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My Younger Alpha Stepbrothers by: Chaz
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Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read
material of this nature in the area where you live, Please stop now, and
This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage
boys...and is for adult eyes only!
The acts are consensual and are a result of their love or lust for one
This story is completely fiction, all descriptions, and names are also made
up, any similarities are truly just that, purely similarities.
In addition, this story also contains domination & often rough fighting
between teenage boys, if this bothers you, then please do not read any
Also, because this story is completely fiction, it takes place in a world
without AIDS, and other deathly diseases.
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"My Younger Alpha Stepbrothers"
Last few paragraphs from previous chapter:
Lar's was totally cut off guard with this proposal being suggested with
such a brass undertone by his beloved nephew. There was even a brief return
of the anger in his voice. "Are you totally out of your mind, son? I am not
about to do any such thing" However, it was a grinning Dolph that took it
upon himself to walk over, stand in front of his sitting Uncle and began
massaging his leather clad overstuffed crotch, directly in front of his
uncles face. "I think you'll change you're mind... I have here the
incriminating photos I mentioned to you... you do remember the deal we had
back when I suggested to you that I had such photos, RIGHT? It was the day
that I convinced you to go along with that test of strength between Lukas
and I. You do remember that day, I'm sure... it was the day that I
literally kicked your favorite sons ASS all over the place... the day that
I beat the living FUCK out of him... the day when you could not keep your
queer eyes off this huge package of mine"
Lar's released a very heavy sigh, and his whole body seemed to just slip
further into the huge office chair he occupied. This widened the grin on
Dolphs face ten fold, as he moved even closer to his uncle, now standing
with his powerful legs spread wide, and his plentiful leather clad
equipment just inches from his uncles nose. As a matter of fact, when Dolph
attempted to hand over the envelope to Lar's, he had to laugh out
loud. "You like what I have here, don't you? You fucking perv... I bet you
are wondering if this is all dick... aren't you... well I can assure you
that it is... just ask either of your sons... either one will vouch for
it. Yeeaah, old man... both your sons have CHOKED on this a good number of
times... I still feed it to them nearly every night. Yeah, I do... and at
some point... I may even make them fight over it... but then again... it
wouldn't be much of a fight ... Lukas would just beat the fuck out of
Gunther for the pure pleasure of doing so... but maybe, now that I think of
it... I could use this to get Lukas to beat on his bro... purely for our
entertainment, what do ya think... not a bad idea, huh? OPEN the envelope"
Lar's opened the envelope with shaky hands, and pulled out several photos
of him on his knees, a well muscled teen stood over him with his jeans down
at his ankles and a fist full of money. A loud gasp escaped Lars mouth, and
it appeared as though all the air within him left his body, along with any
fight that remained. Dolph wanted to jump for joy, but held his
composure. "Now back to our conversation... you may have this sick notion
inside that brainless head of yours... that my suggestion about you
visiting Johans parents, was more or less a request... but let me assure
you... it was not a request... It was a fucking DEMAND"
 My Younger Alpha Stepbrothers pt. 20
Lars tried his best to explain why such a request or rather DEMAND was
unrealistic. "Dolph... please... just hear me out here... if we were to
take in another teenager to live with us... that would make a total of five
youths living alone for sometimes up to two months or more. That's just
simply insane, there would be no home left after a month or so... please
son, use common sense here. Without proper supervision, you would all run
wild" Dolph hauled off and gave Lars a power slap to the face, a stinging
slap that left a hand print. "What we have here is a communication
problem... I told you... I am not asking... I am telling you what you are
going to do... unless of course... you don't have a problem with the new
wife and your sons finding out about your secret life. If that's the case,
then fine ignore my command... and I will see to it that these photos make
their way to all concerned"
Lars once again sighed heavily, as in deep thought, but his eyes were still
glued to that well rounded, baseball sized, leather pouch, at his eye
level, even after being bitch slapped a second time. It appeared as though
he was in a mental trance. Which caused Dolph to shake his head, as if he
were a bit disgusted. "You're fucking pathetic... look at you, you want
another taste of this... don't you? Yeah you do... you're fucking drooling
over the sight of my basket again. But I gotta tell ya... the price has
gone up dramatically since those photos were taken two years ago. Not only
do you arrange for Johan to become a Foreign Student back in America, and
living with us... but I also want a thousand dollars in cash deposited to
my personal account... Johan and I will need a bit of spending money. But
as you once said to me... `it`s worth every penny' only problem is... today
it's worth a lot more. Now, do we have a deal... or do I go public with
these photos... it's pretty simple, even for you to understand... you do as
I say... and you will be rewarded... I will hide these photos away... and
maybe... just maybe... you will get another taste of Alpha Cock"
Lars finally nodded his head. "Ok... fine... but how did you get these
photos in the first place... did you have someone standing by taking
pictures of us back then? Has anyone else seen these" Dolph just gave his
uncle one of his own smirks, ignoring his uncles question for the
moment. "Listen, man, It's not like you have a choice here, is it? And look
at the bright side of the coin, you'll be just another BITCH for me to
order around, and slap around, as often as I want. But to answer your
questions, Of course I had a friend of mine hiding... how else do you think
I have photos? And no... no one but my friend and I have ever seen
these. Lucky for me I came across my fathers journal back then, huh?
