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The Sexual Adventures of Hanna

Part 6: Breaking Mommy

By Dandy Tago & SarahMcA2012
Published March 13, 2016

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About: This was a Role Playing session between ASSTR authors SarahMcA2012 and Dandy_Tago. It was played out over instant messenger and reformatted for your reading convienence as a story. Enjoy!

Series Summary: After the fun of doing our first Role Playing Session involving the girl named Hanna and her little brother (check out Chapter 1), we decided that we loved the character of Hanna and wanted to explore her story more. Since we started at the end of her freshman year in college, we figured we'd jump around with her story, filling in the pieces as the ideas came to us. This series (written together collaboratively over IM but presented as a regular story) will explore Hanna's adventures in pushing her own boundaries, trying new and exotic things as she discovers what a filthy whore she is inside and unleashes her inner slut on the world.

Chapter Summary: After corrupting their father and introducing him to joys of incest with his children, Hanna and Patrick take their dad down to the basement so they can work on doing the same to their mom. Only in Mom's case, the family has some payback they want to dish out before they turn their mom into an incestuous slut.

Codes: MFF18m13 inc bdsm reluc anal oral pain rough humil best

After the orgy that took place in their father's bedroom, Hanna, her brother, and their father laid amongst each other. It had been a liberating experience for the older man, and as he hugged his children to him he could only imagine what lay in store for his wife.

She'd always been an uptight, moralistic bitch that had repressed his own sexuality, not to mention those of his children, but by some miracle they'd both turned out to be glorious perverts.

After a short nap, both Patrick and Hanna were ready to include their mother. After a quick discussion of how to handle the situation, the three of them made their way down to the basement.

As Michelle heard footsteps coming down the stairs, her pulse raced. It hadn't taken her long to figure out what had happened. She knew one of her children who'd cooked dinner must've drugged the food, and the fact that she was handcuffed to a pipe against the wall meant the others must've been in on it too.

Rather than angering her, the thought terrified her. Like most dictators, she'd always ruled the house with an iron fist. Her tools were insult and strict demands for obedience, and for two decades she'd kept her family in line....but now she suspected revenge was about to take place.

As the door opened and her husband, daughter and son walked in nude, however, she realized with terror just what sort of revenge it would be.

"Why hello there, mother," Hanna said with a gentle, almost friendly smile.

"Sorry to have to lock you up like this, but we needed to 'take care' of dad first."

Her typically meek and obedient husband chuckled. "Oh that you did, cupcake. You wouldn't believe how good our little girl can suck a dick, Michelle."

"Hank, this is wrong!" she pleaded. "They're our children!"

"Oh yeah, that's what made it so damn hot," he replied with an uncharacteristically confident laugh.

"Now it's your turn, Mom." Hanna said as she walked forward. "You know Patrick's always loved you. Even when you were a bitch to him he loved you...and he loved your body even more."

"So..." Patrick said as he stepped forward, his small cock hanging limply above his balls, "we're going to have our revenge for what you put us through all these years, Mom. And the reason you're going to do that is because if you don't, "he said as he pulled their dog's shock collar from behind him, "it's going to hurt even more.

She recoiled as she stepped forward, but was unable to resist as he snapped it into place.

"That's better," Hanna said as she showed that she was holding the remote. "Just for a little demonstration...."

Michelle croaked as she tried to scream as the electricity jolted through her neck.

"So we have your attention?" hanna asked.

Fearful, and with no way out, Michelle knew this had been a long time coming, and the day of reckoning was finally at hand.

"Good," Hanna said. "Patrick, don't you think Mom should loser her clothes?"

Hank went over to the toolbox in the corner. He found a box cutter and handed it to his son.

"Hope you didn't like these clothes, Mom," he said as he approached.

Michelle's eyes got big when she saw what her thirteen-year-old son had in his hand.

"No, please!" she begged, but Hanna waved the shock collar remote.

"Be still, Mom," Hanna said, "or this could get ugly for you."

Patrick cut the lacy straps off her top one by one, and then started pulling it down to reveal her tits.

"Patrick, stop. Please!" she cried. She reached up a hand to make her son stop, but Hanna pushed the button, and Michelle felt the jolt of pain surge through her body.

"Go on, son," Hank said. "I want to see the look in her eyes when her own son exposes her tits."

