Diary of a Loose Girl MFF creampie oral condom

From the imagination of Chase Shivers

January 26, 2015

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Chapter 26: Harrison

Chapter Cast:

Carrie Minberg, Female, 21
- Narrator, Bitterwood graduate
- Beige, freckled skin, 5'6, 130lbs, curly back-length dark-red hair
Lacy, Female, 22
- Junior at UC-Santa Cruz, sister of Donnie
- Rich-tanned beige skin, 5'7, 145lbs, back-length bleached-blonde hair
Harrison, Male, 38
- Post-Grad at UC-Santa Cruz, Lacy's boyfriend
- Pale skin, 5'4, 145lbs, short medium-brown hair

The next few days were depressing for me. I couldn't stop thinking about Elise, someone I'd tried hard not to think about since moving from Cambridge. Lacy kept me company as I moped and felt sorry for myself. We had sex a couple of times, both enjoyable experiences, but they were missing something, and it just made me feel worse to know I wasn't giving Lacy all the sexual attention she deserved. She was a giving lover, never showed that she was disappointed when I didn't always return her enthusiastic licks and kisses.

I talked to Donnie twice on the phone. He apologized to me for what had happened, told me he didn't know Elise was my ex, and said he'd been caught up in the moment, shouldn't have fucked me without a condom. I didn't tell him about my HSV status, not the first time I'd let that important detail go unspoken. It made me feel even worse to know I was hiding that from him, and from Lacy and most everyone else I'd been with since Jonn at Bitterwood all those months before.

I had started my period by the second phone call, so at least I wasn't pregnant. Donnie and I came to the conclusion that, since he was going to continue to have a friends-with-benefits relationship with Geneva, it wasn't a good idea for us to continue our own. It hurt a bit, to be honest, but it was really the only thing to do. Knowing Geneva and Elise were seeing each other was hard on my emotions, and seeing Donnie would just keep that connection back to my former lover too close to the surface.

Lacy was taking the summer off after finishing classes, which gave her a lot of free time away from me. I tried to work as many hours as I could, trying to save some money and more importantly, trying not to think about Elise. It was boring work, but it was better than moping around.

Lacy started dating a guy a few weeks into June, a short guy in his late-30s named Harrison. The man was a post-graduate student at UC-Santa Cruz, studying Physics. They'd already been on a few dates when I met them for lunch one afternoon on my day off, and he seemed nice enough, a bit shy, perhaps, but intelligent. I wouldn't say he was a beautiful man, but there was an attractiveness to him which I could easily see, something about the way he smiled, the way his eyes locked onto Lacy each time she smiled.

She started bringing him over to stay the night, sometimes the weekend, and my sexual relationship with Lacy was put on hold. She hadn't told Harrison about her experiences with me, nor did she need to. We'd had a comfortable, sexual friendship which we both knew would likely interfer with more serious relationships. Lacy was monogamous with him, and each night he was with her at our home, I was left playing with myself while I listened to them fucking in her bedroom. From the sounds Lacy made, she seemed to really enjoy herself. I was a bit jealous, to be honest, but I had no right to let it make me more depressed than I already was. Once, I even cried after cumming to their sounds, the weight of my own loneliness feeling quite heavy in those moments.

I don't know why I couldn't just be alone. I'd done it before, but even at 21, I'd spent most of my adult life in sexual relationships of one kind or another. I thought about the times between those stretches and realized how often I let those lonely thoughts become too codified, too much a habit than I should have.

I started hanging out at bars in town or down in Santa Cruz. I was careful when I drank, not wanting to fall back into the situation which had led me to need rescuing by Julens. I met some guys and a few girls, but other than a flirt from time to time, I held back chasing them for more. It was fun, to be sure, but I felt out of practice. Elise had been a long-term relationship, and the ones that followed were nothing more than mutually-beneficial, temporary affairs with Donnie and Lacy, one-night stands with Julens and Geneva.

Geneva. Every time her name came into my head, my thoughts leapt to Elise. I found myself picturing them together, feeling strong jealousy, hurt, anger. I felt tremendously the loss of the best lover and partner I'd ever had. I'd fucked up with Elise, fucked up badly, and even Geneva's words, she's not over you, stung deeply. Some moments I almost called Elise. I didn't know if she was in the same place, but I suspected she was. I wanted badly just to hear her voice, just to say I'm sorry one more time, to let her know I'd changed, to tell her I wanted her back in my life.

