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Spying on Daddy and His Daughter

Mom catches dad having his cock sucked by his little princess and she can't stop watching. She is conflicted because she knows it's wrong but can't stop and starts masturbating. Once she opens her mouth wide and he cums and her innocent daughter swallows it all without complaint, she knows that it is not their first time. She starts watching them together when they think no one is watching. Yes, they are very familiar with each other. While she is only ten, she has him wrapped around her little finger or is it the other way around?

Stu Mead

Chapter 1

Monica is a 30-year-old mother of two daughters and a loving husband. Her oldest daughter’s name is Mandy who is ten-years-old and very cute to the eye. She has shoulder length blonde hair, big blue eyes and a smile that just makes her mother’s heart melt. Her youngest daughter, Rebecca but they call her Becky, looks just like her sister just a shorter and sassier version. Her hair is cut shorter ¬into a bob and both girls are the apples of their father’s eyes.

Mandy has been cuddling more with her father in the living room and they have grown quite close. This made Monica kind of jealous knowing that she was no longer the only girl in Mike’s eyes, even though she was more than willing to share him with her daughters she just had no idea how much she would be required to share.

One night, she woke up in the middle of the night and Mike’s side of the bed was empty. She figured he might have gone to the kitchen to get a drink of water. He was a hot sleeper and frequently needed liquids at night. So she went towards the kitchen and he was not there. The girls both had their own bedrooms and they were on the opposite side of the house from her bedroom and that was by design. Monica was always very loud when having sex and they wanted the privacy for their marriage.

The only place left to look was the girl’s rooms so she headed down the hall looking; not sure what she would find. First was Becky’s room. She opened the door and peeked inside and she was sound asleep. As she closed the door she heard a noise further down the hall. It was a deep moan. She tiptoed to the door and listened. Another moan came from inside the room and she knew it was Michael. She listened for another minute and she quietly opened the door hoping it would not squeak and she looked inside.

The bed was visible from the door as it opened just an inch and she was shocked at what she saw. Sitting on the edge of the bed was Mike and he was completely naked. Mandy was on her knees in front of her father with her back to the door. Her head was bobbing up and down on her father’s cock. The room was dark, but it was lit fairly well by the Princess night-light that was next to her bed. Monica could not see her daughter’s face but Mike was watching her suck his cock with his hand behind her head managing her head movements as she sucked him.

Mike has a pretty big cock and she was not sure how much she was taking of it but she was sure making him feel good. His sounds were familiar and she knew he would cum soon. She was shocked and conflicted. She could not believe that her husband of ten years was letting his little girl suck his cock. She knew how wrong it was and she knew she should be going to the phone and picking it up and calling the police.

However, she did not move. She was pinned to the crack in the door watching her suck his cock knowing he would cum soon and she did nothing to stop it. In fact, her pussy was soaking wet and she was so turned on by what she was watching. Instead of stopping him from molesting her oldest daughter, she slid her hand into her pussy that was naked under her tee shirt and she rubbed her cunt making her close her eyes.

“Ohhhh baby, here cums daddy!” he said quietly and then he groaned and he pulled her head into his crotch obviously cumming deep inside her mouth. “Ohhhhh yes! Swallow it all baby!” He said as she swallowed his seed in her young, experienced mouth. Monica was so excited she came right there in the hallway and squeezed her hand between her legs and muffled her cries as she did. She quietly closed the door and tiptoed down the hallway and headed back to her room.

She climbed under the covers and acted like she was asleep. Her husband came back to the room moments later and she felt him lay next to her. She acted like he woke her up and she rolled over and kissed her depraved husband and he kissed her back. She pulled him over on top of her and gently pushed him down to her soaking wet pussy. Once there he noticed how wet she was and said, “Nice dream babe?” Then he sank his tongue deep inside her cunt and began licking her hot wet pussy. He lapped up the juices trapped inside her and enjoyed the flavor of his wife’s pussy as he licked her to a fast orgasm. She came quickly as she thought about what she had just done to his daughter. Once she came she pulled him to her face kissing him deeply enjoying the flavor of her on his lips while she wondered if he had licked his daughter’s pussy.

She groaned as they kissed and she sat up and turned onto her hands and knees in front of her handsome husband and wagged her hot pussy in front of him and said, “I want you to fuck me.” Normally, she was not very aggressive like that; usually, she was quite reserved and never talked dirty. He welcomed the change.

“Oh yeah, How bad do you want my cock?” he replied.

“I really want it. Fuck me…fuck me like you’ve always wanted to fuck me, baby. Let go and use me.” She said as she found his cock and pulled it to her pussy and lined it up. He sank inside her and then fucked her in and out a few strokes, getting it nice and wet then he stopped and pulled it out of her cunt. Monica looked over her shoulder and gave him a funny look.

He smiled and said, “If you are serious, I’ve always wanted to fuck you in the ass. So I’m fucking your tight asshole.”

“Oh honey, you know I don’t like that.”

“Tough… You said fuck me like I wanted so get ready baby.” He rubbed his hard cock against the tight pink hole. He spits on her rosebud and then pushed the head inside her in one swift movement. She gasped as he entered her unsure if she should let him do this. But she was so turned on she just spread her legs wider for him and moved her hands behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart and buried her face in the mattress and decided to make the best of it.

She did not like anal sex, but they only tried it once when they were first married. She closed her eyes and imagined that it was his daughter he was fucking in the ass right now and that made her feel unbelievably excited. In her mind, she swapped places with her tiny daughter and she was the daughter now and he was taking her anal cherry. She felt better now, the size of his cock while huge was sliding about halfway inside her anus and reaching depths she never thought he would be able to before. Mike was amazed she was letting him take her like this but her ass was amazingly tight and he had more than half of his cock inside her.

He moved her hand from her cheeks to inside her wet thighs and motioned for her to rub her own pussy. She did as he directed her and that made her even more excited as she found her clitty and began frigging it wildly and made her feel even more amazing. Her eyes were closed and she rubbed herself and Mike dove deeper inside her tight ass forcing all of his eight-inch cock deep inside his hot wife’s bowels. He grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard as he dared taking all of her, as bottoming out with is big balls slapping against her pussy lips.

She really loved it now and she moaned loudly as he fucked her ass making her cum as she rubbed her clit. “Ohhhhhhh fuck me! Yes, honey, I love it! Ah, ah, ah, ohhhhh cumming!” she cried as she came around his pounding cock.

Mike pounded his cock deep into her ass and felt ready to cum again so soon as he fucked her deeply. Her spasms around his cock by her sphincter made him cum again, but this time instead of down his daughter’s throat he was cumming in his beautiful wife’s asshole. He was in heaven as squirt after squirt shot deep inside her and he slowed then rubbed her ass cheeks as he finished cumming inside her. He collapsed on top of her with his cock buried completely inside her. She gasped and reached over her shoulder and kissed him.

He lay behind her and she moved so he was on her side and his softening cock slipped out of her ass and they both caught their breath. “That was amazing,” Monica said as the looked at him loving the new naughty behavior.

Chapter 2

The next morning Monica was up first as she made breakfast for the family. Becky was the first one up. She came into the kitchen and her hair was messy as usual and her long white nightdress reached almost to the floor. She sat down and ate her normal breakfast, which was cheerios and milk. Next was her sister. She was dressed in a tee shirt that was not nearly long enough to cover her panties. Her clean white panties had little faeries on them and her hair was also quite messy.

