Step Sister

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By Freedom_Denied

NOTE: Currently incomplete

When I was 14, my mother and father went their seperate ways. They didn't hate each other, and neither of them cheated or anything like that. They simply stopped loving each other.

I stayed with my mother most the time and my sister stayed with my dad.

Before long, my mom remarried, and the man she married was around her age, 38, and he had a step daughter.

The first time I saw her was when my sister was over, and I thought she was one of her friends. Being 18 at the time, and my sister being 19, I was thinking about how hot this girl was. She was about 5'8'' with long black hair, tan skin, and modest, but still large, tits. Her legs were what were so amazing. They were perfectly smooth and tan, leading up to her nice ass that shifted perfectly when she walked.

When I found out she was my step sister I felt bad immediately for those thoughts, but deep down inside I knew I would never think of her as a sister. My sister and I were fairly close, and we had known each other forever. A bond like that can't be formed over night, especially when the two kids are both 18.

My family lived in a 4 bedroom house, and my mom and step dad's room was down stairs. My sister, my step sister, and my rooms were upstairs. The stairs went up at a weird place, immediately opening into a gameroom type place. On the right was a hallway which led back to my room, except if you turned immediately left after entering the hall, you would enter my sister's room. My step sister's room was across the living room type area kind of out of the way.

She had this annoying habbit of keeping the air conditioner on a perfect 72. Even if it was freezing or burning up, she would make sure it stayed on 72.

Late one night my sister was at college. The house was dark and perfectly silent, but I was up watching TV in the dark corners of my room. It was some show about swim suit calendars or something, and I soon found my self horny. I got on my computer, sitting in the chair which was plainly visible from the hallway. I found some porn and soon stripped all my clothes off, sitting on my boxers. I was sitting back in my chair, slowly stroking my massive cock, when I realized I was being watched. I looked over and my step sister, Sarah, was standing at the thermostat. When she had heard a slight noise in her tired stupor, she looked over to see me with my hard cock in my hand looking at porn with no shame. I looked over and we both let out a surprised yelp!

How long had she been watching me?!

We both blushed bright red, and she went to her room quickly.

The next morning the house was silent and I woke up wondering if it had been some sort of strange, extremely awkward dream. I pulled on some pants and a t-shirt and walked down stairs into the kitchen. She was sitting eating a sandwich and watching TV. I looked at the clock: 12:00 in bright green block letters.

"Hey." I was still groggy.

"Hey... You slept late."

"Ehhhh." It was a still-tired groan.

I opened the refridgerator and started looking for some food.

"You know it feels better for real, right?" I stared at the fridge for a moment. Did I hear her correctly?

"Uhmmm what do ya mean?"

"You know what I mean, Mr. wanking it at 3AM."

I blushed and went up stairs. The rest of the day everything was fairly normal. The summer was always nice and slow. My sister was out on her own at this time, and my step sister usually hung out with some friends. If I wasn't with friends, I was always home alone, since both my parents worked.

Later that night my parents went out to eat, and I took a shower. I got out, and still wrapped in a towel I heard a light knock on my door.

"Whatcha need?"

"Open the door!"

"Gah, what's she want..." I thought.

I opened the door a crack, and I caught her glance up my bare stomach and chest.

"So, whadja need, Sarah?"

"Oh uhmmmm I forgot now."

That was strange.... I thought for a moment. "Did she just get me for some reason to open the door, look at me, and then 'forget what she wanted'?"

A few nights later, I was mastrubating again, when I heard a sound. By now, I should've thought to close my door, but this time I looked up, and Sarah was in my door frame watching me stroke my hard cock.

"Ahhh! Sarah what the fuck?!"

She moved into the room, and I stood up quickly, pulling my boxers on after mimimizing the porn. "How long did you just watch me?! What's wrong with you!"

She moved closer to me, pressing up against me and my still hard cock. I reached down to pull my shorts up, but she stopped me.

"Remember how I said it feels better for real?" She said it seductively and winked at me. I blushed and stepped back. "But we're brother and sister!"

"Oh c'mon! We're as little related as you and any other girl besides your real sister!"

That's what I had told my self the day I had thought she was hot, but this was too much! What if someone found out? What if someone from school found out?! We weren't blood relatives, but that would follow me forever!

Amidst my frantic thinking, she moved forward, causing me to step out of my shorts. I ran into my desk, and she pressed her self against me.

