by Art Martin

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Jake and Ginger tie the knot...

The next several days flew by. We became very adept at meeting people and not being asked to shack up. Of course we werent 100% successful in deflecting all the invitations for a swing, but it wasnt a problem at all. A few gregarious couples, who after being gently rebuked said Thats fine, lets be friends anyway. We learned a lot about The Lifestyle talking with these folks. If asked, they were usually very free with their discussion of sexual adventures, no matter how raw. One couple we met even admitted that they were brother and sister! Though we didnt know it at the time, a seed had been planted, just waiting for the right time to grow.

We had thoroughly enjoyed our stay at El Sol de Maya and looked forward to another visit. We also looked forward to discovering a few places near Rockford we heard about for a quick get away. As we headed home to Appleton and State U for Jake and Gingers wedding, we were both uncomfortable, dressed in clothes for the first time in a week. We now considered ourselves as nudists.

We got back to my apartment two days before the wedding. I lugged the useless and unused suitcases up the stairs. Unlocking the door, I walked in. It was my apartment after all. They somehow didnt hear me unlock the door. Jake had Ginger lying on the table as he fucked her from a standing position. I called out, Hey V, looks whos fucking!

Ginger shot upright red faced and tried to extricate Jakes cock from her snatch. He grabbed her thigh and prevented her from decoupling. Jake shot me a glance as V walked through the door.

Dont you knock? he glowered.

Its my place remember, but dont mind us, you two carry on. I leered at Ginger, seeing her in the buff for the first time in a long time. Ginger, you are gorgeous! And you Jake, youre a lucky man.

David, scolded my wife, leave them alone!

Sure hon. See you two later. I hauled the luggage into our bedroom and shut the door. We didnt bother to unpack anything other than our toiletries. I shucked my shirt and shoes and put on a pair of old gym shorts. I waited a decent interval for them to move to their bedroom, before I headed to the kitchen to get a beer.

They were still at it on the table. Jake didnt even pause as I passed them, but kept slamming her. I guess I should have pretended that they werent even there, but I paused for a minute, gazing at her nakedness, watching her inner labia, flushed and engorged, playing peek-a-boo between her puffy outer lips that flexed in and out as his cock sawed into her, watching her generous freckled mammaries slosh around with each hard thrust. Gingers eyes met mine with a look Id seen before; it was a look of yearning. Her eyes fell on my tented gym shorts and she started to cum. I wanted to fuck her so bad. I knew then what I had tried to pretend wasnt true; I was still in love with her, not like I was in love with V, but in love nonetheless. I broke away from the oh-so-hot spectacle, grabbed a beer and headed back for V to relieve my aching dick.

Vanessa was sitting on the bed still wearing the blue sundress that she wore traveling from Cancun. She was calmly reading over the accumulated mail, engrossed in a lengthy document of some sort. I dropped my shorts, my cock jutting out, throbbing and begging relief. She didnt even notice my cock a few inches from her face. In desperation (or perhaps from playful lewdness) I started beating my meat. Precum oozed from the tip of my glans, beading up until the surface tension broke to dribble down my cock. Still she didnt notice. I continued masturbating until I was near the point of no return.

Jake opened the door. Hey David!

Vanessa looked up to be hit square on her button of a nose with my first blast. Startled she began to speak as the second blast hit her opening lips as she said, Wha and then mmmphh!" as I sealed my erupting cock against her partially opened lips.

Jake stood at the door, naked, his wet cock dangling but on the rise again until I had finished cumming. V swallowed her tasty snack, her face flushing with embarrassment.

Look whos a cum sucker now! said Jake I gotta hand it to you David, she never did that for me.

Do you mind? I asked with false irritation.

Jake snorted, A little payback? Then he looked sheepishly at the floor and added, Look, I just needed to fill you in on the plans.

Give me a minute, will you?

The fact that he was standing in the doorway of my bedroom, stark naked didnt even register on me. If V noticed anything out of the ordinary, she never said anything and never brought up the incident again. A naked man was no more a shock than if hed been wearing a business suit.

I pulled up my gym shorts and left V to clean herself up. Jake stepped from his bedroom sporting gym shorts matching mine (old uniform parts from the Dedmen Graves days). Through the open door I caught a glimpse of Ginger, pulling on a thong. It suddenly bothered me that Jake screwed Ginger in front of me. I thought back to the pigsty house he had lived in and the animals he had lived with. Maybe they were used to an audience.

