Role Playing Sessions

Jane Visits Grandddady

Part 1

By Dandy Tago & SarahMcA2012
Published January 5, 2016

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About: This was a Role Playing session between ASSTR authors SarahMcA2012 and Dandy_Tago. It was played out over instant messenger. Each participant writes in the first person for themselves and in the second person for the other participant. For this reason, I present the session like an IM chat so that you can easily distinguish which author is speaking.

Summary: Fifteen-year-old Jane was always a free spirit. She'd recently discovered, thanks to a church camp counselor and her parish priest, that she liked having fun with older men. A visit to her recently widowed Granddaddy's house in the country proved that her fascination with having sex with older men extends even to her family.

Codes: Mf15 inc grandfather/granddaughter oral piv rom cons

It's been a 3-hour drive to your modest, single-story home in the country. Mom and Dad are too busy these days to ever go on trips to visit you anymore, but now that I have my learner's permit I can finally drive during the daytime, so, unlike most teenaged girls on their first week of summer, I'm making a bee-line to my grandfather's house. I've always loved hanging out with you, and I especially feel bad since it's just you these days, and I can only imagine how lonely it gets. The priest wasn't exactly happy that I wouldn't be there for confessionals, but I tried to give him a nice parting gift.

As I pull up to your house, I can't help but grin. I step out, feeling the warm summer weather and grab my duffel bag, walking up to your home.

As I see my reflection in the mirror, I can't help but think that I look cute. I ring the doorbell and my face naturally smiles as I see you.

"Granddaddy!!!!" I say as I leap forward, wrapping you in a hug. At 5'6", I'm already taller than most girls, but you still have several inches on me.

Your bright smile cheers me up more than the sunshine itself. And I'm glad that you still throw yourself into my arms even though you're "all growed up" now.

I'm reminded of just how much you've grown as your press your chest into mine. You're so tall and lanky, but your bosom is what anyone would call ample. I hug you longer than I should, enjoying your soft chest and memorizing the feel of it against me.

Then I hold you out at arm's length and look you up and down.

"You're a damn weed, girl! Growing faster than poke sallet in summertime. And you got your momma's looks. You're turning heads I bet."

I let my eyes linger too long on your cleavage showing in your shirt and the long legs extending from your short denim shorts.

"Grab your bags and come inside. I'm too old to be a gentleman and carry them for you. I made some sweet tea if you're thirsty."

There's no air conditioning in my cabin. So all the windows are open. But the hilltop gets a nice breeze that helps to fight of the Appalachian humidity.

I watch your ass move past me as you bring your bag inside and shake my head at the fact that my pecker has stirred for the first time in a long time.

The comments are borderline inappropriate, I know, but that's what I love about you. The lingering gaze only amplifies it, but I'm not some prudish 15 year old who's obsessed with boy bands, and I feel genuinely complimented.

I walk into the familiar cabin and down the hall to the room where I know the bed is already made for me.

"Thanks, Granddaddy! Haha, yeahhh, I've definitely noticed more looks than I used to," I say with a lilting laugh, "but it's already gotten me out of a speeding ticket!"

As I walk back into the living room, it's just as I remember. The distinct "elderly smell" is present, but I like it, especially with the cool summer breeze blowing through the open windows.

"Mom made me tuck my shirt in before I left, she said it was 'inappropriate', but it's hot! So, don't tell her that I tied it off again, please." I say with a sweet grin.

"Jane, my dearest, you are welcome to do whatever you like with that shirt," I say, my eyes moving from your exposed belly button to your cleavage to your smile to your eyes. "You can take it off, even for all I care. I won't tell," I say with a wink.

"What would you like to do today? I don't have any iPods or internets here, but we could drop a line in the pond to get some catfish for dinner. Or we could take a stroll in your grandmother's garden. I kind of fancy some fresh mint for the tea, so I might do that anyway. What do you think, Dear?"

The long stares should creep me out, especially coming from you, but once again I'm filled with the same forbidden sort of thrill that I got from servicing the priest and my counselor. Besides, I can only imagine how lonely you've been.

Although I know I shouldn't, I give you a wink back.

"That sounds great, Granddaddy! Come on, let's go!"

As we head for the back yard and down the trail to where Grandmama's garden was, I laugh a little.

"As hot as it is, I wish I were in a bikini. I'd take my top off but I stopped wearing a bra or panties last year. I like the way it feels to be free, personally."

As we walk, I see a little frog and can't help but take the opportunity to tease you a little. I bend down in front of you, kneeling near the frog and as I do the shorts ride down, easily exposing nearly a 1/4 of the top of my bare, pale ass.

