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Subject: Malcolm and My Neighbors Chapter 3
This story is fictional. No real boys have been harmed in the writing.
Certain characters have been inspired by ones created by Linwood Boomer and
copyrighted by Regency Entertainment. The main characters also contain
traits of people I really knew. The television show "Malcolm in the
Middle" is copyright 2000 by Twentieth Century Fox Television, Regency
Entertainment, and Monarchy Enterprises. This story in no way implies the
true sexual orientation of the actors or characters they portray. It is
pure fantasy.
* * * * * * *
While these stories are inspired by the TV show "Malcolm in the Middle" and
reference elements from them, in no way do you have to be familiar with the
show to enjoy the stories. As the narrator, I describe everyone fully,
just as if it were really happening to me for the first time. So it's just
like reading a totally made-up story from the Adult/Youth section (my
favorite section). Of course, you can always do a web search of the show
and find some pictures -- there are even shirtless pictures out there of
the actors from the show. And there are videos as well. As of this
writing, I have about 20 chapters planned in my head. They will get more
sexual and wilder as things progress. Each story is self-contained and
also has a cum scene. So you can just read one chapter at a time and come
back to other chapters whenever. The first few chapters are just me
cumming but later...well, I don't want to give too much away. I try to
make my stories real-to set things up as if what ends up happening could
have truly happened. So to get into it, you need to read the whole story
and see how things end up happening. If you do, the story will have more
"impact" on you at the end-if you know what I mean. Thanks for reading,
and let me know if you like it.
* * * * * * *
Malcolm and My Neighbors
Chapter 3
More "First-Aid Treatment" for Reese
I was still coming down from my high after jacking off (unbeknownst to him)
while rubbing Reese's butthole and watching it open and close--all under
the guise of checking him for injury from a toy tomahawk at the hands of
his brother, Malcolm.
I was lying on the floor with my eyes closed and still panting. I opened
my eyes to see his mop of hair, the top half of his nose and his twinkling,
devilish eyes looking at me over the end of the bed.
"What do you mean my butt is `perfect?'" he asked me. I hadn't really
noticed how cute his little 12-year-old voice was. Still pretty high but
just starting to deepen a tiny bit, with that little bit of raspiness boys
often have when their voice is changing.
"Huh?" I asked, still dazed.
"You said my butt is perfect--what do you mean by that?"
"Well, it's cute and white and shapely and firm and nice and huggable and
suckable and kissable." (Oh shit! What did I just say?!! I must be drunk
from the sexual encounter we just had.)
"Kissable?!" he exclaimed. "Do you want to kiss my butt??!!"
"Well I..." I just couldn't lie to him. How could I tell this
phenomenally gorgeous boy that his butt wasn't kissable after I just said
it was? "Well..." I stammered, "even if I did want to" (I hedged) "it
wouldn't be legal."
"Oh. You mean like `good touch bad touch' that they taught us about in
"Yeh. I could get in trouble."
"I wouldn't tell. Besides when they taught us all that stuff they said it
was MY body. So if it's MY body, why shouldn't I let you do fun stuff to
MY butt if I like it?" (Did he have a point?) "Anyway, you just had your
finger all over my poophole."
("Poophole"--that's so cute!) "That was different," I said, "I was a
concerned adult checking you over for injury. It was... you
know... medical."
"You mean like when Mom gives me an enema?" (Did he really just say that?
He's 12!!! Images flashing through my mind...have to...answer him...)
"Yeh, that's okay for that," I managed to spit out. "What about when she
spanks me on the bare?" he asked.
"You mean your mother takes your pants down to spank you?"
"Always," he replied.
Poor kid -- I would hate to see him get spanked. Wait a minute, no I
wouldn't. I would LOVE to see that! Oh, to be a fly on the wall when it
happened. "Does she ever spank you outside?" I ventured (such a caring
concerned adult I am). "It depends," he answered. "Depends on what?" I
asked. "It depends on where I get in trouble," he replied. "If I get in
trouble outside, then she spanks me outside."
"On the bare?"
