The Convention
by John O'Connor
Jane Niles stepped into the Dealer Room and looked
around. She was amazed at the activity going on.
Everywhere she looked, there were people buying and
selling a wide range of merchandise, from 8x10's to
videos to toys to fan magazines to jewelry. She
couldn't believe her show, "Project: Wormhole", had
generated so much interest.
The crowd was varied as well. Some looking like any
one who might come in off the street but many in their
own versions of the uniforms worn on the show, both by
project members (khaki slacks with a navy polo shirt
and a navy short jacket adorned with the Project
logo), and some of the more popular enemy races like
the Kraken.
Jane was one of the costars of the hit syndicated
sci-fi series "Project: Wormhole." It was loosely
based on the movie "Wormhole" from almost a decade
before. The movie had done so-so at the box office
but very well on video and cable. That caused the
producers, who had made box-office blockbusters (like
the alien invasion movie "Spring Training" ) and bombs
(like the American version of "Gamera"), to license
the rights to the concept to a new production company,
Chameleon. The show had taken off and was now ready
to start it's fourth season under the newer production
company. The movie's creators, on the other hand,
were busy trying new series' for Fox that never lasted
more than half the season.
The series centered on an artificial wormhole created
in a government lab that allowed a special team of
research scientists to travel across time and space to
have new, exciting adventures every week.
Jane played Doctor Therese Rutherford, the chief
scientist at the Project. The doctor was a quantum
physicist with a medical background. She was a
well-respected member of the project and had helped
save the survey team several times through various
ingenious methods (few of which could ever work in
real life). The woman had no apparent social or
personal life and rarely even smiled in the show.
While in character, she wore her long, auburn hair
tied into a tight bun with severe glasses and a long,
shapeless lab coat over the standard Project uniform
and came across as stern and forbidding. In real
life, Jane was a very pretty, charming lady with
near-perfect eyesight. She laughed and told raw jokes
and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She also dressed in
more complimentary clothes off-camera that tended to
show her shapely figure. Unfortunately, lately, her
personal life was even less exciting than the
non-existent love life of her television character.
Hers was only a recurring role originally, not a
series regular. Her character only rarely traveled
through the wormhole. She mainly had to stay at the
Project and wait for the survey team to return.
Recently, however, due to fan insistence, her
character was being developed and used more. Her hair
was also a little looser and her glasses were a
softer, rimless style.
She stopped at one of the many booths that featured
commercially licensed toys and memorabilia from her
show. Looking at a collection of action figures based
on the show, she saw one of her character. It was
six inches tall and wore the standard white lab coat
and black-framed glasses. This was the first time
Jane had seen her toy. She was fascinated.
"How much for the Dr. Rutherford figure?" she asked.
The goateed young man behind the table, wearing a
t-shirt that said "E.T. Go Home" replied, "All the
figures are $6.00." Then he added in a stage whisper,
"I should charge more for the Rutherford. They're
hard to come by."
"Why is that?" Jane asked.
"The toy people didn't think she'd sell that well and
didn't make too many of them. The demand is higher
than they expected and they have to go back to press
or whatever they call it," the dealer replied.
Noting the dealer tag showing his name was Dave, Jane
asked, "Why is it so popular, Dave?"
Dave smiled and said, "Wait a minute..." He walked
behind the partition at the rear of his booth and came
back a moment later. Handing Jane an unpackaged
figure, he said, "Look under the lab coat..."
She smiled and took the six-inch figure from Dave and
pulled the small cloth coat back. The figure was
molded in the Project uniform. She was surprised but
somewhat complimented to see that the figure was quite
well proportioned. "She's rather busty, isn't she?"
Dave snorted and said, "Yeah! That's why she sells so
well. You know the girl who plays her on TV? I don't
think she's that stacked."
Jane smiled and said, "You never know. Oh, do you
have the Amelia Tripp figure too?"
Jane left the booth with the action figures for the
two main women on the show thinking, 'Sandy's going to
love this. Her action figure is less developed than
mine.' Then she glanced down at her well rounded
chest and added with a chuckle, 'Just like real life.'
 Of course, her shorter stature did tend to emphasize
her attributes.
Sandy Carson was the show's star. She played Amelia
Tripp, the survey team leader. When the series
premiered John O'Toole played the lead, Robert E.
Anthony. He had to leave when another pilot he filmed
was picked up and had a contract that had been signed
earlier. His other show didn't last more than half a
season but by then the fan reaction to a female lead
had assured his character's fate as an occasion guest
star, which he had agreed to originally to get out of
his contract with Chameleon Productions.
Jane wasn't in on the planning sessions when it became
clear John wasn't coming back, but she heard what had
happened. The producers were dead set on getting
another male lead, but the creative team finally
convinced them that a strong female lead could work.
They pointed to the success of "Xena" and "Star Trek:
Voyager" as their arguments. She had hoped her
character would also benefit but she remained in
"co-star" status with gradually increasing screen
Still it gave her time to do other work, including
movies of the week for Lifetime and other production
companies as well as the occasional big-screen
appearance. Recently, she had the feeling that she
was on the verge of a big change in her professional
life. A larger role on the show perhaps?
