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Profile last updated: 2004-09-05


I am former Army with seventeen years' service as enlisted man (5) and commissioned officer (12) 1943-60. I was also Civil Service for the Navy for three years. Most of my extensive free time is spent at home and a new job (to which I can occasionally "commute" by the 'net) since I have given up on school work -- I had volunteered at the same school for thirteen years and have experienced four principals, 85-100 teachers, one principal's secretary and was usually considered a member of staff. We peons didn't change too often.
I hope that my stories are acceptable, but I would appreciate comments as to content, desires for other themes, and probably how you as a reader would improve my writing. (Personally, I like to read how someone involved in a story eventually panned out.)
Many thanks if and when you contact me with suggestions or comments.

Profile last updated: 2007-12-21


A 21st Century woman who believes that the age of Woman has come.

Profile last updated: 2013-08-18


I have always been a storyteller of sorts and finally I decided to try writing some stories. English is NOT my natural language so writing in English is an exercise designed to improve my command of the language.

Story cateogires: M/g, g/g, g/b, F/g

Profile last updated: 2010-05-08


Herzlichst willkommen auf meinem Profil, ich möchte über diese Plattform die Geschichten und Phantasien zu Papier bringen, die mir seid geraumer Zeit durch den Kopf geistern.

Schauen Sie einfach mal rein, vielleicht finden auch Sie daran gefallen.

Für spezielle Wünsche, kritiken, Lob oder alles andere bin ich sehr dankbar und per Email natürlich immer erreichbar :-)

Story cateogires: MF/b ; M/b ; ped/tort/b ; bond/M/b

Profile last updated: 2008-12-25


Story categories: sci-fi, bi-sexual, romance

Profile last updated: 2011-01-03


I am just a normal guy, with a normal life, a normal family and a totally twisted dark side. The best way to control these fantasies without them interfering with my normal life is to write about them.

Note: i am a good person and would never do these acts in real life and neither should you.

Also i never saw myself as a writer but I'll give it a try. Feedback and comments are welcome.

Story cateogires: MF, Mf, inc, rape, nc, sad, tort, anal, best, size, fist, preg, scat, ped, Mg, mc

Profile last updated: 2010-06-12


I am a middle aged man, writing fantasies for my woman. She has given me permission to share with you, my interested readers.

Profile last updated: 2003-11-21


I am a happily married man with two kids. My wife and I are into the swinging lifestyle, although not as active as we once were. The stories I write reflect some of my wild fantasies and a bit of truth.

Story categories: TG, Fm, Mm and forced feminization

Profile last updated: 2008-06-30


A new writer to ASSTR, 606_Zip is still defining himself as a writer of erotic fiction.
He hopes to blend humor and sex, with realism in his characters. Positive feedback is welcome, but since he admits he is a new writer, don't bother with crazy angry stuff or flames.
Grammar/spelling edits most welcome. He expects to post stories in the following areas: MF mf ROM mc Time Stop Humor Tragedy Hetero Mf group mffff Mffff MILF Scouting Stage Outdoors Chicago Camping Trains Bus.
606_zip refers to the fact that he has spent a good deal of his time in the Chicago Metropolitan area.
Other than the occasional ff or FF you will be better off looking for gay work among those with experience therein under the theory that it is better that people write what they know about and not write what they don't know about.

Story categories: MF mf ROM mc TS Humor Tragedy Het Mf group Outdoors Chicago Camping Trains Bus

Profile last updated: 2002-05-24


I am a professional who enjoys writing erotic fiction. My stories are fantasy, nothing more. I look forward to hearing from my readers.

Story categories: My stories revolve around my own fetishes. These include but are not limited to pedophilia, incest, ws, and bestiality. Most will be consensual and possibly quite tender. I do have a darker side however and elements of torture/mutilation both of the consensual and nonconsensual variety will creep in. All Stories are plainly coded following the recomended ASSM codes.

Profile last updated: 2013-08-16


Mid 40's male who finds the art of written erotica so arousing. I have a number of stories on the way. Let me know if you like my stories, i would love to hear your feedback. Equally if you want a story written for you, feel free to mail me.

a charaid
Profile last updated: 2006-02-11


Story categories: BDSM

A Good Sister
Profile last updated: 2013-07-25



A Good Wife
Profile last updated: 2010-03-15


I'm new to writing and I'm taking inspiration from my marriage.

Story cateogires: MF, bd, rape, sad, ws

A Little Lover
Profile last updated: 2013-08-10


I'll admit that I am a closet pedo. I fantasize about young girls, but that is as far as it goes. I love children and could never do anything to hurt them. I have of course had a few innocent encounters, but never took advantage of them. I think I should get a gold star for pure will power.

Story cateogires: Mf, Mg, bg, ped, Fb

A Masochistic Slave Cunt
Profile last updated: 2010-06-28


just the deepest fantasies of a truly depraved masochistic slave cunt.

Story cateogires: MF, Mf, Ff, fist, best, sad, tort, cons, bd,

A Nony Mous
Profile last updated: 2001-08-02


Story categories for:

1.) Total Unbirthing (Vaginal Body Insertion)
2.) Partial Unbirthing (Vaginal Head Insertion)
3.) Large Vaginal Stretching (Nonviolent Erotic)
4.) Related Nonviolent, Erotic, Consentual Materials
5.) Factual or Educational Vaginal Stretching Materials

This site is for Nonviolent, Consentual Materials... only.

A. A. Nemo
Profile last updated: 2002-01-23


I write stories mostly about teen males and their sexual relationships with their sexy youthful mothers, and other sexy female relatives/friends. All my characters are well built/well hung and the women usually wear stockings and garters, or crotchless pantyhose, and very high heels. (Enjoy!)

Story categories: Mother/son incest and nylon stocking fetish

A. Geerling
Profile last updated: 2006-09-12


I am a writer, and some of my stories are erotic fiction. There are some elements of real experiences herein, with revealing detail changed, but also plain fiction as well. I enjoy writing on lesbian and anal themes, but my stories are not restricted to those categories.

A. Vanpeebles
Profile last updated: 2016-08-13


I like to read and write stories that are transgressive, that push boundaries. Hence I tend to write stories about incest and same-sex attraction. That said, I do have limits. I don't write about pre-teens, non-consensual sex, scat, or bestiality.

Story cateogires: inc, MF, mf, Mm, Ff, ff, mm, bi, 1st, bdsm, dom, teen

Profile last updated: 2004-12-06


Story categories: femdom humil tg

A.J. Hill
Profile last updated: 2008-03-28


I no longer write stories.

Profile last updated: 2006-06-13


Happily married male with 2 children, but I am still interested in hearing what you think!

Story categories: M/F, Romance, Anal, Voyeur, Humor (so far)

Profile last updated: 2002-05-31


You will not find - Extreme - bdsm, tort, viol, snuff, bd, copr, mc, zoo, veg, nec, magic, furry, reluc.
So, what will you find? Why don't you take a look?

AA Nemo
Profile last updated: 2005-03-11


I am a professional who writes these stories for fun. They are all in California since women in California are the most beautiful in the world.

Story categories: Size, mother/son incest, stockings, garters,

Profile last updated: 2010-12-06


Story cateogires: (Fdom)

Profile last updated: 2007-02-10


Thirty-eight year old, single, bi-sexual, yaoi lovin', dog havin', bbw perv-chick. Dollmaker and writer of Peragrine's tale.

Story categories: Goth horror homosexual rape sm abuse romance yaoi

Aaron David Hoke
Profile last updated: 2015-03-21


I'm a retired professional, male, living somewhere in the southwestern USA. I find that writing out my erotic fantasies helps me enjoy them more. The one constant theme across all my stories is that all sex is consensual. The idea of forcing someone into sex is abhorrent to me. I also have no use for BDSM. Many of my stories involve young people just discovering their sexuality, sometimes with family members. Occasionally there may be a younger child, or an animal involved; I will always provide a "hot code" in those cases.

Story cateogires: cons, mf, Mf, mF, inc, 1st

Aaron Webster
Profile last updated: 2000-10-28


Aaron writes teen & preteen erotica in a school setting. All of my stories are set in the same "world" and characters should reappear throughout my different stories.

Story categories: Schoolgirl Scandals

Profile last updated: 2007-05-26


I write about men who take advantage of their positions as teachers, preachers, businessmen etc. to seduce reluctant (often) post-pubescent females. Often my protagonists are genitally well endowed. I don't include physical violence or parent-child incest in my stories but they include almost all other male-female couplings.

Profile last updated: 2006-01-30


I am an indian guy.... have lots of imaginations about females around me. which i will share...

Story categories: indian stories

Profile last updated: 2012-11-15


I am an aspiring writer learning the trade who loves to explore different ways of telling a story.

Story cateogires: M-adult+/MF-teens, underage, nc, rp, v, bi 1st, oral, anal, size, tor, bd, huml, cuck, size,

Abdul Fata
Profile last updated: 2015-12-27


Je suis le plus grand métaphysicien de la pédophilie/pédérastie et je compte le prouver au monde.

Story cateogires: MM, Mb, bb, MF, b+b, Fb, M+b, zoo, oral anal, necro, religion, romance, ped, vegetal, violence, gore

Abe Froman
Profile last updated: 2006-07-25


Abe Froman is no longer a new author, but is still striving to write down stories inspired by wonderful concepts, stories and images that he's found here and a few other great places. He never has enough time to write the dirty stories in his head.

Favorite kinds are bondage, teasing, toys, humiliation (consentual and otherwise), blackmail, mind control, body modification and much, much more.

Abe Lin
Profile last updated: 2012-01-25


I like a good build-up, so try to provide some context for the sexual activity that follows. Incest, mf, mmff, mm, ff, exhib, growth, preg - all of these are exciting to me, so may be part of the stories I write. I'll try to use reasonably accurate grammar and I'll do my best not to start off any story with "I thought things like this never happened..." ...which means, I'll try to make the premise a plausible one, though probably not a likely one...

I am a white guy, early 50's, married, more or less happily and I have been reading porn on the internet since there was an internet. ...I'm just trying to give something back, I suppose.

I hope you enjoy - Please let me know what you think.

Story categories: exh inc growth mc

Profile last updated: 2004-11-30


My stories involve sexual bondage in one form or another. I do not condone violence, torture or murder, but find that my characters sometimes, to my surprise, get into such situations.

Profile last updated: 2003-10-22


I write fantasy/horror erotica. Usually f/f or f/f/m, but any pairing is fair game.

Expect to see vampires and other supernatural creatures- as well as a lot of violence, blood, and drama. Anime and high fantasy settings are also favorites!

Story categories: fantasy, horror, plotted

Profile last updated: 2004-10-16


Absinthia Vixen is a redhead and aspiring pornographeuse living in the US. An avid collector of written smut, she has been influenced by a variety of authors, including John Preston, Tristan Taormina, Lisa Palac, Susie Bright, Carol Queen, Pat(rick) Califia, and many others.

As a beginning writer, she welcomes any and all feedback on her stories. If you submit your feedback via ASSTR's form, please be aware that this is completely anonymous. If you would like for the author to reply to your feedback, please include a valid email address in your feedback.

Story categories: The author's sexual and literary tastes are broad, so an attempt to classify them seems limiting. However, she will attempt to accurately code her stories to simulaneously alert those with certain proclivities and avoid offending those with particular sensitivities.

Ace in the Hole
Profile last updated: 2008-09-27


Although born in the U.S., I have not spent much time there. perhaps that explains my fascination for exotic women and locations. Despite how I love stories of extra-marital sex, I am a monogamous heterosexual male.
I strive to make my stories as lifelike as possible,without making them too long. I write them to get turned on by, yet to evoke strong emotion as well. lust is, after all, an emotion. Love is as well, but that's a long subject.

Story categories: cuckold, interracial, young/old and any other kinky thing that comes to mind; I like to make the most unlikely couplings believable.
I need to hear more from my readers if I'm going to keep new stories coming.

Ace of Clubs
Profile last updated: 2016-11-04


As a kid in school, I always loved Creative Writing. However, my teachers didn't appreciate my stories. They were to "fictional" and had "monsters". As a teenager I learned to play the Dungeon Master in Dungeons & Dragons. Over time, I learned to become better at bringing this world to life with my friends. Now, I want to get back to fictional writing, but using some of my favorite comic book hero's. I guess I will find out shortly if I have the knack for it, OR maybe not. Your opinion does matter to me, but please give a solution to help me improve ~ ♣ Ace of Clubs ♣

Ache Illes
Profile last updated: 2010-05-25


Only story so far: Yorkshire Advanced Lessons

Story cateogires: nc, bondage, gagging

Profile last updated: 2014-02-08


Here are my stories for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy them, providing food for your own fantasies and realities. There is much bisexual content in my stories.

Please provide feedback!

Profile last updated: 2006-05-29


I enjoy writing stories about people having sex in realistic crossgenre plots with a point. I also enjoy penning fantasy movies starring my favorite celebrities in hot situations. Wanna know the rest?- read my work. I welcome all feedback. Hope you like what I put out.

Profile last updated: 2016-12-11


Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. No wonder everyone wants to find out how many licks it takes to get to their centers...Me first!
Stories about the taboo nature of loving little girls or having them love you, however the case may be. Some twisted, some sweet, some just to pass the time and some you want to repeat. Hopefully you will find something for your liking, if not....well have fun looking elsewhere. Have fun everybody.

Profile last updated: 2009-10-05



Profile last updated: 2003-06-12


Love writing stories and would love to hear your comments about them. Feel free to get in touch with me.

Story categories: Cheat, Preg, Humiliation, ped, age play, group.

Adam Bookbinder
Profile last updated: 2016-05-24


I enjoy writing erotica involving adults with children and exploring the extremes of my dark, depraved and perverted imagination.

Adam Dean Kohl
Profile last updated: 2010-09-13


I’m basically just another old wanker. I like to write, and I write all kinds of stuff. I started writing when I was a small child – even before I started wanking.

Story cateogires: mf, mg, fb, inc, rom, cons, 1st, piv, nosex, pett, oral

Adam F
Profile last updated: 2016-05-26


I'm Adam I am a new author here please with any feedback be as kind as you can if you don't like my story just say you don't like it thanks i have read a lot of authors stories on here and decided to finally post my own

Story categories: M43,g12,size M50,F50,g3,F42,G12

Adam Gunn
Profile last updated: 2009-04-24


Story categories: slow M/F romance

adam smith
Profile last updated: 2010-08-18


I like every sort of fantasms, crude language, but also situations stageing innocent kids, male or female. I have a special crush on little boys looking very feminine. You'll find no snuff in my stories, as children usually become consensual.

Story cateogires: M,F,b,g,cons,reluct,rape,blackmail,ws,zoo,fist,scat no snuff !

Adam Warlock
Profile last updated: 2009-09-13



Adam Yang
Profile last updated: 2006-04-07


My name is use for this site is Adam Yang and to be honest I am a romantic and have been told to have a smartass sense of humor.

I'm actually a pretty young author and guess what I'm afraid I can't post my age or real name up here. The only truth is that my last is actually Yang and yes I am an asian with refined english skills. I was raised in Canada so some of my stories will have their setting in the nearby towns. So please dont expect the beginning to start with two people having sex. They'll be having love. Eh, I'm a romantic smut what do u expect?

Profile last updated: 2017-06-11


I like to write erotica about a fantasy parallel dimension where sex between all ages is normalized and enjoyed.

Story cateogires: Mmb Ffg Mb Fb Mg Fg+ inc ped con

Profile last updated: 2000-02-10


This is the fictional diary of a woman who has ended a long-term relationship and is exploring her sexuality at the same time as she is training to be a therapist.

Profile last updated: 2003-07-24


Originally a graphic designer, I turned back to fine arts and oil painting when I grew tired of corporate life. At that time, I also embraced philosophy as well as literature, reading with a voracious appetite. Not long after, I also began writing.

I've always been interested in telling stories, but it was quite a surprise to me when the first one I truly wrote was a long, forced sex affair for an anonymous poster on CraigsList. AND it was only the first part of a longer endeavor! Since then, I've written many more erotic stories which I'm slowly converting for this site.

My stories range from lighthearted personal events doused in creative license to darker fantasies purged from the black depths of my imagination.

I am 27.

Story Categories: MF, bd
More to come surely.

Addled Tosevite
Profile last updated: 2006-11-02


I am a great fan of alternate-history fiction by Harry Turtledove, from whose imagination comes my name. (I highly recommend Turtledove's "Worldwar" series!)

I'm a man north of 50, but younger than George W. Bush. (Also, I would like to think, smarter.) I'm a Democrat-leaning independent, an atheist, and I own a Japanese car.

Reading ASSM, I like mind-control fiction (always male-dominant), and transgender fiction. Offline, I am an author of screenplays and a novel (all unproduced or unpublished, so far). I write my stories (both ASSM stories and "serious" writing) by the same rule: I write into the story what I would want to read if someone else had written the story.

My offline sex life is wonderful; my lady and I have known each other for decades. Thanks but no thanks, don't send me offers of sex or naked pictures. I don't want to enlarge either my breasts or my penis, and my penis gets erect just fine without your pills, thanks very much. Nigerians needing help to transfer large amounts of money should contact Citibank.

Story categories: mc mdom tg



Adhara is an astrophysics student who also enjoys writing in her spare time. She lives in the western United States with her husband. She writes mainstream fiction and erotic fiction and poetry, and is a member of the Erotic Readers Association.

Adiemus Bacchante
Profile last updated: 2012-11-06


My stories are somewhat cathartic in nature, and not to everyone's tastes. For this, however, I make no apologies, these are my fantasies shared with others for their enjoyment and my own sanity.

Also, I occasionally accept requests for stories, if you have one, and I find your idea intriguing, I may use it!

Story categories: tentacle,alien,nc,preg,teen,inc,beast

Admiral Cartwright
Profile last updated: 2016-12-25


With the release of A Letter from your Worst Nightmare in September, 2001, Admiral Cartwright officially retired as an author of erotic fiction, two years almost to the day after joining the Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository.

His page will continue to serve as a home for his works, and the Admiral hopes you will continue to enjoy them.

"It's been a hell of a ride. I first decided to write to add something of a counterweight to all those ridiculous 'pedo' stories where children were turned into horny college coeds in preteen bodies. A couple of other ideas hit me along the way, but I've stayed mostly in the pedoerotic genre.

"Now, in the words of a colleague, I had an itch and I've scratched it."

In the years since, there's been one more idea bouncing around in his head, one based on a very real girl and on actual events. In late 2016, the Admiral decided to commit to the story and prepare it for public consumption; creating a logical progression, a bridge between fact and fiction, that leaves the reader wondering where reality ends and the fantastic takes over.

Adm. Cartwright would like to thank everyone who has sent words of encouragement. "You know who you are," he says, grinning.

Profile last updated: 2006-03-23


Backwoods dwelling author, just connected, writing fantsies instead of living them.

Adrian Hunter
Profile last updated: 2003-05-19


Adrian Hunter began posting his fiction on the Internet in 1993. Four years later, he published his stories on a web site,, which has attracted more than two million visitors. In 2000, he was the recipient of the "Best Bondage Writer" award from SIGNY. His short stories, novellas, essays and poetry have appeared in dozens of erotica compilations, publications and webzines, including MASTER/slave, Clean Sheets, Prometheus and Darker Pleasures. Anthologies of his work include: Chain Reaction: Come True; Crash Your Party Dress; and Something Just Clicked. He has also co-authored two full-length novels with Chelsea Shepard: Association and Once Bitten. His new bdsm thriller, Ace of Slaves, will be published in 2003.

Adrian Hunter's books can be purchased online at Renaissance Ebooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Xlibris, as well as the author's website at

Story categories: bondage, bdsm, b&d, s&m, d&s, maledom, femsub, ponygirl

Adrian Mailenna
Profile last updated: 2004-07-19


Adrian Mailenna is a cheerfully demented individual out of the roughly 25,000 undergraduates teeming in the cheerfully demented city of Berkeley, California. His curriculum makes it difficult to get very much writing done, but he does his best. Beauty of language is more important to him than the actual content of the sex, so he tends towards writing all kinds of pairings in very Romantic, almost-epic language.

Profile last updated: 2003-09-07


Story categories: M/F,willing.Consensual.

Adrienne Brown
Profile last updated: 2005-01-05


Adrienne Brown is a pen name. As an academic at a public university whose faculty are subject to scrutiny from radicals on all sides of the gender wars regarding certain of their extra-curricular activities, I admit to not being all that brave.
Erotica is only one of the genres in which I dabble. My few erotic stories tend toward romance and consensual sex.

Adventurous Sinner
Profile last updated: 2003-07-25


Story categories: BDSM, FF, but others as well depending on my fantasy at the time I write

Aengus Floralian
Profile last updated: 2014-07-24


For some reason I am beguiled by the delicious beauty of young girls. I love the creatures and write to sing their praises and glory in their delights.

Story cateogires: Mg

Aerosol Kid
Profile last updated: 2004-04-30


AK's my name, erotic MC is my game. I specialize in multi-part serials and spiky heroines in trouble. Check-check it...

Profile last updated: 2015-08-22


There is NO reality here; pure unadulterated fiction is my battle-cry, nothing more.

Profile last updated: 2004-10-16


Story categories: Ebony and Interracial Erotica

Against Her Will
Profile last updated: 2013-05-18


I am a female.
I live in Oregon (U.S.A.)
I have fantasized about being controlled and dominated since I was in my early teens.
My stories will cover these topics:
NC, MC, MD, FS, MMD, BD, & Rape

Age of Thirsts
Profile last updated: 2014-09-11


Well, I'm a man in my mid twenties, with a highly overactive imagination. As you could probably guess, a fair portions of my imaginings take a perverse aspect. I also love to write, and while my imagination and my writing skill overlap often, I've never actually had a creative outlet for my perversion. So, that's why I'm here: to plant those heavy, juicy story-seeds and let them grow.

For my preferences, I enjoy writing fantasies that involve more than a little bit of fantasy. For example: sex with a demon atop an altar that cause an earthquake every time the girl cums. That's my style. Alternatively, instead of fantasy, I do enjoy writing about science fiction sex scenes as well. Sex in zero gravity with an alien? Yeah, that's a thing. Third, on the more mundane side of things, I do really enjoy stories with a heavy focus on anal sex, stories involving beastiality, and stories with underaged girls involved. Not all of my stories are going to include these three subjects, but a fair portion might, particularly pedo.

I'm not going to go into great detail about my real life self on this profile. If you'd like to get to know me better, send me an email, and I'll see what I am comfortalble with telling you. Alternatively, if you just want to talk about or make suggestions for my stories, we can talk about that as well.

Story cateogires: ScFi magic ped anal

Ahab Atfal
Profile last updated: 2011-07-28


Happily married with 4 kids (all grown up now). Now in my 60's thinking and writing about sex is the only release I get.

Story cateogires: Mb Mg

Profile last updated: 2003-12-03


Hi all, from along time i have been reading alot of erotic stories, i had my ideas and my feelings so i wanted to share them with you all.
most of my stories will be pedo, incest, les, anal, orgies and all the good stuff.
please email me if you read any of my stories and help me be more creative to word your pleasure and enjoyment
thank you all and wish to hear from you

Profile last updated: 2014-11-16


I have been writing since about 2007. The "Main Boy" in my stories is always black or latino, usually about 14 years old, straight or bisexual, and dominates all other characters. Other characters can be bi or gay, white or black.

Profile last updated: 2002-09-23


Story categories: Romance, Erotic couplings

Aidan McGill
Profile last updated: 2005-02-09


Resident of Australia. Rural - central western New South Wales. Spent decades in the city, but raised in and returned to the country. Stories tend to be erotic, slow and romantic rather than explicit.

Aimless Ramblings
Profile last updated: 2007-11-28


I have been reading stories on ASSTR for years, and recently decided that I would like to contribute my own works here. I hope you enjoy reading my stories, and encourage you to contact me with any comments you may have.


Profile last updated: 2013-11-20


I love the longer stories with more life to them and development. If you like young seduction then try out my stories.

Profile last updated: 2010-08-20


What to say about me...
I'm a fairly bad writer, but I'd like to improve.
I'd appreciate it if you read what I wrote, and if you have any comment on it, wether it be good or bad, please let me know!

Profile last updated: 2005-05-01


My interest are mostly in the wierd and the sadistic. I have great respect for authors who are able to write less outrageous stories, but it is not really my style.

Profile last updated: 2004-04-18


Story categories: The Bob Cocker Saga. Stories with a cuckold / creampie / coerced-bi theme. Also, the ever-popular black cock / white wimp theme.

Profile last updated: 2011-08-05


I have very broad sexual interests, some are extreme and some are quite tame.

Story cateogires: M+F MF+ M+F+ reluc rape inc snuff nc cbt sm viol Mdom Fdom humil

Profile last updated: 2008-08-29


I am rather new to writing in general. But I hope to complete a few short novels and short story's about loving relationships between adult/teen men and pre-teen girls. All of my story's will revolve around either love or lust in both party's with an emphasis on realism. The novels will be slow to start but with any luck very exciting by the end.

Story categories: Mf, gg, pedo, ped, con, romance, novel, oral, mast, best, voy

Profile last updated: 2012-07-31


Story cateogires: "b/g" "g/b" "F/b" "age regression" "humil" "magic" "CFNM" "femdom" "maledom"

Al Hilton
Profile last updated: 2009-07-07


I am new to writing. I have completed my first short novel which is now being proof read and I am almost finished with the second one. Presently I am writing about loving relationships between an adult man and just of age women. All of my story's will revolve around either love or lust in both party's with an emphasis on realism. The novels will be slow to start but with any luck very exciting by the end.

Story categories: MF, con, 1st, novel, oral, anal, bd, enem

Alan C. McDonald
Profile last updated: 2001-06-08


British. Married. Neither good qualifications, right?

And I suppose my interests back that up. Strictly consensual. And a little unsympathetic to the slew of soulless, power trip assault stories which populate the group from time to time.

As for KP. Not only don't I read it, I favour arrest.

I aim for storyline, of which sex is a legitimate part. MF mainly (I'm not sure I could write a believable MM or FF - although I'm thinking of trying). An occasional dose of twist in the tail horror, or light fantasy, and as far as kinks go... well... sometimes. But most likely to arrive unannounced. I don't usually build stories around them.

Plot is king here, folks. I want you to (I can only hope that you) remember these stories, rather than see them as disposable candy. Tell me, please. Whether you do or don't. I'll always reply.

Alan Smithee
Profile last updated: 2017-01-23


I am very into omorashi - being desperate to pee - and it will factor heavily in nearly all of my stories. I prefer seeing women desperate to pee. I also enjoy light bondage, dominance, and orgasm control.

For now, all of my stories are true accounts of my wife. As time allows, I will be adding fictional stories as well. Stay tuned!

Profile last updated: 2007-01-26


Story categories: mf anal nc cons tits rough

Albert Vines
Profile last updated: 2006-09-28


Heterosexual Male.

Story categories: M/F, humil, bdsm, nc.

Profile last updated: 2004-12-27


Uh... been away a while. Found out the form mail code I had was so old it hasn't worked in forever, so to anyone that sent feedback and recieved no response, my sincerest apologies (and thanks).

I have been in a writers funk for way too long. Going at stories alone has become too much for my brain to handle. Would love to co-author with the right person. My particular interests are mF stories (as you will see on the site) and I would love to meet another author with similar interest(s) to collaborate with.

For those who have never visited, I hope you enjoy.

Alden Bradley
Profile last updated: 2005-03-18


Alden Bradley lives in Tennessee. He is a retired journalist dabbling in the world of professional creative writing. He is married and the father of three children. His interests include sailing, motion pictures, and anything related to aviation, space and exploration.

Ale Stone
Profile last updated: 2001-08-16


Story categories: Pregnancy and incest stories

Profile last updated: 2012-10-07


Hi - I am new and just started trying to write a few stories. Please send feedback if you want.

Alejandro Sandovar
Profile last updated: 2013-06-12


sixty year old expat living in Central America, has enjoyed many years of bdsm experiences, but sadly lacking in this part of the world.

Story cateogires: Fm, Ff, Mf, cbt, sad, bd,

Profile last updated: 2014-07-30



Romantic Stories For Girls Who Love Girls

Alessa writes stories about yuri/shoujo-ai romance. The Japanese words "yuri" literally mean "lily", and this phrase has been adapted to denote lesbian romance and relationships between young girls. "Shoujo-ai" literally meaning "girls love", and refers in a broader sense to girl/girl content of any variety, from subtle to erotic. Many fiction writers today use these terms interchangeably.

The stories you will find here all share one thing in common: they are love stories with main focus on romantic relationships between girls. There are none or very few erotic situations. Instead, the main theme is reserved for the multitude of emotions, affections and feelings found in relationships between girls who are discovering same-sex attraction for the very first time.

People of all genders and preferences can be drawn to yuri. From the warmth and tenderness of a sweet yuri romance, to the loving comfort and understanding two girls can draw from each other, to the passionate beauty and excitement of girl-on-girl sensuality. I hope you will enjoy the stories presented here.

Alessia Gerini
Profile last updated: 2003-04-20


A member of the Sapphic Erotic Writers Guild
I started writing erotica in mid 2000 while recouping from an illness and have not stopped (April 2003). I do write often but I am slow so my output is not great in quantity. You be the judge of the quality.
I am now twenty-seven and am staggering through a post-grad master's degree. I wrote Fantasy Fulfilment, all 15 chapters; Wagga Wagga 1, 2 & 3 and Firsts For Two ... rewritten and renamed Beach Encounter. There are two versions of Beach Encounter; the one at is my best story IMHO.
Story categories: Especially FF or FFF+F, rom, exhib, 1st time ff. More into D/s, FemDomF, bdsm.

Alex Birch
Profile last updated: 2006-04-23


I am a retired IT consultant who has written a lot of spanking stories over the last 15 years. I have been published in the British spanking magazines 'Janus' and 'Februs' under another pseudonym and some of those stories are in this collection.

I run a brand new spanking forum called 'FLAMING CHEEKS'and we welcome anyone who loves discussing the topic of spanking. You can find us at :-

I am a Top who loves the delicious sensuality of spanking and I like to think my stories are original and varied. I hope you enjoy them!

Story categories: spanking

Alex Blair
Profile last updated: 2013-07-27


Alex Hawk
Profile last updated: 2005-04-03


I write smut. Good smut, but smut nonetheless. Here's all of it!


My stories tend to run along an incest theme but vary in their themes. Regardless, I'm always changing up the stories to keep them interesting. Sometimes hetero, Bisexual, or even gay. Most often, featuring youthful characters that range from early teens through to young adults.

I sometimes enjoy including the dangers of trickery, coercion, or simple naivaty that result in impregnation.

In many of my stories, I have footnotes the inspiration behind the stories. Most often, based on my personal life experiences.

Please enjoy my stories and please let me know what you think.

Alex M
Profile last updated: 2015-10-19


Story categories: MM M/M Mb M/b inc oral anal incest

Alex Mins
Profile last updated: 2002-03-24


I've only written a few stories. As I write more the catagories might change, so I don't know if I should box myself in right now. I am a 20 year old Canadian University Student. I write cause its fun, and I'll probly never get published and read anywhere else, so why not here?

Alex Roy
Profile last updated: 2010-08-15


I write various things but don't know too many outlets for the more erotic stuff. This looked like a good place to start. IRL I'm mostly a recluse who enjoys various creative activities. Writing and occasional sm play are probably about the only 2 things I do that are of that much interest to others! Oh yeah, I write stuff that falls under a lot of other codes than what's above, but those are the main recurring themes.

Story cateogires: Fdom, bd, inc, reluc, sad, sm, viol, humor, scfi

Alex S. Sexton
Profile last updated: 2007-10-22


Some of these stories (Luca, Truckstop) were posted over a decade ago. There is newer material that I've written over the last couple of years. Stories are based are real and fictional experiences. I have lived in the South since moving to the US 20 years ago, and spent the first half of my life in Europe and Asia.

Profile last updated: 2006-11-01


I'm a first time author looking for a home to display my work. Updates will be as frequent as I can manage.

Profile last updated: 2008-12-02


I'm new to writing stories, My kick are incest stories. I remember reading a really hot incest story in a sex book I found in my fathers library when I was 11. Since that was one of the first encounters with the world of sex I had, I think that polluted my mind forever.
Please send feedback on both content and spelling.
(Since English isn't my mother tongue, I'm sure that there will be blatant grammatical and spelling mistakes but I don't think I write in pigeon English so don't be scared off.)

Alexander Martin
Profile last updated: 2016-11-16


I write only for my own pleasure.

Story cateogires: Maledom Mg Ped

You can do with my works whatever you will. The simple fact that like most ASSTR authors I try to remain anonymous implies that I have no realistic alternative and I am dismissive of otherwise pretentious expectations. To paraphrase one of my favorite ASSTR authors, Dutchboy, if you can get some fool to pay for it, that makes you smarter than both of us.

Some day i may get an email, but i will not be holding my breath.

Alexander Mort
Profile last updated: 2012-07-09


I'm not exactly new to erotic fiction, but haven't written that much. Some of my stories are a little dark in nature and cover some themes that other sites might not cater for.

I don't write fiction about my own fetishes and fantasies on the whole; I prefer to read other people's work and put myself into their narrative. I prefer to write erotic fiction about other people's fantasies and see if I "hit the spot". Also, I use it as for creative writing practice.

Thank you for visiting my little corner of and don't be a stranger. All contact is guaranteed a reply (unless it is sent anonymously or one is not wanted).

Alexander Sunshine
Profile last updated: 2012-01-01


In my stories you probably find: fantasy settings, heterosexual action, bisexual men, little or no lesbian action. Mostly consensual stuff, don't expect incest. Expect a lot of plot. I try to tell an interesting story mostly, one that happens to have alot of sex in it.

Story categories: MMF

Profile last updated: 2012-02-21


Alexander writes and collects exhibition and public nudity stories mainly about teenage girls and women. Some he writes himself, some are written by girls he knows.

Story cateogires: exhib f ff fsolo F Fsolo mast public

Alexandre Culfel
Profile last updated: 2015-05-05


Auteur francophone, je suis passionné par la pornographie depuis lâge de 7 ans. En imagination, je n'ai aucune limite.

Story cateogires: Mb, M+b, Mg, M+g, nepi, toddler, violence, hist, rom, nc, tporture, viol, snuff ...

Alexei Gish
Profile last updated: 2001-06-25


Call me Alexei Gish. It is as good as any name, I suppose; whether it be my given name, a name assigned to me by the church, an alias I may have used to protect myself from arrest, or one of any dozen I have given while publishing my works. It is but a name, and like my writing, it is what it is.

Story categories: Fetish and the understanding of objectification in sexuality.

Profile last updated: 2000-10-05


We got fantasy, we got fan-fics, we got cheating spouses, we got rape, we got... Actually I think that's it. Try the fantasy series, it's really good.

Most of my stuff ends up having some form of coercion in it. For some reason I get off on emotional anguish, and so that's what I write.

Which is really strange because I put a lot of happy endings in my stuff too. Not always, but a lot of times. A good ol' fashioned happy ending where everyone is with the one they love.

Sometimes I combine the two. Sometimes I don't. Whatever.

So basically I'm an insane person who writes pretty well.

Profile last updated: 2006-04-24


I am a New Zealand author, whose stories always have a strong female humiliation theme, generally also involving punishment and sometimes bondage. Usually my stories involve a mature woman consenting to her humiliation and punishment.

Story categories: consensual humiliation, punishment, bondage

Alfred E.
Profile last updated: 2000-10-22


Story categories: MF, FF, Anything I decide I want to write

Alfred Sixtus
Profile last updated: 2016-06-11


White heterosexual male in their 20s.

Story categories: interr

Alia Salem
Profile last updated: 2013-01-06


I am a native Pacific Northwesterner, exiled to the midwest, with visions of a warmer climate in my head. Besides working on a Master's degree, a full-time career and volunteering, writing is a fun way to keep busy on long, bitterly cold winter nights.

Alice Hertz
Profile last updated: 2003-07-15


Alice is what I go by. I'm in my early 20s. Have been interested in various forms of bondage and sexual torture since I was teenager, even though I was too young to really understand any of it. I've been writing fiction since I was seven years old, and began writing smut when I was fourteen. At this point in my amateur literary career, I like to write erotic tales of bondage and tickle torture, with some spanking thrown in once in a while.

Story categories: FF/MF/Fdom/Mdom/bd/tort/nc/stroke

Alice Korter
Profile last updated: 2012-11-16


I'm Alice from the Boston area. I'm in my twenties and like erotic stories and writing. I don't consider myself very experienced sexually, but I have played a few wild things....some of my thoughts are expressed in my stories...

Alicia Dream
Profile last updated: 2010-05-14


Story categories: Lesbian big breast milk lactation urination

alien ov
Profile last updated: 2003-12-20


Most of my stories have a central foot fetish theme, often mixed in with themes of teasing/light domination/humiliation. I write other things too.

Story categories: feet, femdom, incest, light domination/humiliation, bbw

Alisa's Mom
Profile last updated: 2017-04-25


I like feedback and suggestions to my stories so drop me a mail. I will be glad to hear from you.

Alisha Chen
Profile last updated: 2004-08-20


Hello i am a busy Asian female working 2 jobs and needs to write to get the imagination of fun out of my life. I just wanted to share what i have and hope that people enjoy them. Any comment will be appreciated to make my writting better. Take care and thank you.

Profile last updated: 2003-04-01


Indian Erotic Stories

Alison J
Profile last updated: 2013-02-14


My name is Alison. I grew up in a small town where not a lot of exciting things happened. I kept a diary and thought it might be fun to share some of it with you.
When I first did this I felt nervous but since some of you have been emailing me it's ok now.

Story categories: Mf, MMF, MF

Alison Whitehead
Profile last updated: 2003-10-03


I was born in 1946 in the English Midlands and read physics at university despite pressure to do something more suitable for a female. I’ve done a variety of technical things in my career and now work in IT – back in the English Midlands.
I’ve written a zillion words over the years – almost all technical or academic and mostly pretty boring. I like to write fiction for pleasure.
You can deduce my interests outside work from the things I write about.

Alissa's Mom
Profile last updated: 2016-07-15


I like feedback and suggestions to my stories so drop me a mail. I will be glad to hear from you.

Profile last updated: 2007-06-19


Since high school I have enjoyed teasing men, particulalrly older men. I love showing off my legs in nylons and heels and I adore sexy lingerie. I also enjoy hot incest sories, especially those about fathers and daughters. (Mmm...daddy!!!) I hope you like my stories too! If you do, please e-mail me and let me know!

Allen Baker
Profile last updated: 2007-01-26


I enjoy writing a variety of adult literature mainly as a form of massturbatory foreplay. But hopefully others will also find my work stimulating. No two stories are alike, so you will need to read a number of them to get a true sense of my style. My emphasis is literary quality which also results in the reader being aroused.

Story categories: straight, gay, bi, kink, extreme, romance, humor, bizaar, incest, watersports, castration, bestiality, and more!

Allen Swager
Profile last updated: 2004-05-24


Those children who are lucky enough to be able to adapt to today's restrictive concepts of sexual normality will likely come through the developmental challenges of childhood relatively in tact.

Unfortunately, the degree of difference between a particular society's currently accepted views of "normal" sexual behavior and the true reality of human sexual diversity determines how many children within that society must suffer some level of social condemnation. And as the reality of perfectly natural and normal sexual desires conflicts with current sexual taboos, everyone must suffer. We all must bare the results of what we force upon our children in the name of morality, religion and family values. We all must bare some responsibility for the actions of those children and adults who are forced over the edge by irrational and inaccurate social values. We all must accept our role in allowing religious extremists and anti-sex crusaders to convince us to see the wondrous beauty of human sexuality in an evil, negative and antisocial light.

Young people should have as much right to experience their sexuality as any other group within society. They should have access to accurate information untainted by purist concepts of morality. They should be free to explore their sexuality without feeling guilty or having irrational ideas of abstinence forced upon them. They should be able to enjoy the full diversity of the desires that come from within without the fear of rejection or even imprisonment. And just as we all have the right to refuse someone's intimate advances if that is our choice, the same right must also be protected and ensured for our children. But not in the extreme and not at the expense of denying whole generations of children the right to their sexuality. As incomprehensible as it may sound within today's climate of sexual hysteria, we should all fight to defend every child's right to say yes if that is their choice. Perhaps if we allowed an acceptable outlet for our children's sex drives, fewer would spend time fantasizing about killing themselves and their classmates.

Neither my opinion or the opinion of others can ever really change the reality of human sexuality and its behavioral manifestations. But a media bent on feeding the public's desire for sensationalism can greatly distort the way we perceive each other. Whatever happened to the media's sense of responsibility to provide an accurate and balanced view? Must we have the reality of our world and each other continually distorted by turning the rare and unusual into the perceived norm? Must we continually associate sex with assault and the rare individuals who are willing to force others to engage in sex against their will? We all suffer when any society is moved to hysteria by exposure to an unbalanced portrayal of human sexuality and the irrational ramblings of a relatively small but highly vocal group of extremists. Especially when both the media and the extremists are clearly motivated by something other than what is in the best interests of ourselves and our children.

Any rational discussion of sex and children must also consider the reality of aids. The correct time to begin educating children about the dangers of aids and other elements of potential harm related to sex is well before adolescence. The widely held misconception that children might be induced into sexual activity through simply discussing sex is certainly not supported by the facts. Even if was, it is irrational to assume sex is harmful to children in the first place or that they are not already sexually active. Actually, it seems the very people who oppose sex education are the first to advocate a need to educate young children about the alleged benefits of sexual abstinence. A bit of an illogical double standard.

The real challenge today is for us to educate children without imposing our misconceptions of sex upon them. Considering our irrational obsession with human sexuality, we would all likely be a lot better off if adults looked more to children for definitions of normal sexual behavior then the other way around. I suspect there is a lot children could teach us about the reality of normal sexual attractions, diversity and the true nature of human sexuality. There is a simple truth about sex that can only be seen when religious and other associated misconceptions are removed. The simple fact is, if it feels good it likely isn't harmful.

Confucius once said we should ignore the rambling of a confused world. When he suggested this, he most certainly never envisioned the enormous power modern media would have in distorting public opinion and values. Any rational adult can conclude from both their own experiences as a child and experiences later in life that it is perfectly normal to be sexually active whether we're 4 or 80. Not only is it normal, it is natural, healthy, wholesome, pure, enjoyable, good, right and in a single word, fun! No matter how we may have come to view our sexuality, sex makes up a major portion of our psyche and is as much a part of our daily lives as any other need.

We should ask ourselves if our irrational paranoia and media induced hysteria is turning our children into frigid sexual zombies, scared into total abstinence and rendered incapable of normal sexual relationships? Don't any of us want grandchildren? Or have we resigned ourselves to the science of artificial insemination? Now there's one that should work really well within today's concepts of "family values". Perhaps one day, when we move far enough away from outdated purist ideas, instead of trying to scare kids away from sex we will be able to encourage them to freely enjoy one of the most wondrous and enjoyable parts of being human

Story categories: gurls on a youthfull nature......or a bit less

Allen Wilson
Profile last updated: 2015-10-19


Welcome to my world. (Updated 10/13/2012)

Thank you for your continuing support of my writings. I will continue to add to my story '35', as well as additional stories at

As all ways, Thank You for reading, and please support ASSTR.

Profile last updated: 2000-10-08


I write tailor-made stories specially for the people who inspire me. My work is never meant to be artistic but its whole purpose is to arouse you. If they are not sexually exciting to you, send me a note, I'll try harder. Tell me your deepest desires. Maybe I come up with something you didn't even know you had before.

Profile last updated: 2017-02-25


I love writing, especially erotic material. I write about past experiences with the women I’ve married and the friends I’ve loved. Although I’ve posted some fictional pieces, everything I write is founded in my personal experience or sometimes, that of my friends.

Have I added a little color here and there? Of course I have, but for the most part my non-fiction stories are just that. Few can recall every detail and conversation from the past but somehow the emotion is always clear as a bell. If you can remember what happened and how everyone felt, the words always seem to take care of themselves.

My stories, always involve my two favourite activities exhibitionism and voyeurism. They have been the foundation of my sex life for as long as I have lived. I am also bisexual with a healthy appetite for both sexes. This isn't always everyone's cup of tea and I tend to lose readers when I cross over from one sex to another in my stories. Just the same, those are my stories and I can't alter them any more than I could alter myself.

If there is a story of mine you'd like to discuss or if you'd like to talk about lifestyle choices or anything at all, please feel free to send me a message here through my profile.

Story cateogires: MF, MMFF, MMF, mf, Fm, exh, voy, poly, bi, inc

Profile last updated: 2003-12-13


I am an author exploring the areas of young female sexuality at their extremes, including group sex, anal, forced sex, and other taboo areas.

If you enjoy my stories, have feedback, or would otherwise like to communicate with me, email me at

Story categories: Mf, Mg, mf, mg, Ff, Fg, ff, fg, gg, M+f, m+f, M+g, M+g, inc, nc, ped, rape, reluc, anal, rim, bi, 1st, blackmail

Profile last updated: 2017-03-10


I've been reading stories from the A.S.S usenet group since the 90s. Then when the ASSTR site came up, I switched to that. I figured it was time to contribute some stories I've had rolling around in my head. Some of my favorites are stories involving adult men with underage girls. So watch for Mg codes there. I also love anything involving oral sex. This means most of my stories will have oral, even if they don't have Mg. I write many MF as well.

Story categories: Mf Mg Fg oral ped

Alpha Betta Fish
Profile last updated: 2014-06-20


Hello, I'm ABF/AlphaBettaFish and it's a pleasure making your acquantence!

I'm the keeper of the archive and curator of the storylines for the author formerly known as "PlanetDweller" who was a huge presence for many years here at ASSTR. His truly groundbreaking serial novel, "The Bodyworker", set the next bar for erotic fiction as well as his other long-form works such as "Angel's Adventures", "Ginny" and "A Week In The Life Of Will McBride" plus his innovative and original short stories such as "1940's Gyno Nurse", "17 HMR" and "Sharon's Story". His work earned the rare double distinction from Jane's Guide as being both "Quality" and "Original".

In addition to PD's work, I'll also selectively occasionally be writing and posting works of my own with a wide variety of topics and themes, suggestions for possible future stories are always welcomed!

Profile last updated: 2016-03-01


Story cateogires: mf, mc, mdom, size, sci-fi, other

Profile last updated: 2017-03-20


Meine teilweise Horrorgeschichten handeln von dominanten, meist lesbischen, und oftmals sadistischen Charakteren mit einer Vorliebe für jugendliche Mädchen und junge Frauen.

My stories (all in German, sorry) deal with powerful dominant humans, usually lesbian, or animal characters with many of them having a sadist streak and a taste for young innocent women and girls. Often in the horror genre.

Profile last updated: 2009-05-28


I try to write stories I would enjoy reading myself. Not much in the form of describing actual sexual acts, but lots of erotic situations. Exhibitionism and voyeurism are the main themes.

Story categories: exhibitionist



My stories usually include a good visual descriptions of the characters, settings, and action for the purpose of stroking the imagination. I enjoy stories involving contrasts, irony and raw, gripping sex. Sittuations often found in my stories include interracial, voyerism, male-femail, cuckholdry, first-time, and teen.

Alvin Stalker
Profile last updated: 2006-04-03


sex and stories in french

Story categories: M+/g M+/b W+/g W+/b pedo zoo

Alvo Torelli
Profile last updated: 2016-07-25


My Web page is finally working (mostly). No more frames!

Check out the new Poetry Contest!

Warning: Almost all stories and poems involve underage children, mostly girls. And I'm a big fan of bondage, mind control and bestiality. My poems are darker than my stories.

If you are using Chrome as your web browser you might want to install the add-on "Disable Content-Security-Policy" Otherwise the site won't work.

If you are using Firefox you need to go to about:config and then turn off security.csp.enable.

I don't know why any of that is necessary, but it is. Thanks to others for figuring it out!

Profile last updated: 2006-11-01


A longtime fan of ASSTR, I have only just begun to write my own erotica. I like to write literate stories that are (I hope) true erotica, dealing more with the set-up and mind-play of a scene than with the actual wham-bam physical sex.

My stories are conceived with real people and their fantasies. We e-mail each other and they often send me their photos.

Alyssa R.
Profile last updated: 2005-01-22


I am a woman in my 30s with a husband, 2 kids, a professional career and an imagination that sometimes won't leave me alone. I started writing a book a few years ago, shortly after falling in love with my best friend. My ambitions as a novelist were quickly overtaken by my self-imposed sexual frustration. All I was able to write were dialogs and sex scenes of my fantasies, and that is what I share here.

Alyssa Skye
Profile last updated: 2001-03-17


Alyssa began writing as soon as she learned to read. She writes erotica, general fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Her stories don't fall into any specific category. Instead, they are character-led and may involve just about anything.

Profile last updated: 2012-05-14


Just a person who had written lots of things and finds erotica most satisfying.

Amanda Cherry
Profile last updated: 2007-01-25


Well, I've always enjoyed reading erotic stories. As a young girl, I was an avid reader. My mother always had a ton of books around the house, and I would read anything I could get my hands on. When I first learned the joys of masterbation, I would use the "adult" situations in random books as fodder. That fueled my love of the erotic story that has lasted a lifetime.

Now that I'm 26, and I have a lot of sexual experience under my belt...I've realized that the psychology and history of sex is something that greatly interests me. I enjoy talking about sex with friends and strangers, and it never fails that people ask me for sexual advice. I'm a sexually confident young woman, and I enjoy sex. Writing my own erotic stories lets me explore areas that I have never experienced, that I may want to experience, or that I have ALREADY enjoyed.

Reading and writing adult stories opens a world where anything is possible. I like stories that are realistic, well-written, and fun. I write the type of stories that I would enjoy reading. The characters are almost always based on a person that I know in real life. Some of the situations are true, but most are just fantasy.

Amanda Serve
Profile last updated: 2011-06-29


I enjoy writing, and especially like collaborative projects. Something where one person writes a chapter, then I write the next.

Usually with my own stories, I tend to 'live them out' in my head. So for me, I generally create the characters and the situation and then sort of see what they will do.

My stories are not really for the 'masses' though. I am told I focus on details too much, but I like details. Sights, smells, touch, how does this place feel? Why is it here?

Story cateogires: blackmail, inc, bd

Profile last updated: 2003-07-10


Story categories:
Mind Control

Profile last updated: 2006-10-03


I have recently tasted life on the other side of the fence and never knew it could be so satisfying. I am looking to cyber with other Bi or lesbian women and see where it goes from there. Please NO MEN I already have one.

Story categories: Lesbian

Profile last updated: 2014-10-29


Hi folks, I am AManImmortal from over at HentaiFoundry. I write (relatively eloquent) filth and then get my works turned into commissions!

While I put myself in the furry category, I feel I write more about 'monsters' and all of my works will have a mostly sci-fi bent to them.

I am a cuckold and I love biological adaptations specifically for fucking. So expect a bit of 'the wife getting banged by something with an odd dick and some extra arms'. The devil is in the details.

Most of all, enjoy.

Story cateogires: MF reluc furry zoo wife

Profile last updated: 2008-05-18


My stories revolve around the real world and depict scenes of intense arousal. I am involved with my characters and allow them the ability to excite the reader.

My writing is not manufactured to immediately provoke arousal in the reader; in other words it has a storyline. It is not geared to a wham bam, thank you ma'am, market that America believes it invented. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words but a writer has to create the picture using only one tool - the power of words - to provoke images within the readers mind.

Step inside and prepare to be rewarded...

Story categories: M/F, F/F, F/f, M/F/F

Amator Auffin
Profile last updated: 2014-12-14


I enjoy writing, and hope to use this forum for sex stories.
ALL stories are fiction, and have no relation to real life and exist in a word that is STD-free.
Positive feedback is welcome, but since I admit that I am a new writer to this genre, please don't bother with crazy angry stuff or flames.

Story cateogires: MF, mf, Mb, Mf, Insest, Pedo, cons, zoo

Amber Flirt
Profile last updated: 2012-01-27


Story cateogires: Pedo, F/g, F/M,ggg, M'g, MMM/g

I a young adult woman and most of my stories revolve around my experiences growing up in several foster homes in Georgia and the effects that it has had on my life now. These stories are therapeutic and I would love to get feedback from Women or Men who have had similar experiences.

Amber McKay
Profile last updated: 2005-04-09


I write fan fiction mostly but my fan fiction can be for anyone. I write the characters in such a way that you don't need to WATCH the TV shows to enjoy the stories.

Story categories: Sex Slaves,Drugs,Slave Training,Rape,Violence,Fan Fiction

Amber Rose
Profile last updated: 2012-12-23


I find erotica to be beautiful and of course very stimulating. It is such a powerful part of who we are as loving, playing, fucking people. Erotica, fantasy and taboo are part of who we are.

Story cateogires: incest, submission.

Ambrosia Mode
Profile last updated: 2007-03-10


The themes I explore in the stories I post here verge upon abusive sexual explorations, women and young girls willingly submitting and other taboo themes.

Story categories: group sex, anal, blow jobs, mmmf, mffff

Profile last updated: 2011-04-09


Story categories: g/M; young; d/s; forced

Profile last updated: 2010-10-29


I'm an "older" man who has enjoyed erotic fiction for a long time. I've written a few stories in the past for different sites. Mostly I enjoy more tender and erotic stories than harder edgier stories. I do have a darker side with a violent consentual death fetish at times as well as a peeing fetish. I hope you will enjoy the stories and provide feedback.

Story cateogires: incest; mf; bro/sis/; Mf; MF;

Profile last updated: 2006-09-19


Hello, my name is Amnesia.

I think I started writing erotic fiction about 15 years ago, purely for my own entertainment and mostly ín my native language (I am not a native speaker of English). I never really considered making it available to the public, but having visited the ASSM and ASSD Usenet groups (in lurk mode only) has made reconsider my position. The idea that someone, somewhere might find my stories amusing, entertaining or (shudder) stimulating is a stimulus for me.

My main interests are (not necessarily in that order) watersports, pedophilia, incest and crossdressing, none of which are genderbound. I tend to care about my characters and have them live happy lives (in the end), so there won't be much rape and/or snuff. Oh and I absolutely love first times.

That said, I do enjoy the story and the characters more during writing then the actual sex acts themselves, so expect long preludes and lengthy intermissions without much action :)

Constructive feedback: welcome
Hate mail: go get a life.

Have a nice day.

Story categories: ws ped inc rom cons tv tg lesb gay bi plain

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I'm a college student. If you met me, you'd probably think I was shy or dweeby. I write stories in my spare time. They probably suck.

Amos Hart
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Like Amos Hart of the musical Chicago, I go through life almost unseen -- Mr. Cellophane. Retirement age is on the horizon. With any stories here, I'll probably be exploring a number of things from my life and my fantasies.

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Story categories: MF, Mf, Fm, M+F, M+f, bf, inc, mc, rom, exhib, voy, and so on.

Amy Fox
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I've been writing erotic stories for a few years now, mostly just sharing them with friends. A few of them encouraged me to publish my work so here I am. I have a variety of tastes so you can expect to read about a variety of topics from me.

Everything I write about turns me on a lot. I hope it turns you on too :)


Story cateogires: MF, FF, MF+, M+F

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I'm a uni student who currently likes writing about all the dirty fantasies she wished she could do but doesn't have the guts for in real life... :) I always love feedback and suggestions, so email away!

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Just your average pervert. Most of what I write will fall into the categories listed below. But you never know...

Story categories: Mf, nc, rape, coer, ws, anal, oral, prost, MF, true

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My stories focus on the often neglected genre of younger men (of numerous ages) with older woman. You may call it oedipal if you like, but there is nothing more exciting than the mystique of older women sharing their experiences with a 'younger' partner. I try to write from both perspectives, man and woman, but obviously because I am a man I probably do that perspective more justice.

I would love to hear any comments you have on my stories. I'd also be interested to know if women enjoy reading the genre of mF.

Story categories: Lots of mF of all varieties, and some mom/son material.

Anal Girl
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I'm a 32 yr old kinky gay female active in the BDSM lifestyle. I love hot erotic story writing. I maintain a profile on where I actively look to meet with other females. Anyone wishing to contact me or see what I look like can find me there under Anal Fisting Gal.

Story categories: All Girl/Lesbian/Anal/Scat/FootFetish/S&M/Beastiality/Bizarre Kink/Pedo

Anal King
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Story categories: Incest

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Fg, inc, reluc

Andi Arsam
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Story categories: MF

Andrea Darling
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Hi everyone! I'm Andrea, an american woman in my late twenties with a wide variety of very unusual fetishes that I like to write about, including but not limited to bdsm, bestiality, incest, ageplay, snuff, and cannibalism...

Feel free to email me at

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I'm a german author with a lot of fantasies, that partly are reminiscence from my childhood. So in most of my stories this also will my point of view. Currently I only write german stories, because at the moment I don't think my english good enough for coherent stories.