"Awww, Granddaddy, look! Isn't it cute?"

"Cute as a button, Honey," I say, not looking at the frog at all. "But it can't hold a candle to how cute you've become. Your Grandmama was a looker like you when she was young. You know she was about your age when I married her. I had to trade her daddy my best mule before he'd let me marry her."

My eyes drink in the length of your long legs.

"She wasn't as tall as you, though. Stocky woman, she was. You get your height from your daddy, but your looks from your mom. But she was a priss at your age. Wouldn't have touched a frog."

When you stand back up, I slip your arm into mine.

"Anyone ever tell you that you'd make the perfect country wife? A girl that ain't scared of frogs and catfish? Why she's a keeper. In my day, boys would be lining up to mate a looker like you that wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty."

As we near the garden, I smile to see the vines that have taken over the fence line surrounding it.

"Look at that, Honey! The maypops are already ripe. Passionfruit they call it in the city. The seeds are slimy, but they taste like heaven."

I rip open the green egg-sized gourd and reveal what looks like a pile of snot inside, but the aroma smells just like the kind of passionfruit drinks you've tasted before.

"I used to try to convince your Grandmama that eating these would fill her with passion. She just laughed at me. Here try some."

The slimy texture feels like snot, but the flavor is sweet and heady and exactly like tropical passionfruit. We suck the slime off the seeds and spit them out.

"Mmmmm. I can already feel the passsion growing, I think."

"Ughh, if you knew the prissy little boys I go to school with, you'd be begging to make mom send me here to live with you. They're more worried about their hair or some car they're never going to be able to buy than fun things like fishing. And they still have the nerve to come onto me!"

As we reach the garden and eat the fruit, the slime feels remarkably familiar, although it tastes much better than the other substance.

I give you a reproachful grin. "Now Granddaddy, why would you be getting all 'passionate' with your little granddaughter around?"

It's clear I'm teasing as I smile at you.

"But I do have a question that's sort of...odd. What do you do now that Grandmama isn't around anymore? I mean, guys back where I'm from have the internet to watch....well, porn. But you don't even have that."

"Oh, Jane," I mutter, feeling embarrassed. "You know how to make an old man blush, don't you?"

I hem haw a bit, and then I look slowly up your body.

"I have my memories, of course. I've been hitting up the widow Davis. Everyone says she'll put out for a ride to the grocery store, but in truth, I think she just flirts to get men to take her around town. I do occasionally 'honor' her memory from time to time."

The real truth, though, is something I'm both terrified to say out loud and dying to confess to you at the same time: that I think of your mother when she was your age, and I think of you -- my only granddaughter.

My eyes drift back down to your breasts, and I have to turn away to try to hide the erection growing in my trousers.

I can see how uncomfortable it makes you, but I can also see the hungry look in your eyes as you look over my body. It's similar to the look that the priest and counselor gave, but so much more pronounced, and I can see how much you want me.

I try to lighten the mood a little, but I also want to press the issue.

"That's nothing to be embarrassed about. I think it's cool that you jerk off, and it's so sweet that you honor Grandmama that way."

"To be honest...I've always been sort of curious about what sex was like in the past. I mean, I don't want to be insulting or anything, but did like...women give blowjobs and stuff when you were my age?"

I know I'm pushing further than I should, and that you're my own grandfather, inherent desire to help others is pushing me forward, as well as my love of finding a man who isn't some prissy little boy.

"Ha ha," I chortle, slapping my knee.

"Well, they always said that good girls don't. But your Grandmama, from time to time would do it. God, the feel of her mouth was..."

I stop myself, afraid to get too graphic around you.

"And I know that your mother did it a few times. And not just with your father, but with a few of the boys she dated."

Your smile disarms me and makes me want to open my heart to you.

"Don't think too ill of this old man, but I choked the old chicken a few times watching your mother out the window as she slicked up the pole of her dates parked on the street. I don't think your Grandmama ever knew. I don't know how I would have explained that to her. But a man gets urges, you know. Sometimes it's just better to spill the seed and get it out of the way."

I look sheepishly up at you, more embarrassed but also more emboldened than I've felt in a long time.

"She had your looks, you know. But you're prettier than your mother or your grandmother by far, Jane."

My heart is hammering in my chest. I can't believe I just practically hit on my fifteen-year-old granddaughter. The thought of you finding out that I've jacked off to you since you were a little girl horrifies me, but my cock wants you to know. It stiffens in my pants, and it's so pronounced that I can't hide it this time.

Instead of being horrified, you see my eyes light up with fascination.

"Oh my God, you jerked off to mom! I can't believe she used to suck dick, and in the car too?!"