Her favorite was scrambled eggs with cheese. She now ate next to her sister and then their father came in. He went to Monica first and they kissed and he grabbed her big ass right in front of the children. She smiled and then he went to the table and sat between his daughters. She paid special attention to Michael and Mandy. She noticed a few awkward glances and her pussy got wet just thinking about the night before. She was sure it was not the first time they were together. She was sucking his cock like she’s done it for a while. He also came in her mouth and she swallowed it down like she was experienced there too. She decided not to say anything, it was Saturday morning and they had a day already planned. She noticed a few things that she never noticed before. Mike and Mandy said they were going to the store together. They had done it lots of times before now she figured why. She was more aware. They were gone longer than she thought it required and wondered if they were doing anything…

After dinner that night they all packed into the living room to watch a movie. Mike and Mandy cuddled on the sofa as usual and Monica and Becky lay together. She had seen this a million times but instead of watching the movie at times she looked out of the corner of her eyes and noticed some unusual movements between them. Her daughter was in front of him and several times she noticed her grind back onto his crotch and push backward obviously pressing against her father’s hard prick.

She got so hot and horny was trembling. They finished watching the movie and they all went to bed. It was becoming more normal to go to bed with the children. She was beginning to understand why. She acted like she fell asleep and she felt Mike nudge her and see if she was asleep. Once he was convinced she was asleep he got out of the big bed and went out the room and closed their door. Monica’s mind raced as she wondered what he was planning that night. She waited about five minutes before she got out of the bed and crept towards her daughter’s bedroom on the opposite side of the home.

Once she got closer to Mandy’s bedroom she heard sounds again but this time they were different. They were higher in pitch and squeakier. She opened the door slightly as she did the night before and she saw the bed again but this time she saw her daughter Mandy on the bed and she was on her hands and knees facing the wall. Her face was buried in the mattress and her father was behind her obviously licking her tiny ass. He had his hands on her butt as he grabbed a cheek in each hand and his mouth was licking and sucking on her rosebud.

Monica again could not see very much as they left the light off and the night light did illuminate the room, but it did not give as much light as she would have liked. He moaned as he licked her tiny ten-year-old asshole and she moaned and squealed as he made her feel really good. He may have also been licking her pussy, that was not clear but he seemed pretty high on her ass like he was paying more attention to her ass then her pussy.

She only saw her daughter’s ass waving in the night and Mike’s head motion. She was getting so turned on she sank her hand into her bald wet pussy as she reached under her nightgown and played with herself again in the hallway. She was braver this time and she was slipping two fingers in and out of herself as she watched. All of the sudden, the door next to her opened and she her youngest daughter was standing at the door with tousled hair rubbing her eyes.

“Hi Mommy!” she said. Monica freaked out and she closed the door much too loud. She scooped her daughter up and went into her bedroom and quieted her down and got into her bed with her so that she would hopefully go back to sleep.

In Mandy’s room, Mandy and her father both heard her sister talking to her mother in the hall and they both heard the door close. Michael told his girl to get dressed and climb back under the covers and go back to sleep. He told her he would find out what was going on and he would take care of everything. He slipped his pajama bottoms on over his hard cock and went back to their room.

About twenty minutes later Monica came back into the bedroom they shared and got back into bed. She said nothing and Michael slid next to her and said, “What happened?”

“Oh, Becky came in and had a bad dream so I took her back to her room and let her go back to sleep. Where were you? I noticed you were not in bed when she came in.”

“You sure? It sounded like you were in the hallway and she noticed you there,” he said.

Monica did not know what to say. He must have figured out she was watching them. She stopped and realized he was trapping her. She should have the upper hand in this conversation, not him.

“Okay, you caught me,” she lied. “She came out of her bedroom and caught me spying on you and Mandy. I was watching you lick your ten-year-old daughter’s ass. I was fingering my cunt as I watched you do it so that makes me as fucked up as you are. Are you happy now?”

“So you liked it? How long have you known about us?”

“I saw her sucking your cock last night and tonight so two nights.” She confessed. How long have you been molesting her?”

“About a month.” He told her as his expression never changed.

“How did it all start?” she asked as she turned and looked at him waiting for him to answer.

“One night you were working late. So I gave the girl’s their bath. I bathed them together and I got excited. I was confused but I was paying special attention to their pussies making sure that they were very clean. That night when I put the girls to bed, I put Becky to bed first, then I went into Mandy’s room and she asked me about the bath. She told me that she liked it when I cleaned her “Down there” and she was hoping I could give her a bath every night. I told her that I liked it very much too and since you were still at work I could play with her pussy again as long as she never told you that I was playing special games with her. She agreed and I had her strip out of her panties and I played with her pussy and made her feel good until she shivered and flexed under my fingers. I assumed that she had an orgasm. I stopped then and we started playing with each other whenever we had the opportunity.”

“Have you fucked her yet?” she asked.

“No, not yet, but she sucks my cock and makes me cum and swallows it all. I lick and suck her pussy until she cums but my fingers never go inside her.”

Monica was stunned. He was admitting to molesting his ten-year-old daughter and had no issues in telling her. “Why are you admitting this to me now?”

“I figured that you knew and if you were going to turn me in, you would have called them by now. I also know now that you found out last night and did nothing. So I ask you, why did you not turn me in?”

“I don’t know, I was confused.” She admitted.

“You were also turned on?”


“Do you want to join in?”

Monica paused a long time and looked away from him and then returned to his gaze and said, “Yes. I do. Does that make me sick and twisted like you?”

“Uh huh,” he said as she shyly looked away from him. It means you and I are more alike than you would like. It means we both want to love our daughter more than most people want to love their children.”

Monica was confused but she didn’t care. She was going to follow his lead anywhere it took her. “So what now?”

“I think I need to go get Mandy and bring her into the room with us.”

Monica looked at him and said, “Okay.”

Michael got up and went to the bedroom of their ten-year-old daughter and brought her into their bedroom. He scooped her up, as she was still asleep. When he brought her into the room still sleeping he laid her on the bed dressed in her tee shirt and panties and she rolled onto her side and continued sleeping.

“Let’s just sleep with her tonight. Just you, our beautiful daughter and me, sleeping in this big old bed and we’ll see what happens…” he said as he removed his pajama bottoms getting naked. He removed Mandy’s tee shirt over her head as she was still sleeping and left her in just her cotton panties. He motioned to Monica and she removed her nightgown and was now as naked as he was. They cuddled in the bed, Mandy on Mike’s left side and her behind him cuddling his naked body with their sexy half naked daughter with them in their bed.

They fell asleep in the large King size bed and Monica had wonderful sexy dreams. The next morning she woke up and heard noises coming from the other side of the bed. She opened her eyes and let her eyes adjust. She focused and now saw her husband on his back naked and Mandy was again sucking his cock. She was kneeling between his open thighs that were cocked slightly with his feet planted on the mattress and she had her hand in front of her open mouth following her as she sucked his cock all the way up and down taking his entire length up and down sucking his dick completely.

“Oh yes baby, suck my meat. Make me come again, I love it when you suck my dick.” He held her hair out of the way so that he and Monica could see her daughter sucking his cock in and out of her hot little mouth. Monica was amazed that the little girl could take everything he had to offer. It took her months to take his cock all the way and she was 19 when they met not ten.

“Oh Daddy, I love it, it tastes so good.” She said as she pulled her mouth off him and pumped his hard cock in her little hands, as she talked dirty to him. “Do you think Mama will wake up soon?”

“Maybe baby, suck it louder!” he replied as he pulled her mouth back onto his cock again and she took him back into her hot wet mouth slurping noisily. She spent the last few weeks sucking her father’s cock not wanting to be noisy at all. So now she sucked as hard as she could make whatever noise she wanted as she sucked him.