Michelle's eye pleaded with her husband, but he just looked down from her face to watch as Patrick pushed her top down over mounds. Her whole camisole was bunched up under her B-cup breasts, pushing them up and amplifying their size.

"Nice, Mom," Patrick said. He laid the box cutter down out of her reach and started massaging his mother's breasts.

"Don't get too carried away yet, Bro," Hanna chided. "She still has her shorts on."

The look on Patrick's face said, "oh yeah!" like he suddenly remembered that his mother also had a pussy.

"Oh God, Son, NO!" Michelle begged.

"You look pathetic, Mom," Hanna said, rubbing the remote for the collar on her lips as she watched her mother get disrobed.

Patrick very carefully started to cut at the cheap denim of his mother's faded jean shorts. She watched his hands in fear -- not only of being cut, but of having her son expose her.

"This is so nasty," she whimpered. "I know Jesus will forgive you if you just stop and repent, Patrick."

Even as Michelle spoke, though, she felt the heat of her son's naked body next to her. She saw his small, limp penis dangling between his legs. She looked away, but she couldn't stop herself from looking back. She had seen it many times when he was a baby, of course, and even as a toddler. But now he was thirteen -- practically a man.

"Yes, practically," she thought as she watched her son's dick sway.

She licked her lips and then hated herself for her thoughts. But the time Patrick had cut her shorts away, he noticed the wet spot in his mother's panties.

As he saw the wet spot, he looked up just in time to see her eyes fixed on his cock. The thought that she was staring at him was a fantasy come true and he couldn't help but smile.

"Don't worry, Mom, you'll be seeing plenty of it. I used to be embarrassed about my size, but Hanna loves it and I know you will too!"

"But now..." he said as he cut one side of her panties away before reaching over and cutting the next, "It's time to see you."

Michelle groaned in humiliation as she felt the thin fabric of her panties fall forward, revealing her shaved cunt and, to her own embarrassment, a glistening wetness.

"God..." Patrick moaned as he stared at his mother's pussy, seeming both used and tight at the same time. "You look amazing, Mom!"

Hanna looked over her brother's shoulder and grinned.

"I can see you haven't been fucking her cunt too much, dad. It doesn't look nearly as used as mine."

Hank laughed as his daughter joked about her mother's cunt.

"Don't you worry sweetheart, I think your brother and I are going to take care of that."

"Now," Hanna said as she rubbed the remote over mother's face. "I think it's time for you to get into position."

There was an old squat-rack that hank had used to use for weights, and the eight was perfect for their purposes. Hank uncuffed his wife and pushed her over to the rack which he'd dragged into the middle of the room. He re-cuffed her hands to the top, Letting her stand with her arms lifted, but able to hang lower as well.

Patrick's eyes were scanning over his mother's impressive, firm butt which seemed to be by far her best feature, although her entire, fit body was incredible to him.

As Patrick stared at his mom's ass, he was reminded of all the times that she's spanked him growing up.

"Mom, if this is so nasty and sinful, then why is your pussy so wet?" he asked.

"I...I don't know, Honey," she said, trying to look over her shoulder at him.

"Are you turned on by being naked in front of your own son and daughter?"

"Patrick, I...I can't explain it," she cried.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to spank you, Mom."

"Oh shit," Hank said in eager surprise. He found a box of old clothes that never been donated and dug out a belt and handed it to his son.

"Hank, no," Michelle pleaded. "How can you condone this?"

"You've been such a bitch to us all, Michelle," he said. "Punishing the kids. Punishing me. Lording it over all of us. Now it's your turn to take the punishment. Do it, son. Spank your mom good."

Hanna giggled in anticipation. "Count 'em out, Mom," she said. "I want you to acknowledge each and every hit."

"How many?" Patrick asked his sister.

She shrugged. "Up to you, Bro."

"One for each year of my life. How's that? Ready, Mom?"

"Pat, please. No, Patrick. You can't do this! I order you to put that belt down right now!"

Patrick swung and hit his mother square on the ass with the old, leather belt. Michelle screamed out.

"Doesn't feel so good, does it, Mom?" he asked.

She just whimpered in reply.

"Count off, Mom," Hanna said, waving the remote in her mother's face.

"One," she said, looking defiantly into her daughter's eyes.

Patrick swung again. The crack echoed through the basement, and Michelle's cries followed.

"Yeah, cry for him, 'Chell," Hank said, stroking his cock that was already at half mast.

"Two," she said, watching in horror as her husband masturbated to her tears as scream.