As she walked through the dealer room, she continued
to be fascinated by the wide range of memorabilia was
for sale. She had attended a "Star Trek" mini-con
with her roommate in college, but that long-ago con
was nowhere near as big as this one.
She stopped at a small booth manned by a young girl
with long, curly, dark red hair. She was selling
fanzines from various shows. Jane saw one with the
"Project: Wormhole" logo and an original drawing of
the cast on the cover.
"Hmm. 'Project: Wormhole' eh? Original fiction?"
The girl, who looked to be around twenty, looked at
Jane and became nervous. Jane tried to give her a
reassuring smile and saw from her tag that her name
was Erin.
"Hi Erin. These look interesting. How much are
they?" Jane asked.
"Uh, I, uh, you're the doctor on the show...Oh no."
The girl was obviously upset. Jane tried to sound
comforting as she asked, "What's wrong, hon?"
"These," she said, indicating the fanzines. "You're
probably going to sue for copyright infringement. Oh
God, I told Nat we shouldn't come here."
"Hey, it's okay. I'm on the show but I'm not worried
about these. I think it's flattering that people like
the show enough to write their own stuff. This one
looks interesting." Jane picked up a small
digest-sized 'zine with scanned images of herself and
Sandy in a rather intimate position on the cover. It
was titled "Amelia and Therese: The Secret In The
"How much is this?" Jane asked, her eyebrow raised in
"Oh no. You wouldn't like that." Erin was horrified.
 "It's really bad."
"Well, I think it looks very interesting. How much?"
Jane persisted with a smile.
Erin closed her eyes and almost whispered "It's three
"Well, here you go," Jane said with a wider smile as
she handed the girl three singles.
Erin took the money and and slipped the 'zine into a
paper bag and handed it to Jane without meeting her
"Thank you, Erin. I know I'll like it." Jane smiled
as the pretty girl looked up at her. Erin blushed and
a sprinkle of freckles appeared across the bridge of
her nose.
Jane waved and walked on through the dealer room.
"Excuse me?" a timid voice said. Jane turned and saw
a teenage boy staring at her nervously.
"You're Jane Niles. I've seen you on the show and on
those 'Inner Sanctum' episodes you did. You're even
prettier in real life," the boy hesitated, as if
embarrassed by his speech.
"Well, thank you very much. May I ask who you are?"
Jane had made a very favorable reputation in fandom as
a gracious lady who hadn't let her celebrity status go
to her head.
"I'm, uh...I'm Steve. Steve Birk. Would you sign,
uh..." He paused as he fumbled nervously with his
backpack. "Damnit. Where it is. would you
sign this?" It was one of the action figures of her
character still in the blister pack.
"Certainly. Should I make it out to you?" At Steve's
nod, she signed the cardboard backing "To Steve,
Thanks for watching and keep enjoying the show. Jane
Niles" Below her signature she added a heart-shaped
smiley face, her unofficial trademark. "Here you go
"Oh wow. Thank you! This is so cool!" He was
staring at the toy package as if it were the Holy
Grail. Janet felt flattered.
She suddenly found herself engulfed by fans. She
tried to sign as much as she could and say hello to
everyone but it was quietly getting out of hand.
A security guard came up and said, "Excuse me, Ms.
Niles, but there's someone in the lobby for you. If
you'll follow me, please."
The guard led her out to the lobby of the hotel and
Jane saw her friend and costar Sandy Carson. The tall
blonde was smiling at her.
"Girl, you do get yourself into trouble, don't you?"
Sandy said.
"Thanks, Sandy. It was a little overwhelming. I'm
not used to being noticed." Jane looked back at the
room, "They didn't recognize me until that kid saw me
and then..."
"Hey, what do you expect? It's a con full of Wormies.
 Of course they're going to recognize you. C'mon, we
have that thing in the place that we have
Jane grinned at her friend. Sandy was an intelligent
woman but sometimes found herself at a loss for words.
 "Lead on, MacDuff," Jane said. She handed Sandy the
Amelia action figure, "Here, I thought you might like
"Wow! Thanks. I haven't seen the new ones yet,"
Sandy said.
They were participating in a panel discussion in one
of the exhibit rooms. The panel was supposed to
include Thomas Craig who played the alien survey team
member Ckaj but he was delayed and wouldn't be in
until later that afternoon. David Jensen, who played
Matthew Spencer on the show, was also absent due to a
bout with the flu. The panel members would be Sandy,
Jane, Gary Hansen, who played project head David
Donaldson, and one of the show's producers, Phil
Jane sat at the table at the head of the room. Sandy
sat down next to her. The two men on the panel were
already there. So was a sizable crowd.
Jane opened her action figure package and placed the
doctor on the table before her. Sandy saw that and
smiled as she did the same thing.
