Sibling Romance
Stories by Adam Dean Kohl

These stories are a fraction of what I’ve written over the past couple years. I wanted to put them here because I think sibcest (sibling incest) is an under-served niche, and most of what I read is usually too smutty/hardcore for my taste, or it degenerates into an orgy/fuckfest.

I try to keep my characters normal (well, other than the incest part). The males aren’t neanderthals, and the females aren’t mindless. There aren’t very many bright, talented, god/goddess bodied, rich people in my stories, because there aren’t very many in the real world. I often don’t even describe the characters in detail, just to make it easier for the reader to use his imagination and make them the way he likes.

The stories are suppose to be enticing and erotic, with touches of romance, seduction and playfulness. Sibcest is the most common of incest in real life, and it’s usually the sister that initiates – which is why the boy is often the clueless one in the story.

My stories are short. Sometimes very short. But if the reader has a wet spot in his shorts (or her panties) by the end, then I think I’ve succeeded.

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About the Author

It’s a Date – a day in the life of a young sibling couple, with reminiscence to add background
mg, inc, cons, rom, piv, pett

Why Didn’t You Say Something? – a shy girl’s love for her older brother only increases over the years, until she finally succeeds in claiming him
mf, inc, cons, rom, 1st, piv, oral, pett

Sissy – a teen boy freaks out when he discovers his sister has a huge crush on him, but then changes his mind
mf, inc, cons, rom, 1st, piv, pett - science fiction references

Darling Brother – a lonely girl convinces her little brother to satisfy her growing desire
fb, inc, cons, 1st, piv, pett, oral

Storm – yet another scared girl climbs into brother’s bed during a big storm story
mf, inc, nosex, touching, humping

Tina – a teen boy plots to seduce his younger sister, only to find his feelings for her changing
mg, inc, cons, rom, 1st, piv, pett

the Fire – a boy’s crude humor leads to more intimate play for two siblings
fb, inc, nosex, looking, touching

Lessons – a boy is reluctant at his sister’s advances, but then learns incest runs in the family
mf, inc, cons, rom, f1st, piv, oral, pett

Part of Me – when they were little a boy’s sister had declared she planned to marry him, now her need grows after he recovers from an accident
mf, inc, cons, rom, 1st, piv, oral, pett - set in alternate past

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