Anya Shocks the Headmaster

by Arthur Saxon
[email protected]

Anya, said the Headmaster severely, I asked you up here because I wanted to have a word with you about the length of your skirts.

Anyas eyes widened innocently. My skirts? she inquired. Whats wrong with them? Are they too long? I have some shorter ones at home

The Headmasters eyes bulged. Shorter ones? he gasped. No! The problem is not that they are too long, as you well know. They are too short! This is a school, not a nightclub!

Anya made a pretence of tugging her skirt down, but she was unable to get the hemline to completely cover her buttocks at the back. Fortunately the Headmaster, sitting at his desk in front of her, could not see that, although he could hardly fail to notice it once she turned to leave. She opened her mouth to speak, but at that moment there was a quiet ping sound, and the light above the Headmasters desk went out.

Ugh, typical, said the Headmaster irritably. He opened his desk drawer and pulled out a spare bulb. But as he got to his feet, his back twinged. He grimaced. Would you mind? he said, offering the bulb to Anya. My back Im not sure that climbing up on the desk

Of course, said Anya, raising her right knee so that her panties popped into view. She planted her foot on the desk, and then crouched and pushed off with her other foot, stepping up on to the desk with graceful ease.

Uuuhhh! said the Headmaster, looking up at Anyas pale blue silk panties.

Anya turned around to get a better angle, and spread her feet apart for balance. She smiled to herself as the Headmaster gasped, knowing his eyes were staring up her tiny little black skirt. As she removed the light fitting, she strained hard, and four days worth of poo began to force open the muscular ring of her anus. She bent down to place the frosted glass shade on the desk next to her right foot, bending her knees as her skirt rose up, so that her panty-clad bottom came within a couple of feet of the Headmasters face. Then she straightened up, and continued pushing out her poo while she licked her fingers and deftly removed the hot bayonet-fit bulb. She stooped and put it down quickly, before her fingers burned, and then she stood up again and reached up with the new bulb.

Her poo was now starting to tent her panties outwards, and of course the Headmaster noticed this at once. He gasped, and recoiled aghast in his chair while the bulge in Anyas panties grew steadily larger.

Oh dear! exclaimed Anya, trying hard to suppress a giggle, I seem to be having an accident! Her vagina moistening with excitement, she pushed harder, and a series of soft chunks shot out of her anus and added to the large clump already in her panties. Oooooohhhhh! she could not help squealing happily, as a thick rod of firmer poo thrust out of her rectum and slid past the clump and up across her left buttock. The elastic leg-band of her panties now parted company with her skin, and the astonished Headmaster, looking up in mesmerised horror, saw the poo within, sliding around and glistening as it was pushed this way and that by more and more emerging excrement.

Oh dear this is so uncomfortable, said Anya. I need to change position. She turned around to face the Headmaster, squatted down, placed her hands on the desk behind her, and then walked her feet forward while moving them apart and pushing her bottom towards the front of the desk. Soon she was squatting with her legs spread wide in front of the Headmaster, and her panties filling up with poo right before his riveted eyes. Ahhh, thats better, she sighed.

The Headmaster, rendered speechless, could only watch as Anyas panties sagged lower and lower, and poo began to bulge out either side of the overstretched silk material. Presently he perceived a real danger that some of the poo might fall out and if it did, it would probably roll off the front of his desk and on to his lap.

He pushed back from his desk, his chair gliding for a couple of feet on its castors, whereupon he stood up, and somehow recovered his dignity. Anya, please cease this disgusting spectacle at once! he said.

Mmmph, yes! Anya grunted, while forcing out another thick turd. Believe me, Im not enjoying this any more than you are. It was very hard for her to say this with a straight face.

The Headmaster held his nose, and turned his head, yet he could not tear his eyes away from Anyas panties. Anya, meanwhile, squeezed out the last few inches of poo, and then gingerly climbed down from the desk. Wow! she said. Thats a lot of poo! Im surprised I didnt have an accident sooner.

Anya, this spluttered the Headmaster, is intolerable!

I quite agree, said Anya soothingly. Its disgusting! I cant believe I just did that in front of you. Whatever must you think of me? Im so embarrassed. May I please be excused? I know you want to talk about my skirts, but I really think under the circumstances?

Yes! It can wait! Be excused! Get out of here! said the Headmaster, waving her away with one hand while holding his nose with the other.

Anya smiled happily. As she turned to go, the Headmaster noticed with revulsion that her skirt was riding high across her bottom, prevented from descending any further by the huge bulge in her panties, which were sagging well below the lowest curves of her buttocks.

I hope youre going to clean up! said the Headmaster as Anya left the room.

Of course! Anya called over her shoulder, before adding, sotto voce, But not right away


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