect feet. Not a flaw to be found.
He asks, "Hey, Steve. I was wondering if I could borrow your spikes today?
I forgot mine."
One of the single hottest guys in my 9th grade class just walked up to me
barefoot and is asking to borrow my shoes?
"Sure," I replied. "When's your race?"
"Coming up soon."
So I sit back down, unlace my track shoes, and give them to him. I proceed
to shed my socks, as I didn't want to get them dirty, and I found myself
watching -staring - as he put them on and laced them up.
I would have rather he remained in his barefoot state (like I wanted all
hot boys to be in), but I found it so sexy, so hot, so dirty even - that
his beautiful bare feet were going into MY shoes.
My boner was aching - and leaking. I felt the need to discreetly adjust
I walked down trackside to cheer him on. He didn't win. After the race, he
was a bit oblivious. Probably tired. I actually had to run onto the track
barefoot to track him down.
"Hey, Wagner. Yo, dude! My shoes!"
"Oh, yeah man. Sorry."
He just brought one leg up to his waist, then the other, and shucked them
Yes, I preferred him in this state. So perfect. I couldn't help but
sneaking one last glance - more like gaze - at those oh-so pretty puppies.
"Thanks so much for lending them to me, Steve."
Such a Southern gentleman.
Then he walked off barefoot. So natural, not a care in the world.
I walked back up to the bleachers to put my socks back on. Then my
spikes. OUR spikes.
When I got them on and laced them up, my cock spasmed and twitched.
I was proud that the Adonis Wagner's gorgeous feet had just been in MY
shoes. OUR shoes.
It goes without saying I beat off that night. Long. Hard. I imagined Wagner
as my boyfriend. My protector. Envisioned sucking his toes. Licking his
soles. Sucking his gorgeous, cut cock. Eating his perfect hole. Driving him
wild. Until he fucked me. Long. HARD.
Yeah, that is a good memory, to say the least.
# # # # # # # # # #
And, geez friends. Zachyboy here. I just couldn't leave poor Scuba Steve
hanging with his cock out in the air and Wagner's feet up in the offing, so
I helped him out with a little history revision of my own. Let's back that
up and try it again, Steve. Sometimes true history needs a little
rewrite. Fuck. At the very least, it needs a cum scene.
# # # # # # # # # #
He asks "Hey, Steve. I was wondering if I could borrow your spikes today?
I forgot mine."
His beautiful bare feet were going into MY shoes. My boner was aching - and
After the race, he was a bit oblivious....and tired, and sore....
So you followed him to the locker room where the two of you, alone, had all
the time and privacy in the world. He takes off your shoes and his feet are
"I'm sore," he says with a smile and shrug. "Will you rub them for me? Like
you did last time?"
His need is undeniable. His wink seals the deal.
You rub them. And taste them. And lick them. And reach up and grab for his
big, swollen balls.
And later, as the fat mushroom head of his thick, meaty cock pops audibly
into your fuckhole, you gasp and smile as he shallow-fucks your glistening
little rump.
Your toes are in his mouth, and your feet are now slathered with his spit.
Thick teen cock, gentle and slow, not scaring you, not going too deep, just
sliding in and out, six hard boy-inches of gentle hot cock, pushing back
against him, alive with the sticky-hot impulse of your ass in-heat.
As you lay on your back on the mat in the corner, your legs up in the air,
your feet in his mouth, feeling the power of his foot worship and writhing
in the glory of his perfect boyfuck, you reach down and start to stroke
your own aching cock.
He pushes your hand away, spits in his, lubricates his own squishy fingers
and wraps his big hand around your aching, begging bone, an inch shorter
than his, but harder than it's ever been, moving it up and down, stroking
you, looking right in your eyes and hand-fucking you, as he licks across
your soles and tenderly ass fucks you with his thick, throbbing cock spear.
You watch him stroke you, your cock about to explode in his big meaty
hand. He looks up, looks right in your eyes, and whispers: "Your ass is so
tight, Steve. I've wanted this ass from the first time I met you."
You moan as he fucks you, his tongue juts out -- like a frog catching a fly
-- and he licks the spaces between your toes as you clench your rectum to
his pole and you go insane.
You're cumming now, involuntarily, from the goodness of his fuck. You can't
hold it back, and he grins when you jizz yourself, a white puddle of cum on
your tummy and chest which he scoops up immediately and feeds to your
As you eat your own cum, he pulls his cock out of your ass and replaces it
with his finger. He straddles your chest and rubs his cock across your
still-panting mouth, painting your lips in lipstick ass-heat, slowly
feeding you the thickness of his teencock, all sticky and slimy into your
warm, waiting mouth.
He smiles and says "Mmmmmmm."
He closes his eyes and his head rocks back in bliss, as gently in and out,
he feeds you what he needs.
"Oh God," you gag, with a mouth full of dick and real tears in your eyes.
"Are you ready for your supper?" he grunts with a nasty glimmer.
You look up, smile with a mouthful of cock, nods your head yes as he grabs
your head and grunts, firming a hot load of semen into your gulping,
grateful throat.
"Nnnggh," you gag -- alive with the taste of him -- and you writhe and you
squirm with his finger in your ass, as his ass-coated teen-cum fires
forcefully down your tummy.
# # # # # # # # # #
There you go, Steve...and my other, cock-hungry, foot-hungry brothers.
Scuba Steve read our combined romp through truth and fantasy and said:
"Oh, fuck. This needs to be shared with the rest of the BL world as well!
I've already cum to it twice (first when reminiscing about the actual event
and then again after reading your addendum). The fact that it's true (well,
at least the first part) makes it even more titillating!"
And who am I to argue with that logic. We love you, Wagner, wherever your
hot cock and sweaty-sweet feet may be right now. Hopefully they're still
seeing a little hot, high school action every now and then.
Thanks for the memories. And the hot locker room rutting Steve and I BOTH
so desperately needed.
# # # # # # # # # #
Cheers, friends,
Scuba Steve and Zachyboy
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