By five, Hank was really turned on. Hanna noticed and bent over for him.

"Put it in me, Daddy. Make Mom watch you commit incest right in front of her eyes."

Hank shoved his dick into his daughter's wet pussy.

"Oh, God, Hanna!" he moaned. "Your cunt is amazing! I love your pussy so much, Sweetie!"

Patrick kept going. Michelle sobbed out each number as she watched her husband fuck their daughter. She'd given up on begging them to stop. When she saw her husband's erection at her torture, she started to understand the depth to which her torture was pleasing him.

"What did I do to him that he would get off on my beating?" she wondered. She'd only ever tried to be a good wife, or so she thought.

Tears dripped down her face. Her husband watched while he fucked Hanna's pussy.

"She's crying so much, Hanna. It's turning me on. I love watching her this way. I'm going to cum, Baby. Oh fuck!"

Michelle watched in revulsion and a sense of depraved awe as her husband orgasmed, unloading his seed into their daughter's pussy.

In reality she'd always been jealous of Hanna. While she was blessed with a great ass, her daughter had received a large set of breasts. As they swayed beneath her while she took her father's cum, Michelle couldn't help but feel betrayed that her husband was using their daughter right in front of her.

She was quickly brought back to reality as the belt smacked across her red butt.

"13!" she yelped.

"See, Mom?" Patrick said as he stepped closer. "That wasn't even half of what you usually gave me, and your butt is already red."

She jerked when she felt his hand on her butt, but realizing it wasn't another hit she relaxed. After the painful spanking his soft hand felt so much better, and she hated herself as she realized it felt nice to her.

As he stepped in front of her she looked down at his face with tear-stained eyes.

"Patrick...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be mean, I swear, I was just trying to do the right thing! I was trying to be a good mother!"

As he looked up at her, he smiled. "Well, that might be true, Mom, but don't worry....we're going to make you a good mother, I promise. But first...I think you owe Hanna some retribution too..."

Hanna had already sucked her father's cock clean, and as Michelle looked up in her direction she saw that her daughter was holding a dish brush from the kitchen.

"You know, Mom. I have a professor at school who has taught me soooo much. He's a strict teacher though, and if any girls are late for his class, they have to be punished. Even I couldn't take this for long."

As she stepped forward, Michelle realized what the purpose of the brush was. As she pressed it against her tight slit, she felt

the prickly bristles poke at her clit and she jerked in pain.

"NO! Please, hanna, I'm sorry! I'm sorry for whatever i did!!! Don't do this! PLEASEEE!"

"I know you're sorry, Mom," Hanna said with a smile...."But you still have to be punished. Fair is fair."

"Ohmygodohmygodohmygod," Michelle whimpered in fear as Hanna pushed the brush into her pussy. Tears poured from her eyes at the pain.

"That's so sick!" Patrick said with a smile as he watched his sister shove the brush deeper into his mom's cunt. He started stroking his cock as he watched.

"Do it, Hanna!" he cried out. "Ruin her stupid pussy!"

"This won't ruin her," Hanna said. "Just hurt her. This is for all the times you tried to shame me for my sexuality, Mom."

"I'm sorry, Hanna! ImsorryImsorryImsorry!"

Hanna got the brush all the way in, and she twisted it, making Michelle scream.

"Fuck her with it," Hank suggested. "For all the times she turned me down for sex."

Hanna stepped back and gestured for her dad to take the brush handle.

"Hank, no," Michelle whimpered.

"Yes," he said, and he pulled and pushed it in and out of her several times, gritting his teeth, trying to make it hurt her as much as possible.

"I'M SORRRRRYYYYYYYY!" Michelle wailed. "I've been such a bitch. I'm sorrrrryyyyy!"

"Do you understand that you deserve to be punished, Mom?" Hanna asked.

Michelle nodded, biting her lip.

"There's something freeing about the pain,isn't there?" Hanna asked. "The first time I let a boy fuck me in the ass, it hurt so bad. But I wanted him to feel good, so I begged him to hurt me. He slapped me and fucked me hard. From the look in his eyes, I could tell that he didn't care about me at all, just the feeling in his cock. And it was perfect."

Michelle nodded.

"I love being a slut, Mom. I love letting boys and men and even girls and women use my body for their pleasure. And I want Patrick to be the same way. Being a slut is freeing. It's the most wonderful bliss on the planet. You need to see that. Which is why your son is going to fuck you in the ass."

