The Dollhouse

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Part 14: Tansy Tied

By Dandy Tago
Published March 27, 2015

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Summary: Amelia facilitates a 'therapy sex session' for Tansy where John will rape her and help her redeem what was done to her by her father.

Codes: MMf oral, Ff oral, Mf bd sad piv

As soon as Dr. Winters left, Amelia noticed a tension in John's shoulders. After the anal stimulation he'd received from the doctor during his "examination", she was surprised to see him tense. She watched him as he taught a math lesson to the girls and noticed the way he carried himself was too drawn in, too wound up. She walked up to him after he finished the lesson with the girls and ran her hand up his back, cupping the nape of his neck.

"What's troubling you, my love?" she asked.

He looked into her soft, grey eyes. Despite the coolness of the color, she expressed such warmth to him in that moment as she searched his face. He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

"It's Hannah," Amelia suggested.

He nodded.

"Oh, you've got it so bad for her, don't you, Darling?" Amelia said.

She pulled his face down to hers and kissed him. She felt his body relax as she wrapped her arms around him and drew him to her. When they broke their kiss, they saw all of the girls standing by their seats with their math books in hand, watching them. Amelia took a notepad from the desk and scribbled on it.

"Becky," she said, folding the note and holding it out to the girl. "Please take this note to Hannah and tell her that it is my instructions for how she is to prepare your lunch. You girls will help her and will follow her instructions explicitly. Do I make myself clear?"

As Becky took the note from Amelia's hand, the girls chimed "Yes, Mommy," in unison.

"Now, one-by-one, I want you each to kiss Daddy and thank him for your math lesson. It's quite difficult for a grown man to lecture on such a boring subject while gazing out at all of your delicious legs and... " She gazed at the open buttons of Becky's blouse. "...tits."

Becky strolled up to John and pushed her books into Amelia's hands so that she could wrap both arms around John's neck and pull him down to her mouth. Amelia was unphased at Becky's rudeness, appreciative of the effect her lips were having on John's tension.

"Thank you, Daddy," Becky whispered into John's ear before nibbling on his ear lobe. She took her books back from Amelia and gave her a wink as she strode out of the classroom.

All the girls came and kissed John as they left. Amelia enjoyed watching him melt under their touches. He knelt down kiss Abby, and Amelia smiled to herself as she watched the little girl give him a peck on the lips with her eyes closed and then kiss him again, more deliberately, opening her mouth slightly as she had learned from the other girls.

"I rubbed my pussy while you taught math, Daddy, and now my panties are wet," she told John.

Then she handed him her books and lifted her skirt. She pushed her little hand down into her panties and pulled out two wet fingers that she rubbed on his lips. He opened his mouth and sucked them in, rolling his eyes into the back of his head as he savored the nine-year-old's juices that she offered him.

"Oh, Abby, my little Angel," he said. "Thank you so much. You taste so lovely."

Abby gave him another peck, grabbed her books and then ran from the room.

Tansy was the last girl in line. As John stood up to take her into his arms, Amelia spoke up.

"Tansy, go wait in my bedroom."

Tansy turned on her heel with a harumph to face Amelia.

"Don't question me, you little bitch," Amelia said.

John was taken aback at first until he saw Tansy's shoulders relax. Clearly, there was something going on between Amelia and Tansy that he wasn't aware of.

Amelia cocked her eyebrow at the girl, and Tansy turned back around and started out of the room. She tossed her hair as she glanced back over her shoulder at John. She looked him in the eye then stared at his crotch for a moment before looking back up to meet his gaze again. She smiled briefly and strode out.

"What was that about?" John asked Amelia.

She walked up to him and placed her hands upon his chest.

"We're going to have a little therapy session with Tansy, John," she explained. "I know you're having trouble getting Hannah off your mind. Sometimes the one thing you can't have is the one thing you can't stop thinking about. In situations like that, it's best to distract yourself."

John nodded in agreement.

"And you have plenty of ripe, young, teenage distractions, Darling," she said.