But at some point, reality crept in and I never went through with it. She was in Massachusetts, I was in California. She'd be in school for years, yet, and we could never have what we had before while living on different coasts.

That was even assuming she was interested in trying again. A sore part of me really hoped she wanted that. I just wanted a chance to show her my love. But I knew how much I hurt for her, how much I missed our relationship, and I recognized that, whatever happened, I'd ruined forever what we had. Elise deserved more than I'd given her, and I cried myself to sleep several times after hanging up in mid-dial, knowing that I could never undo the harm, could never repair the wound I'd gashed in our relationship.

- - -

Harrison was due to come over and stay with Lacy in mid-July. They'd been dating a month or so, and while they weren't inseparable or rushing through a whirlwind romance, Lacy was enjoying him as a boyfriend and was always eager to see him. Before he arrived, Lacy and I sat on the porch drinking red wine and smoking a joint.

“You doing ok, Carrie? Seems like we never really talk anymore...”

I shrugged, inhaled the joint and passed it to her, “alright, I guess.” I didn't really feel like talking about me, so I changed the subject. “A month now for you and Harrison, right? You two seem to be doing great together.”

Lacy smiled, said, “yeah, he's a good guy, a lot of fun to date.”

“Good... good...”

She looked at me, gave me a weak smile, “when are you going to find someone to date, Carrie? Seems like you could use some company... sorry I've not been available, but... you know, we're monogamous right now...”

“I know, don't apologize, please. I'm happy for you, really. I get it. I can't say I don't miss you that way, but I'm happy we shared so much when I really needed it. Thanks for that.”

Lacy hugged me, leaned back a few inches, looked at me with a grin, “so... listen. I said we're monogamous, but... we've been talking... you know, about sex, what we like. He's really open about it, and I've tried some things with him. He... well, he is a guy, you know? And... he's never had a threesome... Wants to try it sometime...”

I was a little slow to make the connection, asked her instead, “and you have? Had a threesome, I mean.”

Lacy shook her head, “no, never. And you... other than with my brother and Geneva, any others?”

I thought back to the night I'd spent with the twins, and the ski trip where I'd shared a night with Germond, Geneva, and Elise. Elise. I squashed the thoughts of her quickly, replied, “yeah... I told you about the twins, so that time was with two guys... and... I don't remember if I told you about the time in Switzerland with... with Elise and Geneva and a guy from our school...”

Her eyebrows rose, “no, don't think so...”

I did my best to give her a description of the foursome, how I'd enjoyed intense moments with the others. I also did my best not to linger on thoughts of Elise.

Lacy picked up on the way talking about my ex drew down my voice, and she let followup questions remain unspoken. Instead, she said, “so... I was thinking... I want to try it with him, and I was thinking about who we could invite... and of course, I thought of you.”

I didn't respond a moment, said, “me? You want me to be with you and Harrison?”

“I haven't talked to him about you, just that we've talked about the idea and we're both interesting in doing it.”

“A threesome with you and Harrison...”

“One condition: it's only sex, right? He's my boyfriend and this only happens when I'm comfortable with it, ok? I've always wanted a threesome, but I don't want to screw up my relationship with Harrison over it. Know what I mean?”

I nodded slowly, “I... I don't know what to say.”

She smiled again. “Well, think about it. Maybe tonight if you feel up to it... been a few weeks since I've been with you. I'm looking forward to that as much as a threesome...”

She started to move her head towards mine, and my lips parted automatically. Lacy remembered herself, her pledge of monogamy to Harrison, gave me a small smile, then sat back in her chair.

I tried to think about what she'd asked me, tried to envision how it might happen. I'd certainly had enough sexual experience with more than one person to feel few nerves, and I found myself growing excited. Harrison was a decent-looking guy, a bit pale, perhaps. But he was kind, easy with a laugh, and he had chemistry with Lacy which couldn't been denied. I wasn't romantically attracted to him in any way, but I felt certain I'd enjoy the experience.

“I think I'll take a bath. I... I'll let you know when I get done, ok?”

Lacy smiled, said, “sure. He won't be here for an hour or two, gonna grill steaks and zucchini for dinner, hope you'll join us and eat something for a change.”

My eating habits had been poor for weeks, and I'd lost enough weight that my boobs had become smaller. I wasn't sure if I liked the thinner me. “Yeah, I will.”

