The Allnitediner

The Allnitediner

I love writing, especially erotic material. My stories, always involve exhibitionism and voyeurism, my two favourite things. I am also bisexual with a healthy appetite for both sexes. I write about my experiences and I produce the kind of fiction that I look for on the net. Over time, I've come to enjoy new topics like family love and young love. I have upset a few readers by crossing from straight to bi in some of my stories. However, they are clearly indicated here, should you wish to pass them over.

I am honored that ASSTR hosts my material. They are truly the last bastion of free speech left for amateur writers. I'm proud to support them and I encourage you to do the same at:

I hope you enjoy my writing. If there's a story you'd like to discuss, please feel free to send me a message at [email protected] or here through my

A bit about myself and my writing...

My Non Fiction(almost)Memoirs

Nude Hiking on the Beach

This is about a turning point for my wife. It was the weekend she came out of her shell and embraced her inner exhibitionist. She was always extra flirty and she loved nudity. Showing herself off, kicked everything to a new level. It was the beginning of a great ride for us. This is a favourite memory of mine. Revised: 7/25/16

Story Codes: MF, rom, exhib, pub, MM, mast

These stories are based on my own life experiences and those of my friends and past lovers. Have I added any color? You bet I have but only enough to help things along and give you your money's worth. They are in chronological order but each one stands well on its own.

I am constantly revising my work as I learn more about writing. It's funny how more and more detail comes to the surface once you begin excavating old memories. It can be months after I've written something when I suddenly remember an important detail. So if you've read something and enjoyed it, check the revision date. You might like my latest thoughts even more.

Our Best Friend Gets an Eyeful

Exhibitionism was becoming a way of life for us. We both became caught up in our new sexy game. Gina loved what she was discovering about herself. Showing her off was a major turn-on for me as well. We kept exploring the possibilities. One day, we involved our closest friend. We were swept away by the intense feeilings. We never expected what happened next but we learned our lesson. Revised: 1/21/17

Story Codes: MF, MFM, exhib, voy, rom, mast, solo

My Sister-in-Law Visits

She visited with us for a week and we held off the exhibitionism while she she was there. Everything was going fine until she tried to embarrass me one morning. I was skinny dipping in our pool when they both came out on to the deck. This was a juncture in our relationship and thankfully, all went well. I guess showing off runs in the family. Revised 11/15/16

Story Codes: MF, FMF, exhib, voy, pub, mast, solo

Our First Neighbourhood Party

One day, I was cleaning out my nightstand when I found an old piece of paper containing a list of questions. I've had requests from people asking for more party stories. That paper was from our first party. This story is about our lives at that time and how we met Rob and Cindy. I wanted to stick strictly to the facts but when I started writing, some situations were too much fun not to play with. The majority of this story true. If I'm guilty of anything it's that I played some 'what if' games. A few of the situations have been expanded for own my personal enjoyment and hopefully, yours as well. Written: 6/12/17

Story Codes: (MF, group, exhib, voy, oral, mast)

The Hookers and Pimps Theme Party

Our naughty neighbours invited us to our second party. The theme was a clear indication it would be fun. For us it was the first of many fun themes that our horny hosts dreamed up.

I have revised this story because of some interesting comments I received. Thank you to those who helped improve it with their feedback. These parties at my neighbours and friends all happened. However, like most, I'm a wishful thinker. This story has a good deal of that. Just the same, we always had an exciting sexy time and I really miss those days. Revised: 2/11/17

Story Codes: (MF, group, exhib, voy, oral, mast)

The Neighbourhood Slumber Party

This is was our third neighbourhood party and my all time favourite. Aside from the bedroom attire, that was fun by itself, our hosts surprised us with a little twist, blindfolds. I've revised this story a few times. It's really difficult to express the feelings and sensations when you're blindfolded. Especially in such close company with horny partiers. It was amazing and I've never had another experience quite like it. Revised: 1/20/17

Story Codes: (MF, group, exhib, voy, oral, mast)

A Very Private Show

When my oldest friend visited from out of town we were all excited. I'd been sending him pictures of Gina for a while. Both he and his big cock were ardent fans. As the evening progressed and we all got mre relaxed, he got far more than snap shots to enjoy. Revised: 3/16/17

Story Codes: MF, MFM, exhib, voy, mast, solo

New Friends and Lovers (6 Chapters)

When we posted our pictures to newsgroups, everything changed for us once again. We met a beautiful couple that would alter our lives forever. This story is in the non-fiction section but I have to admit it's heavily laced with wishful thinking—not just mine but on the part of the others as well. We all had a hand in writing this story. I guess it was our last chance to do a few things better.

