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There is no child pornography at this site! All stories, artwork, and other creative depictions herein are completely legal by all current case law, definitions and intents of US Federal laws, codes, and US Supreme Court rulings.

Hello, and welcome to my author's site here at ASSTR. Hello, I'm ABF/AlphaBettaFish and it's a pleasure making your acquantence! I'm the keeper of the archive and curator of the storylines for the author formerly known as "PlanetDweller" who was a huge presence for many years here at ASSTR. His truly groundbreaking serial novel, "The Bodyworker", set the next bar for erotic fiction as well as his other long-form works such as "Angel's Adventures", "Ginny" and "A Week In The Life Of Will McBride" plus his innovative and original short stories such as "1940's Gyno Nurse", "17 HMR" and "Sharon's Story". His work earned the rare double distinction from Jane's Guide as being both "Quality" and "Original". I need to emphasize that PlanetDweller is not me and I am not he. We're good friends and colleagues and he's definitely my mentor to a point but our writing styles and themes to me couldn't be more different. In addition to PD's work, I'll also selectively occasionally be writing and posting works of my own with a wide variety of topics and themes, suggestions for possible future stories are always welcomed!

I hope you enjoy reading my humble musings about sexuality, relationships, and life. All comments, both negatively critical as well as positive, are welcome; the link to my Mail Feedback-Form (necessary in this age of email address spambot harvesters, Sigh) is at the bottom of this page. Please do feel free to write, you are are encouraged to send me feedback as you wish.

I try to write as much in the real-life-tense as possible, which is why in virtually every story you'll find at least one erotic menstrual sex scene. I also try to include some humor and wit however dry and usually understated in all my stories.

My characters burp, fart, sneeze, belch, brush their teeth, take showers, wear the same underwear for three days running, are totally brilliant on occasion, are totally clueless at times, are always kind to small animals and old people, have pets, have parents and grandparents, have fears, have hopes, have dreams, are sometimes mean to those that deliberately hurt their feelings, have checking accounts with low balances, have pimples, look gorgeous, have bodies that aren't perfect, are artistic and witty, say some of the dumbest things imaginable, have bills to pay, work at jobs they don't necessarily like, have old cars they keep nursing along, work at jobs they love, sometimes drink and sometimes smoke and almost never take illegal drugs, have family that's very judgmental about them, have friends who are not always the best of friends, find comfort in admiring a perfect sunset, are saddened when someone they love dies, are happy when their children and grandchildren are born, have concerns outside their immediate world, couldn't care less what most people think of them, in general, are folks however fictionalized that are a lot like you and me.

Yes, they have more frequent and more varied and better sex than you or I or most of us would and do in real life, but hey, this is an erotic fantasy story website, Smile!

Thank you again for stopping by, enjoy reading the stories, and God Bless! ~~~AlphaBettaFish

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.17 HMR (MF, varmint hunting with handguns, light DS, graphic, light menstrual sex)

1940's Gynecological Nurse Interview (MF, FF, MFF, clinical female masturbation, romance, erotic menstrual sex, historical, WWII, World War II, army nursing corps, infertility treatment descriptions) A retired gynecological nurse who used to work for an infertility clinic on Long Island in the mid-1940's through the 1950's recalls her experiences where she used to routinely practice "vulvolar clinical massage" for a wide variety of "female conditions" until the practice was quietly outlawed by the American Medical Association in the mid-1950's. She also talks some about her experiences as an Army nurse in North Africa in WWII.

Food ~ Exit 181 (FF, rom, FMF, MF, F+M+F, slow, prostitution, prostitutes, romantic, truck stop, menstrual sex)

Hospital Erotic Menstrual Encounter (MF, rom, romantic, erotic menstrual play, hospital setting)

Polly's Cave (F solo, mast, MF and FF in memoir, not graphic, terminal illness, cancer, suicide)

Rex, My King (MF, beast, dog, heavy BDSM, rom, romance, very politically incorrect, commodities trading)

My FTP Story Site Click on the link to the left to go to the directory of plaintext ".txt" versions of the stories.

All comments, questions, criticisms and suggestions are welcome!


This page last updated August 2nd, 2014

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June 29, 2014

My new website for AlphaBettaFish is now officially created & posted

from PlanetDweller's Old Website

It is with a deep breath and a slightly heavy heart that as of today, March 1st, 2005, I announce my "retirement" as PlanetDweller from the world of online adult erotic writing.

This decision was not made lightly, in fact, it had been at least a couple of years coming.

Between my real-life personal life becoming more complicated the older I have become and the resulting loss in free time which is needed to write quality stories all but disappearing and the fact that while I still love to write my stories, the web is simply not the place that it was many years ago when I began creating them, this decision was not only the right one to make but the only one I could rationally make.

I will keep this site up for as long as ASSTR's management doesn't remove it for lack of updates, there's no hard and fixed rule about that but generally after a year or so, more or less, they delete if nothing new has been added, and at least a good porition of the text versions of my stories will always be available both in the internal archives here and the Usenet archives since many have been posted to ASSM over the years.

I want to thank each and every one of your for being a reader of my stories, for being a fan, and don't be shy about continuing to write me, I'll still check my email box regularly, and God Bless!, Yours, PlanetDweller

from PlanetDweller's Old Website

July 2, 2004

We're now #1 and #2 for two basic search strings, "erotic menstrual sex stories" & "menstrual sex stories" , respectively, at out of over 42,000 matches to those search terms, and we simply couldn't be any prouder !

from PlanetDweller's Old Website

November 25, 2003

In today's email, I received this very nice compliment about my "Bodyworker" story from Rey del Sexo, the administrator of ASSTR. Considering that Rey has read literally tens of thousands of stories that have come across his desk over the years as head honcho here, his kind words are a grand compliment indeed; thanks, Rey!

" I just started reading The Body Worker and wanted to let you know so far I'm finding it very interesting. I'm enjoying the plot, continuously wanting to know what's in store for our characters. Great job with the plot development in capturing your audience's interest.
Keep up the good work. "
- Rey del Sexo

from PlanetDweller's Old Website

July 2, 2003

I was rated "QUALITY" and "ORIGINAL" porn on , by "Vamp"

The review: " This is an "Alt Sex Stories Text Repository" author's site. PlanetDweller has a rather large collection of original and free stories with heavy menstrual sex themes. A lot of them seem to involve incest, sex therapy, and lesbianism. There is also a small collection of letters in which PlanetDweller explains the draw of menstruation. I found the site fascinating and full of content that it is fairly hard to find on the net. I will be going back to the site on my own time, and that is probably the highest praise I can give a site! -- Vamp "

For an ASSTR-based author & website to be rated at all by Jane's is indeed a rare honor, for my humble site to be rated both "Original" and "Quality" plus also have the extremely rare distinction of being one of Vamp's Picks just makes me blush with pride.

from PlanetDweller's Old Website

December 30, 2002

I, as an author of online stories about erotic menstrual sex, is prominently featured in an article in the February, 2003 edition of Hustler magazine. The article by author Dan Kapelovitz is entitled "Blood Lust - Menstruation Lovers Go With The Flow", and can be found towards the back of the magazine on page 156.

I'm quoted several times as a source, including the closing paragraph of the article, which reads: "PlanetDweller recommends that men and women share this time of the month. 'Period sex often creates a special bond between partners,' maintains the writer. 'If a woman trusts you with her most intimate of times and secrets, then she trusts you explicitly and pardon the pun, Always.' "

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