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My Daughter’s Cherry Pie

Let me start by telling you about my situation and me. I am 30-years-old and my wife and I separated about 6 months ago. My wife was unhappy and I could not figure out why so we discussed it and she decided to move out and try separation. It’s going well and I miss Amanda and our daughter Sammy. We split our time with Sammy and she got an apartment that is not that far away from me so it’s not that bad. I hope that Amanda will figure out what she was missing and come back to me but I have not been that hopeful.

Chapter 1

Let me start by telling you about my situation and me. I am 30-years-old and my wife and I separated about 6 months ago. My wife was unhappy and I could not figure out why so we discussed it and she decided to move out and try separation. It’s going well and I miss Amanda and our daughter Sammy. We split our time with Sammy and she got an apartment that is not that far away from me so it’s not that bad. I hope that Amanda will figure out what she was missing and come back to me but I have not been that hopeful.

Amanda and her “boy friend” as Sammy calls him went on a vacation and took Sammy with them. She was due back tonight but their flight was coming home late and Amanda has the keys so I just went to bed and expected to see them in the morning. That night I was woke up by a very pleasant blowjob. I was not that surprised as my ex sometimes would spend the night with me so I laid back and put my hand on the back of her head and guided her to take more of my cock. She was under the covers and it felt like Amanda was sucking me cause she was the best cocksucker I’d ever met. She was the first and only woman to ever suck me completely deep throating my 8-inch cock completely.

But tonight she was not doing that as well. She was sucking it really nice but she was not taking the whole thing like she normally did. So I pulled her face down farther prompting her to suck it deeper and taking it deeper into her mouth and throat. She noisily sucked me and I relaxed and prepared to fill her mouth with a huge load.

“Ohhhh fuck baby, yeah suck it. It feels so fucking good, I’m gonna cum now!” I said and she sped up her motions and sucked me faster. “Ohhhh, uhhhhhh, yeah!” I said as I shot load after load in Amanda’s mouth. She choked and gagged on it as I -pumped into her which was unusual for her, she usually never had a problem taking all of the cum I had to offer. It was then I noticed something odd. She coughed and choked a little bit and she did not sound like herself either. Her voice was a little higher and squeakier and normal. I finished my load and opened my eyes amazed at the orgasm I just had. Amanda sure did not ever disappoint when it came to sucking a good cock. I took a handful of the blanket and lifted it up and pulled it off her and what I saw under the covers with a mouthful of my cock was 7-year old Sammy.

“Oh no Honey, what are you doing?”

“Oh Daddy, that was so much!” she comes from under the covers. She smiled at me giggling wiping her mouth. “That was good Daddy! You tastes better than Barry’s!”

Barry was the boyfriend and I was in utter shock. Sammy was a very petite girl. She had long blonde hair just like her mother and she weight about 60 pounds. I looked at her with a shocked expression and said, “Why did you do that Sammy that’s not right I’m your father! And what do you mean I taste better than Barry? Did he teach you how to do this?” I said very angrily.

“He and Mommy did Daddy. They taught me how to do it on vacation.” She said smiling at me. “We went to a nudie camp. We couldn’t wear any clothes all week long and it was so much fun.”

“Your mother took you to a nudist family camp? I can’t believe it.” I said.

“Yes and it was so much fun. I learned all bout sex and how to make you happy. Did I make you feel good Daddy?”

I was torn. I mean here I was in my bed just got an amazing blowjob from my little girl and she was asking me if she made me feel good. “Well of course honey it was amazing…”

“Cool Daddy cause I want to do it all the time. Mommy said the more cum I swallow the bigger my boobs will me when I grow up. So I want a lot!” she said reaching for my cock again pulling it up and down in her tiny hands.

“Wait honey, we shouldn’t be doing that. I’m your father.”

“But Daddy I love you and I want to make you feel good. Why can’t I do it? Is it because I don’t have big boobs like Mommy?” she said pouting.

“Sweetheart no. It’s because we are not supposed to have sex with our daughter. It’s wrong and it’s called incest.”

“Incest?” she repeated.

“Yes honey and I could go to jail and so could Barry and your mother then where would you be?”

“I know Daddy, Mommy already told me I can’t tell anyone.”

“But then you told me!”

“No Daddy I wanted to do it to you too. Was that wrong? I’m sorry Daddy.”

She looked so sad. I was breaking her heart and I felt like she would not understand and be upset with me and start putting distance between us if I did not let her have what she wanted from me. So I gave in.

“Okay Sammy. We can do this, but I need you to promise that you will never tell your mother or Barry or anyone about what we are doing. I’m not kidding I could go to jail.

“Oh yeah!” she said and she jumped up on me and laid on top of me face to face. “Can I show you something else Mommy taught me?”

“She taught you more than how to suck cock?”

She giggled. “That’s a funny name for it Daddy. Is it a rooster?”

“No it’s my cock and that’s what you call it okay?”

“Okay Daddy Mommy called Barry’s his dick.”

“Yes that’s another name for it but I prefer cock. Show me what she taught you baby.”

Sammy nodded and said, “Wait a minute! Mommy said I should always be naked when I play with her is that okay?” I nodded and she stood up and stripped out of her little blue nightshirt and little cotton panties. Once naked she jumped back on top of me and laid on top of me completely naked skin on skin. She was at eye level and she took my face into her hands and kissed me. At first it was small kisses on my lips and mouth and I loved it. I closed my eyes and let her kiss me. Then she slipped her tongue into my mouth. I parted my lips and it went inside and sought out my tongue and I kissed her back. Our tongues flirting with each other and I was starting to get hard again.

“Mmmmmmm, yes Daddy!” she said catching her breath. “I like kissing.”

“Breathe thru your nose when you kiss baby that way you don’t have to hold your breath.

“Okay Daddy!” she said kissing me again breathing thru her nose this time and she looked at me as she kissed me and I reached up and closed her eyes with my fingers. She closed them and we kissed for a while. “Let me show you something else Daddy!” she said an she moved down and put her little pussy on top of my cock and started rubbing her cunt back and forth along it’s sensitive underside. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I thought at first she was going to slide my cock into her. But she was so little. Instead she reached under herself and grabbed it in her hand and rode it up and down sliding her now wet pussy up and down on my cock rubbing her fleshy pussy lips all over it.

“Ummmmmm yeah Daddy I like this too. It makes us both feel good right Daddy?”

I watched her as she rose and fell on top of my cock and she was right. The sight of her riding it rubbing it up and down her little pussy made me so aroused but feeling her cunt lips massaging it and realizing she was getting wet was even better.

“Yes Sammy this is amazing.” She smiled and continued riding me and I took her hair and pulled it over her shoulders and down her back. I looked at her body and was greatly aroused by her tiny slim body. Her chest was completely flat and I ran my hands up and down it and her nipples were hard. I touched them and she looked at me and moaned.

“Oh yeah Daddy touch my nipples they are sensitive.” I did better than that I moved closer and took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked it making her moan and ride my cock even harder and faster. She was rubbing her cunt and especially her clit on my cock as she rode me up and down. Her eyes were closed and she moaned again, “Ohhhhhhhhh fuck Daddy!” I’d never heard her swear before but it seemed natural given what we were doing.

Then Sammy started grunting as she rode me. Her eyes were still closed and she rode me faster, “Uh. Uh, uh, uh uhhhhh.” I was not sure if she could cum yet being only 7 years old but we would find out soon. Soon she was rocking up and down on top of me and she was acting like it was building up inside her. “Oh Daddy, oh Daddy, oh, oh, oh, ahhhhhhh!” she cried and she rocked and shuddered on top of me and she never stopped the friction between us. She came.

I was so horny and amazed my daughter just rode me like a dirty whore and I loved it. She collapsed on top of me and she was breathing heavy. Once she calmed down she looked up at me and smiled.

“Is that the first time that’s happened baby?”

She looked at me her face was sweaty and some of her hair was matted and stuck to her face. She shook her head no and said, “No Daddy I learned that this week too.”

I kissed her again and said, “I need you to suck my cock again baby you got me all hot and bothered now.”

“I did Daddy? ” she said and she kissed me again. “Let’s do this Daddy! Get up.” She said and I stood up and my hard cock fell in front of me and she looked at it. She laid on her tummy on the edge of the bed and motioned for me to come closer. I did and she opened her mouth and I slid my cock into her open mouth and started fucking her mouth with my cock. The visual of my daughter sucking me as I pumped it in and out of her mouth had me very excited. She never stopped looking at me except when I went too far and made her gag. But she pulled off and choked a little then went right back to sucking it. Her beautiful blue eyes looking up at me as I pumped her mouth full of my hard dick. Her mouth was obscenely over stretched and she was letting me control the tempo. Her hands were in front of her and she was only using her mouth on it. I was not going to last long. I groaned and said, “Ohhh shit baby I’m cumming!” she nodded then I started unloading another tremendous load into her hot willing 7 year old mouth. She pulled back a little and only the head was in her mouth and she started sucking down cum as fast as she could.

I could see my cock pulsing as I fed her cum and her throat was swallowing as it made it’s way to her tummy. Her sexy eyes never left mine. I groaned again cumming better than I had in months. Once I was finished my prick started to wilt and she released it from its heavenly grip and smiled up at me wiping a dribble of cum off her chin that had escaped her mouth.

“Oh Daddy your cum tastes really good.” She said and I moved back to the bed and lay with her as she got back on top of me lying naked with me.

Chapter 2

“I love you Daddy.”

“I love you too sweetheart. Now if we are going to be having sex with each other we need some rules.” She looked at me confused. “Number 1, if you want to stop doing this at any time, if you start feeling like it’s wrong or you stop enjoying it, or for any other reason and you want this to stop either with me or with your Mom and Barry, you just say the word and we will stop it. Do you understand?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“I also would like to know what you have done with your Mom and Barry. So I’m going to ask you some questions if you don’t understand say so and I’ll try to make it so you understand the question ok?’

“Yes Daddy.”

“Did Mommy teach you how to make her feel good?” Sammy nodded smiling. “Did you touch her with your fingers?” She nodded. “Did you put your mouth on her like you did for me and Barry?” She nodded. “Are you still a virgin?” she looked blankly at me.

“I don’t know Daddy what does that mean?”

“Did Barry ever put his cock inside you anywhere but your mouth?”

“No Daddy.”

“Did Mommy touch your pussy?”

She laughed and said, “Where do you get these names Daddy? Mommy called it my coochie and yes.”

“I laughed and said, I’ve always called it that honey. Did Mommy ever put anything inside you and make your pussy hurt really bad?”

“No Daddy. Just her mouth and fingers. But not very far she said she had to be careful.”

“Okay. Did they do anything else with you that I have not said?”

She looked at me her cute little blonde bangs shaking on her forehead as she nodded her head smiling at me.


“Mommy turned me over on my tummy and licked my bum Daddy.”

“Ohhh yes, how could I forget that one?”

“Yes Daddy and it was really nice. She made me cum while she did it Daddy.”

“Do you cum every time?”

“Yes Daddy. I like to cum…”

“So do I baby,” I said and I looked at the clock. It was two o’clock in the morning. It was Saturday now and we both would be able to sleep in so I decided to do one more thing. “Can I lick your pussy Sammy?”

She nodded and jumped up and turned around saying “Like this Daddy!” and she stood up on the bed and put her feet on both sides of my face and sat down on my face and lay on top of me putting her face right by my cock. Mommy showed me this last night. I like it since we can both do stuff to each other Daddy.”

I nodded and Sammy got comfortable and put herself in a nice sixty-nine. I moved in and spread her tiny white pussy wide open and I saw the prize. She was still a virgin indeed. I rolled my tongue all over her tiny cunt and shoved my tongue inside her making her groan as I ate her tiny virgin pussy.

“Ohhhhhh Daddy!” she said as she took my cock into her mouth and started sucking it deep inside her tight little mouth. Her tongue went wildly all over my cock and she bobbed her head up and down on it sucking most of it in and out of her stretched sucking lips. I moved my target down and I focused on her tiny pink puckered asshole. She groaned again and squealed as my tongue entered her tight ass. “Oh Daddy, not there, that’s so dirty!”

“Uhhhhh, I love your asshole baby.” I said and she groaned again as I pushed my tongue into her. She stopped sucking my cock and she straightened up and shoved her tiny ass back into my mouth. “Spread your cheeks for me honey.” I said busily licking and shoving my tongue into her ass. She did as I said and spread her cheeks wide for me and soon I was sucking on her and biting her tiny butt cheeks and she was really enjoying it. She bucked and squeezed as I manipulated her body.

“Uh, uh, yes Daddy, ohhhhh that’s… that’s… oh that is so naughty Daddy. Lick me!” She groaned as I took my free hand and put it under her and found her dripping pussy and touched her clit, which was hard to find, but once I did she groaned. “Uhhhhhh, yes! Like that Daddy!” I moved down and now I latched onto her cunt and touching her clit my other hand was rubbing her asshole.

“Oh, oh, oh yes Daddy! I love it! Your gonna make me cum Daddy!” she screamed and then she did. “Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck!” she said shuddering and bucking as she came on top of my hot sucking tongue. Once she came this time she jumped off my face and looked at me trying to catch her breath. “Holy cow Daddy. That was so good.”

“Come over here honey and let me fuck your mouth again.” I said and she got up and I moved her onto her back and lay her head over the side of the mattress and let her hang upside down.

She giggled once I put her there and said, “Now what Daddy?” I moved closer and soon my cock was lined up with her mouth as I knelt next to the bed. She smiled and said, “Oh, I understand Daddy.” And she opened her mouth and I entered her and she started sucking. I fucked my cock into her throat and I really loved this position. I had fucked her mother this way countless times.

I didn’t like that I could not see her face but her entire body was accessible to me and I started rubbing her naked chest paying special attention to her nipples. I started fucking deeper into her mouth and she was doing a great job of breathing thru her nose now and I fucked deeper and deeper until I was fucking her completely. I loved that I could see my cock entering and expanding her throat. I fucked her harder and reached down and touched her pussy and that made me cum again. I pulled out and pumped the rest of my massive load into her tummy once again as she swallowed as fast as she could.

Once I finished cumming I pulled out of her mouth and she lay there for a minute recovering and catching her breath. I cleaned up her face and she had cum all over her mouth and spit rolling down her face from being fucked so uncontrollably. Once she was cleaned up I brought her back to the top of the bed and lay down with her. We cuddled and she fell asleep in less than a minute. I could not believe it but my cock was still hard. Three orgasms later and I was still hard as a rock. I was amazed that it was so easy and I was happy that Amanda taught her how to have sex on her vacation. Eventually once my mind stopped thinking about her and my ex and Barry for a week I decided that it was time for me to take a vacation with Sammy too!

The next morning I made a call to Amanda. “Well hello.” She said.

“Hi Amanda. Well let me cut right to the chase. Sammy had such a good time on vacation with you that I decided that I want to take her there too. What’s the number?”

“Well okay but you understand it’s a nudist camp right honey? I mean you’ll have to walk around naked and so will she. You’re okay with that?” she asked quizzically.

“Yeah why not? I figure we could have as much of a good time as you three did. I mean what’s good for the goose right?”

She paused and said, “What did she tell you?”

“It’s not what she said Amanda, it’s what she did to me.” Another long pause. “So will you send me the info on the place or not?”

“Sure but Barry actually owns the timeshare we were staying at and we have another week that we couldn’t use. It’s empty this week. Let me make some phone calls and you just get to the hotel. I’ll send you that now and you go there and I will have it all ready for you. Sammy is off for summer vacation so she is good to go the entire week. Are you really sure?”

“Fuck yeah! I need some bonding time with Sammy just like you do.” I’d never cursed to Amanda before.

After another pause, she said, “OK, I’ll call you with the details.” I hung up and my cock was hard. Just talking to my ex knowing what I knew and what she didn’t know was one thing. But I also knew I was planning to take Sammy out for a week’s vacation and was hoping to fuck her all week long. I went into the bedroom to tell Sammy the good news and when I turned the corner to my bedroom what I saw made my cock stiffer than it’s ever been.

Sammy was on my bed, still as naked as she was when I left but instead of sleeping she was on her back and she was rubbing her little pussy with her hands and she was groaning as she masturbated on my bed. I moved behind the door and waited as I watched her furiously beating off I pulled my cock out of the pajama bottoms I had put on to go back out into the kitchen and flopped it out and began stroking it as I watched my girl playing with herself. I was obviously really late into her session as she looked like she was about to get off.

My eyes roamed her naked body and I loved the smoothness of her legs and thighs that were spread wide for her to play with her cunny. Her slender stomach was tight and tense as she was about to cum. Her eyes were closed and she was really focused on her pussy.

“Ohhh, ah, ah, yeah, ah, ah, uh, uh, uh, yes lick it daddy! Ahhhhhh!” she cried as she came bucking and squeezing her legs together around her hands and she came really nice. I moved from behind the door and she opened her eyes when I walked closer to her. She smiled and said, “Uhhh, hi Daddy!”

“Hi honey. I have good news for you.”

“Yeah! What?”

“I just called your Mother and she said she was going to call the hotel you were staying at and we are flying there tomorrow. We are gonna take a little vacation too. I already called my boss and we are all set.”

“Yeah that’s so cool I loved it there. But Daddy you’ll have to be naked!”

“Why does everyone keep saying that I’ll be fine?”

She giggled and looked down at my stiff cock and said, “Do you want me to suck your cock again Daddy?”

“Yes Baby I would love that. But I want to lick your ass again Baby.”

“Why do you like that Daddy it’s so dirty?”

“I love it baby. Can I do it?”

“Yes Daddy. It was wonderful last night.”