Michelle looked up with fear in her eyes.

Hank ripped the brush out of her cunt, making her scream again.

"Give into the pain, Mom," Hanna said, stroking her tear-streaked face. "Let it wash over you. Embrace it."

As Patrick got behind his mother, she knew that there was no way to stop it. Hanna started playing with her tits, and Michelle felt almost like she wasn't even in her own body -- like she was experiencing it from afar.

Then Hanna pinched her nipples and twisted them, bringing her back to reality. Hanna slapped her face and then kissed her. Michelle melted into it. She opened her mouth and let her daughter tongue her.

"God yes, Michelle!" Hank groaned, rubbing his limp cock.

Patrick pushed his hard prick up against his mother's asshole and got ready to rape it.

The sheer sensation overload was more than Michelle's morals could withstand. This was real. She could feel it, taste it, smell it and hear it. The taste of her daughter's mouth and the hint of her husband's cum that remained in it. The feel of her son's small, hard penis pressing against her asshole.

She'd resisted all she could. She'd tried to be a good woman, but she had no choice anymore. Her body and her heart were betraying her, and she knew that this was what she needed to do; both to free herself and make amends with her family.

As she came to terms with that, she had the most liberating feeling, as if casting off a weight. She realized that this was what her family wanted, and she could give it to them. As her pulse raced, from the kiss and the realization, she glanced slightly over her shoulder.

Bracing her feet wider apart and lowering herself to accommodate his shorter height, she nodded.

"Fuck me, Patrick."

The words were something Patrick had longed to hear his whole life, and as he heard them he moaned out in love and lust. Gripping his mother's hips and moaning into her ear, he began to push himself into her.

"OHHHH, MOM! he moaned as he pushed past her tight sphincter, inch by inch burying himself in her tight virgin ass.

She gasped as she looked into her daughter's eyes, who, for the first time held no mischief malice, but instead admiration.

"Yesssss! Take it, Mom! Doesn't it hurt so good! Knowing your son is taking your ass for the first time!"

She pressed her mouth against her mother's, tonguing her deeply again as she felt the woman's body tense and moan.

Breaking the kiss, she kissed her way down her chest and stomach to her pussy. Knowing ow bad it must be throbbing from the brush-fuck, she buried her face in it and began eating out the cunt; tasting her own mother's juices

as she felt her brother's cock sliding in and out of her asshole.

As Hanna got down to eat her mother's cunt, Hank stepped up. He caressed his wife's face.

"I'm sorry, Baby," she crooned. "Sorry for everything."

"I know," he said, quietly, and then he pulled back his hand and slapped her.

"OW!" she cried as she saw stars.

Hank rubbed her cheek again.

"Yes," she said, looking at him with pleading eyes. "Hit me. I'm a horrible bitch. Beat it out of me, Baby."

Hank slapped his wife over and over as he listened to Patrick moan while fucking her ass.

"She's getting really wet guys," Hanna announced from between her legs. "Don't stop. Make her cum from the pain."

Hank looked into his wife's eyes, and she nodded. "Do it, Hank," she begged. "Hurt me and make me cum."

Hank went to his toolbox and found a couple pairs of vice grips. Michelle whimpered in fear as he sized them up next to her nipples and then opened them up. The greasy tools, like lockable pliers seemed so threatening, so devastating as he rubbed them over her nipples.

"Yes," she begged. "Clamp them on my tits. Make them hurt."

"Slap her tits, first, Dad," Patrick said. "Then put those things on her."

Hank smiled as he palmed one of her breasts. Michelle could barely focus on the pain in her asshole with the sensations in her pussy and tits. Then the pain in her chest was all she could think about as her husband slapped her tit hard.

"GOD!" she cried out. "YES! Don't stop, Hank! Beat me!"

He hit them both several times and then clamped the vice grips on each nipple, making her cry and whine. Then he shoved two fingers, greasy from his toolbox, into her mouth and started gagging her.

She felt completely objectified as every erogenous part of her body was assaulted. Hanna took a break from eating her pussy to slap it. And Patrick's thrusts were getting more and more greedy.

Michelle was being used in every way imaginable and she found herself loving it. Loving the objectification, loving the abuse, loving the service she was providing to her family.