I leaned back, wanting to get away from her, but she reached her arms around my back and held me. "Sarah!" She leaned forward and kissed me passionately, but I pushed her face off of me.

"Oh, you're no fun!" She turned around and started to walk out.

"No! Wait!" I felt pathetic, like a child, as she walked off and I called her back.

"Hmmmm?" She knew she had me. Damn her.

I stood awkwardly, and she waited for me to come to her. I stood for a moment more and she started to walk off again. "No! Wait!"

I walked up to her and kissed her awkwardly, bending down slightly to meet her face. While I was kissing her, she pulled her t-shirt off. I looked down at her breasts, covered only by her bra.

"That's rude," she whispered, catching my eye after I looked up from her breasts. I thought for a moment, and fumbled awkwardly. I reached behind her back, where my hands probably should have been anyway, and unhooked her bra. My cock was alert as hell now, and she pushed closed to me, mashing it between us on purpose. I felt her warm breasts push against me, and I felt content with the world. She pulled me down on the bed to where I was sitting on the edge, and she motioned for me to stay like I was a dog or something. I complied happily, though.

She pushed her breasts together and turned around before leaning over, showing me her perfect ass. She pulled her shorts down slowly, waving back and forth tempting my rock hard cock. She got down to her panties and spread her legs. My cock almost hurt it was so hard. I could see her tits through her legs, and she looked back at me.

She pulled her thong down her long, tan, slender legs slowly, torturing me with every move. I stared at her pink pussy shamelessly, as she looked back at me through her legs. "You like it?"

"Hell yeah!" I said the 'yeah' quieter, remembering that we were above my parents bed room.

My cock throbbed as she backed up and moved all over me, never touching my cock. She brushed up against me, and let me feel her tits as she gave me a lap dance. She grabbed my arm and got me to stand up before pulling my thin boxers down and throwing them aside.

"Wow!" She looked at my 7.5inch cock. "It looked smaller from the thermostat!" She laughed nicely looking down at my rock hard cock and smiling before grabbing it with her hand wrapped fully around it and stroking it slowly and firmly for a moment.

Sarah giggled when the awkward silence was pierced by a porn actress moaning from my computer.

"You sure do like porn!" She laughed; I blushed. "I look better than those girls, I bet." She was cocky but correct.

"Hmmm what should we do first?"

"What uhhh I don't know...."

"Well, I guess I'll go to sleep then...." She wanted to make sure I was entirely involved with it or something I guess... Maybe she just wanted me to feel like I had some control, even though she already had me whipped.

We stood quitely for a moment, her hand off of my cock now.


"Ummmm I've never had my cock sucked before." I blushed again. Damn, she made me blush a lot.

She grabbed my arm after mumbling something about we would wake mom and dad up if we continued in my room. She dragged me into her room and pushed me down onto the bed, my cock still rock hard just being around her beautiful naked body.

"I'll suck you, but you gotta return the favor." She winked at me and crawled on the bed.

I had seen enough porn to know how to sixety nine, but I wasn't sure if she wanted to alternate or what so I sat back on the bed awkwardly with my head propped up on one of her pillows. She kissed for a second, invading my mouth with her warm, soft tongue, before turning around so her backend was at my face.

Her face was positioned above my cock, and her pussy was level with my face.

She went down on my cock, and her warm, wet mouth felt amazing. I leaned forward timidly and licked her pussy from her clit to the bottom. I pushed my face farther towards her and manuevered my tongue into her hole, licking all around. I slid my tongue through her pussy and licked around her clit for a moment. We were both moaning contently for a few minutes before she turned hopped off of me.

"John, you still a virgin?" She was laying next to me leaned back on a pillow, slowly stroking my cock.

"Yeah...." Dammit! I blushed again.

"Hmm surprising, but we can easily fix that." She gave me her sly, almost wink again as she said the latter part.

She grabbed the pillow out from behind my head and jumped on top of me.

She pressed her self onto me, both of us flat on the bed, and she kissed me, her warm, wet tongue invading my mouth again. Her soft breasts pushed against me, and her legs caressed mine.

She reached her hand down between us, and I felt her hand on my cock. I felt her point it slightly up before she pushed backwards and moaned as I fully entered her. I ran my hands through her hair and held her like I would never let go as we awkwardly shifted on each other, driving my cock in and out of her warm, wet pussy. Our legs became entwined, and we became attached at the face as our bodys melded into one, both of us feeling warm and tingly all over. I pumped in and out of her and she grinded on me forever as we locked in a passionate embrace, never wanting to let go of the moment. My cock started responding to her tight, wet, warm pussy, and I could tell she was getting ready to cum as well based on her moaning and panting.