Otherwise, your secret would still be a secret. You should have known that
my father would have written all about the nights you and he spent in his
room. How he used you as a slave to serve him in every way
imaginable... damn, you were a pervert even back then... letting your
little brother rule over you... and turning you into his own personal
cock-sucker... have you no shame? I guess not... cause if you did... you
wouldn't have allowed me (your own nephew) to hustle you back then... funny
thing is... I didn't even need the money... I just did it to have
something... to hold over you... for that rainy day... well... I guess that
rainy day has arrived, huh"
Lars obviously felt trapped, I mean what could he do? There was no way that
he wanted my mom or his own sons to see the discriminating photos,
especially the one where he has Dolphs prick-head inside his mouth. So of
course he relented and gave Dolph everything he wanted, just like that day
at the test of strength thing with Lukas and Dolph, only thing is, back
then he only had Dolphs word that there were photos of them together. Now
that he has actually seen the photos, he is even more so entrapped by his
favorite nephew.
Lars somehow did manage to bargain with Dolph, at least a little. He asked
that Dolph not use and or abuse his two sons in any way. "I only have one
request... please spare my sons from your abuse... please do not abuse
them... and please do not force them to have sex with you... that's all I
ask... besides, if you are all going to be attending the same school back
in the states... it makes perfectly good sense that you all stick together
and rule the entire school. You can't do that if you don't have your
cousins at your side" This brought a wide evil grin to Dolphs face. "It's a
deal... but I must warn you... I have a feeling that your two sons want
this... as much as you do" Dolph massaged his leather basket, before
grabbing a fistful of lars hair, and thrusting his groin into his uncles
face, smothering Lars for several moments. Dolph now all smiles, gave his
uncle permission to use his tongue. "You want to taste my cock again so
fucking bad that you are actually drooling... you fucking sick perv. Tell
you what... I give you permission to use that queer tongue of yours to lick
my basket... how's that for being a nice guy, huh? But you do not get to
taste my cock again, not till I have everything I demand from you" Dolph
allowed Lars to lap away at the plump leather pouch for a good ten minutes
or so, before ordering him to get busy with the Exchange Student
Proceedings, so that he could finally break the secret, and the awesome
news to his best bud, Johan. Dolph prided himself for keeping the Exchange
Student news, a secret to only himself. Of course he had hinted numerous
times to Johan that he had a PLAN in the works, but never once gave
details. Now he couldn't wait to share the news. The two best friends would
be together again, living under the same roof, and attending the same
It was in the wee hours of the morning that Dolph was awoken by his cell
phone. It was a text message from his friend Kurk. "Oh fuck dude... you
were so right... I woke up an hour ago, and was so frigging horny... and I
thought about what you said... then relived the image of Josh kissing your
cock-head good bye... I don't know what came over me... I just jumped on
top of his chest and made him suck me off... not once... but twice... and
it felt so fucking awesome, especially the intense feeling of power as I
sat on top of him with a fistful of his hair and fucked his scull
mercilessly. Thank you Dolph... Thank you so much! This is why you and you
alone deserve the title of Top Alpha Male. Oh and by the way... he is now
on his knees servicing Luis... and Jarvis is standing by waiting his
