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This describes sexual acts involving prepubescent children. I do not advocate attempting any of these acts. They end happily only with the help of mind controlling magic. However, I do advocate writing down any fantasies you may have of doing such acts, and publishing them in appropriate places.

Johnny In Asbar 2

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Johnny and His Best Friend

by Eternal Night

The Crisis:

That evening, they were in their pool when they heard pounding on their door. Johnny would have prefered to ignore it, but his mother said "That sounds urgent. We'd better get clothes on and answer it." They ran to the bed room where Johnny put shorts on and his parents put on bathrobes. Then they answered the door.
David, his father, and his brother Matthew were there. When Johnny's father asked what brought them there, David's father answered "We'd like you to take care of David for a while, till we can get control back home."
"Control of what?" Johnny's father asked.
"We caught Matthew and Sarah, well, doing things kids don't do. We need to teach them to stop."
"In other words, you need to teach a three year old and a five year old to resist a powerful mind affecting enchantment."
"That's about right."
"I suppose I don't mind taking care of David, but I wonder how you'll teach them without resorting to child abuse."
"I wish I knew, but I think we'll come up with something."
"Also, What would you accomplish if you succeeded?"
"What do you mean, what would we accomplish?"
"Would it protect them from the next child molester they meet? I'm pretty sure Lord Ian's turned every grownup in Asbar into a pedophile."
"What does that have to do with it?"
"Forewarned is forearmed. They need to know about these things now."
"Even if you're right, knowing about it isn't doing it."
"Doing it's what they're going to face. There isn't much point in keeping them from doing it."
"Next thing, you'll be saying we should do it with them."
"I never said that."
But David's Dad's eyes grew wide with realization. "You sick bastards! Stay away from my son!" As he pulled his children away, Johnny heard him tell David "I don't want you to even speak to Johnny ever again!"

Johnny told his parents "That didn't sound good."
"It wasn't." his father answered. "We'll have to hope Lord Ian's magic can stop vigilantes before they kill us."
Johnny thought about what could come next. He was pretty sure David would ignore his parent's order and "It doesn't matter what I tell David anymore."
"You're right."
Johnny's mother added "We might have nothing worse than a few lonely weeks."
Later, when they were all in bed, Johnny's father added "Johnny, if you do something with David, keep in mind that this will be the first place his parents look for him."

The Education:

The next morning, Johnny was sure the sun was dimmer. When he went to school, as he'd expected, David came up to him before classes started.
"My parents seem to think you'll corrupt me somehow. They didn't make much sense."
Johnny answered "They're sort of right. I will if you want me to."
David looked a little nervous. He asked "Should I want you to or should I run away now?"
Johnny answered "You should want me to. It's like..." he thought about how to describe it. "It's like becomming whole for the first time. That time when we huged naked was sort of a beginning to it."
"That felt good, but it was kind of scary. I still think that wasn't suposed to happen."
"It was supposed to happen. My parents taught me a lot about it. We're both perfectly normal."
At that point, the bell rang and they both walked toward class. "I hope you're right, but I don't think my parents would think so."
"My parents didn't think so either at first, and they weren't sure till they actually did things with me."
"Did what things?"
Johnny resisted an urge to just tell the whole story. "I could tell you, but it'd be more fun to just do them."
"I can't. My parents want me to come straight home."
"You're going to obey them?"
"I don't know. I'll have to think about it."
Johnny also had to think of a place to do things with David now that he couldn't use his own home. The plants Lord Ian had created formed many semi private areas in the parks, but it would be too easy for someone to find them. It occured to him he wanted someone to let them use a room in his house. He didn't think he was close enough to any kids other than David to get into their houses, and he'd want privacy once they were there.
Disapointed with his effort to plan, he decided to give it a rest and pay attention to the lesson. Mr. Ready seemed a bit more attentive this week than last, but still wasn't his usual self. He noticed that five kids (and not the usual ones) seemed to do most of the raising hands to answer questions, while the rest of the kids seemed depressed. After he raised his hand for the fourth time, Johnny realized that he was one of the attentive ones and realized what that probably meant.
At morning recess, David asked "Did it make you smarter? You sure answered a lot of questions."
"I don't know. I think it just made it easier to pay attention. There were a few other kids who answered a lot too."
"Do you think their parents did whatever it was to them too?"
"Yeah, but I'm not sure."
By lunch time, it had occured to Johnny that he knew one of the other sexually active children and might get help from her, so he asked David "Do you want to do it with me after school?"
David answered "I think so. You sure seem a lot better off for it."
"OK. I think Theresa might let us use her place."
"Why not use yours?"
"That's the first place your parents'll look."
Johnny aproached Theresa and asked "Could me and David come over to your place to do some things?"
She looked suprised and asked "What sort of things?"
"Things we're not supposed to talk about. I figure you know what they are."
"I don't think so. It'd be too easy for my parents to find out."
Johnny was suprised "You're not doing them with your parents?"
"I wish! I did them with Tom." Tom was her older brother, who Johnny had never met. Theresa took Johnny's hand and added "Good luck with David."
A moment later, David asked Johnny "Any luck?"
"No. She has to keep it secret. It wasn't her parents."
"Any other ideas?"
"I'll see if I can think of something."
"I bet I just go straight home today."
David looked so miserable that Johnny impulsively hugged him.
"Hey! Not on the playground!" David pushed Johnny away.
The school grounds were overgrown so only a few kids saw. Even so, that should have been enough, but the expected mockery didn't come. A couple boys came up and asked him if he'd really done it, which he refused to confirm. Near the end of the lunch hour, Johnny and David were climbing around on branches and saw one of the boys who had seen them hugging another boy. Johnny decided he could risk admiting what he'd done the next time someone asked.
That afternoon, Johnny thought of the teenager David had seen staring at the younger children. He'd want to see a child naked and even touch one. Johnny realized that he might invite them in to his home for that chance. Letting a stranger touch him was a scary idea, but he was sure he could do it.
After school, Johnny told David "I have an idea. You remember the boy who was staring at kids?"
"Yeah. He only did it for a couple days."
"Remember where he lived?"
David noded.
"Let's go there."
They took a different route than David usually did comming home. As David had mentioned, there was no sign of the boy. Then Johnny saw a man turn onto their street and had them hide in the brush in front of the house. To their suprise, they crawled into a tiny open area where the staring teenager was hiding.
"Hey! Get out of here!" the boy hissed.
Johnny quietly answered "No. There's someone looking for us."
The man had kept aproaching, and as Johnny had feared, it was David's father. They remained quiet till he'd been out of sight for some time.
"Who's looking for you?"
David answered "My Dad. He doesn't want us to be together."
Johnny added "We were hoping you'd have some place private we could use."
"You're crazy. Why'd I care about you?"
Johnny answered "Because I'd let you see me naked and touch me."
David added "So would I."
"You think I'd believe that?"
Johnny hadn't been expecting that. "Why wouldn't you?"
"It's crazy! People don't take their clothes off!"
David answered "They do. My little brother's been driving my parents crazy with it, and I've wished I could go naked more myself."
Johnny added "It started when Lord Ian got all of his pictures last Monday."
That got his attention. He thought for a moment and answered "OK. Lord Ian did something. I still think you're pulling some trick."
Johnny tried to think of something to say, but couldn't guess how the boy thought. It somehow didn't make sense that the boy had the courage to openly stare at kids comming home from school, but lived in fear of people playing tricks on him. David's father was now out of sight, so Johnny told David "Let's go." and led him into the bushes accross the street.
They crawled into a small space under some bushes and David asked "Do you have any other ideas?"
"Not really, but at least we can do this." Johnny pulled David's shirt out of his pants and slid his hand under it to feel David's back.
"That feels good." David told him and did the same to Johnny.
Then the ground gave way underneath them. They fell a few feet and landed in soft cottony stuff. Looking around, they found they were in a small room whose floor was entirely covered in soft bed plant. The walls and ceiling were covered with glow vines, whose yellow flowers lit the place. As they looked around, they saw the ceiling close above them.