Heres the scoop David, Jake began as if nothing of note had transpired during the last ten minutes, you need to pick up your tux at Trudeus before six tomorrow. The rehearsal is at 6:30 PM at St. Johns. Afterwards there will be a rehearsal dinner at Chez Jacs. Be at St. Johns no later than 10:00 AM. Heres her ring. For Gods sake dont loose it or forget it. Now the Gammas are having a party at the sorority house for Ginger tonight. Were going over to my old place around eight, the guys are throwing me a bachelor party.

I thought back to the slut whore his roomies had come up with for my bachelor party. Is that girl going to be there again?

You mean the girl they had for you? Probably not. Bubba says that they have a memorable surprise for me. Knowing those clowns, shell probably be a 300 pound black and pink sow with no teeth! I cringed at the thought.

Say, are you up for a game of racquet ball?

Sure Jake, if youre ready for me to whoop yer ass!

Not likely! Go get your shit.

I dressed in my shoes, socks, a shirt, my jock strap, and shorts. Grabbing a towel, I told V where we going. She said that she and Ginger might not be there when we got back as they had some errands to run.

As always it was a close three game match. We were one and one and I was leading in the third game. I didnt intentionally slack off, but Jake rallied and took the third game and match. What the hell, it was his day. We hit the showers to rinse off the sweat. Jake was looking at me with a peculiar expression.

Are you queer or something? I asked in jest.

No dude, youre really not my type, too flat chested.

Then why you looking at my pecker?

Sorry, but last week at the party, your ass was lily white. It practically glowed in the dark. Now your buns are brown. What in the hell have you been doing?

I turned the shower off and looked down at my waist. I was pretty brown all over without a hint of a tan line. I looked back towards Jake. What Im telling you Jake is strictly confidential and is not for general dissemination. I have your word?

As an officer and a gentleman. Jake had been in ROTC and had received his commission as an Air Force Second Louie earlier that week.

How about as a trusted friend?

You have my word.

That resort in Cancun, it was a nudist resort.

Jake arched his eyebrows. No shit! You took Vanessa to a nudist colony?

Resort, nudist resort. She didnt know about it until it was too late. Once we both adjusted, we had a great time! We cant wait to go back. You ought to take Ginger there.

Were going on a cruise, he said with a frown.

Later on Jake. Youll have vacation.

Leave, they call it leave.

Whatever. The place is called El Sol de Maya. Its down on the southern end of the island away from the congested area. Cool place. Youll love it.

I dunno, he said with a slight frown. I dont think Id like everyone looking at Ginger like that.

You get to look at a lot of bare skin my friend. It really isnt a big deal to anybody else. The only thing you have to watch out for are the swingers.

Swingers? You mean?

Yeah, group sex types, wife swappers and such. Just be sure and stay away from the bungalows; thats a very risqu area. If anyone approaches you or Ginger for sex, just say no, theyll leave you alone.

I dont think Ginger would go for it.

Dont tell her until its too late. If V knew ahead of time, theres no way she would have gone.

I dont know. Sounds kind of kinky.

It was great fun! Whatever inhibitions V had before we went, theyre now gone. The sex with her was great! The best we ever had. Try it sometimes, youll like it.

When we got back to the apartment the girls were gone. I checked the fridge for something to eat, but the girls had cleaned it out of everything but beer and few diet soft drinks. We were moving out right after the wedding and V was getting ready. There was a note on the table instructing me to pack up my stuff in boxes. Other than a five-foot stack of books, my stereo, and some clothes, I really didnt have that much. It didnt take me but an hour or so to finish up.

Jake and Ginger were ready to go too. The military had arranged for the shipment of their household things and they were scheduled to have everything picked up in the morning.

The only thing I needed to do was to get together with John next door and give him title to my ugly, but trusty Toyota. The wreak he was driving was unreliable, to put it kindly, and I knew he needed something to get them through the next year. I wouldnt need the car. In addition to Vs new Mercedes, I was supposed to get a new company car, a basic Chevy, but it was a car, all expenses paid. I knew John and Kathy were desperately poor and had I decided to sell the faithful yeoman car to him for five bucks.

The girls came back to get ready for Gingers party. Jake and I sat around half naked in our gym shorts, finishing off the remaining beers. After an hour the girls were ready and left for the sorority house. I found a clean t-shirt and a pair of sandals, no need to over dress for the evening. I figured that if I just kept it to shorts and a t-shirt, I wouldnt have as much trouble coming home in the same clothes I went in as I did last week, when I lost my socks, drawers and my shirt. As an extra precaution, I grabbed an extra pair of shorts and a t-shirt to throw into the back of my car, just in case.

Jake and I headed out to the party. We were both hungry and knew wed better get something substantial in our stomachs before drinking all night. We hit the drive through at a burger joint, eating the marginal burgers and fries on the way to the pigsty. By the time we arrived, I had mayo/mustard goo all over my shirt. I considered changing shirts, but decided, Fuck it.

