The Brown Spots: A Lesbian Panty-Pooping Exploration
Ff inc scat mother/daughter

From the imagination of Chase Shivers

November / December 2013

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Chapter 23: The Hard Stuff

Chapter Cast:

Chloe Harmon, female, 33
- High school Vice-Principal, mother of Channa
- Beige-white skin, 5'6, 140lbs, medium-brown hair with cropped bangs
Channa Harmon, female, 15
- High school sophomore, daughter of Chloe
- Pale white skin, 5'1, 110lbs, long yellow-blonde hair

“I touched her... right... here...” Channa slid her hand around her mother's thighs and stroked Chloe's cunt softly. “... she stopped me... but... she's close, Mom. She wanted me... She was wet and her clit was hard...”

Chloe was leaning against the sink, hand-washing dishes. Her loose sweat pants covered her white cotton panties, and she sank down just a bit on Channa's soft hand. “... right there, huh... Lucky girl...”

Channa moved behind her mother and took Chloe's hips in her hands, bringing her stomach against her mom's full ass. She slowly humped her mother's backside, pressing against her and holding before pulling back and pressing once more. Chloe moaned and stopped her cleaning. Channa slid a hand around her mom's waist and again stroked the woman's crotch, the damp heat of Chloe's thighs warming her hand. “Yeah... right... here...”

“You're in a mood! Bit horny, are we?” Chloe leaned back into her daughter's body and felt the teen's small breasts pressed into her back.

“Very horny... Last night, I played with myself after Urma fell asleep. Had to, you know? After touching and kissing and holding her... I was so turned on...” Channa rocked softly against her mom's warm ass, enjoying the way her butt gave a bit but was still firm against her abdomen. “I... well, I couldn't resist what I did.”

“Mmm... I bet you were aroused by that little cutie. And she sucked on your nipples this morning?”

“She did. I wanted so badly to touch her down there again... but, she said she wasn't ready.” Channa rubbed her hands along Chloe's pants thinking about Urma's big clit and tiny, hairy slit. “She was so wet. Her panties were really damp...”

“Ah, hah. And did you... feel her panties... off of her, I mean?”

“...yeah... I felt them when she fell asleep...”

Chloe pushed her hips down on Channa's hand, pressing the teen's fingers into her crotch. “And did you... masturbate with them?”

Channa felt a raised bump in between her mom's thighs and slid her fingers across the woman's clit. “...yeah. I... I smelled them. I could smell Urma on them. It was wonderful... her smell... made me so hot. I came smelling them...”

Chloe's cunt purred and rose against Channa's hand. “I bet they smelled great... One day, I bet you'll get to smell her sex directly. Taste her down there. Sounds like you are really close to that... I mean, she let you do everything but finger and taste her cunny...”

“I want to be her first, you know? I want to be the one who shows her how good it feels when someone touches and licks down there.”

Chloe imagined the scene. My fifteen-year old blond daughter, long hair flowing down her shoulders to her back, head buried between that little girl's legs, tasting her cunt... Yumm... Her clit was throbbing. Channa's hand still rubbing against her sweats, orgasm bubbling up in Chloe's crotch. Chloe took her daughter's other hand from her hip and slid it up to her breast, moaning as the teen's fingers made contact with her tit over the sweater. “Oh, Channa... Mmmm... touch me... yes, touch me... I'm almost there...”

Channa stroked the underside of her mom's breast and ran her hand down to her stomach and back, her mother grinding against the hand between her legs. Channa clutched Chloe's crotch, clit bumping against her palm, and fingers tracing a path up and down her mom's swollen cunt. The teen kissed Chloe's neck, massaging a breast and sliding her hands between her mom's thighs.

“uhhHHHnnn... uuuHHhnnn... ooOOOOHHH... “ Chloe shuddered and humped her daughter's hand and rode the teen's fingers to a powerful orgasm. “MMMM... MMMM... mmmm...” Channa rubbed breast and pussy and held herself against her mom's soft, shuddering ass while Chloe came. “oh... oh, Channa... oh, Channa... yessss....” Chloe panted and leaned heavily into her daughter as her orgasm flooded her senses.