Frightened, the boys disentangled themselves and stood up as much as the four foot high ceiling would allow. They found that the ceiling had become tightly woven vines and roots, which prevented their escape.
David yelled "We have to get out of here! This stuff'll eat our clothes off!" This was true. On the first day Lord Ian's plants had grown, many people had taken naps on bed plant and woken up half naked.
They tried franticly to get out for a couple minutes and then had to rest. They held on to the ceiling to keep their clothes away from the bed plant as much as possible. Then Johnny realized what the place was and how to get out.
"I get it! This is a place for me to teach you things. We won't be able to get out till we've done them."
"How long will it take?" Their shoes were looking rather worn already.
Johnny answered "I think we'll just have to accept being naked when we get out."
David droped to the floor. "We're going to be in so much trouble when we get out."
Johnny didn't like the idea much himself and spent a moment planning how to get home without being seen. There was enough cover that he might manage it, but David would have to deal with his parents when he got home naked.
"Do you think you'll be in more trouble than you'd get just for spending the afternoon with me?"
David sat up and replied "I guess not. They were pretty crazy about you."
"So are you ready to do it?"
"I guess so."
"Then let me take your shoes off."
David asked "Why can't I take them off myself?" as he moved his feet where Johnny could reach them.
Johnny answered "It's about touching each other." He took David's shoes off and set them aside. The bed plant floor swallowed them in just a few seconds. Johnny then pulled David's socks off.
David asked "Does that mean I take your shoes off?"
Johnny answered "Yep." and shifted position to allow it.
When Johnny was bare foot, he sliped his hands under David's shirt and explored for a moment. David managed to do the same to Johnny. Then David had to withdraw as Johnny pulled his shirt off. Then David did the same for Johnny. Then Johnny unziped David's pants and reach in and found the hoped for hardon. David stood up and Johnny slid his pants down and David steped out of them. Johnny ran his hands back up David's legs and then stood up for David. When David had Johnny's pants off, he took the initiative and slid Johnny's underwear down. When Johnny was naked, he did the same for David.
As he steped out of his underwear, David reached down to Johnny's sides and tickled him. Johnny fell over an curled up before he grabbed David's foot and pulled. David fell over, giving Johnny a chance to tickle back. The boys wrestled and tickled for several minutes. Johnny found this increased his lust for his friend. Finally, they rested and David told Johnny "I hope I didn't mess this up."
Johnny answered "No. We're supposed to have fun." Johnny sucked on David's shoulder for a moment as he ran his hand down David's back. Then he planted his lips on one of David's nipples and rubbed it hard with his tongue before doing the same with the other. Johnny then turned around to kiss David's stomach and give David the option of kissing his. The boys kissed their way down to each other's thighs, and then Johnny turned his attention to David's genitals.
Johnny explored David's balls with his mouth, and David hesitated before returning the favor. David exclaimed "Oh gross!" when Johnny started kissing his way up David's penis. When Johnny planted his lips on the tip of David's penis, David tried giving him something to drink. Johnny was instantly spitting.
David apologized "Sorry. I guess I shouldn't do that."
Johnny answered "It's OK. I should have told you." As he wiped David's penis off with some of the bed plant, he added "Anyway, now I know what pee tastes like."
"What does it taste like?"
"Liquid pain." Johnny returned his lips to David's penis.
As Johnny rubbed David's pee hole with his tongue, David nerved himself to kiss his way up Johnny's penis. Johnny began taking David's penis further into his mouth while David kissed the tip of Johnny's. Johnny moaned with David's dick in his mouth, and then pulled out to tell David "Another thing. You need to keep your teeth away from my dick." Johnny took David's dick back into his mouth and soon had his lips around its hairless base. David tried to do as Johnny told him, but scratched Johnny's dick when Johnny brought him to orgasm. In spite of this mistake, he soon brought Johnny to orgasm. A couple orgasms later, they wound down and rested.
After a moments rest, Johnny asked "Want to try something else?"
David ran a hand up Johnny's back and answered "Sure."
Johnny sat up and lay down again with his back to David. David took the chance to kiss Johnny's shoulder blades. Johnny told him "You can shove your dick up my ass."
David answered "Gross," but that didn't stop him from doing it. Johnny found David's penis felt quite comfortable up his ass. David started humping Johnny and ended up pushing Johnny onto his front and lying on top of him. Johnny enjoyed feeling David's weight pressed against him. After his second orgasm, David was tired and driping sweat. He asked Johnny "Do you want a turn?"
Johnny enthusiasticly answered "Yeah!" David crawled off of Johnny and Johnny climbed on top of David. He pushed the tip of his penis against David's anus before David opened for him. Johnny moved slowly, enjoying the feel of David's hot and sweaty body beneath him. He managed to kiss David's shoulders while doing it. Then he moved faster as he aproached an orgasm. After his first orgasm, he worked faster to reach a second.
By then, Johnny was tired, panting and sweaty himself. He pulled out of David and wiped his penis off on the bed plant floor. Then he snuggled up to David to rest. As the boys rested, the ceiling parted above them and the floor beneath them lifted them up to the opening. Then roots wove themselves through the bed plant beneath them, and finally the bed plant drained down into the ground. David commented "I guess getting out wasn't a problem."
Johnny kissed him and told him "I guess it's time to go home."
David kissed Johnny back and answered "I guess you're right."
They were about equally distant from Johnny's and David's homes. Johnny knew he had an advantage in that his parents wouldn't be bothered to see him naked, whereas David's parents would not only punish him for being naked, but would probably guess correctly what had happened. Johnny stayed under cover for most of the way, but had to run accross a couple streets. Once, he saw someone there to see him do it. Once he got home, he told his parents what had happened. They hoped he didn't lose any more clothes that way, but he wasn't in any trouble.