turn... I figure I will hold off letting Johan use him till the faggot has
a little more practice... what do you think? I mean to allow Johan to fuck
the dudes mouth would probably kill the kid... Josh needs much more
experience choking on cock first... don't you think? Anyway, I just had to
share the news with you and to thank you, I will send along a video showing
Josh begging me to get off him"
Dolph was quick to reply to the text his bud Kurk had sent him. "That's
great news, man. I told you... having a live-in cocksucker/slave would come
in handy. Now you'll never have to jerk-off again. But, we do have a little
problem that needs to be addressed. You dissed me in front of Josh... and
you know the rules... showing disrespect to the Top Alpha requires
punishment. We both know what that punishment consists of, so I expect you
to meet with me during the day tomorrow" Within a few moments Dolph
received a reply. "Yes sir... I guess I was hoping that you would let it
slide... since it's my first offence, but I do understand... and I will be
ready to accept my punishment tomorrow"
As it turns out, Kurk woke up at three am, and as usual at this hour, he
was horny as hell. It appeared to be a long running ritual where he would
wake up at around three in the morning and desperately need to rub one
off. As he laid there next to his new friend, and house guest, his mind
relived the scene as he entered his friend Dolphs bedroom. There on the
bed, Dolph was sitting on top of Josh's chest and holding up the dudes head
with a fistful of hair. Dolph was ordering Josh to give his cock-head a
kiss good-bye, till the next time.
Kurk, relived the scene, as he envisioned it within his mind. Dolphs
amazing cock, and the huge perfect looking cock-head was touching Josh's
lips. Kurk could not seem to shake this vision from his head. Using the
palm of his right hand, Kurk brushed over the outline of his now hard
member encased in a tight fitting pair of CK briefs. As he laid there
casually massaging his tight plump basket, the vision of his house guest
Josh, kissing Dolphs cock right on the piss-slit, and even licking it with
his tongue, was just way too much for a horny teenage, High-School Soccer
Jock, to handle.
He, his friend Josh and the three buddies, Johan, Jarvis, and Luis, were
all staying over in Dolphs family Carriage House. Laying directly next to
him was Josh, he turned to look at his buds face, and with direct moonlight
reflecting directly onto it, Kurk noticed how perfect his new friends face
appeared. He especially found the dudes lips appealing, so frigging sexy,
and he couldn't hold his imagination in tact. His mind began imagining how
fucking awesome it would feel, to have his own dick head pressed against
those luscious, full lips.
The palm of his hand began adding more pressure to his tight cotton encased
cock, and the more pressure Kurk added, the more his imagination ran
wild. He suddenly, and rather unconsciously found himself straddling his
new friends chest. Pinning the dude down, rather tightly, with his strong
hard soccer trained legs. He scooted upwards, till his well packed basket
was pressed against the dudes chin. He let his balls rest there
momentarily, while he gave his next move some serious thought, wondering
whether he should go through with this strong desire to use his new friend,
to get off.
While Kurk was pondering what to do next, Josh's eyes flew open, and a
sleepy eyed, and bewildered Josh, cried out to his German friend. "What the
hell... why are you on top of me like this... come on, dude... get off
me... please" But with a wide smirk, Kurk was quick with some questions of
his own. "So tell me, dude... did you enjoy giving Dolph that blow-job
earlier? Did you like the taste of his cock? Did it leave you wanting more?