I can see the erection in your shorts and it causes my heart to race. I can see how much you're loving this conversation, and I'm loving it too.

I laugh a little, "It's a shame you don't have any country boys on hand or you could jerk off watching me blow them out here."

It sounds so awkward, so antagonizing, but neither of us are in charted territory anymore, but the flirting is obvious and you see my eyes drop to your tented pants, then back up to you.

Both of us are pushing each other on...both hesitant to go all the way, but it's clear that I'm more like you than you ever thought.

"If your Grandmama was here, she'd slap that foul mouth of yours," I say, laughing. "But me, I always like a girl that wasn't afraid to cuss. Yeah, your mom was a cocksucker alright. Jesus only knows how many gallons of cum she drank in high school. I never once came down on her or let your grandmother find out. Otherwise I would have had to give up my Friday night porn shows."

When you talk about me jerking off while watching you, I blush, but I'm delighted that you brought the subject up.

"You'd do that for your old grandpa? Let me pull my pud while looking at you? Too bad the only country boy out here is me."

I want nothing more in this moment than to stroke myself to your body. You wouldn't even have to remove a stitch of clothing. In fact, if you hugged me right now, my cock might just explode. I feel hornier than I have in ages, and I owe it all to you.

I see your eyes notice my erection, but I don't try to hide it or turn my hips away anymore. The fact that you look at me as brazenly as I look at you makes me long for you even more.

"Yeah, you're my kind of girl, Jane. If I was 50 years younger, I'd take you down to the malt shop in my Chevrolet and let all the guys drool with a gal like you on my arm."

I laugh as you start to talk dirtier, and I love it.

"It's a good thing Grandmama isn't here then, huh? Wow! Mom swallowed that much? Personally, I don't see the point of using my mouth on a man if I'm not going to eat his cum, so I guess I got that from her." I say with an energized laugh.

"Awww, of course, Granddaddy, I'd love to let you watch me suck cock while you jerked off...imagine how hot that would be?"

I glance back at your cock again then back up at you, enjoying that you're proudly displaying it now. My heart is racing and I've never been so excited by a conversation.

"Trust me, I would love to let a man like you take me down to the malt shop. How jealous would your friends be if they could see my head bobbing on your cock in the parking lot? Although, truth be told, I can't stand guys my age....I've always been more of a fan of older men. They seem to appreciate my tight little ass and tits more. Hey, you should feel them! Let me know if I could compare to Grandmama."

I stammer and stutter at the thought of jacking off to you, of you sucking my dick while my friends watch, of touching you. And then you're taking my hands in yours and guiding them to your chest and your ass. I instinctively squeeze, amazed at how firm and tight you are.

"Oh, Jane," I breathe. "You're body is more incredible than hers ever was. And she was a spitter, not a swallower. I've never had a girl eat my cum before."

My right hand gropes your ass while my left caresses your chest. My fingers find the edge of your shirt and brush against your sweat-dappled skin.

"Oh, Jane," I moan. I know what I want right now, but I'm so scared to say it. But the smile on your lips, the light in your eyes emboldens me. "I want to cum for you right now, Darling. My cock is about to burst."

I take my hand off your ass and unzip my pants.

"Please don't think ill of me, Jane. I know it's so unseemly, but... my god, Dear."

I reach into my trousers and pull out my erection, stroking it as I look into your eyes.

"Oh, Jane," I gasp again. "Please, I just... need this. It's been so long."

I can barely believe what I'm hearing....and as I watch you break down in your desire, I know what I have to do.

"You mean, you've never....been swallowed?"

As you begin to undo your pants, I know what's coming. I can't believe it's actually happening, but I know what I need to do.

I feel myself getting down on my knees before you, and as you begin to stroke I look up.

"Granddady....let me do this for you. Please?"

I gently reach forward, staring at your modest, 6" cock surrounded by a patch of grey and white hair. I take your hands and guide them to my head.

"Use my mouth, Granddaddy. You can cum in it, I promise. I've swallowed lots of cum, I can eat yours too."

As if to show you it's ok, I lean forward, opening my mouth wide and swallowing your cock whole.

I hold your pretty little head in my hands and watch as you open your mouth to me. My hips involuntarily push toward your face, and I'm mesmerized by the sight of your lips wrapping around my shaft.

"Oh god, yes!" I moan as the warmth of your mouth surrounds me.

"Oh Jesus forgive me," I cry as I push myself into your cherubic face.

"Jane," I moan. "Oh, Jane," I cry. "My angel."

