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Single Chaptered Stories

These works have only one chapter. Newest stuff is generallyat the top of the lists. F/D is 'futanari/dickgirl'.

Original Work

The Empress of Shadows
A new Empress celebrates her coronation. [F/D; Inc; HJ; ff; Oral; Fingering, HJ, Herm, Other, Violence

Everything is different (nothing has changed)
A shapeshifting sex-worker specializes in giving her clients exactly what they need. F/D, Fingering; HJ

Old Habits
A thief is hired by a village to recover their kidnapped princess. F/D

A rare human pleasure-servant is sold to the spoilt heir of an lf pack.Anthro, F/D

Many Forms of Capitulation
A proud general surrenders. Bi, F/D

A spoiled young woman has a new Surrogate body, with a cock; she meets up with an old flame. F/D; Fingering; HJ; Oral

Exchange of Information
A rebel messenger gives information (and other things) to an unlikely contact. Anal, Fingering, F/D,Oral, FM

Farewell to Flesh
A baroness enjoys a night of revelry with her body-servant. F/D

A Sacrifice
A girl is a reluctant sacrifice for a dragon. F/D, Ff, some violence, nc

Smells like addiction
An engineered human tries hard to control her pheromones; only, not really. F/D

Sympathetic Magic
A potion-maker has to deal with the antics of her younger sister. F/D, Ff, Inc

Fanfiction/Based on other material

Twin Great White Snakes Technique (Naruto fanfic)
Two of Orochimaru's numerous experiments, a pair of girls, make their way to Konoha, and are placed under Anko's care. Anal, Beast, ChallengeFic, DP, Fingering, F/D, Inc, ff, OC, Oral, TF, Voy

Little Red (Based on Little Red Riding Hood)
A twist on the old fairy-tale. Fingering, F/D, Ff, Oral

Fall In Mutual Weirdness (Heroes Fanfic)
Claire tries to deal with a normal life, while hiding what she is. F/D, Fingering; HJ; Oral

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