Monica watched as she sucked him deep and then she reached up and brushed her long hair out of her face as she sucked him and Mandy stopped and smiled at her. “Mommy!” she cried as she realized her mother was now awake. “I can suck Daddy’s cock now Mommy! I’m a big girl see!”

“Yes you are baby, and you look so beautiful with your father’s cock in your mouth. Does it taste good baby?”

“Uh huh,” she said as she sucked it all the way down making herself choke on it. She lifted up and said, “It’s so good and the stuff that comes out is so yummy Mommy!”

“Oh I know baby, I’ve swallowed it too. Show me how you can make your Daddy cum baby!” she said as she watched her amazed.

“Okay Momma!” she said and she returned to sucking her father’s prick for all she was worth. Monica looked up at her husband and he smiled as she sucked him deep. She was so turned on and his cock looked so big as he let her handle his cock. Monica was sure Mandy had him close to cumming now. She was pumping his cock in and out taking most of it with every stroke.

She watched as he closed his eyes and said, “Okay baby, I’m going to cum soon get ready!” She rose on her knees higher and moved her other hand next to her other one and began pumping his cock with moth hands as he started moaning and she knew he was gonna cum real soon. She was pumping with both hands and then he started spewing his cum blasting it into her open sucking mouth.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” he moaned as he pumped load after load of his hot sticky cum deep into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could swallowing it all. But he still spurted out of her tight lips as she could not keep up with the volume he produced and some of his cum leaked down the shaft. She continued swallowing until he finished cumming. When he was finished she looked up at him and took her mouth off his cock and smiled big at him.

“Did that feel good Daddy?” she asked still pumping his now sensitive cock into her hands.

“Oh yes Mandy that was unbelievable.” He said stroking her long blonde hair and loving her look as she sucked him dry.

“What do you think Mommy? Was I good?”

“Oh yeah babe. You suck your Daddy’s cock like you’ve done it your whole life.” Monica smiled at her young daughter.

“Can I lick you now Mommy? Just like Daddy does to me, I want to make you feel good too!” she said still pumping his wilting cock.

Monica looked at her and smiled and said, “Of course baby…”

Chapter 3

“Yeah!” she said as she got on her hands and knees and moved from between her Daddy’s thighs. Monica was still naked. She spread her legs on the mattress and lay on her back spreading her legs for her daughter.

Mandy moved between her mother’s naked thighs, Monica’s feet were planted on the mattress presenting her bald, soaking wet pussy to her young daughter. “Do you know what to do baby?”

She nodded and moved closer to her mother’s cunt and looked up at her. “I think so, Daddy does this to me and he said just do what he does to me If I got a chance to do this to you Mommy. So I’m gonna do what he did to me!”

Michael looked at me and said, “She’s been wanting to play with you for a while honey.”

“Good!” she said as she spread her eager thighs waiting for Mandy to touch her. Mandy moved closer and looked into her mother’s eyes and then looked at her pussy that was in front of her. She’d never seen one this close and she loved it. It was so different than her father’s cock and it was neat to see what her pussy would look like when she grew up. Monica’s cunt was so wet and she leaned close and inhaled deeply taking in her mother’s scent. It was different than anything she’d ever smelled before. She could see the juices dripping out of her pussy and she leaned in and licked near the juicy hole.

“Ohhhhh shit!” Monica moaned as her daughter’s lips touched her cunt.

Mandy smiled seeing that her Mommy enjoyed her touching her with her tongue. She smiled and went right in and began licking her pussy starting at the bottom. She liked the taste. It was so much different than her Daddy and she only got his juices when he got excited after sucking his cock for a while and then a bunch when he was finished. She loved the flavor of her mother and she stuck her tongue into her scooping up her pussy juices. She watched her mother’s reactions when she did this and her mommy loved that the girl’s eyes were locked on her as she sucked her. It made her feel so naughty seeing only her eyes as she sucked her hot pussy. She put her hand behind the girl’s head pulling her closer and she started rubbing her pussy on her mouth grinding it on her willing pussy lips.

She was making her so horny she was sure she would make her cum very soon. “Oh baby, your mouth feels so good.” She looked at Michael and he was watching intensely as his girl sucked her mother’s pussy. His cock was hard again and he was stroking it. That made it even nastier seeing him masturbating while watching the scene.

He got up off and moved around little Mandy as she ate her mother’s pussy and he peeled her undies off her pussy that were still covering her ass. Mandy lifted up and made it easier for him and he removed them. Then he lay on his back under her tiny bald pussy and positioned his mouth under his daughter’s virgin pussy and began to eat her out. When his lips made contact with her cunt she stopped licking Monica’s pussy and looked down at her father. She smiled and ground her pussy on his mouth and smiled at her mother saying, “Daddy wants to lick me mommy!”

“Uh huh,” Monica said. “Don’t stop licking Mommy baby, I’m so close to cumming!”

“Okay Mommy!” she said as she settled back down on her father’s lips and returned to licking her mother’s pussy rolling her tongue all over her licking up all of the nasty juices. Monica put her hands on both side of her daughter’s face and guided her mouth just where she wanted her to lick her.

She moved her up and had her focus on her large throbbing clit and that made her groan. “Ahhhhhh yes baby, lick my clit!”

Mandy did and within seconds had her mommy panting and gasping for air as she brought her closer and closer to a big orgasm. Mandy also enjoyed the feelings her daddy was giving to her and that made her gasp and moan as well. Her mother came and pulled her face deeply into her pussy as it she came. She was not able to breathe and she pulled her deep into her and cried as she came. Her body convulsed and she also came by her father’s wriggling tongue that never once stopped teasing her tiny hole and little clit. She ground her pussy on top of his rough chin.

Mike straightened up and guided his girls around the bed getting them right where he wanted them. His big cock was drooling and arching and he needed to fuck. He put Mandy at the top of the bed on her back and positioned his beautiful wife in front of her. “Lick her cunt while I fuck you honey!” he said and Monica smiled and wasted no time moving in and covering her ten-year-old pussy with her mouth. Mandy guided her mommy’s mouth where she wanted it and she spread wide and pulled her mother’s head closer into her tiny bald twat.

“Oh mommy, lick me!”

Michael did not hesitate; he dropped his mouth to her tasty asshole and began licking and sucking making sure to get it nice and wet as he prepared to fuck her. Once she was soaking wet and ready for him he positioned his hard cock against her tight pink asshole and pushed. He loved fucking her in the ass the day before and he knew she loved it too.

Mandy watched him as he slid his cock into her mommy. Her daddy had talked to her about where his penis goes I the girl, but she did not realize he was entering her ass.

“Oh yeah Michael, fuck my ass again honey!” Monica said pulling her mouth off her daughter’s pussy just for a moment then back she went attacking her cunny.

“Why is it in your butt Mommy?” the precious girl asked as her mother licked her tiny twat.

“Your father really knows how to fuck my ass baby girl. He knows just how to fuck it without making me hurt, so I let him put it anywhere he wants.” She said and returned to sucking her cunny adding her fingers to stroke her tiny pink pussy and clit.

“Oh yes, I like it when he licks my butt mommy!” With that she pushed her daughter’s legs up and against her shoulders exposing her tiny pink ass and she immediately began to lick and suck her asshole. “Ohhhhhh mommy! That feels so good!”

Monica shoved her hot wet tongue deep inside her little ass getting about an inch of her tongue pushing into her. She was so turned on and her husband’s ass fucking made her feel so fucking naughty. She tongue fucked her and spread her ass wider and then she inserted the tip of her finger into her. Mandy gasped as she did so but she did not pull away. So she continued fingering the girl’s ass as she got pounded from behind.