The Outcast:

Later that evening, an hour before bed time, there was knocking at the door. Again, they hastily put a minimum of clothes on and Johnny's father answered it. Outside was David's mother and David. David's mother pushed David through the door and yelled "Take him! Do whatever you want to that little rapist!" Then she walked back the way she'd come. Johnny noticed that David was completely naked, and wondered if he was still naked or naked again.
David asked nervously "What are you going to do?"
"Let you stay with us of course." Johnny's father replied. "You can stay till your parents are ready to take you back."
The moment he closed the door, Johnny took his shorts off. A few seconds later, his parents decided to shed their bath robes. Johnny asked "What happened?"
David hesitated for a moment, then told them "Mom let me take care of Matthew in my room while she read Sarah her bed time story. I'd told Matthew about what we'd done this afternoon and he told me he could suck my dick. I thought we had time, so I let him try. Then Mom walked in."
"So she dragged you here naked." Johnny's Mom completed.
"I'd taken all my clothes off, and she wouldn't let me put any on. She told me Lord Ian had legalized it, so I might as well take advantage."
Johnny's mother told them "I'd better make sure the right people know about it so we don't get accused of kidnapping."
While Johnny's mother was on the phone, David asked "What's a rapist?"
Johnny's father answered "Someone who forces someone else to have sex with him."
"Then why was Mom calling me a rapist all the way here?"
"Rape can include tricking someone into having sex with you. Also, it's assumed that children don't understand sex well enough to really agree to it. Matthew wanted to do it, but as far as your mother is concerned, his wanting to do it doesn't count."
Johnny's mother was still talking, so Johnny put an arm around David, who turned it into a hug that went on and on.
Then Johnny's mother came back and told them "We have custody of David till his family is ready for him."
Johnny's father suggested to Johnny "Why don't you and David sleep in your bed tonight. You can both stay home from school tomorrow too."
David released Johnny from his hug and Johnny saw he had started to fall asleep. Johnny took him to bed and let him fall asleep in his arms. It took Johnny somewhat longer before he slept.

Johnny was the first to wake up. For a moment, he enjoyed being warm and naked and pressed against his best friend. But Johnny was eager to start the day, and he needed to pee, so he reached down and started stroking David's hard penis. A moment later, David was woken by an orgasm. Johnny told him "Let's get up."
David was unenthusiastic, so a moment later, Johnny climbed over David to get out of bed and used the bath room. When he was done, he found that David had followed him. Johnny pulled him into the bath room and watched him pee. Johnny wondered whether he should give David some time alone, or to distract him from his loss of family. He considered suggesting that they wash each other and then remembered that he hadn't bathed the previous evening.
Johnny put a hand on David's shoulder and suggested "Let's shower together. We can wash each other."
"Well, I guess so."
Johnny put both arms around David from behind him. He ran a hand down his body from chest to thigh. Johnny then made David twitch by feeling his navel and then moved his hand down to find David was hard. Johnny asked again "Do you want to?"
David reached back and put his hands below Johnny's hips and replied "Let's do it."
They got in the shower and used their excuse to touch each other. Soon David started a tickling match and then they had anal sex standing up. Then they washed their dicks and finished washing each other's bodys. When they were done, the hot water was running out, and David was closer to his usual self.
They went out to join Johnny's parents, who were having an informal breakfast in the back yard. After Johnny's father left for work, his mother told David "We should see if Johnny's clothes will fit you. Also, I think you both need shoes."
David replied "My mom was going to make me go bare foot till the week end."
She answered "That works for this week, but we have winter to think about."
"Do you think Mom will keep me here that long?"
Johnny's mother laughed. "No I give her a week, maybe two, but I might as well get you ready."
Then Johnny suggested "Maybe we should find out if there's going to be a winter."
Mom exclaimed "What?"
Johnny answered "I'm an evil overlord. I want people to have lots of sex. Do I want winter coats getting in the way?"
"I suppose so. I'll see about finding out. You two, find out what clothes David can wear."
They returned to Johnny's room, where he still kept his clothes, and soon found that most of Johnny's shirts fit David, and several of Johnny's newer pants and shorts fit as well. Johnny's mother turned up and admited that Johnny had been right. She took the boys out shoping for sandals anyway, even after the boys told her they wanted to go bare foot, so that at least they'd have a choice. She did relent and take them home after getting them a pair of sandals each.
When they were home again, the boys took their clothes off and sixty nined on their parent's bed. Then they went to Johnny's room to read books.