Is it true what Dolph said? That you are always checking out my muscles and
my crotch? Maybe you'd like to feel my muscles now... but you can't... not
till you suck me off... not till I cum in your mouth... and watch you
swallow it"
Kurk gave Josh a few seconds to answer, but all he got was a whining plea
from the American Exchange Student, that would be sharing his bedroom for
the next year or two. "Come-on Kurk... please dude... please let me up... I
will explain everything... please, man... get off me"
When Kurk refused to budge, and with his head planted solidly between Kurks
well muscled thighs, Josh tried his best to throw his German friend off his
chest, but quickly realized that was not going to happen. He tried
bridging, but this only brought Kurks massive crotch directly on top of his
lips. Causing Kurk to broaden his smirk. "Seriously, dude? You actually
think you can toss me off you, just like that? You maybe several months
older than me, but I am way fucking stronger than you... I hope you realize
that if I wanted... I could easily crush your head right now... just using
these legs of mine. So here's the thing... you ARE going to blow
me... whether you want to or not. You're going to SUCK my balls
first... and then... I am going to lay on top of your face and FUCK
it... like there's no tomorrow... got it? I wanna use your pretty face and
pretend that it's my girlfriends pussy... and then I'm going to pump a
heavy load of my Alpha cum right in your pussy mouth... and you ARE going
to swallow it... every fucking drop of it... and then you are going to
thank me... and if you are as good as Dolph claims... I will allow you to
SUCK my Alpha cum out of my balls every fucking night"
It was at this point that Josh began crying, trying to convince his new
German friend that this was a mistake. "I am serious Kurk... I am not a
fag... I swear... and you are making a huge mistake here... please believe
me" But Kurk was way too horny, and desperately needed to pump out a
load. As he tucked the waistband of his briefs beneath his nut-sac, he
grinned down into his friends eyes. "I really don't give a fuck whether you
are a queer or not... you fucking sucked Dolphs cock... you ate his fucking
cum... and now you're going to do me... and let me warn you... you had
better do me as good as you did him... or else"
Josh wasn't sure what his friend meant by the words `or else' all he was
sure of was that he was going to have to give yet another dude a fucking
blow-job, and his heart wasn't in it. He still had the taste of Dolphs
Alpha cum in his mouth some hours later, and he wasn't sure that if he had
to swallow another load of cum, he wouldn't be sick. As he opened his mouth
to try begging one more time, he was caught totally off guard with Kurk
using the opportunity to slip his nice size cock-head between his friends
With a loud sigh coming from his buds mouth, and Josh being so powerfully
pinned beneath the young High School Soccer player, he had no other option
but to give in. With his arms pinned tightly beneath Kurks strong legs,
Josh wasn't even able to punch the dudes outer thighs if he began choking
to death. So he decided he would have to do whatever it takes, in order not
to choke to death, even if it meant to try and give his bud the very best
blow-job ever. Little did he know, that isn't quite how it works. Kurk did
his best (knowing that his friend was totally new to this) not to over do
it this first time, but everyone knows, that the best of intentions get set
aside, once the urge to blow a load kicks in, and the need to pump it out,
becomes too strong.
So it was a disappointed Kurk, that once inside his buds mouth, and after
giving his cock a powerful thrust or two, he began to unload his heavy,
thicker than normal cream inside his friends mouth. As for Josh, he knew it
was coming when he felt his friends cock begin to throb three or four times
within his mouth, he tried to prepare himself for the inevitable. He knew
that Kurk (like Dolph at this point) was ready to pump a mouthful of Alpha
cream inside his head. However, no amount of preparation, could have
prepared him for the healthy amount of cum, flooding his mouth at the
moment. Even Kurk had to admit that it was one of the biggest loads he had
ever blown, and no one was as surprised as him, when his thick load kept
spewing even a moment or two later.
Of course Josh was having a hard time devouring the immense amount of his
friends thick seed, as he swallowed and swallowed and swallowed one gulp at
a time. So let's say that if for some odd reason, Dolph dumped his entire
big load down Josh's throat, and Josh didn't get to actually taste Dolphs
Alpha cum earlier, (and of course that is hard to believe) he would not be
so lucky this time around. The warm Alpha cum literally coated his tongue
and bounced off his palate over and over and over again, to the point that
poor Josh was beginning to choke more so from the thick cream flooding his
mouth, than he had from the thick cock stretching it. So it's safe to
believe, I am sure, that poor Josh would never in his life time... forget
the taste of another dudes seed, even if he were never to suck-off another
dude again.