She ran her hands up into John's hair and pulled his face down to hers to kiss him.

"And what better distraction than raping Tansy's sweet little pussy?" she asked.

John waited in Amelia's office. He sat at the desk, looking through Tansy's file. The door opened, causing him to look up.

"Mommy said I'm supposed to be your fluffer," Julie told him when she walked in.

Merely saying those words almost did the job. John's cock began to swell inside his pants.

"Oh, really?" John asked, adjusting himself. "Do you even know what that word means?"

"Yes," Julie said walking around the desk and kneeling down in front of him. "She said I'm supposed to suck your big, fat cock with my pretty, little mouth."

Julie reached up and started unzipping John's slacks.

"She said that since I'm still a virgin that you won't lose control and take me on the desk. I'm supposed to get you nice and hard for Tansy's pussy, but she doesn't want you to blow your load in me."

"God, you have a filthy mouth, Julie," John said.

He gasped as she reached into his pants and grabbed ahold of his dick.

"Do you want to fuck my mouth, Daddy," the little thirteen-year-old redhead asked, looking up at him with her big, blue eyes.

John reached down and cradled her face in his hands. She was nervous, but he could tell that she was proud of the fact that she had been chosen for this job over someone older like Becky. He traced the shape of her freckled cheek, running his finger down the dimples around her smile as she gazed at him.

"Oh, yes," John breathed. "Please, Julie. I want to fuck your mouth so badly."

Julie beamed at him. She had trouble guiding his seven-inch cock out of his zipper, so John quickly unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants to help her out.

John groaned with pleasure as Julie took his knob between her soft, wet lips and sucked on him like an oversized lollipop. She wasn't the most skillful cock sucker. In fact, this was probably only the second time that Julie had ever had a dick in her mouth. But she was a very determined girl, and she'd recently received a very intense training session from Becky and Tansy. She'd obviously remembered a lot of what they had shown her, John remarked as she looked up at him with her lips around his head. Her big, blue eyes looked so innocent in contrast with the rod her lips were wrapped around.

"You're so big, Daddy," she said. "I'm afraid you're going to choke me when you shove it in my mouth."

"Do you want me to choke you?" John asked.

Julie sucked his glans as she thought a moment.

"Not yet. It looked sexy when you choked Becky, but I don't want to gag on you," she replied.

John showed her how to wrap her hands around his shaft to keep him from going too deep. He also promised her that she could be in complete control if she wanted.

"But Mommy said to let you fuck my mouth. Doesn't that mean that you push it into me?"

"If you want me to, I'll do that, Julie. But I want you to have fun at this, too," he replied.

"I'm already wet, so don't worry about that," she said, and she began to bob up and down on him, letting her hands keep him from going too deep.

John brushed her wavy, red hair back with his fingers and tucked it behind her ear.

"You're so beautiful, Julie," he said. "Thank you for being my fluffer. I love seeing your gorgeous lips wrapped around my big, hot dick."

Julie pulled him out of her mouth and chuckled.

"It is hot!" she commented. "Should I blow on it to cool it off?"

"No, Sweetie," John replied with a chuckle. "Despite the fact that it's called a blowjob, the best way to do it is to just suck on it."

Her mouth was so soft and warm and wet. Her technique was sloppy and uncertain, but she was definitely enthusiastic. John wondered if Amelia hadn't chosen her because of her lack of skill. Without the skill to blow him expertly, there was less chance of him losing his wad in her mouth. But she was definitely doing a wonderful job of keeping him hard.

The phone rang, startling them both. Julie pulled him out of her mouth and gasped for breath.

"I'm going to get this, Julie, but I don't want you to stop. I need you to be a good little cock slut and keep sucking Daddy off."

Julie smiled, nodded and went right back to sucking him.

John picked up the phone to hear Amelia's voice telling him to get to their bedroom and to make sure that he was hard and covered in spit. She wanted him to mount Tansy straight away as soon as he entered the room. She explained that Tansy was bound and ready for him to take her and have his way with her.