Phil said, "Hi everyone. Welcome to our little get
together." The joke brought the expected laughter
from the audience. "So, I'm Phil Domico. I'm one of
the producers of 'Project: Wormhole' which is a nice
way to say I'm the guy who has to come up with the
money to pay for the show. I'm sure you know the
others up here, Sandy, Gary, and Jane. Unfortunately,
David Jensen is sick with the flu and Tom Craig missed
his flight so you're stuck with us."
The crowd didn't seem to mind, since Sandy was the
most popular person on the show, at least according to
the demographics the production team often reviewed.
Gary and Jane were almost as popular, with Gary as the
cuddly father figure and Jane as the voice of reason
on the series.
"Alright then. Anyone have any questions?" Phil
"Yes, I have one," a heavyset man with a scraggly
goatee stood up. "This is for Jane Niles. In your
first episode, the show's second, a Kraken was
escaping from custody and threw itself into the
wormhole. You prevented Robert Anthony from shooting
it. You said that the bullet would just ricochet off
the event horizon of the wormhole. Then in the fourth
episode of the third season, a guard shot at a survey
team member who was possessed by a Kraken as he jumped
through the wormhole. How do you justify the
statement you made on the earlier episode with the
events of the later episode?"
Sandy looked down at the table with a wicked smile on
her face, obviously amused by the position Fanboy put
Jane in. Jane sat there and said, "Well, the guard
was at a better position to penetrate the field with
his shot. Robert was at an angle to the wormhole and
the bullet would just ricochet off the field, now
wouldn't it?" She smiled sweetly and Fanboy sat down
stunned that she, a mere actress, had outsmarted him.
After that, the questions continued but they were more
about the stars and how they did their jobs. Many
were just people saying they were one of the
panelists' biggest fans and they were so happy to
finally see them in real life.
One of the last questions was asked by an older woman
who stood up and asked, "Are there any plans to
introduce romance onto the show?"
Phil thought for a moment and said, "There has been
some discussion but nothing really has developed. At
one point, we were thinking about working on a
romantic angle between John O'Toole's character and
Sandy's until John was forced to leave our show for
the other hit he was on." Everyone laughed at that
bit of sarcasm. "But, a little romance for Sandy
might prove interesting. Who do you think she should
hook up with? Ckaj? Matthew? Maybe David?"
A voice from the back said, "Doctor Rutherford."
There was a pause and then the crowd began applauding.
 There were shouts of "Yeah!" and "Great idea!" Sandy
looked at Jane with a bemused half-smile and Phil was
momentarily at a loss for words.
Finally he said, "Well, folks. That's an interesting
idea but I don't..."
Additional yells rang out. "C'mon!" "Show some
courage!" "Just do it!"
Jane scanned the crowd and saw her nervous friend Erin
in the back blushing furiously. She thought she
recognized that voice. Jane smiled to herself, 'I
have to see that young lady again.'
Phil finally got the crowd under control with a
promise that they would consider it. The panel went
on for another few minutes before they finally had to
call a halt to it, so the volunteers could set up a
screening of the original movie.
As Jane and Sandy followed Phil and Gary out a back
entrance away from the crowd in the lobby. As the men
headed for the lobby bar, Sandy said, "Well, that was
"Not necessarily," Jane countered. "You know there is
a large amount of female slash fiction out there from
the show."
Sandy rolled her eyes, "Jane, look, they will never go
for it. I wouldn't want to either. I didn't think
you would be interested in trying something so
personal on television."
Jane replied, "How would it be any different than a
hetero actor making love on any TV show you want to
"Because you've kept your sex life to yourself," Sandy
said. "If you were out there..."
"You know I don't publicize it but I don't hide my
preference for women either," Jane said as they got on
one of the elevators. After the doors closed and the
car started to rise, she continued, "Listen, you're
probably right. It won't happen. Anyway, I'll see
you later. I want to take a short nap before the
cocktail party."
Exiting the elevator, she waved as she walked down the
hall to her room.
"How about we grab some dinner first?" Sandy called
after her.
"Okay, but you're buying. You're the star!" Jane
yelled back with a laugh.
Once inside, she stripped off the blouse and slacks
she was wearing. She rarely wore any underwear so she
stood in front of the rooms mirror and ran her hands
over her quickly bared flesh. She was a couple of
years past thirty and still had a full firm figure.
Regular exercise kept her in good shape and also kept
her sizable breasts from sagging.
She cupped them and pinched the nipples before
grabbing the complimentary hotel robe.
She planned to take a shower and wear a slinky dress
to the party later. 'That might require panties,' she
considered as she pulled the fluffy robe over her
curvy figure.
In the meantime, she wanted to relax a bit. Jane got
comfortable on the bed, leaning against the headboard
as she looked over her purchases. She pulled the lab
coat off the plastic toy and again admired the design.
 Idly fingering her action figure, she began to read
the fanzine she picked up.
The first story was about a sexual encounter between
Therese Russell and Amelia Tripp. It was quite steamy
in Jane's opinion. 'This is downright hot!' she
thought, feeling a pleasant tingling between her
She continued to caress the figure with one hand while
she held the 'zine in the other. She got about
halfway through the story when she dropped the 'zine,
untied her robe, and began to finger herself.
