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Room 1212

A Father hears about a hotel in NYC that makes 12-year-old girls make love with their Father...

Stu Mead

Chapter One

Mike Barnes is your typical Divorced 34-year-old man. His wife divorced him when she discovered him cheating on him with a 21-year-old at the office. He always had a thing for young girls, but he had no idea how deep his perversion went. His daughter, Katie, is a beautiful girl, who is about to turn 12-years-old in 2 weeks. He joined a website about six months ago that was a community of people who enjoyed the fantasies of loli girls as much as he did. It was this website that validated to himself that he was not as alone in his perverse feelings towards young girls as he thought. He met these people online and had a great many discussions on the site with singles and the masses.

One day, he saw a post in the forums labeled Room 1212. He went to the beginning of the thread and one of the users he knew started the thread telling everyone about a rumor he heard about a room that was in a popular hotel in Times Square that was very special, almost magical. He reported that you could log onto the hotel’s website and click on the book a room link off the main page. Once there, you had to look at the bottom right portion of the page for a small lollipop. Once you clicked on the lollipop, you would be taken to a special page that allowed you to reserve room 1212. He said the rumor was that if you took your daughter, or probably any young girl to the room for a night when they were 12-years-old, you would not regret it.

The thread was started by my friend about a year before, and there were many other users who made comments like, “Yep! Best night of our lives!” and “OMG, she just attacked me in the middle of the night!” and “What a view! We fucked right up against the window looking down on the crowds of Times Square!” I decided to look for my friend, and as it turned out, he was online. I sent him an IM through the site and waited to see if he was available.

“Hey! You there?” I typed.

“Yeah, buddy, what’s up?”

“I wanted to ask about room 1212, is that BS or is it for real?”

“Oh fuck yeah, it’s no shit! I took Amanda there for a special weekend for her twelfth birthday I told my wife, daddy/daughter bonding time before she becomes the dreaded teenager she is bound to become and she bought it, she actually thought it was sweet! And yes, it was sweet!” he replied.

“What happened?”

“Let’s just say…everything I could have ever ask for happened that weekend. Amanda was innocent until then, but once we checked into the hotel, she seemed to change right from the start. Plan a trip with your daughter; I promise it will be worth it no matter what the cost!”

“Thanks, Brother!” I typed and signed off the website and logged onto the hotel’s website and clicked on the Book-A-Room button and looked and no shit, right there in the corner was a little lollipop icon. I clicked it, and it changed pages, and it allowed me to reserve a room, and then I went to check out, and the cost revealed. “Holy shit!” I said out loud. It was $1,000 a night. I thought about it then I just said what the fuck and put in my credit card information and completed the reservation. Luckily, the weekend of Katie’s birthday was open. She turned twelve on that Thursday, so I booked the room for Friday and Saturday night. If the stories were right, it would be well worth it.

During the next few nights I continued reading comments from the thread, there were over two hundred comments and what I loved was that many of the users who went to the hotel reported that even when they came home, their daughter’s continued the fun at home. It just woke them up to a life fulfilling Daddy’s desires…and their own. I told Katie, and she was happy, she said she couldn’t wait. She’d never been to NYC before and was excited to do the tourist thing with her Daddy.

The day of our flight finally arrived, I had been jacking off to pictures of her in my bedroom for days at that point. I had many sets of school pictures ranging in age of Kindergarten to fifth grade which is where she was that year. My favorite? I must admit my favorite was her second-grade picture. She was 8 or 9 years old and just out of the chubby “baby” era, and that was the year I first looked at my little girl as sexy. The first time was a day that summer when we were at the beach, and her bikini that I bought her for the trip was a little small. I did not do it intentionally but seeing my little girl playing in the sand with her bikini crammed in her ass and her top barely covering her nipples; I sat there in the sun watching her with an erection for hours. We both got too much sun that day, but oh it was worth it.

The night before the trip, I remember sitting on the bed thinking of her and jerking off looking at that 1st-grade school picture. I felt like I would shoot soon and I stood up and placed my cock right in front of her smiling face and came all over her face like I’d done dozens of times before. It was a good thing it the picture was under glass. Every time I would simply clean it, and it was ready to go back on my walls.

I went to pick her up at her mother’s house, and when she saw my car, she ran out dropping her suitcase she was pulling behind her, and she ran towards me and jumped into my arms. She looked beautiful, just like always. I held her in my arms, and she gave me a huge hug and kissed me on the lips like always, and I let her down. She dressed in a sweet little dress that had flowers all over it. It was tight on her top and short on her bottom. It was a dress I bought her, and she told me in the days leading up to the trip, which she handpicked all of the clothes she packed for the trip. She said they were all outfits I bought her and they were all my favorites. Her long, dark brown hair was pulled up in twin pigtails which was also one of my favorite hairstyles she wore. Her pink and perfect lips covered in lip gloss which was the only makeup her mother allowed her to wear.

“Did you pack everything you need sweetheart?” I asked, and over her shoulder, I saw her mother come to the door and leaned against the door frame. She looked very nice as well, I told her cheating on her was a huge mistake and I will regret it forever. But we have both moved on, and her current boyfriend came up behind her and walked up to me and shook my hand. We were all cordial, so we said our hello and goodbyes and I packed up my daughter, and we headed off to the airport. We were quiet as I drove, she looked for a song on the radio, and I thought about the potential for the weekend. My cock stiffened as I imagined my daughter coming on to me and letting me kiss her the way I have wanted to since she was eight.

The flight was uneventful, she watched a movie on her iPad on the plane, and I read and listened to music. We exited the plane with our bags and made our way out to get a taxi. I wanted to get to the hotel as fast as possible. We arrived at the grand entrance, I won’t say which hotel it was, but it is one of the best in the square. The doorman opened the door and welcomed us and got the bellman to get our bags and we were guided to the main desk. An older gentleman nodded, and we joined him at the desk.

“Welcome to the hotel, what is your name?” he asked.

“Michael Barnes,” Katie said, and she smiled and looked at the clerk who was old enough to be her grandfather.

“Oh yes, and I see you have booked room 1212…for the entire weekend. I see…” he said, and he looked at me and flashed a knowing smile at me, and I did not return one. “And what is your name young miss?” he asked as he turned and looked at Katie.

“My name is Katie Barnes!” she said, and she did a curtsy.

“Oh yes, Miss Katie. Is this your first time staying with us? He asked her, and she nodded. “Oh, then I think you are both in for a spectacular weekend,” he said, and he looked at me and finished, “Spectacular indeed!” and he had a sly grin on his face, and I was convinced he knew the story with the room. “The room comes with your choice of flowers, and I see you chose pink roses when you made the reservation. Very nice… he said, and he continued typing. And you get a complimentary breakfast each morning brought to your room. Simply fill out the form and hang it on the door when you go to bed, and we will bring it to you at the time you specify on the card.” He said and continued working on the computer. He gave us two keys and put them in an envelope with the number 1212 on it. He gave us directions to the elevator and snapped his fingers, and a bellman came over with our bags on the cart and guided us to the elevator.