Mandy watched her daddy fucking her mommy and she pulled her own legs back wider as her mommy played with her tiny asshole. “More mommy, put more inside. Monica smiled and soon she had half of her index finger sliding in and out of her tiny hole. She licked her cunny and clit as she fingered the girl and soon she had most of the finger sliding in and out of her while she gasped and panted getting the first true feelings of being fucked as a little girl.

Monica knew her husband was very close. He was fucking her hard now and his cock was very swollen and hard as he fucked her. He grabbed her big hips fucking hard as he watched her finger fuck their daughter’s tiny asshole. “Oh baby, get ready for it. Do you want to take Daddy’s cum baby?”

Mandy nodded and her father pulled out of her mommy’s soiled asshole and moved in front of her and he slid his dirty cock into her mouth and came inside it. She swallowed as fast as she could and she took all he had to give her. Monica continued fingering her ass and then when he was finished cumming she rose up and kissed him and her daughter finished extracting all of his juice from his spurting cock. It was so fucking dirty feeding her cum from his cock that was just in her mother’s asshole.

“Daddy, can you do that to me next?”

Chapter 4

Mandy’s father was shocked and amazed hearing his ten-year-old daughter ask if he would fuck her in the ass. However no matter how much he wanted to fuck her tiny asshole; the reality was that he had just cum twice. That was a lot of cumming for most men and he knew he could recover but not right away.

“I’m not going to be able to do that right now Mandy no matter how much I would like to. Remember the first time you sucked my cock? You loved it so much and you wanted me to give you more. Remember honey?”

She nodded and looked at her mother saying, “Yeah it was so yummy!”

“Why don’t we get up and get dressed so we can have breakfast? We have all the time in the world to play with each other and your sister will be up soon. Remember that she does not know we are doing this so don’t tell her about it. She just would not understand.”

“Okay Daddy!” she said as she put her panties and tee shirt on and ran out of the room.

Monica got up and kissed her husband and said, “We need to get Rebecca in on this too. I mean she’s only eight-years-old but we can all have so much fun together.”

“I’m game!” he replied and they got up and walked into the shower.

That morning, we went downstairs and Monica and Mike discussed how they thought they should try to get Becky involved. It was decided that since he already seduced Mandy that it was only fair that Monica be the one who would have the first crack at her. She paid more attention to her than normal that day. Mike noticed and so did Mandy. Mike walked past Becky’s room and Monica was sitting on the foot of her bed and Becky was sitting in a tiny chair between her legs and she brushed her long, blonde hair. Becky was just as beautiful as her older sister, she had long blonde hair too and a beautiful face. Mike admired her as he watched her groom Becky and his cock moved in his pants. She was braiding her hair and she looked as beautiful as ever.

After they went to the mall together. Monica knew nothing was better for a young girl than buying new clothes. They went to a specialty shop that specialized in sweet clothes for young girls and they took several outfits in the changing room and no one even looked twice at them as they went in together. She took the first outfit that was a yellow dress and put it on the hanger next to the bench and she looked at Becky and said, “Okay, let’s get you undressed.”

“Okay Mommy,” she said and she put her hands over her head and her mother pulled the tee shirt she wore over her head exposing her tiny, flat chest to her mother’s now lustful gaze. Then she unbuttoned the jean shorts she had on and wriggled her hips and they fell to the floor and she looked at her mother and smiled only in little white panties.

“You are so beautiful sweetie,” she said and she pulled her closer to her and hugged the nearly naked 8-year-old. She pushed her back and admired her flawless skin, her tiny pink nipples and her bald pussy that was hidden only by the thin white panties with little pink hearts on them. Monica’s pussy heated up as she looked at her daughter, she knew it was wrong to lust after her like this but all she could think about was how sweet her tiny cunt tasted and she longed to hear the sounds of pleasure to be made by her youngest daughter.

She put the dresses on her and they both liked all of the outfits they chose, but they narrowed it down to one and Becky picked the little pink, one piece dress that she liked the most. They paid for the outfit and left the store. Monica was very aroused and she could not wait to see Becky naked again. That night after dinner, Mike and Mandy agreed to do the dishes so Becky could take a bath. Monica wanted to wash her hair and give it a treatment which she did for the girls on occasion. That would mean that she would be in with her at bath time for quite a while and Mike knew that.

Monica walked into the girl’s bathroom with her and she plugged the drain and started running the bath. While that filled up and she sat on the toilet, she turned and looked at Becky. Her hair was still in a braid so she turned her around and untied her hair and pulled it all loose. She took a brush and combed her hair again making sure it was not knotted and ready to be washed. Then she turned her around again and undressed her, but this time when she got her down to her panties, she pulled them down and leaning down to take them off, she was inches from her tiny, bald pussy and she inhaled. She smelled delightful.

She pulled her close again and hugged her. She ran her hands up and down her daughter’s naked back and that tickled her. She giggled and wriggled away. Then she tested the water and got in the tub. She loved bath time. Monica proceeded to wash her hair and then rinse it. Once it was clean she put in the oil treatment and that was the thing that took time, her long blonde hair was covered in the hot oily treatment and she would wait 15 minutes until she could rinse out. Usually, that was when she would leave and Becky would play in the tub knowing not to get her hair wet. But tonight she had different plans.

“Okay Becky, we have to wait for the treatment to set so 15 minutes,” she said and Becky nodded knowing the drill. But tonight I want to talk to you okay?”

“Yes Mommy!” she said and sat in the warm bath on her knees and she turned and looked at her mother. Monica’s cunt was on fire and she had to find the words that would allow her daughter to touch her the way she wanted to.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, father and daughter were finishing up with the dishes and he closed the dishwasher and set it to run. Mandy hopped over and hung the towel she was using to dry the counters and she looked at him in a sexy way and said, “Can we play now Daddy?” She moved to him and she grabbed his cock that was just inches away from her.

“Ohhh, I don’t know baby, what would you like to do?” he asked.

She continued playing with his cock and he closed his eyes enjoying her touch. “Can I suck it, Daddy? Then maybe you can put it in my butt like you did to Mommy last night!” she said looking up at him as sexy as ever.

“I don’t know Mandy, I mean you might get kind of noisy if I put it in your ass, especially the first time. It might hurt at first and I’d rather do that when we were less likely that your sister would hear,” he said and she frowned.

“That’s not fair Daddy, but fine!” she said and she started pulling at the top of his sweats and she pulled his cock out and gasped when she saw it. “Can I suck it though Daddy?” she begged and he couldn’t say no to his beautiful daughter.

“Okay, but we have to be fast, you don’t want your sister to walk in and catch us like this do you?”

“I don’t mind Daddy! I can’t wait until she is playing with us too!” she said and she lowered her mouth to his cock and took half of it and started sucking it right there in the kitchen. Mike turned and leaned against the kitchen counter and allowed her to take his eight-inch prick into her mouth. He reached over and closed the blinds that looked into the back yard not wanting a neighbor to see her servicing him so much in the open like she was doing.

Every time she sucked him off she got better and better at it. She now was able to take half of it in her tiny mouth and he couldn’t wait until she could take him all the way. She dropped to her knees and put her hands behind her father pulling him deeper inside. Mike put his hands behind her head and started pulling her deeper forcing her to take more of his cock than she has ever done before.

Back in the girl’s bathroom, Monica thought of the perfect way to break in little Becky. “I wanted to ask you, has anyone ever touched you before?”

“Of course Mommy, you and Daddy touch me all the time!”

“No, I mean to touch you in the private spots. Remember when you were much younger we talked about your private spots?” Becky nodded. “Where are your private spots baby?”