John hung up the phone and touched Julie's face. She stopped sucking him and looked up at him expectantly.

"Come with me to Mommy and Daddy's room. I need you to keep me hard and get me sopping wet before I go inside. Can you do that for me?"

"I can't fit your whole dick in my mouth, Daddy," Julie said.

"Then I want you to spit on your hands and stroke them up and down my shaft and cover me in your spit. Can you do that?"

Julie nodded with a smile.

"Try it now," John prompted.

Julie spit in her palms and started stroking him.

"That's good, Baby. Now spit on my shaft, too. Really cover me in your spit. I need to be good and wet."

Julie spit on his rod and pumped him, biting her lower lip as she focused on her task.

"Oh, that's perfect, Julie," he said. "Now, I want you to lead me to the bedroom by my cock. And keep stroking it the whole way. Let's go."

John stood, and Julie kept one hand wrapped around his dick. She tugged on it, letting it slip through her tight grip as she led him from the room. Then she pushed her hand down to the root and started another stroke as she led him down the hall. John had to hold his pants up as they made their way to the master bedroom.

Amelia was waiting for them outside the door.

"Get on your knees, Julie, and keep sucking Daddy's dick while I get him ready," she told the girl.

Immediately, Julie was back down in front of John, bobbing on his cock, driving him wild.

Amelia handed John a bluetooth earbud with a built-in microphone. He put it on.

"I'll be in the office, watching on the cameras," Amelia said, "guiding you on what to say and do. This is a rape, John. While her father didn't tie her up, she and I decided that having her bound would be a good way to simulate the vulnerability she felt with him in that moment."

John nodded. He was nervous, but incredibly turned on at the thought of fucking a gorgeous, blonde fifteen-year-old, tied up for his rough pleasure.

"I want you to fuck her hard, obviously. Use the shit out of her little pussy. But some well placed slaps would be appropriate as well. She is not gagged, and part of the play for her will be screaming and cursing at you, crying and begging you to stop. Unless she safewords, I don't want you to stop, John. Do you understand?"

John nodded.

"Good. The safeword is 'elephant' again. But also..." Amelia placed her hand on John's chest. "...while part of the point is for her to relive the nightmare of being raped in a safe environment, it is also important that we redeem that moment and transform it into something good and loving. You did an amazing job of humiliating Becky and making the fucking at the end a very loving, yet rough experience. I want you to do the same to Tansy. Once you feel her getting into it, turn the scene around. Show her that you're not the asshole father that raped her. You're the loving Daddy who will always care for her and nurture her and fuck her with love. But do it hard."

John took a deep breath and nodded.

"I know it's a lot to take in. But, also," she stood on her tiptoes to kiss him over Julie's ministrations on his cock, "this is for you. I want you to take all of the frustration of not getting to fuck your pretty, little girlfriend out on Tansy's pussy. Fuck her with all the tension in your body, John. Let it go into her. She's ready for you."

Amelia turned the knob on the door and pushed it open. It was dark inside except for a lamp on the night stand. John could see Tansy on the bed. She was laying on her back, draped across the bed sideways. Her legs were spread open wide, being held there by nylons tied around her ankles and anchored to the tops of the four poster frame. Her arms were tied as well, and they were splayed out along the bed, tied to the frame at the mattress level. She was naked.

Amelia tapped Julie on the shoulder, and the girl pulled John out of her mouth. Upon seeing Tansy's little body tied up for him, John forgot about everything else in this world. He stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

"Daddy?" Tansy's little voice asked in the dim light. "Is that you?"

"Don't say anything, John," Amelia's voice said in John's ear. "Just go shove your cock into her, and if she screams, slap her face."

John walked up to the bed, holding his hard, slick dick. He stroked it a few times as he looked down at the teenager tied up in front of him. What he was about to do felt savage and wrong. He reminded himself that this was her idea.

"Daddy, please," Tansy whimpered. "Please don't, Daddy."

