Stories by Alessa

Give It a Try [ wordcount: 11060 ] 20-Jun-17
The Last Word [ wordcount: 6951 ] 07-Jun-17
Tag of Love [ wordcount: 2768 ] 07-Jun-17
Strawberry Lips [ wordcount: 3873 ] 21-May-17
Crush Landing [ wordcount: 4040 ] 27-Jun-15
From Eden With Love [ wordcount: 6182 ] 30-May-15
Ain't No Princess [ wordcount: 2386 ] 02-May-15
A Reason to Live [ wordcount: 11829 ] 10-Apr-15
Paparazzi [ wordcount: 5444 ] 21-Feb-15
Panic Room [ wordcount: 5368 ] 22-Jan-15
Green Fairy and the Stalker Girl [ wordcount: 8683 ] 20-Dec-14
Saint Helen [ wordcount: 4116 ] 23-Nov-14
The Night Sky [ wordcount: 4113 ] 25-Oct-14
Positive Reinforcement [ wordcount: 2860 ] 05-Oct-14
Poetic Justice [ wordcount: 6718 ] 20-Sep-14
Megitsune [ wordcount: 8800 ] 24-Aug-14
Spellbound [ wordcount: 5557 ] 19-Jul-14
Classroom Scribbles [ wordcount: 5485 ] 28-Jun-14
Love's Refuge [ wordcount: 8342 ] 20-May-14
The Prince and Her Cinderella [ wordcount: 9422 ] 28-Apr-14
How to Defeat a Ninja [ wordcount: 4287 ] 01-Apr-14
Kiss the Skye [ wordcount: 2381 ] 16-Mar-14
Sugar Rush [ wordcount: 3544 ] 08-Mar-14
Fragments of Love [ wordcount: 8100 ] 10-Feb-14
A Sleeping Beauty Reclaimed [ wordcount: 19818 ] 20-Jan-14
Giving In [ wordcount: 1229 ] 22-Dec-13
Of Pixies, Kisses and Fairytales [ wordcount: 8450 ] 15-Dec-13
Actions Speak Louder Than Words [ wordcount: 12078 ] 24-Nov-13
Little Miss Obvious [ wordcount: 6526 ] 27-Oct-13
Breaking Fearless [ wordcount: 3398 ] 07-Oct-13
Bubblegum Kisses [ wordcount: 2031 ] 14-Sep-13
Springtime Love in a Bookshop Café [ wordcount: 2519 ] 08-Sep-13
To Love a Girl [ wordcount: 1834 ] 19-Aug-13
Forever and Always [ wordcount: 17220 ] 28-Jul-13
Candy Love [ wordcount: 7679 ] 03-Jun-13
Cassie's Knight [ wordcount: 13773 ] 06-May-13
Love Flavoured Kisses [ wordcount: 786 ] 13-Apr-13
To This Day... [ wordcount: 2204 ] 18-Jul-10

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