Her moans became constant, and my hands moved to her back. She was sliding back and forth as I pumped in and out of her. I could feel her body tighten at the same time as my cock started to twitch.

"I'm about to cum!" I said it questioning what I should do. I didn't want to cum in her, but I didn't want to stop... ever. "Ooohhh!!! Fuck!!! Fuck!" She was panting hard and screaming in my face making my cock throb even harder. "Cum in me!!! FUCK!!!" We both came at the same time. Her entire body rippled with pleasure, and we both spasmed into each other for a moment with my cock still inside of her, wallowing in its own cum.

I replaced the pillow behind my head, and Sarah curled her head into me. Her hair tickled my chest, but my eyes slowly closed. I fell asleep with her in my arms, feeling at peace with the world with her warm body comforting me, and she fell asleep soon after I did, faintly hearing my heart beat as she drifted to sleep feeling protected and content.

I woke up and smiled with my eyes still closed reflecting on the previous nights dream as my morning wood jabbed into the bed. My head cleared a little, and I realized I was naked. I never slept naked.... I rolled over and looked around, flipping out inside when I realized I was in my sister's room. I remembered the last night through clouds. Had I really fucked her? Had she really come on to me? It dawned on me: where was she? I started stroking my hard cock as my morning plagued mind contemplated the night before. My memory slid to when she had been on top of me, my head against the same pillow and my cock sawing in and out of her tight, wet pussy.

I started stroking my cock faster, and my breathing quickened. The room smelled strongly of Anna, reminding me of her. I think it was her shampoo that gave off the refreshing sent that followed her around like a lapdog. I had long ago kicked out from under the covers, and the cold air wrapped around my hand as it wrapped around my cock, pumping up and down, the skin stroking my head softly.

I held my bulbous head with my left hand and my back arched slightly as I came, holding the cum in with my left fore-finger and thumb in a strange, pleasureful vice grip. I contiuned to pump for a moment until I stopped cumming. I relaxed again, and sleep tempted me, drawing me back to the pillow. I stood up, still holding my cock head, and headed to her bathroom. I got some piss behind the cum and released my left hand, shooting neatly into the toilet like I did in my bathroom when I looked at porn.

Her shower had small water droplets sprinkled throughout it marking her early morning shower.

I walked to the door of her room and creaked it open a tad. My manhood swung wildly as I crossed the gameroom, seeking refuge in my bedroom. My clothes were still on the floor, but hers had mysteriously vanished.

I glaned at the clock on my oak desk: 11:30 in block letters, each line of the numbers seperated as part of a squared off 8.

I ran my hand through my hair groggily after I pulled last night's boxers on casually. My hair felt slightly greasy as it tended to turn over night when I slept.

I pulled on a fresh shirt and some shorts and went down stairs, seeking food.

I heated up a 'Meatball and Motzarella Hot Pocket', sitting in the tall barstools watching the numbers tick down slowly. My mind drifted back to my sister. What had made her come onto me so strongly? What if she got pregnant? I did come in her after all. I smiled. My mind wondered over her beautiful body until the microwave beeped, piercing into the depths of my still slightly groggy mind. I bit a corned of it, and the filling burned my lip as I grazed it, the corned being comprised mainly of crust. I got a paper plate out of the cabinet as the Hot Pocket threatened to burn my hand.

Holding the plate taut, I walked over to the red leather couch and slumped down, pulling the leg rest under my legs. The steaming Hotpocket felt good on my chest through the plate as I set it down and slumped deep into the couch, grabbing the remote off the small coffee table inbetween the L shape created by the couch and a formiddable chair.

I clicked on the TV and sighed.... The dark cabinets were closed, and the remote wouldn't pierce them to get to the digital cable box. Setting down my Hotpocket on a pillow beside me, I approached the wall of cabinets. I opened the cabinet on the far left end, and the sleek black box glared the time at me in green letters.

I flipped channels for a while, nothing in particular catching my interest. I flipped between 'CSI: Miami' and 'Boy Meets World' for 30 minutes, only catching the last half of each episode. I flipped past a tennis match and set down the remote for a second. Nadal was playing some Russian no name. 4-3, 30-Love Nadal.