We went upstairs and stopped at the 12th floor, and he guided us to the room. The door was a huge double door and very grand. “I see you got one of the most popular suites in the hotel,” he said, and he took the card from my hand and opened the door. “Only these keys will work on this door, the maid and other services do not have a key for this room to offer you the most privacy sir,” he continued. We walked into the room, and he set up our bags and said, “Would you like me to unpack your clothes?”

“No, we will unpack,” I replied and he nodded and showed us the TV and the remote.

“Oh Daddy, this is fancy!” Katie said, and she walked around the room looking and touching everything. She went over to the large windows and looked down at the crowd below, and there was another hotel across the street, and people were looking through their windows too. “Daddy, there are no curtains!” she said.

Privacy film,” he said, and he came up and knocked on the glass. You can see out, but no one can see in.” he said.

He then took us to the bathroom where he told us about the shower and instead of a Jacuzzi bathtub, the room had a full size Hot tub. “The bathroom features a full size hot tub, the controls are here and it is always hot. If you make it dirty, press this button and it does a full drain and self-cleans. No need to do anything just give it about an hour,” he said.

We went back to the main room where there were a couch and loveseat in front of the TV, and he went to the second set of double doors and opened them to show us the bedroom. Here is the bedroom, I guess there are no explanations here…” he said, and we looked, it was beautiful and was only a grand King size bed with bedposts and a canopy over the top. I got closer and noticed the mirror on the ceiling, and I looked back at the bellman, and he smiled after I saw that. “Okay, so the mini bar is over here, “ he said and continued saying, “There is no charge for anything in the mini bar so feel free it is all included with the suite. Here is the number for you to call and schedule your massage,” he said as he wrote it down on the notepad. The massage therapist comes to your room and offers a wide variety of options and the massage is included with the room but tips are appreciated,” he finished.

Katie looked at the bed and gave me a sly smile seeing only one bed. We have slept in the same bed before, when I was first divorced, I only had a one-room apartment, so we slept together since she was little. The bellman walked to the main door and pushed his cart outside and turned and asked if there was anything else? I told him no and reached in my pocket and peeled a $20 bill off and handed it to him. He smiled and said, “Thank you, sir, you two have a pleasant stay, and if there is anything you require don’t hesitate to call, my name is Bobby.” I smiled, and Katie finally came out of the bedroom and smiled at Bobby and did another curtsy. Bobby looked back at me and said, “Yes, very pleasant sir!” and he closed the door.

I was convinced the staff here knew what this room was about, or at least had their suspicions. I mean a very expensive suite mostly occupied by men and their daughters… I can imagine what they thought.

“Daddy, this room is fantastic! There is only one bed Daddy…” she said and smiled at me.

“Well, then I guess we will need to share it huh? Don’t hog the covers like you did last time!” I said, and she giggled. “Get dressed Katie; we are going out to dinner and going to see some of the sights. It was almost 5:00 and my plan was to go to dinner in a restaurant my buddy recommended in the hotel. Then we would go out to the square and be tourists.

“Yeah!” she said, and she ran to her suitcase we both unpacked. She took out a dress and held it in front of herself and said, “How is this for dinner Daddy?” It was a little black dress I bought her for a daddy/daughter Valentine’s dance I took her to months before. I thought it was beautiful then but thought it was damn sexy in that moment.

“It’s perfect. Almost as beautiful as you are a sweetheart,” I said and walked up and kissed her on the lips.I lingered a little longer than normal kissing her with my eyes closed.

When I pulled back, she looked at me and released her breath saying, “Oh my…” and she blushed and walked backward to the bathroom and bumped into the door and was slightly embarrassed at the fumble and turned and went into the bathroom and closed the door. I smiled, and my cock stiffened slightly. I dressed and sat on the chair I’d set up facing the door to the bathroom. I kept busy on my phone, and when she finally came out, she looked amazing. She wore the dress she showed me before, and it was tight on her chest and revealed her tiny chest bumps that started growing this year. It also showed her tiny waist and flared at her hips that also developed slightly since last summer. She spun and showed me the dress spun up like a dancer’s dress and revealed more of her legs than when it was at rest. Her hair was perfect, she pulled it down, and her hair now hung halfway down her back. She pulled it over her shoulders and let it dangle just over her tiny tit buds. When I finally made it to her face, I wasn’t disappointed. She had on makeup and looked perfect. Unlike her mother, I enjoyed it when she wore make-up. In fact, I took her to one of those cosmetic stores that had a woman who would show you how to apply it. That night, she looked tasteful and sexy.

“Wow Katie,” I said and I stood up and kissed her again on the mouth, but this time it was she who lingered. I pulled back and she pushed forward and held on another second or two. This time she did not blush. “You look so…” I stopped myself.

“What Daddy? I look so what?”

“Pretty,” I said, and she gave me a sassy look.

“Is that really what you were going to say, Daddy?” I shook my head no. “Then what Daddy?”

I looked at her, so gorgeous, so innocent not wanting to ruin anything but wanting to try. “You look so…sexy.”

“Oh my God Daddy, really?” she exclaimed. I nodded. She hugged me again and kissed me again this time she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me longer moving her lips against mine, and then she pulled back and looked up at me with those sexy brown eyes and smiled at me and said, “I like the new way of kissing Daddy!”

I smiled at her again feeling my cock move in my boxers and said, “I agree! Now let’s go, I’m starving!” She was also wearing nice black shoes with a bit of a heel. She walked in front of me out the door, and I noticed the heels made her butt stick out at a nice angle. She turned, and I followed her to the elevator, and we went downstairs to eat.

Chapter Two

We went down to the restaurant my buddy recommended, and we ate well. I had several Jack and Cokes, and she had two Shirley Temples. She always loved those. She looked amazing in her sexy black dress and her three-inch pumps. The waitress thought it was so cute that we had a Daddy/Daughter getaway for her birthday. She did mention that it was not the first time and not the last that she’d seen. Katie asked for her favorite dessert, a banana split. She ate most of it and was already showing signs of a sugar rush from all of the ice cream.

We paid for dinner and went out to see the sights of Times Square on a Friday night in NYC. It was fun, and we looked at all of the little sidewalk shops selling I love NYC tee shirts, yes we got three, and every other kind of knick knack you ever saw about the city. We had a fun time, and it was about 11:00 and I decided it was time to head upstairs. Of course, Katie wanted to stay out, but she looked tired, and I figured if we didn’t head in soon, I would be carrying her up to the room. We went back to the hotel and the doorman who met us when we first arrived, opened the door, and when I passed him, he winked at me and wished me a very pleasant evening. I smiled, and we walked to the elevator holding hands.

Once the elevator stopped, we went to our room and once inside Katie came over to me and held her arms up for me to pick her up. She has done this since she was a baby, so I picked her up, and she hooked her hands around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist hooking them around my back. She kissed me, and I kissed her quick like I normally did before tonight.