Channa moved the hand from Chloe's crotch to the other breast and held herself against her mother as she massage her mom's round tits. Chloe spun around and hugged Channa, kissing the girl's lips and tasting her tongue. “Ohhh... mmmm... wow... that felt so good...”

Chloe smiled and kissed her moms lips and cheek, running her fingers through her hair. She brought the hand that had been between Chloe's legs to her nose and sniffed. Sweat and unwashed cunt greeted her, light but clearly her mother's feminine scent.

Chloe grinned and laughed a moment. “Let's finish up here. I want to return the favor...”

- - -

An hour later, Channa and her mom slid into bed. They'd each showered and were buzzing with excitement for what was to come. Both naked, the two held each other and kissed, both letting their hands run freely over the other's warm flesh. Channa stroked her mom's cunt, slipping fingers inside and bringing them to her lips covered in cream. Chloe leaned in and together they licked the mother's cunt juice and kissed with the taste coating their tongues. Both moaned and swapped saliva. Two cunts were dripping.

Chloe slid her hand in between Channa's thighs and slightly parted the teen's skinny legs. The wetness she found there started from the girl's inner thighs and trailed back to the small, hairy slit above. Chloe slipped a finger into the girl's sex, enjoying the way her daughter arched her back with each inward stroke, the blond's hips rising up to meet her penetrating hand.

Each with fingers sliding into the other's pussy, Chloe was the first to try another hole. Her index finger inside Channa, stroking the girl's G-spot, Chloe slipped her middle finger lower, slipping around her daughter's wet, tight backdoor. Channa moaned louder at the contact and Chloe used the girl's own juices to slowly probe the teen's butt.

Channa was rocking her hips faster now, her mom's fingers now in both her private holes. The one in her pussy was thrusting fully, while the one in her tight ass was moving slower, barely penetrating then withdrawing. No one had ever touched Channa there before, and she loved it. “Ohhh... oh... Mom... yes... finger my butt... uhnnn... oh, that feels so, so good...”

Chloe was urged on by her daughter's words and concentrated on the finger in the girl's rectum. Pulling it out, she ran it up Channa's slit to collect lubrication, then ran it back to the teen's puckered hole. She slipped her finger inside her daughter's ass, knuckle-deep and still pushing against the resistance. Chloe withdrew a bit to let more juices coat her finger, then slid back in, this time as deep as she could reach.

She felt the firm shit in Channa's ass.

Channa moaned and bucked as her mother penetrated her little asshole, a slow burn starting at her anus and building through her crotch. Chloe started sliding faster, deeper, bringing her palm down to slap lightly on the teen's hair slit and clit. Chloe's finger worked around the girl's bowel, pushing each time against the poo inside. Oh, Channa... I can feel your shit inside of your ass... It's so warm and soft...

Channa was nearing her climax. “uuhhnnn... ohhhhnnn.. mmmm... uhhnnnn... ooohyesss...” She rode her mom's finger with her tiny asshole, her cunt slapping against the woman's palm. “ooohhh... sooo close, Mom... sooo... soo close... uhnnnn...” Chloe stroked her daughter's guts from the inside, packing the girl's shit with her finger, the smell of ripe teen ass hitting her nose.

Chloe reached a hand up to Channa's small mounds and gave a light twist to one of her puffy nipples. Channa exploded. “uuuUUHH... uuuUUUHH... uuUUUUHH... UUUUUHH... oooohh... yesss...” Her cunt creamed and fluids slid down her vagina and coated the area of penetration down below. Her ass clenched, squeezing her mom's finger, pushing it out as she orgasmed.

Chloe's finger slid forcefully out of Channa's ass as the girl bucked and panted. Sticky poo dabbed lightly on the tip of the finger, and Chloe instinctively brought it to her nose. Ripe, bittersweet shit was inhaled, and Chloe felt her pussy grow wet again as she savored the sharp, wonderful scent.

“Oops,” Channa voiced weakly with a small chuckle.

“Hee. It happens... when you play around back there... sometimes, it happens.” Chloe put her hand down out of view, just in case Channa was a little freaked.

“No, no. Not that. This.” The teen pointed down between her parted thighs. Her dirty closing butthole had passed a small turd during the orgasm. The skinny brown poo nestled against the bottom of Channa's ass cheeks. “Oops.”

