Daddy's Little Goldmine, Part 1

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Published: 3-Apr-2012

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Again this is total fantasy and not even remotely connected to reality. So enjoy it for what it is.

Chapter 1

"UURRRGGGHHH OWWWW OOOohhh Huh Huh huh huh huh AAggghhhh Ahhhheeeyyyyee MMMMM!!!!!!! MMMMmmm!!!! Huh Huh Huh OWWWW!!!! OOAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Rebecca screamed through the agony, crying out at the top of her lungs with each brutal hard thrust skewering her tiny well stretched asshole. Tears streamed from her eyes to mix with the snot bubbling from her nose and kept the cum that was splattered all over her face from drying out. The anal fucking she was enduring was an unwanted end to her daily life now that her mother was no longer with them.

"AAggghhhh huh huh Da..dd..eee ooowww, it hurts Daddy! Please Daddy ooowwww please stop, ooohh it hurts! Daddy! OOowww huh huh huh OWWWWWW mmmm OWWWWW UUURRRGGHHHH URRRGGGHHHH yiiiii owww huh huh"

Her Daddy had now been fucking her asshole for over an hour, enjoying her screams, her moans, her tears and her pleas begging him to stop fucking her.

"Daddy will stop when Daddy is ready to stop, when he cums and not before. You know that you little Cunt! So just enjoy it!" he hissed into her ear.

He rammed his nine inch long two inch thick cock balls deep into her protesting, defenceless ten year old asshole at two strokes a second, banging her head into the headboard with each powerful inward thrust. She was bent at the knees, supported by him mauling her budding barely AA cup tits in his huge hands, using them as anchorage points to keep him balanced on the soles of his feet as he squatted down on the bed behind her burying his cock into her rectum.

Her body fell into his crushing hands as she was unable to support herself, with her arms tied behind her, right wrist to left elbow and left wrist to right elbow and six coils of white rope tightly bound around her arms above her tits. Her ankles were crossed and tightly tied with four more coils of the same white rope, cinched between her ankles. This had the effect of allowing him to open her knees as wide as needed to gain better penetration and stopped her from struggling to pull off his rock hard cock. She was pliant putty in his hands.

His eyes were locked on the point where his glistening cock disappeared deep inside her bowels, fascinated to see his entire length sliding in and out of her tight hot clutching ten year old sphincter. She felt him splitting her wide open, with each thrust accompanied by his balls slapping loudly against her thighs.

"OOOWWWWWW OOOWWWWW UUURRRGGGHH ohh UURRRGGGHHH huh huh huh huh ooohhh ahhhhhh. Daddy.. Pleeesssee It hurts so bd. Please Daddy, AAGGGHHHHHh pleesssseeee ooowwwwwwwwww!!!! "

She wanted to die, to be anywhere else but there, on that bed, being fucked by her Daddy, in agony, yet constantly aware of the sensation of his cum dripping out of her cunt from the two loads of cum he had already deposited there earlier that evening. She hated her life, hated her mother for leaving them, hated her Daddy fucking her but she also loved him for being her Daddy. When her Mother left them six months previously when Rebecca was still only nine he had told Rebecca that she was now the lady of the house and would have to take the place of her mother. She hadn't quite realised just what that statement entailed but she soon found out.

"Unnnhhh!! Unnhhh!! Huh oh fuck yes!!! Unggghh Ungggghh mmmm yes yes Daddy's cummin! Ohhh fuck yessss! Get ready you little cunt!" he growled out his pleasure

"Hurry up Daddy...ooowwwwww please Daddy please cum quick, it's hurting so bad!!! OOOwwwwwwww!!!!"

It felt like coarse sandpaper was being roughly scraped all over her anus and that a huge bat was being forced deep into her guts with each piston like thrust. He was oblivious to her pain, oblivious to her agony, just solely concentrating on his own fulfilment.

"Unngghh!! Unghhh!! Unghhhh! Yes! Here it comes you fucking little bitch. NNNNnnnnhhhh!!! OHHH YESSS!!!! FUCK Yessssssssssss!!!!"

Two things happened simultaneously. One was he stiffened, fell back onto his heels and buried his cock balls deep into her protesting, hot dry asshole, lifting her from her knees and causing her even more pain. His grasping hands clasped her tiny tits tight and he pulled her upright and then backwards so her back was crushed into his chest and she was fully off the bed. That had the effect of impaling her on his cock and she dangled there with her bound feet and toes scrabbling for support. The other thing that happened was he erupted a stream of hot jetting cum into her bowels and flooded her with his fourth cum load of the marathon fuck session. Rebecca squealed as he filled her, her asshole stretched tight around his thick cock and burning with the hard pounding he had given her.

"OHHHH FUCK YESSSSSS!!!!" he groaned as he jetted six blasts of cum into her.

Rebecca distinctly felt each jet searing the walls of her tortured rectum, and instinctively squeezed her anal ring in a failed attempt to reject the intruding cock embedded balls deep in her pre-teen asshole. All that did was to give her Father even more pleasure as she milked his cock dry with each spasm of her sphincter.

"Ohh jeez yes, milk me you fucking cunt! Take it! Take it all!" he moaned as he slowed down and began the long strokes that gave him intense pleasure.

"Please Daddy., ooowwwww please" she sobbed "It hurts. Daddy please" she begged him in a snot filled bubbling voice.