“Uh uh,” she said, and she put her hand on my face squeezing my lips together, and she said, “I want a kiss like earlier Daddy!” I nodded, and we kissed. This time I kissed her longer, and she ground her soft lips against mine and moaned. “Mmmm…”

I opened my eyes and broke the kiss. Katie complained, but I said, “Honey that is kissing like grownups,” I said.

She nodded and said, “I know Daddy, that’s why I like it!” She kissed me again and ground her lips on mine again.

“Okay, let’s do this. If you are going to kiss me like this, I need you to promise me something.”

‘Anything Daddy!” she promised.

I looked deep into her eyes and said, “This weekend is our time for ourselves. I promise not to talk about anything we are doing together with anyone, especially with your mother if you promise the same thing.”

Katie nodded quickly and smiled big. “And we can kiss like grownups Daddy?”

I smiled again and nodded and said, “We can do whatever we want to do baby. But I mean it, no one can know. Do you promise me?” she nodded. “Pinky swear?” We hooked pinkies and for a 12-year-old that was like the best of promises. I pressed her to me hugging her tightly and then I faced her again and kissed her. This time when she was mashing her lips on mine, I slipped my tongue out and when it touched her lips, she broke the kiss and looked at me wiping the spit off her mouth and looked at me.

“Daddy, you tried to put your tongue in my mouth. That’s a French kiss right?”

I smiled and said, “Yes baby that is how grownups kiss.”

“It is? Won’t I get pregnant if we kiss like that Daddy?” she said very innocently. I got upset; her mother had obviously not had the birds and bees talk yet.

“No baby you can only get pregnant when a man puts his thing in you and squirts his cum. You also have to be having your period. Have you started that yet?” She shook her head no. “Then you are fine, but only when two people have sex can the girl get pregnant after she starts having her period. SO we can kiss just like that, and it’s okay.

“Good, cause I don’t want to have a baby!” I nodded, and we started kissing. I slipped my tongue into her mouth, and although surprised she accepted it and followed my lead. Soon we were kissing like a couple of teenagers, and I walked to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. Once I did that, she broke our kiss and asked, “Daddy! Can I get changed? I brought a nightie to wear to bed. Can I go change?”

“Sure baby, but then can we keep kissing?”

“Yes!” she said and off she ran to the bathroom. She ran back out and into a drawer and then ran back into the bathroom and closed the door.

“Such a girl…” I said and I removed my shirt, shoes and pants and walked to the mini bar and pulled out three of the little bottles of Jack Daniels and a bottle of coke and made a drink. I took a hefty drink and just then Katie opened the door. Her hair was still down and she was now dressed in a cute little silky black teddy. It fell just above her knees and I smiled and she noticed I was only dressed in a matching pair of black silk boxers.

“Look, Daddy, we match!” she said, and I finished my drink and walked towards her and held out my hand, and we walked back to the bed, and she sat next to me. She looked down at my crotch and must have noticed I was getting hard and tenting out in front of me. She reached down and touched my cock and looked up at me and said, “Oh Daddy, why are you getting all big down there?”

She looked innocent. I kissed her on the cheek and said, “Well honey, when grownups kiss like we have been doing, the boy tends to get excited. When he does his cock gets hard.” She blushed ten shades of red and reached out and felt it again. “See how it’s getting not only bigger, but harder?” I said.

“Yes Daddy, I’ve never seen you like this before…” We had taken showers until she started looking sexy to me in the second grade and I had to stop showering with her after the first time I got an erection in front of her.

“It just means the man is getting ready for sex.”

“Are we going to have sex Daddy? I thought you said I wouldn’t get pregnant!”

“Katie, there are lots of ways to have sex. Intercourse, which is when I would put my cock in your pussy, is just one way. Why don’t you climb her and keep kissing me and we’ll see where we go from there?” I said. She climbed on my lap. She was light, and I could barely tell she was on top of me. Again, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled close, and we started kissing. In the beginning, she was an absolute novice. She had no idea what to do, but the more that we did it together she started catching on and soon she was kissing me like a pro.

“Like this Daddy?” she asked.

I nodded and grunted, “Uh huh, you’re getting it now baby!” she giggled with the praise, and we kissed again. I was rubbing her back, the smooth, silky nightgown she wore let my hands slide smoothly and eventually I made it down to her small hips. I rubbed her ass on top and then I dove down and let my fingers caress between her ass cheeks.

“Oh!” she reacted to my touch and broke the kiss and looked at me. I removed my hands from her ass, and she thought about it for a second then she reached back and put my hands back where they were before. “No, Daddy, don’t stop! You just surprised me is all…” With my hands back on her ass, I began rubbing her harder and deeper. She arched her back and made her tiny pussy more accessible to me. I rubbed her pussy over her panties, and she moaned again, “Ohhh…”

The deeper I rubbed, the more still she became, she was still straddling me, and we kissed more and more. She stopped kissing me, and she put her head on my shoulder, and I focused all of my attention on her pussy. I rubbed her pussy crack, and she was leaking pussy juice on my fingers. I looked at her face, she closed her eyes, and she breathed faster and faster. She started clenching her eyes and panting as she prepared to cum.

“Uh, oh, uh, yeah, oh Daddy, uh, uh, uh, ahhhhhh!” she cried out and came holding me tight in her grip. She bucked and ground herself on my fingers, and I stopped moving them. I let her come down off the high of an orgasm.

Once she recovered, she looked at me, and I said, “Is that the first time you felt that way sweetheart?”

She nodded and said, “Yes Daddy, what was that?”

“It’s like I said honey, there are lots of things two people can do together that makes them feel good. I used my fingers to play with your pussy, and you had an orgasm or cum.”

“It was amazing!” she said, and she looked down and saw my cock still tenting out in my boxers. But you’re still hard Daddy!”

“Of course I am honey,” I said and she looked at me and frowned as she felt my cock rubbing it in her tiny hands. “But that feels good Katie.”

She looked down at me and asked, “I want you to show me how I can do something for you, so you feel better Daddy, does it hurt if it stays hard like that?”

“Yes it does, but you only need to do something for me because you want to, not because you feel bad for me.”

“No Daddy, I want to. Show me!” she said and she climbed off me, and I smiled at her.

“Okay, I’ll show you,” I said, and she clapped and cheered.

“Yeah! What do I do first?” she asked.

“First, I have to get undressed,” I said, and I stood up in front of her, and she dropped to her knees in front of me with her head at the same height as my cock. Instinctively, she pulled my silk boxers off and down over my thighs revealing my stiff cock to her for the first time. She did not hesitate in holding my cock in her hands, and she rubbed it and put both hands on it pumping it and jerking me off. It was almost instinct.

She smiled up at me and asked, “How’s that feel Daddy?” she said, and I was smiling down at her as she jerked me off.

“That feels wonderful sweetheart.” She laughed and got closer and pumped it fully up and down in her hands; she had a tight grip on me. “If you put it in your mouth that feels even better,” I said.