Chloe laughed in spite of herself. “That happens sometimes too... Usually when you want it to happen... as you know...”

“Maybe I wanted it to happen...” Channa purred.

Chloe said nothing for a few moments as thoughts raced through her head. I know the dirty stuff is what she first saw with me and Megan... but... I dunno if I want Channa doing that right now... maybe... I would like to have watched that pass out... I felt it, sticky and warm, inside her... oh, what to say.

Chloe smiled and tried to be soft. “Ok, two things. Be polite and let the other person know you're going to do that before you do it. Don't want to catch anyone off guard.” Chloe couldn't help her big smile. I'm seeing my daughter's shit between her legs for the first time in... well, since she was in diapers! “Also... Channa, look... I know you saw me, and Megan... tried it a bit yourself... This is the hard stuff, you know? Most people never do this. Never, ever. Will never want it and be strongly turned off if you even suggest it. I don't want you to fixate on this and think it is normal. If you do, you'll find no pleasure in other types of sex. Do you get what I'm saying?”

Channa felt a bit put off. “So... you don't want me to do that? I thought you said you and Megan do it because it feels good... I wanna try it with you...”

“Promise me something.”


“This is just for us. Don't introduce Urma to this any time soon. Most people would be disgusted and horrified and likely think you're fucked up.”

“Just like my mother.”

Both women broke into laughter. Chloe brought her soiled finger back to her nose. “I am, however, very turned on by this, Channa. I really don't understand why. I'm grossed out but so aroused by the way it smells... feeling it inside you... Ok. Ok. If you want this, if you're sure... I want it too.”

“Yes. Yes, I do... I've wanted it since I smelled your panties that night... I was disgusted and horrified, like you said, but for me... it just turned me on. I want to watch you do it... over my face...”

“Let's grab some panties and some towels. I think I have a load for you,” Chloe paused, said “and I'm pretty sure you're holding back a load as well. I'll change the sheets. Meet me back here in 10 minutes?”

Channa smiled and nodded excitedly.

- - -

Channa lay on the bed, her head resting on a pillow, with her legs slightly spread apart. Her mom had already laid out a couple layers of old sheets and some towels and the teen settled in, slowly stroking her cunt through her light-blue cotton panties. She's going to do it... I can't believe I want this... but I do... I want to watch her shit in her panties... and smell it... damn, why does this get me so hard...

Chloe returned a moment later, wearing only a pair of tight white underwear, her bush clearly visible through the fabric. Channa approved. “Oh, hell yes, Mom. Mmmm... look at that pretty bush...”

Chloe smiled and posed, highlighting the dark patch leading down to her sex. “I thought you might. So. Did you pee first? We don't want to soak the bed.”

“All pissed out, Mom. Wanna check?”

Chloe slid between her daughter's legs and smelled her daughter's scent. She couldn't smell urine, but the rich smell of scat was clearly present. I bet she didn't wipe her ass after the accident... she knew I'd like that... Chloe pulled the crotch of Channa's panties aside and licked her daughter's wet snatch, hairs tickling her lips and nose with each lap. “Oh... Channa... you always taste so good...” Chloe felt her bowels shift a bit and pushed out, ripping a long, snappy fart into her panties. “Oops,” she parodied her daughter's earlier vocalization.

Channa laughed, and felt warmth on her thighs from her mother's breath, enjoying the bumpy tongue running through her hairy crotch. The teen touched her own nipples with one hand, and ran the other through her mother's brown hair, holding the woman's face between her thin thighs. “Ohh... yessss...”

Chloe shifted positions, swinging a leg up and over Channa's head, settling her panty-covered crotch just over her daughter's face. “Like the view?”

“Oh... yes...”

“What about the smell?”

Channa pressed her nose to her mother's panties and inhaled, the ripe smell of her mother's ass filling her senses. “Oh, yes... yes...” Her mom was petting the girl's thighs, stroking toward the knee and back up to touch Channa's privates. The blonde teen felt pressure in her gut, so she pushed down and squeezed out a soft fart with a quick snap at the finish. Her mother put her nose down to Channa's crotch and inhaled her fumes, the rich, dark scent from the girl's ass nearly toxic, and completely arousing. “I'm ready for you, Mom. Will you give me your shit?”

