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Subject: The Prince and his Harem Part 21
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The Prince and his Harem Part 21
By Simon Peter
The airport scene was characterized by both reservedness and grief. The
boys could not show their emotions to the departing American publicly;
neither could Frankie do the same. The culture in Al Jawhara would not have
allowed for such displays although it was normal for the boys to hug
At the same time, one could see the tears swelling in Rasheed's eyes as he
bid goodbye to his lover.
Hamed was also moved to see the American getting ready to walk into
passport control. But most surprising were the tears running down Imre's
"We're going to miss the American fucker," Imre sobbed.
The other boys were surprised to watch Imre so touched by Frankie's
departure, but in spite of all the teasing that Imre had directed toward
Frankie, he loved him. The tears should have been running down Rashi's
cheeks, but it was the Nigerian that let go of his reserved composure.
"I'll stay in touch, guys," Frankie said as he waved. "Rashi: I love you,
man. Hamed thanks a lot for everything. And Imre, I really will miss you
and your...," he shot a wuick glance down Imre's front.
"Ivan and Igor, take care of each other."
"Come on, TT," Hamed addressed the boys. "It's not that we will never see
him again. Actually, I am planning on bringing his ass over as often as his
schedule at his university will allow. And Frankie: Remember, this is also
your home. Anytime."
Later, in the oasis, the boys sat around in silence, contemplating
Frankie's departure and what it would mean to the TT and to their planned
"Hamed," Rasheed said, his voice still choking, "when can we bring Frankie
"Rasheed's dick is already pining for the American ass," Imre teased.
"Oh, shut up," Rasheed glared at the Nigerian. "Really, when can we?"
"Frankie is always welcome here," the young prince said, wrapping an arm
around Rasheed's shoulder.
"Don't worry. Frankie will be back before you know it. Now, let's you and
me do something about making you feel better. It's your choice: me sucking
on your dick or you sucking on mine."
Rasheed allowed a smile to show on his face, and then grabbing the prince's
crotch, he said, "Let's do each other."
Ivan and Igor were already kissing, buried in each other.
"Hey, what about me?" Imre protested. "Do I always have to fuck the
minister to get some release?
Since Ramzi promised his boys not to come near me, my balls are about to
Hamed pulled Imre to him, kissing the full lips. "You can spoon me as I
blow Rashi."
 "Man, it's going to be way more than just spooning, prince," Imre
Imre spooned the prince, his huge cock trapped between Hamed's upper thighs
where Rasheed had access to it, alternating between Imre's cock head and
Hamed's cock and balls. As soon as Imre felt his cock slithering with spit,
he lifted Hamed's leg by the ankle and pushed into his ass. Hamed's moans
were loud as Imre entered him. He couldn't scream because his mouth was
filled with Rasheed's cock.
Imre slid all the way in and started fucking, Rasheed's tongue and lips
flickering at his sliding rod and Hamed's balls.
Ivan and Igor had already begun their own fucking, with Igor taking his
favorite position by laying Ivan on his belly and by entering Ivan's ass,
his whole body pressed on Ivan's back.
The five boys meshed in more ways than one, but upmost in their minds was
the operation they were about to embark on. As they lay in the warm water
of the pond, relaxing after their fucking bout, soaping each other, kissing
and groping, they also discussed the logistics of what they were going to
Now that Frankie had left Al Jawhara and there was no risk of anyone
blaming them for involving the American, their first step was to get Sheikh
Nahed and Sheikh Ramzi out of danger. They had to focus on Sheikh
Fahed. Hamed had been able to convince his uncle to travel for a few days,
and Sheikh Nahed had left the princedom two days ago. The minister,
however, insisted to stay and help, to the amazement of the boys. Imre was
not concerned since the agreement between Ramzi and his freed slaves held,
that Imre would stop fucking Ramzi. Ramzi was to provide legal and
governmental cover for the boys' action.
After an evening of prolonged sex, the boys went to bed with the hopes that
the next day would bring a new dawn to Al Jawhara.
