Admonition: This story contains explicit descriptions of
people engaging in careless and unprotected sexual
activity. PLEASE do not emulate these people since they
are fictional characters existing in a fantasy world where
sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy don't
happen. You don't live in such a world, so "let's be
careful out there."

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Editor's Note: Here it is - part 'Z' of Dancer's 'Alphabet
Game'; the last of twenty-six hot, little vignettes she
whipped out in something like a week or two!

And relax - these stories are all self-contained - you
don't HAVE to read them in order, or read any of the ones
that might squick you...


The Alphabet Game (26/26)
Zoftig *
Copyright Dancer 2001

(* - Slang - having a full, shapely figure: said of a

[Empath: It may be slang in *American*, but 'zaftig' is a
proper German word meaning the same as Webster's spelling.
B!ll's spellchecker agrees: 'zoftig' is tagged as
misspelled, yet 'zaftig' isn't; nyah! ;) ]


"That dress makes her ass look like two puppies fighting
under a blanket!" Tara hissed at her boyfriend. "And those
boobs! Ugh! As much money as she makes, you'd think she
could afford to get breast reduction or a lift or

"Tara, shut up," Jake hissed back. "You got bigger boobs
than she does."

"Yes, but mine don't sag to the ground."

"I've had it up to here with your shit, Tara. We're
through." Jake left his now ex-girlfriend and headed over
to the wet bar. He plunked his glass on the counter.
"Another Scotch and soda, please." The bartender nodded and
fixed the drink quickly, handing it to Jake. He gulped it
down and felt the whiskey burn along his throat.

The woman Tara'd been gossiping about came up and ordered
Black Velvet on the rocks. She got her drink and downed it.
She lifted her chin. "Hi Jake. Heard you and Tara called it

"I got sick of listening to her moan and groan about how
you look."

"Aih, she's jealous because my figure's natural, not

"Wanna go back to my place and fuck like bunnies?" Jake
asked jokingly.

"Why not? It's the best offer I've had all night." They
left the party, caught a cab to his apartment and split the
fare. Jake walked Ruth to number four and unlocked the
door. Ruth went in first and kicked off her flats, then
plopped down on his loveseat. "Mmm, feels good to get those
shoes off." Jake undressed in front of her and sat on the
sofa buck-naked. He pulled her stockinged feet onto his lap
and began massaging the arches. Ruth dragged her party
dress over her head, letting it fall behind her to the

Jake eyed her body with appreciation. Her breasts spilled
over the frilly pink bra cups generously and sported a few
stretch marks. "It's nice to see a pair of breasts without
surgical scars. Let's retire to the bedroom where I've got
a stash of condoms." Ruth stood as did Jake and they walked
to the next room holding hands. She removed her
underclothes while he fitted the latex over his erection
and both fell on the mattress in a heap.

He sank into her warmth happily and started thrusting. He
rested his body on top of her with a sigh. Ruth petted his
silky curls and wrapped her legs around his waist. Jake
latched onto one nipple, sucking the bit of flesh
forcefully and felt her shudder beneath him. "Jake, why did
we ever break up?" Ruth asked breathlessly.

After releasing her teat, he murmured, "Because I'm an
idiot. I thought I wanted a woman who looked like the cover
girl for Vogue." He nuzzled his face far into her cleavage.
"I missed you, Ruth."

"I missed you, too, honey. Actually, I missed fucking you,
now that I think about it." She saw her fleshy mounds
jiggle as he chuckled and clenched her pussy ever so
slightly. Jake groaned in response and stroked his cock at
a faster pace. His dick jerked inside her as he filled the
condom with his cum. Jake pulled out and threw the used
rubber in the trash, then climbed back in bed. He drew the
comforter over their bodies and snuggled against Ruth's
full figure, using her large breasts as pillows.

He snaked a hand between them and palmed her mons. Her
labia parted at his touch and he dipped two fingers in her
slick opening, brushing his thumb over her sensitive clit.
She hugged him firmly and moaned softly, coating his hand
with her creaminess. The appendage stayed inside her pussy
as they drifted off to sleep.

End part 26 and of Alphabet Game


Editor's Postscript: That's it! Every letter from A to Z;
all twenty-six stories have been posted! Now, I'm gonna
take a week off... <j/k> Seriously, I've got 'Young Blood
2' to post (it's less...upsetting than its predecessor,
trust me:), as well as a lovely little trilogy Dancer did.
Have a good weekend!

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