Who knows why Kurk blew his load long before he wanted to, maybe it was the
feeling of total power over the dude laying so unwillingly beneath
him. Maybe it was just the simple need to get off... or maybe, it was the
visions in his head of Josh being brutally face fucked, by Kurks hero, the
All Mighty Dolph. After all, it was no secret, how Kurk looked up to, and
actually idolized the top Alpha Male in the group. He was after all, Dolphs
biggest fan, and his adoration and hero like worship... never went
As kurk lifted himself up off Josh's face, he sat atop his friends chest
smiling down into his buds weeping eyes. It was then that he noticed that
some of his cum had oozed out the corners of Josh's lips. Reaching down, he
used two of his fingers to scoop up the remaining cum, and ordered his bud
to open up. "Look here, faggot... we do not allow our bitches to waste our
precious seed... you already have a punishment coming your way... let's not
add another to it. Now open wide... and suck this off my fingers, then SUCK
them clean, BITCH"
Not understanding why he had a punishment coming his way, a pitiful and
totally wiped out Josh, obeyed the young Alpha Male straddling his chest,
and obediently opened his mouth as wide as he could. With a huge smirk,
Kurk reached down and planted two of his cum coated fingers inside the
mouth of his newest bitch. "There you go, now suck on my fingers for a
bit... you know... kind of how you sucked my cock a moment ago... and how
you will be SUCKING it... on a regular basis from here on out"
As Josh began using his tongue to bathe his buds fingers, Kurk felt the new
faggots body begin to quiver and shake beneath him. The feeling of power
became that much more intense for the young soccer jock sitting on top,
knowing that the bitch laying beneath him was his. He knew immediately,
that he OWNED this bitch, and that nothing was going to change that. Yet,
far greater than this feeling, was the knowledge that this queer was going
to be sharing a bedroom with him for at least the next ten months, and that
using his own hand to pump out a load every night... was now in the past,
forever. Yeah, he had something far better than his hand to get him off in
the wee hours of the morning from this point on, and he was going to train
the pussy to provide the very best blow-jobs ever. A wide grin replaced the
smirk on Kurks face, as he imagined having a live-in slave to totally
worship him and his muscles from here on out. He would have to text Dolph
and thank him.
As he sat on top of Joshes chest and began texting his friend Dolph,
holding the cell phone with his free hand and using his thumb to type, Kurk
was unaware of someone standing in the doorway. Meanwhile, Josh continued
using his mouth and tongue to bathe the cum covered fingers of Kurks other
hand. The quietness was interrupted with the sound of applause behind
them. "Dude??? You fucking turned the little pussy into a real live
BITCH... fucking awesome, man... fucking awesome. Do you mind if I use the
faggot? I was just about to rub one out, when I heard a little commotion
going on in here"
Kurk seeming a little disappointed that what he had hoped to be a somewhat
private affair, was now going to be common knowledge, begrudgingly
dismounted his new bitch, and nodded to Luis to go for it. "Yeah... as it
turns out, our little friend here has been holding out on us. All this time
he could have been helping us out... he instead chose to keep his dirty
little secret to himself" Luis just sort of shrugged his shoulders as he
walked over to the bed and straddled Josh's chest, then abruptly and
without warning, hauled off and gave Josh a power slap to the face. And
then as quick as lightning came back with the same hand and followed up
with a wicked powerful back-hand, nearly knocking Josh right the fuck out.