Hamed and Rasheed paid a visit to The Place, where Sheikh Fahed greeted
them with enthusiasm.
"Well, young prince, I am very glad to see you," Sheikh Fahed said.
"Thank you, Sheikh Fahed," Hamed returned the greeting.
"Let me arrange a little show for you," Fahed suggested.
Hamed stopped him.
"We are here for another kind of business," Hamed said, a serious and very
grown-up look on his face.
"May we sit and discuss it?"
"It is always my pleasure," Sheikh Fahed said.
With a motion of Fahed's hand, a boy entered, naked except for a skimpy
pair of shorts. The boy approached Hamed, knelt in front of him, and
proceeded to grope the prince's crotch. Hamed stepped back immediately, to
the surprise of the slaver.
"Get up and leave," Hamed said to the boy gently. Then he turned to Fahed
and said: "I am here to give you warning and advice, sir," Hamed began.
Fahed's eyebrows shot up in surprise.
"Certainly, young prince. It seems that you have lost interest in boys?
What are you going to warn me about?"
"With all due respect, Sheikh, as an officer in the ministry of interior,
it is my job and my obligation to make sure that our citizens are protected
and every person in our princedom should enjoy basic rights."
"You are not referring to my boys, are you?" asked the slaver, starting to
understand the reason behind Hamed's visit.
"That's exactly what I am referring to," Hamed said forcefully. "We have
been working on establishing relations with other nations in the world. We
must maintain that we are a respectable government and nation. You
understand, of course, that the business you run is detrimental to such
international respect and recognition."
"I can see that you have matured, young prince," Sheikh Fahed
declared. "But you and your uncle have both participated in what you are
calling 'my business.'"
Hamed nodded. He was expecting this. That was why he brought Rasheed with
"You do recognize this young man beside me, Sheikh Fahed," Hamed said with
a humorless smile.
Fahed scratched his head, squinting his eyes. "I don't think I do. Is that
"As far as we are all concerned, it is important. I have paid a sum of
money to 'buy' Rasheed from your establishment. But now he is a free
man. He has legal papers of residency, as well as a passport."
"Oh? Is that right? And is Minister Ramzi aware of this?" Fahed's eyes
widened with astonishment.
"The minister has made the necessary arrangements for Rasheed and the rest
of the boys I have bought from this place, as well as all the boys that he
has and that my uncle has. The ones who decided to stay in Al Jawhara were
given legal status and money, and now they have jobs and are citizens of
this princedom."
Sheikh Fahed, as sharp as he was, immediately sized the situation. "What
are you proposing, then?"
"First, the slave trade will stop. I realize the financial disadvantages of
this to you. Therefore, I give my word and Minister Ramzi's promise that no
legal charges will be brought against you or your establishment."
"This would leave me and my establishment without business. It's not just
financial disadvantages as you call them. It's bankruptcy."
Hamed smiled. "We are aware of other businesses, Sheikh Fahed. We also have
evidence of the boy slave trade as well as witnesses to land everyone
involved in the business in jail. This is definitely what we don't want to
arrive at. May I suggest that the establishment be turned into an
entertainment enterprise with both male and female entertainers, legal and
in their full rights."
Fahed shook his head, contemplating the odds. Finally, he sighed. "Perhaps
this could be done."
"Not perhaps, Sheikh Fahed, but for sure," Hamed emphasized. "First,
however, it is advisable that you follow after the steps that my uncle and
Minister Ramzi have taken: give your boys the option to leave the
country-we will arrange the necessary documents-with suitable
compensations, or they may stay here at their own free will. Next, you will
personally put your slaver on board the first flight out; otherwise, he
will be arrested and jailed."
"You understand, young prince," Fahed tried to lessen the blow, "the
financial losses that I stand to incur."
Hamed took the folder that Rasheed was carrying and placed it on the
table. "In this folder, there is enough material to convince you that doing
what I propose you do is much more profitable."