He slowly and deliciously stroked his still hard cock out until the head of his cock was just inside and then just as slowly slid it back in. She was limp in his arms, her tits crushed in his hands and she openly sobbed her anguish. He was unmoved and kept this up for another two minutes, lowering her to the bed so she was resting on her face and tits. His hands transferred to her hips and he slid his right hand around her waist as he moved onto his knees. As his cock began to wilt he pulled it out of her dilated asshole with an Audible sucking "plop".

"Fuck that was good. No that was fucking incredible! You're a much better fuck than your mum ever was" he told her whilst groping her tits. "The best decision your mum ever made was to leave us."

Rebecca was shattered, in agony and wanted to curl up in a corner and let the world swallow her up, but her father had other things in mind. He moved around in front of her and sat down with his legs either side of her, propping himself up on the pillows. He grasped her hair and pulled her face down to his groin, leaving her perched on her knees, her head held up by her long red tresses.

"Clean up time" he demanded "and you make sure you clean every bit of this mess you've made or you will regret it!"

Rebecca looked up into his eyes and silently pleaded with him not to make her do what he wanted her to do. A firm downward push dispelled her hopes and she stuck out her tongue and began licking his foul tasting shit flavoured cum covered cock. She ran her tongue from the head to the base, swirling it around to remove every final vestige of their joint secretions. Turning her face sideways she pressed her lips around his cock and slid it up and down whilst using her tongue to clean him.

"Come on Cunt! Get it in your fucking mouth and use your throat" he boomed "We haven't got all day. You have your photo session to go to tonight, so hurry up."

Rebecca streamed tears down her face as she swallowed his cock into her well trained mouth, bobbing up and down, sucking hard on the upstroke, quickly taking him to the back of her throat. She swallowed him whole! Her lips and nose mashed into his pubic hair as she bottomed out with all nine inches of cock lodged in her gullet. She marvelled that he never seemed to get soft, not realising he had taken a viagra pill prior to fucking her to make sure he could stay the distance. Rebecca knew how he liked his blowjobs. Firm, fast, deep and sloppy, with lots of saliva and vocal sounds. Even though she was far from being in the mood to enjoy anything, she gave him a convincing performance.

"MMMMmmmmmmmm Guh! Guh! Guh! Guh! Gark!! Kark!! MMmmmmmmmmmmm hmm hmm hmm hmm guh guh"

Just five minutes later with his balls awash with her saliva, she had him on the verge of cumming again. Her mouth was so warm, like liquid velvet and her technique was so good, it was as if she had thirty years experience of sucking cock. Yet she was only ten years and four moths old. She was her Daddy's goldmine, both sexually and financially. "MMmmmm Daddy, mmmm, guh guh fill my mouth Daddy! Cum in my mouth Daddy! Make me swallow your cum!" she believingly begged.

His balls ached, his cock screamed for release but despite her best ability he just could not cum again. After two more minutes of excruciating frustration, he pulled her off his cock and brought her bound body up his until he could crush his lips to her. The kiss lasted two minutes. They traded tongues and spit as he groped her naked bound body before finally breaking the kiss and allowing her to collapse onto his chest.

She was still crying though the tears had long since stopped flowing. Her chest heaved, her asshole burned and throbbed, her cunt felt stretched and she had a taste of the sewer in her mouth. She could distinctly feel his cum oozing from her asshole and cunt and her face felt itchy from the cum load her had painted her with. She was a well fucked little ten year old bound slut.

"Did I do good Daddy?" she plaintively asked.

"Oh yes sweetheart. You were amazing. Now we have to get you ready for the photo session I've arranged for you to do. I know you're excited about it and you'll enjoy yourself won't you sweetheart? You've always wanted to be a model haven't you?" he asked her whilst fondling her left tit.

Rebecca was anything but excited or looking forward to the upcoming event. Her idea of modelling was not what her Daddy's was. She wanted the bright lights and the catwalk, her Daddy wanted to see her being fucked on film by some well hung studs in kiddy porn movies. Plus she knew he would get lots of money letting her get used and abused.

Her mind went fleetingly back to the first of the now many photo sessions he had made her go through.

"That's it sweetheart, open your legs wider, wider still. Now slide your hands around the back of your thighs and pull your legs open. Oh that's great. Wider now, come on, open your legs wide for Daddy"

She did just that back then, just like she always did so now.

"OK now slide your hands onto your cunt and pull yourself open for me. Oh great, wider now, let's see that pink baby cunt of yours pulled wide apart. Brilliant sweetheart, hold your cunt lips between your fingers and pull them wide apart and upwards. Oh yes. Daddy's getting great views here and your getting my cock is really hard too. Pull right up and show off your clit to me. WOW!!! Oh sweetheart you really know how to work the camera. You're smiling at both ends now at the same time."

That was three months ago, the same night he fucked her in the ass for the first time. He filled her up with so much cum it oozed from her asshole for three days. Now he was about to take her to a professional kiddy porn producer and she burst into even more tears at the prospect. He slid from the bed and left her laying there bound tight and unable to move.

"We've got about five hours until we need to be there and I have an errand to run so we'll just make you comfortable and start preparing you when I get back." he intoned.

The next moment, Rebecca fought with failing strength to prevent him from gagging her, but he was too strong for her. He wadded three cloths into her mouth, one into each cheek and one into the back of her mouth, followed by a big red ballgag that he fastened so tight behind her head that it cut into the corners of her mouth.

"MMMppphhh ahhhee ppzzzz aahheee mmmmppphhh!!!"