Story categories: Mg, Mf, Mb, Mm, Inc

Andrew Wiggin
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My stories are usually humorous and non-violent. I lean toward romantic stories with a twist of SciFi. The sex in my stories is heavily weighted toward straight MF sex, though every now and then a little kinkiness sneaks in.

If you are looking for angst and anger, pain and dispair, avoid my stories.

Story categories: Romance, MF, FF, Nonconsent, SciFi, Humor

"Death by Fucking" has been nominated for the 2004 Golden Clitorides Award - Best Long Story; Best Humor Story; Best Erotic SciFi Story; Best Long Story by a New Author

"Tales of the eKids" has been nominated for the 2004 Golden Clitorides Award - Best Serial

Profile last updated: 2003-02-25


Story categories: Female Domination, male chastity,denial

Profile last updated: 2010-10-08



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Andrian is the virtual persona of a young gentleman in the Commonwealth of Virginia who spends far to much time behind a keyboard. He writes quite a bit of fiction, much of it erotic. Or Science Fiction. Or Fantasy. Or Horror. Or, typically, all of the above.

Profile last updated: 2012-08-28


I'm an unemployed "mature" lesbian who has lots of spare time to write erotic stories.Until just recently I have written exclusively lesbian stories for both SOL and Leslita but a number of my SOL readers [ where I write as Paladin ] requested gay male stories and with advice from some of my gay or bi male friends I started writing such stories and it turned out that a woman can be good at it or so my feedback told me'

Story cateogires: Fist,inc,gg,ff,FF,Fg,Ff,bb,Mg.

Profile last updated: 2015-07-29


Androman Dracula homo-schizo-sexual from Northern California who spends his time sucking plasma from his unsuspecting victims, huffing scotch guard, and writing depraved gay smut. His focus is on weird and warped tales inspired by bad Saturday Morning Cartoons, sci-fi shlock, and a few real life experiences.

If you have any comments, critiques, flames, insults about my personal hygiene, etc. feel free.


keywords: m/m m/b ped hypno bond cons nc tort

Andy Golden Brown
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I wrote my first story on a dare as a lark. I expected 2 readers, myself and the person who dared me. Lo and behold the stry got way 0ver 150,000 readers on another site (or at least hits. I never worry about negativity because you can always stop reading.

I do care to share with like-minded readers of any kind. I have met some incredibly wonderful readers who have become friends (some even close than that) and have collaborated on stories too.

If you have any questions or comments, I will answer what I get.

Story categories: Consensuality above all. Golden & Brown Pleasures, Incest, Bestiality, and a few other frontiers not of which leabe anyone hurting.

Angel Tits
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I write stories about lonely wives who find ways to cure their lonliness.

Profile last updated: 2001-10-08


Just learning the ropes 'round here.
My stories have many different themes ranging from slight BDSM to romantic or from hypno to role-playing themes. All of my stories thus far are M/F.
Feedback is much appreciated.

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romantic erotica

Profile last updated: 2003-12-06


Any stories I write are from thoughts/fantasies/experiences I have had in life. I've always enjoyed erotica in the freedom it allows the reader. Comments and feedback on my stories are always welcome!

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Hi Everyone
I live in a Master-Slave relationship. I love writing stories for my Master, and you. I am twenty one years old,redish blond hair and green eyes. I'm 5'2" tall and weigh 104lbs. I was born in Canada and now live in Vancouver BC. and work as a palliative care nurse. My Master has told me he may not let me upload any more stories because no one ever sends an email to say if they liked them,,,so please write to me, and I'll answer any of your questions.
Love Angelgirl

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Story categories: Video Games, Movies, Cartoons, Anime

Profile last updated: 2008-09-10


I've been writing various things for many years, but have always had a special place in my heart for the stories on asstr. I wanted to share some of my experiences and some of the stories that this site inspired for me.

Story categories: MF, true, rom, mfm, fmf

Profile last updated: 2009-04-29


I'll... just fill this in later.

Story categories: Cons Pedo Pt Best Ws Rape Mdom Fdom Ws Tort

Profile last updated: 2017-05-08


It's been said that the truth is stranger than fiction and if my own life is an example I'd have to agree. What I write may be fiction but the words spring from my life, my personal experiences, what I see around me and the lives of people I know.

My tastes vary and I know I'll be posting stories that explore new things as well. I hope you enjoy what this mind can come up with.

I've been away for awhile... not the sense that I was 'Gone' but that it seemed I had lost my voice. That wasn't true but it's taken me far too long to figure that out. Lots of things have happened... I'm sure some of them will find their way here.

Anil Mahadev
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Story categories: LESBIAN

I have always been fond or say had a mysterious dream or vision, as to how a woman would enjoy another woman's company?

Strange as it may sound at first, I really enjoyed readin stories based on lesbians and their fantasies.

Iam here to get ur little man hoods up and rising with the kinda stories I have instore for you.

Iam basically a I.T. dude, but love to write.

Anyway Enjoy my stories .... ;)

Profile last updated: 2004-01-08


I am late thirties, married. Born & currently live in India; as such, most of my workis based in an Indian setting

Profile last updated: 2003-04-03


I'm a well-adjusted executive with a very kinky imagination. I like to write down fantasies that I would never want to experience or even see. Well, there are some scenes I would like to see.

The "Heavy Stuff" stories include BDSM, rape, torture, forced oral, fisting, mutilation,and sometimes scat or worse. Sick, sick, sick!

"Milder Stuff" is mostly consensual, sometimes reluctant, and may contain bd, sm, creampie, humiliation, and other minor transgressions.

Anime Lover
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Well I'm currently 27 and have 421 fics under my belt ^_^ I do originals and fan-fiction

favorite story themes: loli, yuri, watersports, oviposition/egg-laying

Profile last updated: 2004-01-21


My name is animus. I've been writing erotic literature for the past five years or so since a friend introduced me to the MC genre in high school.
I'm a member of Electronic Wilderness Publishing, and highly recommend this site to any aspiring authors who wish to join a community of like-minded individuals.

Story categories: mc

Anna Laura
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Married woman in Italy, age 35. I write fantasies about breaking taboos and a purely hedonistic society with no moral codes.

Story cateogires: b g inc nc ped rape sad snuff

Profile last updated: 2015-09-29


I am new to writing story base erotica. I enjoy writing about sex and having lots of sex. I hope that people will give my stories a try. I also hope that putting my stories out there will help me improve my writing.

Profile last updated: 2005-10-02


I'm Anna, I have been a diaper lover for virtually all of my life. I have written stories about the fetishes I enjoy for a number of years and had them published in numerous places. I tend to keep my stories rather short with a punchline that leaves the reader to their imagination as to what may happen next. If you like stories about people forced into humiliating situations, particularly with diapers involved, then you will enjoy my stories.

Story categories: Diapers, Adult Babies, Humiliation, Pants Wetting, Bedwetting, Forced Babyhood, Bondage, Spanking

Profile last updated: 2015-10-14


Story cateogires: lesbian, rape, non consensual, pedo

Profile last updated: 2002-10-30


We are Annabelle and Jay, a happily married writing team. We collaborate on the writing of our stories and hope our readers have as much fun in the reading as we did in the writing.

Our writings are stories mostly about wives, groups, couples, romance, m+f, female domination and we will, on occasion, try our hands at a dash of bdsm or perhaps a little beastiality. Our stories may get a little wild, so if you aren't enjoying reading, please try another.

The stories in Annabelle's Diaries are a little different from the fiction writings. They are fact-based about the adventures and travels of Annabelle, and we hope you find them interesting.

Our Web page contains a little more info about us. We love to hear from our readers and will write back as often as time permits. You can contact us at

Story categories: wives, groups, romance

Profile last updated: 2013-01-07


The main focus of my stories and chapters will be expansion of the anus, vagina, cervix/womb and sometimes the urethra through the use of fisting, large toys and huge cocks.

All works are intended to appeal to those who have extreme and taboo fetishes that aren't that prominent in erotic literature. Very few authors have written the type of material that I enjoy, and after being inspired by them I felt I should contribute by creating more material of this type of genre.

Content primarily includes but not limited to: large insertion, stretching, very large sexual organs and their expansion, scat, bestiality, pregnancy and birth.

Some chapters or stories may involve heavy attention to underage sex or consumption of material such as scat, urine, and semen.

Story cateogires: MF, MMMf, Fg, Ff, extreme, size, fist, best, scat, inc, preg, ped, toys, caution

AnnaMK1977 german
Profile last updated: 2007-05-19


Anna, from Germany, feel free to drop a note to

Anne Tyson
Profile last updated: 2006-03-21


I've been writing erotic poetry since I was in my early 20's. During the last few years, I've been expanding my variety of styles to produce a wider range of creative ideas to share in the bedroom. This is my effort to enliven foreplay after umpteen years of marriage. When I'm not writing, I work in broadcasting.

Story categories: erotic poetry, con, nc, bd, sm, Mdom, Fsub

Profile last updated: 2004-10-26


Just a regular guy with an active imagination.

Story categories: femdom

Profile last updated: 2005-02-25


i am submissive...totally. i am in a 24/7 relationship with my Mistress. i love to write and She has encouraged me. these are my stories...some fact, some fantasy.

Profile last updated: 2003-08-03


My current project is to write about life of women and men in the Forbidden City (Chinese Emperor Palaces). There are some historical records showing that life in the palaces are not always boring.


Profile last updated: 2010-09-04


Story cateogires: M g demons nun rape gangbang monster

Profile last updated: 2015-01-04


Story categories: consensual erotic games

Profile last updated: 2012-05-06


Story cateogires: Mg, rape, 1st, preg, pedo,

Profile last updated: 2014-03-10


I am a twenty-something year old male who loves reading erotic stories, as well as ocasionally write out fantasies, dreams, and other things. I'm new to this whole composition thing, so please don't mind my flaws.

Anonymous Coward
Profile last updated: 2006-09-15


I write what i write. currently that includes some mind control/magic, with a little pedo and incest thrown in.

other than that i've been been hanging around fpr a few years as an anonymous coward. I just thought it time to make the title official

Anonymous Dark One
Profile last updated: 2013-11-27


I am a writer not of those who might be seen or experienced. I am not known or seen, but heard through my words. I am a mere shadow, portrayed in a small way that provides me with large structure. I am The Dark One.

Anonymous Writer
Profile last updated: 2011-10-06


Story cateogires: ped

I write stories that involve sex with kids for adults who enjoy the subject matter. The stories are fiction.

Profile last updated: 2003-11-11


First time author. If good response, may write more.

Profile last updated: 2011-07-19


Born 40-something years ago, began writing erotica 20 years ago, joined local BDSM scene 10 years ago, forgot what I wanted to say 2 minutes ago...

Story categories: M+/f, MF/f, BDSM, anal, blackmail, bondage, D/s, devices, humiliation, forced sex, nc, reluct, submission, torture, toys

Profile last updated: 2012-05-14


Just turned 19 and starting a new and exciting chapter of my life. New city, new job and intruiging adventures. I'm your typical innocent looking girl, but have a cheeky side to me which not many people get to see.

Story cateogires: 3.4

Profile last updated: 2010-02-27


Just an average fan of incest who likes writing his fantasies.

Profile last updated: 2010-11-20


Just your regular Anon writing anonymously.

Profile last updated: 2008-05-07


Story categories: slow MF

Antonio Green
Profile last updated: 2012-02-16


Professional writer of nonfiction trying his hand at boy erotica

Story cateogires: Mb, bb, mb, ws, scat, oral, anal, inc, best, nc,

Profile last updated: 2013-01-05


Serve as wifes maid

Story cateogires: femdom, cuckold, sissy

Profile last updated: 2009-06-18


Story cateogires: MasterPc, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Transformation, Transgender

Profile last updated: 2015-01-09


A 70+ grandfather writing about youthful sexuality and coming of age. Writing for years as a means of expression of philosophical views, only recently deciding to post to ASSTR to preserve the work and encourage alternate thinking to puritanical ideas.

Story cateogires: bb bg,Mb,Mg,bF; Some intergernerational, pedo, incest, but no sadism, bondage or brutality

Apple Bottom
Profile last updated: 2016-11-11


I am a 30 something mechanic who loves writing erotic stories and have been since a very young age.

I Do Not Condone Any Of The Acts That I Write About! They Are For Your Reading Pleasure Only And Not A Reality!

Story Codes: Mg, Mf, mg, Mb, ff, gg
1st. Oral, Anal. Inc, Ped

Story cateogires: Mg, Mf, mf, mg, Mb, gg, fg,

Profile last updated: 2008-10-12


I'm just a girl that is a little shy in person and am able to express myself or share my experiances and fantasies by writing about them.

Profile last updated: 2016-12-19


I am a professional writer in the technical field, but in my spare time I also like writing erotic stories.

I freely admit that I am a paedophile, but in the true sense of that word.

The media, and others, would have you believe that a paedophile is a torturing, raping, murdering monster.

I am none of those. I fantasize and dream about pre-teen children, but that is as far as it goes. I love children and could never do anything to hurt them.

I believe that sexual awakening generally starts at the ages of about 7 or 8 and, if we could be more open about that and channel it wholesomely and lovingly, especially withing loving families, the world would probably be a much better place.

Story categories: Mg*, Mg*g*, MFg*, MFbg, Fb*, Fb*b* inc, cons, fam

Profile last updated: 2013-06-17


I'm a 30-something female who loves to write. I write mainly romantic stories, but may have a few that are more pure sex.

I love feedback. Let me know what you think!

Story categories: Mainly adult, romantic relationships between one man and one woman.

Profile last updated: 2016-09-13


Arachnophile is a writer living and working in North America. The writer's work ranges from romance to explicit hardcore sexuality.

The genres, to date, in which the author works are:
- adult erotica
- lesbian romance

All feedback is welcome. Writers need readers.

Profile last updated: 2007-08-09


gay into underwear bathroom voyeur

Story categories: gay fetish underwear voyeur

Arcady Moroi
Profile last updated: 2004-05-17


Arcady Moroi - The Poet.

Profile last updated: 2004-11-25


29 yr old female in Casino Sales. Like lesbian stories. I consider myself bisexual but my preference is women.

Story categories: lesbian fetish

Profile last updated: 2001-07-08


Story categories: Ff, hosiery fetish, some mc

Profile last updated: 2014-07-01


MF+, ff, Mff, Mf

Profile last updated: 2002-02-11


I'm just starting, and plan on stories with many different themes. This first story is about the relationship between a man and a boy. Expect more of the same.

Profile last updated: 2012-04-30


Story categories: MF+, FF, TV

Profile last updated: 2003-06-18


Story categories: I like interracial stories and pedo stories, and always both those together so that's what I write.

Ardent Dilettante
Profile last updated: 2005-10-14


Total newbie at writing fiction. I enjoy reading erotic fiction and decided to write some because, hey, then at least people read it.

Profile last updated: 2004-11-29


Mostly I write stories that include sex but are not ABOUT sex. Although I don't think I'm an overly extreme writer, my stories are (mostly) aimed a mature audience and it helps if you have a strong stomach sometimes. I'm into various categories which include but are not limited to Bestiality, Interracial, Mind Control, Lesbianism. The main two would be Mind Control and Lesbianism.

Story categories: mind control, sci-fi, lesbianism, bestiality, romance, interracial, bisexual, violence, non-consensual

Profile last updated: 2002-06-18


Thanks for dropping by, I am male age 40, from Ottawa. Ontario, Canada, I write mostly BDSM, KINK, MIND CONTROL, AND FETISH STORIES. Please feel free to contact me in regards to my stories, or just to say hello, email is always welcomed.

Story categories: BDSM, FETISH, KINK

Profile last updated: 2012-11-25


I have been thinking about writing erotic stories for a while. Just recently I had the time to start wrining and would like to share with others.

Story cateogires: Inc, MF

Ariel Racine
Profile last updated: 2017-02-05


Exploring tribal life, primitive and contemporary

Arika Lee
Profile last updated: 2005-05-08


American born Arika Lee spent her youth on the island of Malta. Prior to taking up writing, Ms. Lee owned a watercolour gallery and and was active in the art world. Arika Lee creates the covers and illustrations for her work. The author now divides her time between homes in Massachussetts and Puerto Rico.

Arinyes Cantari
Profile last updated: 2012-10-22


Anonymously moving form site to site as a cyber nomad, Arinyes Cant'ari serves as a net name and aspiring author's pseudonym. Using writing as a healthier outlet for dealing with pent up frustrations, the stories written need not necessarily be a reflection of the real issues. That some works may come to be regarded as disturbing, it is this author's opinion that real life can be many times more disturbing than one's inner fantasies. If anything, this author considers it healthier to admit to having certain fantasies, than suppressing them and act on them in a spur of the moment.

Arkayz Bible
Profile last updated: 2006-04-21


Story categories: Mg Mm rom 1st

Arlin Wordsmith
Profile last updated: 2013-02-11


I moved my stories here from arlin's kender korner for teck reasons
I am a 60 something white male, I want the dems out of my pocket book and the repbus out of my wallet. I know I am a sick bastard I have been told that by cops and judges so join the line. If you do not like what I write do not open the fucking file.

Story cateogires: pedo, M-g M-b, gg+bb violent, non conc. rape

Profile last updated: 2002-02-13


Arrowchild is the name of the author's character in a series of mediaeval roleplaying games once played in a circle of teenaged girls in Noosa, Australia. The character was a 14-year-old orphan waif who dresses like a boy to avoid detection in 12th-century England. It now represents a collection of TRUE stories from the author's own private journal taking place during her early experience as a teenaged exchange student and au pair in America during 1995 and 1996.

Story categories: Private journal

Profile last updated: 2012-04-30


Story cateogires: Mg,Mgg MFg

Art Martin
Profile last updated: 2014-11-03


The stories I write usually don’t fit into any neat, single categorization. I do have preferences for themes involving wife swapping, incest, teen sexual discovery, nudity, gang bangs, heterosexual, bisexual, and when appropriate, gratuitous homosexual situations. Having said that, I don’t get into Daddy putting it to his 4-year-old daughter (12-year olds maybe), bondage (well, maybe a little), rape (well, maybe a character is reluctant), torture (do clothes pins count?), or dogs and ponies, preferring my fictional libertine liaisons to be consenting, wholesome fun for everyone involved. Occasionally I do venture into the interracial, so if you’re a truly a rabid racist, beware.

I welcome the constructive criticism of my grammatical gaffs, use of dangling participles, or other such sins against the King’s English (American version of course). Please refrain from non-constructive abuse such as to where I’m headed in my afterlife, where I should be kept before my afterlife, or speculation as to my origins.

Art West
Profile last updated: 2015-03-22


I am a middle-aged South African academic (and I’m not being more specific than that), happily married for many years, with grown-up children out of the house. I have always indulged in fantasies that I prefer to include a hint of realism ... perhaps it could even happen.

I started writing sex stories to indulge my own fantasies, as little of what I read had for me just the right balance between fantasy and reality, and good character development. After a while, I began posting them to Encouraged by some feedback, I have decided to archive them amongst the ASSTR authors.

My primary fantasies revolve around girls or women from fairly repressed backgrounds who, perhaps reluctantly at first, but with increasing enthusiasm become insatiable sluts, needing multiple partners and enjoying gang bangs. I abhor any substantial violence. The sex is essentially only heterosexual, although sometimes in a group setting, and very occasionally including a mild dose of FF where seeming to be required by the story. Within the background of these primary themes, I indulge my various other fantasies related to exhibitionism, voyeurism, pregnancy, incest and water-sports.

Profile last updated: 2006-07-26


Story categories: BDSM, EXH, MF, FF

Arthur B
Profile last updated: 2009-07-19


Born 1952 London. Enjoy writing for its own sake. My stories do not always contain actual spankings. I am interested in the psychology of punishment so what I write will not appeal to all those who may have an interest in the subject.

Story catagories: Mainly Spanking F/m but some M/f. Also have written several schoolboy stories as I am obsessed with the cane and caning. I am intending at some point to write some experimental non spanking fiction.

Arthur Kay
Profile last updated: 2004-02-22


Arthur Kay's Lurid Library

My stories are of an eclectic mix, where you can usually count on hot sex wrapped in humor and driven by oddball characters.

I've polished all these stories to the finest gloss I can give them. And I try very hard to reach the prurient level, so people can have something hot to read while they masturbate, and, when finished, can get back to an interesting plot.

Now don't get me wrong. It's not all sex, sex, sex. I try to make my characters fully-drawn, and drawn fully into situations that display their human frailties along with their sexual passions.

And, in my sex stories, no one gets killed (almost), maimed, or even beaten, but threats do hover in the air at times. So, get reading! I think you'll like what you see in Arthur Kay's Lurid Library.

Arthur Kay's Lurid Library

Arthur Peace
Profile last updated: 2002-08-12


I'm a student of International Relations in California. I look forward to getting some kind of response to my writing.

Story categories: seduction, humiliation, helplessness

Arthur Saxon
Profile last updated: 2004-04-29


I write on a variety of topics, and all of my stories are about young women or teenaged girls. My heroines generally get themselves into wild erotic situations either of their own devising or by outrageous accident. By far my most popular series is Julie's Wild Week, so that's probably a good one to start with if you're unfamiliar with my work. I love to get feedback, so if you've enjoyed my stories, please let me know. Happy reading!

Story categories: Exhibitionism, Public Nudity, Humiliation, Panty-Pooping, Invertebrate Bestiality, Scat, Foodplay, General

Profile last updated: 2014-06-08


My name's Arthur, I'm a young student from France(, Earth). My English can be unskillful I guess, but don't worry I'm writing in french! I started erotic writing when I was 15 and I deal with lots of subjects;
You'll always find in my stories pedophilia, spelling mistakes and anal; scat appears often too. Sometimes there are horrible rape, sometimes cute romanticism. It can even contain zoophilia, and even even all of it at the same time!
Yet, there is some subjects in which I don't find any pleasure to read or write as hard-torture and death (spanking is ok because spanking though) and male homosexuality (however two cute little girls having the time of their life is okay).

About me, I'm a 18 years old, studying literature in France, my native country. I like seeing and making people happy, video games and ice cream (especially chocolate, lemon and strawberry). I don't think there is a lot more to say about me, I hope people will read me, I love being read, don't hesitate to send feedback, even if you only say "wow datz umazin' i cum all over my keybord!!! :DDDDDDD" it's always nice to see people appreciate what you're doing, even if they have a strange way to say it.

Well, that's all, I hope you'll enjoy my story and your whole life in general :)

Story categories: ped f/g anal scat reluc rom

Profile last updated: 2008-07-20


I live in the heart of Silicon Valley but travel a good bit. I write for a living, and when I get home I write to live. If all you're looking for is in-out, in-out, in-out, my stories probably aren't for you. But, give them a try anyway. I invite your comments and suggestions.



Profile last updated: 2005-04-11


Hi, I am a 19 year old College student. I have always loved erotic stories and have just recently decided to write some myself. I have always been good at telling stories and even better at turning people on with them. I just figured it was time to put some of them down to paper.

Story categories: I write stories based off my own personal fantasies.

Profile last updated: 2003-09-19


I tend to write stories about: Enforced Nudity, Mild BDSM, MF Romance.

Profile last updated: 2014-02-15


Ich freue mich, dass ihr meine Geschichten lest!

Ich selbst habe schon als kleines Kind viel mehr gelesen als die meisten anderen und war deshalb auch immer in Sachen Rechtschreibung und flüssigem Lesen in der Schulzeit oben mit dabei.
Trotzdem bin ich kein Profi-Autor, was man sicherlich an meinen Geschichten merkt. In Aufsätzen habe ich mich in der Schule schon immer sehr knapp gehalten und die Dinge nicht unnötig ausgeschmückt, nur um den Inhalt zu strecken. Ich blieb also möglichst genau und präzise, aber in meinen Geschichten die ihr hier findet versuche ich so gut ich kann nicht so "objektiv" zu schreiben, sondern eben wie es sich gehört auch Empfindungen und malerische Umschreibungen zu verwenden. Ich hoffe, dass ich in dieser Hinsicht mit der Zeit besser werde.

Angefangen hat das ganze bei mir zunächst mit Rollenspielen - also solchen, in denen 2 oder mehr Leute miteinander schreiben und eine Geschichte erzählen - hauptsächlisch jene erotischer Natur. Erst später bin ich dann auf diese Seite gestoßen und habe auch fertige erotische Geschichten gelesen. Und dann dachte ich, ich könnte doch beides kombinieren und kam so dazu selber welche zu schreiben.
Es sei allerdings gesagt, dass ich nicht oft Zeit habe um etwas zu schreiben, neue Geschichten könnten also auf sich warten lassen.

Story categories: ped inc cons ws bg bf gg ff fg mg mf voy blackmail nc
Story language: german

Profile last updated: 2007-11-23


I write fan fiction about Lord of the Rings, but none of it is the slash that seems to be most of what is out there.

Profile last updated: 2013-10-18


Hi. Thanks for reading this. I don't consider myself a writer much less a good one but I enjoy penning the occasional short story.

The erotic fiction I write typically favors topics such as voyeurism, cuckolding, cheating, or interracial liaisons. It will usually involve a leading lady who is conservative, perhaps a bit shy, and who in any case is not accustomed to these more sordid types of encounters.

Generally speaking anything uploaded here is not meant to be a completely finished product as I probably don't proofread as many times as I should. Nonetheless I hope one or more of my stories are well received.

I also have to add that I'm troubled by the number of stories that feature pedophilia at asstr.

Asexual Guy
Profile last updated: 2006-04-03


I've probably got way too much time on my hands if I have the spare time to write sex stories. But I'm such a great guy that I do it anyway.

Profile last updated: 2011-04-03


The author of "Perry".

Asher St.Clair
Profile last updated: 2014-06-12


I'm a writer of short fiction. I often use the first person point of view and try to craft a story with erotic elements that seem plausible. Writers write and I do so because I must. I've always been a story teller and I hope that my stories are enjoyed by others but I understand that it is impossible to please everyone. I am interested in feedback.

Story cateogires: mF, mf, Mf, bg, bF, Mg, inc, cons.

Ashley Hardric
Profile last updated: 2007-02-17


Ash Hardric's stories are about gay males, frequently young ones, and often feature wildly improbable scenarios that are only possible in, well, stories.

Story categories: Gay male

Profile last updated: 2006-12-21


This sissy is deeply affected by the many glorious writers of erotica who display their works on this site. I am but a humble storyteller compared to them. The work must be archived, nevertheless.

Story categories: tv, tg, humil

Aspiring Romantic
Profile last updated: 2001-11-21


My stories are based on a mixture of real life events and personal fantasies. Most of them tend to be long with romantic elements. They are generally appreciated more by people looking for a long, sensual story, as opposed to a quick read.

Story categories: A variety of stories ranging from autobiographical to complete fantasy, mostly featuring characters in their twenties.

Profile last updated: 2004-06-21


I'm a lawyer and a published fiction novelist. I have always loved some of these more hardcore sexual stories, and I'm finally using my spare time to write a bit. I'm what you would call an ass conniosseur. Anything related to the ass, is what I'm about. There is usually a psychological element to my stories.

Story categories: Spanking, anal, humiliation, scat

Profile last updated: 2005-01-10


Story categories: enemas involving complicated electronic/mechanical arrangements (and sometimes urine), and nipple clamps.

Profile last updated: 2011-08-22


I'm a mature woman with a very dark fantasie.
Since I'm limited in using the enire possibilities of the englich language I write my stories in german only.

Story cateogires: snuff hanging sweet sentimental semicons german language

Profile last updated: 2015-01-01


I'm a long-time reader but a new contributor.
I don't often have the time to write but I'll try to add new stories whenever I can.
I enjoy realistic situations that are very believable.
Most of my stories will involve teen girl(s) in situations beyond their control.
I like to explore the innocence and naivety of girls having their first sexual experience.
I also enjoy adaptations from tv shows, films, plays etc. Anything that takes my fancy really.
I'm open to requests if the idea interests me.

Story cateogires: Mf, MMf, ff, f-solo, non-con?, reluc, ws*, voyeur,

Astyanax Waynewright
Profile last updated: 2003-07-13


A recent college graduate, I've found time to do the things I've been meaning to do for a long time. Catching up on books, movies, and finally getting started on writing erotica are the three main things I've been occupying myself with these past few weeks.
So many stories to tell, and so little time. The first story up, "The Apartment", is something I came up with over the course of a couple of evenings. It's a standalone, and I'm currently working on longer, deeper, and more connected stories with a larger cast of characters. Stay tuned...

Profile last updated: 2015-07-22


Hoping readers will enjoy my stories. Feedback is appreciated.

Profile last updated: 2013-10-06


Story cateogires: md, viol, nc

Profile last updated: 2014-06-16


I like most music and almost everyone, except people older than me.

Story cateogires: MF mf t ws
A new story is in the works . 15Jun2014

Profile last updated: 2012-02-28


Story cateogires: reluc, Mf, SM

Profile last updated: 2014-12-26


Attica writes about erotic dying and death, typically with an ageplay flavor. If you’re looking for extremely misogynistic, torture filled stories, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for the simple eroticism of dying and death, pull up a chair, have a seat by the fire and stay for a while.

Story cateogires: M, f, g, nec, nc, rape, viol, snuff

Profile last updated: 2005-07-26


All around us in our daily lives are erotic stimulations if we can only recognize them. I write about the events that spiral out from them. Are they real events or fantasies? Who knows. Over time it has all become a gray area of would have, could have, should have.
Maybe one day it will all come true :-)

Profile last updated: 2004-02-13


I am a perfectly average woman of 40. I have a family, a profession, and a desire to write about the things that arouse me. I hope you enjoy what I post.

Aussie Speedo Guy
Profile last updated: 2016-07-06


G'day guys, my name is Dave, I'm a 20's bisexual Aussie guy. I love speedos and I love sex with more than one person at a time.

I'm a webmaster and I enjoy sharing my sexual adventures/experiences. I hope you enjoy my submissions.

Feel free to check out my blog at

Story cateogires: MM, M+F, MM+, cons

aussieg's asian stories
Profile last updated: 2014-12-30


Writer of mature Asian sex and catfights mainly vietnamese Filipina with some japanese and chinese. Ritual dominance of the loser by the victor.

Story categories: FF FF+ inter asian fist dom catfight sexfight

Profile last updated: 2014-11-14


Story categories: boylove, boylover, cons, M/b, pedophilia, ped, pedo, MM, Mb

Profile last updated: 2007-01-19


the autoeroticrobot - what does this mean?

Autumn Author
Profile last updated: 2013-10-15


New author as of 2013. If you think your feedback would help me be a better writer, please contact me at the e-mail address found at the top of my stories.

Story cateogires: Fm+,mf,Mf+,inc,lac,preg,exh,sub

Autumn Leaf
Profile last updated: 2003-08-25


I have been wanting to join ASSTR for a long time to share some of my stories but didn't get the nerve to do it until now. Most of my stories fall in the dark realm of fantasy and horror. Because of the fantasy and horror subject matter, most of the stories also fall under the NC category. I hope you'll like these stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Story categories: M+/F, M/F, NC, Horror, Fantasy

Autumn Writer
Profile last updated: 2007-07-14


I am a middle-aged amateur writer, happily married, empty-nester. I believe that there is drama in the lives of everyday people and telling the story is what I try to do.

Profile last updated: 2001-08-16


Story categories: Experiences of my swinging experiences with my wife.

Profile last updated: 2010-07-18


horny for sin, in a world of hypocrites
i am English a young man that wanted to give something back. not been writing long, so forgive and if you feel my writing is really bad forget me as well please.

Story cateogires: mf pedo

Profile last updated: 2011-01-26


Horny. Kiwi. Writer.

Average Bear
Profile last updated: 2008-09-06


Story categories: Wife stories, gangbangs, orgies, acting out fantasies, first time experiences

Awful Cad, An
Profile last updated: 2005-11-25


Story categories: MF, Oral, Anal, Cheat, NC/Reluc

Awkward Dreams
Profile last updated: 2016-08-20


Lifelong sex addict, many interests.

Profile last updated: 2013-02-07


The nature of Axelotl is irrepressible!

Story cateogires: sci-fi, nc, rape, viol

Profile last updated: 2016-07-31


I wish I had a cool story to go with where I came up with the name Axira, but I got it from a fantasy name generator while looking for a name for a D&D character about 5 years ago. Woops. I'm in my early 20s, female, and looking to flex my writing muscles and explore topics that I can't on other sites. Some stories are fan fiction involving real people, others are not.

Story cateogires: Fan fiction, MM, Mm, celeb, humil, reluc, span

Profile last updated: 2004-11-28


After years of reading stories here, I decided to try my hand at writing erotic fiction. It may not be the usual quickie type material that a lot of people like, but I hope those of you who do read it enjoy.

Story categories: MF romance

Profile last updated: 2000-09-26


Story categories: mostly teen, mf or Mf, consensual, some incest

B. Tweenercheeks
Profile last updated: 2004-09-26


I write about whatever sounds different and intrigueing to me. Giantess, shrinking man, and transformation into objects owned by women are some of my subjects.

I appreciate feedback as it helps me improve my writing.

Profile last updated: 2002-04-19


I grew up in the UK, and migrated in my early thirties to New Zealand, which explains the British spelling in most of my stories.

When I write erotica, I tend to primarily male/female stories about control (mind and otherwise) and humiliation, with the male dominant. Female/Female scenes are not unheard of.

I may branch out into other areas, but they won't include my personal squick of pedophilia, nor will I deal with violent rape, snuff or other excessive violence - I like all my characters to get SOME enjoyment out of what they do together.

I write professionally, mostly educational material, but fiction is my relaxation.

Profile last updated: 2009-06-18


Story cateogires: oral, anal, ds

Profile last updated: 2010-06-14


I am a 31 year old female CPA, 6’ 3” tall, slim, blond hair and blue eyes. I hold a senior position in investment banking and travel extensively internationally.

I am very fit and have a passion for horse riding (my cute butt cleavage looks so sexy in jodhpurs!). I have a high sex drive and enjoy cyber sex and safe-sex physical relationships with an expert lover.

My erotic literature involves females. Although bi-sexual, I have typically tended to a preference for females in my writing and personal sex life. There is a strong theme of kinkiness – including ass worship, ass sniffing and licking, pantie fetish (sniffing used intimate wear), oral sex and sex aids. My narrative is subtle, suggestive, intimate and respectful of the pleasure that can be derived from consensual exploration of the delights the body provides in sexual gratification. My characters are usually of high socio-economic status.

My personal indulgence is expensive panties, thongs, and G-strings – I have quite a collection, which may partly explain my kink of pantie fetishism, a real turn on for me. I often sniff my own used intimate wear whilst masturbating and using sex aids.

My inspiration is Samantha Cornell, who has a wealth of literary work congruent with my own tastes and desires, and I ascribe full credit to Samantha for the influence she has had on my stories.

Love Babette.

Story categories: Kinky sex between females, ass worship, pantie fetish, sniffing used intimate wear, sex aids

Baby Huey
Profile last updated: 2013-01-05


Enjoy writing FICTIONAL stories that I come up with after reading others works. Found ASSTR after the other site I was using started censoring which stories they wanted to post due to content of the stories.

Profile last updated: 2008-01-21


I am in my mid thirties, male, and am a network administrator. I recently have become married. However, I still enjoy writing stories. That's why I'm here.

Profile last updated: 2014-05-21


I'm a young lesbian with a long list of kinks and a dabbling interest in writing. My favorite fetish is panty pooping and most of my works will incorporate it in some way, but I'm into other stuff too.

My other hobbies include video games, anime, and cooking and I live with my beautiful wife.

I don't have much written now, but I hope to eventually build up a decent sized library of stories covering many things.

Story categories: FF, MF, scat, ws, mc, exhib, tentacles, dom

Profile last updated: 2005-05-03


Story categories: MF, Mf/g, MFf/g, inc, reluc, nc, humil, rough, anal, oral, ped,

Profile last updated: 2010-04-21


Been away for a while, but I'm returning - slowly but surely. I've added a couple of chapters from a new series. I'll re-upload some old things eventually...

Bad Boy Bart
Profile last updated: 2006-01-28


Hi I am 48 and single and I write stories dealing with children having sex with adults and anamals. As of this day Jan 27 2006 I am new here and have yet to explore all that is offered. I will try to keep you all updated as I grow here. Please be patient with me as I figer out how to do this.

Bad Boy Porn
Profile last updated: 2005-12-22


Lady Poetess started watching gay adult films because she was tired of gaping at the out-of-shape and generally butt-ugly male actors in straight adult films. That started her on a dark road to writing gay stories to indulge her love for dark, dangerous, and handsome men. While she wouldn't consider her stories real-person slash, she finds it darkly enjoyable to exorcise her infatuations on handsome men by creating entirely new personalities and stories around their image. Bad Boy Porn is her brainchild.

When she is not living a triple life as a quasi-respectable webmistress of a popular not-too-dirty website and a timid woman trying to beat the rat race in real life, she has at the last count 42 imaginary boyfriends and a fantasy luxurious mansion in St Tropez.

Bad Dad
Profile last updated: 2008-10-12


Sometimes those preteens are just too hard to resist

Story categories: ped, rape

Profile last updated: 2001-11-21


Bio info: Like to try different genres, some dark & depraved, other stories simply sensuous and passionate

Story categories: I like the liberties with space and time allowed a writer, so expect the odd bodice ripped....

Profile last updated: 2013-09-22


Just a normal guy with a few abnormal fantasies :)

Story cateogires: mf, mfgb, mmffggbb, con, drug

Profile last updated: 2011-03-18


Story cateogires: Mf

Profile last updated: 2012-10-15


i`m a young wrytter from portugal, western europe, author off political romances and sometimes children stories, ... but like any human on earth, y have a dark side that fills my dreams and tortures my soul,... so i´m letting my fantasies free in this site, fo the enjoyement off everybody, ... fell free o enjoy the sweet flavour off depravity.

Story cateogires: teen;preteen;incest;romance

Profile last updated: 2005-04-25


Hi. I write stories w/an interracial cast of characters. And by interracial, I DO mean the complete rainbow.

However, all of my stories have hot and heavy action. All races jump each other's bones and enjoy doing it again and again. Everyone is a willing and eager participant in my stories. The stories are taken from a combination of real life experiences and some fantasies.

A little about myself, I'm in my mid 20s. I've been reading and writing sex stories for a while, mostly for myself and some appreciative female fans. Now, they've urged me to come out and publish some of my work. Enjoy

Story categories: asian, MF, MFF, MMF, impregnation, pregnant, romance, black, hispanic, interracial, indian

Profile last updated: 2008-12-03


I am in a wife led vanilla marriage but enjoy perverted fantasizes

Story categories: cuckolding

Ball Four
Profile last updated: 2004-12-07


I try to be somewhat diverse in my stories and the backgrounds of my stories. I try to be irreverent and put humor into the stories. I say *try* because irreverent and humor is subjective. I hope you enjoy something here. See the index file for information on the stories.

Ball Four

Profile last updated: 2011-02-08


I am women, who want to share her adventures with other people. I am opened to contact people with the same disposition. Enjoy me stories and let me know, how you liked them.

Story cateogires: bestiality stories

Profile last updated: 2007-01-23


I'm banshee (I'm a dom but I really like my lowercase name :-), I mention this because it's caused me trouble in the past...), I'm hoping to write about mind control, BDSM, and other things... If you use PGP and wish to contact me, my public key is:8317CE13 and avaliable at your local keyserver, or on the web at If you don't have a public key, still email me. All my work is in the Public Domain, but I request that you attribute and inform me of derivatives (request, not require, it's legally in the Public Domain).

Story categories: Mind control, scifi, bdsm, teen, cons

Profile last updated: 2010-11-23


Story cateogires: Mdom, reluc, Mf, nc

Barbed Wire
Profile last updated: 1999-10-24


I'm bi female (who's 20 something) who lives on the East Coast somewhere... I enjoy erotic stories, and I especially love to write them. These are all my personal fantasies and hopefully I can make them all come true. :-)

Barbi Satin
Profile last updated: 2006-01-30


I am a shemale web porn star and dominatrix from Baltimore MD.

Bare CatTales
Profile last updated: 2017-03-02


I write mostly from personal experiences. Stories are from my childhood to early adult years.

Bare Pet
Profile last updated: 2006-04-30


My name is Petra. I am a lesbian. My stories are based on my own sexual life and adventures. Since I am not native English any help from enthusiastic proof-readers are welcome.

Story categories: FF, Ff, fsolo

Profile last updated: 2013-06-09


I am a adult female that loves nonsexual nudity

Profile last updated: 2017-01-21


What to say, I'm a Spanish girl on my 20s, enjoy reading and writing about the mind effects of embarrassment, forced exposure, role reversal, and spankings.

Story cateogires: MMmf, MMfF, mmF, mmf, Forced exhib, control, spanking

Profile last updated: 2011-05-30


I am 19 and bi I like having a cock large or small in any or all of my orifices. I also like laying with my face in a nice juicy pussy and having my cunt sucked at the same time. I have recently come to enjoy orgies and am a bit of an exhibitionist.
For those of you who are e-mailing me I apologize up front for not getting back to you. I am working at a gentleman's club and going to school full time so my time is limited. I will reply if time permits. Just don't get upset if I don't respond.



Story cateogires: sex, incest

Profile last updated: 2003-01-03


I'm 40 years old, American and enjoy reading erotic stories. I thought it was about time to give a little back so I am now trying to write some stories myself. Hope you enjoy and as I am just starting please feel to send constructive criticism and even praise.

Barkham Mills2
Profile last updated: 2010-08-09


I am an old man writing about the sort of sex which I didn't always get enough of, and certainly don't get now (sniff, sniff)

Story cateogires: MF, mf,rom, group

Barkham Mills
Profile last updated: 2005-06-24


I'm a retired English engineer living in France with my wife, who isn't into erotica at all. Not much of a sex life (Viagra might help) so have to make up with imagination. Just started writing, will write about relatively "normal" relationships (if not all legal!).

Story categories: MF,bg,inc,rom

Baron Young
Profile last updated: 2014-09-28


I have recently started to enjoy writing my fantasies and now wish to share them with a community who could appreciate them. My stories are based upon the everyday girl or teenager, you know the one. Your friends daughter, a girl you see in the store, or even maybe your own daughter. These are the girls you think about when jerking off in the shower or having sex with your wife. These are the fantasies that you enjoy but afraid to express.

Story cateogires: Mg Mf

Baron, The
Profile last updated: 2005-10-08


Story categories: bdsm, rough sex, humiliation, bondage

Profile last updated: 2011-10-08


I'm a retired programmer who has caught the writing bug.

All the girls in my stories are at least pubescent, double digit ages, and are more than willing. I wish they had existed, or I had found them, when I was a teen.

Story categories: hetro cons mf Mf bg mf+ fm+ rom slow

Profile last updated: 2003-06-15


I write about the loves of my life, for the enjoyment of re-living happy times.

Profile last updated: 2010-10-09


I was very sexual as a child and gladly participated in every sexual situation with both sexes that presented itself from age 7 forward. I am just starting but I like to write stories with pre-teens and early teens who are happily having hot sex with nearly everyone.

Story cateogires: Mb bb Mg gg bg

Barry Roberts
Profile last updated: 2011-09-26


Story categories: Mb, Fb, bb, ped

Profile last updated: 2015-05-06


I write fiction about men who get off on killing sexy young teens and little girls. There is usually a big foot fetish element to these tales. I like to receive feedback and ideas for new stories :)

Story cateogires: Mf, Mg, nc, rape, snuff, foot fetish, tyflas

Profile last updated: 2009-06-04


"The Bathroom Stories Only Site" is a separate fiction website.

Profile last updated: 2013-03-15


I'm a newer writer.
I find the entire experience of writing erotic. (Is there a name for that?)
I always appreciate feedback; whether constructive criticism or praise. (Praise preferred thanks!)
Most of all, I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I do writing them.

Story cateogires: MF Mf M+F M+f blackmail drug alcohol nc exploit

Profile last updated: 2012-09-18


just my timeline with life

Story cateogires: Mm

Profile last updated: 2005-09-13


I've been writing stories for several years now, and they nearly always deal with smothering (hand over mouth, breast, and face sitting). I generally write from the submissive male view point. I'm not into humiliation (not much, anyway), and the protagonists in my stories are generally in a relationship.

Story categories: F/m bondage smothering spanking

Profile last updated: 2002-03-21


fantasy of a young virgin male...

Profile last updated: 2014-06-03


A mysterious stranger with long-ass stories.

Profile last updated: 2009-11-08


This collection contains my early work, from 2003-2008. I'm now releasing my new work at

Profile last updated: 2004-05-05


Story categories: Drama, Action

Beating Off Bob
Profile last updated: 2006-10-31


I'm a male, raised in the fifties and sixties. Like many movies, particularly action/adventure films, my stories should be viewed as something fun to watch, but not intended for any kind of reality. I think there's not enough love in the world, so my stories are loving and have, for the most part, happy endings. I write both short "stroke" pieces, and longer ones, where there is more plot and character development. Many times the longer stories have some kind of historical setting.

Story categories: inc, teen, preg, first

Profile last updated: 2011-05-21


I prefer to read and write stories about young girls losing their innocence or being taken advantage of. I'm not into S&M but do enjoy some mild spanking as can be seen in my debut story "Teaching Trish"

Story categories: reluc, sleeping, nc, Mf, mf

Profile last updated: 2015-06-15


Capturing the beautiful things in life's journey, the female form is the most beautiful of all.

Story cateogires: reluc, bd, nc

Bebe Evers Jones
Profile last updated: 2010-05-16


Single female, 44 Tall slim, bi-sexual

Story cateogires: Incest, Mature, group sex, youthful

Profile last updated: 2004-01-27


I'm just another bored married gal with too much free

Profile last updated: 2011-03-04


Happy half of loving couple
Found the best wife, shares my interest in hot men
Shares her men
I am so lucky

Story cateogires: share wife

Bedford Cocksucker
Profile last updated: 2011-05-15


Cocksucker. 40 M from Bedford. Started giving head in high school but now I suck alot more. Have my own homemade gloryhole that helps me get more cock.

Story cateogires: MM

Profile last updated: 2012-11-16


46 yo separated I have always been interested in writing but have only recently pursued it as a hobby within the last 2-3 years. I love science fiction and fantasy, rock music and movies. I like to think I have a fairly dark sense of humour, I find humour in the most unlikely of things. I have a tendency to be cynical and pessimistic, so I'm told.

Story cateogires: F f g* Mg* M+F blackmail g nc rape* oral anal first time intercourse celebrities

Profile last updated: 2005-01-22


BeefyD's Adult Erotica presents an anthology of explicit erotic stories, which revolves around well-hung studs and horny sluts. Based on actual escapades in the life of the author, these works of fiction deal with sensitive subject matters such as: incestuous intimacy between family members, wanton wives who indulge in some fun on the side, raunchy gangbang and group sex loving sluts, as well as adventurous gals who play with their domesticated canine companions.

Profile last updated: 2005-06-24


been there
Profile last updated: 2011-04-07


I try to write stories with something to be gained by the reader. Often I will incorporate a twist or unexpected ending. Sometimes I will use incidents from my youth past. My writing is my memories of fact and fantasies, a way to remember and sometimes improve on the situations that occurred, almost occurred or should have if the situation had been played out differently. I wish to correspond with other writers and the people of alternate life style, to enhance my knowledge and understanding of those styles, to attain accuracy and believability in my writing. I am particularly interested in mutual critiqueing ring to attempt to improve my skills.

Story cateogires: MFmf, mm, ff, teen, pedo, rape, sci fi, et. al. most at one time or another.

Profile last updated: 2005-07-25


Erotic stories in german language.

Begin, The
Profile last updated: 2017-02-22


Fed up of finding always the same, I decided to move on and give my bit.

I write in English, but my mother language is Spanish (so proofreaders are really welcome).

Story categories: Mind Control, Homosexual, Incest, Pedo, Teenagers, Men

Profile last updated: 2014-11-01


I'm a submissive woman who enjoys ageplay. I have an active fantasy life and I would like to keep a public diary. Most of my stories include an adult male dominant and a female of varying ages.

Story cateogires: M b* g* ff Mg fsolo inc reluc ped sad ws Mdom oral anal

Profile last updated: 2006-09-18


I am a married man who has loved reading erotica for years. My stories will not only be about things I love to read but will try to challenge my imagination. Enjoy and remember, this is fantasy, not in any way reality. I welcome anyone emailing me with comments or just wanting to chat.

Story categories: incest, beastiality, group sex, gloryhole, rape, sex at work, among others..

Ben Wa
Profile last updated: 2003-04-17


I enjoy writing hetero in all its many variations with some FF to spice things up; usually some form of MC with a wide variety of other elements (oral anal 1st ds bd humil spank goth exhib etc.) sometimes NC/reluc other times cons. I may explore other areas, but you'll rarely if ever see MM, beast, snuff, or pedo. Comments welcome.

Profile last updated: 2011-12-10


I like to create vivid, believable scenes that provide insights into sexuality, showing that people at any age are capable of having, and living out, taboo fantasies. I write for my own enjoyment but would love to know that it is arousing to others as well.

Story categories: M+Ff,wife,pedo,inc,size,Mdom,exhib,va,rough,oral,creampie,gb,bond,sm

Profile last updated: 2016-08-02


I am a semi-retired professional musician.

The stories that I write contain graphic sexual acts involving preteens. If you are not comfortable reading such material please do not access them.

I do not condone, nor do I practice, or ever have practiced, any of these acts. These stories are purely for adult entertainment.

Story cateogires: Mg 7-11, nc sad, rape, tort, mc

Profile last updated: 2017-02-26


Story categories: bd best snuff nc ped scat tort viol

Profile last updated: 2012-03-30


I am a university student who enjoys reading erotic stories.

Profile last updated: 2010-07-31


Earth would be Heaven without violence. Earth would be Hell without sex. We have both, so we are obviously inbetween.
Maybe God exists, but he hasn't visited Earth for two millenia, maybe more.
If we want to save Earth for our children, we have to do it ourselves. Praying doesn't help.
My opinion.

Profile last updated: 2003-06-17


I am interested in writing stories that deal with the fantasies of younger adults exploring their sexuality in all its forms.

Bens Dreams
Profile last updated: 2000-12-28


Just a Man with a set of Dreams about women and the pleasure he wants them to feel.

Story categories: Soft, Sensual, Erotic

Profile last updated: 2007-01-17


Story categories: BDSM, Incest, Rape, Cuckold

Profile last updated: 2010-04-26


Fem / 41 / Scottish-American - Have had an erotic imagination from a very early age. Only in college did I actually put pen to paper as it were, for fear of being caught with 'perverted'stories by parents and teachers.

Story cateogires: best / ff / fsolo / reluc / ped / inc / mf

Profile last updated: 2003-01-05


Story categories: best, male female, teen

Profile last updated: 2015-10-07


First time trying out putting pen to paper

Story cateogires: mf fM Mf MM FM fMM

Berwick Bob
Profile last updated: 2008-01-17


Hi. I'm fairly new at this caper. I'm into exhibitionist stories so nudity will play a big part in it. Incest will also play its part as will teen and, occasionally, pre-teen sex. All of it will be consensual.

Story categories: Exhibitionism. Incest M/F M/f m/F m/f F/F f/F. Group sex. Gangbangs.

Profile last updated: 2004-06-21


I'm quite interested in ancient history so many of my stories are baesd on those time periods; such as Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Beth Williamson
Profile last updated: 2014-11-12


To the outside world I am an average American woman of a certain age, with a minivan and two children. In my own world, I am a devoted, collared 24/7 slave to a Master who is also my lover, confidant, and best friend. Together, we raise my two children from my recently dissolved marriage, and take care of two cats and a dog in our little house in a subdivision somewhere in the Southeastern USA. Along with the typical trappings of working class life and raising kids, we are also very involved in our local kink community, and co-lead a local munch group in our area where like minded kinksters meet, get to know one another, and foster trusted relationships. We do like to get out every now and then and play in the area dungeon venues, but most of our BDSM dynamic is practiced privately at home. I have been a writer ever since I was young, and began writing poetry and short stories from about the age of 10. I've had a few small pieces published here and there, nothing very exciting, but only just now have I begun to be serious about my writing, and seeing it as a way not only to possibly begin to gain income, but as a way to simply be seen, and read, for what is it worth to pour one's heart and soul into writing something if no one ever reads it? My interest in writing erotica is quite recent, and my gravitation towards the darker subject matter is natural, in that much of my "vanilla" writing deals with these topics as well.

Bethany Boh
Profile last updated: 2017-03-14


Profile last updated: 2017-03-28


I am based in New York and have been writing for some time. I enjoy writing stories that give readers a plethora of emotions. The reason I enjoy erotica is that sexual desire is one our basic needs and wants, like love and admiration. To gloss over this in fiction is to ignore one of the things that makes us human. Please feel free to send me any comments or feedback you might have. I'd love to hear from you. Thank you for spending your time reading my work.

Betty Boob
Profile last updated: 2008-10-24


My stories revolve around underage participants of a consenual nature. Family Love pretty much describes it all. No child was every hurt, either in real life or in fantasy, although I do have to admit that I've had a few wonderfully "sore" moments in my life.

Story categories: family incest best extreme pedo toddler baby nepi preg

Profile last updated: 2008-04-20


My name's Jenny, and I'm a 24 year-old lesbian who's had a troubled but exciting sex life. The stories I write as BetweenHerLegs are partly an exploration of the memories, confusions, and desires which have stemmed from that life. Mostly, though, they are an exercise in fantasy. My fantasy and the fantasies of others.

I love few things more than making someone feel good, whether it's with my body or my writing. I love to please. It's like an addiction. If the BetweenHerLegs stories help in any way to bring you some sexual pleasure, then they have done what I want them to.

My most common (but by no means only) plots are variations on the theme of a woman's first experience with other women. I love the tension of fantasy, anticipation, and discovery. But I also find other things sexy and write about them as well. The emotion of obsession itself could be considered a fetish of mine.

Typical BetweenHerLegs story codes include FF, Ff, FFF, MF, MFF, wife, cheating, slut, first time, anal, oral, teen, obsession, fantasy, solo, fetish.

Profile last updated: 2009-09-04


I am a husband, father and grandfather and do not condone any erotic acts towards any man, woman or child that would be harmful to them or be against their will or against the laws. I admit that I enjoy reading such materials and am now testing my ability to provide some erotic enjoyment to others through my authoring of erotic stories.

Profile last updated: 2002-04-26


Story categories: Slash Erotic Star Trek

Profile last updated: 2014-02-22


A current college professor who is tired of reading sloppy and boring freshman composition.

Story cateogires: MF. FF, MF+, cons, rom

Profile last updated: 2008-01-29


My stories will usually contain violence, blood, death and rape. But I'm a cheery fellow, really. I mean, would you discriminate against a gay because he likes men? So don't discriminate against a bheid because he likes sadism... :D.

Profile last updated: 2008-07-31


Story categories: mostly my stories are about my wife, my desire to see her well fucked by black strangers' cocks and sometimes, my reward of getting fresh cock cream - straight from the sausage or from her freshly fucked pussy! enjoy!

Bi Guy
Profile last updated: 2007-10-04


I only ever write things that I would enjoy (or would have enjoyed) if I were in the position of the narrator.

But these are fantasies. Never force your fantasies on anyone else.


bi kitten
Profile last updated: 2013-06-07


All I hav to tell u is im bi, all these stories r things that I want, u can send me a request if u want, and I hope u enjoy.

Biard Zukitoff
Profile last updated: 2004-04-07


Most of my writings are based on my own personal experiences. Married three times, I had a variety of careers which have enabled me to have very full and active sex life.

Never having been afraid to try new experiences I've had gay, bi and straight relationships, trying anything and everything.

My writing therefore covers a wide range of topics for the most part true.

If you get a buzz from them, I'll be pleased.

Story categories: Bi-sexual experiences, straight sex, fetish, bondage, true life experiences.

Profile last updated: 2004-07-11


I write stuff that comes from life, that turns me on, that I hope will turn you on. I write Asian American-positive porn. If you like your reading with an extra helping of raunchiness, come hither. ;-)

Profile last updated: 2013-10-21


Like probably most erotica authors, I live a double life. My interactions with the real world are all proper, legal and sane. Inside my head however, is a complete alternative identity. In my head, I am a twisted pervert with no conscience. My writings are a safe outlet for my dangerous desires.

Story cateogires: M/b M/bb M/bg best

Profile last updated: 2002-11-12


I write for the pleasure of sharing my experiences and fantasies with others, especially couples who might have shared similar interests. Please email me when you enjoy my work and let me know what you liked, or would like to see more of!

Story categories: true, some fiction, couple, toys, creampie, smoking, DP

Big Al
Profile last updated: 2016-12-09


My story specialties are daddy/daughter incest and pregnancy, although I write other things from time to time. All of my stories feature a well-hung male, fully consensual sex and fully pleasurable insertions (despite the flagrant unrealism of that).