The Girls:

When the time came for school to let out, the boys went to Johnny's window to watch children come home from school. They watched and admired the children they went to school with and wished they could see the children naked. Watching turned to resting on the window sill as the children going home passed. Then they saw two girls run around the front of a house. They were completely naked.
"Want to try joining them?" Johnny asked.
"Sure." David answered.
Johnny went to his dresser, but David took his arm and told him "Lets just go naked."
Johnny answered "People will see us."
David answered "Mom made me walk three blocks with her naked. D'you know what happened?"
"What happened?"
"Nothing. People just looked the other way, except for a couple who stared. I stoped being afraid after the first block or so."
Johnny looked out the window in time to see the girls go around the house again and told them "OK. Let's go."
They met Johnny's mother down stairs, who asked "Where are you going?"
Johnny just told the truth "We saw some girls running naked around a house and want to try joining them."
Mom replied "OK. I didn't see you go."
They ran accross the street and then through the gate into the girl's back yard. The girls were there laughing. Johnny knew one of them was Nancy, who lived there, but didn't know the other. Nancy had long black hair and pale skin. Like Johnny, she was slender to where her ribs were showing. The other girl had shoulder length blond hair and skin that had taned noticeably where her clothes hadn't covered it. Her form was softened by a layer of fat.
Johnny said "Hi. We were wondering if we could join you." and steped out to where the girls could see he was naked.
The girls started laughing, which made Johnny feel just a little embarased. Then Nancy said "What if boys see us and take their clothes off and try to join us?" Then all four were laughing. Then Nancy beckoned them closer and anounced "They need flowers."
The children began to make flower crowns for the boys with rather more touching than necesary. As they did so, they introduced themselves. The strange girl was named Amber. As flower crowns for the boys took form, Johnny found Nancy's exposed belly more and more tempting as a tickle target.
Tempting as it was, David made the first move. Suddenly, David and Amber were tickle wrestling. Johnny looked at Nancy and gravely informed her "You realize I can't leave you out of this." He suddenly found himself curled in a ball around Nancy's wrigling hand, gigling. They tickled each other for a few moments, till Nancy grabbed both of Johnny's wrists and pushed him on his back and lay on top of him, wriggling a little. Johnny's penis started to get hard.
"Say 'uncle'" Nancy commanded.
"Say 'aunt'" Nancy continued
"Say 'cousin'" Nancy went on.
"Just kiss me already." Johnny retorted.
Nancy, seamed a little suprised, but a moment later she did kiss Johnny on his lips and then on his cheeks. When she was done, she noticed Johnnys penis pressing between her legs and parted them a moment and then squeezed her legs around it. Nancy whispered "Say I've got your dickie."
Johnny answered "You've got my dickie." By this time, Johnny noticed his loins were wet from Nancy's labia, so he added in a more normal tone of voice "Did you know a boy and girl's privates fit together?"
"Yeah. Really. A boy's penis can go inside a girl's vagina. But the boy's penis has to be hard and the girl's vagina has to be wet." Then he whispered "Just like ours are now."
Nancy whispered "Then I'll really have your dickie." Nancy began working clumsily to get them mated without letting go of Johnny's wrists.
Presumably, Amber had the upper hand on David, because she commanded him "Say you'll put your dickie in me."
David answered "I'll do anything." Then he suddenly giggled.
Amber repeated "Say you'll put your dickie in me."
David answered "I'll put my dick in you, and I'll hug you, and I'll kiss you, and I'll...." and was cut off by his own giggles.
By then, Nancy had about half of Johnny's penis inside her and found she'd bottomed out. Nancy complained "I'd thought I could get it all in."
Johnny answered "So did I. Dad could get all of his into Mom."
Nancy answered "Hmm." Then she pushed much harder and tore her hymen open. Nancy triumphantly exclaimed "I just had to push harder. It only hurt a little." Nancy and Johnny were now as close together as a boy and girl could be.
Johnny pulled his hands free from Nancy (she didn't resist much) and put them both on her butt to help thrust into her. She soon started grinding against him. He heard Amber exclaim "Ow! That did hurt a little." Soon Johnny came, and they went on till he felt Nancy grip his penis in her own orgasm. Johnny had almost achieved another orgasm himself, so he held on to her and kept thrusting till he'd finished.