The next moment he was bending her into a stringent, back arching position as he proceeded to fold her legs until her toes touched her back in between her shoulder blades. Rebecca didn't think she could hurt anymore than she already was but that proved an unsound thought. As her Daddy bound her ankles to her arms she found she was unable to flex at all and pain radiated throughout her tortured body. She couldn't move at all and could only rock slightly back and forwards in an attempt to relieve the agony she was enduring.

"Just one more rope and you're done" he happily told her.

He twirled her long hair into a single tail and fastened a rope to it, pulling on it to test it wouldn't slip off. Each time he did so Rebecca moaned into her gag as yet another painful reaction tore into her body as her hair seemed to be about to be pulled out at the roots. Her Daddy pulled backwards, forcing her head back at least ninety degrees and her face to look straight up at the ceiling. He tied the other end of the rope to her ankles and checked all around to ensure the ropes were tight.

In her tortured hogtie, her tits were off the bed and her nipples jutted out like two bullets on her torso. Her cunt was also off the bed and she rested just on her tummy. Drool spluttered from her gagged mouth, the three cloths having already become soaked with saliva and she let him know her painful predicament was causing her untold agony.

"Mmmmppph!!! Mmmmppphhhh!! Aahhheee plzzzz garrphhh!"

"Now you be a good girl and I'll be back in about an hour. Don't try getting free because you can't and if I find you've even tried to move I'll cane you."

He kissed her on the forehead and left her alone. Rebecca called after him pleading with him not to leave her, to let her go.

"Mmppphhhh, ahhee ahheee pzzz mmmpphh cukkk aakkk."

A few minutes later she heard the front door slam shut and resigned herself to her fate. With no chance of escape she contemplated the approaching evening's photo session with sheer dread.

Chapter 2

Rebecca knelt up in the bath having luxuriated in the soothing soapy foams for the past hour, easing the aches and pains from her well fucked ten year old body. Her Daddy had released her once he returned home and sent her to the bathroom to start preparing herself for the evening ahead. Whilst she immersed herself in the hot water, the sensations of his cum oozing from her cunt and asshole were still ever present.

Her asshole was so tender that the hot water stung and her cunt was only fractionally less painful. Now there she was, upright on her knees, being watched by her Daddy's leering eyes as she ran a razor over her cunt mound. He insisted she shaved herself every day, despite the fact she had very little or practically no pubic hair to remove in the first place.

"Consideration young lady. That's what it's about. Preparing yourself for Daddy's cock and making sure of my total pleasure is the most important thing in your life. I don't ever want to feel even one hair on your cunt scratching me. That would interrupt my pleasure, so make sure you shave every day or I will have to punish you if you don't" he had told her

Rebecca didn't want to be punished. Her Daddy knew how to hurt her in so many different ways and he always said it was for her own good but she didn't see how it could be. She tried her best to be a good little girl for him, a good little fuckslut, no, the best fuckslut she could possibly be, but he always found some reason to punish her at some point.

She particularly hated being strung up to the ceiling beams in the cellar, totally naked, with her legs spread three feet apart, her ankles tied to rings set in the floor. Her toes would barely touch the ground as she hung from her spread wide wrists as he caned her poor little tormented, throbbing, defenceless arse. Her cries of agony were muffled by the ballgag she was forced to wear but even if she wasn't gagged the cellar was soundproofed. He had made sure of that so her screams wouldn't attract attention.

The last few times he had done that to her he also whipped her across her back and thighs, then across her tiny developing tits. Then he whipped her frontally on her cunt, whipping the leather lash upwards between her well spread legs. She screamed and shook trying to escape the seemingly never ending lashes but it was all to no avail. By the time he finished she was covered in stripes from her shoulders to her knees, both back and front. He left her there all through the night, twelve long hours of suffering and torment.

Punishment was always inflicted on a Friday evening to give her body as much time to recover as possible before going back to school. By the time PE lessons arrived on a Wednesday there would be few tell tale marks to explain away and certainly no traces of injuries on her pale body.

The last time he had punished her was three weeks ago.

Just as soon as he had finished beating her, he took a fifteen minute break for a well deserved cooling drink to sooth his dry throat. He was tired from the effort of whipping her for over forty five minutes. Rebecca hung from her numbed wrists, her head slumped forward onto her chest and her face a mess of tears and snot. Saliva had drooled out of her gagged mouth onto her tits and down the front of her body until it had slicked down over her cunt mound.

Her body heaved and shook as she sobbed her agony through a ball gagged mouth and she remembered his words as he savagely pulled her head backwards so she was staring up at the ceiling.

"You can blame your slut mother for all the pain you are feeling. If she hadn't decided to leave us, you wouldn't be hanging here."

Rebecca stared at him through tear filled blurry eyes as he let her head fall forward again. She throbbed and burned all over, her stomach churned with nausea and she squealed out loud as she suddenly felt him forcing his cock into her bowels.

"MMmmppph garpphhh huh huh agghhh agggh oooow"

Her cries were music to his ears as he held her by the hips and fucked her with hard brutal thrusts. Each inward stroke pushed her body upwards and she felt his balls slamming against her ass cheeks. The anal rape went on for a long long time until in an almost delirious state she heard him groaning and knew he was cumming. It was just a few seconds later as he pounded in and out that he finally buried his cock balls deep and flooded her bowels with ten heavy blasts of hot cum.


"Mmmmooowwwwppphhh huh guh guh aagghhh" she replied.