“Good, now get over here and get on your hands and knees and bend over the bed so I can really get at your ass.” She got up and went to the bed and got on her hands and knees and bent over it and looked over her shoulder at me. “Spread your legs wider for me Baby.” I said and she spread her legs wide for me and smiled at me. I leaned down and spread her ass cheeks wide and I shoved my tongue deep inside her tiny ass once again. I must admit there are tits men and ass me and leg men. I am an ass man. Even a 7 year old ass is a wonderful thing. Sammy was so small and so fresh I was amazed that she was so into my ass reaming but I loved it so I was having the time of my life.

I decided that I wanted to start prepping my daughter for anal sex. To do this I wanted to start fingering her asshole. I taught her mother how to love anal sex and I did it the same way. I got her asshole very wet and slippery with my tongue and then I took my index finger and I inserted it into her about halfway.

“Uhhhhh Daddy, that hurts. I pulled it out then I gathered some spit and spit on her ass that I pulled open again then I slid it in again. This time it was less painful. I stopped and ran to the bathroom and grabbed some lubricant and walked back to her admiring my daughter spread wide over the side of the bed. I added lubricant to her ass and I reinserted it with a glob of slippery stuff on it. This time she jumped when it went inside but then she just closed her eyes and let me fuck her with my finger.

“Is that better baby?” I said as I now had my entire index finger sliding in and out of her hot asshole.

“Uh huh Daddy. That’s much better.” She said and I fucked her harder with my finger. Soon I changed it out for my middle finger and she was soon fucking back at me matching my strokes as I penetrated deeper into her ass. “Yyyyyyyeeeeesssss Daddy, oh that is so nice. Fuck me harder Daddy!”

I pulled it out and put my first two fingers back into her now stretching her out. She reacted the same at first. She clenched up and groaned as they both made it inside her initially spreading her ass canal wider for my fingers. But I knew how big she was use to and I fucked my daughter’s ass with both fingers not stopping one bit. Soon her behavior was the same with two fingers and she loved it. As I fucked her with both fingers I reached under her and played with her clit and she went off like a firecracker.

“Ahhhhhh! Daddy I’m cumming!” she cried as I penetrated her completely with the two fingers that were inside her. She gasped and panted as she came and bucked and squealed under my touch. “Ohhhhhhhh yeah!” she moaned as she came down from the orgasm.

“I knew you’d like that baby girl. Your Mommy used to love me playing with her ass. You are just like your Mommy!”

“Thank you Daddy. That is such a compliment.” She said and I slowed down then pulled my shitty fingers out of her asshole.

I sat on the bed next to her and said; “Now Sammy suck my cock again. Daddy needs to cum!” She nodded and moved between my legs and started sucking my cock. She sucked it completely taking the length of my manhood into her mouth and throat and soon she was fucking it with abandon. I was already so turned on I tossed my head back and let her suck it all the way down her throat. Soon, and I mean within another minute or so, she had be pumping yet another hot load of cum into her mouth.

She swallowed it all then she smacked her lips and said, “Thank you Daddy! More cum to make my boobies bigger when I get older!” I wondered if I should tell her or not but I decided not to tell her. I figured anything I could do to make her want to suck down another load was a good thing… for me anyways.

Chapter 3

Later that day I booked our flights and got everything ready to go packing our bags and we ran a couple errands getting things we needed like travel items and I made a point to pick up two fresh bottles of KY jelly. I knew the best way to get Sammy to want sex was to make sure she felt as good as possible and lots of lube would definitely keep her tiny pussy and asshole from being hurt by my cock and fingers.

We stopped while we were out and we slipped into the family restroom in the store. Sammy was feeling really frisky and I decided to let her suck my cock while we were in the restroom. She sat on the toilet and pulled me close and unbuckled my pants and pushed them down and sucked my cock never once did she stop looking at me. I came fast and she swallowed all of it down without spilling a drop. We walked out of the restroom and there was a woman with her two children waiting for the restroom and we walked past her with her giving me a shocked look.

Later that night we went to bed together and we ended up in a fantastic sixty-nine and we both came hard and long. We slept together all night and I was just shocked and amazed at how many times my daughter could suck me off and how many times I could fill her mouth with cum. We were in heaven.

We boarded our flight the next day bright and early at 10:00 and Sammy had already sucked my cock when we woke up early. It was in the shower and we were washing each other and she noticed my erection and she dropped to her knees in the shower and I watched her suck my cock as she was shiny and wet. We also sat in our seats and she asked for a blanket and once we were covered her hand went right to my cock and she rubbed it and squeezed it under the blanked feeling extra naughty knowing we were surrounded by people and my 7 year old daughter was playing with me.

We arrived at the Hotel and Sammy was very excited. When we went into the main entrance the bellman took our bags and put them on a cart. We only brought a small suitcase each and we were not planning on needing many clothes while we were there. The receptionist was fully dressed and there was a sign on the wall stating that clothing was mandatory in the lobby and restaurant but everywhere else was clothing optional. We were taken to our room and I was amazed at the size and luxury of the suite. I was impressed that Barry could afford this type of accommodations. Sammy was familiar with the room and after I tipped the bellman she went over to the sliding door and opened it and stepped outside. It looked down over the pool and she was looking down below. I joined her and was amazed at the view. It was a beautiful pool for sure but the view was all of the naked and nearly naked people and kids sunbathing and swimming in it.

“Wow! Quite the view huh?” I said. She never took her eyes away and I leaned over and tried to kiss her.

“No Daddy!” she said and she took my hand and pulled me into the room and closed the door. “We can’t do that in public. It’s a nudie camp, but we can’t make it look like we are being naughty. That’s for the room. Let’s get undressed and go down to the pool Daddy!”

“Don’t you want to unpack first and maybe get something to eat?”

“No Daddy, they have people who will bring you food at the pool if you like.” She said as she stripped out of her clothes and grabbed a towel and stood there waiting for me to get undressed and join her. “What are you not getting undressed?”

“I am, I was just looking at your body. You have a fantastic ass baby girl!” She stuck out her tongue at me and turned around and pushed her ass out towards me giving me a fantastic view of her ass and bald pussy. “Keep that up and we will need to have a BJ before we go out.” She smiled and I undressed and grabbed a towel she was handing me and I kissed her one last time before we walked into the hall heading towards the elevator.

When it arrived it opened up and there was a family in the car already. They saw us and made room and we got inside. It was a man about my age he was tall, blonde and slender. His wife was next to him and she was a brunette with shoulder length brown hair and big blue eyes. She was very curvy and had large DD breasts that were completely exposed to the world. She was gorgeous and was wearing a serape around her hips with a long slit exposing a great pair of legs. They had two beautiful daughters that were as naked as Sammy was and they looked to be around 8 years old. One was a blonde with long blonde hair that came down hallway down her chest hanging in front of her perfectly flat chest. She was a whole head taller than her friend who was very cute as well, she was just as petite as Sammy and she had brown hair that was about shoulder length and she had the sexiest little grin on her face. The little one looked at me and then looked down at my cock and them back into my eyes smirking.

“Hi, my name is Jeff and this is Sammy.” I said holding out a hand to the father and shook his hand.

“Hi, I’m Kyle and this is my wife Amy and this is our daughter Lindsey and her best friend Kaylee.” He said and he took a moment to sneak a peek at Sammy. “Are you here all week?”

“Yes we just got here.” I said making sure not to ogle the little girls too much.

“Do yourself a favor and make sure to get sunscreen. Stock up, you don’t want to get burned Jeff. Sammy, you look like you have some color on you but your Dad looks like he’s going to burn up out there.” He said with a smile and Sammy acknowledged him.

The doors opened and Sammy pulled me out of the car and said, “I’ll show you where we get the sunscreen Daddy!” I waved at the family and we went to the table where the hotel supplied all the sunscreen you needed for free. We grabbed a bottle and she guided me to a couple of lounge chairs.

We were directly across from Kyle and his family and Sammy opened the bottle of sunscreen and she squirted some in her hands and started rubbing it all over her body. I watched her apply the creamy lotion to her chest and her little legs and I squirted some in my palm and started applying it to myself. I noticed that Kyle was looking at Sammy and it looked like he was watching her put the lotion on. He sunglasses hid his eyes so I did not know for sure but I stood up and applied lotion to myself and saw little Kaylee watching me as I did. She kept glancing at my cock and I was more than curious of Kyle and his family was into the same things we were.

It took everything I had not to get hard looking at all of these beautiful people and sexy kids. Once Sammy was done with the lotion she turned around and pulled her long blonde hair over her shoulders and I applied lotion o her back. Her skin felt so soft and I loved touching her. I looked over at Kyle’s wife Amy who was braiding Lindsey’s hair into braided pigtails and I motioned to Sammy and she smiled and walked over to the woman.

“Amy, can you put my hair just like hers? I love braids but my Daddy doesn’t know how to do my hair.” She said smiling at the woman.

“Sure thing just let me finish here.”

“Yeah!” she said quietly and she watched her braid the other blonde’s hair. Sammy looked over at Kyle and then glanced down at his cock. Kyle’s cock was not as big as my cock but she loved looking at all of the men’s cocks last time she was here and it seemed so naughty to see what most people never get to see. She looked up at him and he was looking right at her. She smiled and he smiled back and she looked away waiting for her turn. Amy did as she asked and braided her long beautiful hair in two very cute pigtails. I loved pigtails, especially now. She was talking to Lindsey and Kaylee and they seemed to hit it off well. They went into the pool and started playing together. I was sitting alone watching the girls talk and swim and Kyle came over and brought me a beer.

“So Jeff, looks like our girls are hitting it off.” He said handing me the beer.

“Thanks Kyle. Yeah looks like a match made in heaven. So do you often bring your daughter’s friend with you on vacation?”

“This is the first time. She’s a really sweetheart. She and Lindsey are inseparable so when we said we were going on vacation they begged us to let her come too. Her folks paid for her flight so we said yes. Plus she is just so damn cute. Don’t you think so Jeff?” I looked at him and he leaned back in his chair and groaned. “Nothing like a little girls to melt your heart. Know what I mean Jeff?” he said with a smirk on his face.

“Yes Kyle, I know what you mean.” I said and I leaned back too drinking my beer and watching the girls play with each other.

“Sammy is quite a beauty. Her mother must be gorgeous.” He said his gaze protected from his shades.

“Yes, she is a beautiful woman.”

“You divorced?” he asked.

“Separated.” I replied.

“You may want to try to get her back. I mean if she is half as hot as your daughter.”

“Hot huh?” I replied.

Kyle looked at me and smiled. “Yeah, just like my girls. I mean don’t you think they are pretty hot too?”

I looked at the girls again and said, “Well yes actually. They are going to be a couple of heart breakers when they get older I suppose.”

“They are heart breakers now I say.” He said and he took another drink from his beer and groaned again. “Know what I mean?”

“I think so.” I said and he looked at me at smiled again. “Do you come to this hotel often?”

“My wife and I heard about it from a friend. It’s fucking great. I mean where else will you see so many beautiful people and their beautiful kids?” he said looking around taking in the scene. I looked too and I found so many sexy people around. I had to look into buying a timeshare here myself.

We talked some more and Kyle ordered a few more rounds of beer and the girls ended up sitting over by Amy after they were done and ordered food and they all are while Kyle and I drank. I was feeling kind of buzzed when I saw little Kaylee crawl up onto her lounge chair. She was on her hands and knees and she showed her ass and pussy really good.

“Ohhhhh shit!” I groaned under my breath.

Kyle smiled seeing the same thing. “Yeah she has a nice little ass doesn’t she?”

I looked at him and smiled. “Yes. She has a really great ass.”

“Jeff, I’m going to be straight with you. I think you and I are a lot alike. So I’m going to be blunt and if you don’t like it it’s just the beer talking. Okay?” He said looking straight at me. I nodded. “Have you fucked her yet?”

I felt my stomach drop. Well he was right that was blunt. “No.” Was my response.

“Was that your reason you brought her here?”


“Good. I told you we were alike. Let me just tell you my wife and I are both into the girls and I have been fucking Lindsey for a while now. We brought Kaylee in the hope that we could get her interested and fuck her too.” He said looking at the girls and talking quietly. “You gonna fuck her tonight?”


“Take my advice. I bet you were going to fuck her in the ass then lead up to her pussy right?” he said looking back at me.

“Damn, how did you know that?”

“It’s what I would be thinking too. But let me tell you when you take her little cherry she’s going to be sore for a couple days. Take her cherry and then use her ass for a day or so while her pussy heals and then you can do that again. Know what I mean?”

“Fuck me! I can’t believe we are talking about this.”

“Should we stop?” he said looking at me again.

“No. I’m just shocking myself. Don’t you think she’s too young?

“No. She’s plenty old enough if you do it right. But take care to use lots of lube. Your big old cock will tear her up if you’re not careful. Did you get lube from the table?”

“They have sex lube next to the sunscreen? You’re kidding right?”

“No Jeff, this place is known for people doing what we are doing with our kids. They don’t advertise it but just like not wanting to have a bunch of sunburned people running around being miserable they also don’t want a bunch of little boys and girls running around with torn up pussies and assholes. Make sense?”

“Yes it does.”

“Be careful of bruising. I saw a little girl out here yesterday and her father was hung like you are and his daughter bent over like Kaylee just did and her little asshole was all black and blue. Poor thing was in a lot of pain. I think they went home early as I don’t see them out here today.”

It was getting late and I was getting hungry. “Well we better be going I need to get us dressed so we can eat in the restaurant.”

“Why do that? Anything you need is on the room service menu and you don’t need to get dressed for that.”

“You raise a goof point Kyle.”

“Not yet my friend but soon enough.” We both laughed at that one.

Chapter 4

We all left the pool, Kyle and I were a little buzzed and we all got in the elevator together again. They were on the top floor and we were one down. When we got out I waved at Kyle and he said, Have fun!”

“You too!” I replied and the door closed.

“Daddy what did that mean?”

“It means we have a lot in common.”

“Daddy do you think they are doing what we are doing?”

“Yes Darling. He is already fucking Lindsey and he has plans to fuck Kaylee for the first time tonight.”

“He told you that Daddy? She said quietly as we walked down the long hallway towards our room in the corner.

“Yes Sammy. He’s been fucking Lindsey for a while now. So I think we will be fine to have sex now. I was a little worried about hurting you but Kyle said his first time with his daughter was when she was seven just like you.” We got to the room and I swiped the key and it let us inside. She ran inside and turned around.

“Really Daddy? You mean we can have sex just like Mommy and Barry were doing?”

“They did that in front of you?” I asked.

“Yes of course we were in the same bed silly.”

“I want to make love to you baby. Will you let me?”

“Yes Daddy. I will do anything you ask me to. Just promise me you won’t hurt me Daddy.”

“I promise baby but when we do it the first time it will hurt a little. It passes but it will hurt.”

“Okay Daddy just don’t hurt me too much. Does it feel good later?”

“Yes Baby.”

“Can we do it now Daddy?”

“We need to take a bath and order dinner. We’re going to need our energy for later on. You want pizza?”

“Yummy! Can we take a bath?” There is a big bathtub in there. You can fit four people in that one!”

“Okay let me order the pizza get the water running. Peperoni OK?”

“Yes please. And a soda!”

I called the kitchen and ordered the pizza and a six-pack of beer for me and a six-pack of coke for Sammy. By the time I got into the bathroom she was already in the tub. Bubbles were running high and I climbed inside with her. She immediately moved between my legs and leaned back and I wrapped my arms around her hugging her naked wet body close to me. She felt so good I was getting turned on just being close to her. She must have felt my cock getting bigger because she started wriggling her tiny ass against me and that made my cock get bigger and bigger.

I took a washcloth and soaped it up and started washing her chest and arms as she lay with me. She cooed as I washed her chest and stomach paying special attention to her tiny hard nipples. When I got down to her pussy I used the washcloth for a minute then I dropped it and used my fingers to touch and caress her pussy lips.

“Oh Daddy, that feels so good!” She moaned as I lusciously rubbed her tiny cunt with my fingers. I sank one finger inside her pussy and she was incredibly tight. “Ohhhhh yes Daddy.” She moaned again as I started fingering her virgin pussy. I felt her hymen pushing back against my fingers and she spread her legs wide for me and I finger fucked my little girl faster and faster. In this angle I was able to have one hand fingering her pussy and the other hand was pinching her little nipple of her right breast. Her eyes were closed and I rubbed and touched her like no father should ever do to his daughter. She started moaning louder now and I knew she was about to cum. I pushed deeper and deeper bouncing my big finger into the wall protecting her womanhood. I pulled out my index and replaced with my longer middle finger and she took it like a big girl and then she started cumming. At the peak of her orgasm I shoved my entire middle finger into her virgin pussy breaking thru her cherry and making her cry out.

“Oh Daddy! It hurts, she cried and the water was not turning red from the little bit of blood that was coming from the ripped skin that use to be my daughter’s cherry. I held her and she whimpered a little and then she turned around and straddled my hips and kissed me long and hard. Our tongues battled each other and soon she was breathing harder and stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes. “That hurt.” She said and I kissed her on the cheek.

“I’m sorry baby, but now we can eat dinner and that will not hurt as bad as it does now and we can do more stuff later.” I said.

Just then there was a knock at the door. I threw on a robe the hotel provided and closed the door allowing Sammy to finish bathing and get ready for dinner. I opened the door and it was Marcus, he was the same waiter that was serving us beers out at the pool. He pushed in the table with a pizza under a large silver tray and the beers and sodas were submerged in in ice buckets. The waiter set up the table and put the chairs against it from other parts of the room and it looked great by the time he was done. I was impressed it actually looked like it was in a gourmet restaurant. Kyle was right this was better than eating downstairs. Once he was gone we could toss the robe and eat dinner naked.