A new episode of 'CSI: Miami' came on, and I set down the clicker meaningfully this time. It was an episode I hadn't seen before. A rich family -- two parents, a daughter and a brother -- were out in the clear, blue water on their boat, when a fire caught. The daughter freaked out and jumped into the water to be eaten by sharks. The brother jumped in stupidly after her, but the sharks didn't touch him; the daughter had bumped her knee roughly as she ran up the stairs onto the deck. The couple left their flaming boat, hopping to another vessel, knowing their daughter was already dead and assuming their son had met the same grusome fate.

They got back to the shore and the 'CSI' team came out to question them. They looked through the boat for evidence before it sank. The team eventually figured out a bong had started the fire, but why would a bong have started a huge fire that appeared to have been fueled by keroseen?

The team looks into it further, and they talk to the girlfriend of the boy.

"Yeah... He liked to smoke.... I hated it... Bleh." She was laying out on a dock with her friend, both of them in skimpy bikini's showing off their lucious curves.

"Did you hate it enough to put gas in it?" Her face went blank and then was stricken with horror. The CSI man immedietly knew what had happened.

"Why'd you do it Sarah? A lot of teenage guys like to light up a little."

She explained how she had walked in on him and... his siter! I laughed a little inside. Sarah's friend sat in the background, showing off her tan tits for the camera and pretending the conversation between Sarah and the investigator was entirely uniform with everyday standards.

The brother is found on a salvager's boat. He explained how he had told the salvager where the boat was in exchange for a good bit of the gold his father kept in the bottom of the boat. The gold was actually the mothers. Her husband had died in a freak car accident when he hit a tree going around a curve much too fast one night. She had gone to some counseling and met Robbert, her new husband. He had two kids, and she never really connected with them, but she accepted them into her home. The show continues to unfold, explaining how Robert had cut the brake cords in the woman's huband's car three years earlier. The incestuous children turn out to be 21 and 22 and not related at all. Robert and his 'kids' planned the entire scam the entire time. The episode ends contently with the CSI team arresting the conman and his son.

I down from the TV to the digital cable box. 1:03. It was amazing how TV could make your mind turn off, allowing time to pass freely on a super highway. I started flipping channels again. 6-4, 5-5. I squinted my eyes to see the smaller numbers below. 15 All. Nadal was falling back.

I flipped the channel and found 'Law and Order: Special Victims Unit' on USA. Their speech full of granduer explained how the SVU was designed to deal with victims of rape, 'an especially heinous crime.' The door swung open, bringing my sister's noise with it. She was on the phone talking to her friend about the kids she had just baby sat. She had to take them to the Country Club pool, which we weren't members at, and she explained how she felt awkward the whole time especially with the lifeguard watching her. I laughed to my self. Knowing her, she had probably been watching the lifeguard first.

I walked back into the main part of the kitchen a minute or so after she did. She was off of her phone looking through the refridgerator for some late lunch. "How was baby sitting," I laughed as I looked into the pantry, grabbing some peanut butter crackers.

"Gah! I hate those kids! The little boy never leaves me alone!" She continued her rant for a moment, my attention drifting in and out of it, before continuing in a much calmer tone. "At least I did get to work on my tan though." She held out her arm and looked apprehensively.

I ran through my hair, munching on the third cracker with my other hand. "Gah," I held my hand out, "Imma go take a shower."

She muttered, "kay," as I was at the base of the stairs.

I closed my door behind me and locked it, stepping a foot before stripping off my shirt. I stepped into my bathroom and threw my shirt into my dirty clothes pile which was littered with boxers, shirts, shorts and towels. I pulled off my shorts and boxers in one move and walked over to the shower enjoying my nude freedom, absentmindedly picking at my balls. I turned on the water, ajusting it compulsively before pulling up a knob on the faucet. A strange sound was uttered from the pipes as the water switched to the shower head, and I put my hand under the water. It felt good.