The four of us had an eight-year relationship. They were beyond a doubt, the best years of my life. I have only dealt with the first and last years to keep things brief. Spoiler alert: It has a very sad ending. I hope you enjoy it. Revised:3/20/17

Story Codes: MF, FF, MM, MFMF, M+F+, exhib, voy, mast, oral, bi

Are You Bi-Curious?

If you are, you're like some of my readers and friends. I've had a few readers ask me about being bi. When and how I realized it. What it is to me? I decided to do kind of a sexual biography. Piecing it all together was a great experience for me. Sorry, no answers. You can draw your own conclusions about those earlier questions. At the very least, I hope you find it entertaining. The things I did get out of it were remembrances of my deep love for my mother and sister.

Story codes: solo, bg, bbb, mm, MM, mF, mM, MF, FF, MM, FF, exh, voy, inc

Fiction Stories

Everything I write has some foundation in my experiences. The stories in this section are all products of my imagination filled with bits of my life and contributions from friends and readers. I have drawn many of the characters from people in my past but their actions and narratives are pure fiction. It's fun to break away from the kind memoir writing I normally do. I can indulge my every whim. Here I can explore lifestyles that I've enjoyed reading about. I hope you enjoy them.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not a purest writer to any one genre. In the world of erotic writing, readers and writers tend to stick to a genre they like. Readers can sometimes get upset when a story goes in other directions and deviates from what they started reading. That's a little like life, isn't it? We may not subscribe to every kind of sex but who are we to judge?

When I write about incest, all of it can be included. I don't limit the subject to sex between mothers and sons, brothers and sisters or fathers and daughters. Same sex incest, that is, mothers and daughters, father's and sons, et cetera, is all fine as well. I've had readers get infuriated when I've taken incest stories in those directions. Look at the story codes before reading, it's all there.


The Best Summer of My Life (11 Chapters)

This was my first try at fiction and I wrote it to fill a personal need. I enjoy reading about love between young kids and over that past few years I've developed a liking for family love as well. I've published this story on a couple of sites, revising it each time to meet the site's publishing rules for age or content. I wanted to write a story that touched a lot of bases—teen love, adult/teen, bisex and of course, incest—most of the basic food groups. This is my favorite version and is only available on ASSTR. Why? Because ASSTR is fantastic. They'll let me publish what I want. Please support them. Revised: 7/12/17

Story Codes: mF, mFF, FF, mM, group, incest, voy, exhib, bisexuality

An older brother and two sexy young sisters, does it get any better? I really love these themes. I never had experiences quite like these, although there were moments. I guess there's just something about the taboo topics that keeps my crank turning. I'll bring the whole family into the games before the story is finished. Minor revisions: 10/13/17

Story Codes: (mgmf, fg, preteen 12, exhib, voy, oral, inc)

Mom, Then and Now (2 Chapters, so far)

I started out writing a simple story about a mother, her bisexual son and his best friend. There aren't enough three-way stories out there using a mom/son, boy/boy theme. At least I don't think so. Somewhere along the way my imagination took over and I kept going. It sent me down a road examining the mother's checkered past and how it could loop back to the present. I have a few chapters in revision. If there are any editors out there looking to help, I could use it with chapter three.

Story Codes: (FMM, MM, bi, voy, ehib, inc)

Some of my Favorites...

I thought I would add a Favorites page to my site. I want to showcase the stories that have inspired me and taken me in new directions. At first, I considered showing copies of the stories but so many of the authors are unreachable. The ones I can reach aren't interested or won't respond. I can't blame them, I get offers every month from people starting up new sites and looking for authors. I'm fine with the coverage I have now.

Each story I've listed is linked to the acual story I read, on the original website. Read them, don't read them--it's all the same to me. But they are really good stories as far as I'm concerned.


As I prognosticated, the parents are now involved. How does he do it ladies and gentlemen--WHY does he do it? For love of fun stories and lots of hard-ons, that's why. I think it's more her parents' education this time but we'll get back to Jenny in the next go around. Any suggestions? Just drop me a line. Written: 10/13/17

Story Codes: (mgf, fg, Fm, Mgf, MF, preteen 12, exhib, voy, oral, inc)

Under Construction

Once More Around the Park

I wrote this on a day when I was feeling depressed. I wanted to believe that deep love and wonderful sex could exist after 60. A foolish notion perhaps but I wanted to believe it anyway. This story follows a birthday visit between a brother and sister. A little flashback sets the stage. I enjoyed doing this and I'd like to do more. Come on, there's got be a few horny sexagenarians out there with a story to tell. Or maybe there's one you'd like to read. Drop me a line and tell me about it. Written 10/30/17

Story Codes: (MF, mature, voy, ehib, inc, rom)

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