And then words cease to suffice for the emotions I feel as I watch my granddaughter give me the greatest blowjob of my life. My fingers slide into your hair, and I feel all of the want, all of the yearning building inside of me.

Your beautiful eyes close as you suck my shaft, and I feel the tension build in my loins.

"I'm so close, Jane. Oh god!"

My hips push into your mouth over and over, and you open your eyes to look up at me. The brightness startles me, delights me, and my orgasm explodes. I feel the semen flooding through me and your little tongue caressing me, coaxing it out, gathering it, tasting it.

"I'm cumming, Jane," I grunt, looking down into your beautiful eyes. "I'm cumming for your, Darling."

You suckle me, draining me, and as my body courses with electric pleasure, I feel so much emotion toward you. The only way to express it is this:

"I love you, Jane!"

And I mean it more than I've ever meant it before. Not just to you. I mean it more than I've ever meant it in my entire life.

"Oh, god, I love you!"

The sensation is so surreal for me. I've always blown those I'm not supposed to...counselors, priests, but this. this is so much more special. This is my own grandfather! The man I've loved since I was a little girl, who's been my friend, my mentor, my Granddaddy, and now I feel his cock in my mouth and it's the greatest sensation of my life.

I moan, hungrily sucking you until I feel the inevitable. The splash of your hot, gooey cum over my tongue and down my throat is something I know I'll savor for the rest of my life, and as you pump your load into my mouth, I hungrily swallow it.

"Mmmmmmm," I moan, slurping at your cock as you thrust and hold, knowing that I'm giving you something that no one ever has....I'm eating your cum!

The look of love in your eyes tells me this was the right thing to do, and as you confess your love for me, I know I love you too. It's a strange sort of love though. A mix of desire, family, lust, and genuine affection....the strongest type.

As I finish swallowing you, I continue to slurp and suck until your cock softens in my mouth and you pull out, leaning back against a tree as you catch your breath.

I'm able to swallow freely and as I do the potent taste of your cum overwhelms my tastebuds and I grin.

"Mmmm, Granddaddy! Your cum was so delicious!" I walk over to you and give you a hug, squeezing my breasts against your chest.

Rather than the possible awkwardness that could ensue, my perky, unflinching nature makes it seem both acceptable and natural.

" was I? Better than Grandmama?"

I feel your embrace, and I know that my desire for you has grown, not abated.

"Kiss me, Jane," I plead.

I find your little mouth with my own. I'm trembling, from shock as well as from my orgasm. I taste myself on your lips. I've never tasted my own cum before, but I know the smell. It's so strange to me, so animal, but on your tender lips, I know I love it.

I push my tongue into your mouth, hungry for the flavor of you, desperate to taste myself on you. You taste like a slutty little cocksucker, and that is exactly what I want you to be right now.

"Your grandmother couldn't compare," I breathe, and I start to unbutton your blouse.

"The house is too far away. Let me take you to the barn, Jane. I need you. I need to taste your little pussy and feel inside of you, Sweetheart."

My lust is burning in my chest. I no longer fear that you'll hate me or reject me. You ate my cum. You're exactly the girl I always wanted.

"I need to fuck you, Jane. Let me cum in your pussy."

I take you by the hand and lead you to the barn at the end of the garden. My cock is still hanging out of my pants, and your shirt is flapping in the breeze. I look over at you as we traverse the length of the garden. You're not running away. Your hand is in mine.

As we enter the shade of the barn, I take off my shirt, revealing my wrinkled chest covered in white hairs.

"Please don't say no, Jane. I want you. I need you, Precious."

I push my pants down to my feet and stand before you in all my aged glory. My cock is already stirring again as I stare at your sweet breasts.

"I just need a moment to get the lead back in my pencil. If you let me suck those teats of yours and taste your little pussy, I know he'll spring back to life."

I shake my head, "Say no? Granddaddy, I want to get fucked by you more than anything in the world! You've been alone too long, you need someone to fuck and love! are so sexy, granddaddy," I say as I run my hand over your bare chest, then begin to shirk off my shirt and undo my shorts, pushing them down around my ankles and stepping out.

I go and sit on a bale of hay and grin at you.

"Oh yeah? Well come taste me then, Granddaddy. My little fuck hole is so wet already. I bet you haven't tasted a sweet little cunt like mine in decades!"

I see you get on your knees in front of me, and I pull your head to my firm, perky breasts. I moan as I feel your hungry mouth begin to suck my tits and my head rolls back.

"Ohhhh yes.....suck them. Suck my big tits, Granddaddy! I love your wrinkled old're so fucking hot! I can't wait to get fucked by you!"

"Jane, you sweet, dirty whore," I moan before I put my mouth on your perky breast. I suck your nipple between my lips, running my tongue around it inside my mouth.