She looked at me, and without a second thought she moved closer to it and slipped the head right inside her mouth. I closed my eyes and groaned feeling the heat of her hot, wet mouth surrounding my cock. I expected her not to want to suck it, after all, kids are very particular to what they put in their mouth, but she went for it right away. I sat back on the bed, and she followed me keeping my dick inside her mouth.

Once I was sitting, I looked into her eyes and said, “No move up and down on it like you were rubbing me in your hands. Suck it and get it nice and wet!” She nodded and continued sucking me and then she did something on her own. She pulled me out of her mouth and stuck out her tongue and licked the underside of my cock down the shaft and when she got to my balls she looked at them with the hungry eyes only a girl so young could have. With one hand she cupped my balls feeling their weight.

“Oh my Daddy, they are so big and heavy!” she said and she had a look of amazement on her face.

“Those are full of cum baby!” I said, and she looked at me and smiled.


“Yes Baby, why don’t you like them? It feels nice if you can lick on them and suck on them just like you are doing to my cock.”

“Okay Daddy!” she said, and she opened her mouth and lifted one of my balls up and started circling it with her tongue.

“Oh fuck baby!” I moaned, and she giggled and sucked on them faster. “Be careful, they are tender,” I said, and she nodded and continued licking them. Soon she had the one she was sucking on completely in her mouth rolling her tongue around and around making me love what she was doing even more. I reached down putting my hands on both sides of her pretty face, and she kept licking and sucking on me, and I guided her mouth exactly where I wanted her.

“Um, num, uh, num slurp, slurp,” were the sounds she made while I guided her mouth. I leaned further back laying back and lifted my legs up and guided her straight to my asshole. “Uh, oh, ahhhh,” she moaned as I unexpectedly drove her into my asshole and she never skipped a beat and rolled her tongue around and around my asshole driving me crazy. I felt cum welling up in my balls about to make the way up my cock.

“Katie, I am going to cum soon, do you want it on your face or in your mouth?” I asked.

“Oh I want to taste it Daddy!” she said, and I waved her up from eating my asshole and guided her back to my cock, and she started sucking. She looked in my eyes and bobbed up and down on it, I put her hand on it at the base, and she began stroking it as she sucked it.

“Oh God Baby!, here it comes, get ready!” She did not stop for a second, in fact, she sucked harder. Then it happened, cum shot up the tube under my cock, and I grunted, and she stopped bobbing up and down like she was waiting for it. Then the first shot went into her mouth. Her eyes bugged out a little, and she swallowed immediately. Just in time, she finished the first one and the second load shot in following the first. “Uhgh!” she moaned and swallowed feverishly and the third shot into her before she finished and that made her choke. She pulled off, and I reached down and stroked it, and the fourth and fifth shot her in the face, and she gasped and coughed. He loved seeing his sexy daughter’s face covered with cum as she recovered from swallowing his tremendous load.

“Wow, that was a lot of Daddy!” she said as she wiped the remaining jizz off her face and continued to recover. “It tasted funny too!”

“Did you think it tasted bad?”

“Nu uh, I like it, Daddy! It was just salty and a lot of it, it was hard to keep up with it all.” She said, and she stood up, and I pulled her closer to me and wiped up a couple remaining spots she’d missed on her face, and then we kissed again. I could taste the salty remains of cum as we kissed, but I didn’t mind.

“Thank you, sweetie, that was fantastic, you are such a natural cocksucker!” I said brushing her hair back and hanging it behind her right ear. She looked up at me demurely, and I kissed her again. “Would you like me to do the same to you? I can use my mouth on your body, in the same manner, you just did for me, and I can promise that you will just love it!” she nodded and I hugged her rubbing her skinny back over the satin nightgown. “Let’s get this off,” I said, and I pushed the shoulder strap over her right shoulder then the one over her left one and it began to fall. She stopped it from falling just before her flat chest was exposed to her father. “Can I see sweetheart?” She shook her head from side to side and looked up at me. “Why not?”

“Because I don’t have boobies yet Daddy, I am still pretty flat; you want to see boobies don’t you? All of the older girls say men like to see girls with boobs.”

“Katie, I love you, and this is your body. I want to see it because it is your body. I will love it no matter what,” I said, and I encouraged her to allow it to drop. She looked at me and let her nightgown slip down her little body, and it slipped down to the floor. She kept her hands in front of her little nipples and looked at me shyly. I pulled her closer and encouraged her to let her hands down so I could see her body. She put her hands down to her tummy, but she kept them there and fidgeted with her fingers looking up at me.

She looked beautiful. Her chest was indeed only showing the faint signs of breast development. Her skin was white, and her nipples were a pale pink. I smiled at her and said, “You’re beautiful Katie.” She smiled, and she kissed me pressing her tight, naked body close to mine, and I wrapped my big arms around her and rubbed her naked back with my hands. I ran my hands up and down her, and she moaned liking the way I rubbed her body. I rubbed her and landed on her panties, and I pulled on them running my hand around the top of them, and she pulled back and looked at me.

“Can I remove your panties Baby?” She nodded, and I gently pulled them down over her narrow hips, and they fell her legs, and she stepped out of them and looked up at me, and she was completely naked. “Can I make you feel good Katie?” I asked, and she nodded and let out a very nervous giggle. I stood up and picked her up and walked around the big bed and then laid her down on the bed with her tiny legs dangling over the edge. She glanced at my cock, and it was completely soft.

I laid her back she looked up at the ceiling and sighed, “Oh Daddy…” and she didn’t look at me. Instead, she lifted her hand to her mouth and bit on the index finger of her right hand and waited for me to do something to her. She had no clue what I was about to do; she just knew it would feel good. I dropped to my knees and spread her legs back towards her chest and spread her wide open and got a first good look at her virgin pussy. I started slow, and I rubbed her pussy crack with my thumb rubbing from the hole to the top.

“Uhhh, oh Gosh!” she said as I touched her. She closed her eyes, and I rubbed her pussy, and it was that moment I decided to lick her pussy. Gently, I pushed her legs even further back I moved my mouth close to her pussy, and with my fingers, I spread her tiny cunt open and got a nice, long look. Her pussy was bulbous. It looked like a ripe peach with no fuzz on it. Her lips were close together and clung closed protecting her womanhood from her father. When I spread her open, I could see her maidenhead. Inside her pussy, it was bright pink and delicate. I moved closer and used my tongue to slice between her tight lips and inside her cunny.

“Oh my Gosh, Daddy ohhhhh…” she moaned feeling me slide my tongue into her. I looked up, and she was staring at me. She smiled at me as I ran my tongue around her tight pussy and she put her hand behind my head pulling me closer and into her. I obliged and spread her lips farther apart and looking up at her I wagged my tongue fast up and down her cunt lips. Her pussy juices were already flowing; she was already moist from all of the activities we were doing. She was very turned on. She tasted sweet, and it made me hungry for more. I decided I needed to find her clitoris. I moved higher and spread her pussy open at the top, and I didn’t see anything. However, when I shoved my tongue into the crack of her pussy as deep as I could she moaned, and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. I assumed I was close. I rubbed it with my finger in small circles, and she bucked and groaned under my touch. I returned my tongue and used it to get as far in her folds, and when I looked again, the tiny pink nub was visible.