Her pussy was almost very wet and she slid a finger in
as her thumb began to caress her clitoris. She was
moaning in pleasure and thrust another finger into
herself. Soon, while still caressing the figure with
her other hand, she came.
Still not completely satisfied, she looked at the
figure. There was a knob on the back of the head for
her hair bun and prominent boobs on the front. She
smiled wickedly at her thoughts.
She stuck the figure in her mouth and sucked and
licked it before placing it against her still hot
pussy. She slowly slid it in and gave a loud sigh.
The protrusions rubbed against the sensitive walls of
her vagina, sending little waves of pleasure coursing
through her.
The hand that had been busy down there was still wet
with her first orgasm. She began to pinch and pull on
her nipple with her wet fingers. Before long, she
thrust the figure deep inside herself and came in a
bigger, more satisfying orgasm than before.
She lay back with the figure still embedded inside her
and dozed off. She was awakened by a knock on her
"Hey Jane? You in there? Jane?" It was Sandy. What
the hell was she doing here? Looking over, Jane saw
from the bedside clock that it was after 6 o'clock.
"Yeah, Sandy. Give me a minute!" Jane began to get
up and, remembering her figure, pulled the doctor doll
out of her still damp mound. Tightening the belt of
the robe, she opened the door.
>From the puzzled expression on her face, Sandy noticed
the faint aroma in the room but merely said, "Phil
would like to see us before the party. I guess you're
not ready to grab some dinner first?"
"Oh God, Sandy. I fell asleep and didn't even realize
it was so late. You look great, by the way!" Jane
stepped back into the room and Sandy followed her.
The tall blonde was wearing a navy midi that
accentuated her blue eyes and light hair.
"Let me grab a quick shower and we can go. You want
to wait here? Don't worry, I'm not doing my hair..."
Sandy nodded and sat down to wait. As she heard the
water begin to run in the bathroom, her eyes traveled
over the room. She noted the 'zine laying on the
bedspread, the toy figure near it, and a small scrap
of white cloth she determined was the toy's lab coat
on the floor.
Sandy was interested in what the fans thought and did
enjoy the occasional fanfic that came through the
studio. As she picked it up, she noticed a small damp
patch on the spread and a light sheen on the action
Turning the fanzine in her hands, Sandy looked at the
cover. She was very surprised to see the women in
such an intimate embrace. Somewhat shocked but
intrigued, she sat and began to thumb through the
Sandy was deep into the first story at a point where
her character admits she loves the doctor, Jane's
character, and the two head for a convenient bedroom.
As she was picturing Jane and she in character and in
bed, she heard the shower stop.
The tall blonde stood quickly and tossed the 'zine
back onto the bed and turned on the TV. As Jane came
out in her robe while toweling her hair, Sandy looked
up and quickly looked away.
"Hey, I'll be ready in a minute." Noting that Sandy
was a little flushed, Jane asked, "Are you okay?"
Sandy stood up and nodded, "I just need to go back to
my room and make a quick call. See you in the lobby
in ten or fifteen minutes?"
Janet nodded and said, "How about twenty?"
Sandy agreed and stepped into the hotel hallway. She
was surprised that she accepted the storyline so
easily. That kind of thing was sick...
Even as she thought that, she remembered her friend.
Jane wasn't sick, she was a nice, sweet, caring
person. 'Who just happens to like women,' Sandy
thought as she reached her room. She refused to
acknowledge the other thoughts in the back of her
Jane finished toweling her still-damp hair and pulled
off her robe. She rummaged around for the appropriate
panties for the evening. She had one pair of black
lace with a French cut that she'd brought along. She
hadn't packed the matching bra but the gown wouldn't
hide the straps anyway.
As she pulled on her dress, a flashy red number with a
plunging neckline, almost no back and spaghetti-thin
straps over the shoulder. She slipped her feet into
the black, high-heeled "fuck-me" shoes she loved, and
stepped into the bathroom to quickly brush out her
dark red-brown hair.
She left the room ten minutes later, knowing how hot
and sexy she looked. 'Maybe Erin will be there
tonight. I've become quite taken with her,' Jane
admitted to herself.
Reaching the lobby, Jane heard a piercing wolf whistle
and turned to see Sandy and Phil standing outside the
lobby bar. Smiling, she strode over to them and they
all went into the dark coziness of the bar.
It was evident that Phil had not spent the last few
hours drinking soda. While not drunk, he was
definitely feeling loose as evidenced when he wrapped
his arms around the ladies' shoulders as he led them
to a table. "God, you two are stunning..." He shook
his head and asked, "What can I get you?"
Sandy said, "Stoli and cranberry, please."
"Just a glass of zinfandel for me," Jane replied.
"Be right back," Phil said as he headed for the bar.
"There is a waitress," Sandy said to Jane.
"Yeah, but she looks swamped. It's probably quicker
if Phil goes for us."