Tears fell from Tansy's eyes as she looked up at him imploringly.

He stroked the soft, smooth flesh of her leg, letting his nails gently scrape along the back of her calf. He loved her long, silky legs, and they were spread open for him in a wide V with her sweet, wet pussy inviting him at the bottom.

"Fuck her, John," Amelia's voice commanded. "Rape her little cunt. Now."

John pushed his dick against Tansy's opening. She was wet, and he was covered in Julie's saliva. His head slipped right in.

"No, Daddy! NO!" Julie screamed.

"Slap her, John," Amelia ordered.

John pushed himself all the way into Tansy's cunt.

"NOOOOOO!!!!" she screamed.

Once he bottomed out and felt the warm, wet envelopment of her tight, little pussy, he leaned over her and slapped her face.

"Shut up, bitch," he growled.

"Oh, yes, John," Amelia crooned. "Very nice. Now fuck her. Take her. She's a dirty little whore, and her pussy belongs to you."

"Your pussy is mine, you little slut," John told Tansy.

Tansy looked up at John with big, terrified eyes as he pulled out and slammed back into her.

"Unh!" she screamed as he bottomed out. She whispered, "Daddy, no, please."

"Tansy wants this, John," Amelia instructed. "She's playing the role. Don't stop fucking her unless she says the safeword."

"You belong to Daddy now," John said through gritted teeth as he pulled back and slammed into her again.

"Daddy," Tansy whimpered.

John smacked her ass, making her squeal as he pumped in and out of her incredibly hot cunt. He smacked her again, harder.

"Daddy, no!" she screamed.

John slapped her face again, from the opposite direction and then smacked her ass even harder. Immediately, he felt her pussy clench around him and flood with cum.

"Oh, Daddy, yeeeessss!" Tansy cried out. "Smack me, Daddy. Please. Please!"

John smacked her other ass cheek as hard as he could.

"She's loving it, John. Taunt her. Call her names. Capitalize on her enjoyment of being helpless before you," Amelia instructed.

"Cum for me, you dirty, little whore," John groaned. "Oh, I feel your cum on my dick. You love being raped by your Daddy, don't you?"

"Yes, Daddy. Oh, please. Please. Don't stop, Daddy. I'm cumming so hard!"

John smacked her ass again, eliciting a squeal from Tansy's voice. She thrashed her head back and forth, sending her golden locks flying around her face.

"I'm your bitch, Daddy. My dirty, little pussy is yours!"

"I love you, Tansy!" John moaned, looking his trussed-up little teenager in the eyes. "You're a bad girl, and I love you so much!"

Tansy's vagina clenched around John's dick as he continued to pump in her.

"Oh!" he gasped. "You filthy. Little. Bitch!"

"Cum in me, Daddy," Tansy pleaded, looking up at John. "Make me your whore. Cum in me and make me yours."

"Ohhhh, Tansy!" John groaned. "I'm going to fill you with my sperm."

"Yes! OH, GOD! YES!" Tansy screamed.

John smacked her ass hard.

"Spank me as hard as I spanked you, Daddy," Tansy said.

John looked down at her uncertainly.

"She doesn't feel pain right now, John, only pleasure," Amelia said in John's ear. "But her body can still whelp and bruise. Be rough, but be safe."

John smacked Tansy hard.

"Angh!" she threw her head back and screamed. "Yes. Oh, do it again, Daddy. Hurt me and make me cum again."

John smacked her hard again and delighted at her squeal.

Tansy opened her eyes and looked up at John.

"Now cum in me, Daddy. Show me how much you love me."

John slammed hard into her tight, little cunt over and over. She cried out in ecstasy, whimpering and moaning. He felt the heat boiling in his balls.

"Oh, god, Daddy, I'm going to cum again," she moaned.

John smacked her ass again and grabbed ahold of her hips with both hands.

"I love you, Daddy," she groaned. "Fuck my slutty, little pussy."

As his seed rose up through his balls and into his dick, John cried out.


