Becky & Her Mom: Part 1 - The Fun Begins.

Written by Amy Fox Story Codes: FF, incest

Summary: Teenage Becky fantasizes about her hot single mom having sex. She hatches a plan to finally get her mom laid, but soon realizes that her mom already has a wild sex life of her own. Becky enters her mom's secret kinky world and becomes her new sex slave in the process.

Becky thinks her mom Liz is a knockout, still in her 30's, but with the body that could pass for 20 something. Yet, she can't remember her mom ever dating anyone or having any men in her life. Becky wanted to changed that.

Becky often fantasize about her mom having sex with men but lately her fantasies have become more kinky and wild, like imagining her being ravaged by two men at once or even going down on another woman.

Becky has urged her mom to go on dates and has even have set up some blind dates with some very eligible bachelors in the past, but each time her mom has said no. Part of Becky's motivation is that she wanted to see her mom getting fucked. She imagined how she would secretly place a video camera in her mom's room and tape her getting fucked by her new boyfriend. Unfortunately, her mom hasn't even been on a date in years.

One day after school Becky was in her room masturbating, once again fantasizing about her mom having sex. She sat in her chair, jeans and panties pulled down to her ankles, fingering herself with both hands like she often did. She closed her eyes and the image of her mom filled her head.

Most people would get turned on by seeing Becky's mom Liz naked. At 5'4”, 115 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, and D cup breasts, Liz was still a bombshell, even at 34. Becky was straight, but had experimented with other girls and she definitely appreciated an attractive woman when she saw one, even got turned on by them, especially older women. The past few months she couldn't help realize that her own mom was the most attractive women she knew. So it wasn't totally unreasonable that a woman as sexy as her mom had become the star of her fantasies, except that it was still her mom. At first Becky thought it was weird that she had these fantasies about her mother, but soon became used to her own perverse thoughts.

Today Becky imagined her mom was getting fucked from behind by a large black man. She bit her lip thinking about her mom's petite body getting ravaged by this brute. With each thrust her mom's large breasts shook and she let out a sexy groan.

Becky was a sexy sight herself, especially in her current state, legs spread, fingers at her pussy. Becky was 5'2”, 105 pounds, dark brown shoulder length hair, blue eyes and plump C cup breasts. She didn't have a steady boyfriend, but had been messing around with several boys at school (and even some of the girls.) In her short sex life so far she had already experienced many of the sexy fantasies that turned her on, including being fucked by two guys at once, but the one fantasy that still turned her on the most was watching her own mother having sex. Maybe it was because she never knew her dad - whatever it was, Becky longed to see her mom getting fucked. She wished she could spy on her, but as far as Becky knew, her mom didn't have any men in her life, let alone a sex life.

Becky rubbed her own pussy faster as she imagined the black man fucking her mom faster too. She imagined that his 11 inch black cock was way too big for her little cunt, but he jammed it in anyways. Soon he pulled his massive dick out her pussy and shoved it in her ass hole. It slid it easily, slick with their juices. Becky loved imagining her mom acting like a slut.

It wasn't long before Becky worked her self into a violent orgasm. Satisfied, she smiled and licked her fingers, then frowned realizing that her fantasy was over. Reality set in - Becky remember that her mom was still single and alone.

Becky decided to take a shower before bed. She opened the door to her room. Not seeing her mom around, she stripped off her clothes and ran towards the bathroom, naked, grabbing a towel on her way.

As she opened the bathroom door she heard faint moans coming from her mom's room.

Becky blushed slowly wrapping the towel around herself as she leaned down pressing her ear to the door. The moans got louder. There was a slippery sound, like a cock fucking a pussy. Becky blushed even more, smiling to herself slowly peering in.

Becky's mom Liz was on her back, naked, legs spread apart, fucking her pussy with a large strapon dildo. Becky blushed looking at the sexy site, biting her lip as she watched. Liz didn't know that her daughter was there. Her moans got louder as she fucked herself.

Becky started to become wet as she kept watching. She couldn't believe what she was seing. Her mom looked even hotter naked than she imagined. Becky reached down under her towel and instinctively began touching her self.

"Oh Rebecka. Fuck me faster" Liz yelled out. Liz was alone on her bad and had no idea her daughter was now watching.

Becky blushed, taken aback a little as her mom moaned out her name.

Liz: "yeah baby, fuck my pussy good .... oh fuck ... I'm gonna cum!" Liz let out a massive scream as she grinded her pussy to orgasm. Becky blushed even more, then slowly crawled on her knees to get a closer look. Liz looked up and saw her daughter on the floor. Becky smilled then grinned at her mom, not sure what to say. Liz covered herself with her hands

Liz: "Oh my God! How long have you been there?"

Becky: "Every since you said my name."

Liz: "Oh ...that... about that. I think we should have a talk. Come sit on the bed next to mommy"

Becky stood up, still naked but covered by the towel, and set next to her mom. Liz put her arm around her daughter as she began to talk.

Liz: "I think it's about time you learned the truth about your mom. Now this might be hard for you to handle ... but just listen."

To be continued

PS: Miranda is a busty slave slut that makes me so wet! xoxo ;)

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