Standing on the side of the bed and watching, Kurk felt the need to speak
up for his house guest. "You do know... I hope... that if you put him
out... he wont be any good to you, right? Besides... You can't really blame
him for not being totally honest with us, I mean how many times did he
watch us, as we took turns using the local faggots? I mean seriously, any
one of us probably would have kept our mouth shut if we knew what was in
store for us by coming out... you know"
Luis, the wicked tough sixteen year old blond, as it turns out, is just as
mean and well built as he is handsome. The problem is, ever since the
little shit bulked himself up with lots of muscle, he uses his power to
beat-up and humiliate one class-mate after another, and has even been
expelled from school once or twice for his bullying. Out of the five
members of Dolph's gang, it's no secret that Luis is generally the one that
throws the first punch when an altercation arises. So to see his friend
Luis turn so quickly and so roughly on their new friend, didn't really
surprise Kurk, but it did cause him to speak up a second time. While Luis
sat atop of Josh and continued slapping the fuck out of him. Kurk was
forced to yell out... "ENOUGH" "OK, man... you need to ease up on the
face... I don't need my parents asking me a hundred and one questions
tonight at dinner, as to why his face is all bruised"
Luis quickly turned his head towards Kurk, and issued him an angry
warning. "Watch that tone of voice with me, dude! We may well be good
friends, but I don't let anyone get away with speaking to me like
that. Besides, I'm only slapping him... I'm not punching him... so don't
worry about me messing up your boyfriends face" Turning his attention back
to Josh, Luis ordered him to open wide. "Open your mouth, bitch. I have a
treat for you" When a totally wiped out and by now, a very submissive Josh
tried obeying his latest command, he was slapped once again. "Wider, you
fucking faggot... much wider"
Pretty sure what was going to happen next, (after witnessing Louis do this
to mostly all the dudes he beat-up) Josh closed his eyes and opened his
mouth as wide as he could, and waited. Only to be slapped even
harder. "Keep your fucking eyes open... I wanna watch how much you enjoy
this" Luis then bent his head down slightly, and began drooling a long
string of saliva straight down into Josh's opened mouth. Watching the
string become longer and longer, Josh attempted to close his eyes in
disgust, only to be power slapped once again. "I said keep your eyes
open... you fucking fag... or next time it won't be a measly slap... it
will be my fist"
It was pretty amazing how obedient Josh had become since his encounter with
Dolph earlier. There was no arguing, no begging, and no tears. The poor
dude just laid there beneath Luis and submissively allowed his mouth to
fill up with the spit from another dude. Kurk simply stood at the side of
the bed and patiently watched as his young housemate from America, was once
again humiliated. Luis barked yet another order at the young foreign
student. "Now swallow... and keep your eyes on mine" There was a look of
horror on Josh's face, followed quickly by a gag, and then the dudes facial
expression become a little more distorted, as though Josh was wincing in
pain, as he began gulping down the mouthful of fresh spit from the young
toughie sitting on top of him. This brought a wide evil grin from Luis, as
the tough teen bully did a double bicep pose, showing off his immense power
over the young dude laying pinned beneath him.
After repeating the humiliation several more times, and watching as another
pussy kept swallowing mouthful after mouthful of spit, Luis tucked the
waistband of his sexy briefs under his hefty ball-sack. Seeing a tear begin
to roll down Josh' cheek, had Luis' dick as hard as a rock. Lifting Josh'
head up off the pillow, with a fistful of his hair, Luis ordered his newest
bitch to open wide once again. "Awwwe... look at the pussy, Kurk... he's
starting to cry cause he can't wait any longer for me to POWER FUCK his
face" As Kurk stood there watching his bully of a friend humiliate and
abuse his housemate, he couldn't help himself from feeling a tinge of pity
for Josh, knowing how rough and mean spirited Luis can be, he just knew
that the young foreign student, was in for another BRUTAL face fucking.
Meanwhile, as Lukas dressed down to his skimpy under ware and hopped into
bed for the night, Dolph barged through the bedroom doors. "You didn't
think I'd let you go to sleep without giving my cock a good-night kiss, did
you? I know how my younger cousin has a hard time sleeping... without the
after taste of my Alpha Cum in his mouth" A not so surprised Lukas only
shook his head and pleaded with his tougher cousin. "Please Dolph... not
tonight... can't you please give me a break? I've already gotten you off
twice today... please dude... please use Barry... and cut me some slack
here... I'm begging you... my throat can't take another bashing today"
Dolph, all grins and looking pretty fucking sexy just wearing his bright
red and wicked skimpy Armani briefs, walked over to the bed, and spat in
his cousins face twice. Before roughly grabbing himself a fistful of hair
and yanking Lukas from the bed, forcing his younger cousin to the floor.