I tipped him and thanked him for setting it up so nice and I closed the door and sat down in order to start eating. Marcus took the other two tables he had waiting in the service elevator for himself and he pushed the button for the top floor. Once he arrived on the top floor he knocked on the door for his next delivery. It was Kyle’s room. He brought this family their dinner in their room the last two nights and they were good tippers. In addition to that the wife was a really hot MILF. She was a sexy brunette with big boobs and she had not worn much when she answered the door either night. He waited for her to open the door and he felt his cock growing stiff in his snug slacks.

Amy opened the door and he was not mistaken. She wore only a loose robe that was open very low and exposed her luscious tits to his gaze. “Oh hello Marcus. You caught me as I was getting dressed.” She said as she ran her finger up and down the edge of the robe that was exposing her voluptuous tits. He could not stop looking at them and she smiled at him and said, “You don’t mind do you Marcus?”

“Oh no ma’am, you look amazing.” She moved out of the way and he pushed the two tables into the room and started setting it up. She took a glass from the table and grabbed the bottle of wine from the bucket of ice and she handed it to the young man and he began to open it.

“Do you mind? My husband is busy bathing the children and I need a glass of wine.” She said moving back and sitting in the chair making sure her legs showed more than enough to keep the boy watching her. He was able to see that she was not wearing underwear and his cock throbbed and ached in his pants. He handed her a glass of wine and returned the bottle to the ice bucket and she sat back and took a long drink.

In the bathroom one of the girls groaned and Amy looked towards the door then back to the boy setting up her dinner. Marcus was sure something was going on in the bathroom but he’d heard many inappropriate acts in this hotel over the year he’d been employed there. He merely smiled at the attractive woman and he she looked down at his cock and noticed that he was hard and huge. Once Marcus was finished preparing the table Amy walked to the boy and moved very close to him and kissed the young man on the lips. He looked down at her breasts again and she smiled.

“So I guess you want a tip now don’t you Marcus?” He looked at her and smiled and she opened her robe completely exposing the rest of her sexy voluptuous body to the boy. “I left my purse in the bedroom. I guess I’ll need to find another way to thank you tonight.” She said as she dropped to her knees in front of the nineteen-year old and she rubbed his hard cock inside his slacks.

“Ohhhh…” he groaned as she felt his hard cock.

“You don’t mind do you?” Amy asked as she unzipped his pants and unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall down to his knees. He was wearing not underwear either and she started rubbing his cock in her hands making him moan louder. “Shhhhhh…” she whispered. “Don’t want to disturb the rest of the family do we?” She knew the girls were in the bathroom sucking her husband’s cock and would not be able to be disturbed at all. But she looked up at him and took his hard cock into her hot, willing experienced mouth and she started sucking his cock all the way into her throat.

“Ohhhh fuck that’s good!” he said quietly as she bobbed up and down on his cock making him feel amazing. She was about the best cocksucker he had ever had and she sucked his cock well. She looked at him as she sucked and soon she was going to make him cum. She noticed his balls swelling and then he groaned loudly he was pumping a huge teenager sized load of hit, sticky cum into her mouth. She loved cum. She would take as much as she could all the time. Marcus’ cum was especially sweet and she swallowed it all down her throat and once he was finished she stood up and grabbed his cock again and this time she kissed him sliding her cum covered tongue into the young man’s mouth. He kissed her back and then he pulled up his pants and she smiled as he got dressed.

“Was that okay Marcus?” she asked moving back to the table and taking another sip of her wine.

“Yes Ma’am.” He replied and he walked to the door and opened it. She met him at the door and kissed him again before he opened the door and covered herself back up.

“Don’t make me sound so fucking old Marcus. Or I won’t let you fuck me next time…” she said coyly. “My name is Amy. Not ma’am”

“Yes Amy.” He said and she grabbed his cock one last time and took a deep breath.

“That’s better.” She said and walked back towards the table as he left the room. She took a fresh strawberry from one of the fruit bowls and lifted it up to her sexy mouth as she looked at the fabulous spread of food that was waiting for them. She took a luscious bite and sauntered into the bathroom and opened the door.

What she saw made her pussy even moister that it already was. Her husband was sitting on the on the edge of the luxurious large bathtub with his feet dangling into the bathtub. On her hands and knees between his legs sucking his cock was little Kaylee. Her sexy blonde daughter Lindsey was behind her best friend and she was busily licking and sucking her friends pussy from behind as she sucked her father’s cock. It was a scene right out of the best porno but the actors were just younger.

“Who was that?” Kyle said looking up still holding Kaylee’s head in his hand as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

Amy moved behind her daughter’s ass and reached down caressing her pussy as she licked her 7-year-old friends cunt. That made her moan as she slid a finger up and down her formerly virgin pussy. “Uhhhhh Mommy that feels good.” She said looking up at her mother as she felt her cunny.

“Dinner’s here.” She said as she sat on the edge of the porcelain tub continuing to rub Lindsey’s pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh…” Lindsey moaned again. She loved when her mother played with her pussy. She also loved eating pussy. Her mother taught her about a month ago and she eats her Mommy’s cunt almost as much as she suck’s her Daddy’s cock. She loved sex and was so happy when her Daddy started playing with her and taught her how to suck his cock and make him feel good. She enjoyed her mother’s fingers pumping in and out of her pussy and she could not wait until Kaylee was no longer a virgin and she could fuck her little friend with her fingers too. She was still a virgin but her Daddy as taking care of that tonight.

Kyle looked down at his newest conquest as she sucked his cock. Her straight brown hair was bobbing with her as she sucked him and she was looking into his eyes sucking his cock as deep as she dared. The little girl was not as good as his daughter at sucking cock yet but she has only been learning a couple days. When the they all got into the room Kyle was so horny from all of the naked bodies and talking to his new friend Jeff and thinking about fucking his daughter beautiful little Sammy. He walked into the room after seeing them in the elevator and he instantly had a hard on. The girls decided to take him into the bathroom to clean up while Mommy called Room Service with their dinner order.

He knew he was not going to last much longer and he was preparing to fill the young girl’s mouth with yet another load of cum. She followed her mouth with her tiny little fist as she sucked his cock and jerked him off at the same time. Kaylee turned around and pulled her little ass open wide for her best friend and his daughter went after her tight pink asshole and licked her wildly as she spread herself open for her. She continued to bob up and down on Kyle’s cock as her friend licked and sucked her asshole and she moaned.

“Uhhhhhhh yay!” She moaned and he started pumping his seed into her wet sucking mouth as he came again and again. The tiny girl swallowed as fast as she could not to miss any of his cum. She liked the salty-sweet flavor of the older man’s cum and she loved the fact that he paid so much attention to her when she did it.

Kyle pumped load after load into the child and soon he was empty and she was still sucking on his now wilting cock. “Ohhhhhh fuck little girl suck that thing!” he said as she finished his load and smiled up at him.

“That was so good Mr. P.” she squealed as she swallowed the seed. He was quite excited and was ready to fuck the girl and take her cherry but he was hungry and ready to eat dinner.

Chapter 5

Meanwhile Sammy and I were just finishing up our dinner. Pizza is her favorite and I really like to keep her happy. I was sad I made her hurt earlier but I really wanted to fuck her tonight and I felt that if I took her cherry early she would be able to fuck tonight after all. I took her 7-year-old cherry in the bathtub as I masturbated her to a fantastic orgasm. Sammy is a beautiful girl who has long blonde hair just like her mother and she is as sweet as cherry pie.

After we finished our dinner I talked her into watching one of her favorite movies. It was on HBO and we lay on the couch in the main room and cuddled as we watched it. She was only wearing a tee shirt and I was just in boxers. As the movie went on I made sure to touch and caress her and she pushed her tiny ass back to my crotch and pressed her supple ass against my hard, drooling cock.

We were into the film about an hour and I was touching and caressing her sexy, flat chest over the top of her thin t-shirt and her nipples were hard as little pebbles. She looked at me and kissed me as I rolled her left nipple in my hand and she smiled allowing me to molest her. I was so ready to fuck her but I knew she was still sore and I needed to take it easy so she would want to play with me after we were done tonight.

She hooked her arm around my neck and kissed me like she did back at home. Her tongue caressed mine and I found hers and attacked it. She moaned as she licked and sucked mine and made me want to get into it more and more. She sucked my tongue deeper and soon I was rubbing her flat chest under her shirt and she looked like she wanted to feel my mouth on her bald pussy.

I rolled on top of my daughter and she looked up at me and kissed me again. I reached down and touched her cunt and she groaned obviously liking the feeling of my fingers on her pussy. I moved down her body kissing every square inch of it. When I got to her nipples I licked and sucked them one at a time into my mouth.

“Ohhhhh Daddy!” she moaned and I moved down tickling her body on my way past her tiny belly button to her delicious pussy. Once I was eye-to-eye with her tiny cunt she spread her legs wider for me and I scooted into position spreading them for me and I attacked her pussy. “Ohhhhhhh yes!” she groaned again and I took her pussy lips in my mouth pulling them and sucking on her clit. Sammy put her hands behind my head as I sucked her and her eyes were closed as she ran her fingers through my hair gasping for air.

I wanted her to cum so badly. Her taste was delicious and I loved licking her cunt. I pulled her lips open and saw deep inside her tiny twat. With no barrier there to protect her from me I sank one finger into her cunny and she moaned as I slipped it inside.

“Mmmmmmm, yes…” I loved it and I licked her little engorged clitoris and started fingering her precious little slit. She sat up on her elbows and looked down at her pussy and watched as my finger slid deeper and deeper. “Uhhh yes Daddy.” She moaned and watched me fingering her tiny little pussy. Smiling at me she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip as I pleasure her and myself by watching her pussy take my finger. I reached for and grabbed the bottle of lube I got from the hotel and squeezed a large dapple on her little pussy apple removing my finger and letting it fall right on the hole.

She liked the feeling and we laughed at my good aim. Once that was done I inserted now two fingers into her tiny pink pussy and she looked nervously at me as I started sliding them into her.

“Be careful Daddy, it’s still really tender!” she said and I slowly pushed my fingers into her stretching out her tight pussy. “Ohhhhhhhh yeah!” she groaned as I happily fingered my 7-year-old daughter. I finger fucked her and she pulled her legs back pulling them behind her neck. I knew she was flexible but I was so turned on seeing her in that position as I fucked her little cunt with my fingers. With my other hand I rubbed her little pink clit and that send her faster on her way to another orgasm. “Ohhhh Daddy!” she moaned and I could tell she was close. I dropped my mouth to her clit and sucked it into my mouth pulling on it and racing my tongue all around the tiny nub.

“Oh, uh, uh, yeah Daddy! I love it, I love it, suck my pussy Daddy!!!!” she cried and she came hard bucking and pushing her pussy up and down. I was barely able to keep my fingers inside her as she came. She cried and moaned as she finished what sounded to be a delicious cum. I stopped pushing my fingers in and out of her and then she reached down and pulled my fingers out of her pussy. She looked like she was so confused and her cunt was still very sweet and was now completely ready to be fucked.

Back in the Peterson’s room they were wrapping up dinner and Amy and Kyle has assigned the task of cleaning up the dinner table and pushing out the table to the two naked girls. They all thought eating dinner naked would be fun so they all stripped down and ate dinner after Kyle filled Kaylee’s mouth with cum earlier.

They watched the little girls talking and cleaning up as Kyle poured another glass of wine for each of them. Kyle was already pretty close to fully erect and Amy winked at him as he handed her a glass of wine and she grabbed his cock and kissed him.

“Are you going to fuck Kaylee tonight honey?” she asked taking her glass and getting comfortable on the couch watching them clean up.

“I’d love to. You think she’s ready for it?”

“Yeah. She told me earlier at the pool she really wants to get fucked tonight. She said Lindsey told her how awesome it feels now and she wants to know what it feels like. I say go for it honey!”

Kyle smiled and looked back at little Kaylee who was bending over the table to pull the tablecloth up and over the dirty dishes. Lindsey saw her father eyeing the little girl’s ass and she bent over and whispered something in her ear. Kaylee laughed then looked over her shoulder at him and reached back spreading her pussy and ass wide for him as he admired her sexy body.

“You like that Mr. P?” she asked as she wagged her ass towards the older man and he smiled at her and reached down pumping his cock twice.

“You bet! Get that table in the hallway so we can get started!”

“Yeah!” the girls yelled as they took the tables and pushed them out the door and into the hallway. They saw another older man in the hallway. He saw their naked bodies and waved at them and they both waved back and ran inside.

“Who’s first Daddy?” asked Lindsey standing in front of her daddy with her hands behind her back showing him her willing naked body.

Kyle looked at Kaylee who was crossing her fingers and waiting for him to say something. “I think Kaylee needs to lose her cherry tonight honey. That way we can really start having fun this week.”

“Yeah!” Kaylee said pumping her fist in the air. I can’t wait!”

Lindsey frowned and started to pout. “Come here honey!” her mother said holding out her arms to the child. Lindsey went to her and hugged her naked mother pressing her face into her giant breasts. She looked up at her mommy between her boobs and she smiled. “That’s okay honey.” She said grabbing a strap on dildo and showing it to her daughter. “We can have our own fun honey!”

“Cool!” said the girl as she took one of her mother’s large nipples into her mouth and began to suck on it. “And I get to play with these!” she said continuing to lick and suck on her tits. Amy smiled down at her daughter as she sucked her breasts and she pulled and touched her hair as she sucked on her titties.

Kyle held out his hand to Kaylee and she joined him on the couch next to his wife and best friend. She climbed up on his lap and he kissed the girl. She liked kissing. She took to it well. She first started kissing Lindsey on sleep overs. That was what prompted him that Kaylee knew more about his relationship with his daughter than she was alluding to. He slid his tongue into her mouth and she moaned as she accepted it willingly. Her naked body was on top of him and she reached down and felt his hard cock.

She liked the sexy games they were playing. She promised never to tell anyone and he promised never to do anything she didn’t want to do. She was the one who pulled Lindsey into the bathroom and closed the door earlier and it was Kaylee who knelt in front of him and started sucking his cock. Now she was straddling his lap and kissing him as her best friend sucked on her mother’s tits next to them. Kaylee wanted only one thing. She wanted him to take her little cherry. So she rode her pussy up and down on his cock and she felt her slippery juice getting all over his hard cock. Kyle took a glob of lube from the tube on the side table and spread it all over his cock. She giggled feeling the cool slippery stuff as she started rubbing her cunt up and down on his hard dick.

“That’s slippery Mr. P.” she said and she rubbed up and down all over his cock. “Will you fuck me now Mr. P?”

Kyle smiled up at the young girl and she rode his cock sliding up and down his long rod. She reached down grasping his cock and placing it at the entrance of her tiny cunt. When she felt it at the entrance to her pussy she looked down at him and bit her bottom lip and slid the head of his cock between her pussy lips. Once she felt like his cock was snuggly inside she took her hand away and put them on his hairy chest.

She looked at him and then she dropped down on his cock pushing the first three inched of his cock into her with one fierce push.

“Uhhhhh!” she cried as he penetrated her pussy and took her cherry with one swift move. “Oh my Gosh Mr. P you’re so big!”

“Uhhhhhh shit baby. You are so fucking tight!” he said as he moaned and she stopped and gasped again and again trying to catch her breath.

“Uh, ahhhh, ohhh my!” she cried as he looked up at her. Her face was full of pain but she still had that mischievous grin on her face knowing she was being really, really naughty. Your dick is really big! He smiled at her and pulled her down and they kissed once again. He felt a trickle of what he saw was blood going down his cock as he waited for her to continue fucking her.

She sat up again looking down at him and she rode up and pulled his cock all the way out until only the head remained then she fell on top of his cock pushing it even further inside her.

“Uhhhhhh yeah!” she moaned as she now had 4 inches inside her. Kyle was so wrapped up in her tiny cunt. She was so amazingly tight and fantastically hot she was better than he ever imagined. She rose up again then fell again on his cock. “Uhhhhhhh.” Now five inches. “Mr. P you are so big I don’t think it’ll fit!” She rode all the way up again and then fell again. Over and over she started rising and falling on his cock shoving more and more inside herself. Eventually she had his entire 7 inch cock fucking all the way in and out of her cunt.

“Oh my Gosh Mr. P, you’re almost all the way inside me. I want it all now. Fuck me Mr. P!” she cried as she bounced up and down on his cock taking it all now and fucking him completely. Looking to her left she saw her BFF Lindsey sucking her momma’s cunt. She was on her knees and her arm was almost completely inside her mother as she fucked her up to the elbow. Amy was looking down at her as she fist fucked the woman. Her tiny first was balled up and pumping in and out of her mother and soon Amy was breathing hard and barely able to take the abuse from the girl.

Kaylee looked back down at her handsome man as she fucked him in and out of her hot, aching pussy. She bounced up and down on his aching cock and eventually she was talking his entire cock inside herself as she fucked him hard. Kyle was amazed that the 7-year-old was able to not only take his cock but also fuck him mercilessly. She was fucking him better than his own wife fucked him. She loved the feeling of the length of his manhood inside her.

“Uhhhhh fuck Mr. P. Fuck me! Fuck Me! Fuck me!” she cried as she fucked him as hard as she could as she bounced up and down on his hard cock. “Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh…” she grunted as she slid up and down on his cock. Kyle did not think he could last any longer and he was right. He put his hands on the cheeks of her ass and he fucked her as hard as she was fucking him.

“I’m gonna, I’m about to… Cummmmm!” Kyle groaned as he unloaded into her hot tight pussy. He blasted cum deep inside the little girl’s cunt hitting the wall of her cervix and covering her insides with hot, sticky jizz. When she felt him blasting her insides with cum she came as well. She rose and fell on his cock and she came hard and long. Kyle was so happy that he finally got the little girl’s cherry.