The pigsty was just as unkempt as ever. I dont think they had bothered to clean up after my party as the place was littered with plastic cups, bottles, chicken bones, and even a few used condoms of unknown vintage. The two large trashcans in the kitchen were overflowing. The sink was filled with unwashed dishes, black with mold. Cockroaches brazenly crawled on the littered countertop or were scattered, mashed into the floor. The guys had really gone all out for Jake.

They did have a new keg iced down in the wash bucket, plus tequila shots and they did have a selection of munchies. Things were pretty tame for the first hour or so, just guys guzzling beer, knocking down tequila, spilling beer, throwing beer, throwing up. The VCR played back the requisite porno movies, nothing special, just a typical fuck, fuck, fuck flick.

Around ten oclock the cunt du jour showed up. She was about 510, frosted hair, big tits, slim body. Despite the heavy eye makeup, she didnt look too bad, but she did look like a whore. She wore boots, tight jeans and a black bikini top covered by an open shirt made of a black see-through material. She was better looking than the pudgy girl they had for me, but she wasnt what you would call a memorable surprise.

The guys moved the kitchen table into the living room. To my amazement, someone actually wiped it off. The girl was placed atop the table and introduced to the leering crowd of horny males as Peg. A big bowl of condoms, procured from the college infirmary, was also placed on the table. Jake was directed onto the table with Peg where she proceeded to strip him nude. Everyone had a good laugh at Jakes expense, as he was required by Peggy to model his manly goods.

She sank to her knees and began giving him a blowjob to the hoots of the gathered. She sucked and nibbled on his dick, his balls and then had him model his hard, wet equipment. Next she had him turn around and bend over. She spread his ass cheeks tongued his asshole. Several Oh shit! Fucking gross! I wont kiss her! and similar comments were made by the drunken spectators.

Peggy cooed, You ready to fuck me Honey?

Jake growled, Damn right bitch!

Then youve got to take off my boots, she said sticking her right foot forward. Jake knelt and removed first her right boot and then the left. He removed her right sock, but when he went for the left, she said, Wouldnt you like to suck my titties first?

Jake stood and pulled the gauzy top from her shoulders and then untied her bikini top. I must say that in the hooters department, this girl was generously endowed. The nipple rings accenting her saucer-sized aureoles were an extra treat, instantly reminding me of Wanton Wanda. Jake sucked in one nipple while mauling her other tit, pulling on her rings with fingers and teeth. No way could Jake get all of her dark pink aureole in his mouth at one time. He bit into her leaving his teeth marks on her tit.

Peg seemed pleased with the abuse. She opened a small foil packet that she had taken from her pocket, and then rolled the gaudy fuchsia pink French Tickler over his cock and said, Lets show them how to fuck!

Jake unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. He was about to pull them down when Peggy lay down on the table. Jake got down off the table and pulled the jeans off by the cuffs. A gasp went up the crowd. I didnt have a good view and was mystified. Suddenly Bubba lifted this thing high in the air. Holy crap! Fucking gross! I dont believe it! and similar comments were made by the drunken mob. As I realized what Bubba was holding up, I couldnt believe it either. He had hoisted her prosthesis! Peggy was a one legged whore, hence the nickname, Peg!

I finally got a good view of Peg lying on her right side, completely nude, waving her left stump in the air while spreading her pussy lips with her hand. Cmon big boy, shove that big cock of yours in poor Peggys hungry cunt! she said with a wicked grin. The expression on Jake as he stood looking at this wretched wench was priceless. She certainly was a memorable surprise after all.

Bubba shoved Jake forward. Go on Jake, fuck her! he shouted.

Jake was drunk enough to do just that. He rammed his dick covered with the knobby-latex into her pussy and began fucking her roughly to the cheering crowd. All the while he fucked her, she rubbed her stump on his chest and stomach.

He went after her quite a while before he withdrew and rammed his cock up her ass. Peggy howled as the protrusions of the French Tickler sawed away at the tender flesh of her rectum. When he finally pulled out, her ass was red and raw. He pulled the filthy pink rubber from his cock and had her finish him off in her mouth as Bubba began fucking her cunt.

The gangbang was on in earnest. Guys shucked their clothes and waited their turn at the valley of the stub, me included. The guys all followed Jakes lead in holding off to ejaculate in her mouth, on her face or on her tits. By the time I pulled out of her cunt and pulled off the condom for the finishing blowjob, she was literally soaked with cum. My curiosity being sated I settled for one round with her, though some guys did her three or four times. It was well after 1 AM when I hustled Jake into the cab, leaving my Toyota until the morning. Peggy was still on that table, sliding around in a pool of cum as she was fucked and fucked and fucked again and again.

