Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

The Rest Stop
Chapter Two
Written by Janus
Copyright 2004

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Chapter Two
Chapter Three
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Chapter Eight

Amanda sat wide awake in the back seat as the car zipped along blank highways and nameless towns. She had finished her Mountain Dew an hour earlier and now she had to pee again. Bad.

"Daddy," Amanda said wincing, "is there going to be a rest stop soon?"

Her father sighed. "Amanda, we just stopped for gas less than twenty minutes ago," he said, exasperated. "I asked if you if you wanted to go and you said no."

"I'm sorry!" the young girl said miserably. "I have to go really bad all of a sudden."

"All right, all right, I think there's a rest stop up ahead."

The car exited off the highway and pulled into a rest stop. They were somewhere in Indiana now and it was a little past midnight. As soon as the car stopped rolling, Amanda opened the door and started walking quickly to the restroom, cupping her crotch desperately as she trotted. "Travis, go with your sister," his dad ordered.

"But dad..." the boy protested.


Sullenly, Travis got out of the car and trudged after Amanda who, fearful as ever, was still waiting for him outside the men's restroom door. Entering the rest stop, he noticed it had a convenience store that was open 24 hours.

"Amanda, you go ahead," he waved her along.

"Travis," she whined, "you're supposed to come in with me!"

He rolled his eyes. "Fine," he muttered and started walking after her into the men's restroom. But as soon as Amanda shut herself in the stall, he called out, "I'll wait for you in the convenience store, okay?"

"Travis!" Amanda shivered. Just the fact that it was after midnight made her afraid to be alone. Hurriedly, she pushed her pants and undies down and sat to pee. A wave of relief washed over her as her bladder began to empty. She tore off some toilet paper and wiped herself clean.

Amanda had just pulled up her pants when she heard the restroom door open and the oddly familiar click-clack sound of a heel against the tiled floor. Thinking nothing of it, she unlocked the stall door and was just out the door when she bumped into someone.

"Excuse me..." Amanda began. Then she looked up and recognized the face. It was the same man from the previous rest stop with the bushy mustache and orange hunting cap. "Oh, hi!" she said, surprised to see him.

"Why hello, Amanda!" the man said. He seemed happy to see her. "Did you have to use the bathroom again?"

"Yes, I had to go really bad," Amanda told him.

"Did you have enough toilet paper this time?" his eyes twinkled at her.

"Oh yes," Amanda replied, moving to wash her hands at the sink.

"Did you do a good job of wiping yourself clean?" the stranger asked. Without waiting for an answer, he took her shoulder and tried to steer her toward one of the stalls. "You better let me check," he told her.

"Oh no, it's okay," Amanda said, resisting. "I have to go. My brother is waiting for me in the store."

"I said, you'd better let me check," the stranger repeated. There was an edge to his voice this time. Surprised, Amanda looked up and saw his reflection in the mirror. Instead of the kind face she had been expecting, there was a half-snarl on his face.

Before she could realized it, the stranger took both her shoulders and dragged her into a stall. "Hey!" Amanda protested as he locked the stall door. Her adrenaline was rushing now and her heartbeat fluttering. "What are you doing!"

Moving too quickly for her, the man reached down and yanked off her pants without even undoing the button and zipper. The button of her jeans actually popped off and landed on the floor with a rattle. Amanda was too shocked to react as he pulled off her underpants as well, leaving them and her jeans in a pile around her ankles.

Realizing that something dreadful was going to happen, Amanda tried to scream but the stranger slapped his hand around her mouth and all she could do was emit a strangled cry. She tried to kick and punch at him but it was no use. Her fingers clawed at his jacket vest but her fingers only slid off the slippery synthetic material. Keeping her mouth covered, the man maneuvered himself behind her and sat down on the toilet. Then he pulled the squirming eight year old girl onto his lap.

His hands reached between her legs and started stroking her privates. Amanda froze immediately, taken aback by his action and not knowing what to do. Her legs, which had been kicking and struggling, went limp as the man rubbed her hairless slit.

"Now be quiet," he whispered into her ear. "You don't want me to hurt you, do you?" His fingers were rubbing her crotch where her pee came out. Amanda was too scared and confused to answer.

"Do you?" the man hissed again. Swallowing hard, Amanda shook her head. His finger dipped between the fleshy valley of her hairless slit again, awakening parts of her that she never knew existed. He concentrated on her little bump, rubbing it hard with his finger so it pressed against her pelvic bone. Amanda gave a small shudder from the stimulation.

"Ah, you like that, don't you?" he asked her. "Little slut, you like it when I play with your pussy." Amanda was silent not knowing what to say. She felt very strange inside as he fondled her privates. The eight year old girl sat prone in the strange man's lap as he molested.

"Now listen carefully," he said to her. "I know about you and your dad. I know your dad is driving a blue station wagon. I know your brother is named Travis."

Amanda panicked as she heard him say these things. How did he know this? Did she tell him Travis's name? She couldn't remember. He didn't stop rubbing between her legs as he spoke.

"I know you're going to Boston," he continued. "Wouldn't it be a tragedy if you had a car accident on the way out there? Like if someone ran your blue station wagon off the road?"

Amanda sat fearfully listening. "BAM!" the man whispered into her ear. "Everyone in the station wagon would be killed wouldn't they?" The little girl felt tears welling up in her eyes. Then suddenly the man released her. She slid off his lap and was standing on her own two feet, although she almost fell because of her jeans still around her ankles.

He turned her to face him. Amanda gazed apprehensively into the stranger's face. She was too distressed to feel embarrassed about her pants around her ankles and that she was nude from the waist down before this stranger. "You won't tell anyone about this," he warned her, taking hold of her wrist tightly. "If you tell anyone, I'm going to run your car off the road." Amanda tried to step backward but he held her wrist even tighter.


Scared, Amanda nodded. He let go of her wrist. "Put your pants back on," he told her. Amanda did as she was told. The button of her jeans was still lying useless on the floor so Amanda simply pulled her pants on, hoping they would stay. Then he unlocked the stall door and held it open for her.


Her knees knocking, Amanda dashed from the men's restroom. Her heart was beating rapidly and her breath was short when she found Travis in the convenience store. "Let's go," she blurted out, grabbing his hand.

"Okay, okay," Travis mumbled. He barely had time to replace the magazine he was reading on the rack as Amanda dragged him off. "What took you so long anyway?"

The encounter hadn't lasted more than five minutes, although to Amanda it had felt like time had stopped as the stranger was touching her. She wanted to tell Travis exactly why it had taken her so long but she was torn. As they walked through the rest stop lobby, Amanda looked around but saw no sign of the stranger. It wasn't until they were safely in the car that she exhaled. Her father started the car and put it in reverse to back out of the parking spot.

Amanda bit her lip worriedly. She felt very scared and confused about what had just happened. Her parents had told her many times that it was wrong for anyone to touch her down there between her legs. She didn't understand why it made her feel so strange inside when the man rubbed between her legs. The eight year old girl wanted to tell her father what happened.

But she didn't. As her dad pulled out of the rest stop, they passed a red Volkswagen van that was idling in the parking lot. Amanda only caught a glimpse but it was enough for her to recognize the man sitting behind the wheel of the van. She instantly recognized his mustache and orange hunting cap.

The car picked up speed and merged with traffic on I-90. Craning her neck so she could look out the rear window, Amanda confirmed what she already feared. The red van had pulled out of the rest stop as well and was following them.

Links to the entire series of The Rest Stop:
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

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