Nancy suggested "Let's switch. I want to know what Davie's dickie feels like."
When Nancy got off of him, Johnny saw something that wilted his dick. His crotch was bloody. Johnny realized that Nancy must have hurt herself much worse than she'd thought. He looked at David and Amber, but couldn't tell if Amber had bled much. He was pretty sure she had though. He could see that Nancy had a lot of blood on her as well. Johnny pointed "Nancy! Look!"
"Oh!" She ran over to a bed plant and riped a couple pieces free. She pressed one to her crotch even as she carried the other piece to Johnny. After they'd cleaned themselves off, Nancy told Johnny "I think it's stoped bleeding. I'll live long enough to do it with Davie."
Then David and Amber seperated and made a similar discovery. Like Nancy, Amber found her bleading had stoped and wanted to try out Johnny before running for help.
Amber suggested "I'm kind of tired. Could you be on top?"
Johnny answered "Sure."
Amber lay on her back and Johnny lay on top of her and kissed her. In a moment, they were both aroused enough to begin, and Johnny did. This time he easily pressed his entire penis inside of her and began thrusting slowly, taking time to enjoy it. He felt Amber grab his butt and then wrap her legs around him to pull him deeper in. Johnny was soon well on his way to heaven and knew Amber was going there too.
Then he heard a woman scream and soon found himself pulled off of Amber by a hand on his shoulder. Nancy's mother screamed "Get out you filthy boys! Now!"
The boys soon gathered their wits and ran back across the street, with tube snot still shining on their wilting dicks. Johnny's mother met them and instantly knew what had happened. "Go up to your room. Let me handle Gertrude."
In their room, David pulled some kleenex to wipe his penis with, but Johnny stopped him and licked Nancy's snot off himself. Then David did the same for Johnny and they wiped of their spit with the kleenex. By then, Nancy's mother was screaming at Johnny's mother. Then Johnny remembered the blood.
"Oh my god! We have to tell someone about the blood."
Johnny put on some shorts to satisfy Nancy's Mom and went down stairs.
Johnny's mom was waiting for Nancy's mom to finish a long and lowd harangue. Johnny decided he could wait for it to finish and called "Mom!"
"Johnny, go upstairs!"
"No Mom! It's important."
Nancy's mother acidly commented "Yes. Let's hear what the filthy juvenile lecher needs from his mommy."
Johnny's mother replied "OK. What is it."
Johnny talked fast "When we did it with them, there was a lot of blood. They said it only hurt a little, but I'm scared they're hurt badly."
Johnny's mother took a second to follow what Johnny said and then replied "I know about the blood. It won't kill them. Now go upstairs." The last three words were almost drowned out as Nancy's mom started screaming about how their virginity had been taken from them and all she could say was it wouldn't kill them.
Johnny ran so fast that he fell down climbing the stairs.
"You OK?" David asked.
"I hurt my knee climbing the stairs, but I'm OK."
"What'd she say about the blood?"
"She said it wouldn't kill them."
"I kind of heard that. I guess Nancy's mom doesn't think so."
"I guess not." but then Johnny realized "But I don't see her running off to help Nancy." Then Johnny noticed that he was still wearing shorts and got rid of them.
The boys cuddled on Johnny's bed while the arguement raged below. At one point they heard Johnny's mother yell something about "A WHOLE PIT FULL OF RATTLESNAKES," and speculated on what that was about. Finally, Nancy's mother slamed the door as she left, and they heard Johnny's mother climbing the stairs.
The boys untangled themselves and sat on the bed to face Johnny's mother. She walked into their room naked and sat in Johnny's chair. In a moment, she told them "I think she'll be OK with this in a couple of days."
Johnny replied "She sounded awfully angry."
"She was, and I have some sympathy. But she'll manage. She's handled worse."
"How much worse?"
"I'd rather not tell you. It was complicated. I recall you came downstairs to tell me about the girl's bleeding."
"Yeah. You said you knew about it."
"Girls are born with a membrane blocking their vagina. The first time they have sex, it tears open and bleeds like anything, but it's not dangerous. I'm glad it only hurt them a little. When I did it, it hurt a lot. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about it."
"It's OK." Johnny replied.
Then David asked "What was the pit of rattlesnakes about?"
Mom laughed. "She called you a couple of rattlesnakes and told me to keep you away from Nancy, so I told her what the situation really was."