Becky sat up higher pulling her body out of the bathtub and stood up. She reached for her chest and she touched her tiny, pink nipples and said, “Well there are my boobies,” she rubbed the nipples lightly then with one hand she lowered it to her cunny and she covered it and continued, “Then there is my coochie,” she said just covering her cunt and then turning around she showed her mother her tiny, cute ass and she put both hands on her butt and said, “And my bum! Right Mommy?” she said and she turned around facing her mother again.

“Very good baby girl! That is right, your boobies, which you don’t have yet but your nipples are right here.” She said as she touched her nipples with both hands and rubbed them slightly feeling them begin to harden. “Your coochie and your bum are also private and are typically only touched when cleaning. That is what I wanted to talk about. I think we need to talk about good hygiene. As we get older, cleaning your coochie and your bum get even more important. You need to clean it well and the same thing goes for your bum bum,” she said and she waited for a response.

“Like this?” she asked and Becky reached down with her hand and she ran her hand up and down her pussy in front of her mother.

“Oh, well that’s a good start, but can I show you what I mean?” Her mother asked and Becky nodded and stood in front of her mother and pulled her hands out of the way. She reached down and touched Becky’s pussy for the first time in a long time. She hadn’t cleaned her since she turned five and when she cleaned her pussy back then she never got as excited as she was today. She touched her cunny and she rubbed her fingers along the crack of her pussy. Her pussy was so soft and when she looked up at her daughter, Becky locked eyes and smiled at her and closed her eyes. She rubbed it harder and her finger slid deeper between her cunt lips and slightly inside her. She loved touching her and soon Becky moaned.

“That feels good Mommy!” she said opening her eyes.

“See? You need to get further inside, you were only getting the outside. You need to make sure to get inside just a little. When you get it good like I am doing now it tends to feel good,” she said and she stopped for a second and squirted a little soap on her other hand and then she turned Becky so she was sideways and she returned to her cunt rubbing and with her other hand she started rubbing her asshole.

“Ohhh…” moaned Becky as her mother assaulted her from both sides giving her a lesson on washing her butt as well as her pussy. “This feels so good Mommy! Are you sure it’s okay to wash up like this? I feel funny!”

“Yes darling, it’s okay. Just hold onto me. What you are feeling is how big girls feel when they are aroused.”

“Arrroused?” she said questioning. She had no idea what that word meant. But she put her hands on her mother’s waist and she started panting. “Uh, uh, uh, oh Mommy, ah, ah, ah, ahhhh!” she cried out as she came. She bucked and twisted under her mother’s touching. Her eyes were shut tight and once she finished cumming she opened her eyes and looked at Monica with eyes of wonder.

“What happened Mommy?” she asked and Monica smiled and removed her hands from her daughter’s privacy spots.

“Well, you were aroused and when you are you can have what is called an orgasm.”

“Orgasm?” she said pronouncing it slowly.

“Yes Baby, an orgasm. Did you like it?” Becky shook her head and Monica removed her hand from her daughter’s cunny and held out her hands and stood her up. She wrapped a big towel around her and pulled the plug in the tub and dried her off. “We have a lot to show you and your sister, you are both getting older and we want to teach you so much. It’ll be fun! Doesn’t it sound like fun?”

Becky allowed her mother to finish drying her off and she asked innocently, “Will I have more of the orgasms?” Monica laughed and nodded. “Then yes, Mommy!”

Monica got her daughter dressed in just a tee shirt and panties and she led her out to the kitchen to see when Mike and Mandy were up to.

Chapter 5

“Let’s find your sister and your Daddy! I think they are up to something naughty too! Do you want to find out?” asked Monica.

Becky giggled and her mother shushed her. “Let’s be sneaky!” Becky nodded and they wandered into the living room and Monica heard noises coming from the kitchen where she saw her husband standing next to the sink with his back bracing himself as he looked down at his daughter who was sucking more and more of his cock. Becky saw what was going on and she gasped quietly. She looked at her mother and then back to the vision in front of her.

“What are they doing Mommy?” the little innocent girl asked. She could only see her sister from behind and her father had Mandy’s head in his hands and he pulled her to and fro as he guided more and more of his cock in her hungry little mouth.

“She is making your Daddy feel really, really good Baby!” Monica said and she looked back at the couple and she pointed down the hall. There was another door that led into the kitchen and she led them over to is so they could get a better view. Once they peaked around the corner Becky saw a much different view of what her big sister was doing to her Daddy. Now she was on a side view of them and she could see Mandy’s face down by her Daddy’s crotch. There she could see Mike’s cock in all of its glory as he fucked her face with his 8-inch-cock.

Becky gasped again and this time her father heard her and he looked over at her and Monica as he face fucked the 10-year-old. He smiled at Becky and he continued his assault on the girl’s mouth and the added excitement of his youngest daughter witnessing his face fucking to her older sister made cum well up from his balls and head up the long tube on the underside of his prick and he felt the first blast heading to her mouth.

“I’m cumming Baby!” he said and he groaned while looking at Becky and started filling her sister’s mouth with the huge load of sperm. “Ahhhh fuck so good yeah! Suck it, suck it, suck it baby!”

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, ahhh gag!” was all you could hear from Mandy as he filled her tiny mouth with more seed than she could handle and she swallowed as fast as she could. She choked on his cock and some cum spilled out of her mouth and onto her naked chest. She put it back in her mouth and attempted to swallow as much as possible, she loved it and didn’t want to spill a drop. Once she was finished with her father’s load, she looked up and took it out of her mouth. Looking in the direction Mike was looking, she saw her mommy and her little sister watching the devious scene of her swallowing her Daddy’s incestuous seed.

She smiled at Becky and asked the only question she could think of, “Do you want a turn Becky?”

“What does it taste like?” Becky asked as she left her mother and walked towards her and her father. She looked up at Mike as she did and he smiled at her and touched her on her head tousling her hair as she stood next to Mandy.

“It doesn’t taste like anything else. But it doesn’t taste bad,” she said and she put it back inside her mouth and collected the last of the cum from his cock. “It’s kind of like…salty milk.” She said and she put it back inside her mouth and he groaned again.

“Uhhh, yeah.”

“Daddy sure does like getting his cock sucked.” Monica said and Becky looked back at her mother and she put out her hand and wrapped it around his big cock. Once she felt it in her hands she looked back and was shocked at the sheer size of it in her hand. She gripped it, squeezing it in her tiny hands joining her other hand. Now she had both hands grabbing his cock. She looked up at him and he smiled again and he motioned for her to stroke his cock up and down. She did as he showed her and Mandy released his cock and went over to join her mother. Once there she leaned up kissing her mother and Monica kissed her several times and then Mandy slid her tongue into her mother’s mouth.

“Uhhh,” Monica moaned as her daughter kissed her skillfully. She loved that she tasted like Mike’s cum. She thought it was delicious. Monica dropped to her knees so Mandy didn’t have to lean on her tip toes and kissed the precocious pre-teen deeper and longer. Mandy was still naked and she reached down and touched the girl’s pussy causing her to groan as she touched her lips. She looked back at Mike and he was quietly talking to his youngest girl telling her how to make him feel good. She was smaller than Mandy but was about the perfect height for his cock to enter her lips.

“That’s in Becky, put it in your mouth, your sister loves the taste and so does your mommy. You are such a big girl and you are going to make Daddy so happy!” he said and she opened her mouth wide and tried to get the large head inside her mouth. She was barely able to do so, but she did. He looked down at her wide open mouth and she had the head inside. “That’s a girl, now swirl your tongue all around the top and taste it all over. Your sister always tells me how much it tastes different on the top and when she licks my balls…” he said

Becky pulled it out of her willing mouth and she asked, “Balls Daddy?” she looked further down his cock and saw to big balls hanging below and she put one of her hands under them cupping them and she squeezed.