We both reeked of sex and beer so I had the cabbie drop us off at the gym. I steered Jake to the showers. It was too damned much trouble to undress, so we showered fully clothed. We then wandered back across campus to the apartment and to some really first class ass. Unfortunately, the girls werent there, so we both crawled off to sleep alone.

Next morning I woke up, still alone. Id only been married a week and missed pouncing on her for a morning quickie. There was a pounding at the door. I pulled on my damp shorts to see who was there. It was the moving guys there to pick up Jake and Gingers stuff. I directed the two black guys to the spare bedroom where Jake was still sawing logs.

Hey, Jake! Wake up Jake! I said as I nudged him.

Wha? What the fuck do you want? he growled.

Movers. The movers are here to get your stuff.

Oh fuckem!

I dont think theyre your type.

He opened his eyes and hauled himself out of bed, naked as a jaybird. The head mover rolled his eyes in disgust as Jake sat dazed, scratching his balls. Jake muttered, Oh damn! looking for something to put on.

I threw him a pair of Gingers pink panties. He was really out of it and pulled them on. He stood and looked down, trying to figure out why they felt so funny. The movers stood there thinking he was some sort of fairy while I busted a gut at his expense. He finally figured it out.

What the hell?

Hey Pansy, you want to give the nice men a blowjob? I quipped. The movers eyes got wide and Jake got pissed. I managed to escape, leaving Jake to take care of his business as best he could.

I made it down to the dinky apartment pool and took a swim. Despite the small dimensions of the pool, the water was refreshing. I watched as the movers hauled down the stack of boxes, chuckling at Jakes distress. The movers left, but I waited until the girls showed up before venturing back into the apartment.

Jake was asleep on the couch, now wearing something other than Gingers panties. Ginger woke him up. He sat up and saw me, breaking out in a grin. Im going to get even asshole, he threatened. Ginger and V looked to me for explanation, but I just shrugged and played dumb.

At Vs request, Jake and I got dressed in something more appropriate and took the ladies out for breakfast. It was the first time V let me drive her new car. When we pulled up at Dennys, we were cool, very cool. A heavy breakfast was just what we all needed to set ourselves straight. Apparently the girls had also overdone it last night and were too out of it make it home, crashing for the night in the Gamma house. I casually asked V what they did last night.

Oh, I suppose the same things you did. I wisely decided not to venture there any further.

After breakfast, I retrieved my Toyota and instantly became uncool again. I found John later that afternoon and made him an offer. He gratefully accepted title to my old car, sealing the deal with a beer. A little later on, the movers came and hauled off our stuff.

All afternoon there was a steady parade of sorority sisters, ROTC types, her parents and her siblings at the apartment. Jake was nervous as hell, so he jumped at the opportunity I presented by suggesting that we go workout. The workout was hard; I hadnt lifted in weeks, not to mention the effects of the lingering hangover. Still, when it was all over, it felt good. We showered and headed home. While we were walking back, I got up the courage to ask him why he had fucked Ginger in front of me.

To show you and her that shes mine.

You didnt have to prove that, I said realizing that there was a lingering problem.

Ive seen how she looks at you, at how you look at her.

Hey, I married V, youre marrying Ginger. She loves you man. Treat her good.

I know she still has a thing for you. I still have a thing for Vanessa, and you still have a thing for Ginger.

What he said was true. I didnt think V had a thing for him and felt kind of smug. V told me that Bubba and the guys watched you and Ginger.

He glared at me. They did once. Pissed me off. The second time I went after them. I wanted to smash all five of those bastards. They could have stomped me, but Bubba wrestled me down and kept me down until I cooled off. No one got hurt, but Ginger grabbed her clothes and ran out crying. Bubba then told the other guys that from now on, we were off limits, that Ginger was a special girl, and that if any of them ever messed with her or us again, he would put them in the hospital. Ya know, for an animal, Bubbas got a sense of decency.

If you say so." Id heard about the fight. But I still couldnt get over that he wanted me to watch him fuck her. I decided Id better drop it.

The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were nice, if youre into that sort of thing. And the wedding was a wedding. Ginger looked lovely and Jake was a handsome groom. As they left the church, his RTOC buddies formed a tunnel for them with drawn swords. I thought it was a bit much, but then again it was sort of neat.

As they left for their honeymoon, I wondered if and when Id see them again. Jake was to report for pilot training in two weeks. He had a six-year stint in the Air Force to look forward too and I had great job waiting for me. It seemed unlikely that our paths would cross again anytime soon.




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