Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2016 12:44:18 -0500
From: Charles Smythe <[email protected]>
Subject: Turned into a Cocksucker-[CS-60]-part-of-1
Turned into a Cocksucker.
Thanks to an old man that turned me into a cocksucker, I've been sucking
cock behind my girlfriends back for nearly thirty years ever since the
dirty old man caught me looking at his big cock while we were standing at
the urinals in a public rest room at the park. Even embarrassed about
being caught, I was still staring at his big eight inch cock. He was
probably in his early sixties and stood over six-feet.
He started at me for a couple of minutes and then told me, "Get on your
knees and suck me off."
Without thinking I went to my knees. Laughing, he stepped forward and stuck
his dick in my mouth. Because he hadn't shook it off, as the head slid
across my tongue I tasted the vile taste of the beads of piss that cling
there. When its head slid on across my tongue and hit the back of my
throat, he put his hand on the back of my head and started working his
hips, pumping his cock in and out of my mouth.
I couldn't believe how much it turned me on to be used like some slut by an
old man in middle of the public restroom. And he could see it and started
calling me a filthy little cocksucking faggot.
I was so turned on I shot my load all over the floor without even playing
with myself and I stayed hard.
He laughed and said, "Now that you're a cocksucker I think you're going to
sucking lots and lots of cocks aren't you?"
"Oh god no. I'm not a cocksucker," I said, "I like girls. She's waiting
outside for me." Which wasn't too strong of an argument since I had his
cock in my mouth at the time.
"Well you love cock more don't you?" he said.
"No? Then you don't want to suck my cock?" he asked.
"I'm not sure," I murmured nervously.
"Ok, no more for you then. I can't hang around here unless you ask me
"Ugh, ok please let me continue," I almost begged.
"If you want to suck my big cock then tell me that you're a cocksucking
little faggot that loves sucking dirty old men off in public restrooms," he
"No. I can't. I'm not gay. I told you my girlfriend is waiting outside for
me," I whined. .
"No? I got a flash for you. Now that you've suck cock you're a cocksucker
for life, whether you like it or not."
"Oh god," I moaned, "I can't believe how much i loved having your cock in
my mouth. You're right I want to suck your cock. Please let me."
"Ok but if I let you suck my big cock I want your name and address ok?"
"Ugh why?" I asked nervously.
"So you'll be my cock slave anytime I need you or I'll visit your parents
and tell them that you've been sucking old men off in public restrooms," he
"No, please don't do that," I begged, "Just let me suck your cock this time
"Oh no, no deal," he said as he started to put his cock away, "I'm going
"Oh no please," I whined as I reached for him, "Don't leave."
"Well tell me your name and address and what you are."
"Oh ok. My name is Steve Perry and I live at 1804 Mockingbird Lane and I'm
a filthy little faggot that love's sucking cock."
"That's better. Now open your mouth and do what you're going to be doing
for the rest of your life. Yes that's it. Good boy, suck that big cock."
By now I just wanted this over as quickly as I could so I started to
slobber all over his big cock, pushing his foreskin back with my tongue and
rubbing it frantically over his sensitive cock head.
I nearly gagged as I felt some of his thick black pubic hair against my
teeth and his heavy balls slapping against my chin as he continued to rock
back and forth enthusiastically fucking my face.
The old man started to move around so that his hard cock invaded and
covered every last inch of the inside of my mouth. He rocked from side to
side so that his dick poked against the sides of my cheeks like I was a
demented human hamster. My tongue was drowning in a sea of saliva, drool
and thick pre-cum from the old man's cock and humiliatingly it was starting
to escape from the sides of my mouth and dribble down my chin.
I opened my eyes wide and looked up as far upwards as I could manage to
find the old with a look of absolute contempt on his face as he met my
"Oh yes. You'll be coming back here every day looking for cock won't you
cocksucker?" he laughed.
Suddenly I realized just how little I actually was to him. I was nothing
more than a mouth to fuck. I quickly found myself unable to match his glare
and instead dropped my eyes and set to sucking again.
"I can't understand why but it turns me on so much that I think you're
right. I won't be able to resist coming here looking for men to suck," I
murmured meekly.
"Yes, that's right," he laughed. "Now that you've suck a real man's cock
you're a cocksucker for life. And you don't even care that you're on your
knees in a filthy public restroom sucking an old man's dirty smelly old
cock while being watched do you?
"Ugh. What? Oh god no," I stammered.
I moved my eyes to the side of his thighs just as someone took a picture of
me with my mouth stuffed full of the old man's big cock.
"Don't stop. It's ok. They can see you're a cocksucker so carry on doing
what you were born for. I bet if you ask nicely they'll let you suck their
cocks as well."
"Oh god. I've been caught sucking cock. Please don't tell anyone."
"If you want us to keep quiet you'll have to suck all of us off as well,"
said the man taking the pictures.
"Oh god, Ok," I whimpered, "Just don't tell anyone."
"I can see you're going to busy here this afternoon sucking cock after cock
like a dirty cocksucking faggot. Look at how much you loved sucking my big
cock. You did love it don't you?" smirked.
"Oh god, yes it turned me on sucking you off in front of other men. And god
help me I want more cock." I confessed guiltily.
"That's it. You're a good little cocksucker. You're going to make me cum,"
he beamed.
My first ever effort at sucking a dick came to an end a little short of
ten-minutes after it reluctantly began. The old man started to grunt and
his whole body seemed to stiffen up, his thrusts becoming jerky and
Mentally I braced myself for this final humiliation but even as I was
preparing myself I felt his cock burst into action spurting a warm burst of
thick, warm creamy cum in my mouth. It spewed across my tongue and hit the
back of my throat.
I gagged again and struggled to get my mouth free but he held me in place
and continued to pump his salty cum deep into my mouth until he had emptied
his balls into my unwilling mouth. He finished by slapping his messy dick a
few times against my lips and then he stood back to allow the spectator to
get a few post oral pictures.
"Oh god yes. I'm cumming. Oh yes, you like that don't you? Look at him,
boys. This is the first time he's sucked cock and he swallowed all my cum
and sucked me clean. I think he wants more don't you?"
"Mmmm yes please."
"I'm going home so enjoy yourself cocksucker. I'll be in touch."
So there I was on my knees sucking old men off like some dirty little slut
and I loved it. I sucked off five more guys before I could get off my knees.
When I got outside my girl Debbie was pacing up and down and thoroughly
pissed. I gave her a cock-n-bull story about a stomach cramps and diarrhea.
I think she believed me too, because she insisted that she take me home. On
the way home we stopped at a drug store and she bought me a big pink bottle
of Pepto-Bismol. Diarrhea medication.
I was now a cocksucker and I've sucked close to four-hundred cocks since
then. And Debbie, now my wife doesn't have a clue.
The end...