He left her there for a long time, hanging limply by the wrists and feeling his cum drip out of her dilated asshole. Now she was suddenly brought back to the present moment and looked at her Daddy. Her left hand stroked over her freshly shaved smooth cunt mound.

"Is that smooth enough for you Daddy?" she enquired hoping for a positive response.

He ran his right hand over her smooth ten year old cunt and smiled at her.

"Yes sweetheart, smooth as smooth can be. We have to be prepared for whatever happens tonight. You don't want to risk upsetting the photographer do you? After all this is your big chance to be a star. You've always wanted to be a model since you were three years old."

Her big chance? She knew what kind of photographs were going to be taken. She knew it would probably involve far more than posing nude. It wasn't the type of modelling she wanted to do but her Daddy was in control. She would do whatever he told her to do.

"We should really give you an enema just in case."

Rebecca balked at that statement, both regarding the enema, which she hated getting and the "in case".

"Just in case of what Daddy?" she asked.

"In case he wants to photograph you getting fucked in the ass!"

She let out a startled gasp and closed her legs together trapping his hand.

"But I don't want to be fucked in my ass Daddy."

"Well you'll have no choice if that's what it will take for you to make the grade" he smiled "You'll do whatever is required and no refusing either. I don't want you embarrassing me by kicking up a fuss! Now open those fucking legs!"

He slid two fingers in deep and pulled her up into a standing on tip toe position. She felt the intruding digits penetrating up to her womb and wiggled on her toes. He turned her to face the shower head and said.

"Now get your hair washed and then come into the bedroom."

He ran his left hand over her tits, squeezing her nipples and then placed his other hand on her ass. She tensed as her slid his middle finger into her anus and wiggled it around inside her as if searching for something.

"Can't feel anything in there" he told her.

She watched as he withdrew his finger and raised it to his nose. Inhaling deeply he cocked his head slightly to the right and declared

"No I think you'll be ok. We won't bother with an enema."

Rebecca sighed with relief and watched him move to the door.

"Fifteen minutes no more than that and be in my bedroom. We'll dry you off and get you ready" then he was gone.

Sure enough fifteen minutes later Rebecca was sat on his knee on the bed with a huge towel wrapped around her feeling him rubbing her wet skin dry. When he was happy enough he concentrated on her hair until he finally said.

"Right, go and blow dry it and come straight back. I have to oil you up to make your skin feel smooth all over."

Thirty more minutes later and a naked Rebecca was laying on her front on a towel on his bed and her Daddy was massaging baby oil all over her back and legs. He'd spent ten minutes concentrating on rubbing the oil into her tits and cunt and then all over her front before continuing over her back. When he was finished her skin glistened.

"OK put your make-up on just how Daddy likes it."

Rebecca did just that and ten minutes afterwards, her slut painted face was reflected back at her in the mirror. Bright blue eye shadow and thick black mascara accentuated her piercing hazel eyes. Her cheeks were heavily covered in blusher and she had applied two coats of bright red lipstick. The face that shone back was of a girl far older than her mere ten years of age.

When she was satisfied her make up and hair were as perfect as she could get them, she walked back to her Daddy's bedroom. She immediately noticed the clothing laid out on his bed and wondered just how revealing they were. She had been "dressed" by her Daddy many times over the past six months, with increasingly revealing clothing being chosen for her.

"You'll need to make an immediate good impression on the men who will be at the photographer's studio tonight." He paused for a moment before continuing "so I've chosen a very sexy outfit for you to wear. It's sure to make them interested and you can also help by being a right little compliant slut at the same time."

In his right hand he picked up a tiny little black bra that had half cups and in his left he dangled a black suspender belt. She didn't need to wear a bra, her tits barely broke the plane of her chest, just two puffy mounds surmounted by pink, erect nipples. But he liked her to wear one, he enjoyed the sensations of stroking her tits through the material and the sight of her taking it off always turned him on. She barely filled the AA cups but that was of no consequence.

He motioned to her to come to him and turned her away so her back was to him. Rebecca saw him holding the bra straps open for her and slid her hands through them. He quickly slipped it up over her shoulders and snapped the catch shut as he spun her back around. His voice rasped as he stared at her little tits supported in the half cup push-up booster bra that now supported them. A few deft manoeuvres with his fingers and he had her tits perfectly positioned.

"Now that's sexy!" he told her.

He turned her away from him again and slid the suspender belt around her tiny waist, fastening it on the tightest catch. It was still a little slack but it wouldn't slide down over her hips. He'd had the lingerie set made especially for her, and she measured in at 24AA-16-24.

"You won't appreciate the effort I had to go to, to get a matching set in your size, but it was worth it."

She was nothing more than a mannequin in his hands as he sat her down and dropped to his knees in front of her. He picked up a packet containing black stockings and slowly pulled them out. He let them unfurl and then took one in his hands, slipped it over the toes of her right leg before slowly and carefully rolling it all the way up to her thighs. He smiled to himself as he did the same to her left leg before telling her to stand up.

He fastened the front four suspender straps to the black stocking tops and then spun her around. Rebecca felt him smoothing the nylon up her legs, pulling and tugging on the sheer material until he was satisfied enough to fasten the remaining four straps to each stocking top. Then he stood up and leaned over to pick up a garment from the bed.

Rebecca's eyes bugged at the sheer material of the blouse. It was black but barely there and she may as well not be wearing anything at all on top. Having told her to fasten the buttons up he helped her step into a deep red mini skirt. As it nestled on her hips she was only too aware of how short it was, barely covering her stocking tops. She realised that yet again her Daddy wasn't going to allow her to wear any knickers.