Story cateogires: MF MF+ inc preg size rom cons ScFi fant

I love positive feedback, support, and suggestions! Email me: big DOT al DOT author AT gmail DOT com

big bad uncle
Profile last updated: 2010-07-02


i'm tall and 50 years old. i live near boston. i'm always looking for young cute girls.

Story cateogires: incest lolita Asian

Big Billie
Profile last updated: 2014-06-01


I am an Englishman, officially categorised as "old" by the World Health Organisation. My story collection is subtitled "Slaps, Screws and Snips" because I write mainly about spanking, sexual attraction and circumcision.

1. I became interested in spanking at school, where in my day corporal punishment was common. Spanking fiercely excites me, and it drives many of my fantasies; but in real life I am opposed to it, except for consenting adults, and I rejoice that schoolchildren in the UK no longer live in fear of physical pain.

2. Men and women are driven together like moths to a flame, and it is for more than sex. In my stories, there is no such thing as an uncomplicated screw, cold and clinical; I try to portray fondness, tenderness and love, even if it is only fleeting. Sexual attraction causes heartbreak, but also much joy, and I try to capture this in my writings.

3. When I was a baby I was rather messily circumcised and, as a result, my sexual pleasure has been sharply cut. I am opposed to circumcision. I would never inflict it upon any child of mine, and I rejoice that, unlike in my day, it is now comparatively rare in the UK. And yet, in my perverse, lewd, and filthy imaginings, the mutilation of circumcision sexually excites me. I love to write about it, but, in addition, I try to expose it for what it is. For example, my Cathy Harte stories feature a vindictive lesbian who uses circumcision to get back at men, and at the women who sleep with them. Are we so sure that, in real life, there is nobody like her? My circumcision stories are aimed particularly at readers in the USA, where neonatal circumcision is currently widespread, but in my view should cease. This issue needs to be dragged out into the open. At the time of writing, of around 1,000 authors posted on ASSTR, I am the only one to mention circumcision in my profile.

Oh yes, dear reader; before I go there is one final complication. I am a practising Christian and hence, given the content of these stories, a recalcitrant sinner and a hypocrite. So please pray for me, even if you do not believe in God.

Big Brother
Profile last updated: 1999-01-09


I'm a serious writer, with a good deal of published academic and other non- fiction work to my credit. In my efforts to improve my fiction I am experimenti ng with various genres. Instead of merely erasing my attempts at erotica and po rn, I though I would post it and see what responses I get. Much of what I write is from the Point of View (POV) of a character, not me. These characters often take on lives of thier own and do things I would never do. When it comes to my own sex life, I'm quite conservative. In my stories however, anything goes.

Big mess
Profile last updated: 2012-11-04


Just want to share my stories

Big Red Dope
Profile last updated: 2004-05-18


I write fanfic based on movies, tv shows, videos games, etc. of things that interest me. I've written a little bit of everything including pedo, gore, bestiality, and scat.

Except for the two celebrity stories I wrote all stories have codes and I've included a link to a page of their meanings. If any subject material bothers you check the codes, ok?

That being said I write all my stories for fun and should only be viewed as entertainment. I don't condone a lot of what I write about and don't encourage it. That's it for now. Enjoy your stay.

Profile last updated: 2015-02-12


My stories will usually deal with teens, incest, ws, lactation, and cheating. Or whatever comes to mind that I feel like writing about.

Profile last updated: 2010-03-23


Much like Tolkien and Lewis, I found that very few authors were writing the kind of stories I like to read. So like Tolkien and Lewis I began writing them myself. I fully admit that my works (especially the earlier ones) are punctuation challenged, but I am learning and improving. If you like my stuff, I'll not whine if you wish to drop me a line telling me so, and if you have constructive criticism to offer, I'll only be too glad to hear it. Thanks, and adios.

Please forgive my lack of output for the moment. I'm still putting this stuff together.

Story cateogires: MF, FF, MF+, FF+, MD, FD, Fembot, bd, inc, mc, rape, be

Profile last updated: 2002-03-08


I like to write about mind control. In this case man assumpt domain role and woman the subdued. The control that can be between two adults, but the chief is between adult and non-adult (pedo) even between inner people of the family (incest).

Story categories: {M/F, M/ff, mc, pedo, incest}

Profile last updated: 2002-05-12


Bigby stories are mostly about hesitant first time male bisexual experiences; exploring the secret gay nugget hidden inside most [all?] heterosexual men.
There is some incest, bondage, etc.
For some reason, women seem to like these stories as well.
I appreciate mail very much.
Enjoy, Bigby

Profile last updated: 2007-08-04


Story categories: Mf,ff, rp, mf, gg, mg, 1st, cons, viol, inc

Profile last updated: 2016-07-12


I am a very open twisted minded individual who is a family man but secretly have crazy fetishes and many crazy encounters in real life and in my head.

Story cateogires: Mmb*Ffg*

Profile last updated: 2002-08-28


First-person account of the sexual exploits of a hugely-endowed muscular teenager. For lovers of huge cock, big tits and spectacular cumshots stories.

Pt. 1: Discovering my endowments (Age 10, mast, exhib, size)
Pt. 2: Losing my virginity to Mum (Age 13, mF, incest, size)
Pt. 3: Sister joins in on family fun (Age 13, mfF, incest, size)
Pt. 4: English teacher's oral skills (Age 14, mF, size)
Pt. 5: Cheerleaders' slumber party (Age 14, mfffff, incest, size)
Pt. 6: A big surprise for the nurses (Age 14, mFFFF, size)
Pt. 7: Getting to know the neighbours (Age 14, mFFF, size)
Pt. 8: Pleasing the size queen (Age 15, mMF, size, humiliation)
and maybe more...

Profile last updated: 2009-03-18


Just a guy who likes to fantasise about the impossible (and often weird). I've got a very busy life so I usually get no more than a few hours a week to read, yet alone write, on asstr.

biker Heslop
Profile last updated: 2010-06-15


I have a love of erotic stories and have read many over the years. I thought i would try my hand at writing them. My mind is filled with ideas to convert into stories. ((hopefully)they will be readable. None of the stories have any truth in them. They are just that stories.

Profile last updated: 2003-07-20


My stories are mostly about a dominate man (or men!) and a submissive woman. "Jenny" is my pet sub's name; she been a very good inspiration as well as a friend. Some day, I hope to pay her back! Thanks, Jenny!

I'm very new at this so, please give me some feedback; good or bad! I'm also always looking for new story ideas!

Thanks for reading my stories!


Profile last updated: 2010-10-25


I am a sixty-five year old avid reader of many types of fiction. My earliest favorite authors were as diverse as Zane Grey and Jim Corbett, Dorothy Sayers, and H.G. Wells.
Bunkers in Vietnam and remote mountain peaks in Alaska have served as my reading rooms. I have enjoyed most of what I have read in them.

Story cateogires: MF, Mg,inc,

Billy Berglund
Profile last updated: 2013-02-19


I have been writing for 6 years now. Although my style
of writing has changed greatly, the themes of innocence,
coercion, trickery have remained the same. I have always
tried to maintain a sense of realism in my stories, which
sometimes results in graphic details and content, which
many find offensive. If young boys and teens being sexually
used and abused is offensive to you do not read my stories.
The themes of my stories are common fantasies of adult gay
men. Many of my biggest fans were themselves introduced to gay
sex in a similar situation. They have been my biggest supporters and helped contribute greatly to my stories. I
welcome all comments and suggestions from readers. An e-mail
addy is always provided in the story to directly contact me.

Story cateogires: Mb, Mm, M+b, M+m, rape,nc, con, ped, reluc

Profile last updated: 2011-02-18


All my stories, and the characters portrayed, are fictional. No real persons were harmed or otherwise exploited in order to create these stories. If the reader is not interested in stories about underage sex, please move on to a different genre.

I write a variety of stories to appeal to a wide range of readers' interests: Straight, gay, bi, sex with minors, as well as some mature themes.

My main goal as a writer is to titilate and stimulate the reader's mind. If someone takes the time to read my work, I want the reader to feel it was time well spent.

I welcome all comments and questions.

Story categories include, but are not limited to: Mf,Mg*,Mf+,Mm,Mfm,Ff,inc*,bd,MM+,rom,cons,reluc,anal,span,rim,toys,zoo,rough,ped*,piv

Profile last updated: 2010-05-08


I am a 30 year old female submissive. My previous Master and only Master I will ever submit to had me as his bimbo. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments on any of my work.

Story cateogires: MF MC MD BD

Profile last updated: 2013-05-22


BinderOfGirls writes stories with little or no dialog from either a dominant man's or submissive woman's point of view. The woman will mostly be young and slender with small breasts and prominent nipples. Sexual activities usually include fellatio, bondage, and punishment. Some stories will include rape and torture. Lingerie and impractical shoes may also be involved.

Story cateogires: Most: MF, Mf; bd, rough; oral, piv, anal
Some: M+f; nc, rape, sad, tort; fist toys

Profile last updated: 2016-12-17


Bingo’s stories are predominately hetero but, at times, do include gay/lesbian characters. I like to think I am more interested in exploring characters and relationships than writing hardcore. No incest and most sex is consensual — rape is not glorified. Group sex and exhibitionism are common, though not exclusive, themes.

Bingo has a section, Bingo’s Lair, for stories that have a hardcore edge exploring varieties of bdsm (dominance/submission/slavery in its many forms).

Stories ranges from short to novella to novel.

Profile last updated: 2012-11-12


Bi guy writing fiction with a hint of real world experience in it...

Bisexual Dave
Profile last updated: 2005-01-22


This is my first story, it is true, i hope to be writing many more in the near future, let me know how you like it at



I usually write stories that have sex in them as opposed to stories about sex (though I've been known to write those as well). From historical pieces to near future action adventures to simple character dramas you never know what you're going to get until it's too late.

In addition to my stories, my site contains a library of Celeste's top 20 lists (with links to the stories themselves) as well as quality links to other free story sites. (free as in no gaudy ads, no uncontrolable pop-up windows, and no adult checks).

Profile last updated: 2012-11-13


Je suis tres amateur de jeunes garcons prépubères
je suis convaincu qu'ils peubent ressentir un besoin d'amour et de tendresse et aussi des envies sexuelles
mes histoires parlent de cela

Story cateogires: ROM? ORAL ANAL M/b M/B

Profile last updated: 2001-12-13


Story categories: hetero

Black Heart
Profile last updated: 2010-11-24


I am a former journalist who still likes to write so I write all kinds of stories for my amusement and to hopefully entertain others.

black-eyed blonde
Profile last updated: 2012-06-17


i'm a 42 year old swedish woman with a good 28 years of sexual experience and an insatiably curious mind, even today i like to explore new ideas, although i have to admit i am starting to run out of them ;).

Profile last updated: 2004-06-03


I'm a professional, married, family man. I enjoy erotic escapist fiction, especially involving unlikely scenario's (time travel, time stop, mind control, invisibility, etc.).

Profile last updated: 2009-11-19


I'm a longtime ASSTR reader and an avid fiction writer. I write high fantasy stuff (dragons, knights, etc.) and hardcore sex doesn't really fit in there, so to get that out of my system I started writing stories here.

I'm very anal-centric, so most of my stories will revolve around the female ass in some fashion, generally with lots of anal sex and rimming. I'm quite the hopeless romantic, so you'll find that more often than not there is a lot of genuine love and affection in my stories, rather than the humiliation and mistreatment that you find in a lot of these type of stories (not that there's anything wrong with that, as I personally like a lot of those stories).

So basically I write a lot about various dirty and taboo sexual activities with a a focus on the level of intimacy gained through them.

Also, I like feedback so please send me e-mails! ()

Story categories: anal, fist, scat, ws, incest

Profile last updated: 2012-01-21


Story cateogires: ir, size, teen

Profile last updated: 2015-07-29


Writer who likes to write IR related stories.. Favorite genre is fantasy (like Lord of the rings) but also time to time modern era stories..

Story cateogires: ir, gb, M+Ff, nonconsensual

Profile last updated: 2003-07-12


24, gay male. Reading, PA USA

Story categories: Gay

Profile last updated: 2003-03-31


I live in South Florida, and love music and writing. I love feedback from other authors!

Story categories: My stories are mostly in either "erotic couplings" or "group sex"

Profile last updated: 2007-08-09


A mature British guy who loves to play adult role paly games with ladies who like being a strict 'mom'or an auntie figure.

Story categories: adult incest, role play, s&m

Profile last updated: 2004-04-16


Story categories: spanking, M/f, F/f.

Profile last updated: 2009-08-23


Story categories: MC, Mf, ff, d/s, hyp, hum

Profile last updated: 2016-07-12


I started writing furry erotica of the vore and guro subgenre around 2006, particularly consensual/willing hardvore and guro stories which were incredibly rare back then (and still are)
Readers encouraged me open accounts on FA and other sites.

I love to dwell on the pleasant aspects of the most extreme practices thinkable, even if only fantasy and sci fi make them survivable long enough to even enjoy them briefly.

A like minded furry author, Alex Reynard, coined the keyword "snuffie" for snuff with a happy victim and optionally benign consequences due to reincarnation, revival, magic or technology sometimes allowing the victim to stand up and snuff it right over again. You will occasionally find that theme with my works.

Story cateogires: furry vore sm

Profile last updated: 2001-01-30


I'm a 30 year old black man. I live in Westchester County New York. I love reading stories on the web. I decided to try and write some stories myself. Most of my stories will be about sex between young black men and older white women. I have had sex with alot of older white women in my life. I always thought that some of the way's i ended up having sex with with women was kind of interesting. Some of my stories will be true and some will be fantasy. I will never use the real names in charactors. You decide... Fact or Fiction.

Story categories: interacial stories young black men having sex with older white women

Profile last updated: 2012-07-09


I am an older man making an attempt to share some of my perverted fantasies. I do not condone or approve of underage sex; this is all fantasy and not based on any real experiences. I am open to hearing from people regarding my stories, feedback, suggestions, etc. both positive and negative. I look forward to hearing from you.

Profile last updated: 2003-08-06


Born in a backwoods settlement in the Carolinas in 1767, he received sporadic education. But in his late teens he read law for about two years, and he became an outstanding young lawyer in Tennessee. Fiercely jealous of his honor, he engaged in brawls, and in a duel killed a man who cast an unjustified slur on his wife Rachel. Blank_sugar prospered sufficiently to build a mansion, the Hermitage, near Nashville. He was the first man elected from Tennessee to the House of Representatives, and he served briefly in the Senate. A major general in the War of 1812, Blank_sugar became a national hero when he defeated the British at New Orleans.

Profile last updated: 2003-08-27


I write erotic stories, often involving mind-control or a fantasy setting. Mainly FF, although some MF is present.

Story categories: Author of mind-control stories with typically softer content.

Profile last updated: 2003-12-29


Luv my slut wife to be a slut

Story categories: Wife Slut

Profile last updated: 2014-09-09


I've always enjoyed reading and writing, and slipped fairly naturally into reading and writing erotica as time went on.
Most of my works here will be a combination of my favourite categories, inc, ws, teen and occasionally ped, but I do stray into other kinks of interest if inspiration strikes.
Hope you enjoy my stories!

Story categories: (inc ws ped)

Blind As A Bat
Profile last updated: 2011-01-12


I'm 47 years old and this is the first time that I've posted anything anywhere. I've been blind for 10 years and after losing my wife to cancer 2 years ago I found myself with way too much time on my hands. I started writing to take up some of that time and to get my mind off my depression. I plan to write about a little bit of everything and I have several projects in the works.

Since this is my first time posting I would appreciate any constructive criticizm that you could provide. Please enjoy and thanks in advance for any input that you may have to offer.

Profile last updated: 2005-10-09


I am a married man with a wife 13 years my junior. I started losing my sight when I was 25, although I have always had very poor vision. By 28, I was declared legally blind, and had my license pulled, and was placed on disability. I can no longer read print, and have to use a cane to travel. My wife is an open bisexual, although we have a hard time finding women for her to enjoy in our area. Her philosophy is I can have sex with whoever I want, as long as she can at least watch or I tell her the details as vividly as possible, but all she wants is me, and another woman every now and then. Most of my stories will be fiction, based on my own fantasies, or ideas I've thought about from other stories, T.V. Shows Movies, and such, however some will have an addition of facts from my own encounters, some may even be completely true also drawing from my personal experience. I hope that this helps you out with getting to know me.

Blisster II
Profile last updated: 2004-02-05


hello... This is my collection of stories that I have written... I have finally been persuaded to post them here. Lemme know what you think, or if you have any idea's, maybe we could work on something...

Story categories: anything and everything... and I do mean EVERYTHING...

Profile last updated: 2003-10-07


Hello. My name is Alisa (or Gwen). I'm 18, kinda tall... aw fuck it, just go here-

This is my first attempt to publish my stories. Most are VERY graphic and some are violent, involving any number of children, teens and adults it comprimising situations. This is what i'm best at writing. If you don't like it, don't read it!

You probably wont see any male/male stories, but maybe...

Also, keep in mind that this is all fantasy. A hot fantasy, sure, but still fantasy. That means that it is NOT real, so please don't make it real.

One more thing- Please let me know what you think... even if you hate it.. I dont mind hate mail. It means i'm doing something right... ;)

Story categories: teenage, pedo, incest ( Mg, Fg, fg, etc.) many more....

By the way, if anyone can help me make this page look really cool, let me know. I don't know anything about how to do it....

Profile last updated: 2017-05-05


I am a young gay black guy who hopes to bring more African American related taboo erotica. I would also like to use this as my personal pervy journal.

Stories may include incest, watersports, teen, pedo

Profile last updated: 2006-10-21


Beautiful sweet white and latin girls who love sucking
big black cocks and worship the act of cum eating of freak
15-20 inch uncut dark black cocks through mind control and
oral rape.Oral, anal, vaginal. Nasty!

Story categories: 15-20 inch black cocks, white & latin girls

Profile last updated: 2016-04-09


I am a binge writer of erotic stories, mostly gay/bisexual, although I am currently venturing into str8 fetish, and hopefully soon-to-be lesbian. I write first time, coming of age, bondage, camping, multi-racial, historical, futurist, fantasy, a lot of incest, family voyeur/exhibition intimacy ~ about everything except pedo and no non-consensual if young.


Story cateogires: varied

Profile last updated: 2008-10-14


Hi i'm a parent to two girls Alicia, and Bella, These are stories from the past with raising two girls

Story categories: Bestiality,Dog Sex, Soccer Mom

Profile last updated: 2001-07-08


My stories can range from romantic eroticism to something nastier. It depends on my mood at the time of writing.

Profile last updated: 2003-03-14


I like to write fictional interest in romance and consensual sex between men and girls, I hope none offends anyone and I hope in the future man kind will understand
that true love not lust between a man and a young girl can
sometimes be very beautiful and not be a sexual thing

Story categories: pedo,rom,con,

Blooming Bella
Profile last updated: 2003-04-24


A hopeless romantic at heart...

Profile last updated: 2014-03-30


I write my stories to release the kinky side of me, and to make my own contribution to a community of writers whose stories have pleasured me for years. All my stories are fiction, and I don't condone illegal sexual activity. I do think by nature that the female gender is naturally submissive, and that's why most of my female characters are eager to please the men in their life.

Would love to hear back from my readers.

blue eagle
Profile last updated: 2004-12-05


Story categories: MF cons sad

Profile last updated: 2016-01-25


All works are fictional.
Credit goes to the respective authors.

Profile last updated: 2012-12-04


I write sex stories. There's a reason way I categorized them as "Erotica", not "Romantic". That's not to say that I won't write romantic stories, but don't be surprised by all the sex.

Also, expect some of my early work to be a little raw technically and simpler in plot development.

Please visit my Facebook page at:

FYI: I write in a world without STDs... that's why they call it fiction.

Story cateogires: MF Mf mF mf FF Ff ff Group Anal Oral

Profile last updated: 2004-01-28


Hi, i am Andrew, 35, male, living in the south east UK, single, developing a career in the heritate industry and archaeology. I've been writing short stories on and off for years, both erotic and non-erotic, but would like to develop my skills both in terms of spelling and grammer but creativity and visial imagary too, partly as an exercise to improve my writing skills and partly to share them, link up with like minded individuals.

Story categories: I don't keep to any particualar theme, my work covers a wide range of themes and activities, and i am always coming up with new ones

Profile last updated: 2012-11-08


Story cateogires: Fm, mast, 1st

Profile last updated: 2002-09-01


Story categories: Impregnation, Accidental Pregnancy, Pregnancy by Coercion

Profile last updated: 2016-05-13


Come to my page if you like adult women with boys. Straight-Shotacon for everyone.

Profile last updated: 2003-02-12


I enjoy writing stories about sex just off main street, mostly between consenting adults. If you want pedo it won't be here. A little romance, some fantasy, maybe a little historical fiction, who knows?

Profile last updated: 2001-02-12


blueweb is an artist, 36, male and happily single. he has lived a very full and happening life in urban india and wants to share with all of you some of the spills and thrills of his sexual experimentation and that of his friends and people he knows.

Story categories: Real stories about sexual experiments by real people...

Bob Aganoush
Profile last updated: 2003-03-10


I am in a loving D/s relationship with my Mistress/Wife. Much of my work is built on D/s themes.

Story categories: FemDom, D/s

Bob Bir
Profile last updated: 2003-02-10


I also write fiction under a different name, but it is only with this pseudonym that I can get really naughty :)

Some tags that may or may not appear on my stories: inter, femdom, humil, chastity belts, teasing, cuckolding...

Bob Fuzzy
Profile last updated: 2013-08-14


Middle aged married man. My stories are built from both fantasy and real experiences. They are never 100% true. But some are as much as 90% true with some embellishment to make them hotter.

Bob Letni
Profile last updated: 2017-03-07


Gen X bi guy, exploring my sexuality and trying to write my recurring fantasies down.

Story cateogires: b best

Bob Lovecock
Profile last updated: 2009-08-19


Story categories: incest, anal, fetish, shit, scat, toilet, teen, ped, Fb, Mb, Fm, fart, farting, big butt, big ass, bbw

My main fantasies are about loving, raunchy family relationships, primarily with voluptuous Mom's, their young son's, and lots of anal action for everyone. This often includes scat, but in a nice, loving way.

Bob Marino
Profile last updated: 2008-01-10


Story categories: Spanking, Anal, Humiliation, M/f, F/f domination, Bondage

Bob Peale
Profile last updated: 1999-05-17


I started to write because it was getting a lot harder to find things that I wanted to read. I don't really have a specialty; I tend to start a story with a particular theme and end up in a whole 'nother place. A lot of people say that my stories are very appealing to women, but that may be because I tend to concentratre on the plot as much as the sex. My stories right now involve heterosexual situations, with elements of exhibitionism, voyeurism, group activities, and the occasional non-consensual act, but who knows what the future holds. I am always looking for new ideas, and would be more than happy to entertain suggestions, so feel free to make requests. But most importantly, Enjoy!

Bob Tate
Profile last updated: 2014-04-19


I have been writing stories now for a few years on a number of sites and generally write about topics I enjoy reading. My stories are all pure fantasies and are intended to remain in the world of imagination.

I love feedback from readers as well as receiving ideas, suggestions and requests so don't be shy and send me an email.

Story cateogires: MFg Inc Ped Voy

Bob Williams
Profile last updated: 2013-04-02


I write about sexy Japanese girls. I have loved Japanese girls ever since I first visited Japan: their charm and their uncomplicated, guilt-free sexuality fascinate me.
My central character, Megumi Kato, began as a young porn-star in a Japanese Adult Video (JAV) studio and in my first stories I described her life at work and off duty. More recently I have written about other young girls who dream of becoming porn-stars or working in other areas of the vast Japanese sex industry. I write in the personality of Bob Williams, an American journalist resident in Tokyo and specialising in the Tokyo sex scene. I try to make the Japanese background as authentic as possible.
If you look at the list of my works on ASSTR you'll see that I've completed five full-length novels and two collections of linked stories. In order they are:
1 We Always Do It For Real
2 All I Ever Wanted
3 I Am Not Ashamed
4 Unfinished Affairs
5 Work In Progress
6 Learning About Myself
7 Haruka's Education
I hope you enjoy my work and find it interesting as well as stimulating. I'll do my best to respond to constructive comments sent to

Bobbi Jo
Profile last updated: 2000-09-24


All of my stories include 'erotic peril,' a bit of fear to spice sexual encounters. The bdsm is realistic and consensual.

Profile last updated: 2016-01-30


Writer of erotica from every fetish and every classification.

Bobby Watson
Profile last updated: 2016-06-16


I've been writing CP erotica since 1995. Most of my stuff has heavy psychological/ritual elements, which I'm more interested in than the whole "thwack" thing. I'm currently writing the continuing "Camp Torowa Falls" series of stories.

Profile last updated: 2011-11-26


Inspired fan turned author
Tennis Player
Big Fan of Incest and bondage

Profile last updated: 2010-08-10


Story cateogires: wife, interracial

Profile last updated: 2001-03-17


As a new author (as of March 2001), BobJ hopes to add to his collection along the themes of fantasy, mind control, anime, animals, and anything else that meets his fancy. The purpose is always the same: fantastic orgasms. I hope these writings contribute to that goal!

Profile last updated: 2008-08-21


Story categories: MF,tor bdsm sn

Profile last updated: 2005-10-22


I write mind control erotica. My stories are mostly stand-alone, but share a common set of "rules" that I created for my little erotic universe. Most of these rules are outlined in my writer's bible.

My stories include content that features mind control (direct nor not), male/female sex, female/female sex, group sex, male dominance, and female dominance. Some non-consensual elements can be found in my stories as well.

Profile last updated: 2016-07-10


i love to write about sex encounters
I have three types of stories i like to write about
1 fantasy stories space Odyssey or times of past
2 Men and little girls "pedo"
3 women in uniform
and whatever else strikes my fancy at the moment i am creative and most of the stories are dreamed up from a perverted mind not real whatsoever so relax and enjoy remember the writers here are not paid so if your critic is not positive please keep it to yourself

Profile last updated: 2015-04-16


Story cateogires: bdsm, reluc, rape, nc, cons, slave

Profile last updated: 2014-06-08


Feel free to message me and comment on my work

Bon Vivant
Profile last updated: 2015-06-16


Story cateogires: MM

Bondage Boy
Profile last updated: 2010-08-11


Pretty much all of my stories involve bondage, mainly with teens under 16. I do not support the actual sexual experience of anyone under the age of 16, consensual or otherwise, despite my personal desires. But there is nothing wrong with a fantasy provided it stays a fantasy. I use to be into writing teenage sex stories but in the last Year or so i've taken an interest into Slavery. Again i do not support sexual slavery outside of consensual role play.

The following categories will not be found in my stories: Bestiality/Zoophilia, Snuff, Celebrity/Parody or Scat.

Story categories Bondage, Pedo, teens, pre-teens, slave,

Bondage Heroine
Profile last updated: 2005-03-16


As a youth I was fascinated by women in bondage; I loved to watch them struggling, particularly when they were being tickled or stimulated beyond what they could deal with in some other sensual way. I'm not much into submissive women--I prefer (mentally) strong characters who are forced into unusual situations that cause them to be bound (and often tortured. My stories are about their struggle. It doesn't always end well for them, but they are the ones the strory is about. It is the women who I care about, and who are the most fully developed characters. Aside from that, just about anything goes--as long as it is a necessary part of the story. I tend to write fantasy (or SF) with a highly developed sense of setting and believable characters.

I am interested in hearing from readers and especially from other writers who would be interested in collaborating.

Perhaps this came about because in my youth I practiced a lot of self-bondage--but since I had no real interest in men in bondage, (and I didn't have access to any women I could tie up), so in my mind I became the woman who was going through whatever fantasy my imagination had thought up.

Being rather shy (around women, at least) I still have not had much opportunity to tie up females, but with one girlfriend I did have an tie her up and then I tickled and teased her for
hours. She wasn't very verbal, and I knew that I was getting to her when I could make her make those sweet little noises.

Currently, I'm a single man, living with his ex-wife (with whom I do not have a current sexual relationship) and her two children (both by other men). And yes, I know, it's a very strange situation.

Story categories: nonconsensual, bondage of women (as main character).

Bondi Beach
Profile last updated: 2014-12-26


Enthusiastic reader and relatively new author who believes that swimming nude is one of God's greatest gifts to us.

Story categories: Mostly heterosexual consensual love stories, incest, swimming nude.

Nicely formatted ePub versions of my stories are available (all but one) as free downloads from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iBooks, and Lulu.

Profile last updated: 2012-09-02


Inspired from reading other submissions, I feel it is time to try my hand at putting words to my imagination and sharing my ideas with others. I enjoy bringing out scenarios with depth and mental pictures that convey ideas in creative ways that allow the reader to consider an act as it unfolds. My inspiration comes from some experiences I've had as well as adding twists to traditional themes.

My categories will include Mb, inc, Msolo, and others.

I appreciate and look forward to constructive criticism from reader, as well as hearing from those that enjoy a story.

Story cateogires: MF inc Mb Msolo MM Mg M+F Mm Fm Fb

Profile last updated: 2003-05-09


I'm a writer new to this genre; unfortunately, I find it very hard to type one handed...heh heh heh! Fortunately for the reader, all the typing has been done so feel free to whack away...

Bongo Ras
Profile last updated: 1999-12-12


I'm a new author and exploring the creation of erotic stories ... looking for feedback!

Story categories: M/F, F/F, F/M+, exhib, mast, oral, voy

Profile last updated: 2006-08-21


I love writing about young girls. My husband and I are both into writing about them and enjoy swapping stories with anyone. We apprciate any feedback you have for us. Our stories are usually a joint effort between us both. We both fantasize about young girls and enjoy role playing. Both of our backgrounds are from sexually abusive homes. Maybe we will write about that in the future.

Profile last updated: 2013-03-29


Today: March 29, 2013 I'm uploading a short note to LS: "HI!"

I am a male writer of fiction that is focused on sensitive and affectionate young girls--generally ages 9 to 13--who are trying to make sense of their sexuality and the adults in their lives.

Some of those adults have been sexually active as children for whatever reason. Or they come from cultures more tolerant to some degree of incest than others. Or they are trying not to traumatize young girls with shame or punishments for what are precocious sexual feelings that may be the result of earlier abuse or natural curiosity about or affinity for sexual behavior.

I like emotional and physical eroticism in my female characters. I like my characters to naturally feel and express tender and romantic feelings. I try to economically balance story development and sex play.

The first story in the series was fictionally extrapolated from a posting I read many years ago in an online forum. All the rest are complete fictions that flowed from that first idea.

There is an underlying theme to the entire Monica series if I can ever finish them: That humanity would be a much less frustrated, angry and violent species if we behaved sexually more like one of our cousin species, the bonobo chimpanzees.

Bonobos, unlike ordinary chimpanzees, regularly engage in open and "promiscuous" sex play with a wide variety of partners of various ages. They do not engage in warlike or murderous behavior as do ordinary chimpanzees.

Bonobo females are vital central figures who create sexual/social links within and across many family groups-- playing a strong role in directly knitting and holding their society together. Their males do not wage war against other groups' males as is the case in regular chimp society.

I would greatly appreciate feedback on how well I handled female-to-female love scenes, group scenes and anything else upon which you care to constructively comment. Some postive feedback would definitely encourage me to keep working on the series. I added some editorial fine tuning on 10/20/2012.

Story cateogires: rom, cons, inc, hetero sexuality, female bisexuality, ped, preg, milk & boob fetish

Profile last updated: 2004-04-27



I was nearly 30 before I realized I had an interest in BDSM, fetishes and writing erotic stories. Most of my stories are written from my own perspective. They are based on real life events (I'm the submissive) but are also embellished for dramatic effect. Outside of the net I'm a happily married woman working in the academic field who enjoys art, reading, music and simple romantic pleasures. Quelle vie, musique, champagne...

Story categories: M+F+/f, BDSM, reluc, blackmail, nc, humil, light/serious

Bookworm Bob
Profile last updated: 2016-04-13


Inspired from a young age by stories of young girls finding their sexual awakening, usually naturally, but sometimes with some help. Fantasies about young teen girls (just reaching puberty) finding their mom's toys and/or dad's magazines or videos, and learning the joys that their bodies are capable of giving them (and others), are what I enjoy most when reading other author's works.

Story cateogires: Mg, gg, gsolo, oral, toys, ped, cons

Profile last updated: 2012-04-16


Story cateogires: lolita, celebrity, rape

Profile last updated: 2004-12-08


I've noticed a shortage of stories about older women. I want to help add to that resource if I could.

Story categories: big tits, older women, nonconsent

Profile last updated: 2010-06-13


I am a man that likes fun-loving women that know what they want. And if they get just a little demanding, that can be an enormous turn-on.

There are currently two sets of stories on my site.

Stacy Lancaster is a moderately attractive with a strong sex drive but simple tastes. The Lancaster stories are written with an eye for plausibility and tend toward the romantic though they do get into swinging. There are a few "nosex" stories meant to fill out Stacy's character. Stacy is my main focus right now.

Sandra Bennett is a somewhat older woman. She is wealthy and somewhat Amazonian. Like Stacy she has a strong sex-drive. Unlike Stacy she tends to be abusive and domineering. Sandra stories are a little more gonzo and less believable. They may contain hints of violence.
I'm trying to develop better control over my writing... my stories tend to go longer than is really necessary. On the other hand, I think they read quite well.

Profile last updated: 2004-06-27


I have always watched all those sitcoms we grew up with, and thought to myself

Story categories: mindcontrol/true sex stories/fantasy sex adventure

Profile last updated: 2016-06-22


I am 21 year old (female) and currently going to a college in San Diego. I am a fun-loving, adventure seeking crazy girl! I am a mix of Japanese and Filipino! I am on the short side, a measly 4' 9", but my ethnicity and ÒslutÓ personality makes me popular with guys.

IÕve been ultra-sexual my entire life. I lost my virginity at a very young age. I prefer to write about my own experiences. I usually write in first person. I typically embellish my stories with physical and emotional ÒspiceÓ during recollection. This allows me to classify my stories as Òfiction.Ó

Story cateogires: F, f, g, M+F, M+f

Boston Erotica
Profile last updated: 2008-04-26


I write and help write stories for people in the Boston area. More specific area stories will be posted in the future.

Profile last updated: 2007-08-30



Story categories: scat, humiliation, domination

Profile last updated: 2014-07-05


Been browsing this site for a few years, finally decided to try and share a few of my own.

Story cateogires: pedo

Boy Ahoy
Profile last updated: 2016-06-07


I am gay as fuck, and particular to small, horny, lovely delicious, mouthwatering boys.

Story categories: M/b b/b ws

Profile last updated: 2011-08-04


well-written stories from a man easily aroused by women. the fuck scenes frequently are set in narrative, sometimes with historical context, providing both sexual and intellectual stimulation.

Profile last updated: 2009-06-20


My name is Alyx, I live in a small town in England. My favorite things are speaking French, making love, and children. I want to be a doctor. I like the world very much and the people who live in it are splendid as well. I hope you enjoy my work, I do not mean to offend anyone, but only to delight them. And I certainly despise all senseless acts of violence and cruelty towards anyone.

Story cateogires: preteen, incest, young

Profile last updated: 2006-08-01


Story categories: pedo

Profile last updated: 2014-06-10


I've been writing erotic short stories since I can remember. The good, bad, short and long ones. Recently I have decided to rework some of them and at the same time work on English translation, as I'm more than sure that fellow readers will enjoy them as much as I do.
All of my stories are pure fantasy based on fictional characters (well, most of them! There are some 'celebrity' ones to come). I like to base the story on some movie, cartoon or tv show I have just seen, so surely you will find here some obscure ( but hot!) fanfictions. I've come to conclusion that If I'm not able to find some nice story based on certain thing I should create one on my own. And so, here we go.

Story cateogires: mb, bb, sex, cons, long

Profile last updated: 2011-04-27


Story cateogires: Mb, MMb, oral, anal, inc, rape, nc

Profile last updated: 2015-10-19


Story categorizes: Mb M/b M+b M+/b inter nc rape inc incest

Bradley Stoke
Profile last updated: 2016-11-16


Bradley Stoke

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Bradley Stoke wherein is featured erotic fiction that is witty, weird and profound.

There are five novels and novellas, four novel-length sex fantasies, and many erotic short stories for those with less time and patience.

Crystal Passion, Degrees of Intimacy and No Future are set in the real world. The Anomaly Trilogy is a Science Fiction epic. Glade and Ivory is set in the midst of the last Ice Age. They all touch on areas of sexuality and sexual behaviour that may be disturbing to some readers.

The short stories cover almost every variation of the erotic theme that you can imagine. Some are sad. Some are mad. And some are just good honest fun.

Profile last updated: 2012-06-15


Story cateogires: best, scat, ws, bd, MM, MF, rape, tv, tg, cd, magic, Fdom

Brandon Bennett
Profile last updated: 2003-08-13


I am a long time reader of erotic stories dating back to adult magazines before the internet came along. I'm new to writing them and look forward to sharing my work with everyone.

Profile last updated: 2016-10-31


I experienced sex at a young age and I would like to share my stories here.

Story cateogires: Mg, FG

Profile last updated: 2006-02-04


I am a 35 year old woman. Adult Child Abuse Survivor with very naughty fantasy life. My stories reflect my fantasies and some experiences of mine as a little girl.

Story categories: pedo, consensual, Fggg, FFgg, FFFg, Adult/Youth, Nudism

Profile last updated: 2006-01-30


I'm just a regular guy who writes about his experiences

Profile last updated: 2006-12-28


Story categories: First time gay, oral, anal

Brett Allen
Profile last updated: 2004-08-20


Story categories: pedo voyeurism f/masturbation rape

Brett Lynn
Profile last updated: 2008-10-24


Now all my work features transgendered characters, specifically of the non-op transsexual or "shemale" variety. Now, this work doesn't involved any man being "forced" to wear women's clothing or reveal their feminine side. This story does not feature any male "punished" by giving a guy a blowjob. These kind of stories are the work of cowards not wanting to face up to their true sexuality. My stories involve "shemales" who confidently made themselves into what they are, comfortable in their sexuality, and prefer the exclusive sexual company of women.

Take that for what you will. However, you just might like what I write. It might get you hot and bothered and horny and make you want to touch yourself. Failing that, you just might like the stories for the way their written. Either way, come on in. You just might like what I have to offer.

Profile last updated: 2016-01-30


I am a single, male published author with over 1600 stories to my credit. I live and work in Canada. Always looking to talk to people who enjoy my work.

Story cateogires: incest, fantasy, magic, futanari, lesbian

Brian Brady
Profile last updated: 2000-11-28


I write mostly stories based upon sit-com and oter TV show character. I am opening this account because my own web space provider does not allow postings of the eritic/explicite nature.

Story categories: Stories that tell the stories that sit-Com and other TV show characters have that we don't see. Brady Bunch and other.

Brian Filthe
Profile last updated: 2017-06-08


Story cateogires: MF, Mg, gF, gg

Brian in the dark
Profile last updated: 2010-06-07


Well I have gone farther than I had originally planned with my Dizyntk story. When I first posted it, I really only had planned to get as far as getting Michael and Feya back to the planet Sapphire. I recieved several complimentry responses, however, and I decided to keep going. So now I am starting part 11 with no end in the near future. If I conitnue to get positive reviews I might even continue on to tell more of Ariarisha's story. Thanks everyone for your support. Oh and speaking of support, please support this website that lets me post my stories and lets you enjoy them. They do this all free of charge, so chip in and help out. Any small amount will help. Thanks..

Story cateogires: sci-fi

Brian The Tale
Profile last updated: 2010-03-28


I have been writing erotic tales for myself for the last few years, beginning with fleshing out some fantasies. I read the stories on regularly and enjoy many of them. I hope mine provide entertainment and pleasure to the readers.

Story cateogires: M/F teen b/g

Profile last updated: 2012-03-23


Story cateogires: M F wife alcohol drugs

Profile last updated: 2014-04-09


Story cateogires: Mm

Bridget Stacey
Profile last updated: 2009-09-02


I believe that women should dominate men and I enjoy writing about it.

Story cateogires: Femdom, humiliation, transvestite,

Profile last updated: 2001-10-05


I write for my audience, for their enjoyment and fullfillment of a good life with no hang ups about sex or life.

Story categories: Fun Loving stories of Lust and romance from my teen years to mid 20's

Profile last updated: 2007-06-19


Story categories: anal, lesbian, group, M+F, fist

Profile last updated: 2007-08-12


I am 27 female, I'm a flight attendant and my pussy gets wet when I write the stories, and I love hearing comments about them. I answer every one of my emails.

Story categories: anal, asslicking, watersports, beastality, incest, cheating wife

Profile last updated: 2005-09-13


I'm a respectable married woman in her 40s. With kids left home and husband away a lot, I needed an outlet for the darker side of my fantasies.
My stories are available on a website:

Profile last updated: 2015-07-10


Having read a lot of material, I decided it was time to contribute something back. All my writing is complete fiction, especially where it involves those under age. I want to develope some new ideas I have in mind to write about, so feedback of a positive type would be most welcome and encouraging.

Story Categories: Mg, MF, Mf, voy, humor, ScFi

Story cateogires: Mg, MF, Mf, voy, humor, ScFi

Profile last updated: 2012-05-13


I write stories mostly for myself, as an outlook for all these thoughts swimming around in my head. I do write for a few others that have inspired me as well. As a long time fan of ASSTR, a couple of my online friends encouraged me to post. I'm glad I have.

Subjects: women being naughty–extramarital affairs, cheaters, public sex, reluctant sex, cuckolds, reluctant bisexuality. Perhaps leading a separate life where these things occur, or a bit of humiliation, some coercion or blackmail. Mostly related to fantasies and desires I have.

You won't find any serious pain - physical or emotional, young children, incest, scat, rape, bestiality. I do have my limits. Though some might argue that.

Enjoy and I'd love to hear from you, criticism, suggestions, or just correspondence.


Profile last updated: 2004-06-27


I am a 30 year old woman who's been in the bdsm scene for a number of years. The stories are dreams and hopes, sometimes. Others, it is actual experience. You decide.

Story categories: MF M+F reluc viol voy Fsolo

Profile last updated: 2003-02-18


Bronwen, or just Bronwen, is an English writer. Her stories range from vanilla romance (most of 'em) through FF and voyeurism to wild parodies full of fisting, incest and phone sex.

A bit of a star on Usenet in the late Nineties until work dragged her away, Bronwen writes professionally in RL, as well as designing web sites. She is the happily married mother of two little boys.

Brother Mason
Profile last updated: 2008-05-22


I am new to erotic stories, i am only just about ready to publish my first work, but have many ideas for more, centering on the realisation of sexuality of young people

Bruce Arctor
Profile last updated: 2014-03-27


I like to write about things that have happened to me, and then elaborate on whatever my mind comes up with that would have been much hotter. So these stories are based on the truth, but then take a sharp turn into totally false. Hopefully they still sound realistic.

Bruce the Las Vegas Lipsmacker
Profile last updated: 2011-11-28


Profile last updated: 2003-04-14


I am expert on Brunettes. I have been awarded various awards, including the Intercollegiate Brunette Writers' Award. I also received the Sex Stories' Writers Competition Award (highest award so far in the world, like the Nobel Prize for literature, except for sex stories,) as well as the same in my department, or division (Brunettes.) Thus, I am considered in the world as the number One writer living on brunettes in both non-sexual stories and sexual stories. I am proud also that I am the number one writer in the world concerning dark-haired brunettes, and have received respective awards. I hope you enjoy my stories and all my other readers have. This is my first time on ASSTR, although I have worked for others.

Brutal Bruno
Profile last updated: 2013-03-10


If you wish you may check out some of my other offerings. They may be found under my other pseudonyms (VicRuthless) and (Rodcruel). My stories are intended for adult viewing, and are all ficticious, originating from my fantasies which seemed to have manifested itself at a very early age. You will not find love stories under my name, They are not intended for that purpose. Instead for those of my readers who enjoy tales of Pedo cruelty, spankings, rape, etc. its for certain you will find them in my stories. I certainly hope you enjoy them and would appreciate your comments.

Story cateogires: M g spank tort rape snuff

Profile last updated: 2011-01-12


Muscled Jock dude, love really nasty scenes involving huge young muscle studs and jocks kidnapping, raping, beating, and killing little kids, getting really graphic, and using nothing but brute strength: Barehands, Muscle, and Huge Cock.

Story cateogires: pedo, rape, snuff, size, muscle, fantasy, nepi, extreme, violent M/b, M/g, M/bg+, w/s, M/dom,

Profile last updated: 2003-01-08


I hate saying much about what I write. Much of the point of any story is the lack of predictability, isn't it? I love the twists and turns, the surprises.

Nevertheless, I can say something about the contents of my stories. I like writing from the first person, though sometimes that doesn't fit. The main character is often a man, but also sometimes a girl. Common categories are: mf, ff, cons. Often at least one person is quite young, but usually of legal age (16+). Many stories contain: dom, cons, romance. Sometimes other categories are thrown in, for experimentation; mm, mc, nc, sm, ws, etc.

Bryce Denison
Profile last updated: 2008-04-13


I live on the East Coast. I am a man in my late 30s. I enjoy excercise, reading and sex. I enjoy telling a good story especially when drawing on my own life experiences. I like the idea of causing mass arousal so I write erotica as a private hobby.

Profile last updated: 2011-10-29


Most frequent story codes are: Mb, mb, bb, mast, oral, anal, incest, pedo

All my stories feature underage boys, sometimes playing among themselves, sometimes playing with adults. 95% of the sex is consensual and non-violent. Any stories that veer away from this will be clearly marked at the top of the file. Hope you enjoy.

For best results, please use the website and read the stories in HTML format, rather than the FTP. Thanks.

Profile last updated: 2003-06-24


Story categories: gay/authoritian

Buckaroo Bonsai
Profile last updated: 2002-01-05


A professional writer by day, Buckaroo Bonsai uses erotica to explore different narrative styles and techniques. If you're tired of reading stories which stretch (and break) credibility, read Buckaroo Bonsai for a strong dose of reality and intense sexual descriptions.

Story categories: MF, mf, MMMF, nc, reluc, D/S, mc, bond

Bud Gee
Profile last updated: 2002-05-05


Some time ago I wrote a story about something that happened to me and it's only now that I've been in a position to post it. Perhaps there will be others or a continuation of this one.

Profile last updated: 2003-07-11


i am a 23 yr old single proffessional chick and have had some amazing encounters that led me to discover i am stories are all real encounters that i hope you enjoy!

Story categories: true stories

Bullgod, The
Profile last updated: 2000-03-04


Story categories: I write mostly heterosexual mind control stories that are long ongoing stories.

Bun Collector
Profile last updated: 2003-03-31


Porn will set you free!

Profile last updated: 2002-07-18


Most of my stories are a variation of the naughty wife theme. I like to have a plot to along with the action. Everything I produce is influenced by my real life experience. It may only be the physical description of a person or maybe the entire plot. You can be sure it is in there somewhere.

My stories include interracial, impregnation, group, and slutwife.

Profile last updated: 2003-06-03


My stories always involve cross dressing. In some, the cross dressing is not voluntary (i.e. femdom) but not unwelcome. By the end the "victum" enjoys a new life as a woman, full time.

Story categories: Cross Dressing

Profile last updated: 2014-04-21


I am a man who likes to fantasise; and write about my fantasies. I like to write as a man or woman, as it helps me understand a woman's mind. Background in Engineering, Psychology, Hypnosis, and in running and editing my own national magazine. Currently enjoying retirement and reflection.

Story categories: All legal activities.

Profile last updated: 2011-05-20


An experienced writer who loves bondage and has published erotica on different sites, where I hope to publish more.

Profile last updated: 2000-07-10


Story categories: M/F, M+/F, Light fSub/MDom, rape, rape fantasy,

Profile last updated: 2017-02-22


I have been reading stories on this and other sites for a number of years. Though I am now my fifties, I still have a strong sex drive and enjoy erotic fiction. I feel it is time to stop lurking and provide some content back.

Burnt Feathers
Profile last updated: 2017-04-30


Burnt Feathers is the pseudonymous author who has published various genre stories in eMail Lists, Writer’s Sites, as well as online and in print ‘Zines, since 1996.

In the past, Feathers has written stories of sci-fi, mind control, fetish, historical, and even seasonal erotica.

No one can foretell what the future holds.

Burstout Laffin
Profile last updated: 2014-04-01


I write twisting serial narratives involving teen and tween girls. I hope you'll enjoy the style, and smile along the way.

Story cateogires: Mf Mg 1st intrr cons rough voy

Profile last updated: 2010-10-03


Story categories: pedo, inc, Mg

Profile last updated: 2005-05-05


I'm "Butt-Cuckold". I'm a writer who is particularly enamored with fantasy stories of men watching their girlfriend or wife having sex with other men. Sub-topics that I include in my cuckold stories include, wives/girlfriends getting gangbanged, oral, anal, the "reality" of a cuckold relationship, impregnating, power shift, creampies, humiliation, cuckold submissiveness, normal women transformed into sex-hungry, confident, slutty, whores, and other related topics. These stories were written aver the last few years but I haven't recieved much input from readers. I like to write and am always interested in improving. PLEASE take the time to give me your FEEDBACK through this site. I am interested in readers opinions, good or bad, and am always looking for new ideas.

Buttfucked Little Girls (by Tomkat)
Profile last updated: 2006-06-25


Story categories: anal, pedo, submissive, preteen girls who grow up into anal, submissive, big girls

Profile last updated: 2004-05-23


I am a 24 year old college student who has always loved to write. I enjoy writing mind control erotica and fan fiction (Buffy and Transformers mostly)

Byir bar Qayin
Profile last updated: 2015-09-15


I'm a paraphile and an active writer of extreme porn, often focusing on non-consentual incest (father/daughter, father/son), rape, and very young victims.

If you see something that I write and you like it, send me an email. If you have an idea that you'd like me to use as the seed of a story, send it to me by email,

Story cateogires: M/m, M/b, M/b*, M/g, M/g*, inc, inc*, ped, ped*, nc, rape, viol, cheat, anal, best, zoo, blackmail, preg, impreg, father, dau, daughter

Profile last updated: 2010-03-01


Story cateogires: exibitionist

Profile last updated: 2010-03-21


Story cateogires: incest, anal, group sex, zoo, scat, NC, cons, ped, ws

C Dipthong
Profile last updated: 2014-03-24


I am a male 60s child in Australia. This is my first crack at writing something like this - I hope you enjoy reading this hopeful anthology as much as I expect I will enjoy expanding it. I felt inspired to write in thanks and homage to the wonderful tales I have read on asstr. Hurrah for this sharing of intellectual liberty (libertines)!

C Whiz
Profile last updated: 2007-08-09


Male, married with 2 kids, I write to flesh out ideas that have popped into my head.

Story categories: No pedophilia nor incest.

Profile last updated: 2008-04-27


Story categories: ped anal

C. B.
Profile last updated: 2013-07-08


Story cateogires: Mf, inc, cons

C. D. E.
Profile last updated: 2009-02-15


I’m an amateur writer that specializes in the fictional genre of promiscuous wives and their gullible and easily intimidated husbands or male companions. Some refer to these as cuckold or cheating wives or slut wives stories. My male characters are almost always surprised at being cuckolded and are always manipulated into remaining cuckolds. My style leans toward wry witticism, earthy erotic prose, all while attempting to incorporate an intriguing story line. There is always a strong presence of psychological male humiliation and implied or explicit physical domination of the key male character. All sex tends to be consensual, the exception is when it’s the result of blackmail or intimidation. The male companion character (husband/boyfriend/fiance) is usually the target victim. There is no direct focus on underage sex or brutal violence. My stories have a content guide in the story header that gives the reader some idea in advance as to what lies within them. I flavor my tales with such spices as interracial sex, Feminization, FemDom, Maledom, light corporal punishment, impregnation, mind control, etc.

C. Lakewood
Profile last updated: 2007-08-28


I am now retired, but have been a college professor (history), free-lance writer/editor, tech writer, etc. My erotic stories (which I began writing in 2003) feature some form of D/s, and recurring elements usually include power reversal, and sometimes AR. I don't like snuff or scat.

C. Maxwell
Profile last updated: 2007-03-19


Story categories: D/s, humil, exhib

Profile last updated: 2006-05-26


I am very new to this kind of writing, If this first story is well recieved I will make it a continuing saga

Story categories: mind control, breast growth, lactation

C.K. Ralston
Profile last updated: 2011-08-31


My pen name is C.K. Ralston. Under this pseudonym, I wrote over twenty-five erotic novels for Greenleaf Publishers back in the late 70's to the mid 80's. I'm back, and I don't think I've lost my touch. Please read the stories posted here, and on my webpage, and see if you agree!

The stories are all heterosexual, and some contain very young characters. And, I promise my readers one other thing--ALL of them will be hot enough to melt your monitors! Enjoy.

Story categories: Mf, MMf, ff, Mmf

C.M. Morgenstern
Profile last updated: 2013-10-19


Mother of three and wife to a wonderful man for the past six years. I finally got back into writing after 7 years and I am enjoying myself a lot. I have written 2 erotica stories so far and hope to continue writing as my own Adonis continues to inspire me.

Profile last updated: 2015-05-02


I am a cuckquean - also known as a "female cuckold" or "voyeur wife." In brief, I like to watch my husband have sex with other women.

Initially, "cuckquean" denoted a woman whose husband has sex with other women. Recently, the term refers to a rather specific erotic power exchange (bdsm) kink in which a woman is aroused by and complicit with her husband's outside sex. Elements of submission and humiliation of varying degrees are also involved. Participation may be part of a couple's activities, including the wife finding women for him, "fluffing" and "clean up" (cleaning the genitals of her husband and/or the other women after sex.

I have written a few cuckquean stories of my own that are included in this collection.


Story cateogires: cuckquean,female cuckold,voyeur wife

Profile last updated: 2009-12-22


I've always liked stories where the Woman/Girl isn't completely naive. Like Men/Boys they are aware of sex they just haven't had it. So there won't be:
Girl: What are we doing?
Boy: Fucking
Girl: What's this called?
Boy: A Pussy
Girl: Fuck my pussy! Cum in me, and knock me up! and after that I'm going to take you and eight of your friends and I'm going to....
They just don't turn from, innocent girls who never knew sex existed, into porn stars overnight.
There will almost always be, unprotected sex and Impregnation or the chance of it, possibly incest but never the fath/daughter type, never water sports, and maybe bestiality (the thought of someone horny enough to have sex with animals ie. woman/dog turns me on, but I have never and never will do it, so its kind or hard to write about something that I know nothing about.

Profile last updated: 2005-05-06


Story categories: Bondage BnD Mf incest

Profile last updated: 2014-06-26


Story categories: M zoo beast fant scifi Bi

Cactus Juggler
Profile last updated: 2005-06-05


Story categories: mind control, lesbianism, force/rape, facesitting, smothering, female domination, etc.

cactus wren
Profile last updated: 2011-01-05


male, age 65, I decided to attempt my hand at writing what I had been reading about for years.
My fantasies or turn ons are about teens or pre-teens early sexual explorations. I am also intrigued by the anal aspect of sex so I have intertwined the two in my first story at least.

Story cateogires: bg, anal, inc. first

Profile last updated: 2016-02-07


Cactus has been writing erotica for many years. He likes focusing on story and character development as well as sexual content, believing that it makes for much more enjoyable stories.

Profile last updated: 2009-06-14


Caelin no longer controls this account. I've made him my personal fucktoy and have taken over his life.


Big Daddy

Profile last updated: 2012-09-21


Story cateogires: pedo rape torture snuff

Profile last updated: 2016-05-07


My Asian wife is 23 years my junior. She keeps me in 24/7/365 Chastity since she caught me masturbating 4 years ago. Our marriage has evolved into a Female Led Relationship (FLR).

I mostly write about FLR, Fdom

Cait McCarren
Profile last updated: 2001-02-05


I've written erotic fiction for two years as an outlet to my frustrations. With a new job, and a new man, I've decided to come forward and let some of my best works be judged by the court of public opinion. Don't worry, you won't crush me if you don't like it. I just hope you do.

Cait N.
Profile last updated: 2009-04-05


I've been writing Trek erotica since around November 2000. I'm more familiar with TNG and DS9, but not above tackling TOS or VOY. I've dabbled with "slash" a bit, but romantic stories is where my heart is at.

Story categories: Star Trek erotica

Profile last updated: 2013-02-28


I am a college student majoring in creative writing and love to write erotic stories. In class and for other people to read I write rather tame fantasy and science fiction.

My first exposure to erotica came accidentally during my mid-teens. As a result of my personal situation I was a recluse and preferred to spend my time reading and forgetting about the real world. My favorite genres are science fiction (Foundation series by Isaac Asimov is my favorite) and fantasy (Dragonlance by Tracy Hickman and Mary Weis are my favorites). The owner of the local bookstore and I became good friends, and he would fill a box with books for me with anything that remotely resembled science fiction or fantasy. When I finished a box, I simply brought it back in, and he exchanged it for the next box.