I pulled the curtain back on the right side after making sure I had a towel near by on the wall bar. I stepped into the warm pricking steams and ran my hands through my hair. My stupid dark, long hair was always getting greasy. My hair tickled the bottom of my eye sockets once it was wet, and I turned around enjoying the warm steams on my back. I turned around and let the steam hit my chest and groin pleasingly before I picked up the black ridged bottle of 'Axe' body wash. I squirted some into my hands and rubbed it onto my smooth chest, the water now hitting my back and buttocks before soothingly flowing down the back of my muscular legs. My hands snaked down my flat torso down to my balls and started massaging them. I stepped out of the water and rubbed the body wash all over my self. I stepped under the water again and puffed out my chest into the water. I held my balls in my hand so the water would cleanse them too, and then I turned around so the water would clear away the soap on the back of my legs like someone erasing a chalk board from top to bottom.

I grabbed the bottle of shampoo and squeezed some of it into my palm. I put it on my hair and smeared it around before digging into my hair with my finger tips raking through it and spreading the shampoo all through it. I continued to enjoy raking my hair for a moment before I heard something. I froze for a moment and listened. I was positive someone was in my room, but who? I pulled back the side of the curtain far away from the shower head and waited for the person to enter the bathroom.

Sarah entered the room still wearing her tank top and skirt which were covering her pink bathing suit.


She looked at me and smiled. I rembered the night before, but I was still reluctant. It felt weird with her in my bathroom while I was naked in the shower. Soap got in my eye and I rubbed furiously trying to stop the stingy. The curtain fell back, and when I cleared my eye, Sarah was looking down at my soft cock. In the warm water it was still quite big soft, and she smiled moving closer to me, pulling her white translucent tank top over her head.

I left the curtain alone and looked at her tits. I could see the top of them with her bikini covering the rest. She stepped out of her skirt, and walked up to me. She looked at me awkwardly for a moment, and I took the hint moving back from the curtain. She stepped into the shower in her bathing suit and looked at my wet, tan body from my soapy hair to my feet, letting her eyes linger on my now hard cock for a moment.

She quickly removed her pink top exposing her beautiful tits. She threw the top over the shower rod, and we both heard it land on the floor. She leaned over slightly to pull her bottoms off and repeated the prodecure.

My cock was raging looking at her naked body, but the soap was still getting in my eyes. She pushed close against me forcing me under the water. She wrapped her arms around my back and ran her hands through my hair getting the soap out. My cock was wedged pointing straight up as she pushed into me. I pressed back against her with my eyes closed and wrapped my arms around her in an embrace. I leaned forward slightly and pressed my lips against her softer, smaller ones slipping my tongue inbetween when she opened her mouth. She continued to run her hands through my hair as we kissed long after the shampoo was gone. She let her hands fall from my hair, and she grabbed my shoulder with her left hand. With her right hand she began pumping my cock as it was still straight up between us. She stopped kissing me and started pumping my cock quickly with both hands. She stopped for a moment and got some shampoo lathered in her hands before continuing her furios pumping. I screamed inside as I neared cumming. I didn't want to cum yet! What was she doing?! I reached the very edge of cumming, and she pulled her hands off of me teasingly. My face flushed with torment, and she looked up at me smiling leaving my cock sticking up abrubtly into the air.

Before I could ask her where she was going, she had jumped out of the shower and grabbed my towel, begining to dry off. I stood out of the way of the water with the curtain pulled back for a moment. I steppd out onto the bath-mat, and she handed me the towel.

She ran into my room ahead of me again as I finished drying off, and still a little wet, I stepped out of my bath room. She was sitting in my computer chair, and I walked over to her not quite sure what she was planning. She stood up and pushed me down into the chair before sitting on my lap facing me. She slid my cock into her pussy skillfully and began grinding all around. I moaned as her warm, moist pussy sucked and rubbed on my cock. Her tits were right infront of my face, and I tried my best to suck on them. She pulled my damp hair roughly as she pumped moaning.

She spontaneously got up after a few minutes and said she wanted to try something she had never done before. I started to follow her, but she told me to wait on my bed as she left the room. She came back a few moments later holding vaseline. I asked her about the vaseline, and explained it was the best thing for lube she could find. She propped her leg up on the bed and shamlessly lubed her ass hole. "Lay back flat on the bed." I did as she commanded me, and soon she was facing me ontop of me.

She held my cock pointing up for a moment before putting it on her asshole. She slowly let her weight fall for a minute, but she jerked up and squeaked a lot when she hit a certain point. After she did that, she put my cock in her pussy and rode me.

She laid down flat on my chest and acted like she was humping me like a man would a woman missionary position. My cock slid around in her pussy from her movements, and I closed my eyes in bliss. I felt her soft lips on mine, and we began kissing passionately.

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