Chapter 6

Meanwhile downstairs I was just serving Sammy with her third orgasm. She was on top of me and she was sitting on my face sucking my cock into her tiny, wet mouth. I was so excited but I was trying to make sure she felt really good tonight because like Kyle I had my sights aimed on my daughter’s cherry tonight.

“Uhhhhh, uh, uh, uh, mmmmm slurp slurp.” Were the sounds she was making. I had her pussy over my mouth and I licked her cunt and spread her cheeks as she ground her pussy on my mouth. “Oh Daddy, here it… comes… again Daddy! Ahhhhhhh!” She came long and hard and I lapped up her pussy and sucked on her pussy hole getting all of her baby girl juices out.

Sammy climbed off me and turned around and kissed me on the mouth. Smiling she looked at me and said, “OK Daddy. I’m ready!”

“Ready for what Baby?”

“Ready for you to have sex with me silly!”

I smiled and said, “Are you sure? I only want to if you are ready and want to.”

“If Kaylee and Lindsey can do it, I can do it Daddy. And I want to. I want you to put your cock inside me Daddy!”

I kissed my beautiful girl and said, “OK.”

“Yay!” she said and she laid back on the bed and put a pillow behind her head and waited for me.

“Why are you like that?”

“That how Mommy always did it Daddy. Mommy always laid on her back and Barry got on top.”

I was surprised. Amanda was never a missionary style kind of gal. “Well, I do it lots of ways honey. If you want to I can do it this way the first time though. That way I can see your face as I sink my cock into your pussy for the first time!”

“Yay!” she said and she spread her legs wide and waited for me to get into position. I mounted my little girl and she waited with open arms for me to get close enough. Once I was she hooked her arms around my neck and pulled me close. She kissed me sliding her little tongue into my mouth and rolled hers around mine. “Mmmmmmmmm, Daddy, put it in me Daddy!” I smiled at her knowing she was just as much of a cum slut as her mother was.

Amanda was not only a cute, sexy girl when I met her she was the horniest girl I have ever met. I strongly believe that she left me because I was so wrapped up in work that I was not paying as much attention to her as I should and she deserved. I broke our kiss and I looked down and Sammy’s eyes followed mine and she watched as I centered my cock along the entrance to her tiny, virgin cunt and I rubbed the head of my cock between her lips and got the head of my cock moist with her juices. She giggled when I did that and I reached over and took the lube from the table next to the bed and spread a copious amount all over my cock.

She smiled up at me when I put my cock back at the entrance to her pussy and once it was firmly lodged at the entrance I looked at her and our eyes locked. She nodded as if giving her consent. I hooked her short little legs in my arms getting closer to her pussy and I nodded back then plunged deeply into her unbelievably tight cuntlet.

“Ahhhhhh!” she cried as I penetrated her deeply. My 8-inch cock was buried halfway into her tiny cunt and her face was distorted with pain. I let my cock stay there waiting for her to get use to the intrusion of my cock in her untouched pussy. Her face was turned to the side and I saw a tear leaking from her eye and dropping to her cheek. I waited for her to get use to the feeling of my cock inside her and she cried sweetly not sure if she could take my cock.

“Are you okay Baby?” I asked looking at our union and my cock was obscenely sticking out of her pussy. She shook her head no and I waited in that position until her breathing returned to normal and she opened her eyes. She looked at me and she looked scared. “Are you okay Baby?”

She nodded and asked, “Are you sure it feels good later Daddy?”

“Yes Baby, once you get use to the feeling of having my cock inside you it will feel amazing, I promise.”

“Okay Daddy, fuck me!” she simply said. I kissed her deeply and her mouth opened taking my tongue and I pulled out then shoved it back inside. “Uhhhhhhh.”

I fucked my little girl slowly and soon she was not grimacing any more. She didn’t look like she was loving it yet but she was not in obvious pain any more. I slowly fucked her and she spread her legs wider for me and soon she was fucking me back slightly as I sawed my cock in and out of her tightly gripping pussy.

I got close to her ear and I kissed it licking the outline of her ear as I fucked her slowly. My breath was puffing into her ear and I sucked on her ear lobe and she moaned as I did this. I whispered into her ear, “Do you like me fucking you Baby?” She nodded and I sucked her ear again. “Do you want me to fuck you deeper baby girl?” I whispered again.

“Yes Daddy!” she moaned quietly. I shoved at least another inch into her. “Ohhhhhh yes,” was her response. I started fucking her harder watching her young face as I fucked her. I wanted her to come away feeling so good about this experience. Slowly I fucked my girl until she was responding to my motions. She fucked me and started pulling on me as I penetrated her tight cunt and started fucking her harder and faster. “Uhhhhhhhh yeah!” she moaned as I looked deep into her eyes and started fucking her deeply with each and every stroke.

“I’m going to cum soon Baby!” I said as I got a rhythm going fucking her harder.

“Cum on me Daddy. Cum on my belly! I want to see it Daddy!” she said.

I was so fucking turned on by her asking me to pull out and cum on her stomach. When I was ready to cum I pulled out and squirted all of my cum on her pussy and tummy.

“Yay!” she yelled and I came all over her pussy and tummy. She watched me cum on her with excited eyes. Once I was spent and all of my cum was splattered all over her belly She looked down and started scooping up my cum and putting it into her mouth.

“Uhhhhh fuck yes Sammy that is so fucking hot.” I said. She looked up at me and smiled.

“I wanted to taste you again Daddy!” she said and she scooped up the remainder of my cum that was in big globs and once they were gone she rubbed the remainder all over herself loving the feeling of the cum spreading over her. I loved seeing my daughter the cum slut eating the rest of my cum. Then she rolled me over and sucked my cock once again cleaning it all up and then kissed me and cuddled with me until we both fell asleep.


Back in the Peterson’s room Kyle and Amy had switched partners. Amy had Kaylee laying on the bed with her skinny legs spread wide for her and Amy was really going after her cunt licking and sucking it focusing more attention to her clitoris than her cunt. She knew she would start hurting from losing her cherry so she focused on her clit to make her moan and squeal as she licked her. Kaylee’s eyes were closed and she held the woman’s head in place as she headed to yet another orgasm. The girl was very open to lesbian sex and she and Lindsey were caught with each other more than once since Kyle started fucking his daughter. He assumed it was Lindsey as the aggressor but on the trip he has considered that little Kaylee was aggressive as well.

Kyle had Lindsey bent over on the bed next to the other couple and she was on her hands and knees with her legs spread widely for her father as he fucked her in the ass. Kyle had never been much into anal sex before but since he was already breaking down boundaries with incest and pedophilia, he figured why not? He learned that he enjoyed it and Lindsey loved it. He slid his hard cock into her tiny puckered asshole and as always his daughter loved it.

Lindsey looked over her shoulder showing her Daddy her young, contorted face. Her eyes were closed tight and her mouth was open as he fucked her deeply making sure to penetrate her completely. She was grossed out before when her Daddy first shoved his cock in there but once he started and got it all slippery it felt so naughty and she realized that if she played with her clitty when he fucked her like that she would cum and cum and cum. Her right hand was under her body as he fucked her and she rubbed herself making her feel so amazing.

Kyle looked down at his daughter’s asshole as he fucked her and his cock obscenely split her ass cheeks and he loved the way her tight asshole felt gripping and sucking his cock as he fucked the 8-year-old blonde. Her long blonde hair was hanging to the side of her face and Kyle pulled it all back combining it behind her head and he put it all in his right hand and pulled.

“Uhhhhhh yes Daddy I love it when you pull my hair!” Lindsey moaned as she let him pull her hair hard as he fucked her. Her Daddy took her other hand out from under her and she fell on the bed face first. He pulled on her arm pulling her up again and using his leverage to pull her back up and now he had her pulled by her arm and her hair. He fucked her harder and she loved the feeling of being helpless for her father.

“Uh, uh, uh, uhhhhh shit Baby your asshole is so fucking tight. Fuck me back Baby girl!”

“Uh, uuh, uh, uh ohhh, yeah!” Lindsey moaned and he fucked her asshole for all he was worth. “I’m cumming Daddy!” she moaned as he fucker her as hard as he could. Her ass and pussy exploded as she came and that sent her father over the edge squirting a huge load of cum into his daughter’s tight asshole. Lindsey felt him splashing into her bowels and she loved it. “Uhhhhhhhhh I’m so full Daddy!” she cried as he unloaded his hot, sticky cum into her tiny asshole.

Kyle released her arm and she collapsed onto the bed with a thud. He fell with her and shoved any remainder of his cock into the young girl’s ass. “Ohhhhhh fuck baby. Tell Daddy you like it when I cum in your ass!”

“Uhhhhhh yes I love it Daddy!”

“Tell me,” he said as he withdrew completely and shoved it back inside violently. “Uhhhh, tell Daddy you love it in your ass Baby!”

“”Uhhhhhh fuck!” she whimpered, “Yes Daddy! I love it in my ass!” she moaned as he bottomed out in her tight butt.

Again Kyle pulled all the way out and this time he spread her skinny legs even wider pushing his legs between hers and then fell on top of her. This made it feel tighter and he felt like he got even deeper inside the prepubescent beauty. “Uhhhhhhh, fuck! And you tell Daddy that you want Jeff to fuck you too. Just like this and you will let him fuck you just like Daddy does.”

“Uhhhhhhhh!” She moaned not responding.

Kyle moved to her ear kissing and sucking on her ear lobe. He knew she loved that. He pulled out again surprised he had not gotten soft after cumming but talking dirty to his daughter made his cock stay hard as he continued to fuck her tiny little ass. “Tell me Baby, you want him to fuck you don’t you? I saw you and Kaylee staring at his dick all day. Tell Daddy how much you want him to fuck you Baby!” He pulled out of her then slammed back inside again and again continuing to fuck the sexy 8-year-old’s ass.

“Ohhhhhhhh! Yes Daddy! I want to… Fuck your friend. I want him to … Cum in me… like you do Daddy! I want it so bad!” She said between thrusts.

Kyle loved this exchange and he put his hands under her and wrapped his arms over her shoulders from underneath her holding her still as he fucked her harder. “Uhhhh, uh, uh, uh, yeah cumming in you again Baby.” He said as he felt the stirring of another unbelievable orgasm as he fucked her hard and thought about her fucking his new friend. He also thought about it being Sammy under him that he was fucking. Her long blonde hair just like Lindsey’s and her sexy face and neck as he kissed her and let him fuck her. The thought of fucking my daughter made him cum in his daughter’s ass all over again.

“Uhhhhh… Ohhhhhhh… Daddy I’m cumming again!” she said completely helpless and totally at her father’s mercy. He fucked her deeper and harder than he ever had. She looked over her shoulder into his eyes and he looked angry. He fucked her again and again with the whole length of his cock as she took everything he gave her and cried out with every stroke. “Uh, uh, uh, ahhhhhh!” she cried as he came in her for the second time. So much cum was in her asshole now that it started squirting around the shaft and oozing out down over her cunt. She felt the squishy fluid drooling out and covering her cuntlet and she loved it. Her hand went back to her cunt feeling his cum oozing over her cunt lips and she fingered her pussy and clit sending even more shockwaves over her tiny body.

She looked at her Daddy again opening her mouth to kiss him. He did so and they swapped tongues and he slowed down fucking her leaving himself buried in her ass. They stayed like that for a few minutes as he licked her ears and kissed her gently. His cock wilted this time and he pulled out and rolled off of her. Amy and Kaylee were done with their fun and they watched him and Lindsey fucking.

“Wow cowboy! You really rode that philly tonight didn’t you?” said Amy.

Kyle tried to catch his breath and he smiled at his beautiful, equally perverted wife who just made his daughter’s best friend cum several times.

“Yeah, I think I want her to fuck Jeff.” Kyle said panting heavily.

“Yeah I got that. Do you think he is up for it?” Amy said looking at Kaylee who was listening as well. “What about you too? Do you want to fuck Jeff too?”

Kaylee nodded furiously and said, “Yeah, I like Jeff and he has a nice dick too!” Bothe parents laughed at the pair of cum sluts in their bed.

“I think so, he already told me he wants to fuck the girls. I just need to convince him that his daughter wants to fuck us too.”

Amy was happy he included her in the mix. She was afraid he would get to play with the new girls and she would be left out in the cold. “That sounds awesome honey.” She got up and pulled the blankets over all of them then laid down again her husband spooning her daughter and she spooning Kaylee. “But we need some rest or we won’t be able to play tomorrow!” They all closed their eyes and were asleep in minutes. All completely satisfied beyond their hopes.

Chapter 7

The next morning Sammy and I were down in the restaurant eating breakfast. She had her favorite, blueberry pancakes, and I had my usual bacon and eggs. I smiled at Sammy as she ate her breakfast and she opened her mouth and showed me the chewed up food she was eating. It was always a gross thing for her to do but she’d done it since she was little so I let it slide.

I had gotten a large table hoping that Kyle and his brood would come in while we ate. I was happy to see the girls bounding into the restaurant. Both girls had their hair up in pigtails. Lindsey’s hair was longer so she had it in two long pigtails with big pink bows on each side in the middle of her head. She looked well groomed and refreshed. You would have never known by looking at her that just 10 hours before her father was butt fucking her and covering her bowels in hot, sticky cum. Kaylee was equally cute but her shorter brown hair had her pigtails more like she was just sticking off the side of her head. She was so adorable and as soon as they saw us they waived and ran to get their plates and server up their breakfast. No doubt they were hungry.

Sammy ran off and joined her new friends telling them all about what was for breakfast I thought and Kyle and Amy walked to the table.

“Mind if we join you?” asked Amy and she sat down and Kyle sat next to me.

“Not at all.” I said and watched the girls serving themselves some food. The girls look so cute with their little pigtails!” I said admiring their tight shorts and snug tops.

“If you want I can do Sammy’s hair too this morning. I know you are not the best hairdresser according to Sammy.”

“Yes please I just love a little girl in pigtails.” I said looking back at the couple.

“Who doesn’t?” said Kyle smirking.

“So how went last night?” I asked thinking about his last statement the day before that he was planning on fucking little Kaylee.

“Perfect. Went just as we planned. How about you?” he asked. Amy looked uncomfortable talking about this in front of her.

“Same. Mission accomplished. Amy you look uncomfortable.”

“She’s just not use to having anyone like ourselves to talk to about the girls or other girls. She is not as open as I am.” Kyle said.

“Bull shit! I am just as open as you are honey, I just like to take action and not talk about it in public.” She said looking at me winking at me.

I winked back and said, well maybe we need to go somewhere private after breakfast? I mean I see you have one of those big old penthouse suites so maybe we can go up to your room and talk.” Then I looked at Amy and winked again and said, “Or take action?”

“Sounds great!” Amy said scooting her chair out. “I need some coffee.” She walked to the counter getting herself a fresh cup.

“So Lindsey want you to fuck her. So does Kaylee. I think they are tiring of me and want to compare notes with you.” Kyle said looking seriously into my eyes never breaking his stare.

I looked at the sexy cunts and smiled. “Oh I think that can be arranged.”

“You’ll have to take it easy on Kaylee. She’ll be a little sore and I fucked Lindsey in the ass last night. Twice…”

I laughed and looked down at my coffee and said, “No shit.”

Kyle smiled at me and then asked, “Amy and I would like to have some fun with Sammy too. Do you think that would be alright?”

I had to think about that as I stirred my eggs. When Sammy came home and told me all about her mother and Barry molesting her I must admit that turned me on greatly. But now I was fucking Sammy I felt even more protective of her and not wanting her to get hurt. I looked back up and said, “Okay but no rough stuff and her ass cherry is mine too.

“Deal!” he said and stood up walking to the buffet line and grabbing a plate.


When Sammy got up from the table when the girls came in and ran to them. She showed them the best items and she walked over to Kaylee and whispered into her ear covering her mouth and cupping her ear.

“Did her Daddy do it with you last night?” she asked the girl. Kaylee nodded and Sammy returned to her ear and whispered, “Did it hurt as bad as it hurt when my Daddy fucked me?” She nodded again and they giggled.

“Lindsey and I want to fuck your Dad!” she whispered loud enough for Lindsey to hear.

“Is that true?” Sammy asked and she moved closer to Lindsey. She nodded and the girls giggled all together making it loud. That would be so cool. Do you think you could do that?”

Lindsey laughed and pointed it out that their Daddy’s were sitting at the table whispering to each other. “I think they already are.” Lindsey looked for her mother and found her sitting at a table with an older boy and his young sister. The boy looked to be about 15 and looked Italian in descent. His little sister was about 9 or 10 and she had long dark brown hair and as beautiful as God makes little girls. They had seen the two at the pool. They were never naked but their Mom had gone to talk to them on their first day at the hotel. She seemed to be plotting as well.

The girls got their own table and sat quietly only they knew for sure what they were talking about. Kyle assumed they were trading secrets. Kyle and I finished our breakfast and then Amy joined us and we set our plan into action.

“So what were you three talking about sweetie?” Kyle asked giving his sexy wife a kiss when she returned.

“Oh nothing. Their parents are out already, they have been spending all of their time at a stretch of beach about a mile down that way and Mario, that’s the boy’s name, thinks they are swinging. He said their folks are kind of kinky. So I gave them my key and they are going to join me in our room.”

“Ohhhh, sounds like fun.” Kyle said looking back over at the table full of preteen girls we had our sights on.

“Yes, I figured I would let the boys play with the girls and I could have some of my own fun! Is that okay?” she said standing up and bending over showing her husband a very nice shot of her cleavage and me too.