The Family:

Soon afterward, Johnny's dad got home and they collected fruit from the back yard and had a picnic on their back porch. Mom heard the phone ring and went in to talk for a few minutes. When she came out, she told them "That was Amber's mother."
"Is she mad?" Johnny asked.
"Not very. She was thinking of taking her kids to bed with her tonight. Gertrude started quite a family fight there."
Johnny's Dad asked "What was the fight about?"
"Well, this afternoon, the boys seduced Nancy and a friend of hers named Amber. Nancy's mother caught them in the act and spent an hour screaming at me. Then she called Amber's mother and told her what had happened. (Her version of course.) I gather Amber's mother went on to tell Amber that she had to stop doing that with kids. She rebelled, her brother and sister backed her up, and they made it clear they wanted to have sex with their parents. They'd heard I'd had sex with Johnny, so Amber's mother called me for advice."
"So you think they'll do it?" David asked.
"Yep. You can ask her tomorow."
David asked "When do you think my mom'll do it?"
Johnny's father answered "I don't know. With her it's a religious thing. It won't be OK to her just because no one gets hurt."
Johnny's mother added "You may have to wait till her body talks her into it."
David thought for a moment and asked "What was it like? I mean the enchantment for you grown ups."
Johnny's mother answered "Well, I woke up that Monday feeling live wire horny. I got Dad to do it right there, till he told me we needed to meet Johnny for breakfast."
Johnny's father added "She was insatiable. I'd never seen her like that."
Mom went on "When we got up and I saw you comming down stairs, Johnny, you were the most beautiful boy in the world. I was glad I'd got up. But then when I hugged you goodbye, and for once you didn't complain, I was on fire. I knew if I hugged you for just one second more, I was going to rape you."
Johnny smiled "I wish you had."
"I should have. But before the enchantment, that was the very worst thing I could have done to you. I didn't dare do it. I sent you off to school and hoped my feelings would pass, but they didn't. On a Buffy show, when Xander said that looking at linoleum made him think about sex. I'd thought he was exagerating, but that Monday, I found he wasn't. I stayed in the house all day because I was afraid I'd seduce a neighbor. I even wanted to do it with women. But when I watched the kids come home from school, I knew I really wanted children."
Johnny's father added "I actually did have sex with a couple women at work. I even found a note on my desk saying I should. I was only a little hornier than usual, but that meant I was pretty horny. One of the reasons I had sex with some women was I was finding men attractive. I wanted to keep myself straight."
Mom went on "That evening with Dad, I told him about what was happening, and he said it would only be fair if I seduced the neighbors. If he'd told me the day before that he'd screwed two girls at work, I'd have been screaming at him. Actually I did start screaming, but when started comforting me, I realized I was just going through the motions. The rest of the week, we both had sex with whoever was handy trying to get you out of our systems. Actually that was both of you, since you were around enough David. By Friday, we realized it wasn't going to happen, so we tried to skip town on Saturday, and ended up taking Johnny to bed."
David asked "Did things change after you did?"
"We felt a lot less guilty afterward. Johnny took to sex like a fish to water, and he was so happy the next day. I stoped worying about my feelings for women too. I knew that could work out just fine. It's easier once you accept it."
Dad added "I even did it with a couple men at work. And I haven't wanted as much. I think it's because I'm not trying to prove I'm straight."
A little later, David asked "Would you like me to go to bed with you?"
Mom answered "Of course we would. Do you want to?"
"Yes. I'm kind of scared to though."
Dad reached out to stroke his hair and told him "We'll be gentle."
After supper, Mom insisted that they rest for an hour before having sex. They cuddled together on the bed and Mom read from Peter Pan. David became used to touching his foster parents in this time. They also enjoyed speculating on Peter Pan's sexuality, which the book droped many hints about.
Finally the hour was up and Mom put the book away. She ran her hand the length of David's body. David's penis grew hard in a moment, but Mom started kissing as well as fondling and David responded in kind. He massaged and sucked on Mom's breasts and she moaned with pleasure. They both found chances to stick their tongues into each other's navels, and to tickle each other. David had gone from ready to truly burning by the time Mom guided his hips to where he could enter her. He moaned himself as he coupled with her and soon they cried out in orgasms, one after the other. Then Mom licked his crotch clean, which turned into oral sex. When David had achieved another orgasm, she guided him to return the favor, encouraging him with both words and moans.
Meanwhile, Dad and Johnny explored each other similarely, leading to them taking turns sucking each other's penises. After a couple times, Johnny snuggled against Dad and watched Mom and David.
When David was done giving oral pleasure, Mom noticed that Johnny and Dad were finished and suggested "Time to switch boys?" The boys sat up and Johnny kissed David on his lips before he went to his mother.
Now David and Dad explored each other with both touches and kisses. Nipples and navels and other special places, including David's arm pits were kissed. David moved to suck on Dads penis as he had Johnny's, but Dad stoped him. "Better taste semen on you hands before I squirt it in your mouth." Dad had David lie on his back on top of him, and Dad's penis proped on David's crotch. Then he had David do a hand job on him and stroked David's penis as he did so. A squirt of semen made it to David's navel and more made a mess on his hand and crotch. David courageously licked his hand and decided that he could live with the taste. In fact, he thought he'd tasted some on Johnny's lips. As David licked his hand clean, Dad gently pushed him off and began licking David's crotch clean. This turned into sucking on David's penis till he reached another orgasm. Then he asked David if he wanted to return the favor. David did and in a few minutes had a few drops of Dad's semen squirted into his mouth.
The parents allowed a minimal cleanup with tissues because there'd been no anal action and then they fell asleep, with the two boys snuggled between their parents.