Returning to the table, Phil set the drinks down in
front of each of the ladies. Picking up his trademark
scotch and soda, he said, "To the Wormhole! And to
the prettiest ladies on television!"
With a joint "I'll drink to that!" they all drank to
the health of their show.
"So, how about that panel this afternoon? Jane, you
were great with that fanboy. The look on his face was
just...hilarious!" Phil chuckled. "You both were
great. It's no wonder that Starlog had you both in
the top five fan-favorite women of Sci-Fi."
"Thanks, Phil, but I doubt that's the reason you asked
us to meet you," Jane said.
"You're right. During the discussion, there was a
comment about your characters..."
"Hold it! Phil, I know where you're going with this
and the answer is no! There's nothing else to say,"
Sandy said.
"Well, Phil, you know I wouldn't mind a chance at
getting this tall, blond drink of water in the sack,"
Jane smiled to indicate the joke. "But, seriously,
the censors?"
"Hey, 'Buffy' has a lesbian couple. 'Xena' was pretty
up front with the whole Xena/Gabrielle situation.
Even 'E.R.' and 'Friends' have had women kissing. And
I'm not even saying we go that far. Just some implied
relationships. Like in what's-his-name's-show, uh,
'Baghdad something.'"
"'Babylon 5,'" Jane said helpfully. "Stryzenski was
ahead of his time, I think, but still..."
Holding up his hand, Phil said, "Alright, I concede
the point. For now. From the look on your face,
Sandy, I think I'd have a fight on my hands anyway."
Sandy nodded and sipped her drink. Jane considered
her friend, she wasn't a homophobe by any means, but
she was a very private person and rather protective of
her image. She didn't even let a shot go once she saw
what she considered too much cleavage in the dailies.
(The same couldn't be said of the dress she was
wearing tonight though.)
Finally Sandy smiled, showing her dazzling white teeth
and everyone relaxed. When the waitress, who was
definitely an eyeful as far as Jane was concerned,
came up, Phil bought them another round and left the
pretty brunette a nice tip.
As she leaned over with the drinks, Jane noticed her
name tag said "Nat." Now where had she heard that
name today? Well, it didn't matter. Probably wasn't
too important anyway.
After another forty minutes of chit-chat, Phil excused
himself. He had a dinner appointment with the head of
the syndication company "Project: Wormhole" had
contracted. With a "See you at the cocktail party,"
and the money for another round, he quickly left.
"Man, he can sure hold his liquor!" Sandy exclaimed.
Jane smiled quietly.
Later, just before they left, Jane noticed the pretty
redhead, Erin, from the Dealers Room walk into the bar
and go up to the waitress. Putting an arm over her
shoulder, the scarlet-haired girl whispered to the
waitress. The waitress cast a look at the table
before quickly turning away.
'Of course, Nat. Erin's friend who wanted to sell
their erotic fan fiction at the con... I wonder if
those sexual descriptions are first hand experience?'
Jane thought.
As she left with Sandy, the young pair looked like
they desperately wanted to be someplace else. Jane
smiled and stopped to place a couple of extra dollars
on Nat's tray. "Thank you. The service was great."
She started to follow Sandy out into the lobby, then
turned back and said more quietly, "I loved the first
story!" Turning her back on the dumbfounded duo, she
hurriedly caught up with her friend and a quiet
At dinner in a little restaurant down the street from
the hotel, Jane waited until they had ordered and
said, "I hope my joke back there in the bar didn't
bother you. I wasn't thinking. I guess that's what I
get with two drinks and no food all day, well except
that breakfast danish..."
Sandy smiled, "No, don't worry about it. I was
flattered actually." Then her grin widened as she
held up her hand, "But, don't get any ideas."
Jane laughed and the two friends ended up having a
pleasant dinner together. So much so that they were
both sorry to have to leave for the cocktail party.
Upon their arrival at the smaller banquet/exhibition
room of the hotel, they found quite a crowd of fans.
The two friends were quickly separated as they mingled
and made friends with the enthusiastic crowd.
Only once did Jane find herself in an uncomfortable
situation. She was talking to an older couple who
fell in love with the show as a result of their
teenaged daughter (who was locked into an apparently
deep conversation with Tom Craig). As they chatted,
the fan who had tried to trip her up in the panel that
afternoon sidled up to the trio.
While being gracious and polite, Jane felt his eyes
crawling all over her like nasty little fingers. She
definitely wanted to get away from him. As she was
about to make up some excuse that would force her to
leave the party (an occurrence she wanted to avoid if
possible), Superfan's friend came up.
"Joey, we gotta hit the road."
"Pete, the young lady is obviously interested in what
I have to say," Joey stated.
Pete grinned apologetically towards Jane and said,
"Joey, we have to get back. There's no one to run the
shop tomorrow and we have a long drive..."
"Oh, very well," Joey replied, money apparently
meaning more to him than his immature libido. "Until
we meet again, my dear..." he said as he tried to bow
As they walked away, Jane let out a low sigh. She
definitely didn't want to leave the party yet. She
had been enjoying herself before Superfan intruded and
she began to get back into the mood as his rather
large posterior disappeared through the double doors.