“Oh, be careful Baby, yep those are my balls and you have to be gentle. Those can really hurt Daddy if you squeeze them too tight.” He said and she nodded and he guided her mouth down to his balls and she stuck out her tongue tasting the skin covering his ball sack.

“She’s right Daddy! Your balls taste so different!” she said and she took one of them in her mouth and closed her lips over the orb and gently sucked it. She loved the tastes and smells she was receiving. It was all very exciting. Her father lifter her head aiming her mouth back to the head of his cock and she ran her tongue all the way up the underside of his cock and then recaptured his cock. It was easier sliding it in her mouth the second time. She just opened as wide as she could and it just made it inside, no problem.

Mike looked at his wife and daughter and Monica had her leg up in the air and around Mandy’s shoulder. Mandy was on her knees under her in the perfect position sucking her mommy’s delicious cunt. He was so happy that she reacted this way when she caught him with Mandy. He was very afraid that she would put him in the slammer if he caught him with his daughter, but deep down he hoped that his slutty wife would be as sick and perverted as he was. He remembered their days when they were in college. They swapped and she was a lesbian for most of college until she was a senior. But then when they had kids, she turned boring. But those days were gone now. She was having her oldest daughter eating her pussy just like he was feeding the other one his cock.

Soon he was ready for more and he said, “Okay girls, this morning Mandy wanted me to put my dick in her ass. I want to do that now.”

“Awe!” Becky whined as her father pulled his cock from her hot, sucking lips and she started to pout. “Not fair! I didn’t get a treat like Many did!” she complained and Mike leaned down and kissed her on the mouth.

“That’s okay Baby, I will put my cock in your sister’s bum and then when we are ready to cum, I will pull it out and then you can have your treat!”

“No way! I’m not putting my mouth on that after it was in her butt Daddy!”

“It’s okay, I will just aim it at your mouth when I am ready and it’ll shoot straight inside.”

“Okay Daddy!” she agreed and Mandy was already over leaving Monica by herself. Becky rejoined her mother and she asked, Can you rub my coochie again Mommy?” she asked.

“Of course baby. Where are you two going?”

“In the living room…” he said and he pointed his oldest daughter towards the door closest to the living room and Monica darted off to the bedroom while Becky followed them to the living room. She stood there watching as her father put Mandy into position in front of the couch. He put her on her knees and bent her over the cushion and spread her legs wide and leaned down putting his mouth on her ass as he spread her wide open. She loved him licking her ass and she figured he was getting her ready. Becky watched as her father sucked her and licked her ass. He shoved it all the way inside her tiny asshole and that was when Monica re-entered the room with a bottle of lube in her hand.

“Here honey, you don’t want to hurt her do you?”

“Yeah right! Good thinking honey!” He leaned up and dropped a large glob of lubrication right on target. It landed right in the middle of the tiny, pink, wrinkled muscle.

“Ohhh,” she moaned as she felt him rubbing it all over. He inserted a finger inside her rectum and she clenched her body as she freaked out feeling him penetrate her slightly.

“Relax Baby, just let me do all of the work!” he said and he started a rhythmic fucking of her tiny pink asshole. She flinched feeling him go deeper and deeper and soon he was fucking his entire index finger in and out of her ass. He was shocked, but not surprised, that her ass was so very tight. He pulled all the way out and inserted his middle finger along with his first finger back inside the depth of her underage asshole.

“Oh Gosh Daddy! It’s so weird, but it’s starting to feel so good Daddy!”

“Like I said just relax!” She turned around and put her head down on the cushion arching her ass more for her father’s fingers. Her long blonde hair cascaded down her tender white skin of her back. She loved it and wanted to feel him fucking her ass just like she saw him do to her mother before. She felt his fingers riding along the tunnel of her ass and she clenched her fists into the sofa and moaned. She liked it.

Monica sat Becky in front of her and they sat on the other couch watching the action in front of them. She rubbed the little girl’s pussy like she did in the bath tub and Becky could not take her eyes off her sister.

“Does that hurt Mommy?” she asked watching him as he fucked her ass with her fingers and he reached for the lube adding more inside the tight tunnel.

“No Baby, at first it feels funny at first and may hurt a little bit. But the more you do it, the better it feels. Mommy never liked it when he played with my butt, but now I love it!”

“Uh, huh,” was all she could say as Monica reached down and spread her pussy open and rubbed her inner lips. Becky closed her eyes and spread her legs wider for her. “Uhhh…” she said as she looked over her shoulder and smiled at her Mommy. She spit on her fingers getting them covered with spit and soon she was rubbing her cunny and loving it. Monica was enjoying playing the teacher role as she teased and touched her pussy.

They both watched Mike as he prepared to stick his cock inside his 10-year-old daughter’s virgin ass. He was on his knees behind her and she watched over her shoulder as he lined his big cock up pressing the slippery head that was now covered with pre-cum against the pink rosebud. She closed her eyes as he gently pushed inside and once the large head was inside her she gasped and clenched her fists and opened her mouth and screamed.

“Ah! Oh Gosh Daddy it hurts!” she cried and that scared Becky as well.

“He’s hurting her Mommy!” cried her sister.

“It’s okay Baby, like I said it only hurts in the beginning and that’s because your Daddy’s cock is so big. But once she relaxes it’ll feel fine. Relax Mandy, just open your tiny little ass and let your father inside. I promise it’s going to be amazing.” She said and she rubbed her youngest daughter’s pussy.

“Ohhh…” Becky moaned as she relaxed and watched the scene unfold.

Mandy was really hurting. She felt so much pain as her father kept his cock inside her asshole. She tried to relax like Mommy told her but it hurt so bad. She just wished he would take it out of her but her father was slowly pushing his cock deeper into her ignoring her pleas.

He spread her legs wider and said, “Reach back and spread your cheeks wide for Daddy Mandy!” he said and she put her hands behind her and after a few attempts put her hands on each cheek and spread her butt open wider to accommodate the massive prick that was invading her small bottom. He was right, it hurt less when she spread herself open. She continued holding her ass wide and she watched him as he started sawing his cock in and out of her tight little ass.

Mike was amazed, her ass was tighter than anything he ever imagined. She was so tight and so hot, he looked down as she spread herself open for him and he was only inside her about an inch below the crown of his cock. He fucked her gently not wanting to increase her pain, but knowing he could not stop. He wanted to cum in her so badly at this point it was all he could think about. But he knew he promised to cum in his other daughter’s mouth so he was torn. He gently rocked and slid his hand down under his daughter’s body and rubbed her pussy as he fucked her in the ass. He would have loved for his wife to eat her pussy as he gently fucked her ass, but she was busy with Becky. He looked over at her and Becky had her eyes closed and looked like she was going to cum soon.

The reality of the situation he was in made his cum begin to stir in his balls. He put his hands on his daughter’s shoulders pulling her harder and once he was about a third of the way inside her he felt his orgasm hit. He blasted the girl’s asshole with a large deposit of cum.

“Oh, Daddy! You’re cumming inside me!” she cried out and he pulled out and slammed it back inside her. “Uhh!, Oh Gosh! Daddy… It’s so weird!” she yelled and she was looking in his eyes as she felt him blast another big spurt of jizz. He knew he would be in trouble, but Rebecca was cumming as her mother played with her pussy and she barely knew he was in the room. “Oh Gosh, My Gosh, Daddy, that is so awesome!” she cried out as he finished pumping his massive load in his daughter for the very first time. He collapsed on top of her and he forced even more of his cock inside her ass. He was about halfway inside and she grunted louder as he fell on top of her.