Fahed eyed the folder, and then slowly opened it and flicked through the
"You have been quite busy, I see," Fahed said, seething, but trying to
control himself, realizing that this was a battle he was bound to lose,
after glancing at the photos of boys, naked and in chains, being paraded,
and of correspondence between him and a couple of unsavory characters
involved in the slave trade and other illegal smuggling. Finally, Fahed
closed the folder and looked up to gaze at the prince, nodding his head in
"I will report to my minister that you are amenable to this arrangement
that I have proposed. He will be very pleased."
Hamed and Rasheed exited The Place, leaving the owner of alone, gazing at
the folder of incriminating documents in front of him.
"That wasn't so difficult," Rasheed commented as they crossed the street to
where the ministry's car was parked.
"Fahed is smart. He knew that at anytime his slave business will be stopped
eventually. I think he was glad that we offered him a way out."
"You know, Hamed," Rasheed said. "I was afraid that I was going to lose my
temper and lose my head once I stepped into that horrible place. I thought
I would want to smash everything to pieces and strangle Fahed."
"But you didn't," Hamed said proudly as they settled in the back seat of
the car. He placed a hand on Rasheed's thigh, rubbing and down.
"I'm so proud of you," Rasheed said, almost tearing up. "The way you were
so cool, so in control, so sure of yourself." Rasheed laughed. "I loved the
way Fahed looked when you told him we were there to warn him. And then when
he saw the pictures and copies of emails: Priceless!"
Hamed laughed, rubbing on Rasheed's crotch, which was showing signs of
enlargement. "I'd rather be under your control, baby."
"Do you think we can make a detour to the oasis?" Rasheed suggested, now
fully erect.
"Do you need to ask?"
Hamed and Rasheed fucked in the oasis as the minister's driver waited for
them in the villa. It was a sweet fucking, as if Rasheed was giving Hamed
his dessert for a job well done. He still missed Frankie.
And he knew that Hamed was in love with Imre. But the sex with the young
prince had always been sweet.
"So," Minister Ramzi sat back in his chair as Hamed and his TT reported on
Sheikh Fahed and The Place.
"Fahed just accepted? No fighting back?"
"What with the evidence we had against him and my proposal and with you and
my uncle setting the precedent, he had no choice," Hamed said with a smile.
"Congratulations, then," Ramzi smiled back. "Could I by any chance break my
promise to the harem I have set free?"
Hamed looked around at his friends, then back at the minister
questioningly. "How so, Sheikh Ramzi?"
Ramzi gazed at Imre. "I miss my Nigerian boy," he said licking his lips.
"Your Nigerian boy," Imre said with a smirk, "misses you, too!"
The boys were astonished.
"Then, perhaps, I can pay my Nigerian boy a visit? No one knows?"
After a short while of silence and after Hamed considered how important
Ramzi's assistance was to the success of their operation, he said: "This
evening, minister, my villa."
"Oh, man, we are powerful," Imre told the boys as they left Sheikh Ramzi's
office. "Fuck! My fucking dick is powerful!"
"Your dick is going to do a lot of fucking tonight, Imre," Igor joked
winking at Ivan. "So is mine. Right Ivan?"
"If yours doesn't," Ivan retorted, "I will cut it off!"
They all laughed, basking in their success and in their healthy attitude
towards each other and toward sex.
"But then again," Rasheed piped in, "what about Frankie?"
"We're Skyping with him later," Hamed said. "Maybe he could fly in."
"It takes more than 8 hours for a flight from New York to get in," Rasheed
"After 8 hours on a plane, Frankie would be very glad to have his ass
stretched," Igor commented, squeezing Ivan's butt.
"Call him," Rasheed begged the prince. "Make him come. I really want him."
Rasheed met Frankie at the airport.
"Oh, God, how I want to fuck you," Rasheed whispered in Frankie's ear as
they hugged.
Frankie just smiled, and the two boys got into the car to be driven to
Hamed's villa, where the other boys waited, naked, erected, and more than
ready to party.