With his fist still clutching a wicked tight grip of Lukas' hair, Dolph
brought him to his knees. Now with Dolphs sexy as hell basket less than an
inch from his cousins lips, he gave Lukas an ultimatum. "Hears the thing,
cuz... I totally get off on humiliating you, and roughing you up... and to
be honest... I am not even sure which I enjoy more. But I do know one
thing... I fucking love watching and hearing you choke on my cock... so
let's start there. Oh and by the way... I am fucking super horny tonight,
and listening to you BEG me not to use you AGAIN, is making me even
hornier, if that's at all possible... so by all means... keep begging me"
Lukas knew damn well by now, that trying to fight his way out of this was
useless, and would only piss his tougher cousin off. He also knew by now,
that no amount of begging would deter the well muscled teen from doing
exactly what he wanted. But, since begging is what his cousin wanted, and
since there was no one else in the room to hear him doing so, Lukas decided
this ordeal would end much quicker if he just went along. "Please
Dolph... my throat is killing me after the beating your cock gave it
earlier today. I'm not kidding... I really can not take it all the way
again, not so soon. So please Dolph... I am begging you here... please go
and use Barry instead"
With a wicked evil grin pasted to his young handsome face, Dolph was
clearly enjoying his tough cousins pleading. Spitting twice more in Lukas'
face, hitting once directly in his right eye, and once directly on the
lips, he ordered his cousin to use his tongue to clean the spittle from the
lips and swallow it.
After watching this once Alpha Male, but now a very submissive cousin, obey
his last order, Dolph could not resist adding to the humiliation. "Open
your mouth, BITCH... I have been wanting to do this to you for a long, long
while. Once again, although he hesitated for a brief moment, not quite sure
what his wicked tough cousin was up to, Lukas opened wide and waited, but
not for long. Dolph, slowly, as though he was putting on a show, lowered
the waistband of his sexy underwear, tucking the waistband beneath his man
size balls. He then placed the head of his nine and a half inches, directly
on top of Lukas' tongue, and allowed the flood gates to open. Grinning down
into his cousins eyes, he began pissing.
Lukas' first response was to place his hands onto the strong thighs of his
cousin, and try desperately to push him away. Of course, (unfortunately for
him) Dolph was prepared for such a reaction, and flexing his leg muscles,
he dug his heals into the carpet, locking himself into place, so that any
effort from Lukas to push him away would be futile. "Look at you... you
ungrateful bitch... I decide to give you a break from sucking my cock down
your throat... and you try pushing me away. Too fucking bad I am way
stronger than you... huh? So tell me, you fucking pussy... how's my Alpha
piss taste? You like it? If not... too bad... better get use to it... and
oh, by the way... I don't find it appropriate that you continue calling me
Dolph... from here on... I want you to refer to me as either Master... or
SiR. Now drink up... and for your own good... do not allow a single drop of
it fall to the floor, or else"
Poor Lukas, thought back to how this all started, it was on the plane,
while in flight to Germany. He was feeling totally down, and wicked
depressed from losing the test of strength to Dolph. His mind was off
somewhere far away, when he felt his hand being placed on top of his cousin
Dolphs basket. Poor Lukas was so fucking far gone that he didn't even
bother to try and pull it away. With dolphs hand on top of his, and guiding
his hand up and down the hard outline of Dolphs cock, Lukas was just too
fucking depressed to object. Meanwhile, Dolph totally enjoying the new
feeling of power that he now had over his cousin, continued using his new
slaves hand to slowly massage the outline of his huge cock.
Not satisfied with using his cousins hand to simply rub against the outline
of his cock, Dolph decided to push it further. Unbuttoning his tight faded
jeans, Dolph placed Lukas' hand inside the sexy silk material of his Boxer
Briefs, and began using his cousins palm to rub one out. Since he had been
using Lukas' hand to massage his basket for over an hour, it didn't take
long for Dolphs volcano to erupt. He smiled broadly while filling his
cousins palm with a huge load of fresh sperm. He tilted his head sideways
to take in the reaction from his latest conquest, and seeing a few tears
rolling down Lukas's cheeks, Dolph gave his cousin a wicked smirk. "What?