Striding towards the bar, she saw the young lady she
had bought the 'zine from earlier. Erin was leaning
casually on the bar watching the room. Jane came up
and asked, "Are you having fun?"
Erin, who hadn't seen Jane approach, jumped a little
and then said, "Oh yes. This is fun. Uh, can I get
you something?"
Jane was happy to note that the young redhead didn't
seem as nervous around her. Perhaps a few cocktails
had loosened her up? She smiled and said, "Thank you,
yes. I'd love a white zinfandel."
Erin smiled back and turned to order the drink. Jane
saw the cocktail waitress, Nat, across the room
staring moon-eyed at her co-star. Apparently she
hadn't had enough liquid courage yet.
"So, I guess you were glad to see that guy go," Erin
said, handing Jane a glass of wine.
Jane nodded, "Yes, he was a little..."
Both women chuckled at that and Jane nodded as well.
"Fortunately, most of our fans are normal folks like
you and your friend over there. They enjoy the show
and what we do and are the reasons we do what we do."
Erin looked into her glass. "I'm not sure you'd call
us normal..." she said in a whisper.
"Why? Because you write fan fiction? I used to when
I was a girl. Stories about Uhura when she got her
first command, things like that. I used to daydream I
was her first officer and... Well, let's just say, I
was young and full of hormones." Jane smiled her
gorgeous smile.
"But, Nat and I wrote about you, I mean your character
and Ms. Carson's character together. They were..."
"I know. I read the first story, remember? I really
did enjoy it."
Erin's eyes lit up for a moment and she looked at the
woman before her, "Are you...? I mean..." Then she
shook her head, "I'm sorry. It's none of my business
really. Please, forget I asked."
"Well, it's hard to forget an unasked question.
Anyway, I am gay. I don't advertise it but I don't
keep it a secret either. So yes, I do prefer the
company of women. And I enjoyed the story of Theresa
with Amelia. Very much." She smiled at her friend
again, "I have seen some pretty hot stuff on the
internet about our characters. Even some about us.
But your story was sweet too. You really know how to
capture the essence of our characters. It made the
story even more believable."
Erin hadn't heard most of what Jane had said. She was
still reeling after Jane' admission. This beautiful
woman was gay? She was dumbfounded.
"Erin? Erin? You alright?"
Shaking her head, Erin managed to force a smile and a
nod. "I'm sorry. I was...I don't know."
"Surprised I'm gay? So was my father!" Jane laughed.
Erin joined in.
"Mine too. Especially after I moved in with Nat. But
he's been great. He loves her like a daughter too,"
Erin admitted, much to her surprise.
"So, you and Nat are lovers as well as co-publishers?"
Jane asked, a twinkle in her eye. She could at least
fantasize about the two young lovelies together later.
"Uh, yeah. We have been since high school. I mean,
we're not exclusive or anything. Not if one of our
list people was involved."
"List people?"
Erin smiled self-consciously, "Yeah, we both made a
list of five women we could sleep with if the chance
came and still not count it as cheating..."
Noticing Erin wasn't looking at her anymore, Jane made
an educated guess and asked in a roundabout way, "So,
is Sandy on Nat's list?"
"Yeah! How did you know?" She met Jane's eyes for a
moment and saw a decided sparkle in them.
"The way she's staring at Sandy. Oh, look, she's
finally going to talk to Sandy. Good for her."
Erin looked over at her friend, wishing her luck.
"Am I on your list. Erin?"
Erin again looked at the floor, the bar, her drink,
everywhere but at Jane as she fought to get the words
out. "Uh, yeah, you are." Then, in an even fainter
voice, she said, "You're number one."
Not wanting to rush the girl, Jane changed the
subject, "Are you interested in writing as a career?"
Erin nodded, "Yes, I took several creative writing
courses in junior college. I enjoy writing." She
paused then added quickly, "Not just...!"
Jane smiled, "I understand, dear. Do you have
anything else based on the show? Maybe a little less
alternative?" Erin nodded, an unasked question in her
eyes. "If you'd like, I might forward some of it to
our production team. Who knows? Maybe..."
Erin grinned widely. This was great! Better than she
had dared dream! She grabbed Jane in a big hug in her
excitement. "Oh, thank you! Thank you!"
Jane, for her part, enjoyed the luscious young body in
her arms. She held Erin close until the girl stopped
giggling and, suddenly realizing what she was doing,
quickly stepped back.
"Erin, I meant what I said. I would be happy to show
some of your work to Phil and the others. We're
always looking for new talent."
Seeing the look in Erin's eyes, a mixture of gratitude
and lust, Jane decided now was not the time to try and
seduce her. She had dealt with that kind of thing
enough during her career and didn't want to start Erin
off down that road.
For several minutes, they stood and chatted. Jane
telling Erin stories about the series and the
off-camera hijinks she and Sandy pulled on their
friends as well as the pranks that were pulled on her.