I spread her wide open and ran my tongue from her tiny hole to the engorged hood of my discovery. She was breathing harder and faster, and I knew she was getting close to a nice little cum. I inserted the tip of my finger inside her at the bottom where the hole was, and I rubbed it in and out just inserting the tip while I focused on her clitoris.

“Oh Daddy, Ohhh Daddy, you’re making me feel so goooood, uh, uh, uh oh Daddy!” she moaned as I licked and sucked her clit and had now more than just the tip of my finger inside her. “Dadddyyyyyy!” she cried again and pulled me into her pussy and came bucking and squeezing my head between her thighs. At that point, I removed my finger and replaced it with my mouth. She bucked and came, and the entire time her eyes were shut tight. “Uhhhh, yesss, uhhh Daddy!” she moaned and then she pushed my mouth away from her pussy. She gasped and tried to catch her breath, and I licked the remaining juices off my mouth and lips with my tongue.

When she recovered, she sat up and pulled my face up to hers planting her feet on the floor and kissing me. I remained on my knees in front of her, and she said, “Oh God, Daddy, you made me cum so hard!” We kissed again, and she tasted herself on my lips this time and asked, “Is that what I taste like Daddy?”

I nodded and said, “Yes, Baby. You are delicious.”

She kissed me again tasting herself again and agreed, “I do taste wonderful don’t I Daddy?” I nodded, and I stood up, and she looked at my cock again, and she smiled saying, “Daddy, you’re all big and hard again! Can I suck it again?”

I smiled at her, but I had different plans. I wanted to fuck my daughter, but I didn’t know if saying it to her would scare her off. So I said, “I want to rub my cock all over your pussy Baby.”

That is when she said something that shook me at the core. “But Daddy, don’t you want to fuck me?” Crash, boob, bang! I was shocked my 12-year-old virgin daughter was surprised I was not asking to fuck her. I mean holy crap! She obviously knew why we went on the trip. She was now encouraging me to take her cherry.

“Well, yes honey, I do. But are you sure that’s what you want? I mean that’s one bell I can’t un-ring!” she looked at me and obviously didn’t understand. “I’m sorry, honey, what I meant to say is that if I fuck you, you will no longer be a virgin. I cannot take it back no matter what…” I said.

She smiled sexily and hugged me. “I would never want you to take it back Daddy; I love you. Go ahead and do it, Daddy, please!”

That was all the consent I needed. “Okay Katie, it will hurt when I put it inside, but then once you get used to it, it will feel better and there will be some blood. Are you sure you’re ready Baby?” She nodded and hugged me one more time. I pushed her back towards the bed, and she sat down on it again, and I stood up and climbed on the bed with her. I placed her in the middle of the bed, and I laid next to her and spooned her. She looked over her shoulder at me as I began rubbing her body. I started on her tiny chest, I felt her little nipples, and she reached back kissing me as I twisted her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. It got hard under my touch, and she moaned as I played with it. I moved to the other one and did the same thing. She laid next to me with her eyes closed loving my touch.

I slid my hand down her tight tummy, and she opened her eyes looking at me again as I reached her pussy. She opened her legs for me, and I slid my fingers into her pussy. “Ohhh,” she moaned as I began playing with her pussy again. I found her clit this time easier, this time she moaned louder when I rubbed her there encouraging me to move deeper. Her pussy was soaked, I used the juice from her pussy to lube my fingers, and I rubbed my index finger into her pussy hole, and she groaned again and pulled me close again, and we kissed. “Yes, Daddy,” she said and closed her eyes feeling my finger enter her. I bumped up to her maidenhead feeling the barrier. I poked it, and she felt it, “Oh!”

I decided to make my move. I got up from behind her and moved on top of her, she rolled on her back side and faced me as I moved into position. I spread her legs and moved between them, and she watched me. I grabbed my hard, drooling cock and aimed it at her tight pussy. I rubbed the head between her lips rubbing my slippery pre-cum on her lips getting them even wetter than they were.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, do it!” she said, and with that, I pushed my cock further inside, and soon with the head of my cock wedged between her lips. I leaned down and put my arm around her and left my free hand holding my cock and I kissed her. She smiled, and I pushed. Her pussy was so wet, so hot and when I entered her, she cried out in pain feeling me rip through her cherry. “Ah!”

I stopped and looked down; I had about 3 inches of my cock inside her now. She was gasping for air, and while her eyes tightly shut as she got used to the invader inside her pussy. Still looking at her pussy, I pulled out until only the head was still inside and I saw the bright crimson color on my stiff dick showing that her cherry was indeed gone. I laid on top of her and pulled my arm from behind her shoulders and hooked my arms under her shoulders and pulling down on her shoulders keeping her secure. Once she opened her eyes, she looked at me and smiled.

“Oh Daddy, we did it!”

“Un huh, are you ready to fuck?” I asked, and she nodded, and I started fucking her. Slowly at first, I rubbed my cock in and out of her pussy. She looked up at me and kissed me again, and I steadily fucked my daughter, and she chased my tongue around my mouth and moaned. She pulled her legs up along my sides and gave me better access. Then she hooked her legs around my body and started pulling me deeper into her body as I proceeded to fuck her. “Oh Baby, your pussy feels amazing!”

“Oh Daddy, you are huge, I want it all inside me, Daddy!” This was the reason why I felt like the room, or whatever it was that lured men her and allowed them to fuck their daughter was influencing my innocent daughter. I would never have thought she would be this way.

“Yes, Katie. I am fucking you now. But now I want you to be able to cum with me. Can you cum with me, Baby?” I said as I slowly fucked my little imp.

She nodded and pulled me deep. “Yes Daddy, I’m yours!” I fucked her deeper but still kept it gentle. Her eyes closed, and she pulled me closer, and our flesh rubbed together in a sweet, sweaty mess. The only sound in the room was the sound of flesh slapping together. My cock plunged into her, and we kissed. “Uhhhh…” she moaned into my mouth, and I felt the beginning of an orgasm.

“Katie, I’m going to cum soon,” I said, and she released me a little, and I sat up higher and fucked her as hard as I dared.

She looked up at me and watched me fucking her, and she unhooked her legs from behind me, and she put her legs up against my chest, and I pulled them over my shoulders. I fucked her completely, and she headed to another orgasm.

“Fuck me, fuck me, Daddy!” That was all it took. I blasted inside her cumming violently filling her pussy with cum. Once she felt me spurting inside her pussy, her eyes opened wide, and she gasped, groaned, and her eyes rolled back, and she shuddered as she came on my fucking cock. “Ohhh Daddy!” I collapsed on top of my daughter and laid on top of her as we both gasped and caught our breath. My cock remained inside her, and it felt amazing. We were closer than any parent should be with his daughter, but it was the most mindblowing thing I’d ever experienced.