In one box I found two books from the Gor series by John Norman. I now own all of the Gor series (some have been difficult to find) and am a huge fan of A. N. Roquelaure's Claiming Sleeping Beauty series.

As they say, the rest is history!

California Dreamer
Profile last updated: 2001-07-13


California Dreamer. You know where he lives. You know what he does. His muse is sweet to him. His imagination leaps tall barriers. He is fascinated by the depth and complexity of the human condition. He is totally dependant on critical commentary. When he gets a good review he radiates joy with such heat that bystanders step back in fear of receiving second degree burns. Oh, and he's a nice guy.

Profile last updated: 2009-02-18


Story categories: bd, ds, fd, ff, ma,

Profile last updated: 2003-07-25


Story categories: Female Domination, Female Worship, Scat

Profile last updated: 2006-03-02


an attempt to create a curious blend of humour, light hearted characters, sex, and thought provoking plot twists. trying to appeal to a wide range of audiences with a wide selection of genres and characters.

stories are meant to entertain, even erotic ones.

Profile last updated: 2007-09-16


My first work is a long and, I hope, sensual exploration of a transgendered person's rebirth as a woman, and her sexual awakening along the way. While I have tried to render the sexual reassignment process as realistic as possible, I hope that you will forgive some small liberties with timelines and legal processes as necessary to the pace of the plot. Remember: it's not intended to be a text, it's intended for your erotic enjoyment. In story codes I have categorized it as MF rather than MM... and I think most transgendered persons would agree, regardless of details of genitalia.

I hope you enjoy it... and I welcome your comments, suggestions and, if necessary, corrections.

Profile last updated: 2017-04-24


I suppose that I don't fall into the straight or gay categories. I prefer to refer to myself as 'Omni-sexual. You get like that in your later years! I like it all, turn nothing away. However, my stories are mainly hetero sexual, with an emphasis on girls of tender years, from about nine or ten years of age. Usually consenting to their seduction, but now and then a little coercion pops up, and so might a little bestiality.

Story cateogires: M/F/f/g/pedo/best/nc/

Cameron Price
Profile last updated: 2013-01-22


I'm a psychology major and i love to study people... a lot of my story ideas come from people that i see in my town or meet online... People are kinda like snowflakes... no two are alike... i write erotic fiction mainly because i'm addicted to sex... i love sex and everything that goes with it... i like to let people in on the way i prefer to have sex... sex is an art form which i have worked hard to perfect my own style in... i want to unleash that on the world... lol i'm a lesbian and that is where most of my stories run to... but i have a few hetero stories as well... if there is something you wish to see... or a character you think i should introduce please use the author's link and leave a msg.. i would be happy to write and dedicate a story to anyone!!! i'm funny and i LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a good time... i'm the kinda peson that when yu feel like crying because the time is moving tooooo fast, well we can sit down and come up with a spell to slow it down! lol I'M COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH VAMPIRES... the meer sight does some crazy shit to my body!! i cuss alot as well i can't help it and i'm a stud so i'm def not lady like... i'm originally from Philly but i moved here to oil city a year ago and i'm sad to say that i sound like a valley girl!!! gross!!!! lol ... i love to drive around town wit my homies and sing as loud as i possibly can...!!! and if i miss sum lyrics... oh well suck it!!!! i'm weird!!! and i cud care less if that doesn't fit into anyones simple little plan...

Story cateogires: lesbian and gay fiction

Camille Juteau
Profile last updated: 2015-04-25


Living in a modest house, entirely obsessed with constantly getting back to my fairly untidy writing desk, and office. I am an emotionally passionate writer, and screenwriter located in a misty part of France. I'm a normal woman trapped at the moment somewhere in the twenties with a typical job. Crawling over, and over again back to the writer's room after finishing the house.

Being a fanatic of Hentai for years, this true passion led me to become an Hentai, and Erotica writer. I love both realistic, and unrealistic settings. The different genres I prefer to work in are: Mystery, Romance, Bukkake, Lactation, Yaoi, Yuri, Impregnation, Futanari, Tentacle, Monster, and more...

You are gladly welcome to E-mail me.

Story cateogires: Mystery, Romance, Bukkake, Lactation, Yaoi, Yuri, Impregnation, Futanari, Tentacle, Monster, and more...

Profile last updated: 2017-04-02


I'm a techie who prefers writing to programming, even if the latter is what pays the bills. I've found erotica is a great way to get quick feedback on my writing (and have people actually read it).

Major themes in my stories: loss of innocence, torture (but rarely both at the same time).

I welcome all comments. I have a pretty thick skin while anonymous, so never feel like you need to give compliment sandwiches. If you think there's a way my writing could improve (or just think a story was bad), let me know!

Story cateogires: mf, tort

CanadianTease Teased
Profile last updated: 2007-09-16


I'm a fan of CanadianTease and would like to tease her back as a thank you.

Profile last updated: 2007-07-25


I write for those whose hearts quicken at the thought of being deliberately teased and tantalized. Wanting can be ever so much more exciting than having.

Candy Krieger
Profile last updated: 2011-03-30


I am a 20 something slut and I love being one. I write about my life since shortly before I turned 13, the same day I lost my virginity, up to the present.

Story cateogires: M+f, f-sub, humil, pub, gb, best

Profile last updated: 2004-11-25


Hello.I am a college student (Bi male white) who loves Steamy stories and wants to be the best at it. Yes I am still Single :)

cannibal, a
Profile last updated: 2017-01-31


as name says cannibalism is the story line but the cannibals always get to play with their food
Story categories:M/g M/f F/g F/b M/b oral
in this story pair of sister are informed by their father they are going to a BBQ as the meat. they aren't surprised because they been noticing the way he looked at them.

Profile last updated: 2015-03-14


Profile last updated: 2013-11-17


I am the bullet in Chekov's' gun. Farming is my faithful wife,, writing my illicit mistress. I call southern Oregon home, and Thailand where I live. I enjoy the company of children and semi-nihilistic, conservative notions.

Have you ever experienced how illicitness magnifies sensual appeal? No? You should.

Story cateogires: M/f, pedo, cons

Profile last updated: 2004-02-08


Unfinished stories in german language, fragments mostly, once written exclusively for a very special woman as a series of emails...I am sure she approves

Story categories: German Stories / Deutsche Geschichten

Captain Atom
Profile last updated: 1998-10-13


I write stories about people fucking, usually with just enough plot thrown in to keep the action moving. Mostly MF, sometimes FF, sometimes teens, sometimes in groups. You won't find any BDSM or pedophilia or bestiality or anything else of that sort; if I don't get into it, I don't write about it. Most of my stories are fairly short, though I do on occaision write a longer piece. I've also been experimenting recently with the short short story format (less than 1000 words) to varying degrees of success.

Captain Quixote
Profile last updated: 2015-01-10


I've been writing ENF and CMNF stories for years. One by one, I'm posting them all here so that you can find all of them in one place and without the restrictions other sites put on them. Not much has changed, but this is how I meant the stories to be.

Captain Steve
Profile last updated: 2000-01-18


I write for fun and my wife edits my work for the stupid mistakes I make. Most of my stories center around people having fun. I believe the events leading up to sexual encounters are more interesting than clinical discriptions.

We live in Florida and like to sail, therefor, many of the stories center around the water and various costal resorts.

Captain Steve

Story categories: couples,swing,cheating, fun

Captain Tightpants
Profile last updated: 2012-12-01


The hammer is my penis.

Story cateogires: Mf+ teen cons

Profile last updated: 2012-02-25


Story categorizes: bd,rape

Profile last updated: 2012-04-27


Submissive male from the Northeast. I grew up in a middle class family, and had many bondage experiences growing up. Was frequently tied by family members and friends. My stories chronicle my experiences starting from my teen years.

Profile last updated: 2014-02-15


A new author exploring the ins and outs of tense and point of view as much as the wonders of competitive sex, transformation, and weird tentacle probes.

Story categories: mc, tg, MM, MF

Carel deKenny
Profile last updated: 2016-03-14


I am a very new writer having read a lot of books and asstr stories over the years. I am in my 50s and will read any kind of fiction.

Carey Newton
Profile last updated: 2008-03-02


Carey Newton is a pseudonym for a writer living in the United Kingdom whose imagination sometimes takes him to places he has never visited in real life. What you won't find here is gratuitous violence or sex acts involving underage children, though not all the situations portrayed are consensual. I hope you will find the women in my stories to be believable, even when placed in difficult circumstances. My stories sometimes involve strong men and submissive women. This is fantasy, though, don't confuse it with real life!

Carl Deen
Profile last updated: 2015-08-05


Story cateogires: mf, bg, fb, fbb, MF, mmmF, bF, Ff, Fg, cheat, cuckold

Carl Webster
Profile last updated: 2005-04-29


Profile last updated: 2001-01-02


carlee writes beautiful, deceptively simple stories about growing up, finding love, discovering sex, and normal things like that. And before you think this is somewhat boastful, she asked her friend Harriet to write this brief introduction. Let yourself be beguiled by her wonderful prose, sweet descriptive style and tender, loving tales.

Carmenica Diaz
Profile last updated: 2004-05-21


I write stories in many genres, all examples of my somewhat strange imagination.
Story categories: TG FemDom, BDSM

Carna Roman
Profile last updated: 2008-02-03


Carna Roman is a pseudonym. The writer was born in Ottawa of one Anglo-American (father) and one French-Canadian parent (mother). Carna was educated in England (mostly), because, as the writer's father said, "frankly a good English boarding school is much cheaper than an American one"; and, anyway, they were living there at the time. And then university in the US. Carna lives nowadays in London, Ontario, and writes stories on airplanes and in airport lounges to relax and relieve the boredom.

Carnage Jackson
Profile last updated: 2001-01-30


I started writing in November 2000, and have written a few series since. I focus mostly on celebrities, but do branch out occasionally

Story categories: Celebrities, Slut Wife, First Time, Group

Profile last updated: 2013-06-13


I've enjoyed stories from authors like LCDRJMC, davidwriter, grantlee, flapaddict and similar writers. I decided I would take a shot at writing in the same vein, but I doubt anywhere near as good.

Story cateogires: MF, M+F, blackmail, nc, reluc

Carole S
Profile last updated: 2003-01-21


Story categories: Lesbian, First, Mast,

Profile last updated: 2015-04-27


Please address all comments to:

(Carole loves to read them.)

For those of you who have not read any of what I have already chronicled about my wife I will give you some background and a description. I found my wife when she was only eighteen. She was, and still is, beautiful. She has long thick brown hair that flows down below her shoulders. Her breasts are large, full, and natural with just a hint of sag. Each breast is tipped by large round light-brown areola that forms big beautiful circles around her protruding hard nipples. Her tight stomach is flat and her ass is hard and round. She always keeps her pussy shaved, with just a small area of hair above her clit. Her pussy lips are equally amazing. They are long, but not too long, and distend and open like a flower when she gets excited.

I, on the other hand, am a tall, thin, average looking guy, but I always keep myself in good shape. My best attribute was my cock. I am slightly over nine inches long and am very thick, all the way to the bulbous mushroom-like head. What my wife, and on occasion other women, always appreciates the most is that it never really goes soft. It stays around seven inches, even when ‘flaccid’, and hard enough to penetrate all but the tightest holes.

This story is true, with some alterations like names and dates. I also took some liberty to combine some experiences so the story would not drag on and on. Everything that she does and everything that happens in this story has happened to her, in the way it is presented. Enjoy:

NOTE: Some of these stories were originally posted under Caroled34DD. These are the new edited versions.

Profile last updated: 2013-10-25


These stories are about my wife Carole. They are true, based in fact, with some minor changes. Hope you enjoy!

Caroline Covington
Profile last updated: 2012-11-08


Happy childhood. Extensive traveller. Postgraduate education. Happily married.

I love a good movie (e.g. Bitter Moon, Farewell My Concubine, The Usual Suspects).

My work is scientific and requires writing reports and articles that have begun to bore me. The erotic stories I write are a tonic for my soul and allow me to experiment with voice and tense and to let my imagination run free.

Story categories: exhibitionism, MF, FF, MMF, humour, oral, fsolo, food, toys, anal

Carrie Kingsley
Profile last updated: 2006-11-01


I have been a writer for quite some time, but only recently started indulging in what I really love - erotica. I try to keep it real and give the readers what they want; nothing makes me happier than a happy reader :)

I encourage any feedback or emails, I love to hear what you think.

Profile last updated: 2003-11-22


Hi. A couple of years ago I went on this wild vacation where the airline lost my bag. None of my friends cloths fit very well so I spent most of the week in just my bikini. Sometimes even less. This wild adventure of a vacation brought out my exhibitionist side. I found it so exciting that I keep looking for more daring and adventuresome things to do.

I tried to base my stories on real events but I have to admit that I get carried away from time to time. I think youll appreciate it since it makes the stories event more exciting to read.

Please keep up the encouragement and send me new ideas for thinks to try.

Carson Linus
Profile last updated: 2008-12-02


I'm a young nut job who wants to write erotic stories. They generally concern kids, mostly boys, and are, by comparison to many others, pretty tame; no rape, no bondage, no relevant violence, no stuff like that, generally they're happy, good natured, almost Disney-esque (if Disney made movies with naked little boys (and if Robert Iger or whoever is reading this I think It would be a good idea))

Any way I want stories that fit my peculuiar preferences and I could only find a few so I decided to write some and here they are.

Also use way to may, in my opinion, commas.

I hope you enjoy my stories.

Story categories: Mostly bb and Exhib and, to a lesser extent, Mb.

Profile last updated: 2012-02-04


Author setting out in a new direction, and looking to write in new styles

Profile last updated: 2013-11-02


Histoire en francais.

Story cateogires: inc, MM, MF, scat, fist, best, rim

Profile last updated: 2008-01-16


All my work is released under the 'Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works' (CC ByNcNd). Go ahead and repost my work anywhere you want, as long as you put my name on it, don't sell it, and don't change it.

Cassandra Houston
Profile last updated: 2007-04-16


I write stories for my love. Once he reads them and approves, they are published for everyone else. Everything I write about either has been done or will be done by me. I plan to live a long and sexual life.

Cassandra Terrance
Profile last updated: 2005-02-20


I am a hetero female in my mid 20's that enjoys sex, every aspect, talking touching loving.

Story categories: hetero sex stories/poems

Profile last updated: 2014-08-08


I'm a 24 year old lesbian from the mid west. I'm not a writer so don't judge my poor prose and grammar! Just looking to share my stories with others who share my life style.

Story cateogires: ff fF fsolo Fsolo inc ped

Cat Slave
Profile last updated: 2000-12-11


Story categories: Most stories within contain some sort of MC (Mind Control), and I tend to use a FD (Female Dominated), FF story, though I use others as well.

Cathexis Succubus
Profile last updated: 2015-11-30


Story cateogires: F, Best, ff, reluc

Cathy P
Profile last updated: 2008-02-19


Work in a very 'conventional' profession, travel extensively, and spend so much time in lonely hotels that the mind does begin to wander a little!

Story categories: bd, ds, feet, shoes, ir, Fdom

Profile last updated: 2017-04-16


Married housewife who enjoys writing about the sexual relationships between women

Story cateogires: Ff

Profile last updated: 2003-12-05


Please, call me Cat. I have a feeling we're going to be friends. I started writing erotic smut (I do love that term) as a way to get a song out of my head. Really. Unfortunately, it became contagious and I had to write more.

I love a happy ending, so that's probably what you'll get from me. MF, mf, rom and 1st are all my style. I'm still new at this though so anything is possible.

Profile last updated: 2016-06-28


I am increasingly unhappily married woman of 47. I live in a house that I hate just outside St Albans, which is near London in the UK. My husband travels a lit and both my grown up children have flown the nest hence, I am very lonely. As a result my stories on here.

Profile last updated: 2004-06-22


I got into erotic fanfiction when I learned a lot of the minor heroes and villians I thought were sexy didn't seem to show up anywhere. Characters like Blink of AOA, Talon from the guardians of the galaxy, Wolfsbane,Squirrel Girl from Marvel, Catspaw from DC's legionnaires, Death,Delierium and Desire from Vertigo, lots of people that writers shy away form because they're to popular or long forgotten.

(6/22/04)Lately I haven't been writing due to a combination of no energy, time or motivation. I do Have a few Ideas starting to show up now that may let me get some work done again.

Profile last updated: 2010-09-27


Writting from experience(s) and with a care for the emotional detail, the images and thoughts which preoccupy the mind when one experiences sexual fantasy in reality.

Story cateogires: MF bd sm cons Fdom humil Wife voy Msolo Fsolo bi

Profile last updated: 2004-04-16


Aspiring Web designer / magician seeks anonymous recognition as erotic novelist or sex machine. Some legitimate experience, some dubious. Willing to accept entry-level position, missionary position, whatever. Usually, goes commando, sleeps naked. Sorry, no electricians or welders. Raccoons OK.

Story categories: MF, mf, ScFi, teen, humor

Profile last updated: 2010-03-22


An internet dweller with a penchant for erotica. BDSM, fringe, brave but sane, and other kinds. I offer the words to hear back, please let me know what you think.

Profile last updated: 2007-07-11


I'm 23, single, and have known I was bisexual since a very early age. My stories are usually about girls who went through just what I did when I was young. My youth was filled with many fun-filled escapades and it is still filled with many sexual fantasies.

Story categories: Sugar and Spice

Profile last updated: 2007-12-22


I was born in Sydney, Australia in the mid 1950s, and went through a school system that segregated children by sex. This meant that I had very little interaction with females, of any age, apart from my immediate family, until I commenced work in my teens. I'm not much of a social animal, more of a hermit.

My stories are mostly fantasy, with some partial basis on real life events of myself, and people I know. Many of them start with a real life experience and move off into fantasy, i.e. day dreams of how I'd have liked it to end. Others start in fantasy, and move to real life, then back to fantasy.

Being a new writer I would like feedback to know what is, and isn't liked. Most stories will be main stream, is there such a thing in this field, heterosexual activities with bits and pieces of others added in. But don't be surprised if I go off in a tangent for the odd story, as the mood takes me.

BTW I do run spell checker and proof read the finished story several times, but, being human (I think) some errors may still sneak in. Please feel free to tell me about spelling or typographical errors.

cC Stanton Leman`
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I've been a reader for many years, and have decided to try my hand at writing. Middle aged father of four boys, an engineer by day, fledgling writer by night.
Most of my stories deal with romantic, consensual relationships between adults and prepubescent and/or pucescent children. All of my stories are heterosexual and consensual: I try not depict any acts that are coerced, and I always try to leave the minor an 'out'.

Story categories: rom. cons, Mggg in vaious combinations, Mfff in various combinations, inc, ws, oral, anal

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Story categories: M/g M/F D/S spank romantic reluc

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I’m a 34 y o female living in a temporary relationship in the south part of Sweden.
Five hetero sexual and submissive girls started 1992 a group. They called it Subligan (The Sub-gang). During the years they had more than 40 members. Every last Tuesday in the month one of the girls tells a story. It could be true, just a fantasy or a “hope-to-experience”. The group not only served as a social security for the girls, but as a potential for development and also as a platform for mental treatment.
I was studying psychology and join the group to learn about this funny and contradictory world. Soon I was elected secretary. I begun to record all the stories and after persuasions from the girls I started to translate the stories into “The Global Meeting Language”. I used the content of the stories substance and interacted with the original storyteller. I never publish a story without the girl’s approval. The archive is 2007 containing many hundreds of stories. Some are very good and some ….
As all the girls are submissive - some are switchers – all the stories are about female submission of different kinds and variations. There are very good explanations for the processes.
Sorry to say, all the stories are a bit too slow for the action-men.
There are story titles as: “The slave girl school”, “The Murderess”, “Rebecca’s childhood and adolescence”, “At Daddy’s mercy, beck and call”, “Malin’s hall duty”, “The Heads”, “Hilda’s two Masters”, “His Arabic little brother”, “Johanna’s hypnotically test”, “Unlikely slave girls”, “Negotiation with door-keeper”, “Alice and the realm of spirits”, “The box”, “Blindfolded wife”, “The mindless wife” and “My black Master” - up to now.
If you are a susceptible person you would be ill advised to read “The Murderess”, it will creep inside your head and twist your reality.

Story codes: MF, Mf, mf, Mf, cons, nc, rom, Mdom, mc, span. Some stories: inc, nc, cheat, sm, cons sad, tort, oral and true.

As many females I’m driven by encouragement!

Story categories: MF, Mf, mf, Mf, cons, nc, rom, Mdom, mc, span. Some stories: inc, nc, cheat, sm, cons sad, tort, oral and true.

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I've been writing for as long as I can remember; everything from journals to short stories to a novel (that still isn't finished after ten years . . .). My stories tend to be dark, and focus on the characters, rather than pure plot. Most (all?) of my stories contain elements of domination, BDSM, or violence.

Celestial Reviews


Celeste is not a collector in the usual sense. That is, instead of collecting works and posting them to ASSTR, she reviews works and posts her reviews of them. Celeste has been reviewing stories since July 1995 and posts them regularly to and If you're looking for a good story, try reading a review. Links to all stories reviewed are provided.

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I'm a student, 22.
I let my fantasies unfold in the written word.

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I love movies, especially the first two Terminator films, and cheesy 80s movies. I also love writing erotica!

Profile last updated: 2003-06-20


My stories will generally revolve around dominant women and oral servitude (two of my favourite things!), usually from the first person perspective. As time progresses and I expand my "body of writing" I hope to attempt other styles of erotica, however for now I'll just work on writing things that I really like. Hopefully others will too, and of course any feedback would be fantastic (yes, that includes criticism).

Profile last updated: 2014-11-15


Right-o. Will probably update tags'n'stuff at a later date, but this page exists primarily because I couldn't find that particular.. Want. A ton of stuff out there is fantastic, but doesn't really scratch that certain itch. So for all of you out there that prefer things a little hard, with a dose of semi-realism in their fantasy, hope you like it~. Just need to get it off My mind. It's driving me insane.

Story cateogires: Mf, bd, nc, rape*, sad, tort, viol,

Profile last updated: 2013-12-25


I see you.

CH Makoto
Profile last updated: 2009-10-08


I'm a physicist with a taste for the kinky. In the alternative reality of a parallel earth I'm creating a pair of story lines. One follows a character by the name of Cathy and her adventures, sexual and otherwise. The other is single stories where women are executed for entertainment purposes. The vast majority are volunteers selected by lottery the lure being money and the promise of a sexually exciting and pleasurable end.

The Cathy's Life series are on the longish side and parts can be viewed as slice-of-life as I show how things are on the slightly futuristic earth. The single girl stories are much shortly and get right down to business, so-to-speak.

Story categories: Executions, Snuff, Mild Torture, Usually Consensual, FF, Ff, mF, mf, ScFi, bi, slice-of-life

Chaine du Fouet
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Story categories: Bondage, slavery,

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Areas of interest: hypnosis, mind control, transgender, transformation (mostly to a better, hotter body) and associated issues.

Chairman, The
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Who is The Chairman, anyway?

So you want to know a bit about me? Well, I am a somewhat private person. But some things you have probably already guessed. I am a sadistic dominant heterosexual male. I am somewhere in age between 20 and 60. I have a slave of my own who is as masochistic as I am sadistic. We are a good match.

My appearance

I am not going to post a picture of me, so don't ask. But if you picture Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies, you have a pretty good idea of what I look like. (No English accent, though, unless I have been watching too much Monty Python).

Other stuff

I am a professional computer geek. I have been programming for less than three decades. By day I write C++ for my employer. By night I write erotica for my own amusement.

What's your IM/irc handle?

Sorry, I don't do live chat, for two reasons: One, I just don't have the time; and two, because it could all too easily lead to infidelity, and I don't do that.

But you are welcome to drop me a line, anytime.

Story categories: M+/f+ torture extreme snuff

Profile last updated: 2003-05-13


I'm shy... so I don't know what to say. I guess that means I'll just let my stories speak for me.

Story categories: I write a bit of everything, so chances are you'll find a bit of everything mixed into my writing. My only conditions in real life as well as in my stories is that there is no blood and no real forcing - so making somebody cry isn't something you'll find, for example. Hope that gives you some sort of idea of the things I don't write about. The nice thing about defining the "don't's" is that leaves the do's, which are then infinite. =)

champ, the
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specializing in pedo stories and gangbang action stories where the characters are real focussed, driven, horny and atractive... Im 34, male.. Live in NY and am an accomplished gamer.

Champagne and Gunsmoke
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Champagne and Gunsmoke (C&G for short) was born in York, PA and at 14 moved to Greensboro, NC. He has been writing erotic fiction for some time and mainly specializes in "out there" and anime-themed fantasy writings.

chance daily
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Story categories: Actual events

Chance Paths
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I'm a bi male in his 40s living in the UK. My work is inspired by 1970s and 80s culture and growing up during that period. Being bi I like to take a wide exploration of sexuality at all levels this includes family relationships.

Story cateogires: MF, MM, FF, M+F+ bb, mm, mf, bg ff, gg, voy, bi, ped, dom, viol, inc, exhib, anal, oral, alternative history, scfi, interr, poly,

Profile last updated: 2013-07-03


I've never written erotica/porn before...this is my first try..Hope you like

Profile last updated: 2012-03-20


College student who loves to write about things, sex is a favorite topic however. Also enjoy getting to know to people so E-mail me at if you want particular stories, have questions, comments, or just want to chat.

Chanson de la Lune
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Story categories: slash fiction, het fiction, fan fiction, celeb, other

Chaos Grey
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This is the Chaos Grey, and here you can find any number of stories of every kink that I enjoy. And there are few that I do not. You will read alot of profiles that suggest the aurthor is particularly kinky, but then you read their stuff and the most wild thing they could think of was a threesome.

Not so in the Chaos Grey. When I say I'm a pervert, I mean it! Some of my fantasies are not for the faint of heart, so if you are looking for the truly outrageous and perverse, than this is the place for you.

I have yet to come across a topic too extreme for me. Scat, extreme torture, snuff, vore, even sci-fi/fantasy topics (werewolves, vamps, undead beasties) just to name a few. If it's not there yet, it will be. And if you have a suggestion for something I haven't covered, let me know. I may just not have gotten to that one yet!

Story categories: scat, bestiality, watersports, incest, rape, sci-fi / horror, snuff, vore, extreme torture and pain, animal scat, vomit / puke, amputee / amputation

Chaos Incarnate
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I love reading. So started writing, some of it to get me off and some are my dark fantasys.

Story categories: MF FDom MDom Light bondage

Charles Pratt
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I write stories from time to time - and I tend to emphasize the "stories" in I do believe that eroticism is important - but it must be an integral part of the story, not the other way around. If I write a story, and I find that I have to specifically add sex to it, I discard it immediately.

My holy grail is to have someone say to me, "Gee, your stories are as good as Adhara's, or Isabel Allende's."

I have written a few stories that could be considered sex stories - but I have withheld them, considering them to be unworthy. Then, having read Jeanne Brannesecca's excellent short stories, they made me react in a manner that I am certain that she did not count upon when she wrote them...

...and I concluded that my stories, warts and all, should be published.

The stories I write tend to be Hitchcockian in that I do give ample scope to the readers' imagination - as in the shower scene in Psycho, I do not get very explicit in these stories. On the other hand, the stories I have written so far do have elements of rape (which I consider to be any non-consensual sexual activity) - but this is not done gratuitously or explicitly - in fact, marriage proposals by rape were done in the historical past (especially by the Vikings).

As far as dominance is concerned, I believe in mutual dominance - that is, in any mf relationship (preferably with romantic elements), each has certain strengths and certain weaknesses, and thus each may be dominant over the other in any particular situation...

In any event, I hope that you will like these stories on some level. If they're not quite sexy enough for your taste (and you do not expect bestiality, BDSM, explicit violence, or very explicit sex), please give me time to grow - the stories that I have now are a starting point.

charles v
Profile last updated: 2006-09-02


big fan of ASSTR, amateur writer & veteran fantasizer. I write mostly about the teenage years and younger. Story categories include Mf Mm Mg mg mm ped inc cons voy and more..

Charley Ace
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I'm a dirty old man who enjoys telling stories, that just happen to be erotic. If you enjoy a plot and a little character development with your sex, there's a good chance that you'll like my stories. If you read one and like it, email me and tell me so, if you don't like it, keep your thoughts to Truthfully, any and all comments are welcome and appreciated.
In general, my stories are moralistic, realistic and sometimes even romantic. They're a combination of my life experiences, my fantasies and pure fiction (the largest part).

Story categories: adultery, cheating, romance, group sex, mature, swapping, slut wives

charlie the texan
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single male 60 yrs old who just likes writing erotic fiction

Charlotte Simmons
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I'm a dirty littl girl with a nasty imagination. All of my stories are infantophilic, nepophilic and pedophilic in nature. My subjects can be as young as newborn and up.

Profile last updated: 2003-12-06


Story categories: wives, romantic, lesbian, hetero, sensuous

Profile last updated: 2015-10-05


I am a woman writing nonconsent erotica. Most of it is going to be fantasy, with possibly a bit of sci fi. I am planning on writing and audio recording a series called Demon and Wizard, and a solo book called The Lady Paladin.

Story cateogires: nc reluc

Profile last updated: 2013-08-27


Swedish male who write stories to amuse some friends...

Story cateogires: MF Mf MM Mm bd sm reluc Mdom

Profile last updated: 2005-07-02


I'm fascinated by good dialogue in a story, love the way that Stephen King can make the story come alive as though you can hear the people speaking. I like creating sexual conundrums, through control, teasing, coersion, manipulation. An easy example of this is when He's making her beg to give Him a blowjob :).

Story categories: Femdom, humil, D/s, bond

Chase Shivers
Profile last updated: 2016-06-16


I'm a long-time lurker and consumer of erotic stories who finally got the urge to explore some of my own fantastical ideas in late 2013. I neither condone acting out the stories I describe nor encourage anyone to try anything in my tales. I write pure fiction and expect the reader to understand the difference between controversial literature and crossing unacceptable lines in reality.

My Primary Story Codes: Mf MF Mff MFf MFg MFfg anal creampie inc father/daughter mother/daughter

Often, my approach to the 'payoff scene' (for instance, a father and daughter's first time together) will not happen quickly, but there is usually a great deal of sexual content, including at least one sex act of some kind, in most every chapter.

I tend to serialize my stories, breaking them into many chapters. With some series already well over 100,000 word counts (and one, Shipwrecked, now heading towards 500,000), I think this makes it easier to story code the content and help readers pace through the narrative.

I only post my works on the Web side, the FTP in not in use because I like using italics and bold fonts and style sheets.

Most of my stories involve teen or late-preteen girls at some point. These are not the A-type nympho stereotypes often found in these sorts of tales. I like to include a romantic element in these story lines. Frequently, my narratives also involve anal sex, incest, and/or pregnancy. The vast majority of my stories are heterosexual males with heterosexual or bisexual females, though instances of lesbian encounters are explored at times. I tend to populate my stories with few males and many females.

A few (not all, and not my main stories, such as Shipwrecked and Flower Petals) of my stories include scat in them. Scat stories will always include the 'scat' keyword and the Author's Intro will also provide notice of this fetish content. Scat usage tends to be the act of shitting solo or during a sexual act, and in a few story lines, sometimes a bit more. Eating, smearing, and other types of more aggressive scat play are not what I enjoy reading or writing, so only very, very rarely will my scat stories involve those acts. Some stories do not feature full scat but do involve some dirty anal, dirty ass-to-mouth, dirty anal cum, and/or soiled panties: a scene where fecal matter is present. These will be noted with the 'mild scat' keyword.

My stories tend to focus on soft touches, difficult intimate choices, the rush and confusion of new experiences, and the sounds and smells of sex. Smells feature prominently in most story lines, things like the aroma of anal sex and wet pussies, dirty panty sniffing, and unwashed genitals.

Most of the story lines feature several characters and important relationships, so to provide some clarity on who is who in each plot, I often include a Chapter Cast list at the beginning of each chapter.

I generally like reading and writing erotica where characters are mostly content and enjoy the experiences, even though they may battle deep conflicting emotions and struggle to understand those experiences. This is about escape to Fantasy Land, not a road map for reality.

Thanks for reading my profile and if you like my stories, please contact me below or through the comment form on each story or index page. I love hearing from readers!

Chaz Thain
Profile last updated: 2008-11-13


Chaz Thain is a mid-sized, middle-aged, resident of the Kansas City suburbs.

Story categories: MF, FF

Cheerleader Fan
Profile last updated: 2016-11-25


I'm a man in my late 30s and have written sex stories off and on since my teens if not earlier. I've been known to enjoy female clothing in various ways and my writing strongly reflects this interest.

Story categories: Mf mf m+f mf+ mg bg teen preteen ped anal cd cons creampie fdom hs humor inc mast nosex oral solo tg toys tv voy wl ws yng

cherry blure
Profile last updated: 2016-03-07


straight man with a good imagination. love writing these stories but also novels and short stories. Have several stories with just underage but not pedo.I am retiered and widowed

Story cateogires: deviant underage lesbian swingers

Profile last updated: 2015-08-14


Experiencing sexual exploration vicariously.

Profile last updated: 2011-06-07


Hi! this is chevron. We're actually two people, there's me, Chevelle (Chev for short), and my high school sweety, Ron. Ron got me into erotic fiction when he showed me a different sex story site on the internet. (neither of us have visited any other site after finding this one though!) reading these stories had gotten both of us so horny that we ended up fucking like bunnies that whole night. Of course, he headed off to college so we decided to break up, but we are still on good terms and get together for some fun whenever he's in town.
It was my idea to start writing stories (I should have my first story posted soon!) we both enjoy going on anonymous chat sites like omegle for some cyber, and many of these sessions are so sexy that we saved them for some foreplay material. A while ago, I looked back at these and talked to ron about turning these into stories. That's when we got on asstr to open an account. We both still go on omegle to find more material, but I'm usually the one who turns them into stories.
Well, that's all about us, and we should have our first story done soon. See you then! xoxo

Chez Zaa
Profile last updated: 2009-06-18


Story cateogires: MmFf, FFMm, MmFFFFFFFF, Various, Orgy, Group, Anal, Breast, Voyeur

Profile last updated: 2011-08-04


Most of what a write is in spanish. My favourite categories are femdom and handjob, and also a little foot fetish.

Profile last updated: 2016-05-25


Welcome to the world of Chisum. This is the world of the extreme, kinky and unique.

chloe grace
Profile last updated: 2014-05-21


chloe grace is actually a boy who likes girls, and writing about imagined scenarios with them...confused yet? You will be.

Story cateogires: ped, Mg

Profile last updated: 2008-07-25


Story categories: My stories primarily involve Giant People.

Chris Hailey
Profile last updated: 2014-08-12


The "Chris Hailey Erotic Stories" website is a collection of stories written by myself, along with those of several guest authors.

Here you can expect to find straightforward sex stories, erotic poems, and romances, along with a wide variety of fiction including ninja robot sex dolls, zombie killing eleven year olds, and pretty much anything that floats our (and hopefully your) fancies.

We hope you'll find some stories here that you like, and that you'll come back often to check out our latest work. We are always trying new things in writing, and the list of guest authors is growing, so hopefully you'll find something new and interesting and different in our stories, too.

Story categories usually, although not exclusively, involve younger girls and older men in a wide variety of sexual encounters.

chris mb
Profile last updated: 2012-06-07


I've enjoyed the site for a while and wanted to contribute my own stories.

Chris Warner
Profile last updated: 2017-06-19


My interests lie in the early sexual explorations of young adults and late teens (the age of consent is 16 in New Zealand). Generally speaking my stories mostly fall into the "nice people get lucky eventually" genre. I try to make my characters relatable. My stories are largely populated by nice average guys who aren't well-endowed, rich or expert fighters, and women who respond to being treated well, grow in confidence and start exploring their fantasies. Themes include stripping, exhibitionism and romance. Typical plot devices include stripping games, dares and initiations.

Profile last updated: 2016-03-24


Story cateogires: MF

Profile last updated: 2003-08-05


New author specializing in stories of young girls showing what they can offer.

Profile last updated: 2014-02-09


Hello, I tend to write in a wide variety of genres. Most will have the women actively and happily engaged in sex, though not always. I'm always welcome to comments and criticisms so feel free to contact me.

Christian de Neuvillette
Profile last updated: 2004-11-25


Christian de Neuvillette is the name of a character from "Cyrano de Bergerac: Heroic Comedy in Five Acts" by Edmond Rostand. It is also my pseudonym for writing erotica.

My stories are fiction, though there is an element of wish fulfilment in all of them. As I primarily write what turns me on, you won't see anything that turns me off. Certainly, this is a true for most authors, but I just thought I'd make it explicit.

There's not a lot here yet as I've only whipped one story into a form that I consider readable by the public at large. I will add more in the future.

Comments are welcome and encouraged.

Profile last updated: 2010-03-21


I'm inventing myself as a writer as I go along. I will write about most topics as long as they are legal and have something positive to say. Some stories are meant to be strokers, some romance. I hope that some of you will honor me, and follow my journey as I try to become a writer.

Profile last updated: 2017-01-21


As I write this I am now 36, married, and a mother of four. And I still have a sex drive!

Christina di Filippo
Profile last updated: 2009-07-12


I am a late twenties Brazilian girl, bisexual and actively so.

I like to write about the lesbian seduction of teenage girls

Story cateogires: Ff

Christine Indigo
Profile last updated: 2002-11-11


I write rarefic. I'm one of only two authors who write Ultima series smut, and I'm also probably the only person who's ever thought about writing smut about Husker Du and Suicide. There will be original stories too, some of which will be fantasy, some of which will be literary, and some of which will be mainstream. My stories are intended to both arouse and amuse, and also shed some light onto the character's personalities. I prefer clear, graphic imagery to the musical emptiness of traditional middlebrow erotica. As for me, I'm just your average all-American, fresh-faced, cookie-baking, Ultima loving, polymorphously perverse bisexual nymphomaniac.

Christmas, Lovejoy, McKenzie & McGuire
Profile last updated: 2005-01-05


Dissenting Analysis Forth Coming

Christopher Andrew
Profile last updated: 2005-02-11


I don't think there is a solid theme here yet. They are erotic and pervers. You aren't likely to find long romantic introductions, but well written sex between horny people.

Profile last updated: 2007-11-29


Story categories: ENF Exhib

Chrisy Giles
Profile last updated: 2005-12-16


My first stories are in the Naked in School genre, but according to others, generally more developed and character driven than most. I like to put my characters in a difficult situation and then see how they cope. My stories can sometimes be very dark, but I m a romantic optimist at heart.

Chrysoberyl Rosewood
Profile last updated: 2002-04-23


I'm a college student, and so most of the stories happen to people around my age or a little older. I've been writing these on and off since I was 15; however, be rest assured that I am now legal (but still two months and 28 days until COMPLETELY legal. WHO WANTS TO BUY ME BEER?) ;-)

Chuck Throw
Profile last updated: 2001-01-17


I am a fantasist. My stories are a mixture of real experiences and mine and my wife's fantasies, created at the height of our passionate lovemaking. The fun in writing them is that I know which is real and which is not. You'll have to spot which.

Our most frequent fantasy is taking part in, or watching, orgies. The more people the better, but straight sex is all we are into (although it can get very kinky!!). I,ve only posted one story so far, but its sequel is well under way. A few more sessions of intense lovemaking, swapping fantasies, and it will be ready.

Profile last updated: 2010-01-15


I welcome feedback. Please feel free to contact me at

Story categories: My personal (TRUE) stories include, mostly true, but are not limited to, bisexual or gay.

As usual, names and places could be altered to protect the guilty.

Profile last updated: 2013-12-11


An author of 5 novels, working on the next, and have all of the rejection letters to prove it.

Absolutely love porn fantasies, and have enjoyed reading many on ASSTR.

Chuddakadd Maharaj
Profile last updated: 2003-12-01


I am a professional from India who likes to fantasize about women he knows very well: mother, aunty, cousin sisters, maid-servants, colleagues etc.. I am also a bit on the homosexual side and fantasize about guys. I also like to unleash those fantasies by writing about it.

Story categories: mother/son romance, brother/sister romance, colleague sex, homosexuality.

Profile last updated: 2006-09-14


I am a sometime writer of email, well crafted complaint letters and requests for information, who neither understands the intricacies of the world nor those who claim to. I live in the Midwest in a small mind surrounded by a little house sitting beside a tiny lake.

Profile last updated: 2001-07-08


Bio info: all type of erotic stories in vietnamese.

Ciad Itu
Profile last updated: 2013-11-02


I started writing erotica several years ago, but it's only lately I have been public about it. Writing (any kind of texts) are my big passion and I try to do it as often as I can.

Most of my stories here will be romantic heterosexual or lesbian/bisexual stories. I may introduce some violence, some roughness and the like but this will mainly be functions of the story, pretty much like violence in any other media.

Ciana Rose
Profile last updated: 2002-11-20


I love writing erotica. I do it mostly for the pleasure and the satisfaction, but if I should make some money at it, I won't complain. I believe good writing comes from the heart so I usually just write whatever is flowing out of me. And often, I honestly don't know where it all comes from. Let's hope the well never dries up.

Story categories: rom / Mdom / rough / span / anal / oral

Profile last updated: 2008-01-19


Cindy Silver Eyes
Profile last updated: 2011-05-10


My Stories focus on humiliation, forced submission, non-consensual sex, slavery... The tool of submission is most often some type of mind-control, though blackmail and pure old brute force are used, too. These are really not full-fledged stories. They are short stories, sometimes almost just story-ideas, originally accompanying a picture or pictures, though most are removed for the postings to ASSTR, as this is of course a story site. I take the center role in most stories, though often accompanied by other characters – whom are often meant to be certain celebrities playing fictional roles. I don’t pose their pictures in the stories, but there is always a hint in the story on who is implied…!

Cinque Manson
Profile last updated: 2002-08-04


Cinque Manson writes erotica when the obssession strikes him, usually tales of incestuous mature women and their teen boy objects. These works are pure fancy, the product of Cinque's imagination. He hopes you enjoy them!

Story categories: Mature dominant women, teenaged boys

Profile last updated: 2015-04-11


I am 42 and from Manchester, North-West England.

Profile last updated: 2006-04-27


Story categories: Mg

Profile last updated: 2016-01-06


Hi Everyone.

My stories mainly focus on first time sexual experiences, mostly between teenaged girls and boys. I write with a range of themes in mind that can range from consensual sex to rape with a manner of fetishes involved as well.

Claire de la lune
Profile last updated: 2014-09-26


Nederlandstalige erotica met tienermeisjes en hun fans in de hoofdrol. Vaak kinky, maar niet al te hard door een Vlaamse 30something.

Claire Dearling
Profile last updated: 2002-09-03


I write stories involving female submission, extreme torture of women and occasional death. All stories are strictly fantasy, all victims are above the age of consent. If you are easily offended or think that this may not be the fiction style for you, please don't read it, and don't bother flaming me, I will just block your address. If you enjoy my stories, feel free to e-mail me. I am currently looking at options for including illustrations with the text of the stories. If you have a favourite picture, e-mail me and I'll see whether or not it is suitable for writing a story with.
Please remember that all my work is purely fiction and should not be taken seriously or used as a guide for your own activities as it very often involves serious pain and death.

Story categories: Extreme torture of submissive females

Profile last updated: 2013-07-23


I'm an older man who enjoys erotica a great deal, with a ken for writing. I very much like the idea of others enjoying my works, and I hope you do.

Profile last updated: 2017-05-14


We are a young married couple who have decided to turn or fantasies into stories, and share them with our readers. We write wild stories involving monsters, heroes, maidens and villains.

Story cateogires: Mg, Fg, MF, Mf, Ff, fg, gg, Monster, Fantasy

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I have been writing sexy stories for years and now I want to share them with someone. As there's no-one in my life to do it with, why not the web? At least I won't get pointed at in the street and called a pervert! Someone may enjoy my stuff.

Story categories: Inc, MF, MM, FM, etc

Clint Kalmkren
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I enjoy writing stories with graphic sex between men and women. I like some degree of reluctance, coercion, or subterfuge, but no violence or brutality. My stories contain oral, vaginal, and anal sex.

Story cateogires: MMFF oral anal reluc

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I'm a male into my 70's who has when younger indulged in swinging with my wife of 42 years and now alas a lot has been left to my imagination Being Bi my mind often wanders back to my growing up years hence my writing on younger and older gay scene

Story cateogires: BBF-Mb-Mg-M+F

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Story categories: Historic stories

Clockwork Dementia
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Clockwork Dementia is a 21 year old woman who spends her time writing,cleaning house, and running a muck on secondlife. she is intresting,bizarre,curious,never dull and playful, AND VERY FRIENDLY! she enjoys writing fairytale storys with a twist ;) or taking books and turning them into love fests! or just living out her fantasys via wordpress :P

Story cateogires: incest,doll,dollies,clockwork,steampunk,goth,gothic,daddydom, parodys,edward,bella,cullen

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I enjoy erotic and bdsm themes of all kinds. I write diverse things under that umbrella, depending on what my muse dictates at the time.

Closet Fetishist
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I have been writing fart fetish stories for a number of years now and, as far as I know, they were well received on Lizzy's (Queen of Farts) forum, where I began writing. Now I have decided to get an ASSTR account and share them with a much broader audience.

I tend to write about female's torturing men, and more recently women, with their farts, however, due to requests, I have started writing about more consensual fart fetish situations.

Story Categories: nosex, F/fdom, M/msub, ds, flatu, fart, hs, coll

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I'm new to writing and I'm hopeing you like my storys

Story cateogires: drug, mm, gay, bisexual,rape

Profile last updated: 2016-10-20


CloudWriter has lurked for years (decades really) in the BBS world, Listservs, IRC, newsgroups, ASSTR, SOL and various 'tube' sites gobbling up other's efforts. Finally he's been gripped with the inspiration to jot down a few stories that he finds stimulating. Enjoy, perv!

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Story subjects: bondage, sadism, exhibtion

Profile last updated: 2006-12-07


I'm old, and funny.

coach Brown
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I am a factory worker that have several female freinds that have daughters and or neices. Most my stories will envolve preteens doin an assortment of things. I am a VERY new writer so some of my stories will NO DOUBT have typo's in them,-- for this I am truely sorry. I hope some of u find my stories to be exciting.

Story categories: Mg Mf Fg

Coach Daddy
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I am what I write - aren't we all?

Story categories: mf, m+f, mf+, 1st, inc

Profile last updated: 2009-06-18


My stories tend to involve teenagers and to have some science fiction content. I may stray from that, but that's mostly it.

Cobalt Jade
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Story categories: I write all sorts of stories, but mainly they are BDSM with a fantasy, science fiction, or comic book setting.

Profile last updated: 2016-10-24


Story cateogires: MMMf BDSM WS

Coeur Minuit
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You've heard of a May-December romance? Well "Rosenjack" is more like March-September. Of the three novels I've started, this is the only one I've finished so far, and probably the only one I'm ever likely to finish. If you like it, won't you PLEASE let me know?

Profile last updated: 2009-04-13


i am very new at this and my stories are not terribly long but i like to think they are pretty good and have gotten better with practice. And i do have longer stories in the works. I don't like to limit my writings but i don't like to write about m/m, nec, ped, snuff, tort, or viol. other than that anything is fair game to me. i hope you all enjoy

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We are a normal Canadian family: mother, father, two university-aged daughters. We don't have wild orgies, we don't swing naked from the chandeliers, just normal -- except that mother, Jane, and youngest daughter, Rachael, happen to like to imagine what it would be like to swing naked from the chandeliers, and write about it. Together with another writer we have an ongoing email conversation about our family's imaginary exploits. In between times we write stand-alone stories just for fun.

Story cateogires: Mf mf inc

Col. Kink
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Professional writer, male,40+, member of the bondage community.

Story cateogires: Mg bd sad tort inc viol ped nc rape best preg

Profile last updated: 2008-03-08


I enjoy writing erotic stories with mind control and outerwordly themes. My inspiration comes from hentai anime and horror movies.

Story categories: mc, mf, ff, nc, sf

Profile last updated: 2009-03-31


All of the stories in this collection contain at least some of the following: violence, rape, and underage (teenage) characters. Furthermore, all of the stories in this collection are delightful tales of lust murder. Enjoy. :-)

Story categories: sn/rp/nc

Cole Knight
Profile last updated: 2015-12-03


My wife and I are a real swinging couple who love to play out out fantasies. While many of my stories are fiction, there is a basis in reality in many of then and a basis in my fantasy in all of them!

Story cateogires: M+F, wife, reluc, anal, bi, cuckold, creampie

Coleccionista de silencios
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Coleccionista de silencios
Historias enfocadas a aquellas fantasias que son dificiles de contar

Story cateogires: f, g*, mf, mm*, mg*, ped, nc,

Profile last updated: 2012-06-23


Most of my stories will revolve around sex between adult men and young (underage, especially preteen) girls (usually their daughters). My favorite stories on ASSTR are those by Frank McCoy. His stories involve preteens and pregnancy. While a enjoy all of his stories, by far my favorites are the ones where dads knock up their preteen daughters while the mom urges them on.

I will probably write stories on other themes, as they catch my fancy. However, most of my stories will probably revolve around the older man/young girl scenario.

Story cateogires: Mf, Mg, inc, ped, preteen, teen, yng

Colorado StoryMan
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Reading stories should awaken your "Mind's Eye" if it doesn't or you aren't using your Mind's Eye... then the story is in poor quality. I Always welcome feedback on my stories and if you have an idea, a thought, or an experience, Drop me a line @

Profile last updated: 2005-06-30


I am happily married. I like to write. My wife wants to be exposed to more stories.

Stories will come from our experiences, my imagination, my fantasies or my wife's fantasies. You will not find anything here containng young children, scat, or beastiality. If it doesn't turn one of us on it won't be written. Even I don't know where all this will lead just yet.

I encourage feedback but am not interested in hooking up.

Story categories: bi, bdsm, straight, blackmail, masturbation, anything that comes to mind

Comissioned Erotica
Profile last updated: 2012-10-15


I wrote erotica of almost every genre. I prefer quality over quantity so my post rate is slow, but I promise you good quality stuff. If you have a request, contact me at I don't do ALL requests, but I will do ones I like.

And if you have any comments/criticism pass it along. I am also looking for play-by-E-mail writing partners for adult stories. So contact me, I check my E-mail almost daily and can reply promptly.

Profile last updated: 2016-01-01


Story categories: blackmail nc FM FF humil

Profile last updated: 2009-02-16


Hi! I'm Dan from Minnesota.

My first work, Annie seduces her husband is mostly true, with the main difference being that Annie and I are still together, and we are still chasing adventures. We are not totally out there but do pursue a few subtle opportunities. We are having fun and hope that some of this translates in good stories.

Story categories: wife/cuck/cheat/reluc/

Profile last updated: 2009-09-25


Welcome to Comshaw's Erotic story warehouse. Read, enjoy and if you're so inclined, send me an e-mail with your thoughts on my writing. If you're less then 18, go home. you have time later to read and learn what is here.

I am an avid reader of erotica, as well as a writer. A well written story, to an avid reader, is an obsession, once started it's difficult to stop. A well written erotic story is even more so. I hope you find my stories to be just such an obsession. So come on in, find a story that sounds interesting, open the page and enjoy.

connard wellingham
Profile last updated: 2003-05-30


Having read and enjoyed erotic literature in ASSTR for a number of years I decided to have a go myself. I seem to have a thing about younger girls, lesbians and schools - though not exclusively. You will also find that my longer stories take some time to develop - patience is recommended. Helpful comments are always welcome.

Connie Lingus
Profile last updated: 2010-03-31


I've been a fan of ASSTR for years, and a writer by trade, but not in this, er, genre. One day I decided to finally write out one of my most forbidden fantasies and post it. Not only was it extremely exciting to write, but the feedback has been fantastic.

I love the taste, the scent, the liquid luxury of sex. And especially the thought of tasting the most forbidden of fluids, that of young girls, whether innocents, seduced by others or seductive temptresses themselves.

My stories try to capture the conflict and confusion, the mingled guilt and excitement and ultimately, the fulfillment of forbidden love. They also explore the rich sensual detail of those moments burned into the character's memories by the heart pounding venture into the deeply taboo.

Profile last updated: 2008-12-03


I like stories about constipation and big poops.

Story categories: scat constipated constipation

Profile last updated: 2003-04-24


My stories are mainly about rape, ped, abuse, ect

Story categories: ped contra thhai

Control One
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I've been a writer all my life, publishing main line fiction and non-fiction. Since my adolescence I've enjoyed exciting myself on erotic adventures, straight, gay, bi(whatever that is); anything that stimulates my emitions, gets my dick hard, and tickles my nuts. As a writer I live to generate strong feelings in my readers,i.e.I want to make them happy, angry, ANYTHING BUT BORED, BUT mostly I like to think they can't read my work without wanting to touch themselves and GET OFF..WANT TO CUM.. NEED TO CUM.. HAVE TO CUM!! CUM..AND CUM...AND CUM!!

Given the freedom I would like to generate what I would call "one-handed fiction," one hand to turn the page and the other to get yourself off. If you are a fan of pornographic writing, you'll know what I mean.

After reading my work, let me know if I've succeeded or failed. And if I have failed, I've love a brief analysis of why/how/where/when I succeeded and/or failed.

By all means, let me know if I kept your hand busy.

Story categories: mind control, hypnosis, domination, submission, pleasure through pain, pain through pleasure, how to learn absolute control, in order to reach a point where you can relinquish all control, IN THE ABSOLUTE.

coo coo cola
Profile last updated: 2016-01-22


Cuckoldry, humiliation, S/M, queer, impregnation, cock worship, cum, hynotism, gender bending, etc.

Story cateogires: cheat, cuckold

Profile last updated: 2010-05-26


Story cateogires: MF FF MC FD MD IN

Profile last updated: 2017-01-29


I've written the series Angel Studio on torrid tales and I am now looking at being a more regular author.

Profile last updated: 2004-07-13


Most Of My Work Deals with Casual Sexual Anonymous encounters between a Man and a Woman. In this times it is prudent to live out fantasy as a fantasy and not a reality: safe sex is rule, and the safest is self sex.
My background: I'm a Dentist in the NYC area. I'm happily married with 1 child.

Story categories: MF,MMFF

Profile last updated: 2015-10-27


Most of my stories involve scat and piss, both of which usually end up being fed to a willing, eager bottom. While my protagonists tend to be African-American (straight, gay and bi adults, teens and children), you will find a variety of ethnicities among my supporting characters, because I believe that perversity is truly universal.

Profile last updated: 2011-02-22


"A cynical bastard who plays games with people." The final words of a ex girlfriend/phychiatric nurse as she slammed the door on the way out.

Story cateogires: blackmail humiliation domination submission

Profile last updated: 2006-01-15


Tickle Monster Zone: Boundless, sensual tickling of adults by nonhuman or magical ticklers and tools. 'Fantastic settings, inhuman captors, skittish targets, snug restraints.' 14 authors have loaned or contributed their work. Almost 300 episodes, mostly ?/M - including 'The Red SOLE Diaries' of Invisible Ink. Welcome. (Estab. 4-1997)

Heya. What would practical-joker ghosts (such as tulpas) do if they were obsessed with tickling? What _wouldn't_ they do?...
Some futuristic stories explore how these amoral captors might use emerging technologies, and others feature mythical or mechanical themes.

Story categories: ?/M, ?/MM, ?/F, ?/FF, ?MM/MM, ?/FM, FF/M, M/FF, F/FF, FF/FF, tk, tickling, sad, nosex, cbt, magic

Profile last updated: 2005-10-10


This is MY Story, as in MY Diary. The names and places are real, as are the events (I will be withholding bits and pieces of information for privacy, such as no last names). Technically it starts back in High School and comes to present day. If my attention to tedious detail doesn't turn your brain to mush, then you may actually enjoy what I write. Most intelligent people do :) I have a tendency to lash out at you kind folks as I vent and ramble my way thru my life, but over time you'll probably come to enjoy the abuse.

Profile last updated: 2006-01-27


Story categories: Wife Swapping, Gang Bang, Swinging

Profile last updated: 2010-11-13


Story cateogires: inc, scat

Cordelia Speedicut
Profile last updated: 2017-01-03


My stories are varied. You will find some fractured fairy tales, a Victorian cliff-hanger, and visit the goings-on at a modern fetish club (which harbours a secret laboratory) - not to mention getting a look at some unusual tropical shrubberies. But they are all a blend of fantasy, humor, and lust. Oh, and they frequently involve characters who experience Personal Growth of various sorts.

Story categories: fantasy, humor, MF, FF, Ff, size, tf, tg, toys

Cordova Angeline
Profile last updated: 2007-10-14


I am a University student who loves writing. Most of my stories involve two females who consent to the acts. I plan on using these stories to hone my writing skills as well as a way to show my fantasies since most of the stories are based off of them. I am female and most of these stories, like I said, are about two females but there are a few rare stories that involve a male and a female.