"Yup." This was all matter-of-fact to him. It was like we were talking
about video games or something.
Meanwhile my head was reeling with visions of hidden cameras atop the
fence, alarms that would pick up on slapping sounds and alert me to run to
the window with my binoculars...was such a thing possible? Could I invent
it maybe...? Maybe I could get him in trouble. I wondered, what was a
spankable offense? "I...I..." I had zoned out but wanted to keep this
conversation going somehow. My hardening dick wanted to as well.
"I...uh...if your mother ever spanks you hard on your butt and you want me
to examine it again, I'd be glad to do that for you."
He raised himself up on his elbows so I could now see his whole sweet face.
He gave me a long quizzical stare and then that twinkle came back to his
eyes. (Had I gone too far this time?) "You know what I think?" he asked.
"What?" I answered, afraid that I was busted. "I think you LIKE looking at
my butt," he said, with a triumphant grin. (Yup, busted.) "I think you
really want to kiss it, too," he continued. He didn't say it with any
shock or fear whatsoever--just a big grin. Then a giggle.
(Man, I think I'm in trouble now.) "I told wouldn't be..."
What could I say? What was he going for? Did he WANT me to kiss it?
"I..." My mind was racing a mile a minute. Suddenly, I remembered
something from a pioneer story I had read as a child. "Look," I said,
hoping to now derail this conversation, "the only way I could possibly
think that I could ever put my mouth on your butt would be if you had a
snakebite there and there wasn't time to get you to the hospital." (Okay,
like that would ever happen, but I could always dream.) "What do you
mean?" he said, with his little furrowed brow. "Well nowadays, if someone
gets a bite from a poisonous snake they go to the emergency room and get an
anti-venom shot. But back in the old days all they could do was to try and
suck the poison out of the wound before it started spreading to the heart
and the brain."
"You mean people used to go around sucking each other's butts?" He thought
this was terribly funny and rolled around on the bed, naked and laughing,
his cock bouncing with the guffaws. Unlike me, his little dickie wasn't
hard at all. When his laughter subsided, I answered his question: "Well,
no, I mean...people don't walk around on their butts." (More laughter from
him.) "Snakebites generally happen on people's ankles. And they don't
happen that often anyway." He nodded at this and was quiet. What was he
thinking now? I could see the wheels turning.
"I gotta go home I forgot something!" he jumped up and threw on his shorts.
"Um...okay, I guess I'll see you later then," I said.
"I'll be right back, I just forgot to do something." He ran out leaving
the front door open and letting the storm door slam. He left his shirt and
shoes behind on the living room floor. I was still recovering from the
events of the last half hour and went to grab a cold beer. I didn't really
expect him back. He seemed a little bit ADD and I figured he'd see a bug
that needed squashing, get involved in a TV show at home--something, who
knows? I decided to get back to unpacking, and walked over and sat down on
the floor to start sorting my CDs.
Two minutes later--BAM--the sound of the storm door flying open and
hitting the house made me jump. Another loud "bam" as it slammed shut and
there stood my new Tom Sawyer-esque friend, Reese. Well, actually he
wasn't standing. In fact, he was jumping up and down frantically, holding
his butt with both hands and yelling at the top of his voice: "Ow, oohh,
ahh!!! Mr. Jones, help me! I fell in the bushes and got attacked by
snakes! They bit me all over my butt! Ooowwww! Help me, please, I'm
dying!!" He paused for a second to see if I was buying it. Of course I
wasn't, but I tried not to let it show. "Hurry, do something, it's
burning!" he cried.
"Snake bites don't burn, they sting," I said. Hey, if he could make stuff
up, so could I.
"That's what I mean, it's stinging," he cried, still grabbing his butt. I
gotta give him credit, not only could the kid act but he could change his
story on a dime. I'm guessing he had years of practice at putting things
over on his parents--or at least trying to. "Please, I can feel the
poison spreading. Do something!" His face was all twisted. Was he
working up tears? Seriously, the kid was good.
"Okay," I said, "let me grab my keys and my wallet and we'll get you to the
"NNNOOOOOO!!! They can't find mean...there's no time--I
have way too many bites! There was like a thousand snakes!"