 Erin was laughing aloud at the end of several of the
Jane had her hand resting on the bar when Erin placed
her hand lightly on top. The girl looked up shyly at
Jane. Curling her fingers around Jane's, Erin finally
stared directly into Jane's brown eyes.
Jane didn't misread the message there. Between her
loneliness and the beauty of the redhead, Jane came to
a what-the-hell decision.
Jane took Erin's other hand and asked the other
question Erin dreamed she'd hear one day but never
dared believe. "Would you like to come to my room
with me, Erin?"
Erin, her green eyes bright, nodded. Not daring to
speak, still not sure she wasn't dreaming, Erin nodded
Jane simply promised, "Come. We'll make this a night
neither of us will forget..."
Jane led the young redhead out of the room, casting a
glance at her friend. Sandy had a hand resting
lightly on Nat's shoulder as the girl took in every
word being said. 'You go, Nat. I bet Sandy'd be a
screamer,' Jane thought.
As they entered the elevator, Jane saw they had the
car to themselves. She took Erin's face in her hands
and lightly kissed her lips. Then she kissed the pale
forehead, the closed eyes, the tip of her nose, her
chin, and both cheeks. Jane pressed her lips to the
girl's again and licked at the soft, closed mouth.
Erin opened her mouth, allowing Jane entrance.
Jane slipped her tongue up against Erin's and coaxed
it into her mouth. They kissed softly and
passionately until the elevator dinged as the reached
Jane's floor.
"Come," Jane said as she took Erin's hand and led her
down the hall to her room. She fumbled with her key
card as Erin stood behind her and began to nibble on
her ear, a most pleasant distraction.
Finally getting the door open, Jane pulled Erin into
the room. The toy figure and the 'zine were still on
the bed. Erin smiled at the little digest, "So, you
enjoyed that?"
Jane ran her fingers through the girl's lush red curls
and nodded. In a breathy voice, she said, "Very much.
 You have a way with writing erotica..."
"Thank you," Erin whispered as she kissed Jane,
slipping her tongue into the woman's warm, wet mouth.
The young girl's hands slid over the actress' back
down to cup her shapely ass, pulling Jane to her.
Jane moved her mouth to nibble on Erin's ear and nip
lightly at the edge before licking her ear. Erin
groaned loudly and pulled Jane even more tightly to
Breaking away, Jane smiled seductively and said, "I
want to see you. All of you..." She reached out and
began unbuttoning the loose blouse Erin was wearing,
delighted to confirm what her hands had told her, no
bra. Jane pushed her face between the folds of the
shirt and licked at the lightly freckled valley
between the girl's pert breasts.
Pulling the blouse completely open, Jane kissed her
way to Erin's left nipple and gently suckled on it.
Her fingers lightly pinched the other nipple until
both were hard nubbins. After thoroughly licking the
nipple between her lips, Jane kissed her way to the
girl's right breast and repeated her ministrations.
By this point, Erin had her head thrown back and was
making a constant, guttural groaning in her throat.
The woman was incredible! Erin had never come just
from having her breasts sucked but she thought she
could tonight.
As if sensing this, Jane began to massage both breasts
and placed quick little love bites on first one nipple
and then the other. As she increased the pressure,
Erin grabbed her head and forced Jane's mouth over her
breast as she climaxed for the first time that night.
As the small orgasm pulsed through Erin, Jane held her
gently to keep the girl from falling. It was a
welcome task as Jane simply enjoyed the feel of the
girl as she recovered from that passionate explosion.
Erin smiled up at her and kissed her. Jane welcomed
the kiss and turned it back on Erin, thrusting her
tongue into the moist warmth. They stood that way for
long minutes, Erin topless and Jane still fully
clothed as they traded tongues in a loving give and
Again, taking the lead, Jane broke the kiss and knelt
at the girl's feet. She unsnapped the jeans and
pulled the zipper down. Reaching around to clasp the
firm ass, Jane tugged the tight denim over Erin's
hips, the young woman's panties caught in the material
and yanked down as well.
Jane sat back on her heels, admiring the lovely russet
tuft of hair and the already-swollen, pouty lips
beneath. Running a finger tip across the pink flesh,
she felt both the girl's wetness and the quiver in her
body. It wouldn't take much to get the girl off
Jane stood and helped Erin lay on the bed. She
crawled over the girl and kissed her, holding the
redhead's face in her hands gently. She kissed her
way down to Erin's breasts, taking less time but not
less care teasing the hard nipples.
Moving further down the slender body, she licked
around the girl's navel then dipped her tongue into
the small, puckered hole. Shivers were evident as
they ran through Erin's body.
Finally reaching her goal, Jane lay between the
outstretched legs admiring the lightly pulsing sex as
it glistened under the room's lights. She ran her
fingers gently through the tight red curls above as
she inhaled the aroma of the aroused redhead.
Not wanting to wait anymore, Jane lowered her mouth to
the succulent prize and began to explore the
delicious, hot mound. Her tongue slid up the outer
labia and down the inner, then she reversed the
pattern. Jane made sure to avoid the protruding
clitoris, not even touching the sheath as she roamed
over the girl's sex.