- - -

My bath let me relax and think things through, and by the time I'd finished, I was ready to tell Lacy that I was interested in joining them. I'd even trimmed my wild bush, the dark hairs left in a small strip. I looked at myself in the mirror. Yes, my boobs are definitely smaller. There was no sagging, thankfully, and I thought they looked nice. I teased my nipples and felt my clit tingling in response. Yes, I would like some company, Lacy.

I dashed on a few drops of perfume, put on lipstick, eyeliner, and blush. I figured if I was going to do this, I might as well doll up for a change. I wasn't big on wearing makeup, generally, but I did enjoy it sometimes, and what time was more appropriate than trying to catch the eye of a man I might have a threesome with?

I dressed in a simple red sundress with no bra, a pair of black cotton panties underneath. I slipped on my sandals and joined Lacy in the kitchen.

She looked up from where she was slicing zucchini and eyed me from head to toe. “I'm guessing that answers the question, right?”

I smiled, nodded, said, “if you're comfortable with it, I'd love to join you...”

“Hmm...” she grinned, “I'm feeling maybe tonight, then. We'll see how Harrison is feeling first, I'll talk to him.”

- - -

Harrison brought steaks he'd been marinating all day and he and Lacy fired up the grill. I watched as they shared kisses while they worked, and I wondered if I was going to fuck that up by joining them in bed. I certainly had a track record of doing just that, and I started to reconsider Lacy's offer.

We ate and I pretended that there wasn't sexual tension. Maybe only I felt it, but I knew it was there. Harrison showed no sign, and Lacy was her usual bubbly self. I actually started to get nervous after we finished dinner and sat on the porch drinking another bottle of wine. Nothing had been spoken of what might come that evening, but Lacy and Harrison were sitting together, hands on thighs straddling the line between politeness and petting.

I excused myself to use the bathroom, went inside to pee. After wiping and washing myself with a cloth, I stopped outside the entrance to the house where the screen door was in place.

“Are you sure, Lacy? I mean... yeah, she's hot. I don't want to ruin this, you know? I mean, we were just fantasizing.”

“I'm sure, but only if you want it. I know Carrie... better than you think.”


“We've been lovers before. Not since you and I have been together, before that. Just lovers.”

Harrison was quiet a moment, “damn... I'd like to have seen that.”

“Well, you can, if you want... tonight, maybe?”

“Sure... sure... are we really going to do this, Lacy? Not just pulling my chain?”

I could hear Lacy's smile in her voice. “Really. Mmm... I'm so excited. Where is she anyway?”

Before I could move, Lacy opened the screen door and met me inside, a big grin on her face. “So... hear any of that?”

I nodded, felt my clit hardening in my panties. “I did... so... how's this going to go?”

Lacy shrugged, “I was hoping you'd tell me... you're the one of us who has done this before.”

“I... well, it wasn't ever really planned, just kinda happened each time. Maybe we pour another glass of wine and then... we'll head up to your bedroom...”

“Ok... yeah... I'll get the wine.”

While Lacy poured our drinks, I went back out onto the porch. Harrison blushed as soon as he saw me, but I noticed his eyes were on my bare calves, threatening to drift up to imagine what I had on beneath the sundress.

I sat near him, said, “so...”

He looked at me, still blushing, “so...”

“Never done this before?”

“No... you?”

“Once or twice. Never with Lacy. I think we're going to have some fun, if you are sure you want to do this.”

Harrison tried to keep his eyes on my face, but his glances to my breasts and legs showed his interest in me. “I do... yeah, I do... at least once.”

“Always try everything at least once, and most things twice.”

He laughed and leaned back a bit, stopped blushing. His hands, though, continued to move around his own thighs, his nervousness still obvious.

I said, “relax, Harrison. Believe me, once we start, you'll know where to put those hands...”

He looked slightly embarrassed, raised his hands and looked at them. “Yeah... I suppose I might know where to put them.” He made a movement towards my thigh. Lacy came out the door then and Harrison retracted his arm.

Lacy handed us our glasses, stretched her arms, excitement on her face. “I'm thinking... maybe we go somewhere more comfortable to drink. Want to join me?” The question was directed at both me and Harrison.