“Sure honey, I think Jeff and I can figure something out to do with the girls to keep ourselves… occupied. Right Jeff?”

“Uhhhhh, yes. I think we can definitely find something to do.”

“Hold on…” Amy said and she walked over to the table where all of the lotions and jellies just outside the dining room. She returned quickly with several bottles of lube. She handed Jeff and I one and kept one for herself. “You can never have too much I always say!” She kissed her husband then the walked over to me and kissed me leaning over showing me her fantastic cleavage and shoved her tongue into my mouth attacking it. Then she stood up and wiped her bottom lip sexily. Don’t forget about me boys. Maybe tonight we can all meet up in our room honey and you two can double up on me? I’ve never done that and I’d like to try it do you guys think we could?”

She looked at us both smiling and I said, “I’m game if you’re game Kyle.”

Kyle smiled and said, “That’s a yes!”

“Goody!” She smiled acting like a little girl skipping away to the girl’s table. There she spoke to the girls and then stood up and smiled at us and waved goodbye. The girls joined us at the large table and smiled at us and tried to give us their sexy faces.

“Ok what did your mother say to you guys to make you come over to the table with the sexy faces on?”

The girls giggled again and then Sammy spoke up and said in a quiet voice, “She told us to give you two a good time but not to wear you out. She said she wanted to play tonight when we met up for dinner in their room tonight.” Then the girls giggled again.

“Lets go on up to our room. I think we are going to have a really fun day.” I said standing up and everyone else stood up and prepared to leave. The girls led the way and Kyle and I hung back watching all of the tiny cute asses in front of us thinking about the things we were going to do to them.

We left the elevator and Sammy led the way down the hall and I handed her the key. She opened it up and they ran inside leaving the key card in the door. Kyle entered the room and I followed and removed the key and I hung the privacy sign on the knob and closed and locked it. Sammy showed them our room and then after the quick tour Kyle and I were sitting on the couch on either end of it watching the girls as they returned. They stood in front of us and smiled.

I looked at Kyle and smiled then said; “Okay girls so are we all ready to have some fun today?”

“Yes, Yay, Hell yeah!” Were the responses from Lindsey, Sammy and Kaylee respectively. I was turned on my Kaylee’s response most of all. The little cum slut seemed to be the most mischievous girl in the pack.

“Good,” Kyle spoke. “But we are going to mix things up too, right Jeff?”

“Fuck….yes…” I said and that made the girls giggle once again.

“Excellent. Now lets get the party started girls. Why don’t you all take each other’s clothes off? Kaylee, you start by getting Sammy naked.” He said. Kaylee turned to my daughter and She faced her and pulled her top off and Sammy laughed being the first person to get naked. Kyle watched intensely and then she dropped to her knees in front of my little girl and unbuttoned her shorts then pulled them down and Sammy stood in just her little pink panties. Kaylee turned Sammy around and pushed her back down and Sammy was bent over and Kaylee pulled down her panties showing us all her tight little ass and bald pussy. “Ohhhh yeah now it’s a party!”

They giggled again and I looked at Sammy and said, “Come on honey, now you take off Lindsey’s clothes. She nodded and went to Lindsey and did the same, first the top then the shorts and finally the panties the same way. I saw the sexy little blonde’s body for the first time and groaned rubbing my hardening cock in my shorts showing the girls my state of arousal. “Now, last but definitely not least. Both girls get to strip Kaylee. One in front and one behind.” The girls got into position and they teamed up on Kaylee taking her clothes off and soon they were all three naked in front of us. I looked at Kyle and said, “Okay?”

He nodded and said “Fuck yeah this is gonna be fun! Sammy why don’t you come over here to me?” Sammy looked to me and I nodded it was OK and she walked over to the man she barely knew and he stood up and said, “Get on your knees sweetheart. I want you to suck my dick.” He undid his shorts and his erect cock sprang out. It was about an inch smaller than mine but a little fatter too. She looked up at him as he showed her his hard cock and she couldn’t take her eyes off of it. Once he was free of his shorts he sat back down on the couch next to me and Sammy crawled up between his hairy legs and touched his cock. As soon as she did my stomach lurched. Watching my daughter touch another man was crazy. It made my cock even harder if that was possible. She moved into position and while she never stopped looking at him she put his cock between her lips and started sucking his cock. She looked over at me and pulled off his cock and smiled at me.

“I can’t do it if you’re watching me Daddy!”

“Oh you better get use to it half of the pleasure from us is watching each other with our daughters…” I looked at Kaylee then said, “And friends.”

Kaylee smiled at me and said, “When do we get to play Jeff?” Her innocence was only second to the sultriness that was buried just below the surface.

“How about you two kiss?” The girls giggled and then looking at each other they nodded at each other and got closer and Lindsey waited for Kaylee to take the lead. She did and Kaylee had to stretch a bit as the girl was taller than she was. She pulled her down a bit and slipped her tongue into her best friend’s mouth and started kissing her. That made my cock lurch this time. I watched as they kissed and I said, “Touch her pussy Kaylee.” Kaylee looked at me then reached over and cupped her friend’s pussy rubbing her hand up and down her tiny slit of her BFF. That made Lindsey close her eyes and moan. “Does that feel good Lindsey?” She nodded and spread her legs wider for her friend and reached out and steadied herself putting her hands on Kaylee’s shoulders.

“Ohhh yeah!” she moaned as Kaylee started rubbing her middle ginger up and down her little pussy.

“You two look like you’ve done this before. Has Kaylee ever touched you like this before Lindsey?” Lindsey looked at me with half opened eyes and turned red then shook her head no after looking at her father who was watching the scene as my daughter bobbed up and down on his hard cock. Kaylee laughed then looked at me and nodded. “Not sure if I believe you Lindsey. Kaylee did you guys ever play like this before this little trip?” Kaylee nodded once again rubbing Lindsey faster making the girl moan louder. “I thought so. Come over here girls. I want Lindsey to lay on the couch next to me and Kaylee I want you to make your friend cum!”

Lindsey did as I said and laid next to me and laid on her back on the cushion with her feet on the floor. Kaylee moved between her legs and pulled her legs back and spread them wide moving in and she started licking her friend’s pussy like she’d done it a million times before. “Ohhhhhhh yes!” Lindsey moaned as she put her hand behind Kaylee’s head and pulled her into her cunny as she licked and sucked her pussy. She looked at her father and then me as she licked her pussy and she moaned. It’s even naughtier that you two are watching.”

Kaylee moaned around her pussy and then took her mouth off and said, “It is isn’t it?” then returned to her pussy preparing to make her BFF cum in her mouth. She went after it like she wanted the cum for herself.

“Ohhhhh, yes, Kaylee, uhhhh, yes, yes, yes I’m cumming! Ahhhhhhhh!” the girl cried as she licked her pussy with gusto. Kaylee busily licked and sucked her and drank all of the little girl juice she could from her friend’s pussy.

Looking at Sammy she was deep throating Kyle and he had her hair in his hand pulling her face up and down on his cock. Her long blonde hair bunched in his hands and he face fucked my daughter and she sucked the entire length of his cock in and out of her mouth and throat.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck Sammy! I’m cumming!” he yelled and she sped up her actions and he pumped load after load into her throat as she bottomed out her mouth on his cock. “Uhhhhhh…Uhhhhhhhh…. Ohhhhhhhh fuck me!” he moaned forcing his cock all the way inside her.

The girls watched amazed they had never been able to take all of Kyle’s cock like that. She took everything he had and never gagged once. “That was hot!” Kaylee said looking at me. “Can you teach me how to do that Jeff?”

“I can try baby girl. I said and I stood up and removed my shorts revealing my eight and a half inch cock to the girls.

“Ahhhhhh, yeah!” Kaylee said moving from between her friend’s legs to get a better look. I sat down on the couch and they both assumed the position between my legs.

“I was right Jeff, I told Mr. P I thought you had a pretty big dick.” She said as she reached up and started touching me rubbing her hand up and down on my cock.

“Call it my cock Kaylee. I like it called my cock.” I said looking into her big brown eyes.

“I like your cock Jeff. You need to show me how to suck your cock like Sammy does okay?” I nodded and I pulled her onto my cock and she opened her mouth taking about half of it right away. She bobbed up and down showing me her style and technique and after a minute I pulled her up and pulled Lindsey onto my cock as well and let her suck it. She started a little slower than Kaylee did and I looked over and Kyle was watching his daughter suck my cock as Sammy cleaned off his cock and kept sucking helping him keep him hard for her.

“That is so fucking hot watching my little cum sluts suck your cock Jeff.” I nodded as they started taking turns sucking it and sharing like good little cum sluts.

I decided to show little Kaylee how to deep throat a cock now. I never taught Sammy, she’s just a natural. I got up and positioned the little slut on the couch laying on her back with her head hanging over the edge. Her skinny thighs were spread wide of course and she opened her mouth wide and let me slide it in. Her perfectly flat chest was in front of me and I started rubbing and pinching her nipples as I fucked the girl’s mouth.

I looked to me left and Kyle had pulled Sammy up to straddle his face as he leaned back on the sofa. She mounted him and was grinding her pussy on his face as she faced us. She loved having her cunt and asshole licked that was for sure. Lindsey, not wanting to be left out moved between her Daddy’s legs and started sucking his cock trying to do like Sammy and take as much as she could into her mouth. He wasn’t fully hard yet so she was proudly taking almost all of it.

“Look Daddy!” she said taking her mouth off his cock. “I can suck it all Daddy! Just like Sammy!”

“Uhhhhhh, yeah.” he groaned as he pulled her head up and down on his cock and she returned to sucking taking it up and down her throat.

I looked back at Kaylee and she was taking a lot of my cock into her mouth but I decided to show her how to take it all. She was breathing through her nose already and I pulled out then slammed it back inside. I did that several times and soon she took it all deep inside her throat as I fucked her mouth completely. I reached over and started fingering her tiny abused pussy.

“Uhhhhhhh.” She groaned as I touched her pussy inserting a finger then two inside her. I was not going to cum in this little baby doll’s mouth. I wanted to fuck this little bitch. So I pulled out of her mouth and let her catch her breath for a minute. She looked up at me and I pulled her back up and laid her down on her back on top of the sofa. She regained her bearings and looked at Sammy riding Kyle’s face and Lindsey sucking her father’s cock again. “Are you going to fuck me Jeff?” she asked rubbing her pussy with her right hand and pulling my cock closer to her pussy.

“Yes, if you want me do sweetie. Do you want me to fuck your pussy?” She nodded and rubbed herself. I grabbed the lube from the coffee table and lubed up my cock and lined it up against her pussy. She pulled her legs back and pinned them behind her neck and smiled up at me. She was a limber little cum slut. I pushed my cock into her 8-year-old pussy.

“Uhhhhhh fuck me Jeff!” she said as I entered her cunt. I leaned closer as I entered her and she kissed me as I started fucking the girl. Slowly at first then I picked up the pace fucking her cunt faster and faster making the child breathe harder and moan as I fucked her deeper and leading her to her own orgasm.

Looking at Kyle and my daughter he had moved her down and bent my daughter over the couch doggy style. Lindsey was on the sofa like Kaylee with her legs spread wide and Sammy was eating her tight, bald pussy. She had two fingers pumping in and out of her childish cunt as Kyle fucked her from behind. His cock easily slid halfway in and out of her and she was spread wide for him as he fucked her gently.

Kaylee started building quickly as I fucked her harder and I leaned up and pumped the entire length of my cock in and out of her. She never stopped looking at me and soon I bottomed out hitting her cervix as I fucked her. “Uh, uh, uh, uh” she groaned on every stroke. “Uh, uh, uh, fuck me Jeff I’m cumming!” the little slut cried as she began to cum on my cock. I fucked her as hard as I could looking down at my cock that was splitting her into two. I held back as much as I could because I wasn’t done yet.

I touched Kyle on the shoulder to get his attention from fucking Sammy and I said, “Let’s switch! Move Sammy over here to eat out Kaylee because I want to fuck your daughter!” He smiled and pulled out of Sammy and stood her up and moved over to position Sammy in front of Kaylee instead of Lindsey. She wasted no time and she put her mouth on Kaylee’s cunt that had just been well fucked by me. It was covered in her and my juices and she moaned when she started licking her.

“Mmmmmmm.” Sammy moaned sucking her cunny and making Kaylee moan as well. Kyle moved back in and spread her pussy with his cock again and picked up right where he left off fucking Sammy deep and hard as she sucked another girl’s pussy. Amanda must have taught her all about the art of cunt licking. She was making Lindsey cum before now Kaylee had a grip on her head pulling her into her pussy loving the feel of her tongue wildly licking and sucking her pussy.

I moved in between Lindsey’s spread thighs and I looked into her eyes and smiled. “Can I fuck you now Lindsey?”

“Fuck yeah!” she said and I smiled back at her and leaned down and kissed the 8-year-old cum slut and she attacked my tongue putting her hands on both sides of my face and pulling me closer. I sat up and put my cock at the entrance of her pussy just like I did her BFF and she spread herself wide for me and when I pushed into her she closed her eyes and groaned. “Ohhhhhh yeah!” she looked up at me and I knew she liked it. Her cunt was so fucking tight I was sure I would not last long. I didn’t have to hold back as I did with Kaylee.

I fucked almost all of my cock into her and she smiled and reached down and spread her lips open for me. I took that as a sign and I moved back then shoved inside her completely burying my cock into her cunt. She took all I had and I was completely buried into her.

“Ohhhh I was right!” She said as I fucked her harder. “You have a nice dick Jeff! Fuck me harder!” she said and I wasted no time and I hooked her legs over my shoulder and proceeded to fuck her as hard as I dared. I looked at Kyle and he was pumping my daughter pretty fucking good. She grunted and groaned with almost every stroke. She took it all still eating the girl’s pussy in front of her and soon Kyle was holding her tight by the hips and then he groaned.

“Ahhhhhh shit! So fucking good! I’m cumming Sammy take it all!” He deeply fucked my 7-year-old daughter and her eyes were closed and he fucked her good.

“Uh, uh, uh, ahhhh yeah!” Sammy moaned as he pumped his cum into her and sprayed deep inside her childish womb.“ Her face was buried in Kaylee’s pussy and she rocked back and forth as the strange man came in her.

I felt my balls stirring and I looked back at my little angel and She was fucking back to meet my strokes. I penetrated as hard and deep as I could and unloaded torrents of cum into her. “Uhh, yeah, fuck me Jeff, cum in me! Ahhhhhh yeah!” I deposited all of my jizz in her and then laid on her kissing her and whispering how good it felt and how tight she was. Both men completely satisfied by the sex from three terribly young but insatiable sluts. I looked at Kyle after cumming in his daughter’s cunt and smiled. He returned the smile and we all lay together satisfied.

Chapter 8

Amy walked from the restaurant to the elevator leaving her daughter and Kaylee in the hands of two horny pedophiles. She hoped they wouldn’t hurt them too badly. She was no different than her husband she knew that for sure. She knew it the firs time she caught Kyle with Lindsey. It was about 6 or 7 months ago and it was right after Christmas during break. She had gone out shopping and left the two of them alone to watch some of the new movies that Lindsey got for Christmas. Kyle was volunteering to stay home with her more and she thought it was sweet. He mentioned being too busy at work and wanting to spend more time with her since Thanksgiving. She was happy and would take any help he had to offer.

She thought about the time she caught them as she walked into the elevator and the doors closed. She came home that afternoon early. She didn’t find anything she wanted in the first store she went to and the mall was just so busy she decided to come home. She pulled in the driveway and in the front door and put her keys on the table next to it and was surprised that Lindsey and Kyle were not in the living room watching movies like they said. The TV was on but no one was in the room. She took the remote and turned off the television and then it was silent.

“Uhhhhhhh, yeah!” she heard coming from upstairs. She knew the sound. That was her husband and it was the sound he made when she sucked his cock. Butterflies filled her tummy as she walked upstairs and the noises got louder as she got closer to Lindsey’s room. The door was cracked slightly and she peeked inside and what she saw both turned her stomach and made her pussy wetter than it had ever been. What she saw was Kyle sitting on her little frilly pink princess bed that he and I had picked out together. He sat on the edge of the bed and their then 7-year-old daughter was kneeling between his legs sucking his cock.

She heard her daughter slurping and sucking noisily and he had his hand on the back of her head urging her to suck his cock deeper. She watched and her heart raced. She knew it was so very wrong. She knew she should be busting the door down and stopping him from molesting her daughter. But she didn’t… Instead she dropped her hands inside her yoga pants and right to her pussy. Her eyes closed as she slid her middle finger between her lips and felt her cunt so wet and so fucking hot. She couldn’t believe it but the scene in front of her made her so turned on. She was never molested as a child but she remembered looking at her handsome Daddy when she was Lindsey’s age with love in her eyes for the first man she loved.

She looked back and watched the scene until he blew his load into her daughter’s mouth. She seemed to have swallowed it all and he told her that she was such a good girl and they would go out for ice cream later. She went to the bathroom and locked the door and proceeded to masturbate until she quickly climaxed on the toilet seat remembering the scene she just witnessed. It was then that she realized their lives were about to change and she was right.

Remembering that made her pussy start to get even wetter as she got to the door of their penthouse suite. She activated the card and quietly opened the door hoping to see the two children in their room waiting for her. She thought she’d convinced them to let her play with them. She knew they were sexually active with each other simply by the way they interacted with each other. She was glad she was right. What she saw when she entered the room made her pussy gush and her face flush. The boy was on the couch with his shorts pulled down and his big cock exposed. His little sister was kneeling between his hairy legs and she had both hands pumping his cock between her hands and it seemed like it was at least 8 or 9 inches long, which was quite impressive for a boy his age.