As the ten year old pre-teen slut stood there she watched her Daddy reach under the bed and bring out a shoe box. She knew it contained high heels for her to wear but was still taken aback when he pulled out a pair of shiny bright red shoes with two inch platforms and a six in high heel.

"You are going to look so fuckable in these the men won't be able to say "no" to you sweetheart" he told her.

Rebecca couldn't believe how high they were and certainly couldn't see how she possibly walk in them. He slid them on and as she stood up her ankles were immediately gripped with pain. She had to lean forward to keep her balance and as she did so her skirt rode up and she felt a cool breeze on her ass cheeks. She knew she was showing her ass and cunt off from the rear.

"Do you like them sweetheart?" he genuinely asked.

"Erm... yes Daddy but they hurt my feet."

"Well you've got about ninety minutes to get used to them before we leave. I would have had you wearing them sooner but that's what I had to go out for earlier. They only arrived in the shop this morning."

"Oh I see" she winced through the painful experience.

"Well walk around and let's see how you go."

For the next hour and a half Rebecca tottered and teetered on those incredibly high fuck-me heels, until as tired and aching as she felt, she knew she was just about able to walk in them without falling over or showing off too much of her hairless cunt and buttocks.

"Right time for you to check yourself in the mirror" her Daddy declared.

Taking her by her arm he moved her into position facing the mirror and for the first time she saw just how revealing her outfit was. Her tits, forming a nice cleavage, were clearly displayed. The skirt came to mid thigh at best and she could see the black stocking tops poking out beneath the hem of the garment.

"OK turn around and look over your shoulder" he told her.

She did so and stared at the two lines running up the back of her legs. She looked at him with a quizzical stare.

"You're wearing genuine fully fashioned seamed stockings with a cuban heel Rebecca. All the top slut porn models wear them and this will advertise the fact that you really do want to make the grade and join them."

Rebecca was appalled.

"But Daddy. I don't want to be a porn model" she whispered the word "porn."

"Of course you do. You've always wanted to be a model and now's your chance."

"No Daddy I want to be a fashion model" she confirmed.

"There's no money in fashion modelling. Porn is where we'll make the big money and you will become the top kiddy porn model of all time. I'm sure you will."

"But Daddy.........."

"No buts. Now it's time to go, so put a coat on and let's be away."

Just five minutes later Rebecca was being driven to her appointment.

Chapter 3

"So this is the young lady you've been telling us about!" the man sitting in the middle of the three said.

His eyes wallowed in the sight before him and the men either side of him blatantly ogled her tits as she sat in front of the desk they sat behind. Her right leg was crossed over her left and in that pose she couldn't prevent her black stocking top being displayed along with a decent amount of milky white thigh. Despite her tender years, with her painted face and sexy outfit, she looked stunning and oozed sexual attraction.

"Yes, this is Rebecca and she really wants to be a successful porn model" her Daddy replied "Don't you Rebecca."

"Erm....yesssss Daddy" and she almost whispered the response.

"Ever since she was three years old. Isn't that so Rebecca?" he continued.

"Yes..... Daddy."

"Well depending on how well you do here you may get your chance." The man in the middle said "Now, I'm Graham, this is Dave" he indicated the man to his left "and this is Frank." Pointing to the third man.

Rebecca barely acknowledged them as she was unable to raise her eyes to look at them. She was embarrassed, nervous, unsure of what was going to happen and just wished she was anywhere else. Graham stared straight at her tits and then let his eyes continue down to her stocking tops, thighs and down to her shiny red platform fuck-me heels. He could feel his cock responding to her image.

"How old are you Rebecca?" he asked her although he already knew the answer.

"I'm ten and a quarter" she informed him.

"Has your Daddy told you what to expect tonight? Do you know what type of modelling takes place here? What type of photographs and film we take?" he asked her.

"I've got a good idea" she replied, her eyes diverted to the floor and her voice almost a whisper.

"Well to make sure you fully understand we'll tell you so there's no misunderstanding." He smiled at her and continued quite matter of fact way "We do nude modelling here. We take photographs of young girls like you, pose them naked in a variety of settings. We will tae lots of photos of you in a variety of poses. Naked ofcourse. How do you feel about that?"

"She's ok with it she knows exactly what she has to do" her Daddy chipped in.

"What about you Rebecca? How do you feel about it?" he asked her directly, ignoring her Daddy, leaning forward and getting a great view of her blossoming cleavage.

"OK I suppose" she told him, though she sounded less than enthusiastic.

"And how about being filmed naked?" he continued.

"it's just the same as being photographed. Just different" she added.

"And how about being filmed getting fucked?" he continued.

The air was electric at that moment and a pregnant pause ensued. Rebecca squirmed in her seat and stole a quick glance at her Daddy sitting next to her. He nodded his head in encouragement and she turned back to look at Graham.

"I guess that'll be ok too I suppose" she responded.

"Have you ever posed naked for photos?" he continued.

He already knew the answer having had long discussions with her Daddy about just how experienced she was but wanted to get her reactions and respond to him. Rebecca swallowed and felt her stomach begin to churn.

"Ermmm welll... Yes...." she looked at all three men and then dropped her head and in a very low voice said "and I fuck too."

"Do you now. How many men have you fucked?" Graham responded with interest.

"Only my Daddy" she told him becoming a little more confident "He's the only one."