"Yes!" Tansy screamed.

Her pussy clenched down on his cock as they came together. They were both whimpering and moaning as his hips slammed into her pelvis again and again. He hammered her through his orgasm, not ready to be done as his cock spurted his hot cum inside her.

"Oh!" he heard Amelia gasp in his ear, and he knew she was cuming with them. "Oh, Julie, yes, Darling! Make Mummy's pussy cum all over your pretty little face!"

"I love you, Daddy," Tansy whimpered, dropping her head back lifelessly on the bed.

"Oh, God, Tansy, I love you so much," John, moaned. He wanted to collapse on top of her, but he didn't want to put more strain on the bindings on her legs.

Just then Hannah came in wearing an apron and wielding a butcher knife. She quickly cut the nylons off at the bedpost, freeing Tansy's legs and then went around to cut the nylons on the other posts. John, still impaling Tansy's pussy with his dick, looked at her in shock.

"Mommy called me in the kitchen and asked me to come free my sweet little sister," she explained in response to John's raised eyebrows.

Tansy wrapped her legs around John, pulling him down on top of her where she could wrap her arms around him as well. The nylons tied around her ankles felt soft and silky against John's ass as Tansy's legs enveloped him. She smothered his face with kisses, and he returned her passion.

John looked up as he heard Hannah's heels clomp clomping toward the door. He looked up in time to see her glance over her shoulder and wink at him before she pulled the door closed. In that one second where she stood framed in the doorway, standing there with her navy-blue dress, her apron, her bobbed, wavy hair, and a knife in her hand, she looked like the sexiest young 1950s housewife fetish he'd ever seen -- right down the the patent leather heels.

Tansy saw the look on John's face in that split second. And she turned his head back to face her.

"You're so in love with her," she said.

But to John's surprise, it wasn't spite in Tansy's voice. It was sympathy.

"It doesn't mean I love you any less, Tansy," he said.

"I know, Daddy. I want you to have her. You rescued her. She's tied to your heart."

John caressed Tansy's face and furrowed his brow as he considered her words.

"That is so wise and loving of you, Tansy," he said. "You're such a smart girl."

Tears streamed from Tansy's eyes, sliding down from the outside corners, disappearing into her honey blonde hair.

"Nobody has ever called me smart before," she said.

"Oh, Tansy, my flower," John said.

He rolled them over until her little fifteen-year-old body was on top of him.

"I think you're brilliant. I'm sorry for the ways that I have hurt you."

"You didn't hurt me, Daddy," she said.

Another tear fell from Tansy's face, and it landed on John's lips. He licked it away and savored her salty offering.

"I mean, you did smack my ass pretty fucking hard," she quipped, chuckling as she wiped the tears from her face. "But..."

"But, what, Sweetie?" John encouraged.

"When I felt hurt by you bringing a pretty brunette home -- that wasn't your fault. Even though I wanted it to be."

John reached up and stroked Tansy's face.

"Listen to yourself, Darling," he said. "You are coming to terms with the pain inside. Oh, Tansy, I'm so proud of you right now."

John's cock, still inside her tight, little cunt, the blood held in place by the tension of her vaginal opening, began to swell again as his heart pounded with love for Tansy.

"Daddy," she gasped, feeling him grow inside her.

"You're on top, now, Baby," he said. "I'm at your mercy. Do you want to tie me up?"

She moved her pussy up and down on John's dick as she knelt over him.

"Just lay still, Daddy. Let me do all the work," she whispered.

She placed her hands on John's chest. The nylons tied there still, tickled his sides as they draped down his body. He tensed at the sensation, savoring the light torture. Tansy closed her eyes and moved slowly, deliberately up and down John's cock. She was so tight to begin with, but having had her pussy fucked so hard gave her a swollen feeling inside that, while softer, also felt like more pressure against John's thoroughly used dick.

Tansy's breathing increased as she savored the feelings inside herself. John watched her pussy slide up him, leaving a trail of grool and frothy cum.