Story categories: FF,ff,fF,MF

Profile last updated: 2006-12-21


Story categories: MF/g, spank, photography,anal finger, panties

Cory D. Rose
Profile last updated: 2001-07-22


Story categories: FF,TG

Bad new all, I have decided to stop writting these stories, I appologise, but since I never receive any kind of comments or feed back I just havent been very motivated to put anything out latley. To this end, I will no longer be posting to this or any other site. I haven't completely given up, but if no one is interested I wont waste my time on it anymore.


Profile last updated: 2016-07-12


I've been happily married for 18 years, have 2 kids and a good life. I was actively bisexual during my youth through about 24 years old. Lots of stories to tell, most of them based on real experiences. I try to make the entire encounter vivid, not just the sex. Many stories will have drugs and/or alcohol use as a backdrop. Please let me know of errors and flaws in my storylines.

Story Categories: mmM, ped, *reluc, oral, anal drugx

Story cateogires: *mmM *ped *reluctant hyp oral anal 1stmm drugs alcohol
*mmM *ped *reluc oral anal drugs rim

Cotton Candy
Profile last updated: 2010-08-16


If I'm going to have all this fun, I might as well tell everyone about it! Californian Candy loves to share.

Count of Delasoif, The
Profile last updated: 2005-12-21


The Count Delasoif is the author of a short series of erotic stories. They're a bit 'out there' and funny. Most of them revolve around his wife and her adventures.

mf,ff,mmf,ffm,mmmmf, cons, anal, nc

Count of Montserrat
Profile last updated: 2014-08-26


U.S. expatriate lives abroad a couple months a year. Some stories weave true witnessed events into conceptualizations of adult erotic fiction. Often with a historical context, i.e Post World War 2, Cold War, etc.

Story cateogires: Fm,MF, FF, Lt Bdsm,Hist,MM+F, Lt Ws, Voy, Exhib.

Profile last updated: 2011-03-10


I am an amateur writer that writes only of true experiences. I am always up for ideas and ways to improve also up for new experiences

Story cateogires: voy,exhib,MF,M+F,M+F+,FF,MM,MM+,

Profile last updated: 2010-03-22


Story cateogires: strapon,boy,older woman,shemale,young boy,lapsitting,muscular woman

Profile last updated: 2003-08-25


Story categories: Fd,ff,mc,Fm

Profile last updated: 2011-12-04


So as my Muse descends, so as I write...

Story cateogires: MFf, Mff, Mf, Mg, incest, pedo, preg

Profile last updated: 2012-09-16


A pervert who knows how to write.

Story cateogires: M/g, Gang Rape, Anal, nc, Violence, Satanism

Crabby old man
Profile last updated: 2005-07-27


I am a 41 yo married father of three (and soon to be GrandFather). I am a lover of things erotica, and have been reading every kinky story since I first found in dad's magizine, the "letters" in Playboy.

Craven Raven
Profile last updated: 2011-08-29


I'm new to writing erotic fiction - but I'm having fun learning! Please give me feedback!

Story cateogires: ff, ped,inc, splosh, scat, ws,

Profile last updated: 2006-12-05


I love BBW's and shemales, so i write about them. Stories Usually are about shemales are crossdressing men, but I occasionally write bbw stories. My writing is very influenced by Sasha Steele. I like my shemales dominate but not too dominate...

Story categories: TV, CD, Shemales, TG

Crazy Bear
Profile last updated: 2013-03-21


I am a retired construction manager, I am English so my spelling will be as such (like colours, odours and the like). I do not write about snuff or gratuatous violence and all my females like and want sex. This is all from my sick mind, it is all fiction.

Story cateogires: MF, FF, Mf, ff, Mg, Rom, incest, nosex

Profile last updated: 2016-03-09


Hiho, i like to ease up my mind by putting toughs into paper, i dont have any main fantasies on my mind, i just write down what pops into my mind, so am like a sandwich with multiple layers :)

Profile last updated: 2009-09-02


I am a truck driver I try writing all types of stories. I am somewhat new to all of this my best friend told me to put my vivid imagination to good use. Stories are all Fantasy NOT REAL I do not believe in Child sex underage sex is wrong! However writing Fantasy is ok as long as you understand that IT IS NOT REAL AND DO NOT DO IT FOR REAL. If you are or think, you are going to have sex with an underage, do one of two things, Go hang yourself or get some HELP your sick.

cream pie boy
Profile last updated: 2002-04-27


I love orgies, tho I've only been to a few, and feel many people would be happier if they were bi. So my stories feature bisexual men and women practicing group sex, along with some mild kink (bondage & discipline, cum baths, and golden showers).
NO kids, incest, murder or mutilations here, so don't bother looking.

Story categories: bisexual men, group sex, golder showers / watersports, bondage and discipline, cream pies

Cream Teens
Profile last updated: 2006-10-24


I write about hot Teens getting addicted to sucking big dicks and swallowing tons of cum...

Story categories: Teens

Creampie Eater
Profile last updated: 2005-02-27


I like to write stories where the plot is as important as the "action". While all my stories involve creampies in some way, they are all different and sometimes the creampie is not the main issue. My main goal is to take an interesting topic and explore it in an unusual perspective. Sometimes my work fails, and sometimes it is a triumph, but that is the risk I take to expand my talent in this chosen craft.

Story categories: creampie stories written from a male and/or female perspective

Profile last updated: 2016-12-07


I just love the girls nextdoor, a believable plot, and the girls are always in charge !

Stories will revolve around the beauty and developing sexuality of young and very young girls, with the odd departure to Travelling Tales, where the more mature Lady enjoys my enthusiasm for the Great Outdoors.

Uncle Jerry has also joined the club and will add his special tales from time to time.

The stories are dedicated to Jyoti, a beautiful Indian Lady who loves the stories as much as I do and inspired and encouraged me to publish.

Jyoti's tales have inspired old men
To shoot their sperm in arcs, again !

Please let us know that you enjoyed the stories !

Story categories: M/F M/g ped pedo M/F/gg bggg ws Fb voy mast

Crimson Reviews


ASSM Story Reviews

Profile last updated: 2007-06-27


Unemployed, generally lazy university student of Romance linguistics (French, Italian, Catalan). Avid D&D, anime and poetry fan (what exactly one has to do with the other is anyone's guess, but there you are).

Ultimately looking to slide into the cracks of the world of work, responsibility etc. But presently truly cannot be bothered.

My current mega-project is an epic-length, character driven work based on the lives and loves of a cross-section of Sigil, City of Doors from D&D famous and much-underrated Planescapes setting. For those not familiar with this, fear not, I have included a glossary of terms.

All the characters involved are original and of my creation (with much input from my fellow pen-and-paper gamers from my RPG group). Comments, queries, suggestions, criticisms and anything else besides are welcome and will be answered promptly.

Story categories: F/F D&D Dungeons and Dragons Planescapes Fantasy Elf

Cris Helmare
Profile last updated: 2006-02-10


I've been writing big breast/be stories on and off since the late 80s when I had a few pieces of my work published in Gent magazine. Lately, I've been busy posting around one story (or chapter) a month at Keisha Evan's site. One of the best things about posting a story on the web is to have someone email me back with feedback. If you read something you like, please let me know.

Story categories: breast

cris koenig
Profile last updated: 2003-06-08


I'm middle-age, middle-class, perfectly boring person who gets off on writing about BDSM, rape, sexual slavery and all that nasty stuff.
Maybe it's cuz I read "Story of O" just as I hit puberty :-)

Story categories: Bondage, dominance/submission, slavery

Crossed Destiny
Profile last updated: 2017-05-22


I find myself to be a contradiction of existences, the Hero and the Villain of my own life. Most people bury their evil down deep, allowing only the good to see light of day. Others choose the darker path, thinking they can beat the odds and cheat their way to success by doing evil. But the true master is the one who use his good to control his evil tendencies, and bend them to the benefit of good causes, never bowing to the evil powers seductive nature.

Crouching Buddha
Profile last updated: 2005-06-27


Young author testing the waters of erotica. Interested in NiS and various other genre. Feedback and/or comments welcome. Shorin-Ryu student. Happily engaged and finding my place in life.

Story categories: NiS, Con, Oral, Anal, mf, ff, Exh, First, Teen

Profile last updated: 2008-09-27


My stories generally include a sexually niave female who is seduced or descends into slutty behaviour. The wives in my stories cheat on their husbands. Teen girls have sex with older men. There are some non-consensual acts but eventually all the females are willing participants. Its virtually all hetero in my stories.

Happy reading.

Crumbly Writer
Profile last updated: 2013-09-29


I've been writing on ASSTR for a few years, and now I'm polishing my work up a bit more and releasing my stories as eBooks.

Feel free to contact me about any of my stories. I appreciate the feedback, and it provides a way for me to improve my stories.

Profile last updated: 2007-05-26


Hi I'm new here as of... well I'll say the day I'm writing this (May 26, 2007)
I'll update this as i get more time or shall I say I'll update this when I feel the urge to display more information about myself.

Cryptkeeper, The
Profile last updated: 2013-09-02


Rape, nonconsensual sex, blackmail, horror, faithful wives forced into infidelity and lesbian sex, forced administration of drugs. Real sick stuff, with mild physical violence at times.

Story categories: nc, rape, reluc, blackmail, wife, horror, MF, BM, WF, FF, inter, viol

Crystal's Erotica
Profile last updated: 2000-07-20


Crystal is a vivacious, sexy, deaf 25yo Australian girl who loves sex and writing sex stories. Apart from my stories I have included a few photos of myself - so please come and check out what I have to offer ;)

Profile last updated: 2004-02-21


Mind control eros!

Profile last updated: 2006-12-10


I'm CSquared. I've been writing for years now, but I only recently felt comfortable putting them on the net. I no longer have an account at, which has gone so far downhill I decided to stop helping dig. That meaning, of course - I felt I was in a hole.

As of December the Tenth, 2006, this is my only internet home.

Profile last updated: 2014-10-06


Hello! I would like to thank you for stopping by to read my stories. I've been a participant in many roleplaying sessions both real life and forum-based over the years, and recently, I've begun writing erotic literature. I am fairly open to most kinks and pleasures, and even if I am not, I will often give it my level best attempt. I am happy to give anything a shot, and I will say so if I am uncomfortable with the subject matter. And of course, I appreciate all the feedback I can get; do not hesitate to contact me if you want to criticize, comment, or request.

Story cateogires: FF
Fsolo masturbation
Shape shifting

Cucked & Caged
Profile last updated: 2007-08-14


Author is a married man whose wife has cuckolded him, put him into a chastity belt and frequently administers corporal punishment to keep him obedient.

Story categories: Femdom, cuckold, chastity, spanking, creampie, humiliation

Profile last updated: 2015-07-21


I am a cuckquean - also known as a "female cuckold" or "voyeur wife." In brief, I like to watch my husband have sex with other women.

Initially, "cuckquean" denoted a woman whose husband has sex with other women. Recently, the term refers to a rather specific erotic power exchange (bdsm) kink in which a woman is aroused by and complicit with her husband's outside sex. Elements of submission and humiliation of varying degrees are also involved. Participation may be part of a couple's activities, including the wife finding women for him, "fluffing" and "clean up" (cleaning the genitals of her husband and/or the other women after sex.

I have written a few cuckquean stories of my own that are included in this collection.


Story cateogires: cuckquean,female cuckold,voyeur wife

Profile last updated: 2004-06-14


all the stories i write are fictional. i'm a college student and i'd like to think i have a wild imagination and plenty of free time :) whatever you think of my stories, let me know via email. i encourage all (good or bad) criticism.

Profile last updated: 2007-03-05


My stories are mostley fantasies about peolpe, that i know and see around. i love all kinds of sex acts and will try anything atleast once.

Cumdump Whore
Profile last updated: 2014-09-03


I am a woman in my early 40's whose husband is away a lot and I have had numerous experiences with other men. I write about these experiences and also fantasy stories. My stories, true and fiction involve a lot of rough and forced sex. I love feedback from men on my stories and what I share.

Story cateogires: F/b,MF,M+F,inc,nc,rape,reluc,ws

Cuni Lingus
Profile last updated: 2012-11-10


Story cateogires: best inc nc reluc mc

Profile last updated: 2012-04-16


Nudist male likes to fantasize about sex, and write stories of taboo

Profile last updated: 2009-06-21


Non-professional writer of erotica.
Grew up in the west, lived in Alaska for over twenty years, now living in Nevada.

I am still learning how to craft erotic stories and hopefully improving as I go along, although judging from some feedback, I have a long ways to go yet.

I tend to prefer wife/husband type stories, although I have delved into other types of stories here and there over time.

Staring down the barrel at fifty-two years old Sept 2009 and not sure what, if anything I do feel about that. Maybe it will be just another birthday in a long string of such events.

I hope you enjoy reading my offerings.

Profile last updated: 2000-12-11


Curvasion Lesbian Domination Fantasies is devoted to domination and bdsm fantasies. Some maledom fantasies creep in. This is a sister site to, where completed stories are shown with a great many illustrations, and special features such as the recreation of a '60s Men's mag, 'MAN'S CLIMAX'. Our ASSTR site is a staging area for new stories, and for readers who prefer text without the pictures. NOTE: the curvasion mind control stories will continue to be posted to the MCSTORIES website at ASSTR instead of here; this is a place for the non-mind-control stories that don't fit on that site.

Story categories: lesbian domination bdsm-adventure big breasts

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Read my first novel at the age of ten, and started trying to write one at about the same time. Now, a decade later, I may have succeeded. Hobbies include more reading, more writing, video games (both playing and designing my own), being an unassuming choirboy deep in the bass section, being a supportive friend, and--on occasion--studying for my Psychology degree. Mostly by learning how to be a supportive friend, but they tell me that there's some research involved too, eventually.

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Queer, Pagan, Android with a Big Dick, a Bigger Heart, and a Small Ego.

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I'm a a 30-something woman currently living on the East Coast. Although I've always enjoyed writing, this is my first foray into online posting. The only time that words actually fail me is when attempting to write about myself. I welcome all creative criticism and helpful feedback.

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I'm a girl lover. Not little girls but girls who are in the process of becoming women -- that in-between age when they are feeling new urges, curious, anxious and naive. I'm older than the protagonists in my stories. When I was younger I dated women my own age but the older I get the more I wish I had been attracted to these young beauties. I still think of myself as being that age and these stories are pure fantasy. Well, almost pure. Some are based on real experiences, but not so's you'd notice who the real people are.
My stories are usually about a young girl and an older man typically with a kernel of an actual event in them but the specifics are sheer fantasy. I will sometimes see a young girl at the market or riding a bicycle or waiting in line with friends for a movie and my body will literally twitch with excitement. Not just ANY girl; some girls. There is no way I would ever approach one of these girls but I do fix an image in my mind of their faces, figures, clothes and body language. I then dream, like a perverted Walter Mitty, about what might have happened had we actually met.

I am married. My body is much older than I admit to but my mind is still 32 or 19 or 15, depending on my fantasy du jour. These stories fill in the dry spells.

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I was born in San Diego and raised in the Coachella Valley. I enjoy writing a variety of stories both erotic and non-erotic.

Story categories: creampie, pregnancy, anal, romance, petting, masturbation, toys, virgin

Czar Chasm
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Okay, I'm not sure what all to tell you. I have a varied interest in what I write. Right now I'm playing with a few series ideas just to see what they look like when I write them. Which, of course, means I like feedback. :)

My Protector series is about a man hired to protect celebrities. In the course of time with his clients he has had many, MANY erotic encounters and now he feels the need to tell his story.

Story cateogires: MF, Mf, and whatever else I want to do

d edward
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Approaching 50, a reader of erotica for as long as I remember (The Pearl....just the title alone brings back memories). I'm interested in the power women have, and mens' struggles with that most essential relationship.

Story categories: FemDom, BDSM, Infantilism

D Lovvr
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Story cateogires: Mg, Mf, reluc

d udet
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Story cateogires: preg,cons,snuff

D'Angelico Mysterioso
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Writing is only one of the artistic pursuits in which I am involved. I enjoy playing several instruments, songwriting (not usually erotic), singing, painting and drawing. My paintings and drawings are frequently of an erotic nature and may at times be included with or in my writings.

Thanks to any of you who read and enjoy my writing.

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I am an undergrad college student at SUNY Purchase, at this moment in time (3/15/07) 20 years old. My stories (as I only have one series going right now) are concerned with the Naked in School universe, although I may write some gender bender (gender change due to magic/technology) works and general pieces at some point. I'm also not a major fan of writing non-consensual pieces - although my current story has a small piece in it that is such a nature.

I welcome and highly encourage feedback (constructive criticism and suggestions) on my works. After all, how else does one become a better writer?

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I'm a 20 year old from Leeds, England. I'm a big time fan of ASSTR, and I'm also a poet and an Author. I've never tried writing erotic stories before, but felt it was time to contribute. This will be the best of what I write, (also don't expect many more of the level of sickness that's in my first on going story, that's me flexing my darker side to get started.)
You can expect some pretty erotic stuff of all kinds, I love feedback good or bad, and would maybe like to collaborate with some of the more experienced writers to help me learn.

Story categories: Rape, snuff, consensual, incest, celebrity, fantasy, etc....

D. Owoc
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I am a fifty year old suburban housewife who enjoys adult entertainment almost as much as spending time with my family. I love being outdoors hiking and biking and although I do enjoy an occasional spirited drink my friends consider me a bit of a health nut.

D. Pattern
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Stories of sexual exploration and sometimes violence.

Codes: BD, SM (cons & nc), V, Tort, swing, wife, anal

D.E. Maizefield
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I have been writing amateur erotica for a number of years. To be continued...

D.H. Huck
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Story cateogires: BDSM, rape, nc, bondage, m/f, f/f

Profile last updated: 2003-05-11


D.L. Tash has been writing for years, including brief stint writing custom erotic stories for friends in the 80's.

Any comments you have on his stories are deeply appreciated.

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Story cateogires: m M f F Mf Fm M+F

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Story categories: straight, gay, trans-gender, klismaphilia

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I'm facinated with loosing control, specifically when someone who is used to being in control puts themself into a position where they can't help doing something they don't want to do. Not that they don't enjoy it...

Most of my stories deal with reluctant orgasm, sometimes with the possibility of pregnancy, but I'll also write in whatever direction the muse presses my willing fingers.

Profile last updated: 2017-06-11


I'm very new at this! My interests are wide and varied from femdom to humiliation, from pedo stuff to pretty much anything kinky. As a beginner I think I would like to add a certain touch of 'realism' to stories, even though they are of course fantasy.

Story cateogires: b,f, M,ped,hum

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A very specifc taste, stories of my ......educating my little girl. The saga of one girls grooming to become her Dadda's ultimate babygirl.

Daddy Jack
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Like about a million of us, I love stories about sex among family members. It's all fantasy, but what fun fantasies can be.

Story cateogires: inc, Mf

Daddy Walker
Profile last updated: 2012-06-26


These stories are violent, involving intense pleasure for some of the participants, often at the at the expense of others. Whatever fits the story goes, but there is usually at least some pissing in there.

Story categories: ws, lesb, snuff, nc, anal, inc, pedo, scat

Daddy's Little Slut-Muffin
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For more detail, see my home page. I'm a 30-something mother of two, married, self-employed and quite obssessed with things of a sexual nature. One of the joys of my life is writing, so I decided to combine my obssession with my joy. I presently have several stories in progress, which I will be posting as they are completed.

You will find a few teasers already posted, and you can definitely expect to be seeing much more from me as time permits. Please note that my stories deal exclusively with children in sexual situations, either with other children or with adults. If this is not your cup of tea, then avoid my stories.

You'll also find that am a writer who cares a great deal about her characters. For this reason, many readers here might find some of my stories to be "slow" in terms of getting to those all important sexual parts. If what you seek is more along the lines of quick "stroke material," then my work is probably not what you want. If character development is something that you enjoy, though, you might like my work.

Happy reading!

Profile last updated: 2008-12-19


I am an amateur author that has been writing non-erotic stories for quite some time now, and have just recently experimented with erotica. Hopefully my experience in other genres has helped to improve the quality of my erotic stories.

I write character-driven stories, because my philosophy is that if you care about the characters you will enjoy the story much more. My stories are mainly light-hearted, and portray sex, even forbidden sex, in a positive light. My favorite fetish is incest, and this features prominently in almost all of my works. There are often very young characters involved. I usually set a minimum age of thirteen, but I may occasionally go lower if I need a character of a certain emotional maturity level.

Story categories: incest, Mf, ff, rom. Occasional ped, nc, best will be clearly labeled on the web page.

Profile last updated: 2012-02-09


I am a heterosexual male, single at this with quite a few long term (3 years+) monogamous relationships on my resume. My kinks of choice rotate with what I'm feeling at the time.

I'm like a dog in heat, a freak without warning
I have the appetite for sex, cause me so horny

Story cateogires: Mf mf Fdom fdom M+F Inc nc cons

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Story cateogires: nc, inc,

Profile last updated: 2008-05-24


DaddyOh enjoys writing stories, especially with family themes. I'm a happily married husband and father who has NO interest in his children whatsoever and who ABHORS any abuse or exploitation of anyone, especially minors. What appears in my stories is complete fiction and intended for fantasy only. With that out of the way...enjoy! I love to receive feedback.

Story categories: MF, Mf, mF, inc, oral, cons, voy

Profile last updated: 2009-08-22


I write non-fiction and fictional stories. The stories about my upbringing are AND NOT for the squeamish type, but if you are then its just up your ally. And the Fictional stories, just enjoy and have your mind go were it likes.That's what fantasy writing is all about.
BEING a new author I like to get any feed back good or bad.
Thank You For Your Support, and hope you enjoy my work.

Profile last updated: 2015-12-02


Chronicling the true stories of my childhood and teen years. My stories detail the incestuous sex I had with my father when I was quite underage (but already quite busty).

I write about all the cruel and delicious things Daddy did to me: assrape, throatrape, violent abuse, beatings with fists, belts, extension cords and his nightstick (he was a cop), drowning, drugging, choking, suffocation, forced domestic servitude, forced prostitution, forced gangbangs, forced piss- and cum-drinking, bukkake, sexual slavery, humiliation, and bestiality.

My giant whore titties are here:

Profile last updated: 2008-01-30


Hey there, I'm just a girl who loves to write these things. I'm only human, therefore the spelling and grammer may be a bit off but not hard to understand. I write these from expirience and also from fantasy. I'm just starting off, sooon hopefull I'll get better! I love to write about the daddy lifestyle through the eyes of the little girl. Weather you see it as a real father and daughter (incest) or just a fun game (roleplay) well, thats completly up to you! Either way I think its fun. Also I'm thinking about starting maybe the real incest father daughter stories. I've read a few on here and fell completly in love! I'm on the chubby side thats for sure. But surprisingly people are into that.

Profile last updated: 2012-10-13


Story cateogires: Mg incest ped

1rst attempt, im sure it shows,
want ANY AND ALL feedback...thanx

Profile last updated: 2002-08-05


Stories in italian, german and english language written over the last 20 years . Some of them are just sexy, some have dark evolutions, some are kinky :)

Profile last updated: 2012-10-16


I'm a longtime fan of erotic fiction, but only recently started writing my own. I am mainly interested in (and therefore write primarily about) hot, pervy sex between adults and younger willing boys and girls, especially where incest is included in the mix. Dad/son & Dad/daughter sex are my favorite types, but I also enjoy exploring other variations on both the incest story genre as well as other pedo activities. I design most of my stories to have enough detail and structure for a cohesive, satisfying read, while remaining short and intensely erotic enough to ensure all my readers can quickly jump in and get off if they'd like!

Story cateogires: Mg, Mb, M+g, M+b, inc, ped, cons, oral, anal, rim, group, orgy, rough

Profile last updated: 2010-04-05


I find too much of TG writing to be concerned with sex rather than with eroticism. My few contributions to the genre were written as a feeble attempt towards redressing this imbalance. The older I get the more I care about intelligence and dignity of human beings. These concerns are, I hope, reflected in my writing.

Story cateogires: transgender magic consensual

Dafney Dewitt
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Dafney Dewitt is a librarian from Texas. My stories are about people on the margins of society who find strange ways to statisfy their erotic desires . I prefer lust to love, and like conflict and suspense in stories. I write for my readers.

Tell me what you want and I will write it. E-Mail me.

Story categories: Mind Control, Submission, Rape, Incest, Bestiality, and Love

Profile last updated: 2004-09-11


I'm just another all american guy who enjoys reading and writing erotic stories and poetry.

Story categories: Groug Sex, Incest, Romance, and More

Profile last updated: 2004-02-10


A recent author that joined the asstr community who writes romance, erotic stories. There is hot sex in the stories, but plot and character development is more important.
(Story categories are usually MF, MFF, FF)

Profile last updated: 2000-12-14


Most of my writing to date has been nonfiction in the form of technical or educational texts. Having retired, I am now trying my hand at erotic writing. Please e-mail your comments, suggestions and critiques to me as this is the only way I have of knowing how well I am doing and what areas need more attention.

Daija de Sangre
Profile last updated: 2004-05-28


I'm a young author. Writing is a release for me, to get rid of all my pent-up thoughts and ideas, which has an obvious link to the adult stories I post here.

Story categories: Hermaphrodites, and light domination, and I throw in some more edgy kinks to give the stories individuality.

Dakota's Prince
Profile last updated: 2008-10-12


I'm a writer who loves to write all kinds of erotic fiction (mostly revolving around young girls). My stories are PURE fiction, and I would NEVER condone such behavior in real life...Appreciate beauty...look, don't touch.

Dale H. West
Profile last updated: 2004-08-02


For those that want to know - in real life, I am a bisexual woman in my 30's who is in a monogamous marriage (to a man) of 15 years (over 20 years on the relationship). I am a computer programmer and I teach computer classes at a community college near where I live. I've held a lot of different jobs in my life, including a stint in the U.S. Navy and have owned a few businesses - regular renaissance woman I suppose. I have always had a strong imagination and a love for climbing trees (general lack of fear).

Story categories: FF MF MFF cons rom first-time

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Story cateogires: inc

Profile last updated: 2014-02-09


I started writing hanging and strangling stories around 1995, when I discovered a source of Dolcett drawings at Bon-Vue and also some hanging stories in the "lizbeth" account (which was then used by the hanging writer "Johnny") at The Arsenal.

That, plus a couple of online "cybersex" experiences gave me the inspiration (and skills) to start writing stories. Since then, I've written at least 34 stories, most of which dealt with hanging or strangling with a cord. (I've also done two with incest themes).

Profile last updated: 2007-09-17


Story categories: pedo, incest, mom/son, some father/son

I'm looking for feed back so please let me know what you think...

Damp Fingers
Profile last updated: 2015-02-28


Story cateogires: impregnation, occasionally incest (brother/sister mostly)

Profile last updated: 2017-04-06


My short stories are the adventures of Mr. or Miss Damsel, who often ends up in a distressing situation. Fortunately, the world is filled with various hunky superheroes who will arrive to save the day. I write in the second person, and keep Damsel's character vague so he or she can be whoever the reader wants them to be. There will be a straight female version and a gay male version of each story, with the possibility of bisexual situations.

Story Codes: MF, MM, M+F, M+M, anal

Story cateogires: MF MM

Dan F
Profile last updated: 2014-02-06


A man who tries to be open minded as much as possible.
I'm new to writing but hopefully will improve with time.
I don't judge people for their tastes and I ask the same courtesy.

Story cateogires: MF, Mf, Mg, ped, inc, preg

Dan P.
Profile last updated: 2008-06-06


I write stories as a way to express some ideas I have from time to time. Although several times my ideas are about my own childhood, I do write about several ages and genders.

Dances in Clouds
Profile last updated: 2010-11-04


New writer, publishing at my wife's suggestion and with her inspiration.

Dancing in the Fire
Profile last updated: 2017-05-01


I'm back. It's not like I've been gone, just otherwise occupied. The writing has been the real problem, not finding my way back here as an author. I have been here before but due to circumstances can't access the old accounts, so here I am and if you think some things seem familiar, you may be right.

Story cateogires: Mg, 1st, cons, inc, oral, MF, BDSM, Sci Fi, Mf, mf, Exib, slow

Profile last updated: 2001-03-17


I love writing stories of fantasy and horror and so I decided to combine them with my love of sex and erotica. The result is a collection of stories that should temp you into my world. Please enjoy.

Story categories: Submission, horror, magic, fantasy, incest, BDSM

Profile last updated: 2007-07-03


Writing erotica is a useful way to prevent boredom now that I have retired. My stories can be based on both gay and straight sexuality. Pedo stories fascinate me as does bi-sexuality so either of these subjects is likely to be included. The pedo bits are broadly related to happenings in my youth. Man-girl stories will always be about girls over the age of 10 years. I cannot imagine a full grown male cock entering a girl younger than that.
My Dan stories in the first person are deliberately done as he would tell the story - sometimes completely ignoring grammatical convention. The Dan stories also have some basis in fact as I was (willingly) seduced by two men during my youth. I got pleasure from both and from one of them particularly. I am happy to receive comments if you like my erotic offerings.

Profile last updated: 2013-07-07


I'm an actor from South Africa. I've been a kinkster since the day girls went from weird and annoying to mysterious and sexy... about the age of 12. I've been a voyeur, an exhibitionist, a frotteur, dabbled in bdsm as a dominant. But really, I have way too much of a sense of humour for the local scene.

Story cateogires: impreg, nc,

Dandy Tago
Profile last updated: 2016-11-26


I'm a 40-something-year-old divorced father whose family has no idea about his perverted proclivities. However, through luck, kismet, and magic, I have found someone who not only knows about my perversions, but embraces them and shares them with me. My Darling, my Little Girl, my Ophelia (fellow ASSTR author Ophelia's Fever).

My stories tend to involve pedophilia, hebephilia, and ephebophilia, although there are also some age-appropriate interactions. Other themes include incest and incest play, romantic feelings, consensual intercourse, as well as cheating and cuckolding, religion and mythology. Typical story categorizes include a mix of rom, ped, cons, and inc interspersed with more intense themes like cuck, reluc, bdsm, rough, and humil.

As an author, I sometimes revisit small moments in my life and transform them into stories that take on a life of their own. I often find myself falling in love with my characters. They run around in my head as I try to fall asleep at night. I feel their emotions, thrill at their ideas, pulse with their yearnings. My main audience is myself. But I hope you enjoy at least some of what I post here.

Profile last updated: 2003-12-31


A 27 year old single submissive that has a vivid imagination and loves to write about the ideas that pop into her kinky little head concerning BDSM.
Story categories: BDSM, nonconsentual, Master/slave, Fisting, Anal Sex, Teacher/student

Profile last updated: 2010-11-11


Story cateogires: M,F,m,f,M+F,m+F,WS,

Profile last updated: 2008-10-15


I am a father of 3 kids. I have 2 daughters and a son and since I would never do anything to harm any children (especially my own), these are some of my personal fantasies.

Story categories: youth pedo

Profile last updated: 2003-07-26


I am a lifestyle BDSM'er from Pittsburgh, PA. My wife (submissive) and I (Dominant) have been involved in the lifestyle for over 10 years and are into erotic edge play. We enjoy talking with and meeting other like-minded individuals.

I write stories that typically revolve around non-consensual, BDSM, humiliation, and slut-wife themes. You can also expect to find oral and anal sex scenes appearing in my work quite frequently. I started posting work here in 2001 and then due to a variety of reasons stopped posting. I am once again going to attempt to post stories and am starting by revamping my past collection. I hope you enjoy.

I love receiving feedback from and keeping in touch with readers and reply to all as appropriate and possible. You can send me feedback at either or at

I strongly recommend to anyone interested in erotic fiction that you check out Laura Antoniou, Lara V Cataluna, Parker, Mercy Slayer, and Doktor Wu...some of my personal favorites.

Story categories: Non-Consensual, BDSM, Oral, Anal, Humiliation, Slut-Wife

Dangerous Curves
Profile last updated: 2011-01-18


I'm just a woman with some naughty fantasies, some injected with my own personal experience, some purely works of my imagination. I hope you enjoy reading, as much as I enjoy writing. The stories containing underage sex or non-consent are entirely fiction and should not be tried at home!

Story cateogires: MF, Mf, Mg, best, inc, ped, preg, anal, Mdom

Profile last updated: 2010-04-11


I write mostly cheating wives stories where the hero does not take it lying down and mostly there is heartbreak and retribution.

Story cateogires: Cheat, Slut-wife, Divorce, sad, Revenge

Daniel Blue
Profile last updated: 2007-11-12


Story categories: gay, bisexual, bears, chubs, curious straight men, rural,

Daniel Wilson
Profile last updated: 2014-09-22


Daniel Wilson is the nom-de-plume for a soldier and historian, who has gambled and travelled his way across the United States and Europe, sharing adventures and liaisons in the process.

Profile last updated: 2015-03-22



Danny boy
Profile last updated: 2014-01-01


I've worked as a professional photographer for many years mainly doing weddings and the like. A few years ago I got in to amateur erotic photography these stories are based on my work.

Story cateogires: Fsolo FM FF MM

Profile last updated: 2012-09-03


Dutch writer of all kinds of erotic stories, using taboo-breaking imagination.

Profile last updated: 2011-09-11


My main interest is male exhibitionism. The first story I plan to post is total fantasy, but I would like to add in my own true experiences in the future. I also have a secondary interest in shaved pubes and incest.

Story categories: exhib, m/t, t

Daphne Xu
Profile last updated: 2007-09-22


My most common self-description is, "I am but a Disembodied Identity." You may, if you wish, use your imagination to fill in some details. I did post a minimally-revealing profile of myself on ASSD around May 1999, in response to a certain questionnaire.

I am still in the experimental phase of my writing, and I will probably never leave it. I write stories of all categories, although some people have noticed specific trends to my work. I write horribly slow, and suffer from severe writer's block, which may be due to a remediable medical condition (which hasn't yet been remedied).

Consequently, I've only written and posted a few stories to ASS*, and I have dozens^H^H^H^H^H^Hhundreds more in the Hopper. I've also posted two incomplete works to the Graveyard here.

Profile last updated: 2006-12-07


I write stories which generally have an element of exhibitionism in them. They are usually MF, MMF or occassionally. I tend to write long stories in chapters. The series featuring Dawn has been popular. I don't do non consensual, incest, pedo or stuff like that. I like the sex in my stories to be enjoyable by all parties. I am also interested in the nature of the story itself, so I often have people seduced by erotic stories.

I hope you enjoy them.

Story categories: exhib wife cons

Profile last updated: 2011-10-12


I'm your average next-door guy with a very twisted side. Heavily into incest.

Story cateogires: MFb*,MMb*, MMf*, MFf*, ped

Daren Peters
Profile last updated: 2016-11-13


I write mostly short works designed to provide jack off stimulation. Most are highly illegal and acting them out would land you in prison for years. While it is impossible to actually perform many of the acts I describe, they are good fantasies. My objective in writing is to provide my readers with enough detail to arouse and satisfy them. I hope I succeed.

Do not act out. Use these tales for stimulation and release instead of being stupid. My Story cateogires generally are: Mg, Mb, ped, cons with some MF and Fg

Profile last updated: 2013-08-01


I love reading and writing stories I like rape TG,Incest,Fantasy stories non-consensual and rape .

Thank you and enjoy reading.


Darius Black
Profile last updated: 2006-05-27


My name is Darius Black. I'm 18 and just graduating from High School. My stories are the not-so-common faire that one expects from those of a young persuasion. The stories are humerous and erotic. Read on!

Story categories: Humurous true stories

Darius Thornhill
Profile last updated: 2007-11-18


I write erotic stories for recreation and because its fun to share them with friends and lovers. Some of my stories are loosely based on experiences I have had and some are pure fiction. I hope you enjoy reading them. If you'd like to comment or have any questions please email me via my web site.

My erotic stories are mainly about fucking (men and women), incest, anal sex, pee (wet / urine /watersports) stories, lesbians and interracial sex both male and female.


Dark Desires 1977
Profile last updated: 2013-04-30


A darkly twisted and sarcastic individual, who enjoys exploring some of the darker sides of sex, things that make you squirm with both arousal and slightly with uncomfortableness. I can be reached through my email, or through my twitter @darkdesires1977 or at
Story cateogires: inc, preg, teen, 1st, oral, anal, ws, smoking,

dark falang
Profile last updated: 2004-11-28


Story categories: pre-teen incest

Dark Feather
Profile last updated: 2017-02-20


Dark Feather is a long time reader and writer of erotica. Main themes include Father/daughter incest with strong D/s underpinnings with an occasional interracial gang bang thrown in for good measure.

Story cateogires: MF, Mf, M+f, M+F, inc, cons, D/s, group

Dark Fenix
Profile last updated: 2005-01-22


I write because I love it, the stories I write is my own fantasies and they contain a wide variety of sexual practices. The codes listed in my profile gives an indication of what I write at the moment.

Story categories: MF, mF, MF+, impreg, cumeat, rom(-rare) nc(-rare), bi(-rare), mc(-rare)

Dark Heart of Id
Profile last updated: 2016-07-19


Anonymity is my name

Story cateogires: consensual, snuff

Dark Heathyr
Profile last updated: 2013-05-28


proudly pansexual • gloriously genderqueer • deliciously diverse


I am a self-professed literary whore - an insatiable reader and an obsessive author who has never said 'no' to a good story, no matter how naughty. My digital bookshelves tend to be well-stocked with the kind of weird, kinky, fetish erotica that makes people shift an extra seat away on the subway.

I have been writing erotica for nearly as long as I have been living it; living it for nearly as I have been aroused by it; and aroused by it for nearly as long as I have been reading it.


My fantasy is to be your fetish, and my fetish to be your fantasy.

Dark Pen
Profile last updated: 2006-01-01


These stories contain various elements. But, so far, all contain elements of BDSM - from relativly mild to very extreme. I don't do snuff or mutilation. But I do include m/c, teen, blood, w/s and other stuff.

dark ranger
Profile last updated: 2008-02-09


i am a fairly young man 32 and home all the time now so i have decided to try my hand at writing my storys are about the life that i have led for the last decade or so they are almost exclusivlf m/f and first time sex

Story categories: first time exibition

Dark Thunder
Profile last updated: 2016-10-13


Not much to say, just a writer trying to have some fun, and trying to find readers :) That about sums it up.

Dark Triad
Profile last updated: 2017-02-06


Hi I'm an older male x military with a very dark side. My stories contain underage incest rape and pretty much all topics. The driving theme is almost always some form of blackmail, coercion, forced submission, fear of violence or brain washing as the motivation for sex.

Current series: Life in Pieces- about a twisted mans life and the lives he destroys along the way.

Codes include M F f b g young rape kidnap anal oral pregnant pedo cuckold group family incest prostitution slavery snuff murder and many more

Dark Urges
Profile last updated: 2013-09-07


Ich versuche für meine Geschichten möglichst nachvollziehbare Charaktere zu entwickeln. Ob mir dies gelingt, mag jeder für sich selbst beurteilen. Es gibt ein breites Spektrum über das ich schreibe, doch in der Regel handelt es sich um Geschichten über normale Personen die in für sie außergewöhnliche Situationen geraten.

Ich wünsche viel Spaß und Vergnügen beim Lesen!

Story categories: FF, zoo

Dark Vision
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Story categories: Incest, teen, first, oral,

Profile last updated: 2017-04-15


Story cateogires: mpreg, pregnant, gay,

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Sword & Socery tales. Lots of woman/creature encounters.

Some other fantasy stories, as well as some stories set in modern day.

Profile last updated: 2016-06-07


A hack writer regularly taunted by his muse, whose mission seems to be taunting him with rather regretful themes.

Profile last updated: 2009-06-18


Trying to test some ideas out. So, here it goes...

Story cateogires: Ped, Incest

Profile last updated: 2004-01-05


darkCarbon is the pseudonym of a software developer and erstwhile poet who lives in Europe, having moved there long after the age at which moving to Europe might have actually made a difference. He stopped trying to be a poet after finally admitting to himself that, although he perhaps has some small identifiable talent for it, he actually really really HATES writing. But for some reason, he still enjoys writing porn...

most stories contain bdsm. a few stories may contain nc.

Profile last updated: 2015-06-30


Story cateogires: Mg, MMg, MMFg

darker side of dreams
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Story categories: sluts, gangbangs, cheating wife, inc, impreg, rape, fetish, violence, watersports, etc (anything goes)

any feedback is appreciated, please feel free to email me

Darker Side
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I'm a geezer who wouldn't hurt anyone. But as long as I can remember, I've had dark fantasies/fetishes which come out in my stories.

Story categories: MF, FF, FM, nc, con, sc, bd, snuff

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Story cateogires: Heh little bit of everything ^.^;;

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Well first a little background info. My name is chris, and i'm 18. I have been masturbating since i was 14. I read the stories here everyday and love all your stories. I'm into just about anything including anal play so my stories might not be for everyone. I'm a newly 18 year old boy. I instantly took up writing sex stories because i felt that it was a shame if i didn't help get people off with my stories when theirs get me off.I also love writing and i appreciate any comments good or bad. I'm into many topics but my main one that i'm working on is mature women who teach youger men. I love to cyber or just chat so if you hve any questions fee fre to give me a buzz.

Story categories: older, mature, first time, sci-fi,incest.



I am a divorced father of three girls and one boy. I have always loved erotice and use it to satisfy my less than moral fantasies. I decided to give writing a try.
I tend to focus on teen romances and SciFi. Since this is what I like to read, this is what I write.
I try to give my characters life by developing them more than is possible in a short story, so I'm going to focus on multiple chapter stories.

Story categories: Teen, SciFi, incest, romance, Mind Control

Darko Dan
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My story (just one for now!) revolves around rather rough and extreme ideas, so I highly recommend going through story codes before reading. You will find that degradation of females is the most prevalent theme.

I also post my stories on other websites that aren't as unrestricted as ASSTR, so some themes like bestiality will be absent. Also, the underage characters are, well, not underage on other sites. You get the gist.

I am an Indian that's residing in India and so far I have written mostly for Indian sex forums. For that reason, I have purposely kept some of the language raw and blunt - I feel it adds to the Indian feel and the extreme themes that are being being explored. Same reason for the slight exaggerations that you will find. In any case, I hope you enjoy, shudder and cringe along with me as the tale progresses.

Don't forget to let me know what you think about the story, what ideas you have for future updates or if you just want to talk. Feel free to drop me an email at

Thanks for reading!

Story categories: bd, blackmail, inc, nc, ped, rape, reluc, sad, sm, tort, ws

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a word can spell a thousand visions. enjoy my visions in these stories. flash id at the door.

Story cateogires: ff, sc, sm

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hi, todos gracias por estas pagina y oportunidad de poner mis textos aqui soy de mexico

Story cateogires: cbt

Profile last updated: 2009-02-26


I am an older man with widely eclectic sexual tastes. This is an outlet for my fantasies and other twisted thoughts that roam my mind.

Profile last updated: 2016-09-22


I don't have the words to match my imagination, but I will try. I'm a married mid 50's dad with a darkside. I can try and write stories with ideas from you, if it is within my fantasies

Darles Chickens
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A welcome from Darles Chickens!!!


Hello and thank you for your interest in Darles Chicken's Magical Story world. This read me document is to give you a little insight into me and the stories that I write.

I have been writing stories for a number of years, all of which have had a paedophilic theme, i.e. children involved in sex acts. These include both boys and girls with adults and other children, of the same sex as well as the opposite sex.

My early stories unfortunately got accidentally wiped, and I am therefore unable to post those. The stories you will find here have been written from 2000 onwards. They used to be posted on a certain pay story site (which I will not name as I do not want to give him free advertising). However, he seemed to forget that many authors where writing their nuts off free of charge to make HIM money!! Therefore I decided to make my stories available for free, courtesy of the good folks at asstr! If you have downloaded this or any of my stories (in any format) from a site other than at my site on asstr, I would appreciate it if you would please email me the details.

I am English, and as you may have noticed I live in the UK. Therefore I write in English only, and the spellings, speech etc., are UK English. I dislike the use of words like 'butt' and 'jizz' and therefore do not use them.

Although my stories are entirely fictional, I strive to make them as realistic as possible. Therefore the dialogue will be 'age appropriate'. Similarly the stories will be appropriate to the age too, i.e. no 13" cocks being rammed up a 5 year 4 year old screaming 'fill me up'. It doesn't happen in real life..nor in my stories. I also do not write stories using force or violence. There is an exception which is a story entitled 'The Rape Of Candi Barr' which was written following a specific request of a young lady who appeared as 'Candi' in the story. All acts in my stories generally are consensual (albeit with a little coercion here and there!).

My stories are posted in three different formats.
TEXT - Can be read on any text editor, i.e. note pad (which comes with Windows)
DOC - Can be read with MS Word or any compatible programme such as OpenOffice.
PDF - Can be read with Adobe Acrobat/Fox it pdf readers.

You will find that that the stories in TEXT format are in parts, as that was how they were written. Stories in DOC and PDF are 'complete' - in as much as the parts are joined together to make one complete document. Therefore these may be large in size! Additionally, DOC and PDF files are formatted better, and are colour coded.
Stories featuring GIRLS only are background colour coded magenta.
Stories featuring BOYS only are background colour coded cyan.
Stories featuring BOYS & GIRLS are background colour coded white.

I will write and post new stories as often as time allows. This may be irregular due to demands on my time, so please check back regularly. I am planning a mailing list to notify people when new stories are available - if this interests you please email me and let me know. Details will not be passed on to ANY one else.

I'm always happy to recieve email from readers, be it praise, constructive criticsm, or suggestions/story ideas.
I ALWAYS reply to quickly as time allows.
Here's what some readers have had to say...(all genuinely recieved):

DC old buddy you've excelled yourself! Victoria's secret is one of the
best written stories I've seen in a long time........ from MP

Very hot stuff man....Can't wait till the next part(s)...... from FP

I love love love your stories!!!....from S

I am really enjoying One Stop Paedo Shop, it has shall we say the right affect on me....from C

On Sweet Little Lauren... the story line is great and nice to have a personality written in for the little ones!...from Anon

First let me say I love each and every one of your stories, and download them the minute they appear on the site..... from U.P

WOW!!! What a fantastic new story. Can`t wait for the next instalment...... from CW

Thank you once again for a great story. Dav Kim & the Kid, you really know how to make a person have a big stiffie.... from CW

I just got finished reading the last of all your stories, you know how to make a little girl lover
stiff....from ANON

Loved Lonely Girl, great writing & great story line.....from C.W

Keep them coming! They're really good!...from H

Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your new story....from S

I love the Andy part of Rosie and Andy 2b, beautifully written. Thanks! ...from J

You are very talented. Love getting off to your stories......ANON

Yikes man!....That is some hot shit you write.... F.P

If you want to write yourself and would like to have them posted on the site, please attach it to an email and send it to me and I will post it. Preferably in plain text or doc format. I reserve the right to edit, correct grammar, and spell check any submissions made before posting them. I will inform the writer if I feel it is necessary to do this. All I ask is that the story is in keeping with those on the site, i.e. pre teen (under 13), consensual etc.

Finally I hope you enjoy my stories and please feel free to send your comments/requests/submissions to me via the fedback form on any of the story pages.

Flames will be ignored and consigned to the dustbin without being read so don't bother. As I said at the beginning you don't HAVE to read them!

Please remember that ALL stories are copyrighted and my express permission is required for them to be posted ANYWHERE including Usenet!
Enough enjoy!!

Darles Chickens

Story categories: pedo boy girl underage incest preteen

Profile last updated: 2005-01-03


Story categories: erotic coupling...I am a 34 year old mother of 2 who writes erotica as a hobby, amongst being a part time college student. I dont write hard core, or non-consentual as a rule. I do write incest, lesbian, BDSM, and Loving stories. I enjoy all feedbacks, and if you leave me an email address I will respond to them as soon as I can!!!!

Profile last updated: 2002-07-24


I like to write, whether it is for ASSTR or straight writing, it's what I do. I will write on request, just email me with comments, suggestions anything you want, I live to please readers.

Darth Kalel
Profile last updated: 2016-04-15


I am not a professional writer. I am just someone who gets an idea and I like to post them here so others may enjoy them. Do I ask you forgive my horrible grammar. For the grammar police I know my grammar isn't good enough.

Darwin's Duck
Profile last updated: 2008-09-08


Hello and welcome

I write stories about humiliation and embarrassment through forced nudity of teen and pre-teen boys and girls. The antagonist in these stories are of the same age or close to same age as the protagonist of the story, but may have adult consent to conduct their actions.

Please note that some of these stories include non-consensual sexual acts on the part of underage characters.

I hope you enjoy my work, and I always welcome friendly comments, suggestions, and criticism, so please feel free to contact me.

Story categories: mf, bg, humil, exhib, fdom, mdom

Profile last updated: 2011-04-11


Story categories: MF+ anal bd ds humil mdom reluc bbw preg

Dastardly Dodo
Profile last updated: 2003-08-27


I started writing erotic stories as a result of a bet. The bet was could I write an erotic story that other people want to read. My readers tell me they do. My friends are not convinced.

Data Fever
Profile last updated: 2015-02-22


I enjoy writing stories of how people meet and fall in love.

Story cateogires: mm, Mm

Profile last updated: 2010-06-26


I am new writer just getting started after reading so many hot stories.

I got a bit of a twisted mind so please look at story codes

Story cateogires: ped MF Mf Mg Fg beast ws scat sm inc

Profile last updated: 2006-03-21


Many in the mind control story community should know who I am by now. For anyone new, I write Fsub mc usually featuring women who wear eyeglasses.

Story categories: mc, gwg

Profile last updated: 2015-08-26


Story categories: sissy, cd, tv, diaper, inf

Dave Haugen
Profile last updated: 2002-11-02


I was born in 1971 and am happily married with a happily normal little life. I just happen to enjoy both reading and writing erotic literature.

My stories are predominantly stories of nonconsent, rape, torture, and humiliation. Of course, I do not personally condone that non consenting humans practice such activities, however, I am sure that Alfred Hitchcock did not personally condone murder, blackmail and espionage.

For me, writing is simply a form of escape, artistic expression and creative exertion. As well, it is a very enjoyable.

I appreciate the writings of other authors, and their desire to share their works with others. I also appreciate receiving comments, suggestions, and feedback to my stories. Hopefully everyone who is interested in reading erotic literature will respond by writing and sharing their own works.

Dave Haugen

Story categories: Stories of Non consent/rape/humiliation

Dave Rice
Profile last updated: 2015-06-18


Just someone who enjoys writing.

Profile last updated: 2002-12-13


Story categories: I like to right stories which are related to my life at sea as well as other life experiences.
From the age of about 8. I knew I was different to other males, I mean how could a male want to be a female and have romantic feelings for another male.
I learned early on that there are men out there who are keen to encourage such feelings and this is reflected in the content.
They will mainly appeal to those liking to read gay stories and gay life, although I do encourage others to read the stories also.
Subject material includes trans genderism and transvestites
If you read them and enjoy them let me know. I would also like to hear your comments good bad or indifferent. I'm always looking to improve the content so please don't be shy, write and let me know

Profile last updated: 2011-01-08


Retired, erotic writer living in Mexico.

Story cateogires: MF, ScFi,

Profile last updated: 2007-05-09


I have been writing erotic stories for over 20 years, many published in various men's magazines, some not, and some were created at the request of female acquaintances or friends. Stories I wrote for men's magazines are not available on the web because I was paid for them and the copyrights belong to the magazines. Most stories involve older men/younger women or girls, but no non-consensual, violent or homosexual activity. All my stories are fantasies and not based on real persons, but I draw heavily on my own life experiences. I previously wrote stories under the name "Dave" but after living in Asia for some years I lost my original email accounts, so this is my new account. I am happy to write private/personal stories occasionally, but my time is limited, so I entertain only truely SERIOUS requests. Since my stories are very explicit and graphic, They are intended for adult consumption only. All stories are copyrighted and may only be reproduced for your own personal, non-commercial use always unedited and credit to me as author.

I love to hear from my fans, so write if you like what you read or have something you would like me to write.

Story categories: MF Mg Hetreosexual Rom cons oral anal ws Pedo

Profile last updated: 2013-04-01


English writer who enjoys writing about my fantasies and those involving my wife.

Story cateogires: MF, MMF, MMMF,

Profile last updated: 2007-08-29


Just read yellow fever. It's probably the most important thing I'll write on this website. Breaking point is also pretty important. But it doesn't define me like yellow fever does.

Story categories: cheaters/Asian

David Angelo
Profile last updated: 2002-01-16


Story categories: Written by a man, but hopefully appealing to women readers.
More romantic than technically explicit.

David B.
Profile last updated: 1999-12-26


A Middle aged grandfather I write for my own amusement, having read an whole lot of very badly written stories. I hated the way the English language was being abused, made the comment that 'I could do better than that!', and was challenged to do so. As a result I have written a number of long-ish stories as well as a couple of series. I tend to concentrate of family love making (Incest if you like) as well as sex between young people. I DO NOT write about Beastiality, Rape, BDSM, or any of the more extreme forms of sexual activities, these things turn me off. It may seem boring but I just prefer plain simple gentle sex between consenting participants, young and/or old.

David Criminal
Profile last updated: 2003-08-31


The stories I write are all fictional. There are a few actual events here, and these have been expanded and embellished into my stories.

My stories all revolve around a specific theme: A teenage boy is driven crazy by the sexuality of the women in his life, including his mother, sisters, his friends' mothers and sisters, his teachers, and the girls he knows from school. Some of his relationships are normal and healthy, but he inevitably makes some mistake, and crosses the line of consentual sex, which leads him into a world he is not prepared for - a world of strong women who enjoy punishing weak boys for their uncontrolled sexuality, and his crossing the line of consent gives these women the license to force him into whatever punishment they desire. His punishment will involve some female domination, and eventaully leads to the boy being taught the ultimate consequence of his own sexuality, by forcing him to submit to a dominant man.

There are strong themes of dominance and submission, BSDM, voyerism and exhibitionism, incest, and bisexuality. Because I expect the reader to put him or herself into the place of the main character, my stories are all written in the first person, and they are light in physical descriptions and names of key characters, especially familty members. This, I hope, will help the reader mold my fantasy into his or her own particular experience.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy...

Story categories: femdom incest mother/son bisexual male submissive

David L.
Profile last updated: 2008-06-11


Two of the overriding passions in my life are Truth and Sex so it shouldn't be a surprise that nearly all my erotic stories are attempts to drill down a little deeper into, well, the truth about sex and how it affects us and our precious relationships with others.

But there's no law that says you can't stop along the road to truth and smell the roses of some good hot, horny fun!
If you like realistic tales of sexual connections (sometimes complicated ones!) between consenting adults that don't involve violence, you might enjoy what I have to offer. IN any case, thanks for dropping by.

David Lavenham
Profile last updated: 2007-01-19


My stories are many and varied. I write fantasies about any subject; straight, gay, SM, bestiality, bondage - whatever and wherever my inagination takes me. I also write stories based on requests from my fans so e-mail me if you have a fantasy you want me to turn into a story.

David McEntee
Profile last updated: 2005-11-01


I'd considered myself primarly a sci-fi author/fan. But, I found myself increasing drawn to erotica, particularly romantic erotica. I was married in 1988 and have both a son and a daughter.

Story categories: MF mf FF mm rom wl oral 1st scfi

David Nunes da Silva
Profile last updated: 2004-05-26


I don't do talking horses. Everything I write is true, in the sense of being my best guess based on archaeology, comparative mythology, etc. But I try not to let the research get in the way of the story. I write music for ancient intruments - for the songs in each story; click on the yellow note symbols to hear the music (.mp3)

Story categories: historical/prehistorical, violence, all kinds of sex, whipping

David Peter
Profile last updated: 2011-02-21


David Peter is my pen name for the erotica stories that I write. I mainly write in the first person. Most of them involve spanking, homosexuality, transgenderism and/or infantilism. Yet, I do have a wide range of tastes.

I do love to hear from my readers. Please email me with any comments at all.

David Shaw
Profile last updated: 1999-09-16


Lives in Fremantle, Western Australia. Old, ugly but completely harmless male. Always happy to share a beer at Rosy O'Grady's or the Bog with any visiting US navy guys or gals in order to try and improve his knowledge of American-English. Has no idea why he has this uncontrollable compulsion to write strange stories about strange goings on - but enjoys it anyway. Also likes exchanging e-mails, especially with interesting females. Which, coincidentally, is the name of his story site:

David Stephens
Profile last updated: 2015-07-15


My stories involve sexual activity between adults and children, often within the family. Story codes are typically MF/g, MF/b, inc, pedo.