"A thousand?"
"YYESSS!! It was a whole flock of them!"
A flock. Okay... "So what do you want me to do then?"
A pregnant pause, and then in a low voice he said:
"Suck the poison out."
Was there? Yup, he couldn't help it. Just at the corner of his mouth was
the beginning of an almost imperceptible wicked grin, along with a gleam in
his eye. "Let's go in the bedroom!" he said. He ran down the hall and I
heard him jump onto the bed. In theory, I had many choices. I could have
ordered him out, dragged him out, gone for a walk, gotten in the car and
driven a thousand miles away, or simply told him, "No." In reality, I was
powerless before him. For the second time that day, I locked the front
door. I was drawn to the bedroom as if under a spell. I WAS under a
spell--the spell of this sweet, happy, sad, lively, messed up, devilish,
cute, hunky, innocent, naughty, nice, sexy boy.
He was lying flat on his stomach in the middle of the bed, his arms out to
the sides and his elbows bent. He had calmed down on the yelling and the
butt rubbing. He was about to have me where he wanted and he knew it.
"Hurry," he said, still working the act a bit. "Pull down my pants."
Pull down my pants... Pull down my pants... He was asking me--telling
me to pull down his pants. How could I do that? How could I not? He was
my fantasy boy, but he was real...and alive before me--on my bed. He
wanted me to pull down his pants. I wasn't tricking him, he was tricking
me. I wasn't forcing him. I wasn't going to molest him. It was medical,
again, wasn't it? Yeh...the snake bites. I had to help him with the snake
bites. I had to save his life! This is what I was telling myself as I
slowly walked over to the bed, drawn to his tight little butt like a
tractor beam in a Star Trek movie pulling me in. It goes without saying
that my 22-year-old dick was as hard as granite and as hot as lava. I
found my fingers grasping the bottom hem of his shorts.
The basketball shorts felt nice. Silky and smooth. Even though I had just
spent a fair amount of time staring at his spread open cheeks and touching
his sweet little hole, there was something equally exciting about the scene
now. Him lying there, waiting for me to pull down his
pants--trusting--inviting me in. Even the fact that he was inviting me
to pull down his shorts instead of him doing it was erotic all by itself.
The whole scene was just as sexy to me as the scene before but in a
different way.
I put my knees up on the bed and bent over his small frame. I paused to
take in his shirtless back. I was quite a bit bigger than him, weighed
more, way stronger than he. I could do anything to him right now. If I
wanted, I could bite him on the neck, rip off his shorts and shove my fist
up his ass. But why would I want to do such things to my precious new
little friend?
I took in the glory of his butt, the sheen of the red nylon shorts
outlining the curves of his sweet little cheeks. I sighed. "C'mon, pull
`em down," he reminded me, giving his narrow butt a little shake. I
pulled. Slowly. And I mean, slooowlyyy. Like the scene before, I was
going to try to make this one last; and I didn't know where it was going.
I mean, surely he didn't have snakebites. Surely I wasn't really going to
suck his ass.
Was I?
I got to the end of his feet and dropped the shorts onto the floor. Now he
was clad only in his boxers. They had a green camouflage print, the macho
little bugger. The material was They might even be
hand-me-downs. Was there another brother?
I petted his cotton covered rump. "How are the snakebites feeling?" I
asked. "They hurt really bad," he said but with not a lot of conviction.
"Really?" I asked, "You haven't even said `Ouch' for the past couple of
minutes." "That's because..." he was thinking fast, I could tell, "it's
because the poison's getting to me. Yeh. I'm about to faint. You better
hurry." Nice save.
"Okay, relax," I said. I watched the boxers slowly come down. I bunched
them up so that my hands would rub along all the way on his smooth thighs,
the back of his knees, his calves, his little feet. The boxers hit the
floor. And now-- Wait. What the fuck? He did have something all over his
ass! Little spots--little dots all over it. I leaned over for a closer
look. Holy crap! It looks like he took a magic marker and made dots all
over his butt. I have to say it was a nice idea but left something to be
desired in the execution. They weren't at all paired up like two teeth
marks together but just random single dots. And they weren't red, the
color of blood as you might expect, but green! Was this kid stupid? Was
he color blind maybe? Was he playing me? Well...I was getting to stare at
his hot, white, speckled butt so did the other questions matter?