Behind her Patrick thrust as hard as he could, savoring the phenomenal feeling of his mother's tight, dry ass on his cock. As he fucked her, he thought of the years that he was subservient to her; getting in trouble, getting spankings, getting yelled at. But now there he was with his penis buried up his own mother's butt. Not only had she asked for it, but she was even thrusting back against him.

"YES," she screamed between agonized gasps, "Fuck my tight asshole, Pat! Fuck your mommy's tight little slutty butt!"

Despite the fact that it added to the pain, she clinched her ass tighter, making it feel even better for her son.

In the front, her husband wasn't letting up. Pulling his fingers out of her mouth, he released the vice grips on her nipples before leaning forward and taking his wife's modest left breast into his mouth, sucking on it momentarily before biting down with his teeth.

Michelle's anguished screams only excited her son more and he kept fucking her ass as Hank moved to the other breast, biting down even harder and chewing on the tortured nipples.

"OMG, dad! She's soaking wet down here," Hanna moaned before going back to tonguing her mother's cunt.

Having an idea to humiliate his wife even more, he walked over to his tool bench and grabbed a screwdriver with a solid plastic handle. Walking back, he didn't ask or warn Hanna as he leaned down and thrust it, handle first, up her asshole.

The painful surprise caught Hanna unaware, but like a good slut she endured it without comment, feeling as he worked the tool deep in her ass, thrusting it several times before pulling it out.

Lifting it up to his wife's face, she knew what he wanted her to do, and as gross as it seemed she opened her mouth.

The foul-tasting handle was shoved in without ceremony and she immediately began to lick and suck the tool which had been shoved up her daughter's ass.

"How does our little girl's ass taste, slut?" He asked with a slap across her tortured tits.

The mix of emotional and physical torture, brutal ass fucking, and phenomenal sensation of being eaten out were simply too much for Michelle.

She'd never experienced sensory overload to that extent, and as her body finally gave in, it was as if a dam had been released. She let the screwdriver fall out of her mouth as she moaned out in an ecstatic, lustful scream.


Wrapping her legs around Hanna's head, she held her daughter's face in her crotch as she jerked, gushing her pent up juices all over the eighteen-year-old's face.

Still pounding her ass, Patrick took advantage of the new position to hammer even harder.

The feel of his mother's orgasm was too much and he too began to groan.

"Oh, Mom! Oh fuck, Mommy I'm close! OH FUCK!!!!" He screamed as he buried himself in her, ejaculating rope after hot, thick rope of cum up his mother's tight ass as they orgasmed together.

Now that Patrick had cum in her, Hank knew he wanted a go in her tight hole, as well. He let her down from the rack and laid her on the concrete floor.

"Lift your ass, ‘Chell. But keep your head down."

"Oh my God," she whimpered as he helped her get into position. She was so sore back there -- well, everywhere, really. But she knew she wanted this. She had denied her husband the pleasure of fucking her ass for their entire marriage. It was time for that to change.

Hank looked at her hole, dripping with their son's cum, and he couldn't help himself. He licked it. It was so sick and gross, but it made his dick so hard. He saw Hanna watching him, so he beckoned her over and kissed her with a mouthful of ass cum. She moaned as she let him feed it to her.

Then Hank took his cock and started shoving it into Michelle's hole. She cried out, the pain renewed as her husband took her ass. She was grateful for the load of her son's cum to lubricate it, but she was so sore and swollen that it didn't feel good at all.

"How is she, Dad?" Hanna asked, leaning in to kiss her father again.

"Incredible," he moaned.

"I bet it hurts her so back to have your big cock in there after Patrick ravaged it."

"I hope so," he told his daughter.

"Yes, Hank, it hurts so back," Michelle moaned. "But I don't want you to stop until you cum."

"Don't worry, Honey. I won't." He promised.

While Hank started fucking her ass, Hanna cleaned her brother's cock off, savoring more of the taste of his cum mixed with her mom's ass. Michelle watched as her children did the most depraved things with each other, and she smiled.

"I love our family," she said as tears filled her eyes.

"Shhh, Mom. Don't talk, you stupid bitch," Hanna said, and she found her mother's panties on the floor and shoved them into her mouth.

The degradation and pain made Michelle feel amazing. She had cum from the pain of her first anal fuck, and now she was taking even more abuse.

As Hank continued to fuck her, the kids took turns with the belt beating their mom's ass and back while she cried silently, moaning around the panties in her mouth. Hank egged them on, begging them to hit her harder and harder. His wife's pain and tears were driving him wild, and every time they hit her, she clenched her ass around his cock, and it felt incredible.