“Ohhhh, yeah!” she moaned and he kissed her o the side of the neck and she giggled.

Just as he finished and both of them were catching their breath, Becky opened her eyes and looked at the pair and smiled.

“Daddy, you owe me a treat… I won’t forget it Daddy!” she said and smiled a sexy little smile.

Monica caught his eye and she raised the hand she was just rubbing her daughter’s cunny with and she slipped the wet, gooey fingers in her mouth and cleaned them up nice and sexy. “I think they like it Baby!” she said to her handsome husband.

“Yes, I think you’re right!”

Chapter 6

The lucky parents got the girls up, Mike scooped up Mandy and she hooked her hands around his neck and Monica held out her hand and Becky took it and followed them out of the living room and into their shower. Mike knew Mandy was so covered in lube and cum she needed a good shower. They went into their bathroom where they had a large glass shower. Once he had the water nice and warm, he brought Mandy in and she smiled as she strolled into the big shower joining her father. He was naked and his cock was no longer big and hard but she admired it all the same. Next came Rebecca and she ran towards him and jumped into his waiting arms. He caught her and she hugged him and planted kisses on his cheeks and face.

“Oh Daddy! I love you so much! Will you wash me like Mommy did?” she asked and wrapped her legs around her horny father and he ran his strong hands up and down her back and ass. She giggled and said, “That tickles!” then he ran his hand up and down the crack of her ass finding her underage pussy for the asking. “Mmmm,” she moaned and he sat her on the bench that was inside the shower and she stood in front of him and allowed him to massage and touch her sexy body as she turned around and put her hands on the wall and smiled at him. Please Daddy, more!” Monica joined her daughter on the bench but she was busy washing up young Mandy. She turned her around and soaped up her hands and started rubbing her hands along her tiny, abused asshole.

“Mmmm, yes Mommy! Rub my butt, Daddy filled me up with lots of dirty stuff! Will you get it all?”

“Is that what you want Baby?”

“Oh yes, Mommy! Please lick my bottom!” she was bent over with her hands on her knees and waited for her mother to continue her washing. But Monica did as she asked and dropped down to her knees and began licking her tight asshole. Her tiny ass was so cute and she noticed the abuse her father inflicted and her hole was red and sore looking. She sank her tongue deep inside and Mandy moaned, “Uhhh.”

Michael was eating out little Becky now and she was panting as he licked and sucked on her tiny pink pussy lips. She loved his mouth on her and she spread her legs wide and bent over even more for her Daddy as she stood on the bench and reached behind and spread herself even wider for his hot, licking mouth. She watched him and enjoyed his mouth.

“Uhh, oh Daddy, it feels so good!” she moaned as he led his little 8-year-old daughter who before tonight never even knew her Daddy could make her feel so amazing. She looked down and saw that his cock was hard again. She wondered if her Daddy was going to put it in her like he did her sister. The thoughts raced through her mind as he licked and sucked her sliding his tongue between her virgin pussy lips. He was good at eating pussy and he led her to another orgasm. “Uh, uh, uh, oh, oh, Daddy, here it comes again…” she grunted and groaned and then he made her cum. “Ahhhhhhh!” He grabbed her hips and held her there for him.

“Oh Mommy, Mommy, oh Gosh, yes!” cried out Mandy as her mother licked and sucked her tight little asshole. Her mother was tongue fucking her and she was surprised how much she really liked licking her little ass. She rubbed her pussy as she made her daughter cum. “Ahhhhh! Uh, uh, uh, uh!” Once she was finished cumming Monica stood up and pulled up her husband from his pre-teen treat. She turned off the shower and opened the door making them all cold.

“We need to take this into the bedroom!” she said and she handed her husband a towel and took one herself and they dried off the girls. Once done they ushered the girls into the room and dried off and joined them. Monica held his hand and looked at his cock smiling at him. “I want that cock Michael.”

“You got it Baby!” he replied and she dropped to her knees in front of the girls and sucked his cock. She was not sucking him to get him off, instead she was priming him for a good fucking. Once she was happy he was ready to fuck her, she mounted the bed and patted the bed in front of you and urged Becky to join her on the bed.

“Come on Becky, I want to lick your pussy while your father fucks me!” she said and Becky joined her on the bed laying on her back and Monica started licking her cunny as Mike slid his cock all the way in her cunt in one fast stroke. “Oh God!” she moaned feeling his hard cock buried inside her to the hilt.

Mike grabbed his wife’s hips and started pounding her pussy as hard as he could. He loved watching her ear Becky’s cunt and he was so fucking horny after the shower scene. He wanted to fuck Mandy’s ass again but he also know he was the only cock in the house and if she was going to share him with the girls he had to maintain fucking her. Plus, he loved her and wanted to fuck her. Mandy watched him from his right side looking down at her mother’s pussy and watching him fuck her relentlessly.

“Wow Daddy! You sure are doing that hard!” Mandy said as she moved closer and reached down and rubbed her mother’s butt spreading her wider for him not quite sure what else to do.

“Ohhhh, fuck, yeah he sure is honey!” Monica said pulling her mouth off Becky’s cunt and returning to it just as fast. Rebecca looked into her eyes as she licked her cunt and focused on her clit. “You like Mommy licking your cunny don’t you Becky?”

“Uh huh!” she replied and pulled her mother’s head closer to her pussy and closing her eyes as she closed her mouth around her clitoris and sucked harder. “Uhhhhh, oh Mommy lick it right there!” Monica did just that but she felt an orgasm building inside her and she was sure she would explode soon.

“Uh, uh, uh, oh, mmmm, num, uh, uh, oh fuuuuck!” the beautiful mother cried out as Mike shoved his cock as deep into her with such savage force that she collapsed onto the bed cumming hard.

Mandy’s father looked at her after her mother collapsed on the bed after he made her cum and he smiled at her and said, “Are you ready for some more fun sweetheart?”

“Oh yes, Daddy!” she said and he pulled out of her mother’s sopping wet cunt with a lewd sound. They moved over on the king size bed as Monica continued eating her youngest daughter’s cunt finally recovering from her orgasm.

He laid his daughter on her back and said, “There are lots of ways we can play together without you getting hurt. Lay back and spread yourself open and I will rub my cock on your pussy!” She nodded and did as he instructed and he moved in and lined his cock up with her tiny, perfect pussy. She looked up at him and he leaned down and kissed his daughter. She kissed him back and he kissed her again and again then he slipped his tongue into her mouth and she made a noise when he entered her mouth. She wasn’t expecting him to kiss her like that but she accepted his tongue and went after it once it was in her mouth.

Her father supported himself as to not crush her and in the prone position he started rubbing his big hard cock using the head to rub between her bulbous lips.

“Oh Gosh Daddy!” she said looking up at him after breaking the kiss and she looked down at her tender young pussy as he rubbed the head between her lips. He repositioned and got closer between her skinny legs and using his hand, he pinched her pussy lips together making them bulge even more. He then sliced her lips even deeper rubbing her inner lips and separating them more but not entering her pussy. Mandy looked up at him and she was breathing faster. She wanted to make her Daddy feel good and while he hurt her a little when he fucked her ass earlier, he was sure making her feel good now. She pulled him closer to her and he let go of her pussy lips and started grinding harder and deeper on her pussy.

“Uh, uh, uh, oh Daddy it feels so good!” she moaned as he got closer and hooked her legs in his arms spreading her wider open and humping her harder and faster leading them both to an orgasm. Mike was getting closer, she was making him feel so good and the lewd grinding was making her close her eyes and hump back at him. “Ohhhh…”

He sped up his grinding on her and soon he fells cum making its way up from his balls and he continued humping his daughter and he began to cum. Mandy felt her father spurt a large glob of cum on her pussy and the added lubrication did nothing but make what he was doing to her feel even more fantastic. She looked down between them and watched him cover her pussy and stomach with his baby making juices and that sent her over the edge to her own orgasm.