Story categories: MF/g,inc, pedo

Profile last updated: 2004-01-11


We, David and Jenifer, have been married for twenty years and have enjoyed an active and open sexual marriage. Our interests in sex are wide ranging. Our fantasies are even broader. For years we have written short stores for each other's enjoyment. Our stories are fantasies based on experiences we have had, or wish we had been able to enjoy.

We write about almost everything: FF/MF/MM/ff/mm/mf/group sex/incest/beastiality/BD/pedoerotic

Everything is always consensual.

Please feel free to email us your comments, suggestions and questions.

Story categories: FF/MF/MM/ff/mm/mf/group sex/incest/beastiality/pedoerotic

Daydreamer New
Profile last updated: 2016-07-08


Just writing stories.

Story categories: nc, rape, viol, blackmail

Profile last updated: 2005-03-13


I write erotic stories as a hobby. My stories are very nasty and totally fictional. If you like them, I'd love to hear from you. My email address is shown in each story. Be sure to spell it correctly - daydreamrxx - or I won't get it. Thanks for reading them!

Story categories: Exhibitionism, Pedo, Public Sex, WS

Profile last updated: 2013-03-25


Low-key. Been online far too long to get bent over other people's opinions. VERY clear on the distinction between reality and fantasy. Loves role play of many types. Generally gentle & cuddly. Bi.

Profile last updated: 2012-10-06


Story cateogires: F+F, FF, f+F, fF, nc, rape, anal

Profile last updated: 2003-03-25


I write about how I expect human/robot relationships will work out in the future once we can build there marvelous toys -- and anything else I feel like.

Story categories: asfr, cons, rom, SciFi

Profile last updated: 2010-06-29


First attempts at writing... Joy! Go me.

Story cateogires: mmf bi anal

Profile last updated: 2013-06-28


I recently discovered this site and have been obsessed with it. I have searched and searched for the perfect daddy and daughter story. My biggest problem is that I do not believe that a little girl would ever WANT to fuck their daddy. Maybe I am wrong, maybe there are little girls out there that want their daddy’s cock. I never did. This is all dad (rest in peace) NEVER touched me!!

This is my first time writing, so comments are welcome! If you like I’ll post more...I have a whole story line that has been playing in my head for years! I would love to share with you. I hope you enjoy.

Story cateogires: Mg, MF, bd., inc, mc, nc, ped, rape, relic, spanking

Profile last updated: 2014-11-26


I have been reading from this site for many years and before that the Alt sex stories news group. Most of what I write are fantasies I have but lack the funds of place to carry them out.

Deadly Crystal
Profile last updated: 2007-09-21


I am a 23 year-old woman, and I am passionate about sex. My favorite kind of story to read and write are noncon, and I love writing a young girl in a position where she must fuck and suck her way out of trouble. I was an English major, so I have pretty high standards in my writing. I want to make you cum when you read my stories, but I want to do so with correct spelling and nice grammar. My secret fantasy is for my boyfriend to hire someone to rape me while he watches. Don't tell him I said that! ;-)

Story categories: nonconsensual

Profile last updated: 2009-06-20


Story cateogires: Mf ff

Profile last updated: 2013-10-12


Just someone who enjoys bringing his odd fantasies to people all over the net. Keep in mind that these are stories and fantasies, often doing this sort of stuff could result in serious harm to someone or legal issues ranging from fines to arrest.

Story cateogires: mf,mF, Ff, MF, Mf,pros, under, oral,anal

Debbie Wilson
Profile last updated: 2004-07-17


I was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1970. I moved to the USA a few years ago. I have always been fascinated by mens infatuation with womens bodies and I discovered at an early age taht I got turned on by it. I hhave enclosed here some of my experiences. All of these stories are ...

Story categories: Exhibitionism, voyeurism

Profile last updated: 2017-02-06


Story cateogires: ballbusting, penectomy, cbt, anal

Profile last updated: 2001-03-30


I am 31, from New Zealand and love to write, erotic poetry comes to me naturally and have just turned my hand to stories as well. Please send me feedback at

Profile last updated: 2004-09-02


I write strictly gay erotica with young characters. My general style of writing is oriented towards realistic stories with very descriptive scenes. Nearly all my works are coming of age stories.

Profile last updated: 2015-12-27


Story categories: M+F cumeating

Orally obsessed, stories all containing lots of cum eating, but also rimming, being a toilet, being a submissive oral whore, bisex, humiliation and bestiality.


Profile last updated: 2003-02-26


May we never stop the discourse of our imagination exploring the world of our wishes and lusts, as we should never stop exploring ourselves

Profile last updated: 2007-07-30


Hi! Decker here, perhaps best known for my "Psyche" series over at

Story categories: MC, MF, Mf, Fm, Ff, FF, cb

Profile last updated: 2007-05-05


I write mostly about teens and their fun and misadventures.

Story categories: f/f, F/f, Exhib.,Incest, Group

Profile last updated: 2010-08-09


30 yrs old, married, all stories i write are real experiences shared by me and spouse

Story cateogires: lactation, pregnancy, weight gain, bbw

Profile last updated: 2007-09-16


I am a professional and a prolific writer of many genres. The stories posted here are fictional based on mostly fictional but some factual persons, places and occurences. Most of my work posted here is of conscesual pedophilia. I hope you all enjoy the product of my imagination and I welcome your honest comments.

Defi Kinder and Pope Solomon
Profile last updated: 2012-10-14


We are Defi and Pope. We're two guys who like writing gay sex stories including man-boy love and boy-boy love with a medical theme to them.

Definitive Likes
Profile last updated: 2003-08-25


Let me take a moment to explain my pen name. As with the name, I have definate likes and dislikes. Of those dislikes are viloent rape stories, male male, hardcore pedophila (under 14 or so), and animals. Just about everything other than that you will eventually find among my stories.

I have been a loyal reader for years and a writer for years and am just deciding to post my works. I have many stories though not many are currently in electronic form.

Story categories: blackmail, cons, pedo (14+), nc

Profile last updated: 2008-10-01


I've been a fantasy/fiction fan for decades and have recently tried my hand at expressing some ideas.

Dehli Boy 1972
Profile last updated: 2007-07-03


Now I am a 33/m working as a manager in a company. I wants to share my 10 years sexual experiance with my girl students.

Story categories: Teacher stories

Del Shady
Profile last updated: 2009-09-20


Software engineeer by trade, and hobby farmer by love. I grew up in Boston and somehow I ended up in a ranch on a river in Oregon. Life is too cool, but not always easy.

Profile last updated: 2008-11-16


Profile - Delbert Graddy - Dead bartender at Overlook Hotel in Colorado. Contact to do writing group: - use Google Talk.

Story Codes: Mg/Mf, bdsm, nc, rape, prostitution, inc, tort, torture, viol, sad, ped, ws, scat, snuff, death. Mostly vicious stuff.

NOT M/M or cannibal or other things I can't get my mind around.


Goal: Suggest the truth to show the truth - let the truth be the truth not be talk but be learned.

Profile last updated: 2006-05-26


Mostly pure fantasy. Not realistic but kinky. I hope you like them.

Story categories: Toys, Magic, Size, Growth of Body Parts, SciFi

Delta Ghost
Profile last updated: 2014-06-03


I am Delta Ghost. I have been a writer for about two years now, I wrote fairly normal stuff, including what some would consider "Normal" erotic material. But this account is specifically for me to be able to write abnormal erotic fiction. What you read here is not going to be normal, but it will be hot.

My writing isn't the greatest, but I am going to college soon and I will minor in English so that should help improve my writing.

Also, I have a pregnancy/impregnation fetish, so expect a LOT of that from my stories.


Delta Ghost, Out.

Delta Venus
Profile last updated: 2009-02-25


Demoiselle L'arc en ciel noir
Profile last updated: 2008-07-13


It's been an age since I've submitted anything here, and it looks like the last update to the site was over a year ago. I'm not going to be frequent, lol, but what I do post will be delicious to a variety of people. Please enjoy.

My work can sometimes include (but is not limited to)the following:

MM FF MF M+F F+M M+F+ (MM FF) (and multiple combos of two couples) interr bd Fsolo Msolo nc reluc sm cheat swing wife wl toys tg viol voy alien best BBW bi goth hist humor magic ScFi

Profile last updated: 2010-01-21


I am DemonBound, you can email me at My stories often contain fantasy and science fiction elements and always contain sex. The sex can consist of but is not limited to intercourse, anal and oral sex, facial cum shots/cum eating, underage sex, bestiality, incest, rape, homosexual sex (though usually girl-girl), tentacle sex, alien and demonic sex, and possibly pissing or scat though those will be rare. If any of that offends you, don't read my stories. If you are a child, don't read my stories. If you are a fundamentalist into censorship, don't read my stories and fuck off. Finally, in my stories, almost everyone lives, everyone cums, and I hope that you find them to be reasonably well written and entertaining. Or in other words, take a walk on my darkside and cum.

Profile last updated: 2003-05-14


I'm a longtime reader turned author. My works are primarily standard MF stuff. Current projects include a fantasy novel called Black's Mountain.

Dennis Jon
Profile last updated: 2006-02-17


My stories are all based on true events in my worldwide adventures.

Story categories: novels, true stories, travel

see: for info about my latest book.

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I like to think I am just a normal guy, but perhaps I do have a bit of pedo twist, but only in my imagination!

Story cateogires: Mg

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I'm a new author and wish to get the chance to practice writing stories.

Story cateogires: F,f,g.M,m,b,rape,sm

Der Professor
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I am a pervert, like many of you. I like storys containing rough sex with little boys. As I dreamed of being exposed to such scenes since I was a lad of 5 myself. But it did never happen.
Nor do I ever want to happen it to a real child. But let the perverted mind, tell perverted stories to perverts.
My stories are written in German, as this is my mother tounge.
Gedanken sind frei.

Story categories: Mb, Fb, spank, German

derek bond
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My name is Derek and I'm a 22 year old student working on my degree, my girlfriend Traci is a year younger than me, but has already graduated and has a good job at a respectable company, she is a very attractive young woman, with straight blonde hair past her shoulders, smoking thin body and nice C breasts. We live in the midwest in separate cities but only about 45 minutes apart.

All of my journal entry stories are 100% real with no fiction. My girlfriend is a sweetheart and very adventurous sexually, and I've wanted to post stories that she writes me or tell about our many incredible nights but she wouldn't let me. But, I've decided I can hold it in no longer and want to share with those who might be interested so here it goes...

Story categories: True journals and stories about my girlfriend Traci

Derek Hoffnung
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Derek Hoffnung writes interlinking stories about the staff and pupils of Forest Park High School in England. The content is mostly tastefull and romantic, the sex scenes evoke emotional stimulation. His work is realistic and believable.

Story categories: Mf cons rom hs teen incs

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Male, born 1968. Australian, have lived in several countries and have traveled to many more. Married and think about her all the time. Stories will vary but most will be about my wife. Some will be true, others just a dream, you'll have to decide yourself what they are.

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I get allot of my ideas from my Libertine friends and family, some form personal experiences, and allot from my own rather vivid imagination. Ask if you want to know more.

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These are stories I’m getting from a young lady, she has asked me to post them for her. As they are supposedly based on her life growing up in an ALT life style I will let the stories be the author’s profile. Be advised see cods below before reading, Enjoy.

Story categories: inc, M/dom, F/dom, M/f, F/f, M/g, F/g b/d, and s/m, just to name a few.

Dern Goode
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Dern Goode has been penning erotic fantasies all his life. Considering the fact that his earliest influences were Traveller's Companion and Midwood books, that's been quite some time. He likes to create fantasies that, while improbable, are possible. And, oh yes--humor. For some reason he thinks the sex act itself and our attitudes toward it are often rather funny.

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Writing erotica has been my passion for several years now. My site is dedicated to that passion. I'd like to think I've improved in that time. Only you can be the judge. If you're a romantic, this is a good site to get started. I'm a sucker for romance! Happy Reading

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Residence: Phoenix, AZ
Occupation: Student

Story categories: Journeyman Pieces

Desolation Angel
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I am a recent college graduate and a long-time lover of transsexual girls and women. The stories I write are expressions of my romantic and sexual desire for t-girls which I hope are sexy and raw, yet sensual and tender.

Story categories: Transsexual Erotica

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Story categories: Forced sex, Sex Slavery, oral, urin drinking, cum drinking.

Deutchem Brennar
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Story cateogires: Fm, incest

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Diese Seite ist auf Dauer geschlossen. Wer sie Übernehmen möchte, kann sich bei mir melden.

Story cateogires: M, F, f, g, mf, ff, Mg, anal, 1st, inc, rape, tort, sad, german, deutsch

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Non professional writer of adult fiction. Enjoy most themes of bondage. Most of my stories center around lesbian themes of control and submission. Erotic humiliation is also a fave theme.

Story cateogires: BDSM, FF, nc,

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Sex, desire, passion...It knows not what limits are. The body wants what the body wants, but sometimes it can't have what it wants. I write about those wants, those needs, the dark driven passion and desires of man. Or woman. and sometimes a bit more than a metaphorical beast.

Profile last updated: 2010-03-21


Most all of my stories are based in my life. They are either recollections of past events, or they may be fantasies about people I know. Embellishment is optional, but frequent:)

Profile last updated: 1999-12-15


I began writing erotica as an outlet for my overactive imagination. Many of my stories stem from my own fantasies or experience, while some were started on a whim and evolved on their own. My writings tend to cover a variety of catagories and styles, but I try to hide at least a bit of depth and emotion in them somewhere. Budding romance is a favorite subject of mine, as is the occasional science fiction or supernatural theme.

I've posted about a dozen stories to the Usenet in past years, and to my surprise one or two were even favorably received. I have to admit that I get a kick from people's comments--as we all know, many of the best things in life can't be done alone. ;)

About Me In Case You Were Wondering: I am a 27 year old male living in southern California. My hobbies include music, art, assal horizontology, and general enjoyment of life.

Profile last updated: 2016-10-16


I am an amateur erotic author. Most of my experience is in MU* based sexual roleplay. I like short-form stories with a curious scenario to them, and I enjoy fantastical elements.

Profile last updated: 2007-02-02


I'm a single middle-aged American mother of 1 with perhaps a somewhat unusual but longstanding interest in certain (strictly fictional) genres of erotic literature, particularly those with mutually consensual incest, lesbian, dogsex, and slut wife themes. I appreciate good writing and character development, which are sadly rare commodities in this field. I won't name my fave authors(not all of them are well known or posted here at ASSTR), but those who share my passions will no doubt guess. I have written occasional short stories over the years, but have not shared them in a public forum. So I have something of a backlog of original stories that I could dig up and revise for posting if there's interest.

Profile last updated: 2014-08-08


Hey I'm Diane, been reading stories for many years but never posted anything before, love talking to people who enjoy the same type of stories I do. Hope to hear from lot's of cool people and that you enjoy my stories.

Story cateogires: F/F, F/f/, F/g, exhibitionism, masturbation, watersport, scat, incest, pedo, rape, snuff. My main characters are sadistic lesbians with no limits.

Profile last updated: 2008-12-06


Story categories: diaper,diapers,inf,infantilist, inf,rape

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Story cateogires: scat, inc, ws, ped

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My past experiences include rogue, world traveler, writer, body guard, river boat gambler, mountain man, cynic, explorer, psychic, masseuse, crack shot, Zen master and poet, lawman, druid, entertainer, former construction worker, amateur anthropologist, spy, teller of tall tales, double agent (retired), teacher, trainer, actor and occasionally a seeker of truths and attacker of windmills. My various experiences include, virgins converted, wars fought, revolutions started, governments run, revenge wreaked, bars emptied, football games fixed, bridges destroyed, tigers tamed, mountain’s crossed, orgies organized, dragons slain, parties crashed, lessons taught and learned, procrastination promulgated and dinosaurs neutered. I am 47, generally not afraid of a dangling participle or my cooking, 5' 10", wide shoulders, dark hair, with a touch of gray at the temples and in his short beard, brown eyes with green flecks, an Irish tongue, a Viking’s outlook on life, German pragmatism, a Scotsman’s love of kilts and the devil’s own glint in his eye. I am endlessly fascinated by people, love to write and read and believe that regular exercise is useful.

Story categories: Romance, Bondism, Dominance, Sci-Fi, Horror, Mystery

Dick Quon
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Story categories: Younger girls with older men

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I am a male and live in England and I have been interested in reading pedo fiction for over 40 years, in particular stories about the sexual abuse, punishment and torture of children by sadistic adults.

I have re-written with the permission of the original author NOMAD, a trilogy of sadistic tales set in Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian England, along with 9 dark and sadistic stories.

The Orphan Trilogy

This has been viewed over three million times during the past 8 years and is made up of 46 chapters and is over a quarter of a million words long. However, please be aware that these tales are very dark and sadistic and will not appeal to everyones tastes.


Salvation is the first series and is set in 1897.

It chronicles the sexual abuse, daily hygiene routines, medicals, punishments and torture at St Saviour's orphanage in 1897 by the staff, and a number of wealthy individuals.

It also chronicles the ordeals of those children unfortunate enough to be caught up in the sadistic worlds of Judge John Blackstone, Doctor Samuel Croft and Miss Hilda Ashton.


Inheritance is the second series and is set in 1918.

Here we meet Simon and Victoria Holmes-Marchant, the children of Lord Richard Holmes and Alice Marchant.

It chronicles their incestuous relationship, and their sadistic sexual abuse, punishment and torture of children, a trait that they have inherited from their parents.


Deliverance is the third series and is set in 1939.

Now Victoria and Simon are older and have survived the 21 years until the outbreak of the Second World War.

They are delivered from their boredom when it is arranged for a number of children to be evacuated from London to Birchwood Grange.

Story codes:

pedo, bdsm, mind control, medicals, forced masturbation, daily hygiene routines, incest, Femdom, punishments and torture.



This story is set in England during the 1930's, and is about a doctor who takes young girls into his service so he can abuse them, only to sell them on when they are past the age he likes.


This story is set in England during the 1970's, and is about a cruel woman who uses her position to abuse and torture vulnerable families.


This story is set in London during 1876 and is about a gentleman who teaches his maids, daughter and granddaughter the error of their ways through sexual servitude and harsh discipline.


This short story is set during the Spanish Inquisition.


This story is about a young girls sexual awakenings set in London.


This is a short 'Coming Of Age' story set in Rural England


This is a short story written with ideas supplied by Master Taz.

It is about a young girl who experiences the delights of pain and pleasure. There is also an opportunity here for someone to continue with this story if they so wish.


This story is about an orphan girl called Sarah, who is sent to St Mary's, an orphanage for wayward girls run by sadistic nuns. Whist at St Mary's she develops a penchant for much younger girls. She is then taken into service by one of the patrons as a governess to his two young daughters, and is given free reign to indulge her penchant. This is a dark and sadistic tale and will not be to everyone's tastes.


This is a new dark and sadistic tale that draws upon old ideas and is set in England. It chronicles the cruel exploits of two sisters who have a real passion for humiliating and abusing vulnerable children.

Lady Marlborough, who has a penchant for girls, humiliates and abuses her stepdaughter and as a patroness of a girl's orphanage oversees their hygiene and discipline.

Lady Hart, who has a penchant for boys, humiliates her son and as a member of the board of governors at a boy's reformatory, oversees their hygiene inspections and judicial birching on arrival.



This is an archive of stories that I had enjoyed reading, but for some reason had become unavailable. I have also included stories from authors who are writing for the first time and needed me to help edit and post their stories for them.


If you like my stories and this genre, then explore these interesting websites.


Here you can find a list of books I recommend that have a spanking/BDSM theme and that are well worth a read.


This is where I will be posting any news or articles relating to my FTP index.


My stories are written for your entertainment and are purely fictional, and are in no way about real people, places or events.

Happy Reading

Posting on ASSTR since 2006

Profile last updated: 2016-07-15


Well I am not much of a writer but a few say my stories i tell are pretty good that i make up so i want to give it a go and see how it goes Warning i like to write about young girls with older men PEDO Tease all is fiction

Profile last updated: 2014-07-10


Ik ben Diclofrante.

Ik schrijf erotische verhalen. Naast verhalen op deze site schrijf ik ook verhalen voor Gertibaldi (

Je kan contact met mij opnemen op

Profile last updated: 2013-02-04


A guy who fought Gender Identity Disorder and survived, maybe not the way he would have wished, having spent some time in the annals of child porn as a model during the time before it was made illegal. (Note: it was never legal, but there was a time it wasn't illegal) I have fond memories of my days of youth with a girlfriend who strove to make me as much like a girl as possible until she died in a car accident. These memories have created a rich land, fertile with blossoms of fiction. My imagination is a wide path of non aged love and some possible strangeness. In fact I have a huge series that I plan to post here that is a cross between The Jason Borne Chronicles and Disney's Witch Mountain with splashes of demonism and secret societies to round out the story.

One word of warning, I may not be so kind to my characters. Some of them may be killed violently. But I don't do snuff. There may be times when a character is in a bad situation and has to endure a rape or torture, but usually not at the same hand.

Typically though, my stories are slow builds and based in romance and easing into a relationship. Most stories will be 6,000 words or more many broken into chapters.

Welcome to my repository!

Story cateogires: buildup / cons / rom / some mc / mostly ped some inc / occ transgender / some stories may contain viol but it will not be at the hand of snuff / possible rape and tort but not often All stories will be properly tagged for you

Diedrich Manim
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What can I say I'm 19, I have been Role Playing in a mostly nonsexual way on-line for some time. I think its time I put that to good use. I'm sure I'm not the first to admit that I have some twisted fantasy's I would be very honored to share with you all. So lets have fun in this world of pure imagination.

Profile last updated: 2003-08-13


I like to write stories about gloryholes, and women who discover they are sluts.

Story categories: Gloryholes, sluts

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Story categories: preteen snuff pedo rape snuff hanging
I have struggled for years to write about my dark side. We all have one it's just that we don't acknowledge it. By writing and posting my darker side I know that I will never do such things. Only fantisize!

Profile last updated: 2003-09-30


I'm relativly new to the writing scene, however I have been lucky enough to enjoy the works of some of the great's from both here and on SOL, mainly Frank Downey (who is my personal favourate). Looking forward to seeing what I can produce, so check out what I have.

Profile last updated: 2013-12-29


Updated December 2014

All recent - don't hesitate to email and say hi...

Liked my stories? Write me and tell me so.
Want more? What's your fantasy? Maybe I'll turn it into a story for you!

Love COCK? Huge, thick hard throbbing COCK? Write me and tell me that too!

Story categories: Loving Wives, Group Sex, Public, Slut, Huge Cock, Gang Bang, Oral

Dingus Guy
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Interested in femdom(domestic femdom, husband/wife mother/son, father/daughter etc.) cuckolding, femdom castration, cuckold pregancy, matriarchy, gynarchy, and the like.

Profile last updated: 2011-08-25


I love to write. I have been published and I am a former publisher (bound books). I would love to be read here! Feedback is great.

Story cateogires: bg, Mf, Fm, inc, rape, trans

Profile last updated: 2010-12-29


Hi everyone!

Sometimes people ask about why I write these stories. They'll often think it comes from some sort of mental trauma, anger, sadness or some other negative emotion. This isn't the case at all. It's a very happy emotion, and I'm a very happy person.

This is hard to explain well. The idea of becoming a delicious meal is a happy one to me. It turns me on. Like how moths are attracted to fire despite the fact that it kills them. I can sympathize with the moths. Though I suppose a moth doesn't understand their fate...

I'm made of meat. Most people will deny that that's what they're made of. I don't deny it, and I happen to have a fetish that revolves around that fact. It's a happy thought that my body would be useful and not wasted.

The idea that I might leave behind an old wrinkled corpse that gets buried in a box in the ground, or burned to ash, is very sad... It's wasteful. My meat won't be any good when I'm old though, so for my body to see full use, I'd have to die while I'm still young.

At the same time though... I have an instinct to not die. Every living creature has this basic survival instinct. Therefore, I don't REALLY want my biggest fetish to come true. I take my fantasies, release them into stories here, and add a small amount of prologue to them. This keeps my fetish satisfied while keeping me alive.


How could dying possibly be a good thing in the mind of someone as happy with life as me? Well...

A - The entire body is sexual, inside and out. Being eaten is like oral sex, but everywhere.
B - Cooking is an art for the senses of sight, smell and taste, as opposed to most art which is for sight and/or sound. So I'm enjoyed... Savored... Being turned into something that is a form of art. Something greatly enjoyable.
C - I become an object for someone else's benefit. I'm not entirely sure why being dehumanized is sexy, but it is. It's not the same thing as degradation. To me, the idea of being food isn't degrading, it's an honor.
D - I help to keep others alive, as food is necessary for life. This makes it benevolent.
E - The finality of it is orgasmic. I don't really want to die, but I like the idea of completely surrendering myself to another like that. It's the ultimate submission.
F - I would assume those who eat me would be sadistic enough to gain pleasure from my pain, so in a way, I would be giving them pleasure. It's the ultimate form of masochism.


I hope that helps for anyone who wanted an explanation. And you don't have to worry about me really climbing onto a grill anytime soon... I keep these purely in fantasy, even if I do try to make them seem as realistic as I can.

- Sarah

P.S. I know some people like these stories for non-sexual reasons, but for those of you that do find these stories sexy: You might be a voraphile too! Look up vore and you'll find thousands more stories and tons of images created by other voraphiles. There are lots of us!

Story cateogires: cann,vore,snuff

Diola Dragontail
Profile last updated: 2004-10-31


My stories are certainly not for everyone. They involve a wide range of interests, usually spawning from various what if ideas that occur to me during the normal waking hours when I'm not writing. I try to keep my stories broken down to chapter bites, so that a reader can leap in at the start of any chapter and not feel like they've missed anything. On the other hand, I also like to evolve my characters from chapter to chapter so that the reader who does follow along feels rewarded.

I try to write about realistic characters with realistic reactions to sometimes unbelievable situations. I don't like stories where the characters seem flat or react in ways that just don't seem right.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

Common Themes: Romantic, first time, incest, and anything else that seems to push the edges of acceptability.

dion len
Profile last updated: 2013-01-18


Mid 30s male married for 11 years to a wonderful woman. We are open minded & enjoy exploring new things.

Profile last updated: 2001-05-18


Once upon a time, two young innocents fell in love while attending college, married sweetly, and gave themselves to each other until the end of time, forswearing drink, debauchery, and general naughtiness in favor of building a solid, healthy life together.

This is not their story.

Rather, this is the story of the child of that union, born at the conjunction of the Dog Star, Mars, Venus, The Moon, Jupiter, and the Porn Star, along with a few others way out there that surely must have lined up somehow. He smokes, he drinks, he lives his life as most other people would choose not to. He has lived in Yaounde, Cameroon; Johannesburg, South Africa; Stuttgart, Germany; Antwerp, Belgium; the Pacific Northwest; Rio de Janero, Brazil; Aspen, Colorade; and his parents' back 40 acres in a tent (supplied with running water and electricity only via a very LONG extension cord).

Currently, he's a freelance writer cashing in on his experiences, both from his world travels and finally being the DUMPEE in the relationship's end. He is a recovering Mormon and Jehovah's Witless who is making up for lost time. He is tall, wears kilts, smells like cedar, and climbed Long's Peak within 18 hours in the dead of summer on a dare.

This is his story.

Profile last updated: 2011-06-15


General interests:
Massive tits, king-size clits, thunder thighs, moms with sons, hairy cunts, naughty aunts, costume sex, horny pregs, dirty toons, jap gokkuns, porn with stars, life on Mars, "Boogie Nights", fight with knives.

"Rich Man, Poor Man" by Irwin Shaw, "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" by Milan Kundera, "Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter" by Mario Vargas Llosa, "Chilean storytellers from exile" by Volodia Teitelboim, "Six Days of the Condor" by James Grady, "The Matlock Paper" by Robert Ludlum, "The Brotherhood of the Rose" by David Morrell, "The Night Boat" by Robert McCammon, Confidential magazine (1952-1978), slang dictionaries.

"Bullet in the Head" by John Woo, "Jacob's Ladder" by Adrian Lyne, "Trois hommes à abattre" by Jacques Deray, "Orpheus" by Jean Cocteau, "The Ascent" by Larisa Shepitko, "Equilibrium" by Kurt Wimmer, "L'aldilà" by Lucio Fulci, "The Mystery of the Third Planet" by Roman Kachanov.

E!, Discovery, TV XXI.

Devourment, Disgorge, Goretrade, Artery Eruption, 1349, DragonForce, David Lee Roth, Marie Laforêt, cartoon theme songs, "Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet, "I Touch Myself" by Divinyls, "Moscow Calling" by Gorky Park, "Hafanana" by Boney Nem.

Emmanuelle Arsan, Chow Yun-Fat, Bolo Yeung, David Belle, RanXerox, Hammerstein, Cheburashka.

Would Like To Meet:
My Alter Ego. Because nobody would be able to understand me better than myself.

Story cateogires: inc m/F

Profile last updated: 2013-04-17


I write extreme stories containing fisting, bestiality, extreme size and gangbangs and huge toys. Some contain kidnapping and reluctant (almost raped) girls.

My main goal in writing hardcore stories is to quickly (and intelligibly) describe the action so that my readers can visualize it without stumbling on big words or book-length descriptions.

My style lacks romance, alot of dialog and is intended to be read with a set of photos available from my YahooGroup to enhance your vision of the characters.

None of my stories contain incest, pissing, scat, extreme torture/rape, gay, snuff, or mutilation.

Story categories: fisting, bestiality, extreme size, toys, gangbang, some kidnapping

Dirk Carlor
Profile last updated: 2013-11-13


KentTheWriter is a young kinky man with a wild imagination who likes to push his own limits both with writing and with sex. He loves to hear from readers with feedback or suggestions for future pieces, or just to chat.

See all of his stories and his nasty daily posts at his tumbler:

You can also find him on yahoo messenger or Kik at KentTheWriter, or email him at

Story cateogires: Gay, Hardcore, Kinky, Incest, Older/Younger

Dirk Kinkade
Profile last updated: 2012-12-19


I'm just starting to get serious about writing. I figure writing short stories here is great way to find my voice. Feedback is appreciated.

Story cateogires: Mb Mb+ mb

Profile last updated: 2015-05-25


I am a normal health person with varied sexual fantasies. I like the fantasy of a masochistic women who loves pain and degradation. I am a fan of the author Arthur Saxon. It is he who has inspired me to write a large multiple chose story.

Story cateogires: MF MF+ M+F BD fist sad ws nc humil sm

Dirty Brat
Profile last updated: 2008-09-23


Hi,Im a sweet young southern girl who loves to write dirty stories.
Im not sure if Im good at writing yet but I hope you guys like my stuff :)


Dirty Little Claudia
Profile last updated: 2004-05-28


I am new to as a writer, but am a loyal reader. Any time I want to soak my mind in kink, fetish, or just plain twisted stories, I come here.

I decided to start sharing some of my work with other people. My entire purpose for signing up as an asstr author is to get feedback and motivation to write more, so if you like any of my stories, please let me know.

Constructive criticism is accepted too :) Don't be afraid to hurt my feelings.

dirty little claudia

Want a response? Provide an e-mail address.

What story are you writing to me about?

Your Comments:

Dirty Mind
Profile last updated: 2016-03-14


I enjoy both reading and sharing taboo stories. Often the more taboo, the better.

Story cateogires: Mf Mg Fm Fb Mm Mb bg inc

Dirty Minds Think Alike
Profile last updated: 2013-10-20


Not young or innocent. All work fictional and kept to a certain level of realism. I guess these can pass off as fantasies I have of people/characters. Would love feedback!! let me know if I make you cum ok? (that's for both guys and girls... but im straight lol).. and what part/s made u cum

If you are easily offended or here to tell me what im doing is wrong and masturbation is bad etc... please take your opinion, sit on it, and wait for it to hatch

Dirty Old Man 61
Profile last updated: 2011-04-30


I'm a man who is happily married with a loving family. The stories I write here are entirely fictional. I would never jeopardize what I hold dear for a brief physical encounter.

Story cateogires: Mg, Mb, incest, reluc

Profile last updated: 2009-07-08


I am a published erotica author who enjoys writing things a bit beyond the normal scope of published work.

Story categories: Lolita, BDSM, Group Sex, Incest, Inter-racial

Profile last updated: 2007-01-28


Story categories: ped teen first-time incest

Profile last updated: 2011-05-26


Mid thirties male trying to write erotica for the first time. I've got a lot to learn, but have many ideas to draw from.

Profile last updated: 2010-10-05


Hello, hope you like these stories. Please feel free to email me with feedback!

Profile last updated: 2003-01-03


I am a seeker of discipline. Raunch is my chosen subject for learning how to write fiction.

Story categories: I write mostly hetro power imbalances and occasional satire.

Disco Volante
Profile last updated: 2005-09-30


The most brilliant fool who ever lived. Or not.

Profile last updated: 2008-02-11


Story categories: romance, incest, young, first time, pssy eating, cock suckiing, cum swallowing,

Profile last updated: 2008-01-09


I mostly write short stories about mostly non-consensual torture of women. I like unusual sequences, perhaps with things not intended for torture, and especially where the victim somehow adds to her own torture, or when the victim is tortured in public without anybody knowing. Putting it in the most positive way, I like stories where the heroine achieves the greatest victory by facing the worst situation. It's damsel-in-distress but without the total helplessness. Putting it in the worst way is the story codes (f nc tort) but not master-slave, not for pleasure, and not for snuff.

Profile last updated: 2006-12-21


Been trying to write more erotic lit lately. Maybe being a member to this site will instigate some output. I think our definition of heterosexual tends to divide sex and love from each other, I tend to think the vulnerability of sex leads people to unite the two. I am trying to write about this in my current stories.

Story categories: role playing, feminist sexuality

Profile last updated: 2008-05-22


Just someone who occasionally dabbles in erotic writings about boys who have their first sexual experiences with older girls and women, sometimes including those in their own family.

Story categories: F/b/f/m/ cons inc 1st

Profile last updated: 2004-10-04


I'm a blind amateur who's trying it out. Codes above are not all i write, check me out to see if there's anything you like. open to working with other authors, and suggestions for stories appreciated. not too good with original ideas, but i'll do my best. enjoy

Story categories: ff, mf more...

Profile last updated: 2003-12-01


I'm a new writer writing stories involving teens of both sexes. All stories will be in the danish lanquage.

Story categories: mf ff teen first

DL Chang
Profile last updated: 2013-07-24


D. L. Chang is a British citizen (using a pseudonym) who enjoys reading and writing erotic fiction in his spare time.

My stories come under the following categories: mm, mf, inc, reluc, nc, va. If any such material offends or disturbs you, don't bother reading my stories. Hopefully you'll read and like them if that's your sort of thing, but if you don't I guess there's plenty of other ones out there for you to have a wee read of.

I find it easy to separate fantasy from reality (if you don't, my stories probably aren't for you), and do not condone any non-consensual sexual activity, or sexual activity involving minors, outside the realm of fantasy. That shit isn't cool.

Feel free to email me if you've got any comments.

DL Sloan
Profile last updated: 2007-02-16


I am a professional with a small amount of writing experience. My stories are typically my own fantasies carried, sometimes, to extremes. I do not encourage any harm to anyone, but I enjoy fantasizing about blackmail situations, male dominance, bondage, humiliaton (showing a girl off in public, etc.), and multiple partners. My stories tend to be very descriptive, somewhat character driven and occasionally long.

I hope you like my stories and either way, I welcome any feedback or story suggestions. I'm always looking for new ideas and ways to improve.

Story categories: Male dominance and exhibitionism

Profile last updated: 2000-09-27


DLG is a french computing-worker, fascinated with erotica, he finally decided that reading wasn't enough...

Interests : lesbianism, young people, bondage, sex-slavery, mind control, comics characters (marvel, dc, tomb raider), japanese hentai and some others...

Story categories: Well, at the moment, MC, BD, F+, and mainly psychological analysis of 'deviant' sex behaviours

Profile last updated: 2005-10-20


Story categories: ped, rape, nc, bdsm

Doctor Darkness
Profile last updated: 2004-05-22


Doctor Darkness specializes in fantasies and dreams. These may often be dark, nasty, or majorly perverted, and should never be confused with reality.

Story categories: MF, M+F, F+M, MmF, MFf, Mm+, Mf+, Fm+, exh, voy, inc

Doctor Doom
Profile last updated: 2012-02-04


I have been writing erotic stories for nearly twelve years. Many of my stories have been featured on other sites. I focus primarily on female celebrity fiction, and many of my stories contain themes of non-consensual intercourse or rape.

Story cateogires: Celebrities, Rape, Mind Control

Doctor Gyno
Profile last updated: 2004-12-14


Story categories: Medical, Preg, Teen,

Doctor Insanus
Profile last updated: 2001-03-03


Welcome to the crazy world of Doctor Insanus!

For almost as long as I can remember, I've been a fan of comic books and science fiction. With a lack of real-life role models, I looked to these beings to be my heroes. Their adventures entertained me while also helping me realize such proverbs as "with great power comes great responsibility" and "absolute power corrupts absolutely."

So, of course, now that I've grown up, I like writing dirty stories about them. I mean, look at the babes in these books! Do you think they're not getting jumped by their team mates on a daily basis? Hah! The things that go on "between panels" in these things are sleazier than most of the porn videos you'll ever see!

So isn't it lucky for you that I, Doctor Insanus, was there to chronicle all the untold stories for the enjoyment of all mankind? You're welcome, you're welcome! I'm just doing my job, after all.

What can you expect to find in here? Well, what would YOU do to these ladies? Aside from the expected amount of straight sex, you can count on a lot of oral, a fair amount of anal, some girl/girl action, occasional BDSM, and a sprinkling (heh heh) of watersports. Of course, most of the sex is consensual, although there will sometimes be some NC when you throw the villains into the mix. Sorry, not a whole lot of M/M, snuff, or kiddie in here.

My stories tend to have a pretty positive, humorous aspect. I'm not really big on the heavy stuff. I think sex is an enjoyable act, and it should be for every one involved. That's not to say that every story ends with the good guys victorious, but I'm not writing these stories to bring anyone down.

Superhero sex - M/F, F/F, oral, anal, BDSM, watersports

Story categories: Superhero and Sci-Fi/Fantasy Sex

Doctor O
Profile last updated: 2010-10-20


I am a reasonably prominent academic in my country, with a perfectly normal sexual orientation. However, I get an enormous pleasure out of writing about some of the more bizarre things that are stimulated by the occasional erotic dreams I have. I am also a fan of futanari cartoons and drawings. While I write this kind of story for fun, most of my time is spent in researching, writing academic books and editing the work of others in my field. I wish I had the kind of secretary that I describe when conjuring the images that then demand to be given a life through the magic of words, but I'm still looking. +]

Story cateogires: slut, bimbo, BDSM, incest, scat, bestiality, humiliation, huge breasts, growth, mom,

Doctor X
Profile last updated: 2004-08-12


Story categories: MF, FF, BE, nc, mf, ff, magic, ar, tg

Profile last updated: 2017-03-21



Profile last updated: 2016-07-11


Story cateogires: Science Fiction, BDSM, Dominance/Submissive, snuff

Dog Star
Profile last updated: 2016-01-12


Maybe there is a darker side of me, and my stories are the window to that side.

Profile last updated: 2007-11-09


Doggeral stories deal with gal/gal sex (all gals over 18y/o) and BESTIALITY - specifically, the human gal/male dog kind (all dogs over 2y/o). If you dislike bestiality, lesbianism, and stories that involve incest, Fdom, tickling and feet (and stories that DON'T contain any human guy/gal sex) - DON'T EVEN BOTHER!!! Everyone else, just enjoy the stories for what they are - harmless fictional fantasies!

Story categories: F/F, F/dog, bestiality, zoo, Fdom, oral, anal, toys, feet, tickling, squirting, creampies, humor, and even romance.

Profile last updated: 2005-04-09


I am in my early fifties and live in England. I have been reading erotic stories for many years, and I started putting pen to paper to write material myself during the summer of 2004 for the first time. Most of my work has been based on the more violent type of erotic torture and snuff stories of women, although I have also wrote anumber of short consentual stories. My web pages split the stories into three catorgories, Snuff, Rape and Consensual for easy access.

Profile last updated: 2008-01-13


Story categories: bg, bb, gg, mast, oral, mf-teens, mf, fb, fg, mg, mb

Profile last updated: 2007-02-18


Story categories: slut wife voy exhib cuck

Dolma Kalem
Profile last updated: 2003-07-21


Can I first of all thank you for taking the trouble to read my profile notes.

Dolma was born in 1999, a product of my years as a Works Manager in a science based industry. He is an outlet for whatever creative abilities I have. He also helps me to relax. The idea for Dolma Kalem came during a romantic evening on a beautiful and tranquil beach in southern Turkey. The beach was at Olu Deniz, and I would highly recommend both the beach and the lagoon.

Please check out my Work In Progress folder, you may be able to give any one of the stories in there a 'kick' through the editorial process, or provide some ideas to re-shape the story through to completion.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy my stories.

I am working hard to produce a suitable Web page. However I am not an expert in this area, so please bear with me.

If there is anyone out there who enjoyed one of my stories, and feels that they can help with Dolma's Web Page, please E - mail me. I would be delighted for your help.

In any event, may your god go with you.

Kindest regards

Dolma Kalem

Dolores Krugg
Profile last updated: 2002-01-17


I am currently living in Rio. I work with video editing and computer graphics. I love eletronic muzik and experimental muzik.

That's all for now!

Profile last updated: 2011-05-30


I am a busy athletic male in my 50s. I write erotica for my own pleasure, but have decided to post some of them. I have been divorced and am looking for someone to fulfill my fantasies.

Story cateogires: MF MM FF blackmail nc reluc

Dominica Potestas
Profile last updated: 2009-03-30


Dominica Potestas writes stories in the world of Illakia, a land where females are discriminated against and slavery is legal and common.

Story categories: Mf, Ff, femsub, slavery, nc, blackmail

Profile last updated: 2003-12-17


Story categories: mc fd mf

Don A. Landhill
Profile last updated: 2002-10-01


I am a 40+ male. I have been interested in erotic spanking for many years. My stories are typically focused on erotic, roleplay, or domestic discipline spanking. Most of my stories are M/F. I have long been a poster on soc.sexuality.spanking. You can find out more about me at

-Don A. Landhill

Story categories: Erotic and D/S spanking stories, with little or no on-screen sex

Don Juan
Profile last updated: 2003-10-28


I'm writing intelligent porn. It's not erotica, it's porn. I quote Shakespeare and make stupid jokes. It's quantum porn motherfucker.

Don Winslow
Profile last updated: 2016-08-04


Don Winslow is an internationally known author of erotic fiction. From time to time he posts stories that are parts of works in progress, or are "not ready for prime time" -- that is no publisher will touch them since they contain one or more of the taboos of adult book publishing. This page contains such works. Hope you enjoy them. -- Don Julian Winslow.

Story categories: D/s, M/F, spanking

Donald Sinclair
Profile last updated: 2014-10-05


Story cateogires: Fdom, sad, nc, bd, fist, inc, tort, ws

Profile last updated: 2015-07-12


My stories are very erotic and leave nothing out. I write mainly about heterosexual sex with some lesbianism. Some of my stories include bondage but there is no violence. If you have a particular fantasy and like my style, drop me an email and I will develop a story for you.

Profile last updated: 2004-07-26


I'm a young American teacher living in Japan. So far, I've written mostly about this cute young girl I've met, Ai, who is a bit of an exhibitionist. I also post stories by my good friend, Ken Maeda, a Japanese American who is a counselor at a Japanese summer camp, surrounded by a harem of young lovelies.

Story categories: exhib

Donna M
Profile last updated: 2011-02-07


A not-so-bored mom anymore, who's enjoying all the attention my stories have brought me.

Donna Z.
Profile last updated: 2003-11-11


Being 30 something is fun! What more needs to be said?
Though I worry about time.

Story categories: lesbian stories

Donny Brooks
Profile last updated: 2012-01-09


This is my first foray into this endlessly fascinating site,as well as the first time I've ever written fiction for public consumption.I thought I'd try to get in the head of a monster.Difficult to ascertain their mindset while attempting to satisfy their desires.I've chosen to ignore the realities of the damage caused to the unfortunate target(s) of their affections.Like I imagine a pedophile has to do...go for the instant gratification.After all,it couldn't last (a relationship) long.Children grow up,quickly.No more attraction.I will never believe that,given a choice,a child would choose to experience sex with these sickos.Hope many of them read these,masturbate and leave the innocent and helpless alone.

Story categories: Mg cons rom MF,pedo

Profile last updated: 2010-07-23


I have mainly written about events in my life that had an impact on my sexuality. I do tend to be informative rather than imaginative. My experiences are varied and sometimes I do write from the fantasy side of things but will always identify fiction from non. Real life is exciting enough but sometimes in the non fiction stories I will embellish but not to far.

Story cateogires: enema water sports incest MILF

Profile last updated: 2006-11-11


I specialize in stories about strong, naked women.

Profile last updated: 2017-04-16


a sick bastard
kranke Phantasien

Story cateogires: MF, Mf, nc, humiliation, rape, spank (MF/mf)


Profile last updated: 2007-01-28


Story categories: Mg+ con oral preteen teen

My fetishes are predominantly young girls (age 10 and up) and oral sex, so that's what I mostly write about. I was inspired to start writing mostly by Frank McCoy's story collection ('Girl Scout Camp Nookies' and 'A Teenaged Boy's Fantasy' come to mind).

English is not my first language so please forgive me for any mistakes in my spelling or grammar.

Profile last updated: 2015-11-04


I like to write and text-roleplay 100% imaginary and detailed stories featuring realistic humiliation, cruelty and injustice towards innocent, unwilling female characters (imaginary too!). Can be only psychological humiliation, but can also include any degree of violence or physical harm.

Some example topics I like is situations with work exploitation, sexism, etc. As for violence, if included, I like things like executions, war crimes, beatings, hitman jobs...

If you are interested in roleplaying by text a story following or set in one of the stories I have posted, or something similar of your own creation, please mail me.

Story cateogires: MF, Mf, mF, mf, snuff, tort, viol, nc

Profile last updated: 2005-07-20


The newsgroup is - and those are what I try to write: _stories_, with characters, plots, and all that silly kind of stuff. Most of my stories involve activity between adult males and young(er) females; every so often, I write something different, just to stretch my writing horizons a bit. I'm always open to feedback and/or suggestions, and reply to every email that I receive. My web site has a link to the ChangeDetect service, so you can be notified when I add a new story.

Profile last updated: 2015-08-05


Story cateogires: true stories

Profile last updated: 2006-06-11


Can a good Erotic story every actually promote true safe sex?
That's the challenge I've been trying to meet with my TXLT2 series.
But can a story that should be about non-stop gang-bang hot sex, truly have safe sex promotion and not be limited in its material?
Is it even worth the author's time to try to take up such a challenge?
Some might wonder why I have, but the answer is pretty obvious, someone I loved and cared for very much is gone and it was a lack of understanding of just what a joke 'safe sex' as talked about today is that took her away.
My sister was no Angel (when it comes to sex), I should know we were closer than siblings should be since I was 10 years old (she was just a little older). Yet strangely enough, with her ever increasing love of sex as she grew up, she was able to stay totally clean and healthy throughout most of her life, marrying early and giving birth to two great kids. She was always happy sweet and full of life, which is why her two nicknames while growing up in school were Smiley and Sugar; on top of that she always wanted to help people which is why she took tests to be a fireman, an EM worker and a Police Officer and passed them all. With the choices she eventually opted for Police Officer and while working met her 2nd husband, also a police officer. Around the age of 38 the faithful wife started developing some strange symptoms and was of course eventually diagnosed as being HIV positive and since she already had a slight blood disease (anemia) it progressed into full blown advanced AIDS faster than anyone could have expected. She spent the last year of her life between a hospital isolation room, a nursing home and finally was sent here to my house at the age of 40 (there were more people here than in her own house to watch over her)to await death.
So, having witnessed first hand this other side of sex (not only seeing my sister but all the others in the hospital ward she was in) it definitely wasn't easy for me to sit down and write an erotic story that promoted just out right sex Sex SEX without trying at the same time to point out this other side of the sex everyone loves, but it brings us back to the original question, can a good erotic story every actually promote true safe sex?
Well I guess only you the reader can answer that question; read the series and let me know. Feedback at My Email Address is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Douglas Pee
Profile last updated: 2017-03-18


Hello there. I intend to publish stories that only appeal to those with incredibly dirty minds. So if you like the most filthy of kinks, then you're welcome to read what I've written so far.

Story cateogires: scat, ws, best, M+F

Profile last updated: 2011-01-04


Forty something, IT professional. Happily married with no kids. Sharing some of our fantasies and experiences. Have been fascinated by wife sharing for years and now beginning to explore the scene.

Hope you enjoy, please let me know if you do.

Story cateogires: cheat, interr, wife, MF, M+F

Dr Max
Profile last updated: 2013-08-16


Story cateogires: M+g/inc/ped/rape/zoo

Dr. Blush
Profile last updated: 2001-03-24


I write occasional stories with "blushy" themes ... about women who find sexual embarassment to be their greatest turnon. More often, though, I write assignments for women I correspond with, and which they report upon (usually in a public forum). I'm better with non-fiction than with fiction.

Dr. D
Profile last updated: 2001-09-14


I my opinion erotic fiction should adhere to certain facts of life and sexuality. Else it is reduced to simple fantasy and looses its spark. "Realistic fiction" is the kind of erotica I attempt to write. Therefore there will be no ten-year-olds who scream, "Yes! Fuck my ass!!" 8 minutes into their first sexual experience and few 9 inch cocks.

These are not "true stories". But if the described events were to occur, I am betting that they would occur as described. They are "realistic stories". No one will "sprout wings and fly" (unless they have spent the required time in a cocoon, naturally! :o] )

Sounds boring, does it? Well, chances are that my stories are not what you are looking for, but I advice you to take at look. Far from being boring, the real world will blow your mind if you let it!

Dr. Gamble
Profile last updated: 2002-06-17


These stories began with the first one over ten years ago. Generally written in the first person, each of them is sort of tied to the others but is also complete on its own. In general they deal with bondage, rape, and things of a pseudo-medical nature which the storyteller eventually survives.

Dr. Paco Jones
Profile last updated: 2012-03-06


I'm a 62 year old involuntarily retired geek (thank you IBM). I'm a Vietnam Veteran (disabled). I have ADHD and mild dyslexia which makes writing a challenge, but writing also helps me least for a little while.
I'm not sure if I'm capable of writing a short story as so far everything I've done or working on are long. I like to have good characters, and unfortunately tend to get emotionally involved with them.'s all good. My shrink says it's good for me!!

Story cateogires: MF, mf, FF, ff, inc sis/cous/unc/father, 1st, het,

Profile last updated: 2009-07-15


Ancien médecin psychiatrique à Haïti je dirigeais, à l'époque des dictateurs, un hôpital spécialisé. Ma tâche consistait à briser les opposants au régime afin d'éviter toute tentative de coup d'état. J'avais carte blanche secondé dans ma tâche par une équipe d'infirmiers, hommes de main serait un terme plus juste, recrutés parmi des violeurs, des voleurs et des trafiquants de toute sorte.. Nous avions tout pouvoir pour mener à bien la mission qui m'avait été confiée.

Story cateogires: NC stories, abuse, body modifications, insanity, medic, gyneco, psychiatry, rape, wardens, orgies,

Profile last updated: 2014-07-12


Story cateogires: nc rape

Profile last updated: 2004-08-27


I'm a new author, just started writing this kind of stuff. My stories generally are about boys, between 13 and 17, and usually have a sci-fi / fantasy twist to them (mark of a fantasy freak hehe :>)

Story categories: Gay, young teen, b/b

Profile last updated: 2006-11-15


I'm a professional writer who enjoys reading and writing fantasy & sci fi. I'm always exploring new erotica ideas in these areas as well as other bizarre and fetish-related stuff (see below). I especially enjoy reading and writing impregnation stories, the wilder and more alien the better (having been a pregnant woman at one time, it just turns me on for some reason... now you know my gender, anyway... LOL).

And yeah, I'm the Dragonfly that submitted a few stories to the A.S.S. newsgroup back around 1997 (Mary & Joe, Pooka, Snake Priestess, etc.). Glad you liked 'em. :>

My newest story is:
An Experiment - F/alien, scifi, mast, preg, eggs

Have fun, and feel free to email me with story ideas you'd like to see me twist in my own unique and perverse way. I LOVE to hear from my fans!

Story categories: sci fi, fantasy, alien, preg, eggs, egglaying, oviposition, beast, toys, size, transformation, mc

Profile last updated: 2003-06-23


Sex is what makes the world go round..I enjoy writing stories about rape, about women with large breasts being taken advantage of, gang bangs,young teenagers being deflowered by unscrupulous adults...try me and write me if you like, tell me what you think...

Profile last updated: 2007-03-10


I've been writing since high school. Love to express myself this way. I am happily married but have more fantasies than my husband and I could possibly fulfill. Love to write everything from sci-fi erotica to romance to even some of the more taboo subjects. I also love to hear from anyone who takes the time to read my work.

Story categories: sci-fi, romance, incest

Profile last updated: 2012-02-23


I have been with the same man for 20 years. Never strayed in person, on line or on the phone. My husband has been neglecting me. Now, I am learning a great deal more about sex than I ever knew. And thinking I would like trying some of it. My stories are based on the new ideas I am learning from the people I am having on line sex with. I find each new element exciting and writing about it is a way for me to explore it.

Story cateogires: M/F M+F Femdom without pain toys some kinky stuff and probably more things as time goes on

Profile last updated: 2014-07-25


Fun loving person with an imagination to boot.

Profile last updated: 2016-01-04


Why hello there. I'm DragoTime. I'm a student of German and Italian at the Univerity of Hull, so yes, I'm English. A fan of Doctor Who, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Power Rangers, and other such shows. Got a bit of a mind control/magic fetish, so my works include a lot of that.

Story cateogires: MC

Profile last updated: 2012-12-10


I am a retired mixing engineer and my speciality is digital multitrack recordings for hypnosis, subliminal and sleep recordings.

Story cateogires: mc mf mm ff in

Profile last updated: 2005-09-14


I am a retired psychotherapist. Before I retired, I specialized in issues of sexuality. Sometimes, the insights from that career leak into my stories.

Profile last updated: 2002-09-02


It seems that most of the time when people hear the term 'sex story' their attention is immediately drawn to the first part of that phrase. I don't write sex stories... I do however compose works of fiction which have been known on occasion to contain erotic material. In other words, if you're looking for a stroke story you should pry move along... If you're looking instead for something with a plot, you might just be pleased.

Story categories: MF, rom, cons, slow

Profile last updated: 2017-06-04


Being a lifetime student of christian history, theology, and a dabbler in ancient near eastern religions, my works often take on a bit of religious tone. I find blasphemy and sacrilege to be particularly hot topics and write about that often. For example, I have devoted years to writing stories depicting angels and humans having sexual relations. One of my most popular stories involved Mary having sex with her son Jesus. I'm a big fan of adultery, particularly when it's a "Christian" woman and mother. I sometimes write stories involving children, typically as observers to adults having sex in front of them. My darker stories involve mothers that abuse their children for sexual pleasure, typically being rough with them while making their kids watch them cheat on daddy. The really dark stuff might include abortion and/or infantacide. From time to time I also dabble in homosexual erotica.

Profile last updated: 2004-09-18


Story categories: beast forced anal orgasm

dreamer, The
Profile last updated: 2013-09-15


My first attempts at writing are being posted here. Mostly based on my own experiences, I hope that these works will have a ring of truth about them. Names and places are changed to protect the embarrassed and ashamed. As I live in England, the stories tend to be based in England as well. Comments (constructive) are very welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read my work

Profile last updated: 2011-04-17


Enjoy the dark, steamy dreams that my little head comes up with...

Profile last updated: 2004-02-12


Mostly romantic mind control.

Dreamin Guy
Profile last updated: 2005-04-11


49 yo retired professional with too much time on his hands, and enjoys the fantasy of owning one of his very own.

Story categories: M/F M+/F D/S BDSM HUM EXHIB punishiment Fsubs semi-con nc ws oral anal for starters

Profile last updated: 2001-08-21


The Dreamspinner is a younger author, focusing on ideas based purely on fantasy. His first series is about a young man, given a pendant that allows him to read, control, and generally screw around with minds. Based loosely on the White Wolf game Changeling: The Dreaming, the rules aren't applied too largely. Mostly only concepts are used.

Although he may be young, he thinks he can write. Please e-mail with comments, critiques, anything of a non-purely insulting nature. It'd be better to take the bad with the good than not to hear anything at all.

Story categories: mf, ff, m/f+, mc (md), nc?

Profile last updated: 2004-07-26


While I've been an amateur writer for awhile, this is my first venture into erotica. Hopefully my efforts meet with your approval. Whether they do or not, feel free to provide feedback on how I can improve.