"I'm going to cum in you, Michelle," he panted, feeling himself getting closer and closer. "God, your tears are so pretty. I'm going to hurt you every time we fuck from now on."

She nodded and whimpered into her panties.

"I'm going to tie you up and beat you just for the pleasure of watching you cry."

"Mmm-hmmph" she nodded.

He reached down and grabbed her by the hair and yanked her up as he assaulted her ass. He rode her hard, hammering into her, pounding her sore ass. Then he started slapping the back of her head harder and harder to get her to clench her ass around his dick until finally...

"FUUUUCKCKCKCKKKK!!!" he cried as he unloaded in her bowels.

After Hank pulled out, Hanna pushed her mother's head back down to the floor.

"Stay right like that, Mom. Someone else needs a turn inside of you."

When Michelle heard the sound of their dog coming down the stairs into the basement, her heart leapt up into her throat.

"Come on, Max," Hanna coaxed, leading their German Shepard over to sniff and lick her mother's pussy."

As Michelle felt the dog's wet tongue begin to lick her, she felt such a mix of emotions. This was by far the most degrading thing she could imagine, and yet that also filled her with a sense of desire. She wanted to do the unthinkable, and her family wanted it too.

But was an animal! As the dog lapped at her cunt, she couldn't help but feel repulsed and degraded beyond belief, yet she let it happen. She was a slut, and this was what she had to do.

As it licked at her wet cunt, nature took over for the family's dog, and the 'red rocket' slowly emerged.

"Mmmm, Mom, I think he likes you," Hanna laughed.

Without hesitation Hanna did her own duty to make sure he was ready. Lowering her mouth underneath him, she started to suck the red, veiny penis until it was fully hard.

Leaning back, she grinned at her brother and father. "He's ready.

"Alright, Michelle," Hank said. "Up on all fours. It's time to let the last member of the family take you."

Michelle slowly got on all fours, resting on her knees and elbows as she lifted her ass in the air. Instincts took over for their favorite pet as he mounted her from behind.

The look on her son's face made it easier as Michelle could see the depraved lust in his eyes, and she held on to that thought as she suddenly felt the hard cock stab into her.

"OMG!" she gasped, surprised by the size of it. It didn't stop though, and Max desperately began to stab, trying to get his knot inside.

"UGHHH! UNF!" she grunted as she suddenly felt him bury knot and all 6" inches inside her. "OH FUCK!"

With his cock firmly seated, Max began to fuck away, pounding mercilessly into Michelle's human cunt with his K-9 cock.

"YES!" Max shouted. "Take it, Mom, take the doggy cock!"

"Oh God," Michelle cried as she felt her pet, her trusted friend use her like a common bitch. "Oh God. Oh fuck. Oh yes! Oh, Max!" she cried.

When she felt the hot cum -- hotter than any man had ever dumped in her -- shoot into her pussy, she felt relieved. She'd done it. She'd pleasured every male in the household. She was exhausted, and she wanted to get a hot shower and take a nap.

But even though the cum had stopped, Max's cock was still in her.

"What's happening?" she asked.

"He got his knot in you, Mom," Hanna explained.

"What is that? What does it mean?" Michelle asked, starting to panic.

"Feel that big lump right inside your pussy entrance? That's a swollen part of his cock that keeps him trapped inside of his bitch. You're mated to him for as long as it takes for that thing to go down."

"What? How long is that?" Michelle asked, trying to crawl away, but Max just crawled right along with her.

"I don't know. Half hour? Couple of hours?" Hanna said with a chuckle.

"You've got a new best friend, Mom," Patrick joked.

Then Max's libido returned, and he started humping Michelle again. She couldn't do anything but give in to his thrust.

"Yes, take him, Michelle. He owns you," Hank said.

"Oh GOD it feels so big," she moaned.

"Enjoy it, Mom," Hanna told her. "He's going to fuck you over and over and over until he's done with you. I wonder how many times you're going to cum for him."

"I'm hungry," Patrick said. "All this fucking has worked me up an appetite."

"Let's go get some food," Hank said. "Well come back and check on you when we're done, Honey. Until then, be a good little bitch for Max."

"Wait! Don't leave me like this! You have to do something!" she cried, but they just laughed and went up stairs, leaving her down there with Max mated to her pussy.

The End ... ?


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