The next morning, they showered in pairs, Johnny with Mom and David with Dad. At breakfast, Dad asked David "What do you think of last night?"
David replied "It was nice. I feel like I belong here now."
Mom smiled and commented "I think all adoptions should be consumated."
"What's consumated?" David asked.

At school they saw that Nancy was even more depressed than the rest of the kids. Even when called on, she didn't answer. At recess, she made no move to get up. The boys went up to her and Johnny asked "Did you get in much trouble?"
Nancy answered "I'm not supposed to talk to you two."
David insisted "We have to know Nancy. What'd your mother do?"
"She sent me to my room and went to talk to Johnny's mom, and then she called Amber's Mom, and then she came to talk to me. She said while she was talking to Johnny's mom that Johnny'd come down to brag about the blood."
"What!" Johnny exclaimed.
"Well did you?"
"No. I thought you might be hurt, so I told my mom about it. Your Mom'd come over and I figured it couldn't wait. I never braged."
While Nancy was deciding whether to believe Johnny, David asked "What else did she say?"
"She went on about that's what boys were like. They'd talk like you wer the most wonderful thing in the world and then brag about how they'd fucked this princess and everyone would start thinking you were a slut and stuff. And how now if I found a man to marry, he'd find out on our wedding bed that he'd had me used. And how I'd already had a bad start because I was a whore's daughter."
"What's a whore?" David asked.
"She wouldn't tell me. She said I couldn't let any boy touch me and that I especially had to not talk to you two. She just went on and on about it. And then she went into her room and started crying. I had to eat supper and go bed by my self."
"Was she better in the morning?" Johnny asked.
"A little, but she'd hardly talk to me."
David told her "That sucks. I'm almost glad my mom just threw me out. That was over with fast."
"She threw you out? Just because we did that?"
"No. She caught me letting Matthew suck my dick on Monday. I've been living with Johnny since."
"He wanted you to suck his dick?"
"I told him I'd done it, so he wanted to try it."
"That's crazy."
Johnny cut in "Want to find out about Amber? She's probably out there."
Nancy finally climbed out of her chair and went with them. They'd hardly made it out of the building when Amber ran up to them. "Nancy! Johnny! David! Wait'll you hear what happened last night! I mean, what we did doesn't even start!"
Nancy hung her head and seemed about to cry.
Amber instantly put her arms around Nancy and held her. Then Nancy did start crying, and Amber asked "Did she hurt you?"
When Nancy didn't answer, David told her "I think the word is torture."
David daringly joined the hug and Johnny followed.
When Johnny joined them, Nancy finally told Amber "She said Johnny braged about the blood."
Amber answered "You know he didn't. He wanted to call an ambulence! Both of them did."
"She just kept telling me till I started to believe her. She said I had to know boys were like that."
"Mom said some boys are, and I was going to meet them and I'd have to deal with them. She said she was pretty sure your mom made that up just from what I saw. She said if they'd known it was OK, they'd have been telling us, not the other way around."
Johnny decided to step away from what he realized was a private conversation, but Nancy told them "No don't go. I believe you now. I don't know how I stoped."
Amber replied "Over and over? David's right. That is torture. How 'bout we sit in a tree and talk some more."
Nancy joked "K I S S I N G!"
Johnny mentioned "We hardly got started with that yesterday."
Nancy responded "Hardly got started?"
Amber replied "He's right. We so need to find somewhere to really kiss you."
Johnny told them "Be carefull what you wish for."
David added "Mom'd kill us if we lost our shoes again. We just got these."
They soon found an unocupied branch of a tree to talk on. Amber suggested they use her house as a place to have sex, since Nancy's mom didn't know about it yet, but Nancy was grounded and Amber's house was still an obvious place to look for her. Nancy did consider confronting her mother with her own inconsistancys. Then Amber started telling about what had happened to her last night, but the bell rang before she was finished.

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