She was twisting and squirming on the chair, her arms held tight to her body and gripping the sides of the chair. She had no idea that this was pushing her tits together into an even more inviting cleavage and causing her skirt to ride up so that a hint of cunt was on offer.

"And what would you do if you had to fuck other men on film?" Graham sounded quite at ease.

"Errmm...I'd have to fuck them too. My Daddy says I have to do whatever I'm told to do, so if that includes getting fucked by other men then I'll have to do it won't I?" her chest was heaving with nervous sighs as the conversation continued.

"She'll be a good girl Graham. She will do whatever you need her to. She wants to be a star" her Daddy interrupted.

Graham gave him a withering stare and said to Rebecca.

"Do you really want to be a porn model?"

"Errr... No.... Not really. I want to be a fashion model.... but Daddy says there's no money in it. So I guess I'll just have to get fucked and filmed and be a porn star."

Graham decided to be much more blatant with his questions.

"Have you sucked a cock?"

"Hmm Hmm" she confirmed in a low voice.

She was becoming less reticent to give them information and she remembered her Daddy's last words before they entered the building.

"Tell them everything they want to know. Answer every question and make sure you don't give them any chance to so "no" to you. If you fail this I'll string you up for a week and beat the shit out of you. There's a lot of money to be made and you have the chance to make me rich."

"And I know how to deep throat too. And swallow! Daddy says I'm a good little cocksucker."

Graham looked impressed at that revelation.

"Well we'll need you to prove that before we're finished here tonight." He told her.

He stared at her for her reaction and was rewarded by a reddening blush deepening her already red cheeks. She nervously crossed her legs the other way, just a little too slowly, forgetful she wasn't wearing knickers and gave the three men an unimpeded view of her ten year old freshly shaved cunt.

"Your Daddy tells us you enjoy getting fucked in the ass too. Is that true?"

"ERRRR....No! It hurts me a lot but Daddy says I have to get used to it as porn stars get fucked there lots and so will I if I'm going to be successful."

She uncrossed her legs and let them open, offering Graham a direct view between her legs. She was starting to feel aroused unlike anything she ever felt when her Daddy fucked her. Maybe it would be fun to be a porn star she thought.

"He's right Rebecca. In this business you'll get fucked in every hole, sometimes all three at once" he advised her.

She stared at him with disbelief. And gripped the sides of the chair so tight her tits shimmied in her bra.

"How can that happen. They won't all fit. Surely not....."

"Depending on how well you perform for us tonight, you may well end up getting fucked at some point by all three of us at the same time."

Rebecca was startled. She had never realised that that may happen tonight. She'd watched porn movies with her Daddy and knew about two cocks at once but none of the DVD's she watched ever showed a girl getting fucked in her cunt and ass at the same time. She'd watched cunt and mouth and asshole and mouth action, spit roasting as her Daddy described it, and girls getting fucked in the ass, or cunt, but never all three holes at once. She squirmed at the prospect of doing that. Graham took a sideways look at his two companions and then turned back to her.

"Well, we need to have a chat with your Daddy for a short while, so you go through that door there and when we're ready for you we'll call you back."

Rebecca stood up and tottered off into the room indicated and felt the eyes of four men looking at her as she left the room. The three men stood up and went to the far side of the room and chatted for a short time. Her Daddy sat there waiting for them to give him the news he so desperately wanted to hear. Eventually they came back to him.

"Well, we think Rebecca has potential and we're prepared to offer her a test session to see how she reacts. See what her finished photos look like. Depending on those we may want to "test drive" her so to speak... and do a short video session" Graham told him

"She's a good fuck and will do whatever you want. I've warned her not to fail and that there's a lot of money at stake." He told them, almost pleading with them.

"Well, we'll see. We will only pay five hundred for tonight, but if she impresses us enough, then you're potentially talking hundreds of thousands over the next two to three years if she makes the grade. You know what we mean."

His eyes bugged at the prospect of so much money and he wished he'd done this sooner. He smiled to himself at the thought of not having to work again.

"That much? Wow! Well, do whatever you want with her. I'll sign anything you want." He was overly keen.

"This is your daughter we're talking about! Her getting fucked on film and looked at by thousands of men. Doesn't that bother you at all?" Dave asked.

"Not in the slightest. Money talks and I want the money. It's as simple as that."

"OK. In that case we'll get started. Dave here will take you into the office and get the paperwork sorted out and we'll get things started." Graham advised him.

"Where will I sit and watch?" her Daddy asked.

"You don't. You leave and come back later when we phone you. It'll be a few hours so go to a movie, or a pub, whatever you feel like doing" Dave told him.

"But I thought it'd be best to be here to help her get into it. You know, encourage her."

"No. It's best she's not distracted by you being here. It'll be hard enough for her as it is, so just leave her with us and we'll get what we need."

He walked into another room with Dave and looked back over his shoulder, disappointed with not being able to watch her session unfold. Dave took him through the totally unenforceable contract which her Daddy willingly signed and within ten minutes he found himself back at his car.

Back inside, Rebecca found herself in the presence of Graham and Frank being shown the sets they were going to use and giving her the run down on what the stills session was going to entail. She nervously looked around, expecting to see her Daddy in the room and barely took in what she was being told. Then Dave returned and she noticed him locking the door.

"OK Rebecca, let's get started" Frank said.

She turned to look at him as he handled a big digital camera that was bigger than anything she'd ever seen. The look on her face was such that Frank thought he'd best tell her what it was.