Dripping Ink
Profile last updated: 2000-10-18


Writing is my pastime, although writing erotica is new to me. I hope to write stories of all kinds; ordinary M/F, partner swapping, group sex, voyeurism and other stuff one could expect from a "legal" book or movie (nothing too wacky.) I like stories that have BOTH a storyline AND explicit sex. Enjoy.

Profile last updated: 2016-03-19


Mama's are cruel. Least in these stories they are.

Story cateogires: ped snuff Fb Fg bg MFb MFg Mb Mg FF gg bb

Drrty Pharms
Profile last updated: 2016-03-02


I'm a rapper, photographer, artist and erotic author from New York City. My writing has been published in Gio Black Peter's Satanica magazine and one of my videos was featured in Pornhub's NYC Porn Film Festival. I am interested in adolescence, sexual violence and capturing the intimacy of rape.

Story cateogires: M, m, b, F, f, g, mf, Mb, Mg, Fb, Fg, M+F, MF+, fist, nc, ped, rape, reluc, sad, viol,

Profile last updated: 2007-06-19


58 years old
Member of Mensa IQ 154
loves women

Story categories: Auntie Mabel series.. Erotic / Dr.Snip series SF/violence/ erotic

Profile last updated: 2013-06-06


I'm a male in my mid-twentys, loving pubescent and post-pubescent girls and women. I have both consensual and nonconsensual fantasies even going to end in dead female charackters.

But I have to warn you. Most of my stories, the first ones especially, will be on my native language: German.
I'm almost sure, that I will write stories on english too, but first I wanna get more used to write stories in general.

Meine Geschichten werden sich viel um Gewalt drehen. Ich habe verschiedene Ideen bis jetzt in meinem Kopf und werde schauen, wann ich was realisiere.

Story cateogires: german, Mf, Ff, rape, nc, viol

Profile last updated: 2015-07-29



My focus is on warped tales inspired by bad Saturday morning cartoons, sci-fi shlock, and a few real life experiences. I’ll be uploading a mix of old and new works from time to time onto this site, so STAY TUNED.

If you have any comments, critiques, flames, insults about my personal hygiene, etc. feel free.


keywords: m/m m/b ped hypno bond cons nc tort

Profile last updated: 2003-08-06


Currently writing a series of stories based on the popular Naked In School Universe.

Profile last updated: 2002-06-19


I'm a teacher in the New England Area, who really appreciates good erotic fiction (and some bad as well!) I love meeting other writers, and love Artie for talking me (indirectly) into this! *smiles*. Most of my work deals with the healing power of sexuality, as well as dreams I've specifically had. If you're looking for the codes; *sigh* okay...but I can't promise ...
MF, Rom, Cons, Oral, Cheat, reluc, a bit of fantasy, a bit of sd, voy, might do some slut, group, exhib...
what won't I stand? child porn, not too big into bathroom sports...and you're rather unlikely to ever see same sex scenes (unless it is in relation to a group thing...though I haven't written any yet)
Have fun, and remember....
"A story without comments, is like sex without the orgasm!"

Drysi Tremayne
Profile last updated: 2002-09-06


After a friend first sent me victorian smut novels, I've been an avid reader, both electronically and in print. With a few forays into live BDSM experimentation (not entirely over, one hopes), I finally settled down to write diary entries for the amusement of friends on line. Since then, I have been urged to publish them, and so send the first collection out. Hope you enjoy.

Story categories: D/s, Anal, Oral, BDSM, Power Exchange, Rape?

Profile last updated: 2008-01-17


My stories are typically fetish-driven, with humiliation and its various facets at their core, usually featuring female/female interaction and intercourse. Plot and/or character development is important to me: although I've tried, I seem unable to keep stories short, always eager to add further developments as the plot and characters in a story progress.
Common themes in my stories are humiliation, domination/submission, costumes, forced transformation and forced babification.

Profile last updated: 2003-01-23


Story categories: S/M, D/S, Bondage,Male Domination, Female submission, Humiliation, Torture, Forced Sex, Lesbian, young female.

Duccio Gabrielli
Profile last updated: 2015-03-27


I am an Italian man who likes writing erotica as a way to express his fantasies.

Story categories: MF FF sm humil cons tort bd

Dude, The
Profile last updated: 2005-09-23


Thought I would give it a try, let me know what you think.

There will always be consensual sex in my stories. The age of concent in SA is 16 and up.

Duke Lacrosse
Profile last updated: 2007-03-21


I am a 49 year old Computer Science major and have worked in software engineering for 25 years. The only professional writing I have done is technical writing. I have recently become interested in writing erotic literature as a result of inspiration from the love of my life. I'll just call her Talulla.

My first story is a merge of two actual encounters we shared.

To me, the written account of a love-making session can spark the mind to re-live, experience or imagine the encounter in finer erotic and sensual detail than a film or a photograph. The minds-eye has infinite power of imagination. I believe this could be a very fun hobby, especially if I can base my stories on real-life experiences.

The following is a message for Talulla herself.

In case you were not aware, Dear:

Behind the name: TALULLA

Gender: Feminine

Usage: Irish
From the Gaelic name Tuilelaith, which was derived from Irish tuile "abundance" and flaith "princess".

Profile last updated: 2015-12-10


To complete

Story cateogires: Femdom / Black dom / White Slave / Humiliation / Raceplay

Durango Dan
Profile last updated: 2009-09-23


I am retired and enjoy writing erotic stories. My stories come strictly from my imagination. I write about preteen and young teens having sex with each other and adults. Just remember that these stories are only fiction and never use or abuse a child for sex. PERIOD!!!!!!!

Mf, Mm, Ff, Fm, fm, incest

Profile last updated: 2016-03-17


A true size freak, in practice, in fantasies, in stories. I don't bother with exploring limits, just assume there are none when using the written word. Eliminates the frustrations of real life. Recent stories are all my own, a few older ones written with another.

Story cateogires: Fist

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I was born in rural India in a village near a refugee camp, the only male child of a family of 10 aunts and 14 female cousins hence very pampered from a very early age. Being so close to so many females meant I had lets say interesting upbringing filled with love and sometimes things disturbingly more than that. And I guess living near a refugee camp and having your home surrounded by hundreds of hungry men lusting after your family also added to the list of erotic and strange experiences. All the stories I will write here were inspired by real life experiences I have had.

I decided to start writing about my experiences because I want to meet like minded people and understand what happened better in my past which has profoundly changed me since. So if you are interesting in chatting, please drop me a mail.

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Most of my stories have scifi or fantasy elements or setting, that also have characters who are gay, lesbian, bi, genderqueer, straight, who have romances and problems and sex and lives. There will definitely be more story than sex here, but I'll try to keep a supply of shorter stories with less plot, more action.
Concepts include (in no particular order), and are not limited to: bdsm, violence, cross-species relationships, transformation (be it gender or species or something else), incest, magic, slavery, and misunderstandings. Also anything else the story dictates.

Stories will be coded as needed.
Hope you enjoy!

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Story categories: mdom, male dominant, incest, bdsm, spanking

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20+ Years in the BDSM Lifestyle, mostly as a Master / Teacher

Story cateogires: M+ F+ nc rape reluc sad tort viol fist anal

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love to chat and share

Story categories: Mf Ff mf ped reluc slow beast dutch cum

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When not writing family sex fiction, the author enjoys playing rock & roll and photography

Story cateogires: inc,con,Mf,Ff,family

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This is the first erotic story I've ever written. I wrote it as a cathartic experience after a particularly nasty break-up. After showing it some friends, and posting it on another forum, I was encouraged enough to bring it here and reach a larger audience. If the reception is good, I may have a few more tales to tell.

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Hello I am a divorced 49 year old, female bisexual with 2 adult children. I came to find women attractive later in life then many I suppose, only as recently as 35 or 36 did I begin to develop any notion of being intimate with a woman. I think this may well be why I like the lesbian older-younger sexual situations that take place in the stories on this site.

Story cateogires: Ff, Fg, Mf, Mg, oral, mast, sex, toys

Dylan Murphy
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Story categories: mf, MF, cons, inc, pedo, teen, mm, MM, FF,

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Story cateogires: erotica, love, fantasy, threesome, BDSM, paranormal, supernatural, fetish, bondage, master, slave, sub, pet, toy, sex, puppy, training, use, abuse, delight, prose, poetry, submission, domination, dom, d/s

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E.S.Sayde was born in the small town of Yes in 0 AS (After Sayde) to the Countess Veronica Tamsen Booth Hampshire and her imaginary childhood friend (who had fallen on hard times and was dossing on the couch). After making a fortune patenting the colour blue and inventing the dinosaur, Sayde retired a multimillionaire at the age of seven-and-three-quarters to focus on his hobbies. He was instrumental in the founding of several charitable organisations, including a scientific institute dedicated to once and for all establishing whether tits or ass are more important and a pressure group that campaigned for the extension of slavery to everyone who didn't have a knighthood. During this time he also produced several new inventions, including the Auto-loom, the Sprucketting Bobby and the steam-powered quill. Alas, these were disastrous failures and Sayde was left almost bankrupt by the tender age of eleven. Horrified by the prospect of actually having to get a job he cobbled together a time machine and headed for the future where, he was assured, everyone would have pretty much got this whole 'living' thing dealt with. He now lives in a pigeon loft with three of the four muses of pornography with whom he splits the rent. He enjoys long walks on the beach and people who send him lots of money.

E.Z. Riter
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E. Z. Riter is the nom de net of a fifty something happily married father of eight who shares his life with a delightful woman. Writing is a passion for me. I write in all genres except pedo and mm. Some are soft remances. Some are strong and violent. Please look at the story codes.

story categories: all catagories except pedo and mm

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Folks, I'm the one and only, accept no substitutes, original Eagle1. A pretty laid back, simple, Southern boy. I love to fuck and as often as possible -- and I love reading about it too. But I also like surprising people, and I’m more than just sex.

These are my stories –- based in a mix of reality and fantasy. Feedback, ideas, whatever –- everything’s appreciated. It’s all good. Thanks for reading.

Earl de Vere
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erotic writer

Story categories: MgFb incest

Earl Leah
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I'm a artist and writer in the fantasy world of the Dolcett.

Story cateogires: FF, Ff, Fg, Mf, Mg, tort, snuff, cons, ped, inc, anal

Story cateogires: FF, Ff, Fg, Mf, Mg, tort, snuff, cons, ped, inc, anal

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Married woman, dob 1960 2 daughters Clare (1990), Amanda (1992). I like to write incest, animal and group sex stories.

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Mostly True Stories, from all the stages of a single man's life.

Easy Guy
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I'm a bi male, 29, living in Southern California. My stories will focus on man to man sex, and many of them will at least be based on actual events, but of course, well, I'm a writer and writers have imaginations. Hopefully, you'll find hot stories that are well written, easy to read, and don't skip on the sex. Positive feedback is always appreciated, so feel free to let me know if my stories helped you have a fun night.

Most of my stories will be MM and then some, but I may dive into some Mb or bb or other more taboo topics as my fancy takes me.

Story categories: MM, MM+, bareback, ws, Mb

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Story cateogires: F/g, g/g, f/f b/g

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A new author writing just to get his fantasies down on "paper" (electronic though it may be), I write short or medium length stories about things that I find hot, which includes characters of both genders from late junior-high age and up masturbating and/or having sex with other, usually similarly aged characters of either gender. I also write about exhibitionism (not voyeurism, and generally not nudist camps, but nudity, masturbation, and sex in areas where the perpetrator may or may not be observed be observed), and the occasional gangbang. My stories are always consensual, and occasionally swing towards the romantic side, but never get sappy, and in the end, are little more than fantasies. Hope you enjoy.

Story categories: exhib, teen, gay/les, anal, cons, group, first

Eclectic Taste
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Story categories: whatever i'm in the mood for when i write

Ed Mueller
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In addition to writing both erotic and non-erotic fiction, Ed Mueller enjoys meditating, hiking after dark, bad '80s horror films, composing country songs, driving way too damn fast, and Zen hockey.

Story categories: People Fumbling Toward Ecstacy; Incest(Adults); Romance

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Eddie Gonzalez
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My name's Eddie, I have a small business which keeps me busy most of the day. After work I like to go to the gym and put in a tough work out before going home. I am married to a wonderful woman but we had no children. I like to write in my spare time and I have recently written my first erotica novel which seems to have been too taboo for amazon, they've unpublished me. I like to cover all kinds of sexual situations because sexuality is a multi faceted condition of the human spirit. Sex can be romantic, it can be a beautiful scene of a man loving a woman, or a woman or man loving another of the same sex. Sex can be brutal and a weapon of hate, as in rape. Indeed, my novel, "La Rose", does have rape scenes. When I decided to write my first rape scene I thought about what is exactly rape, and how should I depict it. I decided that if I was going to write a rape scene it should be an unmistakably awful and vulgar act. I think I succeeded in bringing out these feelings and therefore, been unpublished by amazon. I wrote "La Rose" not to titillate the libido, even though most of the chapters are more romantically inclined, but to express how sexuality drives our lives and spirits as humans, as children of God. It is ironic how many Christians equate "original sin" with the act of making love. Adam and Eve were forced out of the garden of Eden, not for fucking, but for disobeying God's direct command to them of not eating fruit from the forbidden tree of knowledge. On the contrary, God encouraged Adam and Eve to make good use of their genitalia which he, God, bestowed upon them when he commanded, "Be fruitful and multiply." Getting back to "La Rose", yes I did write rape scenes as well as love scenes, but I did it to compare and contrast one from the other and also to make the point that sex is not just a physical act, but rather, sexual intercourse is vey much a large part of our spirituality as individuals, and as a species.

Eddie's Life
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My stories focus on using dialogue and character development to bring about unlikely encounters, such as incest and cheating, in a realistic way.

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Pretty new to this, but liking the journey.

Edna Martinez
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Story categories: lesbian

Edward -EC-
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EC's fiction concentrates on erotic discipline, public nudity (both voluntary and involuntary) judicial corporal punishment, and sex between consenting adults.

My approach to writing fiction is my belief that erotic content is much more effective if it is part of a much larger setting that revolves around complex and interesting characters. The focus of my literary efforts is eight inter-connected novels in which I try to create complicated characters and follow their lives. My fiction explores not only the erotic, but also tries to address emotional conflict and human nature. In each of my novels my characters change and evolve, leaving the story somewhat changed than they were when first introduced to the reader.

I have traveled widely throughout Latin America and Europe, as well as the US, but currently reside in Portland, Oregon. I have enjoyed my current home, which is much more open to self expression than most places in the United States. I did not start writing until I moved to Portland, and I think the city's open society helped inspire me to begin my literary efforts.

Edward Clayworth
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The author can be reached on the e-mail address: for further information contact. He is a straight male in his best age, pushing forty. He aims to explore his own interests by writing, through sharing and collaboration. The activities here are merely confined to fiction, while the author can be contacted in person through the above mentioned email address.

Story cateogires: FM strapon anal cons rom, MF, oral, piv

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Ik ben een man van rond de dertig en woon in een grote Vlaamse stad. Het was tijd om hier ook wat Nederlandstalige erotische verhalen te brengen.

Story cateogires: nc, Mf, MMMf, ir, rp

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Here's my pressure release against a world with not so much sexuality in it as I might like. If I write while sated, the stories will be bright, romantic MF interludes. After a short break my curiosity in MM rises, as it were. Those I've written after long abstinence will become darker, including coercion, possibly rape, and anal sex. There is already enough pain in the world; there will rarely be pain in my stories.
Making babies is good though; Impregnation is always possible in a story.

Story categories: mf,mm,mf,impreg,rom,reluc,nc

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Story cateogires: MF, intr, cream pie, cuckold, cheating, nc, preg

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I am a 45 year old lady. I am married with two grown-up children, a girl and a boy. I am also happily married.

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I'm fairly new to writing stories, and would appreciate your input on them. i write mostly ped. however i also write mf,Mf,les,first time,and fetish stories.....

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~ Biography ~

Hi. I'm Elder.

I'm quiet, cynical, single, and currently working somewhere in the Black Hills, at whatever I happen to be doing.

I've had a couple things published, in small press, and probably made twenty or thirty dollars from the entire list.

I'm lazy, have a short attention span, drink far too much coffee, and tend to stay up late at night. When I feel motivated, I can write 2000 usable words a day, and when I'm not, I often write 500 wasted ones.

What I post here I write because it interests me. If you like it, tell me. If you don't, tell me WHY. If you don't read it, then you'll never know.

Be well.


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I am a 20 year old male; fond of music, math and nature. However, I get easily horny, and I find myself constantly getting a dirtier mind. You know - once it was extreme for me even the thought of blowjob. Now I watch movies where a single woman is penetrated in every hole - some of them with two cocks, and women taking horse schlongs.

I read stories about incest and underage girls, rape...I guess I really get off by things that you ignore when you are "on fire". In real life of course I would be mentally unable to do most of the things I will write about where males are involved.

For a naughty and imaginative mind a lot of things I'd like to read in erotica is not to be found. Therefore, I'd like to share some of those fantasies with other horny people. I hope that my stories will be interesting for both sexes.

I won't write anything of homosexual nature, but alot of it will be "sick" and "wrong" and probably all of them will contain big cocks, young women or girls and sometimes animals like horses and elephants.

Elf Sternberg
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One of the founders of, Elf Sternberg has been posting to Usenet since 1988. In that time, he has written almost three hundred stories, some of them novel-length. Elf lives in Seattle, WA, with his wife and children.

Story categories: Science Fiction, Straight, Gay, Kinky, Furry

Elisa DeJarnet
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Erotic fiction written by a published author under the pen name of Elisa DeJarnet. You never know what you'll find here, but its guaranteed to be hot!

Elise Olisbos
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Things I like to write: mostly futanari/dickgirls; fantasy & sci-fi themes as well. I tend to write stuff that has more plot than porn.

ME AT OTHER PLACES eliseolisbos
​- eliseolisbos
​- Literotica: elisebos or eliseolisbos.
- FutanariPalace: eliseolisbos
- Tumblr:

I rarely do requests.

Not at this time.


Eliza Costigan
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Please feel free to send feedback on any of my stories. I will try to answer mails as they come in.

Currently, I have one series started, Winterthorne, which is about a girl taking the first steps toward becoming the submissive she was truly meant to be.

I am also seeking a volunteer or two to do some editing for me. If you are interested mail me and I will give you the details. Please be sure to include the type of works you prefer and those you refuse to read.

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I am a 50 yo woman who was physically and sexually abused as a girl. I enjoy fantasizing about women and children being abused, enslaved and mistreated.

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I am a 46 yo woman who was sexually abused as a child and have been attracted to female submission and degradaton ever since.

Story cateogires: Female Slavery and Humiliation

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Story categories: scifi, mf, mF, fF, mult, inc, rom, bi, les,

Ellen Hayes
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Ellen Hayes is a thirtysomething bisexual woman who has only gotten bitchier with time. She says, "See what Catholic school does to you? Most people are satisfied with crappy porno; I go through and spell-check mine." Ellen has her very own wesite on which she posts the most amazing lies about herself and her life...

Elliott McCrow
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Elliott is a long-time lover of erotica and writer of wrongs. A native Seattlelite gone missing in the world at large, he travels the globe kicking ass, fighting crime, and writing smutty stories (one of those three things is actually true).

eloise artois
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Story categories: lesbian youth bestiality

Elric the Albino
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Writing is how I deal with my demons, my alienation, and my desires.

My stories tend to be concerned with women in positions of power and control, and men in positions of submission - not just in the bedroom but in society itself. Fantasy and Science Fiction are perfect for this because I don't have to bother about whether its realistic or not.

Some of my stories deal with young girls (12-17) but almost invariably they are in control. I do not as a rule write male domination stories, or stories in which women are raped or abused. Not because I believe writing such things are "bad" but because they don't turn me on :)

Story categories: bdsm, femdom, spanking, romamtic, fantasy/sci-fi

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I try to write...

Profile last updated: 2005-02-10


[TLC Chorus:]
Writes like Elsol
Sees the light like Elsol
No one gives out critiques really quite like Elsol

For no writer in here's half as gifted
He's perfect, the new Hemingway
When you read him your heart will be lifted
If your writing needs work he can show you the wayyyy

[TLC Chorus:]
No one's reads like Elsol
Does great deeds like Elsol

No one lays down a heavyweight screed like Elsol

As an author my stories are scintillating

He's on a roll... Elsoool


I'm El Kabong. I look exactly like Elsol, and I approve of this message...

Written by JoJo "Duck and Cover" Starwheel aka. Flibinite of

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I enjoy writing stories about boys with boys, teens, and men. Usually involving some coercion. The stories must have a plot with some mystery and hopefully somewhat believable characters.

Story cateogires: mb, bdsm, ws, reluc

Em Gomes
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I've been around the world twice; talked to every one once. I tried my hand at writing much earlier in life. While I was told I was good, I didn't feel that way. However, with years of experience behind me, I believe I'm ready to take my writing to another level. I've never been published before, never exposed my works to anyone besides former partners. I hope everyone else enjoys the stories as much as they did.

Emanon Pen
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Mature gentleman that started writing erotica to pass the time in my hotel room while away on business. Now I write at home. My wife edits, comments, and sometimes gets disgusted by some to the plots of my stories, but accepts my First Amendment rights.

I enjoy getting positive and negative feed back.

Let me know how you feel about my stories.

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I write extreme anal psychodrama for women. I’m not sure if that’s a known genre, but that’s the closest description I can think of. Recurring themes in my stories are coercion, humiliation, power play, stockholm syndrome.

My stories tend to be slow-burners, but rest assured they reward the patient with a raging fire. I tend towards realism and generally adhere to the rules of physics and anatomy, but like to really push those boundaries as much as I can. I’m also not afraid to get a little gross or flirt with the morally gray. These factors might amount to a deal-breaker for some, but that’s fine.

Story cateogires: reluc, sm, scat, viol, fist

Emerald Green
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Story cateogires: MF, mF, mf, M+F, inc

Profile last updated: 2005-06-28


My stories are based on things that I have experienced or know of first hand, like nonconsensual sex or D/s. I enjoy the step by step story tellers - I feel what I read, so I try to write the same way, for the others like myself out there.

Story categories: MF, BD/s, for starters - you won't find beast, scat, snuff in my stories

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Loving watching my wife get fucked

Emi Tsuruta
Profile last updated: 2004-09-27


I am a Japanese exchange student at a small California liberal arts college. I write mostly about the dates I go on with my boyfriend, Ryosuke. He is kind of into outdoor sex and exhibitionism, and lately I've been getting into it more too. We try not to do anything too dangerous, just fooling around a little bit in places where we won't get caught. I am not really a writer, but I do like to hear from people who've read my posts, telling me what they think, or talking about the outdoors, nude beaches and stuff like that.

Story categories: exhib

Emily Sharwood
Profile last updated: 2007-03-05


In meinen Geschichten geht es männliche Teenager, die von Mädchen oder Frauen gegen ihren Willen masturbiert oder zum Sex gezwungen werden. Die Handlung spielt dabei u.a. an Schulen, in Krankenhäusern oder auch in weit abgelegenen Gegenden, in denen es nur Mädchen und Frauen gibt. Die Stories sind zwar reine Fantasie, aber ich versuche, sie so interessant, spannend und realistisch wie möglich zu schreiben.

Story categories: mf mf+ mF mM mH nc m1st f1st bd ds anal fdom Fdom toys

Profile last updated: 2011-01-24


I am fascinated by thoughts of incest,and mature male with a young girl. My first story is on that subjecy

Story cateogires: nc incest g Mf

Profile last updated: 2016-03-09


i am a submissive though i now live with a very vanilla husband who has not the vaguest idea about my inner sexual needs. Some of the stories are based on real events from my past, some are not. i live in the UK near the sea. i am happy to read your comments about my stories if you feel they deserve them.

Story categories: D/s, humil, exhib, M/f, F/f

Profile last updated: 2009-05-22


I am a 52 year old happily married woman with enough time on my hands to let my imagination run wild. As empty nesters, my husband and I have a great marriage, but he is older and very involved in his business. This leaves me alone a great deal of the time to become more and more preoccupied with sex. Writing has given my sexual urges an outlet that is relatively harmless and yet extremely satisfying.

Story categories: Solo MF FF Ff MMF MFF

Empath and Dancer
Profile last updated: 2001-06-05


A husband-and-wife writing team. Read. Enjoy. Reply. We like that, too.

Story categories: Read one, read the other, read the collaborations. Enjoy.

Profile last updated: 2011-03-10


I am an avid writer that very much enjoys erotic works. For a very long time I was just an admirer from a far but I recently decided to give it a try myself. The work I put on now will be my first piece ever written and the response I get from readers will greatly affect my decision to do it again or stop now at an interesting experiment.

Story cateogires:
TV sitcom parodies

Enid Brighton
Profile last updated: 2013-07-15


All my stories will contain female domination. I have a vivid imagination and so my story's will vary. They will be between woman and man, wife and husband, mother and son, daughter and father etc, but all characters will be over the age of eighteen.

Story cateogires: Fdom humil rough sad sm snuff tort va

Profile last updated: 2016-10-20


Congratulations on stumbling onto the least-read writer on asstr. You are now part of a select group you never knew (or cared) existed.
I've picked the name Enkidu. If you're familiar with the epic of Gilgamesh, you might make some educated guesses as to why I have chosen this name. Most of them will be wrong. Try not to read too much into a rose by any other alias. Being by no means a professional writer, I can't promise quality. Trudge through my tripe at your own risk.
Though I intend to provide the usual story codes, my subfolders here will likely be organized according to setting: past present and future. The first will contain things I've written with a medieval, fantasy or otherwise pre-industrial, pre-scientific flavor, the second adventures set in hum-drum contemporary office/school/hospital porno tropes, the third anything vaguely
As far as themes and codes go, you can expect little or no violence, sadomasochism, ws, scat, bestiality, mm homosexuality or prebubescent characters, mostly because I lack interest in these topics and having no illusions that I'll be widely read,these are still to a great extent stories I write to entertain myself. Many of my stories will entail situations in which the male protagonist is surrounded by desperate women deprived of other masculine choices, because, well, what can I say,insecurity and self-hatred are art forms. Enjoy, if you dare.

Profile last updated: 2005-07-11


Long time ASSTR reader, recently turned author.

I don't want to confine myself to any specific type of story as I plan to vary my topics quite a bit. I also plan to write both one-shot and multi-part stories. I will caution readers that my stories may include themes that are offensive to some.

What you may see in some of my work: teens, lolitas, older with younger, non-consensual acts.

What you won't see in my work: bdsm, snuff, extreme violence, short one page stroke stories.

Just check the story codes and judge for yourself.

Profile last updated: 2004-10-20


I'm a college student. My stories are about college students. Most of them are true and not embellished.

Story categories: College

Profile last updated: 2015-06-28


Just a one of millions of Net users.

Story cateogires: beast, ped, preg, nc, rom

Profile last updated: 2010-03-18


Story categories: rape, reluc, nc, viol, cons, nc*, rape*, reluc*, rom, dom, preg, inc, anal, solo, mast, exhib, oral

Profile last updated: 2011-01-04


Story categories: teen, and whatever else comes up :)

I'm from Australia, and I'm writing erotic fiction just as a hobby. I'm in my early thirties. I've always liked writing but I like a lot of things - a good conversation, a game of tennis, swimming in the sea, football, travel, cooking, etc etc.

Profile last updated: 2004-12-29


Brand new author interested in extended roleplaying - games for couples. First stuff will probabley be vanilla but I'm looking forward to branching out. ;)

Profile last updated: 2011-01-07


Story cateogires: MM best tort

Profile last updated: 2003-02-10


45 year old married male. Just wrote my first story 2/08/2003 and am anxious to have it read by others. I hope it can exite someone else as much as it did me writing it.

Story categories: Illustrated Stories

Profile last updated: 2005-02-11


Story categories: Fm, inc, exh

Eric S Solomon
Profile last updated: 2011-03-20


Eric S Solomon is approaching 40. He doesn't have any brothers or sisters. He doesn't have any children either, even though he _is_ married.

To put it succinctly: ANY and ALL stories are completely fictitious ramblings of an addled mind who doesn't have much else to do in his spare time.

Story categories: Couples, Fantasy, First Time, Incest, mF, MF, Mf, Mff, MFF, mFF, Group, Mind Control, Reluctant, Sci-Fi, and others I haven't thought up yet.

Eric Tail
Profile last updated: 2012-02-25


I am weird. I am attracted to adults who are attracted to kids. In my fantasies, I'm always a prepubescent kid playing with adults.
So, here I keep the stories I've written along these lines.

Story cateogires: Mb, ped
Sometimes: inc, ws, bdsm, zoo

Erik Johnson
Profile last updated: 2007-06-19


I write erotic all male fiction, ~nuf said.

Profile last updated: 2004-12-09


Sex is magick: A blessing and a bane; a freedom and a responsibility.

We are born because of the act; we can share the deepest part of ourselves from the act and it can be one of the most healing experiences that exist; but we also can be changed forever because of the act, either by bringing a life into this world (intended or unintended) or by loosing our lifeforce quicker or painfully through disease.

These stories and essays are more than just masturbation material. In fact this is not the usual stuff that I would masturbate to. But I hope that these stories have something beyond the quick "wam bam thank you myself" of most masturbatory material, and maybe cause our biggest sex organ (our brain) to give us an orgasm, or experience that is different and maybe even stronger.

Story categories: Many Genres - All Stories Individually Marked with Story Codes

Profile last updated: 2003-05-23


Ermberto is a twenty-something guy who writes stories on an incest theme. Mother/son are amongst the most prevalent but plenty of other stories feature father/daughter, brother/sister and various other combinations. Anal sex is given extra emphasis in these stories, accompanied with other fetishes like spanking, watersports and the like. Nearly all the stories feature underage characters.

Ernest Bywater
Profile last updated: 2015-09-26


I'm Australian born and bred, a self declared generalist with a varied working career. Coming from a working class background, I left school at sixteen and have worked at everything from door to door sales to law enforcement, including storeman, machinist, and clerk, ending up in administration and lower management in his thirties. Retrenched in the late 1990s, due to staff cut backs within the Australian Department of Defence (where I worked as civilian administrative staff), I became a forty-four year old student. In five years of study I completed two Information Technology diplomas, a post graduate Certificate in Management and several other IT certificates. Working as a contractor in administration and computer consulting since obtaining my first diploma in IT. During my working career I wrote many technical papers for work and some short training documents.

Having grown up in Sydney and spent most of my life living and working in major cities (Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra) I now seek a slower and friendlier lifestyle. Today I live with his son, Allyn, in a house in the rural NSW of Urana writing stories and trying to find permanent full-time work.

I also have some other works available through and

Ero Writer
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I have a wandering mind that's often hard to control, which is what I believe is what led me to storytelling. It's the one thing in life that has the ability to block out the distraction of the world. In due course, as a gay male with some very unfortunate attractions, it only seemed natural to create tales that I'll never be able to experience in real life. I strongly believe that writing such distasteful stories and sharing them with other such distasteful readers is what keeps me sane and on the straight and narrow.

My stories are about meaningful relationships between two males. The age of my characters vary and can include a man and boy, a boy and teen or perhaps two boys, depending on my mood. The only male combination I would rarely think to combine is man and man, as that doesn't float my boat and such stories can be found anywhere, thus making it dull in my eyes.

And now, without any further ado, please visit my pages and read through my stories. I'm confident you'll find something you love.

Common story categories: Mm, Mb, mm, mb, bb, rom

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To begin, I suffer from passion overload. I find that I continuously have erotic thoughts, often at the most inopportune times. Becoming an author for ASSTR would provide an outlet for these impulses. See, I have a significant other, and I don't want to let these thoughts crystallize into actions and inadvertantly hurt her. My imagination is a graphic enough playground whereas I can satisfy those taboo desires without ever committing a physical act. The mind is a wonderful gift and I hope to exhaust the abundance of passion here.

Story categories: MANY

Eros Tutitsbus
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My work is "free as in speech." Please enjoy responsibly.

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Story cateogires: Mf Fm inc rp inter rom

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I'm a former ( graduated) M.A. who is enjoying writing erotica as opposed to academic papers . At the moment I'm working on a novel-length piece, called THE GREGSONS. Imagine family love meets Little Women. Substitute fucking for farming. Whatever you wish. most important to me is that the writing be good and the topic be sex - undergirded by a strong story. I'm a great fan of the "Big Book (Pynchon, Gaddis, Foster Wallace, u.s.w) and yet find myself writing a modernist novel. Anyway, enjoy.

Story categories: rom, first, ped, fam, gg, Fg FM, FF, Mg, orgy

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60 and retired with lots of time put my real life experiences and fantasies to paper.

Story cateogires: cuckold, wife watching

Erotic Cowboy
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I am a 26 yr old white male. I enjoy impregnating fertile pussies in my free time through my stories. My favorite kind of woman is Ebony/Black women. For me the ideal woman is not above a size 22, any woman below that is fair game to my cock.

Visit my web portal and click the about me page to read more about me. Alternatively you can also click on the link below.

Erotic Toilet
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I am a writer who appreciates an outlet for writing material that is decidedly not mainstream but appealing only to a particular fetish, in this case, scat, or in some cases public nudity, especially CFNM in public. I'm just a geezer with a horny teenager living inside. My true life is tamer than my fantasies but not by much.

Story cateogires: Mf scat bd* mc*

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Story categories: Incest, taboo

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I enjoy writing of my most explicit thoughts of white females taken by black males.

I enjoy the writing of white wives and white daughters...... within the age of 12 - 30, or so.

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Story cateogires: Fg, Gg

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I am fond of story fantasies centered on adult males being feminized, both in attire and sexually, into being sissies/TVs, and later discovering they enjoyed what had been forced upon them. I was a devoted fan of the now defunct underground tabloid of the 80's titled "IR News". It had a central theme focused on Inter-racial (Black ^Ö White) relations between sluts, feminized males, and their dominant black masters and/or mistresses. My amateur tales are an attempt to write stories in that vein. I must mention that I'm a big fan of another ASSTR author - C.D.E.-. I've tried to emulate his smooth, earthy, and wry erotic prose style in my tales also. My e-mail address is at the end of my stories.

Story categories: TV/Sissy Males/TG

Eskimo 1958
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Story categories: group,m+/f
Stories with actual plots, got tired of the usual boy meets girl, they screw, and then everyone lives happily everafter. So, I wrote my own. Please enjoy and let me know what you think.

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I am a writer who recently go back into it. I am particularly interested in incest erotic fiction. I have a couple of stories I think others would like to read and enjoy. I hope they will be as "stimulated" at the craft as I am.

Story cateogires: m/M/F/inc/nc/msolo

Estaban Bacca
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Author Estaban Bacca brings action fiction to the erotic and blends them with style and verve. Mr. Bacca is an American citizen but has worked and lived internationally for many years. He currently makes his home in New England.

Story categories: BDSM

Esu Migabe
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Small in stature but a giant of literature, lol. Well may be one day. Esu writes based on her own experiences and vivid fantasies.

Eternal Night
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I am evil overlord over thousands of worlds. Where my shadow falls, parents lust for their children and children long for intimate touches. Whenever a child in my realm knows sexual pleasure my power grows.

Story categorys are pedo, cons, 1st, magic. I like to write about children discovering sex, usually with an adult teacher. When my storys include evil overlords, I usually name them after me.

Story categories: pedo, cons, 1st, magic

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I'm a college student, exercising my naughty side and my fantasies through text. I'm always willing to hear constructive criticism or praise for my work!

Story categories: M/F, F/F, teen, college, cons, romantic, teasing, mc, hypnosis

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I've been a pervert since before I cared about sex, but then I fell in love, and it all got mixed together; I write about romantic moonlit walks, and I write about kidnap and rape. I write other fiction anyway, but erotica is easiest because it's so immediate.

Story categories: mf, mf+, ff, first-person(gender ambiguous). rom, bdsm, nc

Ethereal Sunset
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I basically like to write X-rated fanfic featuring my favorite pro-wrestler, Batista. Some will be M/M, some will be M/M/F, and yes, even some plain old M/F. ALL of it will be extremely kinky.

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Etherus is the God of Excess/Lust. Most of the stories tend to have Females discovering new limits and pleasures. Quite often a dominant male is in the mix but not always. My stories tend to be reluctant but almost always finally consensual. I am not into abject pain, torture, or other extremisms. I am fascinated with the human ability to always find new excitingly creative ways to have sex.

Story categories: Most of my stories tend to have Females discovering new limits and pleasures. Quite often a dominant male is in the mix but not Anal, Bi, Blackmail, Bondage, Cheat, Exhib, Humil, Interr, oral, Preg, Rom, Solo, Spank, Toys, veg, Wife

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Story categories: cross dress, forced, lingerie, teenage, exhibition, sissy

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There's no question the stories I write aren't to everyone's taste. They involve people being eaten by other people and are for adults only. They are intense stories of the raising of humans as livestock and the consumption of human flesh. They contain graphic descriptions of sex in many and varied forms, some of which selected people might consider deviant and perverse. The first two chapters of Cannibal 4H were written by Neuralmancer who then graciously gave me his permission to expand upon his universe.

These stories often contain violence, death and, of course, cannibalism. Children are not spared in this tale! they often meet a grisly end. They are not written for the squeamish or the puritanical. Nor are they meant for minors.

Many people would find the contents of these fictional tales extremely disturbing. If you even have the slightest suspicion that you may be one of them read no further.

The author does not endorse or advocate the practices found within these stories any more than Stephen King really believes people should move their families in to a deserted hotel in the mountains in the dead of winter and then try to chop them into kibble with an axe.They are fiction, make-believe, a fantasy, a fabrication, not a promotion of the culture they describe. But they are intriguing to write.

In real life the author is considered to be a kind and gentle individual who likes small children and dogs, tips well in restaurants, holds doors open for ladies and senior citizens and even goes to the effort of catching insects in the house only to release them alive and unharmed outside.

Eva Blue
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Story categories: Masturbation, BDSM, Romance, Poetry

Evan Expload
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I’m a chill guy in my late twenties. My friends and family know me as I nice, funny, easy-going guy but I am also a nasty pervert. I can’t help but I think about sex constantly. And not just any sex but nasty perverted fun. Nothing ridiculously crazy but pretty nasty stuff. I love meeting chicks who enjoy being depraved sluts.

Story cateogires: MMF,MF,M+/F,oral,anal,gangbang

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Hi. I'm EveKnight75. I'm an English major with minors in French and Spanish. I'm also in pre-law.

I am bisexual. I like M/M and F/F, but it's not something I've written yet.

I've been a storyteller ever since I was a little kid. I'm very slow at updating but I can vouch for the quality of my work. I love receiving constructive criticism. This includes negative criticism as long as it's constructive.

I write mostly fanfiction. So far my favorite fandom is Brady Bunch. I've also written for Peter Pan and Martin Mystery. I may have an original piece or two. The categories are organized, so don't worry about that.

I like to read about incest - especially sibling incest. I find it a fascinating topic and one that's hard to write well. So far, I've done mainly stepcest. Most of my work does involve teen couples.

My weirdest quirk is that I won't write something based on whether it's MY fetish. I'll write something based on how interesting and challenging it can be. I don't consider that bad, just odd. For example, pedophilia is not a turn-on for me but one of my fics involves two 12-year-olds in a consensual graphic situation.

The following are the story categories I write in. I'll do my best to keep it up-to-date.

FANFICTION: Brady Bunch, Martin Mystery, Peter Pan

minors, teens
incest, stepcest

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I'm new. Only one story so far. Hope for more in the future.

It's young Femdom, M/M

Story categories: Femdom M/M

Evil Empire
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Story categories: futanari

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A young author interested in all kinds of stuff. But I tend to concentrate on BDSM related topics in "real world" situations.

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I'm a 41 year old ex-stripper and self-proclaimed computer geek who has been writing stories for most of her life. Only in the last few years have I branched out into erotica, after reading quite a bit of it myself. I tend to like a bit of build-up to my stories, so sometimes they seem more like novels than naughty stories, but I've learned to write what I myself enjoy. I enjoy online roleplaying games and have played quite a few, as well as loving the lore from Dungeons and Dragons, so that gets dragged into a lot of my stories. I've also got a definite "daddy" fixation which comes into play alot as well.

I've provided a feedback email, and any feedback is always appreciated, I'm still new to this whole thing :)

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First-time attempt at online erotica. I hope you enjoy! This makes me want more...

Story cateogires: bd, mc, reluc, sm

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I'm an adult male that imagines stories and scenarios that I can't find very easily, so I write them. I enjoy writing and reading ENF/stripping stories where women and girls between the ages of 14 and 40 find themselves in a situation where being without their clothes isn't socially accepted. A lot of my stories depict women and girls who become aroused by their nudity, but are generally still modest. I don't usually write men or boys into the story unless their nudity adds comedic value. I don't usually write any sexual activities involving males, but I sometimes get inspired to do a sort-of ENM (Embarrassed Nude Male) style on a few items.

Story cateogires: ff FF Ff 1st blackmail

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I'm new at this so I appreciate any feedback anyone cares to give me. I have a number of different types of stories, but perhaps the most common theme is that of exhibitionism and/or sex in front of other people. I hope you enjoy!

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Once I built the Internet. Now it's done. Brother, can you spare a dime?

Semi-retired, now my fiction is erotic instead of product specifications and White Papers. It's much more fun, and the audience is a lot classier. Scott Adams is right, suits *are* weasels.

My fiction spans my interests: mind control, fantasy, magic. The plots will be heterosexual, romantic (I'm a sucker for a happy ending) and (mostly) consensual. My writing isn't the simplest on ASSTR: I assume (always dangerous!) that my readers are literate in the English language. If the books that your high school sophomore Engish teacher asked you to read were too confusing for you to understand, then go look for a stroke story written in one and two syllable words: you aren't going to be able to understand my stories.

Exi Lexi
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Hey, my name is Lexi, and I'm an author. That much should be obvious. The things you'll read in my corner are about people somewhere in between wholesome nudists and sex-crazed maniacs. I know that's a pretty broad range, but you'll get the idea.

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Foreigner male living in Bangkok, semi-retired and using time at home to write short erotic stories, and a real book one day!

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Mg, Mf, Fg, gg, ped, pedo, pre-teen, pre-school, toddler, hetero, ws, oral, anal. Adult male seducing and being seduced by pre-school and pre-teen females. All concensual or consensual by trick or deception. Stories of exploration and discovery.

Absolutely no spanking, hitting, pain or other physical harm. And no animals etc.

Story categories: Mg, Mf, Fg, ped, pedo, pre-teen, pre-school

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I retired from the navy after 20 years, hence my penname. My favorite stories concern women who get pregnant. The best ones have been generally of two themes: mom/son and interracial. I would like to hear from anyone who likes my stories. If not what was wrong with the story.

Story categories: inc, mom/son, inter, preg

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I like stories about teachers either getting blackmail by younger students.

Story categories: Humil, NC, Reluc, YNG

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I try to write short, snappy stories with lots of graphic, uninhibited sex. What comes out are long, slow stories with characters, qualms and more romance than sex. I guess how people get together is more interesting, to me than the mechanics of what they do when they get there. Either that or I'm a prude.

Story cateogires: MF, rom, cons, slow

Eye of Serpent
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Hello Readers,

My fiction is a collection of short stories. Most of them are between 2000 and 4000 words and deal with the erotic events and consequences of Mind Control.

I owe my creative efforts to the EMCSA, hosted by Simon bar Sinister, and the ASSTR. If not for these two web sites, I would not be the reclusive author I am.

I enjoy email on my stories or topics. I try to answer any polite correspondence. If you write, please include the specific story you are commenting on in the email subject.

Happy reading.


While every story is plotted to stand alone, they "begin" where I first found inspiration-- 'Friendly Takeover' and my protagonist, Corelle D'Amber. As such, my stories are primarily Female Dominant, MC, and more often than not involve FF. These are the stories that turn me on and I am glad to share them with folks that prefer a "tapestry" of tales woven together.

Corelle's story became a series, where I usually deliver three tales in an arc. Those arcs are related by title and very easy to find either on my library url or at the EMCSA.

Or, as I write in the later story headers:

The Ancients series explores a world much like ours, but for the few passionate and dangerous immortals who love and hate in the shadows of man's civilization. The remnants of a primordial race, these Ancients have abilities of which mankind spins myths. People are acknowledged, illuminated, abused, and discarded in the tangle of monstrous intrigues amongst these Old Evils.

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Story categories: Varied

Profile last updated: 2012-03-29


Fantasy is best at its most absurd.

f. aces
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I write what occurs to me. Some of it is real, and some of it never happened.

My stories are very people-oriented, and not so much in the naked sense. I mark anything that I would think considered disturbing.

Profile last updated: 2002-09-26


My stories are all in the category referred to as "stroke". They all contain a lot of sex, particularly oral sex. I like stories of teenagers discovering sex and also women who find themselves unable to resist extramarital sex. Several of my stories involve inter-racial sex. This is not very politically correct, but inter-racial sex intrudes on my fantasies rather regularly, so it plays a big role in my stories. I wrote them for myself, but if you find them enjoyable, great.

Profile last updated: 2014-11-03


Story cateogires: nc humil inc best cuckold

Basically, I found it too difficult to find stories whose scenarios were close enough to what was in my head so I've decided to write my own stuff. Let me know what you think of it, I'd love to hear from some people.

I'm working on a series right now, but I have some other ideas I'll be exploring once I'm done pursuing this.

Face In The Dark
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I have been reading, and enjoying erotic literature for quite some time. Frank McCoy is my favorite author on this site. I only have one story so far, for now I will try to stick to my life expirences.

Story categories: preg, pedo, nc, rape, teen, some romance MF Mf mf

Faceless Watcher
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I love writing stories it takes me away from the mundane of life and into a fantasy world.

Story cateogires: Ped,Ff,Mm,b/g/

Factory Boy
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Author of Slavery 2020 series seen on other sites. Back writing again (hopefully) realistic and plausible Femdom stories.

Story cateogires: nosex Fdom sad* true

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Story categories:

Profile last updated: 2001-08-27


Your discerning comments are always appreciated. I learn from others and can well perhaps learn from you.

Story categories: Fictional portrayals of malevolently distressed females frequently crucified.

Fairy Diaper
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I ever wanted to be an author and, while I wait for the opportunity to publish something original, I started writing fanfiction.

Less than a year ago, I've started writting erotic stories, first my own fantasies and later any request.

I've published some of the stories in ASSTR Nepi directory, but I wanted my own account to be able to publish stories without any limitation.

My main fetish are diapers, so they will be featured prominently; at least that it is a special request.

The 'Nepi' directory, has the same stories that I published in Collections/Nepi.
You can find the specific codes in each chapter, but here you could find:
Best, bd, blackmail, diaper, nc, ped, rape, sad, scat, sm, ws, zoo.

The 'A New Brave Diapered World' directory, has the stories based in my own fantasy universe.
You can find the specific codes in each chapter, but here you could find:
Bd, blackmail, diaper, mummification, nc, ped, rape, sad, scat, snuff, ws.

I am searching for authors that want to help me to expand the universe of 'A New Brave Diapered World'. If you are interested, please, email me.


Fairy Diaper.

- Posted the first two chapter of The Corruption of a Minor (pedo, gsolo, diapers, ws, bd, bg, F/bg, transformation, anal, blackmail)in the Nepi directory

- Pamper presents its new diapers for the summer of 2257. The new 'Sadistic Snuff Pampers Ads' are more breathable, allowing your little mess to enjoy his disposal for more than the triple of the time.

You already can watch the advertisment in:
Fairy_Diaper/ANBDW/Diapers Advertisments

Keywords: pedo, diapers, mummification, scat, snuff, rape, anal, toys, Fsolo & transformation.

- Liner's new product, for the spring of 2258, is Liner Fast Disposal Diapers. For mothers that can't wait to dispose of their mess, Liner presents the fastest diapers in the market to dispose your kids. All your kids snuffed in less than five minutes, or your money back.

You already can watch the advertisment in:
Fairy_Diaper/ANBDW/Diapers Advertisments/
A New Brave Diapered World/Diapers Advertisments directory

Keywords: pedo, diapers, mummification, scat, Ff, snuff & transformation.

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Hi there. I write stories when i'm a bit bored. I'm not sure if they are any good, but I have fun while i'm writing them so I thought, hey why not share, maybe other people like them to.

Story cateogires: M+F, inc, FF, Ff, Mf

Faith Vale
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I'm basically a new writer who is interested in getting feedback on stories :) Please feel free to read, enjoy, and provide constructive criticism as well :)

Profile last updated: 2006-02-05


I'm married with two children; I have a Master who enjoys my stories very much so when he ask for something special I can't help but deliver. I hope one day to become a published writer not only of erotic but of other subjects.

I hope you all enjoy my work. And maybe email me to tell me your thoughts on my subject matter.

Profile last updated: 2008-12-08


Story categories: NiS, naked, hs, exhib, voy, M+/f, non consensual, slavery

Profile last updated: 2016-11-26


I started writing as a kind of therapy. Some of my work might be based on things I've experienced but all of it should be considered fantasy.

Family lovers
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I'm in a loving relationship with my sister and have been for many years. We have a lovely daughter and hope to have more soon. We love reading stories and love writing them so we hope you enjoy.

Story cateogires: MF fM Ff ped incest best gF bF gM Mb rape

Family Pantyman
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All my stories are set in a noticeably distant future. In this world, many things have changed, but many more have stayed the same. A 3rd sexual revolution is working it's way across the planet: the normalization of incest. One of the main reasons for setting it in the noticeably distant future instead of nowish is because I love cum covered girls but I'm not good enough (yet) to write a decent orgy (best I can manage is a threesome). So let's just assume biotech has advanced considerably and (like every technology) was used for sex. If "excessive cum" bother you, these stories won't be for you.

Story Categories: inc, panties, mast, caught, orgy(eventually)

Family Toy
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I will only write about my own true experiences. I am a family sex toy.

Story categories: pedo M+/g beast gb

Profile last updated: 2011-01-28


Story category: incest, armpit hair, piss, scat and many more.

Profile last updated: 2017-01-23


im paul i have been writing stories for a few months for now and like to please people with my stories and hope to please them with them all

Story cateogires: m/f incest bisexual f/f dad mom sister brother son daughter uncle aunt nephew niece grandpa grandma

Profile last updated: 2008-06-08


I'm a relatively new lemon writer though its only something I do on the side of my other stories. Virtually all the lemons I've written so far involve child sex, mostly consensual. Though a few tend to use borrowed characters from others.

Story categories: pedo, b/g, gg, F/g

Profile last updated: 2012-09-02


Think of this as a confessional. It is by no means complete, missing many details that may be added piece by piece. I am a survivor of child abuse: sexual, physical, mental, and emotional. I bear many deep psychological scars that result in my being unable to form normal attachments to people. I am a highly-sexed submissive female hiding in a middle-class vanilla marriage. Here is where I can let loose memories, wants, needs--emotions kept chained in the dark basement of a public life, constrained by a world too repressed to let such expressions free.

Profile last updated: 2009-09-04


I am a married male who lives in Israel. I love anything that is bizaar in sex. gay male, crossdressing, water sports, lesbians, submission, humiliation and much more. My stories are a mix of my true experiences, fantasies and desires.

Story cateogires: Gay, Lesbian, fetish, Sissification, Humiliation, Submition Kink and Bizaar

Fantasy Man
Profile last updated: 2012-05-17


Story cateogires: inc, beast, breast, oral, anal, Fb, Fm, MF+, FM+

Fantasy Stories
Profile last updated: 2002-07-16


Stories will generally involve teens and be NC

Profile last updated: 2015-08-04



I write about what I can not find. The things that I want, but they don't do in the world of adult entertainment. My hope is to one day see all of these stories come to life, even if I have to produce them myself.

Profile last updated: 2012-01-17


Story cateogires: g, nc, ped, rape, inc, snuff

Profile last updated: 2015-05-03


Just trying this out for the first time. Like exploring femdom themes. The weirder, the better!

Story cateogires: femdom

Profile last updated: 2013-09-29


Primarily I write MC fiction with a NC element. I also have done a little toon fan fiction.

Profile last updated: 2007-01-25


My name is Farnaz. I was born in Iran and live in the europe. I am very interested in Female Domination (FEMDOM) and like to write stories in this category. My favorite themes in femdom is scenes including a fully uniformed woman (specially in military uniforms of every country in the world in its sexy for, e.g., tight blouse, short skirt, shear stockings and high-heels) interrogates and tortures a naked man in a prison or a camp. I write my stories in persian lannguage, because my readers are generally from the middle-east and, there is very few authors over there who write the stories in this language. I like to translate english stories in persian. My stories are fictional and All places and names are accidentally and any similarities in names and/or places are coincidental. Please note that these kindd of stories are NOT recommended for those who may be offended mentally or physically. If you are underage (less than 21 years old) please leave these stories. If you live where it is illegal to read such stories, stop reading and/or distributing too.
For those who are permitted, the category of my stories can be classified as follows:
F/m, F+/m, F+/m+, Serious, Torture, Bondage/Discipline, and any kind of Female Domination.

Story categories: Femdom (F/m), Serious, Bondage/Discipline (BD), Torture,

Profile last updated: 2004-02-26


I'm a new writer of erotic fiction, having written the first in a series that I might or might not complete. I think it stands up well enough on it's own. I'd like to explore other story lines in the future, and expect that the stories I write will range all over the genere of erotica.

Story categories: No beastiality, everything else.

Father Ignatius
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A child of Africa himself, Father Ignatius is currently appointed Chaplain to the Papal Nuncio to Sub-Saharan Africa. Nat is mostly to be found in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa–“the fairest Cape in all the world”–and quite the nicest place in sub-Saharan Africa to be.

He is a repressed heterosexual and a former rugby international battling with celibacy. Most interesting after over-indulging in the Communion wine, he nevertheless staunchly refuses to answer to “Dago Red.” His personal erogenous yardstick is a woman who cooks breakfast. This unfortunate early imprinting led him last year to propose marriage to Ruthie’s Club editor, Lisa Libris. Her rejection was no help at all with his repression issues.

Nat’s therapy for all those years in the seminary is to take the keenest delight in teaching Catholic schoolgirls their Catechism.

Father Knows Best
Profile last updated: 2015-02-18


Half a century of sexual perversion has not diminished my interests or desires. For some reason, I cannot come close to penning the great American novel, but I think I can write a mean sex tale...well, at least, I enjoy it.

Please let me know what you like and don't like. (That last is really important to me. I can't improve if I don't know what I'm doing wrong.)

Story cateogires: M/F/m/f/b/g/best/cons/nc/inc/reluc/ws/zoo/ped/
I will adjust BUT should be NO sad/tort/snuff/viol/scat/ At least not without good reason or a sea change in my sexual preferences.

Profile last updated: 2000-08-20


Faux Nomme is the pseudonym of [CENSORED], whose position as a member of the Clergy would be a great embarrassment were it known in the Pornography Community.

Profile last updated: 2001-12-20


My biggest turn on is transformation. Whether it's a young girl transforming into a woman, a boy transforming into a girl, a woman transforming into a pregnant woman, and sometimes girls transforming into animals. So I am a new author who will probably focus in those areas with a few other categories if I feel the urge to write another type of story.

Story categories: transformation, sci-fi, preg, growth, fantasy

Feather Touch
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"Jimmy and Frogger" was my first post, back on '01. Thanks for the huge mail on it. For almost three years I've been posting on, anonymously and under various psuedonyms. Mostly Bi Inc. and Adult/Young Friends. About 25 titles and 1.3 million words, if you have a fee evening. As time goes on, I'll copy some these to ASSTR (it's now Oct.'03). Themes remaine bi ped. and inc. with at least literary pretension and attempts at humor. I can't deal with conflict and resolution, so don't write for New York. You won't find will he? / won't he? (and when?) in my work. He will, and with that issue out of the way there's time for politics, cultural dissection, social commentary, and any number of hijinks before the extended and graphic, for want of a better word, climax.

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Hey everyone. I only casually write, so don't expect regular stories. A lot of the things I write revolve around fantasies between me and various women I've met, although occasionally I will write pure works of fiction. None of my writings are true unless otherwise stated - and if they are true, you're in for a real treat. :D

Story categories: mf MF ff m+f m+f+

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I'm someone from Sri Lanka, My access to to limited because of local bans on pornography. I don't like watching pornographic content. I only like reading sex stories. I don't like reading about physical intercourse, I'm more of a softcore person. I like fetishes like wearing no underwear under jeans or pants. I like being forced to cum. I like being hogtied and touched but I don't like sexual intercourse of any kind. Anything as long as I'm not naked.

Story cateogires: MM, Mm, Mb*, b*b*

Felix Phile
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Currently interested in reading and writing stories about early sexual experiences. Those experimental times in your teens when you were learning about yourself and your partners.

Story categories: MF early experiences

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I chose the name �fem0luvr� because to me, there�s nothing more special than a female orgasm� or more preferably, a whole bunch of them! Check out my stories, they're meant to be erotic, sensual and sexual. Take a moment and let me know if I�m on the right track. I also welcome criticism so I might improve. Tell me things you like or don�t, and if there might be a particular fantasy that you have, and would like to see if I can capture it, share it. My email address is Thanks!