His sister’s name was Violet and she was about 9 or 10 but she was very petite. Her long brown hair cascaded down her back and she was jerking him off pretty good.

“Come on sis suck it!” he begged as she jerked him off using both hands. She was looking right at his cock smiling as she did it. Amy was impressed that she was doing that but she wanted to see her suck it too.

“No, I don’t wanna!” she replied as she hastily jerked off her big brother as they waited impatiently for Amy to come to the room. Mario was obviously very horny thinking about what was going to happen. Amy moved around to the main room and Mario saw the sexy woman and he smiled at her.

“How about you? Will you suck my cock Ma’am?”

“Well I don’t see why not? But you call me Ma’am one more time and I’ll teach her how to bite it not suck it. Why don’t you want to suck his cock Violet?”

“He’s too rough sometimes and he forces me to take too much and I choke.” She said letting go of his cock and looking at Amy. Her pretty little face was so beautiful. It was the second thing she noticed about the siblings. The first was the hard on her big brother always had when he looked at all of the naked girls and women at the pool the days before. Violet was very cute and very small.

“Is that true Mario? Amy asked.

“Well yeah but she never takes enough in her mouth and I need more.” He complained stroking his big cock.

“How old are you Violet?”

“Nine and a half.”

“Mario she’s young, she’ll learn but you can’t just shove that big old thing in her throat. How about this…Let’s spend the day together and I will show you two how to have sex with each other better and not hurt Violet and le’s see how that goes. Would you both like that?” The siblings nodded and my gaze moved back to Mario’s cock that he was jacking off slowly in front of us. “Have you put that thing inside her yet?”

“Fuck no she won’t let me!”

“It’s too big!” Violet complained.

“It is a big one Violet but that shouldn’t scare you. Your little pussy will stretch and open to accept almost any size cock. But the man needs to know what he is doing. Mario, do you eat her pussy so that she is all wet and ready before you tried to stick that big cock inside her little pussy?”

“Fuck no I don’t eat pussy!” he said rebelliously.

“Uhhh, well you used to not eat pussy. You do now! You are not exempt from making a woman feel good Mario. That is an Italian ego thing and if you don’t eat pussy you can exit the door right over there. Now do you eat pussy now young man?” He nodded and stroked his cock. “Good! Now let’s move to the bedroom and get busy with your first lesson of how to eat pussy.” She held out her hand and the fully dressed Violet stood up and followed her to the bedroom. Mario went too and then Amy sat down on the big bed and fussed with Violet’s hair and brushed it with her fingers.

“Why were you still dressed while you were doing that to him Violet?” She shrugged her shoulders. “Why didn’t you get her naked before she sucked your cock Mario?”

“She ain’t got nothing to see she doesn’t have tits yet.”

“Ohhhhh well that is true but the beauty of a little girl’s body is a marvel. Especially when she is small and fit like Violet is. Let me show you the beauty hidden in your little sister’s body. She took the long t-shirt she wore over her swimsuit and pulled it over her head. She wore a cute pink bikini and it was cut perfectly on her body. Amy looked at her with her sexy flat chest. Amy rubbed her breasts and Violet smiled as she pinched and rubber her tiny nipples making them hard under the bikini top.

Once they were both hard she said, “Now then, see? Her nipples get hard just like mine do. She moved to the bottoms and slid them down to her feet and she stepped out of them and stood in front of her. Her pussy was bulging and beautiful. Her lips were quite pronounced and she noticed that when the girl was swimming at the pool. You could always see a nice camel toe when she was swimming. She knew men noticed it as well. She pulled Violet to her and turned her around to face her brother and she slid her hand to her pussy and began touching it.

Violet closed her eyes as she ran her middle finger along her pussy crack and started rubbing the inner lips of her virgin pussy. “Now isn’t that right Vi?” She nodded and spread her legs wither about shoulder length apart giving her better access. “See Mario, if you start by making her feel good ahs will respond better to you.” Amy stopped rubbing her cunt and she turned her around and bent her over slightly and stuck the girl’s ass in the air. “See this? She has a spectacular ass Mario. Not many girls this age do but she has what I call a bubble butt.” Violet laughed as looked over her shoulder at us and she arched her back more stinking it up in the air more.

Amy ran her hand again inside the crack of the little girl’s ass and rubbed both her tiny puckered asshole and her pussy lips. “Now you can rub both her cunt and her ass at the same time. Isn’t that delicious?” Mario was whacking off and he looked like he was getting close. “Do you swallow his cum when he spurts all that stuff out violet?”

“Uh uh, it’s so bitter.” She said so Amy not wanting to waste the boy’s load, stopped and dropped to her knees and took the entire length of Mario’s cock in her mouth and started bobbing up and down. She looked into his eyes sucking it and within a couple minutes he came in her mouth.

“Ahhhhhhh…fuck yeah!” he said pulling her head down all the way and making her take his cock until her nose was at the base. Amy swallowed all of his cum and the boy loved it. She sat up and moved towards little Violet and she pulled her closer and kissed her shoving her tongue into her mouth and attacking the girl’s tongue.

“Uhahhhh!” She cried as the older woman kissed her. Her mouth was covered with her brother’s cum and she hated it at first but then she kind of liked it. “Uhhhhhhhh…” she moaned the second time as she started kissing Amy back and enjoying the flavor of her big brother’s cum this time.

Amy broke the kiss and smiled, “Not bad right?”

Violet nodded and said, “Yeah I guess you get use to it huh?”

“Yes. Now I want you to lay down on the bed and scoot your ass to the edge of the mattress. I’m going to show your brother a couple things about your body okay?” The girl nodded and she got up on the bed. Amy removed the girl’s top and she sat there waiting for her to make her move. Amy pushed her down onto her back and pulled her legs up and back to her shoulders.

“Now Mario, let me tell you if you make your baby sister hotter and make her cum a few times, she will be a lot more likely to do what you want her to do. You have to eat her pussy to get her into the mood.” She said pulling him down on his knees next to her.

“Can you get undressed Amy?” he asked pulling at her bikini top and touching her big breasts.

“I can, but I’m here to teach you to about sex and love. So listen and learn not just look at my titties okay?” Mario nodded and she removed her top and then stood up and removed the remainder of her clothes and sat next to the boy again. He was smiling looking at her huge tits and she kissed him then went back to her lesson. She started licking the little girl’s cunt from the bottom to the top.

“Uhhhhhhhh yes!” Violet moaned as she touched her with her tongue. She continued and started licking and sucking her little pussy faster and faster. Amy spread her cunt open and saw her cherry there. It was bright and pink inside and she loved the fact that she was licking another virgin pussy. “Oh my God this feels so good!” moaned Violet as she pulled her hands up to her nipples and started pulling and twisting her tiny nipples until they were hard. She loved what Amy was doing to her and she liked how sensitive her nipples were and how they made her feel so good.

She’s never cum before but she knew what it was. Her brother showed her some dirty movies and told her when the girl feels really good she came just like a boy does. But he had never made her cum. She relaxed and enjoyed the feelings and soon she was rocking her hips and grinding on Amy’s mouth. Amy moved her hands under the girl’s ass cupping her by her cheeks and getting a better grip on her. Soon Vi was about to cum and she moaned quietly as Amy licked and sucked her lips. Amy moved to her clitoris and that sent the poor girl over the edge as she came hard and climaxed on the bed for the first time in her young live.

“Ahh, ah, ah, uhhhhh yes!” she cried as she came and came and came. Amy thought the girl had two or three orgasms in a row. Violet pushed her away after a few times and she lay there catching her breath. Amy took this opportunity to kiss Marco and give him a taste of his beautiful sister’s pussy juices.

She kissed him and he was reluctant at first but then he moaned and seemed to like the flavor as she kissed him all over rolling her cum covered tongue all over his. He felt her big boobs and found her nipple. She moaned as well and liked that the boy was twisting her nipples in his fingers as she kissed him.

“Do you like the flavor of your baby sister’s pussy Mario?”

“Uhhhh, yeah she tastes sweet! Or is that you?”

“No sweetheart that is all your sister’s cunt. See what you’ve been missing? Now I want you to fuck her.” Mario looked surprised as he broke the kiss and looked at her like a deer in the headlights.

“Really? Last time she squealed and cried like a stuck pig!”

“Yes that’s because you were doing it wrong. Hand me that tube of lubricant and bring that magnificent cock over here. He stood up and grabbed the lube handing it to her and presenting her with his big cock at eye level. First she took his cock into her hot mouth and sucked it. “Mmmmmm…” she said around his cock as she sucked it. The boy loved it and was holding the back of her head to urge her on faster. She did not need any urging from the teenager as she sucked the entire length of his cock in one gulp and deep throated his cock as she desperately wanted to do.

She loved the feeling of a big, stiff cock deep within her throat. She lived for it. But she didn’t want the boy to cum right now and if she continued he would surely cum in her mouth once again. So she reluctantly pulled it out of her mouth and used the lubrication to get his cock super wet and slippery. Mario liked that feeling as well as she lubed him up and jerked off his cock with her skilled fist. Violet was watching them with half opened eyes. She heard Amy tell him she was going to be fucked and she never protested at all.

Amy took his well-lubed cock and pressed it to her virgin pussy and looked at the girl and asked, “Are you ready sweetie?” Vi nodded and Amy looked up at Mario and said, “Ok now listen to me and you are going to take your baby sister’s cherry okay?” He nodded as he was rubbing his cock between her pussy lips. Their bald, juicy pinkness was illuminating. It was all he could focus on. Although he could really get off on Amy’s sweet pussy and ass but she was obviously not here to get fucked. He thought it was hit that she was teaching them and she really wanted to see him fuck his 9-year-old sister. He really wants to fuck her too so he looked down at the woman who was rubbing his cock up and down her pussy slit and she mouthed the word “Now” to him.

Mario wasted no time and he pushed as hard as he could roughly breaking little Violet’s cherry inside her cunny in one swift movement. “Owwww!” cried the girl as she turned her head to the side and started crying. Mario was ready to fuck her but Amy stopped him.

“Wait Mario, let her recover from the pain. I’ll tell you when you can continue.” Amy moved up and lay next to the delightful girl who was crying. She began rubbing her flat chest and she moved next to her and tried to kiss her. Violet shook her head not letting the woman kiss her this time.

“No, get him out it hurts!”

“Oh sweet girl the pain will pass I promise. Kiss me and it will feel better. Violet nodded and Amy kissed her. Their tongues intertwined and she sucked and chased her inexperienced tongue. She loved kissing little girls. As she kissed her, Amy’s mind traveled back to the day when she first seduced her own daughter. It had been a couple days since she found Kyle and Lindsey together and they were still on Christmas vacation. She decided to take her shopping.

She talked to her as they shopped and told her that she had seen them and knew what they were doing. Amy made sure to tell her that she was not upset and she felt it was a natural and safe way for her daughter to learn about sex and she was okay with it. That made Lindsey so very happy. They walked with each other and bought a new pair of shoes then returned home. Kyle was busy with friends ice fishing. Lindsey headed to her room.

“Wait a minute Lindsey.” She said as she held her by the hand and pulled her back towards her. Lindsey looked up at her mother and followed her mother into the living room where she sat on the sofa as her mother closed the drapes and sat down with the girl. Lindsey was very excited not knowing what her mother was thinking. “I said I was okay with it, but I think you should also be introduced to the beauty of sex with another girl.”

“Girls can have sex too Mommy?”

“Oh yes darling. When I was in college my roommate and I were lovers. I have not been with another woman since I married your father, but he and I have talked about it in great detail. I would like to introduce you to that as well. Is that okay?”

“Oh yes Mommy!”

“Good.” Amy said as she pulled her closer and started kissing her 7-year-old daughter. Lindsey was standing in front of her and she pushed her long hair over her ears so she could see her beautiful face and she held her face in her hands and moved closer and kissed her. Lindsey was in no way new to kissing as she went after her mother’s tongue and kissed her expertly. The thought of what she was doing was so arousing and the twosome kissed and sucked each other’s mouth and lips at least ten minutes. Amy reached down and started playing with her own pussy as they kissed and in another minute she came as she kissed her daughter. Ahhh, uhhhh, yes, yes, yes!” She cried as she kissed her. Once she came down from her orgasm she scooped a generous amount of her cunt juice out of her panties with her middle finger and she broke her kiss and held her finger in front of her daughter’s mouth.

Lindsey looked at her cum covered finger and asked, “What does it taste like mommy?”

“Taste it and see!” she said and Lindsey moved closer to the finger and sucked it into her mouth swirling her dainty tongue around it moaning.

“Mmmmmmm.” She said licking all of the juices from her mother’s finger and loving the sweet taste of her mother’s pussy. “That’s delicious! I want more Mommy!”

Amy came back to the moment and she was sweetly kissing the 9-year-old girl who had her brother’s stiff cock sticking out of her. She was no longer crying and Amy said to her, “Are you okay to continue? It will feel better shortly. When my husband took my daughter’s cherry she was able to cum that first time. Do you want to cum again baby?” Violet nodded and Amy kissed her once again and nodded to Mario. “Nice and slow boy.” Mario pulled his big cock out of his little sister and then slowly pushed it back inside. Violet looked up at her big brother as he started fucking her. Her pussy was still hurting but it was not as painful as when he pushed through her hymen. She watched her handsome brother as he looked into her eyes and fucked her young body.

“Does it feel good sis?” he asked.

She shook her head no and said, “No, but it’s not that bad.” He smiled and leaned down and put himself in the prone position above her and started a steady rhythm pumping his cock in and out of her amazingly tight cunt. He was not trying to go deeper yet just trying to make her feel good. He got close to her face and Violet kissed him. He kissed her back and soon they were deeply kissing and he was fucking her slightly faster and a little deeper.

“How about now sis? Does it feel good now?” Violet nodded and he smiled at her and looked at Amy. “She likes it!”

“I told you if you know what you are doing any woman couldn’t resist.” With that Mario started fucking his sister harder and deeper. “No don’t try to give her the whole thing this time Mario. It will take a few times before she can take the whole thing. Be patient and she won’t get hurt.”

“OK!” he said as he gently fucked her and they went back to kissing.

“Uhhhhhhhhh yea Mario. I think I’m cumming!” Violet moaned as her brother fucked her. She laid her head back and closed her eyes and just went with it. Her breathing got faster and she spread her legs as wide as she could for him. He had about 5 inches of his big cock in her now and he sat up and pushed in and out. “Uh, uh, uh, ohhhhhh I think I’m, I’m, I’m cumming! Ahhhhhhh!” she moaned as she climaxed all over her big brother’s cock.

Her cunt grasping and squeezing his cock made him begin to cum as well. He kept his cock inside her and pumped load after sticky load into her. Amy watched as his cock stayed inside her pussy and he held it there as he came. She looked from under him and she watched the beautiful cock pumping seed into his sister. It was amazing to see his cock pumping it from his balls up the large vein in his cock and spewing into the girl’s pussy.

Once he was done he collapsed on her and Amy returned to the couple and they all began kissing, “Pull out of her so I can get all of that yummy cum from her pussy.” Mario looked at her and nodded and pulled his still erect penis out of her and moved out of the way. Amy moved into position and Violet spread her legs wider for the woman. Amy moved in and started licking and sucking the girl’s cunt noticing the light tint of pink in the cum she was pulling out of her pussy. Knowing she was getting some of the blood from her cherry somewhat excited her. It definitely didn’t slow her down as she sucked all of the teenager’s cum from his sister’s pussy she pooled it in her mouth. Once she was finished she moved up Violet’s chest and then kissed her giving her a taste of her own pussy juices, her brother’s cum and her virgin blood. She did not hesitate and they shared his wad between them swapping the cum from her mouth to the girls holding it over her open mouth as she dripped it down to the girl’s open mouth.

Mario watched at the older woman swapped his cum from her mouth to his sister’s and he was sure he could cum again right there. “That is so fucking hot!” he said watching them.

Chapter 9

Back in my room Kyle and I were recovering from fucking the girls by watching them in an awesome three way on the bed. All three girls were laying together in a circle together. Sammy was licking Kaylee’s pussy while Kaylee was licking Lindsey’s cunt and Lindsey was sucking Sammy’s. We drank beers from the mini bar and watched the scene as the girls licked and sucked each other.

“What do you think Jeff? You think our little cum sluts are going to keep us busy for the day?” Kyle said as we watched the girls licking each other’s cunts.

“Hell yeah! I can’t believe how hot it was to watch you fuck Sammy’s mouth and cum inside it watching her swallow it.”

“Yeah buddy I understand. I was really turned on watching you fuck Kaylee but then when you were fucking my daughter it was so much hotter. I have wanted to watch someone else fuck my baby girl for a while. Fucking hot!” he said and he stroked his cock while talking to me and watching the kids all stay occupied with tender tight pussies. “What should we do next?”

“I don’t know…. You said that Lindsey took to anal sex pretty easy right?” I asked looking at my daughter’s tight ass as she spread for Lindsey.

“Oh yeah. I fucked her the first time about a month after we started having sex. She loves it. I fucked her in the ass last night!”

Sammy heard this and took her mouth of Kaylee’s cunt just long enough say; “Did it feel good?” then went back to sucking Kaylee’s pussy.

Lindsey looked over and nodded not wanting to stop eating her out. Her mouth went from the top of her pussy to the bottom. “Mmmmmmmm, it’s awesome! I love it when Daddy fucks my ass. I cum when he does it too. Daddy says not all girls can cum when getting it in the butt but I do and I love it!” she said returning to Sammy’s pussy. Taking the lead Lindsey spread my daughter’s legs wider and started licking her asshole as well.

“Uhhhhhhhh, Daddy Lindsey is licking my butt!” she said giggling.