Chloe moaned licking her daughters pussy, and opened her hips as wide as she could. Through the sheer panties, Channa could see her mother's asshole pucker and clench, pushing out a tight, thick ring of dark muscle as the woman worked the stool in her butt. The teen ran her hands over her mom's ass cheeks, slipping a finger inside the panties to circle the tight hole. Chloe gasped and pushed against the finger now resting against her anus. Channa's finger tip had slid in a bit when Chloe pushed another fart through the opening.

Channa felt the heat from the fart and took a deep breath. Her mom's bowels smell like ripe, dank shit, and she knew there must be a load about to slide out. Channa stuck her finger in deeper, deeper, and pushed against a firm turd in her mom's ass. Sliding her finger in and out, Channa's digit got slick with thin scat and she felt the turd begin to move down. “I feel it in there... I feel your poo in your ass. I want it, Mom. Give me your load...”

Chloe bore down and strained, her crotch resting on Channa's face, the girl's nose against the fabric over her asshole. She felt the crown start and held the pressure steady as the stool began to move. “Here it comes, Channa. I'm going to shit in my panties... shit in my panties for you... here it comes...”

Channa withdrew her finger and watched as her mother's anus opened, clenched, then opened again, the tip of a firm light-brown turd passing through the opening. Chloe started playing with her own clit as she shit, coaxing the poo out and building toward an orgasm. The turd pushed out further and made a small brown spot on the panty fabric before Chloe paused her straining, letting the turd slip back in a bit. She soon was pushing again, the turd coming out steadily and beginning to mash against the white panties. “Oh, Channa... Oh, Channa... oh, yesssss...”

Chloe's fingers circled her clit as she shit her panties. Channa pressed her nose deeper into the mess, inhaling strong, almost overpowering rank shit, the light-brown scat beginning to slide down the panties. Channa pulled her head back to watch. Poo snapped and crackled wetly from her mother's asshole, filling the crotch and covering the woman's labia. She pushed more, and Channa saw the panties bulge, dimpling the fabric in uneven fashion. “Oh, Mom... this is... wonderful. It's smelly and strange and... making me so wet.”

Chloe slammed fingers into her own cunt, feeling the warm poo slipping down the crotch of her panties. She buried her head in her daughter's crotch, sliding her tongue over Channa's erect clit. “uuHhhmm... uhhHHnnn... uuHHHmmmm... oohhHHOOHH...” Chloe was bucking now and Channa watched the bulge grow as her mother's orgasm rushed in. “OOOOHHHFUUUUCK... CHANNAAA... I'm COOOMING... ooooohhhhHHHH... FUUUUUCk... yesss...”

The dump in Chloe's panties shifted as she came, a bit easing under the seem of the tight panties and dropping down, brushing Channa's cheek on the way. The shit felt warm as it slid down, and Channa pressed her nose into the mess once more, tasting as much as smelling it with her nose against the load. Chloe's orgasm had slowed, as had her stool, and she began to settle a bit as Channa's clit throbbed for attention.

Chloe noticed, despite her slow comedown from climax, and started sucking Channa's clit through the panties. The girl's pussy had soaked the crotch and a darker-blue wet spot covered the girl's sex.

Chloe had to taste her daughter and pulled the panties to the side, uncovering her genitals. Chloe's tongue ran all over the girl's tender, private flesh, savoring the pungent, sweet, and salty essence from her daughter's pussy. Chloe put her hands under Channa's hips and rotated them toward her slightly, offering a better angle to lick the teen's whole crack.

Her tongue worked down below Channa's small, hairy vagina and sampled the raw, unwashed asshole below. The sharp, bittersweet streaks she found weren't terribly pleasant to taste. But, goddamn... I'm licking my daughter's dirty asshole... Her dirty asshole! In my mouth! Channa's hips rocked to the rimming tongue and Chloe slid back to the girl's hard clit, letting the panties return to covering the blond's cleaner, but still sticky, butthole.

“Mom... I think I can go... I'm going to push it out..”