Story cateogires: FF con rom

Female Captives
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My stories focus on the ordeals of female captives who find themselves trapped in various unpleasant situations, either in the real world of the past and present or in various fantasy worlds. Peril, imprisonment and harsh punishment are the main themes explored here.

Femdom fun
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I want to share my work with others

Story cateogires: Femdom

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I'm tired of "lesbian" porn for bio men. I'm tired of lesbian porn where half the thing is processing. There isn't a whole lot of hot, raunchy dyke/trans porn for dykes and trans folks. So that's what I hope to provide. Femmes, butches, transmen... this is for y'all, from a sassafrass femme dyke.

Story categories: queer, dyke, ftm, femme/butch, light bdsm, no processing, no coming out stories

Fernand de Morcerf
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Story categories: M/f teen Maledom inc nc

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I have been writing for close to 16 years now, but only posting on line since around 2007. I used to post at a couple of different pay sites but have since left those. I post at just one sites now, here at Some of my stories can also be found at which is a pay site, and some of my stories are still at a site called, a Canadian site, but because they changed their policies about accepting stories with underage characters I no longer post there. Everything that was there is here at asstr now. I like to post at asstr becaue it is free and anyone can read my stories without having to pay anything at all. I also have a few stories at lesbianlolita as well, which is located in the "Collections" section here at asstr. I am a older male (under 60 but over 55)and I write pedo and incest stories for my personal pleasure and the sexual relief I get from such fantasies. My stories exclusively preteen girls and occasionally boys and animals, mostly dogs.


My thanks to ASSTR for their wonderful site, I hope many of you will enjoy my stories. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND ME FEEDBACK AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF MY STORIES. I love hearing from the people who read my stories. Thanks

Story categories: pedophilia/incest/preteen/child/animal sex/family sex

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I am a mid thirties male with an overactive imagination. What you will find here is a collection of fantasies that I have had, or am currently having.

My stories are usually inspired by things that are going on around me. That doesn't mean they are real (I wish!), they're not, but the starting point of the story or some of the details are taken from the world around me.

My tastes are usually MF consensual, but who knows where my mind will take me? The only thing I can tell you is that I write for fun. I enjoyed putting this stuff together. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Profile last updated: 2001-02-25


Semi autobiographical Southern Gothic writing that explores the darker side of passion and human nature. Follow the teenage angst of Paula, Tina, Missy and others as they discover a world of tattoos, piercing, music and raw sex that ain't sugar coated for the masses.

Fiction Writer
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Novice writer and collecter of sex stories involving young, mostly preteen girls and adults.

Story categories: MFg, ped

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First time trying this out. I have read lots and would like to contribute. I like reading what others have done, and it has driven me to this point.

Story cateogires: M+F, MF, va, wife, exhib, oral, ws, gb

Profile last updated: 2007-08-12


These stories are a compilation of true life experiences (with some embelishment) and from pure imagination. Please feel free to read and enjoy them. I am working on updating the webpage and making it look nice so bare with me.

Finbar Saunders
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Why am I here?

-- So far, I have simply lurked on A.S.S (online, I lurk elsewhere sometimes too!)This site is just too much of a jewel to avoid and I wanted to grab my fifteen minutes...

What's on offer?
-- I have written a couple of pieces to date but hope to add to that as time and the muse allows.

The site is my attempt at html and, as such, includes a lot of links to other pages. As time progresses, I hope you will notice that the web site will grow.
At the moment, the main links are for extra info on the characters but I will also be adding in short stories within the main titles.

What am I?
-- I am male -- I think. Let me look Yep, I can see something definitely unfeminine there. I am approaching middle-age with a speed that threatens a nose-bleed and sometimes feel old enough to have been born in the middle ages. I am a Brit, of sorts, but no longer live in that fair country. I arrived in the Great North American (in)continent about a decade ago and am currently trying to help raise the average IQ.
The effect of being an alien is to really mess up my spelling and change my phraseology somewhat. If I write something odd, it's either because I'm using standard English or because I only *think* I am writing standard English and I am, in actual fact, writing crap.

I love the emails I have received from readers, especially the ones that promised all sorts of attention to my fluid levels. Even the one that declared that I should really use a spellchecker because I would see all the wrong words like colour and neighbour. Good to see isolationism is alive and well and living in Iowa.

Favourite genres? -- Well, online I have a leaning towards the MC archives that Simon Bar Sinister runs, mainly because that was my introduction site to erotica on the web. In recent times I have really found the romantic stuff to be most fulfulling (see 'age' above.) There's not really anything which I could claim to squick me as a reader. As a writer, however, I can't imagine ever wanting to write much in the way of torture, incest, bestiality or others of the less pleasant end of the erotic spectrum. Not because I have any morals but because I no longer fit the leather clothes for which I shelled out huge amounts of money and then they got ruined in the damp basement (note to self, invest in some proper drywall before placing the manacles).

Life's too short to waste on bad wine.

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Story categories: Adult female teen male encounters

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Firmament writes for your pleasure. I hope to explore the world of erotic prose through this medium. Send feedback if you read any of my stories.

First Touch
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Have always been interested in the erotic thrill of that shocking first taboo touch - that moment when lines are crossed, when both parties know they shouldn't be doing what they are doing - but that is what makes it erotic, thrilling, worth risking for. The secret touch.

Have written stories that attempt to capture what does it for me, and post them here. Alas, my writing is not always the best and will always need improvement - but if sharing them provides someone, anyone with any moments of pleasure or escape, here they are.

Story cateogires: Fm Fb Mf Mg Inc

Profile last updated: 2008-11-13


Hello again, I have returned after a long absence.
Story categories: Mainly Hetero, Female Domination some Blackmail, mild abuse, Wife etc.

Profile last updated: 2010-03-30


New writer, welcom comments and assistance, also interested in hearing from readers of my infinished stories as to possible directions the story may take.

Story cateogires: MFfg; Mg MF; g/inc/ped

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Just another big swinging dick writing for the joy of an erection and a promise from the missus.

Profile last updated: 2016-04-07


The focus is the pleasure of candaulism--that is, seeing my wife naked and sexually used by men while I watch.

Story cateogires: M+F reluc humil

Fitfully Yours
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While I write stories that have to do with incest with underage children, I am a firm believer that sex and love have to go hand in hand. Very rarely will I write about sex of any kind where there is not love before hand. I have included my normal codes underneath.

Normal Codes: Mf, Mg, Inc, Cons, ped
Occasional Codes: Fm
Rare Codes: Nc, Ff, Fg, reluc, anal
Never Used Codes, Scat, ws, MM, Mm, Mb, tv, copr, best

Please don't remove the author information or make any changes to any of my story. You may post my stories freely to non-commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites, and I ask that I be emailed the site name.
Thank you for your consideration.

Profile last updated: 2004-04-19


I am a very erotic middle age female. I have always enjoyed erotica and pornography especially when presented in an intelligent manner. Some of my stories are spiced with actual sexual experiences shared with my husband while others are simply my overactive libido taking control of my keyboard. My stories are always dedicated to the love of my life. He is my dirty Santa. I am his hohoho. My favorite saying is...."Having sex with a younger man can be deadly....but if he dies, he dies!

Flaming Phoenix
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Young American expat author traveling the world. Please email me if you have any questions or requests. Thanks.

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I'm a 29 year old self-employed graphic illustrator that writes short stories on the side. I've authored the story Homebodies and am currently writing another untitled erotic novella that's clocking in at 90 pages so far.

I appreciate any comments from readers and donations are also welcome. I'd also be willing to take on writing commissions from those who want custom stories written. My e-mail address is

Profile last updated: 2011-01-02


It took me a long time to realize that there are very few authors writing the type of stories I enjoy the most and that those few author's who do are generally the most popular. A while back, I couldn't find any I hadn't read, so I made one up. At first, it was only for myself, but then it morphed and became so entertaining that I decided to share. When the first novel was finished, it had a surprise ending that stunned everyone.

I've been told by a lot of reader's that my writing is excessively technical, but as I said, this was originally written for my own pleasure. No one is ever willing to complain after being surprised at the end.

I would also like to invite other author's to join me in the Universe I've created, but not until you've read "A Stone Cut Without Hands". The potential of this Universe is unlimited because we all live in it, even though we are not aware of it.

If you want to know more about me, read the novel. I used myself as the template for the hero (obviously with a huge quantity of creative license).

Story cateogires: scFi, Mf, MF, Mdom, MC, slavery,

Flesh Goddess
Profile last updated: 2003-06-07


I wrote "Flesh and Magic," a tale of fantasy erotica set in a world of my own creation. I'm mainly trying to become a better writer in general, and thus I welcome any criticism, good or bad - I can't know what I'm doing wrong unless someone tells me! ICQ # 298358249.

Profile last updated: 2016-04-14


I am a dirty old man who likes to dream about sex with women in uniform but it all roots back to my Catholic girl fetish from grade school i may right stories about women or girls involved in sex with older men and some may be persuaded or forced but its all in fun and games not real all part of one,a imagination and if you are offended i suggest you go away thank you

Profile last updated: 2001-07-23


Flick is an IT technician who has come across several invaluable opportunities to spy on and have sex with beautiful, young, teenage girls. His adventures are fictional, but with just a bit of my real life experience mixed in.

Story categories: Young Girls, Voyeurism, Incest, Underaged Sex

Profile last updated: 2013-01-14


A 40-something, cultured lady who had a sexual enlightening at the end of her 30s that inspires her still.

Profile last updated: 2004-02-17


David continues to explore his sexuality and can't believe his luck at having 3 gorgeous big-tit babes for play-mates! All comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Profile last updated: 2005-02-06


Hi, I'm Fluffy, a female writer quite new to ASSTR. A lot of my stories are loosely based on my own experiences as a child. If you're not into reading about adults and children in sexual situations, then don't read my stories. However, if you do, then you will probably enjoy them......I hope so. I am also likely to write stories which include piss and scat play, beastiality, sub/dom, humiliation, bondage, rape and pretty much anything else you can think of!!!
I'm open to suggestions - if you have any email me:

Thank you.

Profile last updated: 2015-07-25


I am a 32 year old working Mother, with ample time to spend pursuing my own interests.

Flying Pen
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I'm a married computer jock who saw A.S.S., and one day decided that "I can do better than that!" My first story was "Satin Doll", but the one that kept me writing was "Night Music." I got such a positive response that I kept writing more erotica.

Ever since I finished my erotic novel, I'm writing less these days, but I have a long list of projects, most of which are listed on my projects page. Drop me a line to let me know what you liked or didn't or what you might like to see me write.


Profile last updated: 2006-02-22


Story categories: rape, dungeon, torture

Profile last updated: 2015-07-27


I am a writer who has started recently

Profile last updated: 2013-07-12


a man who loves feet

Story cateogires: feet,foot foot fetish,scifi,pedo,straight,bi,gay

For Her
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I'm a male online gamer who has written fantasies for female online partners. I'm sharing them here with the names changed.

Story categories: Fantasies for women

Forbidden Noir
Profile last updated: 2007-10-06


Perfect combination of His savior and perverse Dark Angel. Erotica written by a submissive soul.

Forbidden Taste
Profile last updated: 2008-02-03


I am a white male but I like to write about the flip side as to what I think it would be like to be female. To me it is truly arousing to fantasize being female, the prey of the male dominated world.

Story categories: Bondage

Profile last updated: 2004-10-16


Just some guy who loves women and their legs!
I answer all my email so dont be shy, drop a line

Story categories: Rape Nylon pantyhose stockings drunk blackmail

Profile last updated: 2003-05-13


I'm a 32-year-old man with more pigment in my skin than most. I've traveled the world. I become intoxicated by the way a woman moves her body on the dance floor. Give me a beach, a fire and scantily-clad women dancing to reggae beats coming from a steel drum and I'm drunk with lust.

I'm an exhibitionist and and a voyeur. Some say it's difficult to be both. I, however, cannot believe a person can be one without being the other.

Much of what I've written has happened. It's the embellished truth, so to speak. I'll leave it up to you to decide what is and is not real. ;)

Enjoy the stories, and keep a lookout for me, because I'll be looking for you...


Story categories: Romance, Exihibitionsim, Voyeurism, Teasing, Dancing, Interracial

Forgotten Poet
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Story categories: BBW, Size Worship, BE, PE, MF, MC, etc etc

Profile last updated: 2012-02-07


I am an illusion, just as you are...we dwell in a world of ideas, and there is where we will stay

Story cateogires: M/g beast nc preteen reluc caution teen toys

Profile last updated: 2013-05-13


23 year old, female writer.

Story cateogires: rape, MDom, BDSM, nc,

Profile last updated: 2003-05-27


When AOL was in its infancy, I was enthralled by this new world of the internet. I did have an ulterior motive in that I was unhappily married and looking for discreet female companionship. Since I wasn't into actively looking in the live meat market scene, the internet was a new and viable alternative. The chat rooms and my first experiences with cybersex were very exciting. In time, I grew bored with cybersex. I still enjoyed screening women online for possible real life meetings. I used stories as a means to let women know what I liked and what I was like in the sack, as well as to see if they turned her on. My first stories were somewhat like cybersex, though they were composed rather than improvised. The women whom I found to be physically attractive and compatible with me on many levels, (including sexual tastes or, at least, sexual curiosity or interests), I tried to entice into telephone calls and personal meetings. Some relationships didn't go past phone calls due to poor chemistry; and others just didn't gel on the first meeting. However, I did find a few good lovers this way who I would meet from time to time through my career travels. Following a successful triste, I would often write a story for my lover detailing our memories. The story would serve as a reminder and "keep her juices flowing" for our next meeting. Those stories are fairly accurte portrayals. As I explored various erotic interests online with potential lovers, I expanded my horizons - in some cases beyond what I, personally, enjoyed sexually. I still wrote stories for them sometimes, based on my perception of what their ideal lover would be, (though I enjoy light B&D where I am in control, I made no pretences that I was into S&M). My erotica is generally romantic and somewhat unusual as it is written in the first person like I was relating to the audience of "you" as my lover. I particularly enjoy helping a woman expand her sexual horizons, so the theme of giving her her first experience, or first enjoyable experience, of some sort is present in various of my stories.

Profile last updated: 2013-02-12


I enjoy writing fantasies and sometimes science fiction with stories that generally involve younger girls.

Story cateogires: Mg mg

Profile last updated: 2005-01-10


Foxbat enjoys writing stories when the right combination of time, depression, horniness and boredom is present. My stories usually involve some degree of NC, although not all do, and in many it's only hinted at, or becomes consensual. I prefer longer more emotional stories, but I try not to sacrafice good sex scenes in striving for complexity.


Story categories: most have elements of mf nc anal oral bdsm cons - no inc/ff/mm

Fra. Peter Abelard
Profile last updated: 2000-05-21


I am, of course, Fra. Peter Abelard, 11th century French philosopher and theologian. In my forties, my brilliant academic career was cut short by the consequences of my love affair with the beautiful Heloise, the young (oh, how deliciously young) niece of Canon Fulbert of Notre Dame. That son-of-a-bitch had me castrated, but he will never quench my love for fair pubescent damsels. My stories involve not only them but, occasionally both their younger and their older sisters.

Story categories: Alas, fair Heloise, castrated Benedictine monk though I am, I love thee still (and all thy pubescent sisters). I must admit that I do occasionally drift into fantasies of both thy more and less mature sisters.

Profile last updated: 2000-10-16


I am an older (55+) writer; my themes are watersports (esp desperation, F or M) and exhibitionism (often reluctant nudity), some mild bondage. No pedo, no snuff, no scat. My stories contain no rape and little violence; often (but not always) they feature older women in erotic situations.

Story categories: Watersports; exhibitionism; mild bondage (no scat, no snuff)

Frank M. Berton
Profile last updated: 2014-06-07


Story cateogires: ws scat Mb Mg bb bg Mf fb mb mg

Frank McCoy
Profile last updated: 2003-08-06


Who IS this Frank McCoy guy anyway?

Frank McCoy is a man who started writing sex stories for his own enjoyment, and later started publishing them on the internet (in when he found out that other people were interested in reading them.

His stories mostly involve incest, (family members having sex) pedophilia, (young children having sex) pregnancy (yes, having babies) and quite often several other quirks as well.
These stories (with a few notable exceptions) are usually completely consensual (That means that all parties involved want to do whatever they are doing.) and are basically love-stories. Even though most people might consider this "abuse," nobody (with the above noted exceptions) gets abused in his stories. If a little girl has sex, (gets fucked) it's because she wants to get fucked, and asks for it.
This may be unrealistic, but these are stories, FANTASIES, they are not intended as examples of the real world, or suggestions of things to do.

Frank started out by publishing a complete novel, ("Her Father's Daughter") ostensibly written by a friend ("Tammy") who didn't want to be identified further. He has also published several stories that he claims are his own, besides those of the mysterious Tammy.
Once he started publishing, several other people have asked him to publish some of their stories, in the same manner.

All of stories published under the "An Erotic Story" sub-title, share the following characteristics:

1. They are all not copyrighted.
2. There is no author's name. Frank might have written them, and he might not.
3. They have all been edited by Frank, to meet his literary standards (such as they are).

Besides these stories, Frank has been known to publish some stories, (NOT under the "An Erotic Story" by-line,) for people who do not want to be otherwise identified. These are NOT subject to the above limitations.

Frank Smith 232
Profile last updated: 2016-04-29


Story cateogires: MF,MM*,M+F,bd,ped,ds,cuckold,interr,anal,inc,rim*,job,WC,BM

Frank Stein
Profile last updated: 2008-12-06


A profile? Twisted clearly, odd by nature, fun, freakishly good looking, smarter than the average bear, and I like writing, duh!

Story categories: Celebrities, NC, Incest, Taboo,

Frank Thornton
Profile last updated: 2011-04-26


My stories are about the romantic sex that I've had with beautiful women. They've made me a better person & I hope I've also helped them to achieve satisfaction in their pathway along life's progress.

Story cateogires: MF+

Profile last updated: 2011-05-22


Most of my stories are flavored with BDSM and supernatural elements. I tend to focus a great deal on character interaction and development, and since I'm a female type, I focus on the emotional aspects of sex and the entire experience as opposed to the old generic 'suck and fuck'.

Profile last updated: 2005-08-21


Hello my made up name is Franklin and I like to write stories about all things relating to latex clothes and bondage. I've been a long time visitor to this site and would like to give something back. Obviously money would be preferable but I don't have any to spare so you'll have to settle for my mind instead.

Story categories: fetish, latex, bondage

Fred Stone
Profile last updated: 2010-06-26


Story cateogires: MF FF nc sm blackmail

Profile last updated: 2001-12-13


Bio info: Men and women getting together. Mostly groups

Story categories: friends, neighbors, groups, voyuers

Profile last updated: 2001-02-01


Generally a story of some fantasy that comes to mind in everyday life. Usually involves M+, and some mild domination. Nothing too severe, and far less than I ever have even thought about trying.

Frederic Lemetre
Profile last updated: 2012-06-30


Hi, ich bin Frederic Lemetre,
ich bin ein freier Autor. Was ich schreibe beruht zum Teil
auf Wünsche und Anregungen meiner Leser und/oder auch
aus eigner Fantasie.

Ich bin Bisexuell schreibe aber am liebsten über Jungs,
was ich rechtaufregend und intressand finde ist wenn die
Jungs uriniren müssen, dieses baue ich auch gerne in meine
Story's ein.
Was ich nicht mag ist der einbezug des Kots oder körperliche
Gewalt und/oder Verstümmelungen...

Über Wünsche, Kommentare oder Anregungen würde ich
mich sehr freuen...

Frederic Lemetre

Story cateogires: b+, bm+, b+m, m+, ws, oral, anal

Frederick T.
Profile last updated: 2002-07-10


Son, child, student, friend, surfer, lover, father, man, husband, fighter pilot, Viet Nam vet, cancer survivor and proponent of cannabis legalization !

Published Work (a.s.s./a.s.s.h./a.s.s.m.)

--------- ---- --------------------------

"The Adventures of Willy Tamarack" - 1996/7

"Shack, Lead !" - 1997

"The Back Yard Adventures" - 1997

"The Travels of Willy Tamarack" - 1997/8

"The Super Bowl" - 1998

"Every Man's Fantasy" - 1998

"Four Seasons" - 1998

Willy Tamarack - One More Time Again,

For a While - The Stories - Starting Summer 1998

"If Candy is Dandy and Liquor is Quicker...Who is Maryjane ?"

Starting Summer 1998

Free Speeched
Profile last updated: 2007-03-16


I am a 21 year old male. I live in Tucson, Arizona. I like to write stories for fun. Feel free to email me if you'd like to comment on a story, discuss philosophy, or just make friends. I'd be happy to read or review other people's stories.

Story categories: gangbang,mmf,cuckold,humiliation,exhibitionism

Profile last updated: 2014-10-08


I'm an erotic story teller who likes to share his writings with others.

I like to write stories that have mother and daughter themes, especially when the daughter(s) are still toddlers.

Please send comments, I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks in advance.


Profile last updated: 2009-06-21


I've been writing erotic fiction for about 3 years now. I find my self writing non-consensual stories most of the time, but every now and then I write a "romantic" story.

Story cateogires: Mf, M(+)f(+), M(+)F(+), bdsm, ds, nc

French Boy
Profile last updated: 2008-10-14


French gay story que je partage avec vous. Les ambiances colos de vacances et de camps scouts, les premieres emotions des adolescents jeunes et moins jeunes.

Story categories: Male/ados, ados, ados/ados

Profile last updated: 2014-01-02


Story cateogires: mf mf+ Mf mF MmFf

Profile last updated: 2014-07-03


I'm a transplanted Cajun from New Orleans to California,in my late 20's and I've always enjoyed literature; especially, short stories. I studied "Creative Writing" in college and was the only author that the professor read a story that I wrote to the class. I have been publishing stories on ASSTR for over two years.

I hope "yawl" enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing and you will let me know what you think, good or bad. Thanks.


Frenchy Frog
Profile last updated: 2017-01-02


I am a male writer and my stories are pure erotic fiction. Of course, there are some elements of my real life experiences in them, but they're mostly just plain fiction from my imagination. I enjoy writing my stories, but I am interested in hearing what other people think of them. I also would like to receive your ideas for a story as I have already incorporated quite a few from some of my friends.

Story categories: M/F, A bit of Romance, Anal, Oral, Interracial, Voyeur, Humor, etc.

Profile last updated: 2007-01-02


Some of my recurring themes are: submissive women, defloration, spanking, cum play, older men with younger women, face fucking, mind control, and romantic relationships. But there's quite a variety -- please browse the index!

Profile last updated: 2013-06-05


Story cateogires: MF, Impregnation, Consentual

Friendly Teddy
Profile last updated: 2011-11-20


I like writing stories about consensual sex between adults, minors,and kids, as well as incest, without any sort of violence involved.

Story cateogires: Mb* Mg* b*g* Mb*g* MF Fb* Fg* Fb*g* MFb*g* inc* ws ws* ped* rom

Fritz Steinmeyer
Profile last updated: 2016-07-17


I enjoy writing stories I've heard other people tell, things happening to me, or which I've discovered through research. Many of my writing have been published on alternative news sites, and I ghost write for several web sites and publications. For the past several years I have been networking with people involved in ET and government covert ops. I hope to write on those subjects soon.

Profile last updated: 2012-12-24


Abhorrent works of fiction involving libertine indulgences.

Profile last updated: 2012-06-26


Story cateogires: ped,inc,scat,ws,zoo,rom

Profile last updated: 2013-10-29


Writing in the coldness of my office, about the coldness I see, hear, and imagine through these wintery days.

Story categories: MF mF FF nc rape humil ws

Profile last updated: 2016-12-10


Story categories: b+F, ped, best, nec, cons

Story cateogires: b+F, ped, best, nec, cons

Profile last updated: 2014-02-04


I am a Russian man who loves to read, write and translate porn stories.
My interest is a Heterosexual adult sex. I love sex and women.

Story cateogires: MF

Fun Play Cam
Profile last updated: 2013-09-30


Just your average Dutch IT-guy, married, no kids, but a cat.
Needing a place to put his real life experiences, fantasies and other stuff.
Born in July 1966, so you can do the math wrt my current age.

Profile last updated: 2014-06-17


My stories are set in a world where something happens to sterilize all of mankind. 1 in 6 girls or women ever have the ability to heave a child, and even then they can only have between 1 and 3. In addition, the same calamity also causes 9 out of every 10 children to be girls. Needless to say this means the population of the world is in rapid decline. Not enough men, and the only women that can have children have to do it young.

Join me as I explore all the kinky adventures and discover with me if humanity has any hope.

Most commonly used tags
Ff Fg Ff+ Fg+ Mf Mg Mf+ Mg+ nc reluc harem

Fuzzie Tanner
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Finding satisfying erotic stories can be a frustrating experience.

Have you ever found yourself browsing story after story, looking for one that has what it takes to help you get that ultimate stress relief so that you can get on with things?

You can unintentionally spend hours in that search. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you get left high and dry.

I like to think that my stories are a cure for that.

I hope you enjoy the stories I publish here on ASSTR.

Story categories: bf bF bg mf mF mg

Profile last updated: 2015-07-15


Hi, I am an author of erotica exploring the topic of sexual awakenings in young girls. If this is likely to offend you, please click BACK on your browser now.

These are works of fantasy. Although many men may think and act like the adult male characters, the highly biddable and sexual nature of the girls is a fantasy that does not exist; in fact, it would be dangerous to believe that it does.

As a reminder of this fantasy, I have reused the same names in all of the stories: Pete for the adult male and Lucy for the young girl.

Story cateogires: Mg+ Mf+ mg+ mf+ Fg+ Ff+ ff cons 1st

A note for previous readers of my collection:
You may remember my web site contained reviews of similar stories and links to similar collections. Although I have no personal problem with such fiction, the law and general public disagree, so I no longer think it is worth the personal risk that the web site entails. My apologies if you enjoyed it.

Gabby Girl
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Hi! I'm Gabby and I'm here to tell some stories. I'm 25 and I live near Las Vegas and I just have some ideas rattling around my head that I want to share with the world. I'm not sure what I'm going to write about yet but I'm pretty sure it's going to be kinky!

Story cateogires: Mf, Mg, MF, Fm, Fb, FF, fF

Profile last updated: 2011-05-15


I am a husband and father. I enjoy reading good stories with an erotic tendency, I hope I can write the type of story that I would enjoy reading.

Gaia Tochter
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Story cateogires: Mg, bd, g, gg, Mggg, inc, ped, preg, reluc, tg

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I am a submissive male, who writes stories about other submissive males such as myself.

Profile last updated: 2002-04-13


I am retired at the ripe old age of 23. Fucked my knee up pretty good. My tastes in stories that I read range anywhere from MC stories, to incest stories.

The stories I write are mainly MC, though I've been dabbling in fanfiction. X-MEN to be exact.

Story categories: I mostly dabble in Erotic MC fiction and X-MEN fanfiction.

Profile last updated: 2010-08-27


I like to read simple, direct accounts of deviant behaviour and when nobody has written about something that arouses me, I will write something simple and direct myself.

I don't go in for warnings, classifications and fancy graphics. Plain text and an imagination is all you need.

Neither do I go in for lengthy descriptions of the people involved - you are most welcome to mentally insert yourself and the object of your lust into the story.

garden variety perv
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Story categories: Mf, mf, Ff, rape, NC, blackmail, reluc

Gary Clarke
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I am a fairly new writer, been writing for a few months and I have a taste for it, all my work is fantasy of course, but some of the charachters are based on real people.

I hope everyone likes my stories and I hope to get feedback on my writing.

Story cateogires: Ped

Profile last updated: 2009-01-23


A better author than I wrote, at the beginning of every story, "I write, and you read, if you care to." Those are my sentiments, too. I write stories of males and females enjoying consensual relationships. I don't look down at the other types - I simply haven't experienced them. I write what I like.

Gato Medio
Profile last updated: 2008-02-07


The profile allows authors to tell their readers something about themselves.

How does 'blonde, blue-eyed, big-busted, long-legged and insatiable' sound?

What was that?

Even if you believe me - which you don't - this doesn't say anything about my ability to write entertaining and exciting stories?

You're damn right! It says nothing. Or almost nothing. At least it shows that I have a vivid imagination.

By the same token, I don't think my age, nationality, educational or professional background, or even my sex, are particularly relevant when it comes to deciding whether you are likely to enjoy the stories I write. So, rather than giving you biographical details, I'd like to talk about why and how I write.

To start with, I write the kind of story I enjoy reading myself. So it helps if you have a similar taste to mine. As I enjoy quite a wide range of stories, I'm also likely to write about many different forms of sex. Don't expect my next story to be similar to the one you've just read - it won't be. I'm not specialized in any particular category - in fact I'm allergic to being pigeon-holed. I write about what I find exciting at the moment. You won't find much male-male sex in my stories. Not because I don't approve of it; it just doesn't turn me on and therefore I don't think I can write convincingly about it. (Having said that, 'Triad', one of the stories in the pipeline, contains an MM scene, however it is set within a d/s context rather than a gay sex episode.)

Most of my stories evolve from me imagining a particular scene, situation or constellation of characters. It's as important for me to write about what those people feel and think, as it is to describe in detail what they do. In order to do that, I need to develop those characters, at least the main protagonists, give them a life which extends beyond their sexual activity. It also requires fitting the sex somehow into a meaningful plot. All this means that most of my stories have to be classified as 'slow'. If you can't wait for the first cock to hit the first cunt, then you may find my stories boring - at least in the beginning. I ask my readers for a little patience, to give me a chance to set the scene. It makes the action, when it finally happens, much more enjoyable.

Recently, I seem to be fascinated by the world of domination and submission, pain and pleasure. It's a subject which crops up in various forms, even when it wasn't part of the initial scenario. It interests me to explore what makes people submit, what makes them accept or desire pain as part of sex. And I use my characters to develop this subject from various angles. This may change, of course, depending on the next idea inspiration sends me.

I think this is enough about me, probably already far too much. If you want to know more, you can e-mail me at the address gatomedio hotmail com. This is also the address to use for praise, criticism, suggestions etc. I promise that I will read and reply to all messages, as long as they contain a valid return address.

The best way to find out if you like my stories is to read them. As the saying goes, 'the proof of the pudding is in the reading.'

Gato Medio

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Story cateogires: Lesbian pedo

gDom Girl
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Girls rule... 10-12 I prefer the girl to be dominant over the adult female. All stories are consensual. I do tend to profile the characters with 'character developement'. I'm a 29 yo woman who has no need for men, so you'll see little to none in my stories. Nothing personal, it's just my preference...

Story cateogires: Fg gDom bond d/s les con

Profile last updated: 2011-05-25


Stories involving Gdom or 'Girl Domination' by little girls on men or little boys.

The Preteen version of Femdom. Little girls (preteen) domonating men/boys or at least taking the lead in 'activities'. This will usually involve little girls face-sitting men or boys or initiating / forcing ORAL sex. This will be usually be male on girl (cunnilingus) but may contain instances of the girl going down on the male (blowjob) in a reluctant-male / sex-plaything type of scenario.

This theme isn't too heavy and 'unrealistic' here. They occur in everyday settings as a sort of experimental / spur of the moment / accidental start. I'd like to think the stories can be related-to and 'believable'.

Quite often more than one girl in a range of preteen ages. May occasionally involve Toddlers or even Babies (helped into facesit position by other mischeivous girls....) This may appeal to our Nepi fans! The stories will usually, by definition, start off as the males being reluctant. Also activities may well start off quite innocently as 'girly fun and games' and build up...

Please Note: The focus of my stories is on ORAL sex activities, usually via facesitting. Hence actual intercourse is quite rare but may still appear. Rape / violence / non-consensual towards towards the preteen girls is non-existent.

On the 'oral menu' there may be the odd instance of ws (watersports - peeing on the male submissive), rimming or even scat (forced shit facials / eating). Where the little girls do force intercourse it would be followed by a creampie facesit.

Story categories could include: gdom, preteen, pedo, oral, facesit, Mg, Mg+, bg, bg+, reluc, cons, ws, scat, toddler, nepi, creampie


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I will be adding some stories soon based on some real life experiences. Feel free to let me know what you think.

thanks and kisses

Geek of Ages
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I am a sick and twisted individual, and my stories run the gamut from simple romance (with a twist) to outright disgusting and horrific. Some of my favorite topics are impregnation, incest, and vore.

So be warned.

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"Geez Thomas, don't you ever leave that thing alone?"
"Geez Thomas, your such a perv"
"Geez Thomas, you could get arrested for doing that"
"Geez Thomas, you'll either go blind or pull the damn thing off if you don't stop"

Please send me feedback. It's (partly) what fuels my desire to write more.

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Story categories: NIS

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Alle Story in deutscher Sprache / All stories in german language only

Bin kein regelmäßiger Schreiber, habe aber eine blühende Fantasie die immer mal wieder was hervorbringt.

Ich bin ein großer Liebhaber derber Sprache und drifte hier auch immer mal wieder ins unrealistische ab.
Manchmal habe ich das Problem, dass der rote Faden verloren geht, oder sich Geschichten während des Schreibens in eine Richtung entwickeln die eigentlich gar nicht vorgesehen war.

Ich hoffe ihr könnt damit leben. ;-)

Dennoch bin ich um jede Kritik dankbar, positive wie negative.
Auch gegen Vorschläge was in einer Geschichte passieren sollte habe ich absolut nichts.

Also nur heraus damit.

Meine derzeitigen NoGos sind: scat, vio, nc, rape usw.

Story categories: F, f, g, M, m, b, best, zoo, mc, incest

Profile last updated: 2014-06-08


I'm Jim, my passions are "Classic" Hard Rock, TV crime dramas, writing...

Story cateogires: Celebrity, Incest, Underage, Interracial, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, 1st Time

Profile last updated: 2002-06-22


I read (thank you all you delicious authors) because I am more than a little addicted to sex. I write because stories occur to me, and sometimes I have the time. I am old enough to marvel at the ability of children to accept and delight in all aspects of the world, and that comes together with my happy addiction in my stories.
I live on this small planet of ours, and have always moved about on it quite a lot. My host of other interests (even cooking) scarcely bear on my stories.

Story categories: I and my friend Nestor, who wrote some of these stories (though his main interest is in science fiction), are charmed and intrigued by the potential of the young to enjoy the world.

Profile last updated: 2009-04-15


I'm an nineteen-year-old girl with a big imagination and sex drive. I write a lot and thought it would be fun to try erotica. I'm particularly into father-daughter erotica, and a lot of it is inspired by a father figure in my life who I admire very much.

Gene Dewitt
Profile last updated: 2005-03-31


I enjoy reading erotic stories, especially shorter ones.

All my stories have a basis in real life somewhere, although I was not involved in all of them. Names and places have been changed to protect the privacy of the participants.

Generic Joe
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Bi Poly Pagan Kinky Geek.

Erotica Writer. What else is there to say?

Story categories: Is there something I haven't written yet?

Profile last updated: 2014-09-30


We are Brother Genita and Sister Genita of Genita Clan. All of our stories are consensual. Most are fictional, fantasies, and so ignore age of consent. Some are based on real life of us or our friends.

story codes: cons, Mf, Mg, Fm, Fb, mf, ff

Story cateogires: cons, Mf, Mg, Fm, Fb, mf, ff

Profile last updated: 2014-03-11


Just good, old-fashioned erotic literature. No bondage, violence, humiliation, scat, ws, or anything like that.

What you will find is a variety of unconventional relationships, incest, unprotected sex with consequences, some Man-Man sex, but very little girl-on-girl outside of threesomes. Lots of fantasies

Profile last updated: 2008-06-16


I'm a writer of consensual, romantic erotica, and the occasional surprise. I have a large collection of material which has been posted in other forums, and I'm looking for a bigger audience. This seems to be the place. I also write at least one new piece each week. This makes me prolific, but not necessarily good. :-)

Over the last year or so, my production has dropped off. This, of course, doesn't guarantee any increase in quality. Oh well...

Gentleman, The
Profile last updated: 2007-12-08


A slightly older gentleman who has been in the world for... *checks calendar* just a bit more than 57 years, *Smiles*

An aspiring author of erotica and romanitcia who writes from memories of what once was and dreams of what will never be...

I do hope you enjoy my writing and allow me to take you away from the world, even for just a few moments...

And do drop a line to let me know what you think, *Smiles*
All mails will be answered...

Profile last updated: 2010-07-27


Hello guys, I'm most wrighting in german, about men who likes to enjoy the beauty of boys and (very) young males.
I hope you like my work.
Tata the "Genussmensch"!

Codes: Mb, Mm, nc, discilpine

Profile last updated: 2008-01-13


I am a 44 year old world traveling male. Thanks to the U.S. Army, I have been to dozens of countries. In these travels I have accumulated 300+ sexual partners (both male and female). These stories are straight forward and don't dance around trying to be artsy.

Story categories: bisexual,groups,anal,pee,teens,lite B&D.

Profile last updated: 2014-04-07


Perhaps later

Profile last updated: 2006-05-16


Story categories: MF, FF, non-consent/reluctant, interracial, mature

I also post on Literotica. Eventually, everything that's there will be on here too.

George Adelanto
Profile last updated: 1999-12-08


I am a married man in my early 40s with 2 children. As you will probably be able to tell from my writing, I'm certainly no professional. I am a college graduate, with a year of graduate shool under my belt (dropped graduate school to work in sales) so I hope the writing isn't too bad.

My stories are generally what turn me on. They're almost always based on real women that I've had relationships with. As a matter of fact the main character in at least a couple of my stories is a young lady that I have spent many countless years fantasizing about. She was actually the one that had gotten me interested in voyeurism, and sharing my woman with 1 or more men.

The first story, ROBYN, I had written was factual in many ways, but much of the sex in the story was merely planned by me and her to someday happen. Robyn and I had a very real love affair that was kept top secret. Nobody really knows about our affair but her and I. When we finally laid out plans to go all out one weekend things got sidetracked.

Would you believe her credit card was reposessed so she didn't have money to meet me at our hotel over 100 miles from each of our homes. After that I think I probably came to my senses. She divorced her husband, and I think that she was counting on me to do the same. I just couldn't leave my wife and 4 year old daughter.

If things had gone as I planned we actually would have pulled off some of the kind of things that I write about. I know she was definitely a willing participant. By the way, my description of her beauty could not possibly do her justice either.

It may sound rather pathetic, but the excitement of that time almost 15 years ago has altered how I feel abot sex tremendously. It continues to be a recurring fantasy of mine that I just have absolutely no control over. My biggest turn on in the world is giving pleasure to a woman, or seeing her enjoy herself sexually. I could not imagine a more sexually enjoyable experience for a woman than to give in to the physical pleasure that multiple men could give.

All of my stories highlight the pleasure a woman could experience. There will never be anything that will hurt her. The girl will always be in charge, and the men are always willing to cooperate.

My stories are written mainly because I see very little out there that really pushes my buttons. I will see a few stories out there that are almost perfect, but might fall short for me in at least one way. The details or the prelude to the story are maybe the most common shortcomings I've come across. I am putting these stories on the web in hopes that I may get some feedback from others that have similar fantasies, or feelings aout sex. Anything I get back from you will be much appreciated.

Story categories: Exhibitionism, Gang Bang, Voyeurism, Lingerie

George Carter
Profile last updated: 2001-07-30


George Carter is a fortyish, happily attached male living on the east coast of Australia. After suddenly realising his life was, in all probability, half over, mid-life crisis kicked in. In the last year he's gotten himself tattooed, jumped out of perfectly good aircraft and started writing erotica.

George Page
Profile last updated: 2008-08-27


George is the pseudonym of a Writer of primarily Bondage, Discipline and other 'Hard' Erotica. Some stories will be thinly veiled reality, while others will be pure fiction. The difference should be obvious.

Story categories: MF, MDom, NC, SciFi, BD

George Tasker
Profile last updated: 2004-01-02


Reluctant large breasted ladies, lots of blowjobs and a dash of adventure...

George Tyerbyter
Profile last updated: 2014-03-29


Story categorizes: het, fetish, clothed sex, through-the-pants, jewelry, earrings, smoking, incest

Profile last updated: 2004-12-03


Story categories: All my stories involve sex with children (ped*). Sex is always consensual. Girls or boys are involved. I concentrate on the feelings of those involved rather than over emphasising the detail of the sex act.

Profile last updated: 2003-01-24


Story categories: Stories usually involving adultery, cheating, and such like.

Profile last updated: 2009-03-30


Just a regular guy with a fantasy about a sexy co-worker.

Georgie Porgie
Profile last updated: 2006-05-02


I've written a few "nice" stories, but my stories USUALLY have: humil, non-cons, bondage, exhib, spank, tort, and/or rape, so if you don't like that type of story, go elsewhere. My stories ALMOST NEVER have: ws, scat, anal, injury, gore, blood, grossness, or snuff, so if you require those things, go elsewhere. My stories ALL include girls age 4 to 10, who are usually, but not always: naked, humiliated, helpless, terrified, crying, and either screaming or gagged. All of these stories are FANTASY, and in over 30 years of reading and writing stories like this, I have NEVER hurt any real person, and never known anyone who has, nor would I tolerate anyone else doing so. Enjoying FANTASIES like this DOES not and NEED not make you a monster in real life, as long as you understand that real people are not to be treated this way.
If these FANTASIES might cause you to do anything like this in REAL LIFE, then DO NOT READ THEM, GO ELSEWHERE. To everyone else who likes this sort of FANTASY, feel free to enjoy my stories. Please comment!
Story categories: pedo, bondage, humiliation, spanking, rape, torture.

Profile last updated: 2007-03-11


Call me geraldine... 36, female, icelandic, married... i am an utter pervert [what.. you too? hehe] and i enjoy bdsm, torture, Domination, various wonderful fetishes...

....and i love to write. Some things just beg to be put down on paper.

Feedback always appreciated - thank you!

Story categories include torture, sadism, incest, anal, snuff, femdom, humiliation, medical, cuckold, rape, maledom, foot fetish, d/s.

i am not normally one for much foreplay. oh and i am a noob so bear with me while i find my bearings here and learn how to work with files et al :)

Profile last updated: 2013-05-04


Original from Germany and now living on another continent.

Profile last updated: 2011-09-18


I'm just a guy with elaborate fantasies about his wife. :-)

Story cateogires: mf wife

Profile last updated: 2005-07-25


Not a big deal with me. I read alot of the stuff here and enjoy what happens. I have written several short stories dedicated to my own internal interests. This is a short set of what I have come up with.

Story categories: MF, MFF, MMF

Profile last updated: 2004-02-16


Story categories: Inc, BBW, everything but pain and toilet games

Ghost Train
Profile last updated: 2015-06-03


I like to write stories about wives being convinced or forced into interracial, cuckold, also teen interracial, father daughter incest, and some submissive wife stories.

Story cateogires: interr mf

Ghost Writer
Profile last updated: 2015-04-11


I finally decided to start posting stories I have written hope you like them.

Story category: cons,MF,mf,ff,Fmf,inc

Profile last updated: 2005-10-20


An image takes a thousand words.

Profile last updated: 2002-07-31


I am a lover of the written word and love my audience to become a part of my stories.

Story categories: lite humor erotic short stories

Profile last updated: 2010-02-23


Im a young male in my early 30's, having read some of the stories on the old Perverts r us site, i thought about writing some of my own, i have many stories ongoing some are long some are short.

i also have some stories collected from the old PRU site.

Profile last updated: 2016-08-16


The stories of Gil Gamesh are primarily about romantic heterosexual love. On occasion, they may contain homosexual love and may be anti-religious. Read them if you dare but do not say you were not warned. Other readers praise them highly.

Profile last updated: 2002-03-28


My stories are primarily about reluctant women that are drawn into a situation that gets them so excited that they can't help but 'Give-In'.

I started posting stories to ASSM because I was disappointed with all of the 'mean' stories (BDSM, Snuff, Pedo, etc) and the shortage of stories where the woman actually wants it.

At the same time vanilla "boy meets girl ... boy fucks girl" stories seem rather bland. Rather than simply posting complaints to ASSD, I decided to write some stories that I would have been happy to read. I was inspired by a few gems like Phil Phantom's "Good Sport" and Jim's "Boating Weekend Away" and J. Boswell's "Party Treasure".

The positive response to the first few stories encouraged me to keep writing and posting.

Story categories: Reluctant Females, often Wife, MMMF or FFFF

Gill Byrd
Profile last updated: 2012-08-23


I am an English lady of "a certain age".
I love to dream and fantasise about strange erotic adventures.

Story cateogires: My stories are always about a man or men abusing a woman. Sometimes they contain strong violence and bestiality.

Profile last updated: 2010-05-18


I'm a Sci-fi and fantasy fan. Former musician that uses writing to exercise my creativity.
I generally write stories that are romantic, incestuous, sexy, erotic, humorous and most importantly...surprise you and keep you interested.

Story cateogires: Inc,Cons,Sci-Fi,Ms,Fd,Aunt/Nephew,bg,Wb,Mg,fan,bestiality

Gina G.
Profile last updated: 2013-06-25


Thank You for your interest in my stories.

My name is Gina G. (I do use a pen name to insure my privacy in everything I do! Hope you understand!!). I am a white female, 20 (born Dec. 5, 1992). I am a college student from Rochester, NY (but I won't say which school to get myself into trouble, that is why I use a Pen Name!).

I have been reading & writing Erotic Stories since I was 14 years old. My imagination is limitless & has no bounds. I can be very softcore in some of my stories, & in others I can be VERY nasty! So I warn you in advance, they can get extreme at times.

Now, for the type of stories I write. They are limitless, just like my imagination! I don't plan my stories in advance, I just sit down with a blank notepad opened & let the words just start to flow out. I DON'T write about scat, piss, animals, extreme pedophile (youngest you will find in my stories are 14). Besides that, anything is a go depending on what type of mood I am in at the time & what fantasies I have been having.

I enjoy all kinds of porn, but especially amateur girls & amateur lesbians, &, of course, Erotic Stories. So if you know of any good sites, send me an email to the address below!! Greatly Appreciated!!!!!

I do take requests, & welcome all feed back, even if it isn't good. You can send these to . I do respond back to all email.

You can follow me on the following Social Sites also, I would love to add you as a friend:

I also have 3 websites you may enjoy:

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Hugs & Kisses,

Gina G.

Gina Marie Wylie
Profile last updated: 2003-10-28


Some years ago I wrote a story and posted in on ASS; after a bit I ran into a problem with it. Then I had my own troubles...I put the story aside for a time, then came back and was blocked again. A few weeks ago I thought I'd try again, and started looking around on the web...and found myself. So, I'm back. I'm unretiring myself and I'm going to write, Murphy willing, more than one story this time

Profile last updated: 2002-04-25


I'm 26 years old and have been writing since I was about 13. In the last year, I've started writing erotica more than anything else. Most of my stores are based on fantasies I have or things that have happened to me. Many have a BDSM theme, many of them combined with romance. It just depends on what I want to write at the time. I hope you enjoy them.

Ginger Balls
Profile last updated: 2012-12-16


31, M, US West Coast. I am a somewhat goodlooking, socially skilled, confident, male virgin in his 30s. Made a lot of mistakes passing up once in a lifetime opportunities to be with girls because I was a afraid of sex. Now all I have left are these fantasies.

Story cateogires: inc, ped, cons, rom, oral, piv, voy, lac, 1st, size, MFf, MF+g, f+b, mF, fM, gM,

Ginger Gin
Profile last updated: 2000-12-11


I'm a lesbian who loves to write Hard-Core Lesbian Fantasies. Why? Because I get so many more interesting emails and a somewhat bigger fan base. (We writers are a vain lot ~smile~)

Also I've read many of the 'Normal' girl meets girl stories that just didn't excite me. I was looking for something Shocking!

I started writing about three-somes, and group sex. I've always loved renting lesbian XXX porn movies, and started writing about what I enjoyed watching, like toys, and playing with food... and on it goes... Exploring taboos like incest, and fisting and peeing.

Remember these are only fantasies (for the most part) Simply stories to masturbate too and enjoy.

So enjoy, ~kisses~ Ginger

Story categories: Lesbian

Profile last updated: 2005-10-15


Hi! My name is Ginger and these are my adventures (some real, some fantasy). I figure the more I write, the less trouble I can get into. (Yeah! Right!) I enjoy correspondence via e-mail, suggestions, writing topics and comments. ( & yahoo messanger)
Hugs and Kisses,

Girl Friday
Profile last updated: 2004-08-24



girl luver
Profile last updated: 2005-09-27


Sex stories of all types are a wonderful release from the realities of a mundane life! The freedom to write ANYTHING is crucial in a free society.

Story categories: pedo

Girl Reaper
Profile last updated: 2016-05-22


I will be posting stories involving the snuffing and torturing of young girls. Most of the victims in my stories will be girls between 10 and 18, but they may be as young as 5 or as old as 30. Any victims outside of that fall outside of that category will simply be collateral damage.

Short story collections will likely contain little to no sex at all. My longer stories will tend to have more sexual intercourse, although they will still be geared towards violence.

Story codes: Snuff, tort, viol, teen, and ped.

Other codes you may see: inc, interr, rape, nec, ws, and scat. (Although the last two will almost never touch someone's mouth, mostly there to make deaths more realistic.)

Profile last updated: 2002-08-04


I've taken a long break from writing stories since an unfortunate incident last year! Nothing illegal, but I lost almost every story I'd ever written!!!

The stories that survive were either taken from what I had submitted to Blackspectre or those that have been written since!

Almost all of what I have written involves female submission at some point in the procedings or else it involves girls being abused without their consent! I intend to bring in more of my older stuff as it becomes avaliable (I'm having probs. with work that was scrambled before I lost a lot of stuff last year!) and I've started writing a new stories again... at long last!

In a nutshell, my work all involves women (more likely girls) and it usually involves submission or forced sex by the girls!

Hope you enjoy what I've written, either way e-mail me with any comments/suggestions/ideas or just to say 'hi'.

Hope to hear from people soon,


Profile last updated: 2008-10-19


Story categories: man younger girl erotic consenual preteen daughter daddy

Profile last updated: 2015-03-30


Story cateogires: Lesbian, Hermaphrodite, FF, FH, NC, ped, transgender

Gladys Stoatpamphlet
Profile last updated: 2007-12-21


Story categories: lesbian incest ff inc

Profile last updated: 2003-10-03


I have been a long time consumer of erotica. Now it is time I tried to give back.

Story categories: FF Spank

Glenn Ozark
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I have been a long time fan of Embarrassed/Forced Nudity stories. My focus is on lesbian coming of age tales in rural settings. Most of the stories will have a fish out of water theme where a female in her late teens is believed to be younger than she is or she decides she wants to pass as younger. My stories will be about a young woman on a journey of self discovery that will ultimately lead to her finding meaning and fulfillment in her life. The nudity in the stories is a symbol of the young woman shedding her inhibitions and fears. She may experience some embarrassment or relutance but will always have an out. If you are looking for strong elements of backmail, non-consent or other heavy forced themes this is not the place for you. There will be stories where younger teens (14 to 15) will be in charge of the older teen main character or in a strong position of influence. I like sibiling incest stories so there will be elements of that as well as authority figures who don't think there is any need for modesty for the main character. There will also be stories posted by a few fellow writers I hope you enjoy as well. I look forward to you feedback and will do my best to answer your e-mails.

Story cateogires: FF,Ff,MF,mf(teens),Sibling Incest,Embarrassed/Coerced Nudity

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Story categories: gloryhole, anal, piss, incest, gay, bestiality, group sex, teenager

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I'm a pretty head-on hetrosexual type whose turn-ons/writing interests include public nudity, exhibitionism, pedophila, incest, etc. I think the literary situation that I find the most interesting as an erotic setting is the sex-between-strangers situation (i.e., "Hi, nice to meet you. Wanna fuck?")

GM Jack
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I am a man in my mid 40's. I have never written anything before. I just had these stories in my head, and I decided to get them down. I hope other people enjoy them.
Feedback welcome.

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I have read Net Wolf, Frank, Ellagon, & Night Wolf. They are my favorite writers and the reason I thought I would try my hand at writing. I haven't written since I was in 5th grade, so bare with me please.

Please email me with any comments that could help me improve.

Story categories: MF rom 1st coll cons FF Mult les bi het swing group orgy exhib voy safe oral anal solo pett veg

Goddess DreamSender
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Goddess DreamSender is a Pro/LifeStyle Hypno-Dominatrix and Hypnotherapist in practice in IL., United States.

Here may be found the stories of Her Exploits, Poetry (Domme-oriented) and hypno-erotic fiction She has written, with the occasional audio tidbit..

Story categories: Dominance/Submission, Hypno-Dominance, Female Supremacy, D/s Switching, Mind Control, Alternate Universes

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All of civilization is founded on a fundamental lie of humanity. There is no greater purpose to our actions, and there is no separation between us and the beasts.

Story cateogires: Mf, Ff, Ff+, best, tort, sm, nc, reluc

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I'm currently a student working for my computers degree and on the sideline I (attempt to) run a company. I've been a fan of ASSTR for many years now, and finally decided to try and write some stories myself.

Story categories: tv series star trek

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I like stories of sexual coercion. My hapless protagonists seem to get younger and younger, and the abuse they suffer more and more extreme.

Story categories: M+F, M+f, nc

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Australian older male bitten on the bum by relationships but still a romantic

Story cateogires: Romance MF

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I know how to reach into another's mind and touch that secret, dark area that makes one lose control. I hope that my writing style brings a little more depth to depravity. Some of my writing is done as a first draft then updated later after the flesh reveals itself.

Story categories: rape, forced, non-consensual, fantasy, science fiction, incest, bestiality,

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Hi all, I am not an experienced writer, but I hope you'll enjoy my work anyway. I've had an intense life- good and bad. I think an exploration of their own sexuality, fantasies and fears, is important for most if not all humans. Thus I value this site and other like it. I hope- if you enjoy what I write- that you'll consider donating money to support ASSTR. I am very poor myself and cant contribute here monetarily which bothers me a lot. So give a few dollars, if you can, please.

I do not condone any non-desired violence between others. While I write erotically about subject such as rape I hate those who actually commit such terrible acts!!! Please do NOT read if you feel my stories would EVER inspire you to do anything against another human being that is not COMPLETELY consensual.

On the other hand if you're wanting a rape fantasy please feel free to enjoy my work and recommend it to others. I hope to get better as I become more experienced.

Feel free to contact me if you would like me to consider writing a scenario of your preference. [As far as I know scat is the only squick that I would not be willing to consider writing about..]

Story cateogires: rape/NC and/or best

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I am a fifty something year old male. All of my writings are pure fantasy, although some are elablorations of my own life experiences. Generally speaking, my stories are of consenting adults doing things consenting adults do sexually and adding a twist or what I call the human condition. My intent is to arouse my reader physically by painting a visual image with my words, while at the same time, stimulating his or her imagination.
I do not make the rules of man or society, I try only to examine them in a different, if not always, socially acceptable light.
In the end however, it is just entertainment.
I hope you enjoy.

Gordo de Prosepro
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Story categories: consensual incest

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Story categories: bdsm D/s latex bondage

Gothic Lust, A
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Im and erotic artist who also enjoys turing people on with my stories and fantasies. Im into BDSM and most of my stores reflect that.

Story categories: Domination, cheating wives, blackmail, rape

grade school nurse
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Retired naval officer. Widower. Significant other to retired grade school nurse.

Story categories: spanking enema voyeur

Graeme Diamond
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I am a writer of gay erotica. Many or most of my stories focus on watersports, more of the pants-wetting (accidental or on purpose) or diapers variety rather than the peeing-on-the-partner variety. My fiction will often feature boys, either with other boys, older boys, or men, and spanking may play a role in my stories.

Story cateogires: 1st, bd, MM, Mm, mm, Mb, mb, bb, Msolo, msolo, bsolo, nc, ws

Graf Enberg
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You've got to pardon me, but I'm just writing stories in German language. Perhaps there's anyone daring to translate?

Story cateogires: inc, humil, best

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My name is Graham Newbury. I am from Manchester, England. The idea for my main storyline came to me as a horny high-school freshman aspiring in computers, psychology, and engineering.

I encourage people of all fetishes and sexual orientations to read my stories.

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Im over seventy now and have recently been reading the sexy stories here. Ive been single a long time now but I have had a lot of sexy times. Just because we're not young anymore doesnt ean we dont like a good sexy time and I love all the stories here and wanted to write my own sex experiences and about things I want to do and would do if I got the chance.

So come on you young ones and get sexy with Granny Mary and I would love to hear from anyone who likes my stories on my email:

I like ALL sexy things - NOTHING is taboo for me - and I know there are lots of naughty little boys and girls out there.

Story cateogires: M m b F f g - ped - anal - big cocks

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