He took her hand and I followed behind them as we went up the stairs and entered Lacy's bedroom. I suppose I'd never previously noticed that Harrison had a nice, tight ass in the jeans he wore. I wanted to grab it as he went before me, but I resisted, wanting to let the situation play out a bit before making assumptions.

Lacy watched me as we stood awkwardly a moment beside the bed.

I said, “why don't you two get comfortable together. I'll join you in a moment.” I sat back in the chair in the corner, letting my dress ride up my thigh, possibly exposing my panties to them. Harrison stared between my legs a few seconds, and Lacy smiled as well.

Harrison took the lead, kissing Lacy and letting his hands stroke her face. They leaned onto the bed together, and for a few moments, they seemed to forget I was there.

They moaned softly together as they kissed, his hands running over her thighs, cupping Lacy's ass. He drew off her t-shirt, let the blonde's braless tits fall out, his fingers caressing the young woman's soft flesh. Harrison took off his shirt, his pale back lightly hairy, then settled onto Lacy's chest, sucking her tits as she moaned.

I grew wet watching them, let my fingers move in slow circles over my panty-clad crotch. My clit strained and begged to be touched.

Harrison's hand slid between Lacy's legs and the blonde's hips rose against the contact. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down, no panties covering her sex. I saw Lacy's pussy for the first time in weeks as Harrison spread her thighs and pushed his mouth over her genitals. Lacy had shaved her pubes completely, leaving a smooth, swollen pussy with pink lips behind.

He lapped the woman's cunt, her hands sliding over her own breasts. That was my cue.

I stood and slipped my panties off, saw Harrison's eyes dart over to catch the brief flash of my trimmed pussy. I slid onto the bed, watched him eat Lacy's cunt a moment, then slid my hands over her breasts, and leaned in for a kiss.

I imagine Harrison watched us carefully as our lips came together. I saw the excitement in Lacy's eyes as our tongues met and my hands caressed her tits. I felt her arm move under me, her fingers sliding easily over my wet labia. Lacy slipped a finger into my hole and I moaned into her mouth.

Lacy bucked and I looked down her body to see Harrison staring at me. I moved closer to him, sucked on Lacy's nipples, watching him eating her pussy. Lacy bucked again, moaned loudly, breathed, “oh, yes... eat me... eat me...” I licked around her tits, passed my fingers through Harrison's hair. He groaned as he felt my touch, and Lacy orgasmed, her body moving in small jerks, her moans loud in my ears.

Her finger had stopped moving inside me as she came, and for long moments, she just held it there. Slowly, she drifted down from her climax and pulled her hand away, her fingers wet with my slickness. Harrison looked up again, saw the juices on Lacy's skin. The blonde offered him her fingers, and he took them between his lips, moaning as he cleaned my wetness from Lacy's flesh.

The blonde pushed me down onto my back, then pulled the top of my dress down to uncover my boobs. She leaned down and sucked them in, my legs parted, knees bent. I could see Harrison stand up, his chin and lips wet. I caught his eye, opened my thighs, and offered him a taste of my cunt.

He knew what to do and slid quickly between my legs. His tongue was rough, bumpy, but it felt so good on my pussy. He teased my clit, then probed my opening with his tongue. I moaned as he slid a finger inside of me as his mouth sucked gently on my nub. Lacy's lips moved from my nipples to my neck, kissing me softly, passionately, while her boyfriend brought me to a shuddering orgasm.

I rode his face, thighs pressed against his ears, my channel spasming around his finger. I slowly rolled back, panting, let my legs splay open. Lacy drew back, smiling at me, reached into the night table and pulled out a strip of condoms, tossed them onto the bed.

I leaned up, grinned at her, then let my hands run over Harrison's body. His pants were still on, so I unbuttoned them and pulled them down while Lacy leaned in to kiss him. His cock had pushed through his boxers and I stroked it gently with my fist. I could see precum pooling at the tip. His dick was fairly average, a little over five inches, but I had never been one to care about big penises. So long as he could get hard and slide it inside me, it felt great.

I stood next to Harrison, then Lacy and I pushed him onto the bed on his back. His cock stood straight, bouncing, his face flushed. Lacy leaned over him, took his dick in her mouth, mewling as she sucked him deep inside. I slid next to him, looked at his face a moment, then kissed his lips. It was just a 'polite' kiss at first, his mouth tentative. But I became urgent, pushed my tongue between his lips, and within seconds, Harrison was returning the passion.