Chapter Three

We slept all night; it was the best night of sleep I’d ever had before. I woke up, and I was spooning my sexy daughter, it was then I remembered what happened in that room the night before. My cock lay behind her ass as she slept. It moved as it began to come back to life just thinking about fucking her the night before. We were under the blankets, and I pulled them down exposing her flawless flesh. I ran my hand up to her chest, and I played with her nipples, which made her move and she moaned.

“Uhhh,” she groaned, and I hugged her sweetly when there was a knock at the door. I freaked out, thinking I was going to get busted after fucking my daughter. I thought about the reality of being arrested. My heart beat faster as they knocked a second time.

“Room Service!” they said, and my heart skipped a beat. It was the meal we filled out the card for the night before. I tossed the blanket over my daughter, and she woke up and stayed under the covers peeking out and watching as I quickly dressed in a robe that was at the foot of the bed.

“I’m coming!” I said and went to the main room letting in the patient waiter.

He smiled and said, “Good morning sir, I assume your night was pleasant?” I nodded, and he set the table up in front of the bed and pulled a chair from the desk that was in the room, and he went to the bathroom and took a chair from there and made quite a lovely presentation for breakfast. He showed me what we ordered by taking the covers off the plates then he took a single red rose off the table and handed it to me; much the way a magician would do it and I chuckled and smiled. “For your mistress!” he said, and I took it and went to my pants and fished out my money clip and peeled another $20 bill off and handed it to the man.

He clicked his heels and turned and left the room quickly. I took the rose and went back into the bedroom, and Katie sat up and smiled seeing me bring her a rose. The blankets fell showing me her naked body again, and she hugged me, “Oh Daddy, a rose for me?” I hugged her and ran my hands up and down her naked back. She looked at me and said, “Oh Daddy! I love you; I’m happy we made love last night. I hope we can do it again…soon.”

I smiled and said, “Katie, we have another whole day here in the city and another magical evening. We can do whatever it is that we want to do together.”

“Oh wonderful Daddy!” she said, and she kissed me on the cheek and ran to the table set up in the other room. “I’m starving!” she said, and she opened up both plate covers and grabbed a piece of bacon and put it in her mouth. She sat at the table and ate breakfast with me, and she stayed naked the entire time. I love it since I was ogling her goodies.

We ate breakfast and then went to the bathroom together and showered. There was a lot of touching and kissing, and I was hard the entire time. But we wanted to go sightseeing, so we did not let it go farther than that. We got dressed and prepared for the day; she wore a cute pair of tight blue jean capris and a tight top that showed every new curve of her sexy body. We went to the fairy and saw the Statue of Liberty. She sat on my lap the whole time, my cock was hard, and she noticed it right away. She ground her little ass on my cock and smiled knowing people would think it was adorable and not sexual.

When we came back to shore, we went shopping, and I bought her some new cute outfits for home, they were sexy but not sexual, so her mother would just think they were cute on the line of decent. We walked thru Central Park after shopping, and we stopped and sat on a bench watching couples. Some were clearly in love or lust, she held my hand and told me, “Daddy, I wish we could be like that,”

“What do you mean pumpkin?”

“I mean, they are in love, so are we, but we have to hide it, they can walk around New York City holding hands, kissing and no one says anything!”

“We can hold hands, and you can kiss me too Baby, just not like we did last night!” I replied.

“Exactly! It’s okay Daddy, I love you!” she said, and she took my hand again and pulled me up, and we walked the rest of the way to the hotel. We went upstairs and decided to change clothes and go back down to the Square where we found a cheesy pizza joint. We ate pizza together, I drank beer, and she had soda. We were happy together, but she felt torn. She wanted desperately to go back to the room together, but she knew this was our last night in the city too. We were walking in the square, and we saw a sexy woman dressed in a Statue of Liberty outfit, but she was in a bikini showing her big boobs, and her skin covered in green body paint. We watched her as she worked the men in the crowd, occasionally she would flash her tits when they tipped her $20 for a selfie. We walked further, and there was a cowboy dressed only in his tidy white underwear, and she looked at his cock, and she saw the outline of it hiding behind his guitar.

Katie looked up at me when she saw the man’s cock in his underwear, and she hugged me and said, “I can see his thingy Daddy!” The man who was singing and playing his guitar heard her, and he smiled at her then looked at me and we walked past him. We stopped at an ice cream parlor; it was the same one from the night before. She had a fudge Sunday with whipped cream and a cherry. When she brought it back to the table after filling up with nuts and two extra cherries, she sat next to me and fed me a cherry.

“Here Daddy, I figure you liked my cherry so much last night, you would like another one tonight, but I had only one to give you!” she said, and she smiled after I took the cherry plucking it from its stem and taking it in my mouth. She giggled, and I chewed the fruit and swallowed.

We finished playing in the Square, and she was ready to go back to the hotel, and I was too. She took my hand, and we walked past the sideshow that was New York City on a Saturday night, and when we got to the Hotel, the same doorman recognized us and opened the door. Katie did a little curtsy, and he smiled and looked at me and winked. I wondered if he knew what we were about to do. We went into the elevator and pressed the button for the 12th floor, and Katie turned and hugged me.

My cock stiffened, and she looked up at me and said, “I love you, Daddy!”

“I love you too Baby,” I replied, and the door opened on our floor, and we exited the elevator and went to our room.

When we got to the door, Katie turned to me and said, “I want you to carry me, Daddy! Like in the movies, carry me over the…” she said searching for the word.

“Threshold?” I finished for her.

“Yes! The threshold! Like we got married, and I was your wife. I know we can’t get married Daddy, but can we pretend?”

“Yes Baby, we can pretend we got married,” I said, and I swooped her up in my arms, and she hugged me and kissed me on the lips. She giggled and asked, where is the key?”

“In my pocket,” I said looking down at my right pants pocket. She smiled and reached down and put her hand in my pocket. She fished around like she was looking for the key finding my hard cock instead.

“Oh, is this the key Daddy? Oh, I don’t think, so it’s way too big…” she said, and she went after the key card and pulled it out of my pants and smiled at me. She inserted the card, and the light switched to green, and I opened the door carrying my Princess into the room. I closed the door, and she wanted down. I let her down, and she ran to the bathroom and looked at me and asked, “Can we use the hot tub Daddy?”

‘Well, it seems kind of silly to get a hotel room for the weekend with my sexy daughter and not at least try out the hot tub doesn’t it?”

“Yes!” she said, and she started stripping out of her clothes immediately. I watched as she tossed her clothes on the floor and soon she was naked. She walked over to me, and she tugged at my belt and once she had it unbuckled she pulled off my pants and boxers. She looked at my hard cock and smiled saying, “This is going to be fun Daddy!” I removed my shirt, and soon we were both naked. She pulled me towards the hot tub, and she climbed in, and I followed.