“Well you better start licking Kaylee’s ass little girl. No reason not to share the fun right?” Kyle said stroking his now fully erect cock. Sammy spread her open further and started licking her all over. I watched my baby girl licking and sucking Kaylee’s tight pussy and pink, puckered asshole and I rubbed my cock as well. I decided that I could not take it any more. “Let’s fuck them Kyle. Do you want to fuck Lindsey again or do you want to show Kaylee how it’s done? I’m taking my daughter’s anal cherry right fucking now.” I said as I pulled Sammy out of the circle of hot little underage sluts and pulled her up and kissed her. She kissed me back and put her hands on my cock and started pumping up and down on my cock as we kissed.

“Ohhhhh Daddy are you really going to put it in my butt?” she said jacking me off and went back to kissing me.

I broke our kiss and smiled at her as I reached around and rubbed her asshole with my middle finger. She moaned as I did that and her head fell back enjoying the feelings she had with my fingers rubbing her tiny ass. I looked over her shoulder and her ass was so small. She was perfectly formed and round but it was tiny. My hand was rubbing her asshole and I covered about half of her butt completely. The smallness of her ass made me feel even dirtier as I massaged her and made her moan louder.

“Do you want me to do it to you baby?”

“Yes please.” She whispered and that made me rub her ass even more. I moved her to the edge of the bed and bent her over it and dropped down and started licking and sucking her pussy and ass like my life depended on it. “Ohhhhh yes Daddy!” she groaned as I continued.

Kyle watched us loving me licking Sammy’s asshole. “Come on Kaylee, I’m fucking you in the ass tonight too Darlin. He picked her up and held her under her arms and kissed her hard as she wrapped her short legs around his waist and held on. She let him kiss her but you could tell by the look on her face that she wasn’t so sure about letting him fuck her in the ass. Kyle let her down and put her in the middle of the floor next to the bed and bent her over doggie style and started reaming her the same way I was Sammy. He was still looking at us; in fact he made sure that he had her in the perfect angle as to still be watching us.

“I’m not so sure Mr. P. Will it hurt worse than when you took my cherry last night? That kind of hurt Mister.” She said and she closed her eyes as he continued licking and sucking her.

“You’ll be fine sweetie. Lindsey will climb under you and lick your cunt as I fuck you in the ass. You’ll love it! Get underneath her Baby and start licking that pussy while I lube up.” He said as he reached for the lubricant and lathered a large amount on his cock. His daughter slid under her friend and she positioned herself under her cunt and proceeded to start licking her cunny.

“Ohhhhhhh yes!” Kaylee moaned as her BFF licked her cunt. “I don’t know Mr. P.” she said as he moved in behind her and pressed his cock against her asshole. “Oh Jesus!” she cried as he entered her virgin asshole. She adjusted her stance and spread her legs even wider and moved her arms out lowering her center of gravity and moved him higher on his target. Kyle pulled out then slammed in again this time the whole cock slid into her tight pink asshole. “Uhhhhhh… ohhhhhh, yeah, My God! Ohhhhh, uhhhhhh, yeah Mr. P. That feels crazy!” Kyle started gently fucking the 8-year-old’s ass and he sat up and angled her ass towards me and showed me his cock going in and out of the girl.

I moved into position on my daughter and took the lube he left on the bed earlier and dabbed a huge amount on her tiny pink asshole and when she felt it hit her asshole she reacted and her asshole winked at me as I centered my cock on her hole. I smiled and Kyle saw that too. “She’s ready!” I said to Kyle.

“Fuck her Jeff. Fuck that hot little slut’s ass!” Hearing him talk about my daughter like that made my cock swell even harder. I looked down at Sammy and said, “Here it comes honey!”

“Fuck me Daddy!” she cooed and I pushed into her ass and penetrated her shoving about half of my big, hard cock into her. “Oh shit!” she cried out and her eyes were closed tight and her mouth was open wide readying herself for more of my cock. “Ohhhhh, uhhhhh, yes Daddy! Fuck me in the butt Daddy It is so naughty!”

I looked down at my cock at it lewdly split her fucking ass and I pulled out completely and her asshole closed shut as my cock was removed. I spread her tiny ass cheeks wide for my viewing pleasure and she realized what I was doing and she flexed her asshole making it open slightly.

“Ohhhhhh fuck Sammy… That looks so hot!” I said and I put my cock back at the tiny puckered, slightly open hole and she groaned as I slid into her much easier this time. Ohhhhhhhh God!” I moaned loving the feeling of her tiny ass wrapped around my cock.

Kyle watched us as I slowly started fucking Sammy and he was already fucking Kaylee at a pretty good pace. His cock disappearing into her and she had her head down on the carpet as he fucked her. Lindsey was still under her and her mouth was sucking her cunt. I couldn’t see it but Kaylee sure loved it. She was moaning wildly as she enjoyed the stimulation on her pussy and clitoris and that made her hard ass fucking from her friend’s father all the better.

I was amazed at how tight and how good Sammy’s ass felt. I mean I took her cherry last night, but her asshole was even tighter. The ring of her asshole grasped my cock as I fucked it in and out and every time I pulled it out and shoved it back in she moaned quietly. She was so hot and so wet and I slid in and out of her in a slow methodical rhythm. She looked back at me over her shoulder and I smiled at her and fucked her as best I could. She closed her eyes as I fucked her loving her father’s cock in her ass.

“Oh my God. Oh my God, Oh my God!” cried Kaylee and I looked back at her and Kyle and she was being fucked hard and fast by the older man. He was fucking the entire length of his cock in and out of the child and she fucked back at him with equal force. “Uh, uh, uh, uh, uhhhh fuck me Mr., Mr., Mr. Peterson!!!!!!!” she crowed as she came with him pummeling her tiny asshole with a total lack of abandon of hurting the girl.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck Kaylee, your so fucking tight, I’m cumming!” He yelled as he bucked wildly fucking her as he came deeply into her bowels. “Ahhhhhhh fuck!” he came load after load spraying her insides and making their union even more slippery. “Uhhhh, uhhhhh, uhhhhhh shit!” he finished dumping inside the little slut. Kaylee stayed under him and her asshole was so filled by Kyle that it began squirting out of her tight asshole and dripped down her pussy and into his daughter’s mouth as she watched it leak down between her legs.

Lindsey licked it up happily and moaned. “Oh Daddy, your cum tastes so good squirting out of her butt!” Lindsey moaned as they finished fucking.

I was so turned on seeing my friend fucking little Kaylee so hard then cumming in her ass and his fucking kid lapping up the remainder of his cum on her cunt as it was squeezed out of her ass. I fucked Sammy harder and she began to moan louder. “Ohhh Daddy, fuck my ass. Fuck it Daddy!” I watched her as she bounced back and forth on my cock. I decided to make a change. I pulled out of her ass and she groaned complaining.

“Oh no Daddy! Don’t stop!”

I laid on my back on the floor right next to my fellow pervert and he looked at me waiting to see what I would do. “Sit on it Sammy.” I said.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Kyle said watching with the girls.

Sammy smiled and mounted me facing me and she put her ass on top of my groin but did not know what to do after that. I looked up at her and she smiled at me and sat down on me hooking her legs over my thighs with her pussy and ass over my cock. I grabbed my cock and positioned it near her asshole and said, “Put it inside honey. Put it right on your asshole and sit down and shove it back inside.”

She nodded and grabbed my cock from me and put it on the target and sat down with all of the force her 79 lbs. would provide. It popped inside and she moaned. “Ohhhh fuck!” I pulled her by her skinny shoulders pulling her down as far as I could impaling her on my ruthless cock. I only had about ¾ of my cock inside her doggy style but now she took almost all of my 8-inch cock inside her ass. I did not hesitate and I motioned for her to start rising and falling up and down on my cock.

“Oh Daddy! It is … so… big!” she cried as she fucked up and down on my cock. Her tiny body looked so amazing as she fucked me. Her long blonde hair cascaded down her beautiful bare chest. I rubbed her flat chest and her nipples were little pebbles. Her eyes were closed and she moaned on every stroke. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, Daddy? Oh Daddy? I’m gonna, I’m gonna, Ahhhhhhhh!” she cried as I fingered her little clit as she bounced up and down cumming on me fucking me completely burying my cock in her ass.

Sammy collapsed on top of me lying on my chest and I moved her legs off my thighs and I started bouncing the girl up and down on my cock as I prepared to cum in her tight, pink asshole. “Oh fuck Sammy, I’m cumming. I’m fucking cumming in you. Don’t stop!” Not that she had any choice. I was pumping up from underneath her as I felt the cum welling up from my balls again. “Oh fuck!” I cried as I unloaded just like Kyle did.

“Oh Daddy! It’s so full! Ahhhhhhhh!” she cried as she came a second time in minutes. Just like Kaylee all of my cum could not stay inside the girl. I felt it running down my cock and pooling around the base of my cock as she caught her breath. I pulled out of her ass and she lay next to me and soon we were looking into each other’s eyes like young lovers.

“I love you Daddy! That was amazing!” she said as she at me and kissed my nose. I rubbed noses with her sweetly.

Lindsey and Kaylee came over to us and asked in unison, “Can we clean up?” I looked at Sammy and we looked at them smiling at nodding. Lindsey knelt next to my cock and began licking and sucking it cleaning all of the ass juice and cum from my cock, balls and everything else. Kaylee spread my daughter’s legs wide and sucked as much of the cum I just shot into her ass out and she licked and sucked her cleaning all of the mess up. I was amazed she was so willing all of the cum she was getting out was in her ass. She loved it though. She finished then she moved up and kissed Sammy and they both loved the taste of my cum that just came from Sammy’s asshole.

Chapter 10

We all laid on the bed together and cuddled together. Kyle and I bookended all three girls and we fell asleep. We all needed some rest…well at least Kyle and I did. We dozed for a couple hours and I woke up with beautiful Lindsey sucking my cock. She was quite good especially now that she was trying to master deep throat technique. She sucked the length of my cock up and down as she looked up at me smiling around my cock.

Looking next to me was my daughter and she was sitting on Kyle’s face as he licked and sucked her little cunt. Kaylee was between his legs and she was also sucking his cock pretty fucking good too. Both girls were picking up on Sammy’s lessons quickly. The girls were both determined to suck us off. I didn’t mind as I loved to wake up to a good blowjob. It reminded me of my first time with Sammy. What Kyle and I didn’t know was that the girls had woke up and made a bet. Each girl though she could make us cum faster than the other. So they woke up and were trying to make us cum first. All I knew was that Lindsey was sucking my cock really good.

I looked down at the 8-year-old and her sexy blonde hair covered her face. I could not see her sucking it but I felt her wildly sucking me. Lindsey positioned me and lifted my legs up so she had better access to my balls. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and ran her lips down the underside of my cock and she put one of my balls in her mouth and gently sucked it and ran her hot tongue all around it. Then she moved to the other one and sucked it just as nicely.

She took her hand and started jerking me off as she sucked my balls and then she did something unexpected. She moved farther down and started licking my asshole. This caught me off guard, as I’ve never had anyone lick my ass before. I gasped as she reached it and I looked down at her and she ran her tongue all over my ass and just under my balls.

I smiled at her and she asked, “Do you like this Jeff?”

“I don’t know, no one has ever licked my ass before Lindsey.”

“My Daddy loves it when I do this to him…” she said and she expertly jacked me off as she licked and sucked my asshole. She shoved her tongue inside and ran it all around inside my ass. I admit it was pretty fucking hot. Once she was finished reaming me out she got back up and started sucking my cock again. She sucked me deep and used her hand to cup my balls as she sucked it. Her hand occasionally rubbed my asshole applying pressure to it as she sucked me. I enjoyed her sucking me and I pulled her hair in both hands and guided her to mouth up and down my cock preparing to cum.

“I’m going to cum sweetheart!” I said and she started sucking me faster up and down rolling her tongue all over my cock and cupping my balls. “Uhhhh, yeah, cumming!” I groaned and she swallowed all of the jizz I spurted into her willing mouth.

“Uh, mmmmmm slurp slurp.” She made the sounds as I emptied another load into her.

Next to us her father was making the sounds like he was about to cum too. He had my daughter on his face and she looked like she had cum a couple times already. She gasped for air as he licked and sucked her cunt and I watched as Kaylee sucked his cock so deep she was bumping her nose against the base of his cock.

“Ahhhhhhh yeah fuck!” I heard him say as he came in the child’s mouth. Kaylee swallowed quickly not to let any of his tasty seed spill out of her mouth.

She finished it and looked up at Lindsey and me and said, “You beat me!”

Lindsey laughed and Sammy dismounted Kyle and I looked at him and said, “I think there was a contest.”

“Yes Daddy!” Sammy said as she moved close to me and kissed me. They both thought they could make you cum first. Lindsey won Daddy!”

I looked at Kyle and said, “I think we all won sweetie.” Kyle nodded and offered me a fist bump.

Kyle got up and used the phone. He talked to his wife for a few minutes and then came over. He looked at the girls and said, “Mommy is going to meet us at the pool. She has a couple friends she wants to introduce to us and we are going to get a quick swim in. So clean up and get ready. No cum stains anywhere kids.” The girls went to the shower and all of them jumped in and washed up. It didn’t take long and we were all at the pool.

We joined Amy and her conquests. One was a teenage boy and his little sister. The girl was fucking hot. I saw her the day before and she was young and really cute with long brown hair and a petite body. Amy introduced the siblings as Mario and Violet and she introduced them to all of us. When she introduced Violet to me she looked at me and smiled then looked down at my cock. She paused then looked back up at me realizing I caught her checking out my cock and she blushed. I smiled and loved the introduction.

We all sat at the pool and enjoyed the summer sun. I thought about Violet a few times and my cock started to grow so I thought of other things and it went back down. She and her brother were in their swimsuits but you could see Mario’s cock was hard most of the time. Amy told Kyle and I that the children’s parents would be back for dinner but then they would be going to one of the rooms at the hotel for a swinger party. So the kids would be able to meet us all in their room afterwards.

“What is the plan for them?” I asked Amy.

“Ohhhhh aren’t you the naughty one? I can’t believe it Jeff, you already have three sexy little girls and you can’t wait to fuck another one?” Amy said sexily.

“Oh I could wait but I think her mouth would look great wrapped around my cock.” I said looking at the child swimming in the pool with my daughter and the other girls. Her tiny shiny, wet ass looked amazing and I felt my cock begin to stiffen again.

“Amy looked at my cock as it grew and she said, “Down boy.” I smiled and she said, “I thought you two were going to double up on me tonight?” she said looking at her husband and me. “Or are you two too scared to see if I can handle both of you?”

“Oh fuck no I’m always game for something new.” I said.

“Oh honey, I think Jeff is a three-way virgin. Is that the case Jeffrey?” she said leaning over and whispering in my ear. “It’s okay. I’ll let you be on top and fuck me in the ass if you want.”

“I think I’d rather be on the bottom so I can suck your fantastic titties if it’s all the same.” I replied reaching down and pinching her left nipple.

Amy moved closer and licked the tip of my nose. “You got it Jeffery.” And she laid back down on her chair and smiled at me. I looked back at the pool and watched the children playing. Mario was taking turns tossing the girls. They all liked him and he loved all of the attention from the gaggle of preteens all wanting to touch Mario as much as they could. Each one of them groped his hard cock when they played with him. He loved it.

After a couple hours we left the pool. Mario and his sister went back to their room. They said their parents would be back soon but Amy thought Mario wanted to play with his little sister for a bit before dinner.

We all went to the Peterson’s penthouse suite and ordered dinner. We all went into the humongous bedroom and Amy came to me and looked up at me and pulled me down for a kiss. Then she pushed me down on the bed and started sucking my cock.

Kyle went behind his wife and got under her supple ass and started eating out her cunt. “Mmmmmmmm yeah!” she said adjusting on top of his mouth and returning to suck my cock. She looked into my eyes as she sucked it and she wiggled on her husband’s face as he stimulated her cunt and clit as he knew how well she liked a good pussy licking.

Looking around the room the girls all sat on the bed and they were watching us. Sammy never saw a three way with two boys and a girl so she watched unsure what was going on intensely. Amy sucked my cock expertly and once I was fully erect she stood up and repositioned us on the floor. She laid me down and mounted my cock settling down on my big cock taking it all. Her cunt was not super tight but it was so hot and so wet I groaned feeling the heat surrounding my cock. She leaned down and held my face in her hands as she kissed me. She started bouncing on my cock getting it going right away. She felt so good.

Kyle moved behind his wife and he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up kissing her hard. He knelt between my legs and she reached back with my cock fully inside her and she spread her ass cheeks wide for him giving him a clear target. He moved in and slid his cock into her ass and she closed her eyes as he sank into her. I felt the space in her pussy get tighter and I could feel Kyle’s cock through the thin membrane separating her pussy from her ass.

She leaned back down putting her arms on both sides of my chest and I was able to reach her tits. After having so much sex with the undeveloped girls it was sure nice to have a big set of tits to play with. I sucked on her nipples and she started grinding on my cock.

“Fuck me Jeffery!” she said. Kyle was pounding her ass pretty girl and I started fucking up to meet her sexy cunt. “Ohhhhhh yeah that’s it! Both of you, harder!” I pumped my cock like a piston. She took it all and I fucked her quickly thrusting all of my cock in and out of his lovely wife as he had her hips in his hands pounding away at her big ass.

Sammy watched as we double fucked the woman. I could see the thoughts racing through her head as she watched us both fuck Amy. The other girls watched as well but Kaylee was playing with Lindsey’s ass as she watched us rubbing her ass cheeks and playing with her pussy. Lindsey was on her tummy and Kaylee was between her legs playing with her as she watched us.