“Oh yes, Daddy, I’m cumming again!” she yelled and she twisted her head from side to side as she orgasmed and he continued rubbing her cunny. Mike watched her cum, she looked just as beautiful as her mother when she was orgasming. He loved making her cum and she made him cum as well. Monica and Rebecca were laying together cuddling and watching Mike and his daughter getting each other off. He laid on top of her and felt their body juiced combining and mixing. He kissed Mandy again and she attacked his tongue chasing it with hers making him groan. “I love you, Daddy, I love you, Mommy, I love you Becky!” she said then she closed her eyes and He rolled onto his back and she laid back on top of him and fell asleep.

Chapter 7

After that night, their family dynamics changed. Instead of the normal life they were leading before Mike started playing his secret games with his daughter, it was exciting, dangerous, sexual and it changed every day. They started that weekend, Mike and Mandy were sexual dynamos. She loved pleasing her father and he loved letting her. Monica and Rebecca were always vying for the attention of the dominant male but he was infatuated with Mandy. So much so that Monica tried to find methods to entice an distract him from his 10-year-old vixen.

She decided to teach Becky how to please her more and she taught her how to fist her pussy and make her cum. She also started stretching out Becky’s asshole when they were together, she figured if she could get her to take her father’s cock, he might be more taken with her and pay more attention to her. Becky was sad, she wanted so badly to please her father, but he paid less and less attention to her favoring her older sister. Both girls slept with us on the weekends. We learned the hard way we couldn’t keep them up on school nights. Even though they were both fun and exciting to play with they were still children and needed their sleep.

About a month after we all started playing these games, it was a Saturday night and they were laying around the living room and watching a movie. Mike and Monica sat on the couch not really watching the movie the girls chose, instead they sat behind them, the girls laying on the tummies watching the movie on the floor using their pillows from the couch. It was then we saw Lilly, the family mutt, she noticed that Mandy wasn’t wearing any panties, she laid on the floor in a tee shirt and naked underneath and her legs spread giving us a show. She has done this before, she liked teasing her father and he loved looking at her tiny pussy as she watched TV.

But that night, Lilly moved in between her spread open legs and started sniffing her. Mandy noticed the doggie’s special interest in her cunny and she looked at her mother and said, “What is she doing Mommy?” she asked and that was when the little dog made contact with her quim and started with a few test licks on the child’s pussy. “Oh!” she moaned and that made the little dog jump back a little. But she returned sniffing her again and then Mandy giggled not knowing what she should do, but she hoped the little dog might lick her down there.

“Come on Lilly, you want to lick me down there?” she asked and she spread herself wider for the dog and moved up to her knees presenting her pussy to the dog and Lilly hesitated no more. She started licking Mandy’s pussy and Mandy groaned as she felt the lightning quick licks of the dog’s long smooth tongue. “Ohhh, that a girl!” she cooed and Monica and Michael looked at each other and smiled. They never thought of letting the dog lick on of the kid’s pussy before. But the dog had been seeing them fucking and playing with the girls both all over the house. So she likely wanted in the games.

Mandy’s eyes were shut and she enjoyed the doggy licking her, Becky removed her panties and tried to get the dog to move over to her pussy, but by that point, Mandy’s pussy was probably leaking pussy juice and the dog knew a good thing when she had one in front of her. The parent’s decided to join in and they both stripped and Mike moved in front of Many and prepared to feed her his cock.

“Honey, don’t you think you should be a little fairer to Becky? She would love to suck your dick, right honey?”

“Oh yes Mommy, can I daddy? Mandy’s busy anyways!” Mike smiled and moved in front of her, she laid there next to her big sister and he moved in front of the girl's mouth and she moved closer and opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth. After only a month, she was able to suck his cock better than she did in the beginning. While Mandy was now able to deep throat her father’s cock, Becky could still only get about half of it inside her tight mouth. But he loved seeing her suck it. He looked down at her and she started bobbing up and down on his big cock. He moved his hand behind her head and let her take more and more of it in her mouth. Monica moved in and got behind Becky and started licking her cunt as her sister continued to be licked by the family pet.

Mike watched everything that was going on in the room, His 8-year-old was doing her best sucking his cock, it’s true she didn’t suck cock as good as her older sister but she was trying her best and she had promise. His 10-year-old daughter who he knew he was paying unfair attention to was on her knees as her little dog licked her virgin pussy. That made him unbelievably hot, he never paid much attention to the little dog before but seeing her licking his daughter’s pussy from behind and seeing the look on Mandy’s face as it happened was so amazing. Then he looked at his beautiful wife, she was looking into his eyes as she licked Rebecca’s pussy. She loved it and she looked sexily into his eyes as she sucked him off.

Monica’s goal was to hopefully make him happy and show that all of the girls in the house could offer him pleasure and he could pay more attention to all of them and not just spoil Mandy. He looked at her then down at Becky and he continued pulling her head deeper and deeper. She looked up at him and gagged on his cock as it hit the back of her throat and she pulled off gasping for her breath. But she did not hesitate to go right back and put it in and went back to the back of her throat. She really wanted to please her Daddy.

Michael looked down at her as she sucked him and he knew he was not going to last much longer. He grabbed her hair on both sides of her pretty face and he pulled and pushed her on and off his cock driving deeper and deeper. She was looking down at her and he asked, “Do you want Daddy to cum in your mouth?” He was busily fucking her mouth and all she could do was a fast tiny nod as he fucked her mouth. “Ahhh, such a good little slut! Take it! Take more of Daddy’s cock and I will fill you up, yeah baby girl, suck it!”

“Uh, uh, ah, ah, gag, slurp!” were her responses. He kept on fucking her pretty mouth and then it happened. His first shot he pushed her mouth as far as she could take it. She never even tasted it since he was at the entrance to her tiny throat and it shot straight into her tummy. He pulled back a little allowing her to breath and the second shot filled her mouth. Her mother told her that she needed to swallow all of his seed if he did cum and she did exactly that. She swallowed twice taking all he had and then the third shot entered her mouth and she swallowed that as well.

“That’s it, Baby, swallow it all!” he said and he pumped his cock with his hand as he kept her mouth on his cock and pumped the last few spurts in her mouth. She smiled as she took it all. She didn’t waste a drop and she was quite proud of herself.

Once he was done she took his cock out of her mouth and she pumped it in her tiny hands and said, “Was that good Daddy?”

Mike looked down at her and a long shiver went down his back and he said, “Yes Baby. That was fantastic.”

Becky beamed with pride and she smiled big and went back to sucking his cock. After several deep strokes in her mouth again she noticed he was getting soft. “Then will you let me drink it again Daddy? I love it and I want some more!”

“Sure Baby, but not eight now,” he said and looked over at Mandy and she had a new best friend. The family dog must have made her cum three or four times in a row and she was sitting up as she watched her sister swallow his load. She was jealous but she also knew she couldn’t hog his affections forever. She was petting the dog and smiling. “Did that feel good Baby?” Mike asked his oldest daughter.

“Yes Daddy, it was crazy! Did you know she would do that?”

“I’ve seen pictures of girls and their puppies but I’ve never seen it in person,” he said and she smiled.

“Her tongue was so slippery and fast! Can I have her do it again Daddy?” she asked and patted the little dog more.

“I don’t see why not!” he replied and Monica looked at her girls with pride. She knew their lives would never be the same.

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