Once we were inside, she found the controls and turned it on, and the jets came alive. She found a jet and put it on her back and moaned enjoying the feeling of the jets on her back. We relaxed together then she decided to stand up. I wasn’t sure what she was doing, but then she stood on the seat, and she turned and asked me, “Daddy, help me!” I stood up and waited for instructions. “I want to put my pussy on the jet Daddy!” she said, and she laid back in my chest, and I held her, and she put her legs up on the side of the tub and aimed her little pussy right to the powerful jet. “Ohhh!” she moaned, and she let the water pulse over her pussy. “I like that Daddy!” she said.

I moved around in the large tub, and I held her up with my left hand and guided her to a position with her pussy hovering about two or three inches in front of the jet and her legs over the side of the tub. She looked at me and reached down with her hands and began spreading herself open. She loved the feeling of her pussy massaged by the powerful jets of the tub. She’d done something similar one time in her parent’s tub at her house when they went out on a date. She snuck into their bathroom wanting to try out the cool bathtub. Eventually that night, she aimed the jets at her pussy because they made her pussy come alive. She came hard and long.

I ran my hands over her chest enjoying the little titty bumps that she had. She moaned as I rubbed them making me want to rub them harder. She closed her eyes; her breathing quickened, she headed to another good cum.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, ohhh, so good, yeah, yeah, yeah, Oh I’m cumming!” she cried out as she bucked and flexed her tight body as I held her up floating on top of the water. Finally, after about a minute of cumming, she looked up at me. “That was really good Daddy!” she cooed, and I smiled and gently, I moved her away from the powerful jet and floated her over around the hot tub until she put her arms over the side of the tub holding herself up as she continued to float on top of the bubbling water.

I moved down and sat on the seat and looked at her as I guided her into position. I was still too high to be where I wanted to be. I knelt on the bottom of the middle of the tub and moved between her long, sexy legs. She put her legs over my shoulders, and I moved in and put my mouth on her pussy and started to suck her lips into my mouth.

“Oh God, Daddy yes!” she moaned and watched me as I licked her pussy with passion. I loved my daughter, and I wanted nothing more than to make her feel great. I sucked her pussy and found her clit at the top; she moaned when I found it and grabbed my hair pulling me deeper into her when I did. “Oh, yes!” she said, and I focused all of my attention on making her cum again. I wanted her completely relaxed to execute my plan for the evening.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Daddy! Oh, Daddy! You are making me… making me… Ahhhhh! She cried as she came wrapping her legs around my head pulling me tight in her grip not wanting to let me go. She panted and breathed so fast. She came so hard, harder than she had so far. I figured she was ready to give me what I wanted now. We relaxed in the tub, and when she regained her composure, we climbed out of the tub and dried each other off and headed back to the main room, and we sat on the sofa. I remained naked, and she had a towel wrapped around her but only at the waist. I took drinks out of the mini bar; I took a couple of small bottles of Jack and a Coke. I poured one for myself and gave the remainder of the coke to Katie who took a sip.

“What’s next Daddy?” she asked taking another sip and putting the coke down.

“What would you like to be next?” I asked.

She giggled and looked at the big windows and then back to me. “Tell me what you want honey, and we will do whatever you wish.”

“I want to suck your cock in front of the big windows Daddy!” she said raising the soda can up to her lips and taking another drink.

“The bellman said that it was privacy film on the windows, but did you know if you have lights on in the room anyone who is looking inside can see everything we are doing?”

“OMG Daddy, really?” she said blushing.

“They can see me sitting in here topless and you naked Daddy?”

“Uh huh, they sure can sweetie. Probably, some of the best views of the city will come from this room tonight.” I said, and she smiled and turned on the light next to her. “Let’s go Daddy!” she said, and she pulled me up and off the sofa and led me to the windows. Once we were next to them, she moved, so I was next to the biggest window and knelt on the plush, white carpet and looked up at me. “Can I Daddy?” I nodded, and she looked out the window and down at the busy street below. She also looked across, and the hotel across the street had several rooms that were lit up, and as I said, you could see into the rooms. A couple of the rooms had the curtains open, but the lights were off. Anyone in those rooms would be able to see all with us unable to see inside. She didn’t see anyone looking, but the thought that anyone could see us through the glass made her pussy start dripping with pussy juice.

She looked back up at me and moved into her position in front of my cock. She grabbed it in her hands and pumped it up and down making me feel great. “Ohhh, fuck yeah Baby, suck it!” I said, and she looked up at me and put it inside her hot, wet mouth. “Uhhhh,” I groaned.

She sucked my meat as far inside her mouth as she could, but I wanted more. I reached behind her head, and she looked up at me, and I pulled her further down on my cock. I felt the back of her throat, and she gagged pulling off me and looking up.

“Daddy! You’ll make me choke!” she said.

“Just relax your throat Baby, it’ll feel really good if you can fit me all the way in your mouth and throat.”

“All the way? Daddy, you’re crazy, your cock is way too big for me… But I’ll try my best!!!” she said, and she put it back inside her mouth. I let her do it her way for a while, I looked out the window and saw several dark windows and my cock swelled larger as I imagined men looking out their window and seeing my sexy 12-year-old daughter sucking my cock.

Looking down at her, she sucked more of my cock than she was before. She hit the back of her mouth at the entry to her throat, and she worked with my cock entering her tight throat slowly. She started getting used to my cock in her throat, and I pulled and pushed her back and forth on my hard dick. Her towel tied at her waist lost its knot, and while she was on her knees, it fell to the floor. She didn’t even notice. She continued to suck my cock deep into her mouth, and soon she was taking more than half of my eight-inch long cock like a pro.

I pulled my cock from her mouth with a pop, and she looked up at me and whined. “Don’t move, I’ll be right back!” I ran to the bedroom and grabbed a tube of lube I brought with us hoping to be able to use it. I walked quickly back with my cock bobbing up and down. She smiled as she watched her new favorite plaything coming back to her. I put it back within her reach, and she went down on my cock again, this time even further.

“Uhhhh, fuck!” I said, and she pulled off my cock and looked at me.

“Oh yes, I’d love to Daddy!” she said returning to my cock and going down as far as she dared. Previously she used her hands in front of her mouth sucking it but leaving most of it outside her mouth. Suddenly she changed what she was doing. She removed first one, then both hands from her grip and looking up at me as she bobbed up and down on it, she gulped as she hit the back of her throat and that helped her take even more. Her big beautiful eyes were fresh with tears from her gagging; she looked up at me taking my cock as deep as she could. The room filled with her fantastic cock sucking sounds it was amazing.

I knew if I let her continue, I would be filling her delicious mouth with my incestuous seed in no time. I pulled her off my cock and again, she whined. “I thought my little girl wanted to get fucked?” I asked.

She stood up and clapped saying, “Oh goodie! Yes fuck me Daddy!” and she turned around and put her hands on the glass, bent at the waist and looked back at me inviting me to slide it inside right in front of the window.

“Oh Baby, you look so good like that, but I have an idea,” I said, and I got on my knees behind her pulling her down to her hands and knees before me. She looked back at me and smiled as I took the lube out and opened it and rubbed it all over my cock. Then I put it just over her tiny white ass dropping a large dollop on her itty bitty pink asshole. She looked at me when it landed on her asshole; she had no idea what I was planning. Using my finger, I rubbed the lubricant on her asshole, and she looked at me seeming to enjoy my touch.