He groaned into my mouth as Lacy sucked him. I kissed my way down his body and rested my head on his abdomen where I could closely watch Lacy's lips slide up and down his shaft. I cupped his balls, his pubic hairs sparse and dark-brown over his sack. Lacy caught my eye and she slid back, drooling over him as she pulled away. I moved over, stroked Harrison's cock a moment, then slid him into my mouth.

He tasted mostly of Lacy's saliva, but underneath, he had a salty, meaty flavor that I loved. All men taste a bit different, and sometimes it can take a few times to know how. I knew immediately with Harrison. There was a smokiness to his flesh that was unusual and very arousing. I moaned as I took him inside me, slurping noisily as I pressed my lips down to the base of his cock.

I sucked him a moment, then passed his penis back to Lacy. We alternated like that a few minutes, Harrison growing more and more tense. I knew if we kept going, he'd cum in one of our mouths soon.

Lacy had a different idea. She had him move further up the bed so that his legs were fully on top, then quickly rolled a condom over his length, stroking it a moment. Lacy grinned at me, straddled his hips, and sat down over him, taking Harrison's penis into her vagina. They both groaned in pleasure as she started to move up and down on him.

I moved over his head and turned around, facing Lacy, caught the dazed, pleasurable smile on Harrison's face, sweat starting to leak down his skin. Lacy continued to move up and down on him, fucking him steadily but not urgently as I settled my wet crotch over his face.

Harrison's nose pressed against my anus as his tongue probed my vagina. I leaned forward and shared a kiss with Lacy, her body moving on his cock, her hands on my tits and mine on hers. The three of us moaned together for a while, but Lacy seemed to sense that Harrison was getting close and pulled off of his dick, said, “let's switch.”

She removed the condom from him, tossed it on the floor, and rolled on a new one. I took her place over his hips, was nearing another orgasm of my own, and tingled as his hot penis slid inside my pussy. I started to fuck him, my hands on his stomach, using my thighs to rise and fall against his short thrusts.

Harrison's cock felt great inside me. It burned so deliciously. I'd missed the feel of a dick in my pussy, remembered all over again how great it felt. He started to grunt into Lacy's cunt, and I joined her again in a kiss over his body. I felt him tensing, straining, his hands on my waist as he started to thrust harder into me. I let him guide my movements, felt his body shuddering, and I rode him as he ejaculated into his condom inside me.

He started to soften almost immediately, but his tongue kept working on Lacy's genitals. I slid off, saw Lacy's eyes draw to his half-hard condom-covered penis, the tip full of his milky cum. She shuddered, ground herself against his face, and came again, moaning, her eyes closing tight as her body rushed into orgasm.

I pulled the condom off Harrison's dick and took him inside my mouth. I'd never much enjoyed the taste left by the rubber, but the smears of sperm left on his flesh were salty and sweet. Lacy slid off his face and turned around, pushed her body against his and shared a wet, breathless kiss.

I fondled Harrison's balls as I blew him, felt his body moving under me again, his penis slowly becoming erect once more. Lacy rolled off the bed and pushed me over Harrison's groin, his cock slipping from my mouth a moment as she got me into position. I felt her breath on my thighs a second before her tongue parted my labia and she lapped up my cream. I sucked Harrison's penis again, using my fingers to work up and down on his glistening red shaft.

Lacy drew up and pushed me onto my back beside him, then got on the bed, straddled my face, and leaned down to my crotch. I inhaled against her genitals, her arousal sharp and pungent. Her tongue circled my clit and I moaned into her bare pink cunt as I started to lick her.

Harrison watched us, slowly stroking his cock. He was clearly enjoying his first threesome, and certainly, so was Lacy. We moaned together, eating each other's pussies. I licked away her juices, probed her hole for more, my nose pushed tightly against her butthole. Even the light, sharp, bittersweet odor there turned me on. I lapped higher, heard her moan against my vulva as I rimmed her tight, pink, wrinkled hole. My tongue brushed around it lightly, probed it briefly, then returned to slide through her velvety slit.

Harrison stood finally, his cock still hard, now covered with a new condom. His knees were beside my head as he got behind Lacy. I watched from below as he pulled Lacy's hips up and slid his penis inside her wet vagina. She moaned, the vibrations tickling my clit, Harrison's cock moving quickly in and out of her body.