"You filthy bitch," I groan as I move to the other breast and pinch the nipple I just licked between my finger and thumb.

"I haven't tasted a pussy in years. Your Grandmama's cunt was so flabby and worn out, and her tits sagged to her ankles. I fucked her out of duty, but I thought about your mother's pretty body when I did. I always wanted your mother, Jane."

I look up into your eyes as I push my fingers into your pussy. The moisture makes me smile.

"She was a slut like you in her younger years, but she grew up to be a prude. But you, Darling, your cunt is wet from sucking my wrinkled cock."

I lower my face to your pussy. I look at it longingly, breathing in your tangy aroma.

"You are exactly the girl I've always wanted, Jane," I say, looking up into your eyes.

Then I lean in and taste you, moaning at the flavor of your soft, almost hairless cunt. I slide my tongue up between your silky inner labia, tasting the grool you've already produced for me. Your clitoris stands out as my tongue slides over it, and I suck it between my lips, giving your hard nubbin a miniature blowjob.

"I could eat you all day, but I need to fuck you right now."

I get on my knees and take my throbbing cock into my hands. It has returned to its humble glory. I slide it between your folds, rubbing my precum into your juices, and then I lean in, feeling your pussy give way, opening up reluctantly to my shaft, slowly swallowing me, embracing me in your velvety warmth.

"God, you're the best cunt I've ever had, Jane."

I look into your eyes as my cock slowly pushes the rest of the way into your pussy.

"I love you more than anything, you sweet little slut."

My hands move up to grope your tits as I pull my hips back and start to fuck you with all the fervor that decades of dissatisfaction have built in me.

"Take my dick, you cocksucking little twat. I love you, Jane. Let me cum in you."

My back arches as I feel you enter me. My face lights up in ecstasy and you can see the pleasure in my eyes as my cunt envelops your hard cock.

"OHHHH FUCK!" I gasp as I feel you start to fuck me. "OH God, Granddaddy! Fuck my tight little cunt!"

The tightness and wetness combine to make a distinctly sluttish sound as you thrust in and out, almost as if fisting a cup of goo. I know the sound is humiliating to some girls, but I love it, and it's the perfect soundtrack to our depraved relationship.

"I love you too, Granddaddy! Fuck my slutty little cunt! Even when mom was a whore she wouldn't let you do the things I'm going to let you do, I promise you that!"

I hold my legs up and back, providing you with a perfect access to fuck me.

"You can cum in my cunt all you want, I love feeling hot sperm shooting into me, especially when it's family! There's nothing I won't let you do to me, Granddaddy, nothing! Now fuck me as hard as you want! Fuck my tight little cunt! It's going to milk every drop of your hot cum out of that wrinkly old cock of yours!"

You can hear the passion in my voice. You know I'm getting closer.

"FUCK ME! FUCK ME GRANDDADDY! I'm getting so close! I'm going to cum all over your cock! Your dirty little slut whore is going to cum for you!!!!"

"JAAANNNNE!" I cry out as I feel your pussy contracting around me.

"Cum for me, you incestuous slut! Cum for Grandpa!"

The moisture of your orgasm squishes around my dick as I hammer faster into you.

"I'm going to fill your pussy, Precious. Grandpa's going to shoot his sticky cum into this tight snatch of yours, and... ohhhhhhhhh!"

I feel my climax building. Your pussy spasms around me, milking my dick, caressing it.

I feel you arch your back, thrusting your cunt against me, and the sight of your gorgeous tits bouncing in front of me makes me shudder and pant. I grab your face and kiss you as you cum on my shaft, and then suddenly, I know I can't hold back any longer.

I look into your eyes as my balls clench and the tingling fire surges through my body.

"FUUCCKK, JANE! OHHH JAAAAAAAANNEE!" I cry as my seed shoots into your womb.

My eyes water from the intensity of my orgasm, my second in a matter of minutes. I blink away the tears from my climax to see your dazzling blues staring up at me in love and lust. I continue to thrust into you with each spasm of my balls, pushing my sperm toward your cervix, willing it to find purchase in your soil.

"You're a good slut for Grandpa, Dear," I say, panting. "I'm going to fuck you every way I can. And I'm definitely going to take you into town and let you suck my cock in front of the malt shop. I hope the widow Davis sees it, too."

I hold you, feeling your full weight on top of me and not caring.

"Mmmmm, yesss Granddaddy! I bet Grandmama or Mama have never even thought of the things I'm going to let you do to me."

"I take it up the butt, I lick assholes, and I drink pee."

Next: Part 2


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