“What are you doing Daddy?” she asked moaning as I rubbed.

“Daddy is going to put it in your little ass!” I said, and when I said ass, I inserted my finger into her.

“Uh, Daddy! Will it fit?” she asked, and I started adding more lube and finger her tight, little ass.

“Of course, trust Daddy, it’ll feel better than anything,” I said, and soon I was shoving two fingers inside her tight ass. Closing her eyes, she pressed against the glass harder with her hands, and she spread her legs wider for me.

“Daddy! Uh, uh, Oh Daddy! Someone is watching us!” she said, and I looked up, and she pointed to a window that was dark, but you could see a man clearly standing next to the window watching us. He stood there locked to our window, and although we couldn’t see him, we could see a dark outline. I thought I could see him stroking off.

“I think he’s jerking off honey! It’s hard to see, but I think he is jerking off watching me as I get ready to fuck you in the ass! Let’s give him a good show!” I said, and she turned to me nodded and I turned her to her right and lined her up to give him a better vantage point. He could then see her pussy and ass and not sure if he could tell I was fingering her ass, but he could tell I was fingering her for sure. I moved in behind her, and she looked over her shoulder, pulled all of her hair off her back and over her shoulder and waited for me to penetrate her.

“Please Daddy, hurry!” she said, and I wasted no more time, and I pressed my hard cock under her rubbing it along her pussy. “But Daddy, you said…” I hushed her.

“Just getting some of your pussy juices to make it even slicker!” I said, and she closed her eyes feeling me rubbing her cunt. Once ready, I put it at the puckered entrance of her asshole and pushed. She waited no longer to have me inside her.

“Oh! Yeah, Daddy!” she moaned and with her eyes closed tightly shut she lowered her face to the floor exposing her ass in the perfect position completely bent over and arched to the sky. Reaching back, she used both hands to spread herself wide open and as soon as she spread herself wider, I slid another inch or two inside my lovely daughter with a grunt. “Ugh!” she moaned feeling more of my cock inside her. “More Daddy, more!” she begged. Again I got the feeling that someone or something was making her say these things. I felt like she was dirtier and naughtier than she would be on her own. I was fucking her now, sliding it all the way out then plunging about ¾ of my 8 inches in and out of her tight ass. I was even deeper inside her ass than I imagined, she took all of my cock inside her pussy when I came, and I hoped that when I came inside her ass, she would be able to take me completely here too.

Katie had forgotten all about our voyeur and honestly I was so enthralled with fucking Katie I had too. Soon I was fucking her hard as I pleased and she had several orgasms as we fucked. I didn’t have to tell her to rub her pussy and clit; she slid her hand down between her legs after she released her ass spreading it for me, and soon she rubbed her little pussy making her feel better and soon after she started cumming. I lost track to how many orgasms she had, and on the way back home the next day I asked her, and she had no idea. I prepared to have my orgasm; I fucked her holding her ass in my hands pulling on her hips fucking her desperately. At this point, her face was still on the floor, and she pushed back to match my strokes and I she had fully engulfed my cock in her ass. She headed to what may have been her 10th orgasm, and her asshole gripped my cock as she came, wrenching and pulling on it and that sent me over the edge.

“Oh fuck honey, I am cumming too!” I said. She never said a word, she just grunted and groaned as I felt cum welling up from my balls. I decided I wanted to cum on her face instead of cumming in her ass. So when I was ready, I pulled out and crawled over to her face, and she looked up at me and instinctively looked up at me and watched as I started squirting my juice all over her pretty face. Without question, I cover her face with jizz, and she kept her eyes open allowing me to cover her face with it. She looked very sexy, kneeling there in front of the big floor to ceiling windows covered in jizz. I was completely spent, I leaned over on the cool glass, and the feeling of the cool glass on my back brought me back to reality.

I looked over at the window where I saw the silhouette jerking off, and the room was empty, but there was a light on in the room now. I looked closer, and I saw something on the window where the man was standing. I looked closer, and when I was able to focus in, I saw wheat looked like cum stains on the glass close to where the figure stood previously. Katie, look at that! In the window with a light on, do you see it? There was a man standing in the dark before, and he was jerking off next to the window. He watched us fucking, and he was jerking off, and we made him cum!” She looked at me and smiled.

“That’s funny Daddy!” she said, and she stood up and held out her little hand and helped me up. Once I was standing, she pulled me to the bedroom and back into the hot tub we went. We washed up in the tub and relaxed.


That night, we fucked one more time and the next morning after another breakfast in our room she sucked my cock until it was hard and we fucked one more time for good measure. We were on the flight home when she leaned over to my ear and asked, “Daddy, can we still have sex when we go home?”

My cock stiffened as I looked at my not so innocent daughter. I was very pleased. “Well honey, that is up to you. I told you I wanted to take you on a very special trip so we could bond. We did that but if you want to we can do it sure! We have to be careful though. Your mother would never understand. She and her father were not as close as the two of us have become,” I said.

“I love you Daddy!” she said and she hugged me and I had a hard on for the remainder of the flight.

Weeks went by at home and all I could think about was my weekend with Katie, but we just never had any opportunities to be together. Her mother was hoarding her and I think she got a little jealous. But the day finally came when Katie was supposed to come over for a visit. I went to her Mother’s home and when I pulled up and honked she came out right away. She was dressed in a cute little yellow dress with little white socks and matching white shoes. She ran to the car and jumped in giving me a big hug.

“What are we doing tonight Daddy?” she asked as she buckled up and looked at me with a sweet expression.

“Well honey, I thought we could pick up pizza on the way home and then we could spend a nice evening at home just you and me how does that sound?”

“Yeah!” she said clapping and smiling. “That sounds amazing Daddy! Let’s go!”

We stopped by the local pizza to go place near the house and ordered her favorite. She sat on my lap as we waited for the pizza and I immediately got a hard on. She noticed immediately and rubbed her ass on it a couple times, but she was very cautious. We got our pizza and she carried it to the car, I opened the door and she looked at my cock as the moved past me and smiled.

“We are going to have fun tonight, aren’t we Daddy?” she said flirtatiously.

“Yes, we are honey. Yes we are…”

It was then I knew that while the room opened Katie up to the world of sexual desire of her father, she was now doing it all on her own and that made me very happy.



A pretty good story. I would have liked to see an epilog to wrap up

the story. Things like how the rest of the weekend went, did he do her

anal? Did they remain lovers after going home? That sort of thing.

But thanks for the nice story.


Great story wish there were pictures with it


This reminds me of the 6 or 7 years my sister and I fucked was so

much fun. but when the dog got in on the fun it got real nastie!


I would love to hear about it.


Nice story thanks. Keep writing.


Incredibly stimulating. Thank you very much. Really, really enjoyed

it. And give me your honest opinion. I find your writing excellent in

grammar and punctuation. Please keep up the good work.

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