Amy gasped and moaned as we penetrated her completely. She had cum already and was working on her second orgasm. “Ahhh shit, yes, yes, yes, oh fuck I’m cumming again!” she came then collapsed on top of me pulling Kyle out of her ass and trying to regain her breath. “I can’t take it any more you have to stop or you’re going to kill me!” I pulled out of her and she got up and went to the girls and sat down.

“Can I try?” I heard from the little voice of Kyle’s Daughter. We both looked at her and she was so tiny but she was smiling at us. “Please Daddy?”

I looked at Kyle and he smiled and said, “I’m game if you are Jeff!”

“Fuck yeah Kyle let’s show that little cum slut how to fuck two men. Just like her fucking mother!”

“Where’s the lube?” Kyle said.

“Wait! I want to suck your cocks stand close together.” She moved next to us and we stood there and she dropped to her knees and sucked my cock then her father’s then mine and back and forth for about 3 minutes. “I saw this on the Internet Daddy!” and she sucked us and prepared to fuck both of us. She took the lube and put it all over her Dad’s cock then put him on his back and mounted him taking his hard cock into her pussy like she was a pro. “Come here Jeff!” she said looking back at me and spreading her tiny ass just like her slutty mother did. I moved between Kyle’s legs and positioned my cock at the entrance to the 8-year-old’s ass and pushed without any lube. “Ahhhhhhhh, shit! You forgot the lube Jeff!” she cried as I entered her.

“Oh no I didn’t.” I said and I pushed my cock deeply into her ass as far as I could which was about halfway. I pulled out then pulled her asshole open and let a huge glob of spit dangle out of my mouth and into her gaping asshole. Then I reinserted my cock into her tight ass and started fucking her. She had her hands on her daddy’s chest as she got fucked by both of us. But I pulled her arms back hooking them in my arms and pulled her towards me as I fucked her. Again I felt Kyle’s cock this time from the other side and I held the girl up as I penetrated her deeper and deeper.

“Oh my God, Jeff, you are so big. Daddy I am so full! Fuck me both of you!” she moaned and we both started fucking her harder. Her father from underneath pounding her like a jackhammer and me with her hooked in my arms and I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head backwards kissing her mouth and then letting her hair go returning her to the upright position.

I was fucking her asshole completely now and she had her eyes closed and her mouth gaping open as she moaned and cried as we double fucked the little slut. Looking at my daughter, Sammy’s eyes were wide open and her hand was underneath her as she felt her little cunt. Kaylee was licking Amy’s pussy now and she had her face deep into the woman’s wide spread legs. Amy watched us fucking Lindsey and she held the child’s mouth steady on her pussy.

“Oh, oh, uh, uh, Oh my God! Uh, oh, yeah, uh, so good, Daddy, I’m… gonna… Daddy…Here I… Agggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!” She cried as she came. Her asshole clenched on my cock so tightly and I came immediately. Her Daddy was still fucking her as I unloaded yet another load of cum into his little girl.

“Ahhhhhh shit, fuck Lindsey you are making me cum too! Ahhhhhhhhh yeah!” I yelled as I fucked her completely dumping yet another load into her tight gripping ass.

I moved out and she collapsed on her father and he held her by her very slim hips and he bucked and fucked into the child who was lying on top of him letting him finish using her naked but almost limp body. “Oh shit baby, here I cum. Daddy’s cumming in you too baby! Ahhhhhhh yes!” he said pumping up as hard as he could fucking the shit out of the limp, nearly wasted 8-year-old girl. “Uhhhhh…. Ahhhhh… Ohhhhh, yeah fucking little cum dump! I’m filling your pussy again baby! Ahhhhhh shit!” he said abusing his little girl more than I’d seen so far.

After watching Kyle finish his daughter off I looked at him and we smiled. I moved to Sammy who was laying on her belly with her hand stroking her pussy and I put my cock in her face. “Mmmmmmmm…” she moaned as she took my shit-coated cock into her mouth she knew was just inside her new friend. I fucked her mouth and she cleaned me up taking my cock deeper into her mouth. My cock was now limp and I needed to recover.

Just then there was a knock at the door. “Dinner’s here!” Kaylee said jumping off the bed and out from between Amy’s legs where she was still licking her pussy. Amy got up and followed the girl closing the door. “You boys get a little rest Kaylee and I will take care of the tip!”

“Kaylee you go wait in the closet and watch me. When I signal you come on out okay?” Little Kaylee nodded and Amy answered the door completely naked this time after looking out seeing that it was her favorite waiter Marco. “Hello Marco come on inside and set that wherever. He had 3 tables this time and he made room and set up the tables.

“Well well Mrs. Peterson, you seem to have on fewer clothes every night I serve you.” Are we waiting to serve dinner or should I get it all out now?”

“Yes darling, the rest of the family fell asleep so leave the food in the warmers for now and come collect your tip. Did you see all of those beautiful people at the pool today?” she asked dropping to her knees in front of the young man.

“Uhhh, yes ma’am. I mean yes Mrs. Peterson. The pool was very nice today.” He said as she dropped his pants and underwear to his feet. She sucked his cock and he groaned. “Ohhhhhh shit, I love the way you tip me Mrs. Peterson.”

“It’s better than a twenty dollar bill don’t you think?” she said sucking his cock.

“Yes it is.”

“Did you see the girls in our party at the pool today Marco?”

“Yes I did.” He said as he pulled her head closer to his cock making her take it and stop talking. She bobbed up and down a while and deep throated his cock taking it completely in her mouth.

“Do you think they are sexy Marco? I know I do. Especially the little one with shoulder length brown hair.” She said returning to sucking his cock.

“Oh you mean little Kaylee? Yeah she’s a little doll that one. She’ll be a little heartbreaker someday.”

“She’s a heartbreaker now don’t you think?” she said sucking him deep looking into his eyes.

“I guess so.”

“You like looking at all of the naked little girls don’t you Marco? I think you secretly want to fuck some of them don’t you naughty boy?”

“Ohhhhh shit, that’s good.” He said as she sucked him. “No, she’s too young. I never look at the young ones. Ahhhhh.”

Amy looked up at him and said, “Kaylee would really like to suck your cock.” She returned to sucking his cock and motioned to Kaylee to come out of her hiding spot. She stood up and kissed Marco and Kaylee started sucking his cock. She bobbed up and down on his cock as Amy kissed him. He moaned again as she took the length of his cock into her mouth and throat. Amy broke her kiss with the young man and he looked down and saw the 8-year-old girls sucking him off.

“Ohhhh nooooo, she shouldn’t be…. Ahhhhhh stop she’s too… Oh fuck it’s so good!” he said as she sucked his dick and he watched her doing it and then he put his hand behind the girl’s head and pulled her faster up and down on his cock.

Marco looked at Amy and She smiled kissed him again. “She sucks cock pretty good huh? We taught her well wouldn’t you say?”

“Ohhhh fuck yeah! I never knew a girl so young could suck cock so good!” he said watching her suck it. Kaylee sucked his cock for all she was worth. She wanted the older boy to cum in her mouth. She’s been flirting with the boy all week at the pool. She wanted to do this at the pool this afternoon. In fact she asked him if he wanted to sneak off with her when she was swimming but he just laughed and walked away.

“Ohhh fuck! I’m going to cum Kaylee!” She looked up at him and she looked in his eyes as she sucked harder. “Ohhhh shit I’m cumming!” he yelled and he came in the mouth of the second grader. She swallowed as fast as she could not spill a drop of his seed. She finished up and he did not get soft but she knew he was finished.

She stood up and smiled saying, “I knew you’d like that Marco!” she said and she ran off to the bedroom and closed the door. Marco pulled up his pants and smiled at Amy as she ate a strawberry and watched the boy close the door. A few minutes later Mario and his little sis knocked at the door. She was still in the main room and she opened the door. She was still naked and she smiled and let them children inside.

“Are your parents gone for the evening?”

“Yeah! They think they are the only ones that are doing to have fun tonight!” Mario said squeezing her tits and kissing the woman.

“Well my husband and his friend are here also and they have three little ones younger than your sister in the bedroom. They are probably all fucking right now.” She said watching the siblings look at each other and then back to her. “Well then do you want to join them?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am.” They both repeated. Amy growled at another pair of young people calling her ma’am. “Then go ahead. Lets go into the bedroom.”

Amy and the two kids she’s been playing around with walked into the room and saw Sammy sucking Kyle’s cock and I was getting double teamed by Kaylee and Lindsey both of them were sucking my cock like they were pros. They were taking turns and playing nice. But once Kaylee saw another boy in the room she jumped up and ran to him taking his hand and pulling him over to stand next to Kyle and myself.

“Look Lindsey! It’s another boy! Can I suck your cock?” she said dropping to her knees in front of the young man undoing his swim trunks and pulling them down exposing his young stiff cock before he could even say yes. “Ohhhhh yes! You have a nice cock! What’s your name?” she asked as she went down on him taking his cock in her mouth totally blowing the boy away at how aggressive Kaylee was.

“Holy shit! Yes, ohhhhhh fuck my name is Mario and that’s my sister Violet over there.” He said as she sucked his cock. I looked over at his sister and Amy was leading her over to the couch on the other side of the room from us. She was undressing the girl and laying her down on the couch spreading her legs. Amy was going to eat the girl’s cunt and she also got naked before she did so.

I looked back at Lindsey who was sucking my cock and she smiled up at me and said, “Goodie! I get your cock all to myself!”

I chuckled and brushed the 8-year-old girls lovely blonde hair as she sucked me off. “Ohhhh baby you suck it so good. Can I fuck you now? Tonight is my last time to sink my cock into you, you’re going home tomorrow.”

“Yes Jeff, I want all of your big, stiff cock in me now.” She said standing up and she took my hand and led me to the big king size bed. She climbed up on the bed and moved to the head of the bed. I joined her and we kissed. She cupped my face in her hands and stuck her tongue in my mouth seeking out mine and attaching it when she found it. She broke the kiss and said, “Fuck me Jeff.” I nodded to the sexy little girl and I spread her legs wide and leaned down and sucked her pussy getting it nice and wet. Once it was covered in my spit I leaned up and guided my pole to the tiny, bald pussy. I sank into her cunt all the while looking deep in her eyes. Her bright blue eyes sparked as I sank my cock into her and she moaned taking all of my cock.

We both were looking at her tiny pussy as she took all of me. It was exciting seeing it go into her. Once I was completely inside her I looked back at her lovely face and this time I kissed her. She kissed me back and said, “I love having your cock in me Jeff.” We kissed again. “It’s so fucking big, I love it! Now fuck me again!” she said and I started stroking my cock in and out of her delightful pussy. She felt so amazing and I fucked her and her breathing was sharp and jagged as she took my cock.

Meanwhile, Kyle had joined us on the bed with my daughter Sammy and he had her laying on her belly and I watched as he fucked her from behind. She had a pillow under her tummy and her ass was up in the air and his cock was deep in her asshole. Kyle looked up at me as he fucked her and said, “I’m really going to miss this hot little slut of yours Jeff. She’s so fucking good!”

“Ditto!” I said. “Baby you look beautiful getting fucked in the ass. I love you and I can’t wait to fuck you later babe.”

Sammy was groaning with every stroke of Kyle’s cock in her ass. “Uh, uh, uh, uh, me too Daddy! But I want you to fuck me and cum on my face Daddy! Uh, uh, uh, uh.” She said as he fucked her covering her tiny body grinding against her shoving his entire big dick into my daughter’s rectum.

“You got it babe!” I said returning to my prize and she kissed me again and whispered to me.

“Yeah Jeff I want you to cum on my face too!” I smiled and started fucking Lindsey harder now. I hooked my arms under her shoulders and fucked her completely. She was gasping and moaning as we fucked each other and our faces were close together. I kissed her and whispered sweet nothings to her.

“Oh fuck Lindsey, you so tight, I love your cunt. You are so sexy. I love you!”

She looked up at me and said, “I love you too Jeff! Oh my God… Oh my God.. I’m cumming Jeff. Fuck me harder so I can cum!” I started slamming my cock which had not been harder in my life as hard as I could bumping up against the back wall of the girl’s pussy banging her cervix. She came wildly and I ended her cum keeping my cock buried in her cunt. “I want to get on top Jeff!” She said and I pulled out of her cunt and I turned onto my back and she climbed up on top of me and turned around facing my feet. She lined up her pussy on my cock and I inserted it into her pussy.

“No Jeff, stick it in my ass!” I was so fucking turned as she pulled my cock out of her pussy and she got up on her heels and squatted over my cock waiting for me to aim it to her asshole. I did and once she felt it against her ass she looked back at me and lowered herself on my cock. My dick was covered in her pussy juices so it slid right inside easily. “Ohhhhhh fuck!” she moaned as she sat down farther and farther taking more of my cock in her ass. She gobbled it up and soon she was bouncing up and down on my cock fucking herself with it.

I heard little Kaylee getting fucked and I watched as the young man was standing next to the bed with her hanging on him with her hands holding on around his neck. His arms had her legs hooked around his arms and he was bouncing the tiny girl up and down fucking her with all of his cock. Her hair bounced as she fucked him as hard as he was fucking her.

“Oh my God Mario I’m cumming again! Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhh!” she cried as he fucked her. Mario carried her and placed her on the far side of the bed and lay her down and fucked her furiously as he cane deep inside her.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming!” he yelled as he dumped his load inside her.

I looked back and Lindsey was bouncing up and down on my cock and she had most of it inside her now. She sat down on it and then turned herself around with my cock buried in her ass. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt. Her hot, tight ass wrapped around my cock twisting around in her bowels as she turned around. I had never had anyone do that to me before.

“Wow Jeff that felt funny!” she said as she straightened up and started bouncing up and down on my cock again.

“That was amazing!” I said and I reached up feeling her flat chest twisting her nipples between my fingers. She took her hands and covered mine as she enjoyed the feeling of me rubbing her hard little nipples. She was still squatting on my cock and I felt her twitching deep inside her asshole. I figured she was cumming soon.

Mario watched as Kyle and I fucked the girls in the ass. “I can’t believe it! They love you fucking them in the ass! I guess I can fuck my sister in the ass tonight too!”

Kyle and I laughed and I said, “Only if we don’t get to her first!” I looked back at my wife and his sister and they switched positions in the other room. Violet was licking and sucking Amy’s pussy as she sat on the girl’s face and looked down at her guiding her pussy on the young girl’s mouth. I think she’s busy right now but she’ll work into it!”

We laughed again and Lindsey fucked my deeper into her asshole holding my hands in hers as she held herself up for balance. “Oh, uh, uh, shit Jeffery I’m cumming! I’m cumming with you so deep in my butt! Fuck me Jeffrey!” I loved her calling me Jeffery. It seemed sensuous. I opened my knees and I put my feet flat on the bed and got a lot more of an angle and I started fucking up at her as she slammed down on my cock. This allowed me to fuck her completely burying the rest of my cock in her tight asshole. “Oh, oh, oh, uh, uh, oh fuck cumming!” cried the girl as I fucked her as hard as I could.

She came harder than I’d seen her cum before. She rose and fell on my cock breathing fast and squeezing my cock inside her hot, wet asshole. She collapsed on my chest leaving me buried inside her and I continued fucking the shit out of the 8-year-old. I fucked her mercilessly and she went limp. I pulled her up by the hair and I saw she’d passed out.

Mario noticed she was unconscious and said, “She’s out cold and you are still fucking her! Fucking A!” he said and he went back to fucking Kaylee and she was letting him pound her little ass pretty good too. “If you pass out I’m not gonna stop fucking your ass either got it?” Kaylee nodded and she let the boy fuck her ass from behind as hard as I was still fucking her unconscious friend.

I began to feel bad but then I felt cum welling up in my balls again and so I fucked her and came in her asshole. Once I dumped my cum inside her ass I was laying there catching my breath and she woke up again.

“What happened Jeffrey?” she asked.

“I cam in your ass baby.”

“You mean I missed it?”

We all laughed and she pouted. Kyle was filling my daughter’s asshole with his thick, sticky juice and Mario had already cum in Kaylee a second time this time in her ass.

Amy joined us after cumming herself and Violet was as adorable as any of the girls we’d been fucking. So we spent the rest of the evening fucking and sucking in all possible combinations. I ended up fucking Sammy last and we went to sleep cuddling with each other all night. I even woke up with her in the night and rubbed her cunt until she came quietly in her sleep. We woke up the next day and the Peterson’s had to leave. We were at the pool and saw them getting into a cab. I look back fondly at the week in paradise but most of all with the time our families spent together. We fucked each other’s daughters and shared more than any men should share.

When Sammy and I returned home her mother snuck in using the key I gave her and she found Sammy and I sleeping in our marital bed. She snuck in the bed and licked her daughter’s pussy as she looked at me when I woke up. We fucked our daughter together that night and we decided to reconcile and stay married. We have a much more open marriage now. We never say no to each other when it comes to sex and we spend time seeking out other family lovers. Barry is still around. We decided not to break ties with him. After all he knew more about us than we cared to divulge.

I stayed in touch with the Peterson’s and Kaylee. We frequently did video chats with the girls in their room watching them eat each other’s pussy as we fucked Sammy or had her suck my cock for the camera. Amanda got pregnant again. We are not sure if it is Barry’s or mine but we do know it’s another girl. We plan on spreading our love to the baby as soon as we know we can. Amy is also having another girl too. She said she couldn’t wait for her to breast feed as she fingers the baby’s cunt.

Kyle said he dreads the day with the girls start their period. He loves having little cum sluts around that he has no worry about getting pregnant. I have to say I agree. But the thought of making Sammy pregnant at 11 or 12 makes my cock hard all over again.

The End

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