"It's a digital SLR, 18 million pixels and has a sensor system that picks up every fine detail, even a single pubic hair. Have you got any pubic hair Rebecca?" Frank already knew she hadn't.

"No sir.... I shaved my cunt earlier tonight. Daddy doesn't allow me to grow any hair down there" and she nodded with her head towards her cunt as she whispered the word "cunt."

Well, in that case the lens won't see any will it?"

"No sir... None at all" and she licked her dry lips. "can I please have a drink?" she was so thirsty.

"Yes of course you can. Now what outfits did you bring and did you bring your make-up too" he enquired.

"I don't know sir, Daddy packed that bag there but I don't know what's in it" she tried to explain.

"Don't worry about it. We have all the make-up you'll need here if yours isn't packed and we have lots of outfits too. The one you have on will do nicely to start with." He smiled reassuringly. "Now you go and freshen your make-up in that room there and we'll get you that drink. As soon as you are ready come back to us and we'll start the session."

"Where's Daddy?" she asked nervously.

"He's gone out somewhere and will be back when we've finished. We don't want him making you feel nervous whilst we're photographing and filming you. We want you to relax as much as possible and we find that parent's are too much of an intrusion. So it's just us in here. We'll make you feel good don't worry."

Frank was calmness personified having done this so many times. They could always make money out of photographing underage girls in the nude and filming them getting fucked, but the real money was in repeat productions where a girl established a fan following. He already thought she may be just what they need for a forthcoming film shoot and hoped he was right. She had that "special something" and he could feel it in his bones but only time would tell whether he was correct.

"Now let's see what you have in that bag."

Her Daddy had been told to bring several lingerie sets, and stockings with him together with two more sexy outfits. As Frank rummaged through the bag he came across a scrap of material, that purported to be a thong and which matched her bra.

"Put this on for the shoot" he told her "I assume the suspender belt matches the bra?"

"Yes it does sir" she confirmed "but why do you want me to cover up down there?" she asked.

"Because, we want to tease the people who will look at your photos. We don't want to give them any immediate images of your bare cunt. That's why" he informed her.

"Oh! My Daddy just likes to photograph me without any on."

"Well so will we but to begin with that's how it's done. If you make the grade and become popular then anything goes."

"Ok" she responded not at all sure of what he meant. "I'll get ready then."

"As soon as you can Rebecca" he said and exited the room.

Fifteen minutes later and a nervous Rebecca was sat on the long side of a double bed, leaning back on her hands with her right leg crossed over her left. She stared straight into the camera and said the words she had been coached to say. She wondered why she had to say anything at all when it was still photographs they were taking but she didn't know that this session was also being secretly filmed.

"Hello, I'm Rebecca and I'm ten years old. I want to be a porn star and I hope you'll like what you see."

CLICK! WHIRR! The camera sounded.

The first photograph of her new career recorded her beautiful little slut painted face in all its glory. From here on she wondered how long it would be before she took off all her clothes.

Frank zoomed slowly out taking more photos at various moments, filling the frame with her body as though stripping her bare but merely revealing more and more of her sexy outfit to the viewers who would look at the finished set. As he clicked the shutter framing her face and tits, cradled in her black half cup bra he saw a slight change take place in her face. Just ten photos taken and Rebecca began to relax.

"Ok Rebecca, now push yourself upright and push your tits out for the camera." Frank told her.

Rebecca took in a deep breath, arched her back and pushed backward on her hands to lift her tits to the lens stare.

"Oh that's very good. You have a lovely pair of tits Rebecca. Twist at the waist to your left, drop your head slightly to the right, give me a sexy stare. That's it, pout for the camera, put the tip of your tongue on your lips to look like you are licking them."


"Now lean right back on you elbows. That's it now arch your back again and let's see you offer those tits to me. Lift your left leg up onto the bed and put you sole flat on the bed, bend the knee a little more."


Frank encouraged her at every step of the way, constantly changing poses, clicking off dozens of photos and telling her how beautiful and sexy she looked. He was experienced enough to know that many of these initial photos wouldn't be the best he could get, but the process helped new models relax and get into the routine of being photographed.

He took maybe a hundred photos over fifteen minutes of Rebecca dressed in her sexy outfit. Teasing shots, shots giving just a glimpse of stocking top to stockings clearly visible along with images of her skirt just uncovering her sheer thong and many of her tits trying to spill out of her bra with the contortions he had her go through adopting poses.

She was a natural of that there was little doubt. Rebecca didn't even realise how relaxed she had become. She had begun to enjoy the attention, adopting the teasing poses and giving the camera many sexy stares, open mouthed, tongue teasingly licking her lips, but nothing as yet overt or blatant. She was laying back, propped up on her elbows, blouse unbuttoned all the way down and pulled out of her skirt with her tits practically popping out of the her black half-cup bra.

She had her right leg pointing up to the ceiling displaying her Cuban heeled seamed stocking for all to enjoy and her left bent at the knee with her 6" high platform heel flat on the bed. Her skirt was a scrap of material stretched across her waist and her sheer black thong was clearly on open display, framing her hairless slit when the moment of decision finally arrived.

"OK Rebecca, drop your leg, bend it at the knee and put the sole flat on the bed."

The position left her facing the camera with her skirt trapped tight across her thighs, both black stockings on view and her thong covered cunt readily visible. It was an awkward pose and placing those 6" high heels flat on the bed caused her to raise her arse off the bed and push it up towards the camera. She swallowed hard and awaited the next revealing pose.