You don't like the feel of my warm cum coating your hand, bitch? Well
that's just too fucking bad... let's see you do something about it"
Not getting a response from his last words to his new conquest, Dolph
decided to see just how far he could push this slave thing. Pulling his
cousins cum sopped hand out of his undies, Dolph then proceeded to push
three of his cousins cum coated fingers inside the dudes
mouth. "Yeah... there you go... now you will not have to go on wondering
what my Alpha Cum tastes like... go ahead, SUCK those fingers clean... I
want you to get a good taste... and don't worry... there is plenty more
down in there for you to consume... yeah... let's smear some under your
nose, so you can enjoy the smell of my juice all the way to Germany,
Still not entirely satisfied with how far he has pushed his newest
conquest, hours later and after using his cousins hand to rub out a second
load, Dolph decided to go for the gold. Reaching up and placing his arm
around Lukas' neck and shoulder, Dolph began slowly pushing down
wards. Poor Lukas was finally able to fall asleep, and had no idea what was
about to happen. Dolph looked across the isle to see both Gunther and
myself watching, and he offered us a broad some what evil smile. As if to
say, `watch this'
I was too shocked at what was happening to even speak, while Gunther was
trying hard to stop Dolph without saying a word. With his eyes bugging out
as though he couldn't believe what was about to happen, and not wanting to
wake anyone by speaking, Gunther stared into Dolphs eyes and began shaking
his head frantically. But of course Dolph simply smiled at Gunther and
proceeded to lower Lukas' face down into his open crotch. It wasn't until
Lukas' nose and lips were pressed tightly to the stone hard cock, still
hidden behind the sexy red silk boxers, that he awoke and realized
something sooo not cool was about to happen. Breathing in the odor from his
cousins crotch, Lukas began to struggle.
With Lukas frantically trying his damnedest to lift his head, Dolphs evil
smile only broadened, as he immediately tightened his powerful grip on his
cousins head and pressed the head harder against the outline of his thick
manhood. "Whooaa... where do you think you're going? You need to just relax
and enjoy" Again, Lukas attempted to escape, and again his attempt was
thwarted. The evil cousin from hell let out a quiet giggle. "Come-on
dude... don't try fighting it... it's bigger than both of us. Dolph
continued holding Lukas' head in place, and waited till his once tough as
nails cousin calmed down. He then released one fistful of hair and dug into
his briefs to pull out his magnificent cock.
Lukas was about to taste cock along with it's drool, for the very first
time in his young life, and he was fighting mad, which didn't mean a damn
thing, considering who he was up against. It took another twenty minutes or
so before Dolph was able to pry open his cousins unwilling mouth. But, in
the end, Lukas just simply gave up and surrendered. He was after all, super
depressed, wicked tired, and felt as though his life had already changed
for the worse that day in the ring, when his cousin forced him to submit
three times in a roll, ending his Top Alpha Male status, and humiliating
him to tears, literally. Anything from that point onward was just a simple
reminder that his life was now owned outright by his way tougher cousin. As
he tried in vain to relax and go with the flow, the long thick cock now
making its way to the back of his mouth, began to gag him, forcing him to
choke repeatedly.
Not wanting the sounds of gagging to wake up other passengers, especially
his Uncle, at least not till he pumped his load into his cousins throat,
Dolph pulled out till just the thick head of his perfect cock remained
inside. He then held Lukas' head more firmly and used the dudes warm mouth
to jerk his cock off. It was only a matter of minutes after Dolph began
pumping his cock-head in and out of Lukas' warm mouth, before Dolph began
feeding his cousin his very first mouthful, of another dudes sperm. Dolph
was elated to say the least, after all, he just creamed the mouth of his
latest conquest. Lukas should have been thankful just the same, for this
latest load was no where as huge as the previous two loads Dolph already
released, but tasting and then swallowing a dudes load was a major first
for Lukas, and he had no idea how much cum to expect.
Holding his cousins head in place, the Top Alpha ordered his newest bitch
to clean his cock-head thoroughly. "There... so tell me cock-sucker... Was
it worth the wait? Did you enjoy that as much as your brother did, his
first time? Just in case it left you wanting more, don't worry... I plan on
feeding you again once we land... I promise. Now keep me inside your warm
mouth while you suck my cock clean, FAGGOT"
Lukas was totally blown away after hearing that word being directed to him,
so much so, that he began once again crying silent tears.
Now, here he is with his cousins cock-head once again between his lips,
only this time it won't be his new Masters Alpha Seed being fed to him...
this time around, his tougher cousin is forcing him to drink warm Alpha
Piss, humiliating poor Lukas to tears once again.