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This site contains explicit sexual content. If it's not legal for you to be here, or you thought this site would be about cheese in a can or old Genesis songs, please browse


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My name's Aerosol Kid, as you've deduced from the giant heading above. My friends call me AK (no relation to the ).

( For the record, I'm a thirtysomething guy and that's not my picture to the left, there, cowboys and cowgirls. )

Welcome to the latest incarnation of my ASSTR-hosted site for mind control erotica (MCE). My stories can also be found at the run by the gracious and patient who can crank out a helluva hot story, speaking for myself (and

If you know what MCE is, you may already know who I am, so you might be itching to get to my story index. My latest site updates are always listed below. For the uninitiated (if you're still with me), MCE is for those who find the idea of a person under external control sexy. Some folks like stories about partners hypnotizing each other, strengthening their relationships and mutual trust. Others prefer more fantastic stories about advanced technology that puts your hot next door neighbor in a relaxed, suggestible state.

Many MCE stories contain non-consensual sex, which is (understandably) a potential squick. It's important to remember that these stories are (often totally cartoonish) fiction. The big complaint about this genre is that it's all the same: "Boy gets mind control powers, has sex." Those who say this usually haven't read much of the good stuff. I also wonder if they have the same complaint about the Blues: "I don't really like He's always playing the same chords!" Not that I'm equating myself with the Grandfather of Rock...

Anyway, my first two MCE posts do indeed feature a boy who obtains mind control powers and gets sex. I can say with a certain amount of confidence that the girl he gets it from will rock your world. Half my output so far features a lovely secret agent who travels the globe and meets all kinds of charming people (Nina! Devon!) and icky villains (Kali! Dr. Ally Giles!). Last summer I finished a sci-fi serial about a smoking hot damsel in distress and the guy she enlists for aid. Most recently, I've started a new series about a group of young women in the big city who talk about shopping and shoes and sex get tangled up in a mind control underworld. So please — look around, enjoy, and thanks for dropping by.


All work © 2007, Aerosol Kid. No legal posting or reprinting of any work from this site is possible without the express consent of the author.

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