"You're so tight, Baby," he crooned.

Tansy smiled.

"And you're so big," she replied. She looked down at him. "You're bigger than my father, bigger than my boyfriend. I love how fucking manly you feel inside me."

John's abdomen tightened with yearning as she looked down at him with lust in her eyes.

"They fucked me, Daddy. They fucked me and used me, but you..." she threw her head back and moaned as she pushed down hard and ground her cunt against his pelvis, "" she groaned, looking at him with desire, " made me a woman."

John reached up to touch her face, but she slapped his hand away. She leaned over and pinned both his hands to his side as she continued to ride him. Her face was right above his, her hair draping down over his face.

"No touching," she whispered. "You're at my mercy, remember?"

John groaned, and Tansy smiled and chuckled.

"I'm yours, Tansy," he sighed, and he meant it.

"Forget about that brunette pussy you want so bad," she seethed with a smile on her lips. "You're my bitch until I'm done with you."

John gasped. Her dominance was seriously turning him on. He tried to get his hand free of her grip, but she pushed him back down.

"I'm not done with your cock yet," she told him coolly. "And I'm going to ride it until I cum. And you're going to beg me to let you cum inside me again."

"Oh fuck, yes, Tansy," John groaned.

"I own you. Say it!" she seethed.

"You own me, Tansy," he said, arching his neck and closing his eyes.

"Your cock is mine," she growled.

"My cock is..." a hard slap caught him across the mouth.

"Look me in the eye, you little bitch," she barked.

John's cheek smarted with the sting of her slap.

"Oh!" he gasped. "Oh, Tansy, please slap me again."

She cuffed him across the same cheek, bringing redness to the surface.

"Say it!" she ordered.

John looked her in the eye, his heart racing, his blood pumping with endorphins rushing through his brain.

"My cock is yours. You own me. I'm am your slave, Tansy."

She slapped him again, and he gasped and thrust up to meet her cunt as it came down on him.

"Oh, you love it, don't you, bitch?" she yelled, pumping herself furiously on his dick.

"I love it, Tansy. I want you to hurt me."

She put her hands back on his chest, digging her pretty, red nails into his flesh, scraping his skin as she rode him at a furious pace.

"Fuck me, Tansy!" he cried out. "My cock belongs to you."

"Ooooohhhhh, Daddddyyyy," Tansy moaned as their hips slammed together.

John thrust up to meet her each time she came down to envelop him. They were fucking fast and hard, lost in each other, lost in the sensations.

Normally John loved to look into his lover's eyes as he came in her, but this time he was not in control. This time, he was fully surrendered to the feeling, the emotion, the power that was building between him and Tansy.

"Unnnaaahhhhhgggghgh," she cried as her climax broke over her.

John continued to nail her furiously, thrusting up into her tight, dripping cunt as it gushed its juices all over him. She squealed with each thrust. Tears burned John's eyes as the pressure in his loins began to rise. He was tired and worn out, but he was so close that he couldn't stop himself if he wanted to.

Tansy's cunt spasms squeezed him so hard that it was painful, and that finally drove him over the edge. His cock had been beaten and battered by her tight, young vagina. Knowing he had spent himself for her thrilled him. Finally, the dam broke, and as tears poured down from the corners of his eyes, he shot his hot jism into her sweet, fifteen-year-old pussy.

Tansy collapsed on top of him, lifeless except for the heavy panting and the convulsions that shook her body each time his cock spasmed inside of her. John lay beneath her, breathing heavily as the weight of her little body held him down. He loved that, even after they had cum, he was still at her mercy.

As their breathing calmed and the electricity finished coursing through their bodies, they quickly fell asleep together. They only stirred when her cunt spasms pushed his limp cock out of her, causing both of them to shudder at the sensation. John rolled onto his side, and flipped Tansy until she was curled up with her back to him. They fell asleep, spooning, neither caring about the cum that dripped out onto the bed from Tansy's well-used pussy.

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