"C'mon," he urged, "suck it. Suck it." Suck it he said in that sexy
little tween voice... I nearly creamed in my shorts. Could I refuse? It
took me about a billionth of a second to decide I could not. As I already
said, I was under his spell. I had lost all conscious control of myself
some time ago. "Okay, little man," I said, playing along. "Don't worry,
I'll save you." He giggled a little and actually raised his butt up to
meet me. Okay, so there was still a molecule of me that was resisting all
this so when I went down, I actually put my mouth at the top of his thigh
instead of right on his butt. But above that, my face was resting on his
naked 12-year-old ass!!! My nose was buried in the softness of his right
cheek. My cock, actually, my whole body spasmed. I really thought I was
going to orgasm right then but it held off.
I put my hands on both his hips and started sucking. I kept my mouth down
at the crease where his butt cheek started, thinking still that I wasn't
officially molesting him as there had not yet been any pure mouth-to-butt
contact. But as I sucked there I smashed my face into his butt and rubbed
it all over his stupendous cheeks. "Oh Reese," I moaned. Yeh, I was
revealing more of my gay side to him but shit, I couldn't stop myself. Of
all the events of the past 2 days, this was the most explosively sexual one
yet--the most erotic moment ever in my life! "Oh baby," I moaned again,
continuing to rub and press my face all over him. "Oh, Reese, BABY!!" I
was nearly breathless with desire for him. I wanted to take a bite out of
him and eat him. I went up to his waist, working along the top of his
butt, still enjoying that face contact with the smooth, supple skin of his
lower back.
He reached around with his right hand and tried to push my head down.
Instead of letting him, I raised up. "What's the matter?" I asked. "I
need you to get this one that is really hurting right here!" he said. His
little index finger was resting right on the crown of his butt--the top
of sweet Mount Reese!
I could hold off no longer. "Spread your legs," I said in a guttural
voice. He immediately complied. "Ahh!!" I actually cried out as I dived
right down on the top of that magnificent, jutting cheek, making a smacking
sound as I made contact. I was an animal now, sucking and slurping all
over his sweet melons, moaning and crying out, stopping in certain spots
but not long enough to leave a hicky. I know, you're wondering if I went
for the hole. To be honest, I was ragingly getting off on his butt cheeks
and didn't care about the hole at that moment. And if I had, who knows?
It very well might have scared him away never to come back again. Surely,
not worth the risk. (Besides, he didn't have any snakebites there.) So
there I was slobbering all over his magnificent white butt, making loud
sucking noises, licking, slurping, smooching. I was in a frenzy. I had
crossed another line the moment my lips hit his buttcheek so why not go hog
"Oh, Reese, oh Reese. I'm saving you buddy." I talked to him in between
my slurps and gasps for breath... "I'm saving you... Sucking out the
poison, sucking out all the poison... sucking...sucking... sucking your
beautiful butt."
"Wow," he said, still with that giggle in his voice, "You really like my
butt don't you?"
"No," my little friend," I gasped, still grinding my face all over his
middle: talking, sucking, and panting. "I don't like your butt, I LOVE
your butt-I LOVE IT!!! ... I'm so honored... that you would let me... that
you would choose me... to have this privilege... to make love to your juicy
sweet ass... it's so beautiful... YOU'RE so beautiful... Oh Reese... Oh
Reese... Oh Reese!" It went on like that for the next minute. Two
minutes. Three. I was in another world-or maybe in heaven, I don't know.
He hadn't said anything for a couple of minutes and somewhere in the back
of my mind, I wondered what was going through his young mind. But the
muscles in his butt stayed relaxed, not tight with tension. And more than
that, he was moving his butt around-back and forth and sometimes lifting up
again to meet my mouth.