After several minutes of gently caressing the
hypersensitive flesh, Jane took the swollen lips
between her teeth and gently pulled, worrying at the
aroused flesh. She smiled around the mouthful at the
incredible sounds coming from Erin's throat.
Easing a finger, then two, into the girl's slit, she
began to plunge the fingers in and out. The juices
were causing a slurping sound as Jane finger-fucked
her. Licking up the extra juices as they seeped out
between Jane's fingers and Erin's nether lips, the
woman decided the girl was one of the most delicious
lovers she'd ever had.
Erin's hips were rolling around on the bed, and her
groans were becoming more pronounced. Jane smiled
against the girl's pussy and moved her mouth up to
capture the little organ between her lips. As she
sucked on it, she slipped a finger between Erin's
asscheeks and probed the tight little rosebud hidden
In moments, Erin saw everything flare white as she
experienced one of the strongest orgasms of her young
life. She screamed so loudly in her ecstasy that Jane
was sure they heard back down in the ballroom.
Erin opened her eyes to see Jane standing next to the
bed, her clothes now gone. The girl was amazed, Jane
looked even more beautiful and sexy than she'd
dreamed. The firm, full breasts, the slim waist, the
little triangle of brown curls. It was all perfect!
"You are so beautiful!" Erin breathed. Jane smiled
her thanks. "You made me explode. I have never...
Even with Nat. Could you teach me...?"
Jane nodded and knelt next to the girl. "It would be
my pleasure."
Erin smiled as she ran her fingers down through Jane's
pubic hair to toy with her protruding labia. "But
first, I want to please you... Come here."
Jane knelt over the girl's face, eager to obey the
redhead's order. As she lowered herself onto the
waiting tongue, she began to realize that this girl
was already a natural.
Grabbing the firm ass of the actress, Erin pulled her
wetness down until it cover her mouth. She began to
do to Jane what Nat loved and soon was rewarded by
Jane's moans. Using her teeth to occasionally nip at
the tender flesh, she smiled when she heard little
squeals of delight from the older woman.
When Jane finally climaxed a few minutes later, Erin
was happily surprised that Jane actually ejaculated.
And it was delicious!
Holding each other, sharing wet kisses and exciting
caresses, they soon got themselves turned on and
slipped easily, naturally into a classic sixty-nine.
Hours and orgasms later, just before dawn, Erin got
dressed. Jane pulled on a robe and walked her to the
"I had a fantastic time!" Erin gushed, no trace of
fatigue from the sleepless, exciting night they'd
"So did I. Nat is a very lucky girl," Jane replied.
Erin smiled wickedly and said, "I have got to get us
one of those Doctor Rutherfords..." She opened the
door and stepped into the hall.
"Naughty girl..." Jane said before kissing her again.
As Erin stepped back, she confirmed, "I'll see you
"Yes, definitely," Jane replied with an enthusiastic
As Erin turned to go, they heard another door open
down the hall and were both surprised to see Nat and
Sandy step into the hall. They kissed briefly and
then looked up. Nat smiled at Erin and Sandy looked
shocked and scared seeing Jane. Jane smiled in
understanding and Sandy seemed to relax.
As the girls left, Jane asked, "Would you like to get
some breakfast later?"
Sandy stepped up and nodded, "Yes. Uh, I guess we
need to talk?"
"Only if you want to. See you at 9?" Jane's whole
attitude was one of reassurance, support, and
Relieved and happy, Sandy replied, "How about 9:30?
I, uh, I didn't get much sleep..."
Laughing in understanding, Jane nodded. "9:30 it is."
The two friends smiled easily and returned to their
rooms for an early morning nap.
Two months later...
The set was quiet as Jane and Sandy readied for their
take. Erin and Nat, now working as production
interns, stood near the First Unit camera crew as the
director called, "Action!"
"Doctor, I have come to a realization. It took me
almost losing my life and my crew but..." Sandy said,
her voice trailing off.
"Amelia, is this what you want?" Jane asked.
She leaned in and kissed the tall blonde. It was a
slow passionate kiss. The camera caught every bit of
it, the lips sliding together, the tongues dancing
wetly as the lips parted slightly. The kiss went on
for several seconds before Jane pulled back.
Sandy stood there, an excited look on her face, "Yes
Therese, that's what I want. What I always have
wanted." Then, taking Jane's hand, she led the
shorter brunette through the door into the half-room
of her character's quarters.
"Cut! That was... God! That was hot! We just made
television history here folks! Ladies, that's a wrap
for today."
Jane and Sandy came out into the main area of the
sound stage. Phil came running across the sound
stage, yelling, "How the hell did you make that look
so convincing?"
Before Phil reached the pair, Jane just smiled then
whispered to Sandy, "Practice makes perfect, huh?"
Sandy winked at Nat and then said to Jane, "Wanna
practice some more tonight?"
Jane nodded eagerly.
The End
 (c) John O'Conner
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