It was a bit of a tight fit, in more ways than one. I found it hard to breath some moments with Harrison fucking Lacy over my head. Even so, it turned me on tremendously, fed into my excitement as I gulped down air and leaned up to lick his balls and Lacy's clit. My tongue circling her nub, I felt her head rise out of my crotch, a brief moment of cool air on my flesh, and then the blonde orgasmed strongly.

Slightly-creamy wetness dripped down onto my face, running down my cheek before I could push my tongue up to catch it. As she came, Harrison stroked her steadily, and I loved the smells and sounds and sights of his cock moving in and out of her climaxing hole.

Harrison's sweat dripped onto my head, too, some of it splashing onto Lacy's ass cheeks first. I loved the sensation, really, knew it came from his intense arousal. Lacy pulled away and I let Harrison dip his lightly-hairy balls into my mouth. I sucked them gently, felt fingers inside my vagina, rubbing my G-spot.

I built quickly, Harrison's balls in my mouth, his hard five-inch penis just above. Lacy fingered me, found my rough patch, and leaned down to suck my clit as well. I sucked Harrison's sack as deep as I could, my nose trapped along his perineum. I couldn't breathe, couldn't inhale, and as Lacy's fingers and tongue matched the intensity of the situation, I came incredibly hard. I'm not sure if I hurt Harrison's balls in that moment, but as I climaxed, I wasn't thinking of anything but the blinding intensity of fighting for breath and shuddering against Lacy's movements.

He seemed to understand when to pull away, and I was just on the verge of pushing his body from my face when he rolled to one side and watched as I tried to catch my breath, Lacy lazily lapping at my pussy.

I needed a moment to recover, said, “jesus... that was... intense... need a few...” I rolled off the bed, barely standing on shaky legs, couldn't stop smiling. My juices were all over Lacy's face, and hers were dripping down mine. I collapsed back into the chair, legs splayed wide, the cool air soothing on my swollen pudendum. I took a sip of my wine and watched for a few moments as the two lovers drew back together.

Lacy bent over the bed, in front of me. I loved the way her pussy looked so raw, so clean without hair. Her labia were darker after being fucked and cumming, but still on the pinkish-red side, her lips slightly open, a small gape visible. Her clit was hard and I watched as Harrison knelt down and licked Lacy's slit a moment before rising behind her and positioning his cock against her cunt.

He still wore the condom as he slid inside Lacy's body. The blonde moaned and grasped the sheets as he started fucking her harder, slamming himself against her ass as his dick slid in and out of her vagina.

I suddenly had the urge to feel him inside me again, almost jealous that Lacy was enjoying his hard thrusts. I stood and bent over the bed next to her, offered access to my pussy if he wanted it. I kissed Lacy's shoulder as I felt Harrison's fingers moving over my slit. He slid two inside me, his skin soft and warm, his motions matching his thrusts into Lacy.

A moment later, he pulled out of the blonde, paused a moment, then removed the condom, rolling a new one quickly in place. I braced myself as his penis pushed against my entrance before sinking into me quickly. I moaned as Harrison fucked me from behind.

I loved that position. I love them all, really, but there was something about being bent over a bed like that, vulnerable, offering access to my private flesh. Harrison's cock wasn't big but he knew exactly how to use it, his thrusts measured and varied enough to keep me building. He started to slam me harder, harder, my clit straining to feel his balls slap against it each time he buried his length deep inside my body.

It only took a moment of him fucking me like that for me to cum again. I shuddered, exploded, his thrusts never slowing, his balls smacking my clit just right. I breathed heavily as Harrison humped me, my pleasure washing from my cunt to the rest of my body.

He finally slowed and stopped, pulled out. I looked back to see his hand moving between Lacy's legs. He ripped off the condom, paused again, asked Lacy, “can I cum in you?”

She was almost whispering when she replied, “yes...”

I hadn't known they had gotten to that point, maybe it was the first time they'd do that together. Whatever it was, I watched him slide back behind Lacy's ass, running his penis along her length, no longer covered with a condom.

He sank in and was quickly building up urgency. Lacy grunted as he fucked her harder, harder. I slid my hand under her body as I kissed her, found her clit jumping from the thrusts. I used two fingers to circle her nub, the blonde breaking our kiss to breathe through her mouth. Her eyes were closed, her face intense, her body starting to jerk and shudder.