Chloe purred, anticipation building in her and she immediately slid a hand back to her own clit while sucking her daughter's little womanhood. She felt Channa's hips rise and shift out a bit, the teen's slender thighs splayed out wide. A small fart slid through the blond's tight anus, followed by a longer, wetter one. Chloe inhaled the fumes and felt high, slapping and rubbing her own clit as her daughter started to defecate.

“Here it comes... I feel it sliding out... ooohh... mmmm...” Channa was panting heavily, body tensing and shuddering, “... yeah... keep playing with my clit... keep playing with me, Mom... I want... I want to cum while I shit!”

Chloe heard a tight squishing from Channa's crotch and saw a semi-firm turd squirt rapidly against the panties, leaving a brown smear before sliding down. A large bulge soon appeared and pressed the brown mess against the blue fabric. The girl moaned and shuddered as she shit in her underwear. “uuhhhNNN... oooohhh... Moooommm... I'm.. shitting and cumming... Mom!... I'm shitting and cumming... oh... oh... OH... CUUUUMIIING!” Channa's hips jerked as her mom stroked her clit and shit forcefully slid from her ass. The bulge in her panties grew and shifted over the teen's pussy, pushing out the fabric as she came. Channa shuddered and quaked, her hips thrusting wildly and spreading the shit around her ass as her pussy drooled into the load.

Chloe buried her nose in the girl's panty-covered mess, inhaled the raw, ripe shit in her daughter's teen crotch, and climaxed. “ffffffFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCK... fffFFUUUUUCk... OH CHANNA... OH... FFFuuuuuck.. oh fuuuuck... ohhhh...” Chloe bucked against her own fingers, Channa shuddering and twitching in her own orgasm. The smell of Channa's shit stuck in Chloe's throat, forcing her to breath deeply, which only increased the waves of pleasure running through her.

Channa's orgasm had crashed through her hard, a turd still sliding out of her ass as she came. Washing down from her cum, she pushed out another poo and felt the warm, sticky pressure in her panties against her vagina. She looked once more at the mess in her mother's panties and saw the stool still slowly pushing through the edge along her mom's thigh and sliding down her flesh to brush Channa's cheek every so often.

Channa buzzed as her orgasm washed from her. “...ooh, Mom... I feel dirty and smelly and sticky and... so fucking good right now...”

Chloe rested her cheek on her daughter's crotch, the warm poo in Channa's panties pressed against the fabric. She pulled her hand out of her own panties and cradled the girls pale thighs, snuggling close to her and inhaling the mix of sex and shit and sweat from her daughter's most private place. “... I feel exactly the same. The smell, the feel, you cumming! That was so hot, when you shit in your panties... Does... does your asshole feel a bit sore and raw and dully burning?”

“Yes. I still have shit in my ass, keeping me open down there. It feels uncomfortable... in a good way. In a really good way. I feel so... raw. With you. Raw and willing and loving that you are raw, too.”

Chloe reached to hold her panty line and carefully pulled her legs back and slid next to her daughter. The load in her ass shifted and slid around, making a sticky mess against her crotch. She saw the brown spot on Channa's chin. “Oops!”

Channa laughed. “Yeah, that was a close one, but... it was so freaking hot, watching you shit and fill your panties... the way they bulged with your load... when it dripped down... I wasn't even worried. It was all just so... raw... That's my new word apparently...”

Chloe grabbed a towel and wiped the shit from her daughter's face and from her own fingers. “Wanna lay like this a while? Let me hold you?”

“That would be... raw!” Both women laughed as Channa settled in against her mom, the shit surrounding her teen ass still warm and very sticky, clinging to her ass and cunt hairs.

Chloe kissed her daughter deeply, and leaned back a bit. “Channa... thank you... for sharing that with me. I'm still kinda conflicted about doing it, honestly. And I'm worried that you'll get stuck on this sort of thing as something you have to do to get off... but... I'm really glad we came together like that. With our panties full of warm shit and our sweaty bodies touching. That was a very intense moment, and I'm so happy to share it with you.”

Channa purred her agreement into Chloe's breasts, sucking her mom's nipples and stroking her thighs.

End of Chapter 23

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