Crystals Palace - The Stories

Sex Soap - Chapter Six

By Crystal and JackPol

Selina had decided to get out of Billys rooms as quickly as she could. Her heart was racing - she knew she had crossed the line into something naughty and forbidden - and yet she also knew she was so incredibbly turned on. The acheing throb in her pussy needed relief and as much as she wanted to fuck her own son - she knew that she couldn't. Best get back to her room and jill herself off in private. She was crossing the corridor to her own room when she heard the TV on Trianas room. Damn! she hadn't expected Triana back so soon - she'd better see how her daughter was after her first day of school. She knoocked on the door and then opned it, sticking her head around the door.

"Hi, sweetie, how was school?" she asked.

Triana was sat on her bed watching the TV in the corner of the room. She looked up at her mum and smiled.

"Fine, thanks, Mum"

" First day go OK with no problem - meet any new freiends, anyone..special?"

Triana smiled at the recollection of her very active lunchtime. She blushed without meaning to.

"Oh, Mum..."

"I'm sorry, honey, I am nosey, aren't I!!"

"Well actually, Mum, I made a few friends.."

Selina remained silent, but sensed there was an unspoken invitation to go into the room. She went in and sat at the foot of her daughters bed.

"Yeah, I met this girl Becky, she's nice, and Kathy and a few others."

Selina lent forward to kiss her daughter. It was very innocent. She was pleased to hear that Triana had made new friends so quickly - she knew her daughter had been dreading this. As she kissed her daughter cheek, she could quite distinctly smell something familiar. A thrill rushed through her body - my god - she thought ...I know that's pussy! My daughters been eating pussy - or licking her own juices. She decided to try and get some information from her daughter.

"Did you meet any nice boys, dear?"

"Not really"

There was a silence, Triana was looking down, Selina looked steadily at her, Triana blushed - she actually desperately wanted to tell her Mum about want went on. She wanted to know more about being a lesbian - the thrill of her lovemaking with Becky and Kathy was still coursing through her - thrilling her but making her nervous about her new found sexuality. She didn't know how best to tell her though. "Becky and I got on really well, Mum, really well - she lives next door you know - I came home with her this afternoon" she said.

Selina decided to venture furthur. " It sounds as if you two are really good friends - thats great in such a small amount of time!"

" Mum, I need to ask you something " Traiana blurted. " I think I'm a lesbian!"

"Oh? Why do you think that?"

"Yes. Mum. I had sex with Becky and Kathy at lunchtime today"

"Both together?"

Selina, still full of need ing sexual release, found her daughters admission thrilling and she felt her arousal starting. She had visions of her daughter, naked, with her knees up by by her breasts, her breasts being sucked, while the other girl was between her legs licking from her exposed tiny, pink, puckered anus to her protruding clitoris, her labia gleaming with musky arousal. She saw, as if in a dream, a fluted tongue probing the tightness of her anus, then moving up and into her daughters open cunt.

"Yes, it started with Becky, but then we both did Kathy." Triana's voice was stronger now, she wanted to tell her Mum how fantastic it had been. "It was amazing, Mum, I've never felt anything like it. But Im so confused - I never knew I was alesbain"

"Oh baby, come here", Selina softly murmured and moved closer to her daughter and held her close "You might not be a lesbian - more likely a little bisexual. I think a lot of girls go through that at your age - I know I did - theres something very special about being stroked and kissed..and licked by a woman, they do it so much better, and more gently, than a man."

Triana could hardly believe that this conversation was going so well. She loved her mother - was almost envious sometimes of her good looks and how young she was compared to her friends mothers. She liked confiding in her, it was like she was a big sister than a mother. She brightened up and smiled at Selina.

" Also, you don't get all that gooey spunk in you or over you!! A woman's pussy tastes so good." she said, really feeling at ease now.

Selina laughed and hugged her daughter. "Don't knock spunk", she said "it's an important source of protein."

They held each other and giggled uncontrollably. The giggles quietened and Selina found her lips reaching, as though they had a life of their own, towards her daughter. As their lips met, Triana hesitated for a nanosecond, and then her mouth opened to receive her mother's tongue. They kissed passionately, Selina's hand smoothed down the front of Triana's T shirt and softly cupped a breast. The nipple dug into the palm of her hand. Triana groaned into Selina's mouth. Her own hand found it's way to Selina's thigh and stroked upward until they touched her soaked panties.

"God, You're so wet" she whispered.

"Oh, darling, I'm so turned on - and I have had one helluva day!"

Triana's finger slipped between the edge of her panties and into her hot, wet opening. She probed, while Selina pushed her hips forward to make the finger go deeper. They found themselves touching and probing and stroking each other with one hand while with the other they tried to strip. They gave that up, and just used both hands to rapidly undress.

Selina pushed Triana so she lay on her front on the bed. She kissed her daughter lightly down her back, to her tight bum. Softly, she parted the buttocks and gazed at the wet cunt, and a bit higher up, her puckered pink rosebud. She lowered her tongue and licked the asshole. Pushing her tongue in she tasted her daughter's rectum, a sour but not unpleasant taste. Triana moaned. Selina then licked the bridge and thrust her tongue deep into Triana's wet opening. Then proceeded up between her labia and onto her clitoris. The thrill of being seduced by her own mother was too much for Triana

"I'm coming, Selina, ooh, I'm coming"

Selina noticed her daughter hadn't said Mum. She sensed that this was a psychological break, she was thinking of her as a lover, not as her daughter.

Triana bucked to the rapid thrumming and sucking on her clitoris. She spurted wetness onto Selina's chin. As she bucked, Selina slipped a finger up her tight rear opening, and another into her cunt. Triana went over the edge, and started moaning loudly "Oh, Oh, my god, oh..."...

as her orgasm swept through her body.

Neither woman had noticed Billy, their respective son and brother, at the door. He'd heard some noises - and thought his sister might be masturbating. The sight of his naked mother and sister on the bed almost knocked him over, but he senses that to interrupt them may lead to big trouble. He quietly closed the door, and went back to his room, his hard prick spurting come in his pants. plastering his shirt to his belly....

Meanwhile Triana was coming down of her orgasm - she wanted to show her Mum, now her lover, how good she was at licking pussy herself. "Lie down, Mum, its my turn" Selina complied, she was almost crazy - she'd seen and had more sex today than she had had in years - and she still needed release. She lay on the bed, massaging her breats, teasing her own nipples as her daughter scooted down and began feasting on her hot wet pussy. Trianas confidence was at a record high, eating Becky out had been a huge turn on, but her own Mum - this was almost a dream come true. She concentrated on giving her Mum a huge orgasm.

Soap - Chapter6

Trianas tongue traced around her Mums sex, then, teasingly would tickle Selinas slit. Selina squirmed as the delicious sensations coursed through her - she could barely stand it - the thoughts of the days activities running through her mind - the young couple fucking, sucking her own sons cock and then bringing her own daughter to orgasm - all were running through her mind as one big fuck fest. And now - her own daughter - skilfully bringing her to a crashing orgasm - starting way doen deep in her cunt - her clit on fire - her own pussy tensing at the invading tongue of her daughter. She could stand it no more

"ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... yessssssssssssssssssss.., aghhhhhhhhhhhhh" she cried loudly, oblivious to the noise she wa making - her orgasm strong and intesnse - her whole body shuddering in its submission.

Triana knew she had done a good job. She scooted back up to her Mum, and kissed her gently. Then the two women, mother and daughter, held each other.

Continued in Chapter Seven


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