Harrison groaned, sweat pouring from his body, his hips slamming against Lacy's butt. I knew he was close, and I wanted her to cum with him. He started to bellow and I slid down a bit, still twirling her clit. I used my other hand to slide over her ass and into her crack. Harrison's stomach smacked against my hand as I used his sweat and her own juices to slip the tip of my finger into Lacy's asshole.

She cried out, bucking, Harrison slamming and groaning. I knew it was all happening at once. Harrison's movements became sharp, fast thrusts, and I could tell he was ejaculating into Lacy's vagina. I slid my finger deeper into Lacy's ass, and I felt her anus spasm, convulsing, her body shuddering fast into orgasm. Lacy came around Harrison's penis as it spewed semen into her cunt. He grunted as his strokes slowed and her body collapsed against the bed, pulling him out of her pussy with a wet plop.

Harrison fell onto the bed beside Lacy, the blonde panting heavily, unable to move. I pulled my finger from her ass, then slid down behind her. I saw his white sperm just inside her open vagina, a thin trail of cum sliding down over her clit. I slid my tongue between her labia, sucked out Harrison's sweet, salty semen, the rich, pungent flavor enhanced by Lacy's pussy.

I rose and slid in beside Lacy as she shared a kiss with Harrison. The blonde turned her head to me, smiled, said quietly, “thank you... for sharing that... with us...”

Harrison rose to an elbow, his eyes half-open, his body red and flushed. He nodded, said, “that was amazing, Carrie... yeah... thank you... mmmm...”

I kissed his lips briefly, then kissed Lacy's cheek. I felt that was my last cue of the night, so I rose slowly and collected my panties and the various condoms tossed onto the floor. “Goodnight, you two. No need to thank me, I enjoyed it as much as you did. See you in the morning.” I blew them a kiss and closed Lacy's door behind me.

I tossed the condoms into the bathroom trash and my damp panties into the clothes hamper. I sat on the toilet. It took a moment for my urine to flow through my swollen, raw pussy, but eventually I emptied my bladder and wiped myself clean. I felt the need for another bath, so I quickly drew one up and settled inside, pouring liquid for bubbles in as well.

I'd really enjoyed the experience. Harrison had been an eager and excellent participant, and Lacy was always wonderful in bed. I hoped they had no regrets come morning. It was something I already felt was positive for me, something I'd needed for some time. It really set me back towards finding my own sexual connections again. For once in what felt like weeks, when thoughts of Elise flickered across my mind, I let them slip away without grasping them. The hot bubble bath cleaned my body the way the threesome had seemed to clean my mind. Maybe not fully, but it had reinforced to me that I couldn't continue to deny my own sexual needs.

- - -

I was up before the others and made breakfast the next morning, whipping up eggs and toast with juice and coffee. Lacy joined me first, wearing only the shirt Harrison had worn the day before. She kissed my cheek, smiling sleepily. “He was blown away, Carrie, in more ways than one. Thanks again...”

“And you?”

“Yeah, me too. I loved it.” She looked serious a moment, said, “dunno if it is something I want to happen all the time, to be honest, maybe that would be crossing a line in our relationship, but... maybe, if Harrison is interested, maybe we'll do it again sometime...”

I smiled, returned her kiss with one of my own on her cheek, said, “I think I'd like that... but I'm not waiting around. I'm putting myself back into the game, coach.”

Her eyebrow raised as she grinned, “oh really? All it took was a threesome to remind you that you liked sex?”

“Something like that.”

“Well, good. You've been moping around a lot lately, makes me sad to see you like that.” She asked, “so... what's it going to be, girl or boy?”

I laughed. “Yes.” I changed the subject. “So... you let him cum in you...”

She giggled, said, “yeah... I'm on the pill, so... I let him do it a few nights ago for the first time. I just love feeling a guy cumming in me, don't you?”

“I do... very much.”

Harrison joined us, smiling but looking a tad sheepish. Lacy took his hand, kissed his lips, then wrapped her arms around the both of us in a large hug. Harrison and I did the same with each other and Lacy, sharing a moment which cemented the knowledge that we had no immediate regrets.

The moment passed and we were soon lost in more mundane things like breakfast and summer plans. Lacy and Harrison were planning to go to Vancouver in mid-August, and I'd have the place to myself for two weeks. I wondered if I'd find someone worth spending time with who might be interested in a few fun, private days with me.

End of Chapter 26

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