And then he started talking again. "Oh yeh," he said, "Suck it baby!" (Oh
shit-he was literally making me delirious.) "Suck it, dude! Suck it!
Yeh, man, SUCK MY ASS!"
When I heard the word "ass" come out of his young mouth, I crossed over
into some other dimension.
"AAAHHH" I cried out. My head was jerking up and down a foot at a time,
jerking up, then slamming back down into his hot ass. "Ah...ah...oh shit!
Oh fuck!!!" I was practically in convulsions. What the fuck??!! I was
CUMMING!! Fucking spasming and shooting all over the inside of my shorts
without ever laying a hand on my cock. "Oh shit! Oh Fuck!
Ah...ah...ah...!!!!" I was more-or-less sobbing by now-no tears but crying
and convulsing, my furiously hard cock still pumping even though all my
liquid cum was spent. "Oh fuck, oh shit, I... I... I...aahhh... hmmmmmm.
H..m...m...mmmm..." I finally collapsed with my face back on his butt, my
nose in his little buttcrack, trying to recover, panting as if I had just
run a thousand miles. I realized that my hair was soaking wet.
He was quiet for a moment. Then pushing himself with his arms, he slowly
slid up away from me, toward the head of the bed until his ass left my face
and my head dropped down onto the bed between his legs. He turned himself
over but put himself back into the same position, now lying on his back,
but my head still between his legs, inches away from his cock and balls.
Reality was starting to slowly sink into me. I was starting to feel a
little scared about what I had just done. I lifted my head up with
trepidation, my eyes moving past his luscious cock and balls to meet his
He was staring at me with a mild look of shock, and a slightly furrowed
brow. "Man, you're crazy." he said.
And he meant it, too. Okay. Guilty as charged.
Then, like switching channels on a TV, he was done with that thought and
said, "That was fun! Can we do that again sometime?"
I dropped my head back to the bed and laughed. "Any time, little man," I
said. "It was fun for me too," (the understatement of the century). He
laughed too.
Then he leaned forward and petted the back of my head a few times. "You're
nice," he said softly.
I looked up to meet his gaze again. Then he leaned back against the bed,
put his hands behind his head and relaxed, staring at the ceiling. I
raised my head up to get a good view of those white, naked arm-pits. Oh
man. Oh fuck! I wanted to eat them so badly. Then I realized that I had
not yet been so close to his little cock and turned my gaze down a few
inches. What can I say? It was beautiful, like the rest of him. And then
I realized something else. He was totally soft. And he was soft a minute
ago when I first glanced at it, right after we had stopped the snakebite
game. So, this wasn't even sexual for him? What was it then? Was it a
head game? A power play? Did he have an angle? Was he a street-wise
little punk who would use what we did to blackmail me? I don't think so,
he was too affable for that. No, I had been around kids like him before,
both as a kid and as a coach and teacher. It was a game to him, but more
like a little kid game. He may be sprouting some dick hair but in his head
he was very immature-more on the level of an 8-year-old than 12. He was
also starved for attention as well as terribly bored. And he was not the
kind of kid who could be easily entertained. No, to keep himself going, he
required constant, intense stimulation-war games, fighting, screaming, life
on the edge. Not sexual things with butts exactly, but "naughty" things
with butts? Absolutely. I don't think he even realized that I had had an
orgasm. I even wondered if he knew what an orgasm was.
"I gotta pee," he said, knocking me out of my deep thought. He swung his
leg over my head (giving me another little glimpse of his sweet butthole)
and walked through the open door into the bathroom, not bothering to close
it. I heard him pee. I would have loved to watch but thought I better not
push it. I heard the last little dribble, then waited. Seconds went by.
I didn't really expect, from a kid like him, to hear either the sounds of
water running or flushing. He didn't have any pants on to zip up, so what
was he doing?
"What's THIS?!" I heard him exclaim from the bathroom.
I wondered what he was talking about. "Oh shit!" I thought, my stomach
coming up into my throat and back down-"THE PORN MAGAZINE!"
Coming in Chapter 4 -- Reese Finds Out
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