Mistress Mindy Part 7
by Bill Beaumonte ([email protected])

This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, do not continue.

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Author’s note:
Jeff loved the way Tgirls and CDs were often much more feminine and affectionate than genetic women. Jeff is in for a big surprise when he meets Mindy, who would change his life. I hope you enjoy this work of fiction!

My desire for Mindy was strong, but she had really turned me on to cocksucking, and I was enjoying that too, but I would only cum for Mindy. I made sure I told her about each and every blowjob, and she always was pleased to hear about them.

On my next date with Mindy she told me she wanted me to take her panty shopping, so I drove to the local shopping mall. She removed her panties in the car and handed them to me. I pressed them to my nose and inhaled her aroma so much nicer that a genetic woman!

Mindy pulled her skirt up, exposing her clitty, so I could fondle her as I drove. We both enjoyed it when I got her aroused so that she tented her skirt, as we walked in public. I think she liked everyone to know that I was escorting a tgirl, and I did get a lot of shocked looks from people, as well as a few smiles.

Mindy lived in the next town from me close by, but conveniently away from most of the people I knew. I always had a little fear of meeting someone I knew and having them see Mindy's tented skirt!

Upon arrival we went inside and walked around. Mindy seemed proud to display herself this way. She could tent her skirt for about five minutes before her erection began to go down, and I would have to refresh it. We had to look around for places where I could slip my hand up her skirt discretely. We both loved it when I took her clitty firmly in my hand and refreshed her erection.

We went into a department store and directly to the lingerie section. We looked at various panties in Mindy's size. A sales associate, a young woman in her twenties greeted us.

"I'm looking for some panties for my lady," I said.

The woman looked at Mindy as she asked what style she preferred, and her eyes locked on Mindy's tented skirt! I wasn't sure is she was shocked or intrigued, but she couldn't take her eyes off the bulge in her skirt.

Speechless for a bit, she finally said, "Maybe I should just let you two just look around," and excused herself.

Mindy smiled at me and said, "I'm having a great time, Jeff I hope you are too."

The sales woman must have told the other two women about Mindy, because they each approached just close enough to get a good look. Mindy watched them and turned so they could clearly see the bulge. When I put my hand on the bulge and squeezed, they quickly turned away. We left without buying and went to another department store.

At the second store we spent about ten minutes looking at panties and there were no sales associates to be seen. Since we seemed to be alone we kissed, and then Mindy led me to another aisle and pointed out a hidden security camera and proceeded to kiss me, our tongues dancing together. "Time to refresh me," she said.

She lifted her skirt partway and I reached under and fondled her. She didn't expose herself, but it was clear to what was happening. Mindy wanted whoever was monitoring the security camera to have a good show to enjoy.

Once Mindy's erection was refreshed we began to leave. As we approached the store exit a voice said, "Excuse me."

We turned and see a young guy, maybe of college age, approach us. "I've been monitoring you on the security camera," he said.

I felt uneasy about this, but Mindy seemed to really warm up to it. "Did you like what you saw?" she asked.

Now the guy was nervous, but he blurted out, "I thought I had seen everything, but I've never seen anything like that before."

"I'll bet we put you in a state of need," said Mindy, "and could probably use a nice blowjob would you like that?"

The guy was speechless, but nodded nervously.

"Right here?" asked Mindy, and the guy told us to follow him.

He led us through a doorway and down a hallway to the security office, where he had been working alone. "There won't be anyone else here for an hour," he said, unzipping and taking out his cock.

Mindy took his cock in her hand and stroked him to erection. Without giving it a second thought I was on my knees and sucking the guy. Mindy lifted her skirt completely to give the guy a good look, first at her clitty, then her ass. She bent over and spread her cheeks for the guy, and that was all he could take, and popped his load into my mouth. I gave him one of my newly-printed cocksucker cards and we left.

Mindy told me she was really glad I was her boyfriend, and told me that cocksucking was completely optional for me, but she thought I liked it.

We stopped at the food court and got some lunch. "You are very different than other guys," Mindy said.

"You mean the guys you force to suck other men before they can cum?" I asked.

"Exactly," Mindy agreed, "They were selfish bastards who had to be taught a lesson but you're different you are boyfriend material!"

I kissed Mindy and we lingered together, glued at the lips.

As I pulled back she said, "Perhaps I shouldn't have turned you into a cocksucker."

"I like sucking cock," I said, "Especially as you watch."

"Are you sure?" Mindy asked, "Do you like being gay now?"

"I don't know if I'm really gay," I explained, "I like women, especially you, and I'm not at all attracted to men, except for giving blowjobs."

"Well that's kind of different," Mindy said, "A straight cocksucker!"

"Your straight cocksucker," I corrected.

"Well, your cocksucking is completely voluntary from now on," she said, "But I will still love to hear about the blowjobs you give."

I agreed as we finished lunch and continued to walk through the mall. There were no more department stores, but there was a Victoria's Secret, and we proceeded there. I refreshed Mindy before walking in. An older woman approached us, smiled and said, "Welcome to Victoria's Secret we are very open minded here and would love you to have an enjoyable shopping experience my name is Christine."

We greeted Christine and she showed us various styles of panties. She winked at me and said I was very brave to bring Mindy in, and hoped that she would show her appreciation.

Christine told us of a special line of panties designed for gurls like Mindy, with a little extra room in them. She showed us pictures of gurls modeling the panties, and there were very obvious bulges. We chose a style and color and Christine brought a pair out in Mindy's size, which she bought on the spot.

"Would you like to wear them now?" she asked, and Mindy consented.

Christine led us to the fitting rooms, which just had curtains enclosing them.

"You can go in together," she said, "You may need a little adjustment."

I was getting really aroused now, and Mindy continued to tent her skirt as we entered the fitting room. Christine drew the curtain and waited outside while Mindy raised her skirt showing me her hard clitty, very much in need of attention.

I dropped to my knees and began sucking Mindy. As I did, Christine poked her head in and said, "You two doing alright?"

I continued to suck Mindy as she replied, "Oh YES! I'm doing VERY WELL!"

Christine continued to watch, and neither of us minded her doing so. After a few minutes she gave me her girl juice, and I held her in my mouth until she had given me all of it, and then pulled off. Mindy unwrapped the panties and handed them to me.

She lifted one foot, and then the other, as I slipped the panties onto her legs, and them up to her hips, lovingly tucking her now-soft clitty into the panties.

They certainly looked great on her, and I was very pleased to be still enjoying her taste.

We got up and left the fitting room. Christine gave us her card and welcomed us to come back again.

As we left the store we mused at how this was no ordinary shopping trip!

We got in the car to leave, and Mindy told me to wait before departing. She unzipped me and said, "You've really earned this."

She took my cock into her mouth and sucked me slowly. I knew she wanted to prolong my pleasure, but I was very ready and soon pumped my load into her lovely mouth!

She kissed me and then I drove her back to her house, enjoying this new chapter in our relationship.

Special thanks to my online friend, Stormy, who inspired this story.

To be continued . . .

Feel free to contact me with your comments or requests.
Bill Beaumonte ([email protected])

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