"Now open your legs really wide for us, put your ankles sideways on the bed so those spike heels are displayed and stare straight into the camera as you arch your back and then cup your tits, push them together and offer them up to me."

Frank asked it in such a simple way as though it was perfectly natural to pose a ten year old girl this way. Rebecca paused a few seconds and then accepted the way it was going to go. She adopted the pose and then dropped her head to one side and stared seductively into the camera.

"Is this what you want?" she asked.

"Oh yes! And more" he replied.

"You mean this?" she enquired.

She slid her right hand into her thong and traced her cunt with her middle finger, then used both her index and ring fingers to split her cunt lips open before sliding her middle finger into her now soaking wet twat. She pouted, sent steamy glares and blew kisses at the camera and all the time Frank kept snapping away, taking photos on motor drive, recording her self-stimulation.

"That's exactly what we want" Frank told her "Now pull your thong to one side and bare that cunt! Come on do it!"

She didn't hesitate. With her left hand she pulled the sheer thong to one side and gave the camera an unhindered view of her right hand opening herself up and her finger deep inside her ten year old hairless cunt. Rebecca gave such sultry stares that all three men showed reaction to her. She could see bulges forming in their trousers and silently knew she was giving them exactly what they wanted.

"This is great love, really great" Frank beamed as he continued snapping away. "Ok now sit up on your knees and slide that blouse off"

Rebecca removed it slowly and sensuously, sliding it off her shoulders, down her torso and then letting it fall away. She needed no further instruction as she deftly unfastened her skirt and turning so her back was to the camera, teasingly slid it down. Slowly, her black suspender belt came into view, then her well developed arse filled the frame until it slid down her thighs, allowing the viewer to see her black seamed stocking tops.

She let it fall and pool around her knees as she then twisted at the waist to give a half profile view of her black bra covered tits. She sensuously shimmied the skirt off and then her hands went up into the middle of her back and quickly unsnapped the bra catch. As her bra slid from her shoulders she clasped the cups to her tits, allowing the shoulder straps to fall away. She stared invitingly into the camera, offering the viewers of these photos a personal invitation to see what was just a few moments away. Then she dropped the bra and her developing tits with their puffy nipples were finally bared to the lens.

"Oh fucking hell baby this is fantastic! You're fantastic, Arch your back and stick those nipples right out" Frank enthused "OK now drop down onto all fours and spread your legs wide apart. That's it, down onto your shoulders and bring both hands around your arse and pull your ass cheeks open. Oh yes, yes! Ok wider still!"

Rebecca knew exactly what this pose would show as her Daddy had often put her into this position. Her cunt and arsehole were obscenely bared and despite her initial misgivings she was now wet between the legs! Unlike the times her Daddy had photographed her, this session was turning her on and now she wanted to really show these men just how sexy and experienced she was and what a slut she could be.

She was bent forward on her knees, her arse to the camera, her shoulders flat on the bed and her face turned to the left. From that position Frank didn't even have to kneel to be face on to her sweet open wet cunt. He zoomed in, filling the frame with her black stocking tops and suspenders and with the string of her thong now pulled down across the top of her thighs. Rebecca's fingers splayed her cunt wide open pulling her lips far apart to display the deep pink soaking wet folds inside.

"OK now slide that thong down to your knees."

She did so.


Frank never stopped taking photographs as she slid the thong down to her thighs and turned onto her back. She put her legs together, raised them up to the ceiling, her six inch heels pointing straight up, her seams ramrod straight and slipped the scrap of soaking wet material up to her knees. She bent her legs to let her slide it down to her ankles and pulled it off.

"Fucking hell sweetheart, you are hot!" Frank was ecstatic

Rebecca now pushed herself up onto her flattened elbows, sultrily stared into the camera and slowly spread her legs wide apart until her ankles were three feet apart. Frank clicked away unable to believe just what he was experiencing as she then moved her hands onto the sides of her tits and pushed them together. Her nipples were hard and erect, standing up like two little bullets and she dropped her head to the right adopting and "come and fuck me" look.

"Am I giving you what you want Frank?" she asked "Am I going to make the grade?"

"I don't think there's any doubt darling!" he responded.

"I feel so sexy" she admitted "This is fun. It isn't with my Daddy but with you it is."

"That's because you're relaxed and enjoying yourself."

At that moment Graham appeared in front of her holding up two dildos in his hands.

"Do you know what these are Rebecca?" he asked.

"Hmm-Hmm" she confirmed.

"Why not play with yourself for a while."

"OK!" she gleefully agreed.

The first one he gave her was big. A flesh coloured ten inch long two inch thick latex dildo, whilst the second one was only six inches long and an inch wide. She looked at them with a little uncertainty when they must know she could easily insert the big one with no problem.

"The big one is for your cunt, the smaller is for your asshole."

She looked at him with disbelief as she realised the import of his words.

"Both at the same time love!" he confirmed.

Just two minutes later Rebecca was laying flat on her back, with her black stocking covered legs held wide apart and bent right back to her tits, sliding the big dildo all the way into her ten year old well stretched cunt with the smaller one about half way up her asshole.

"Oh Ohhh OOOHHHHHH!!! She moaned and she alternated sliding them in and out.

Frank didn't miss a single opportunity and took over fifty photographs within two minutes. Rebecca was fucking herself on film and was actually enjoying doing so without her Daddy being there. She was cumming and the sound of the camera clicking away added to her excitement.

"OK Rebecca, time to take a break" Frank told her.

"But I'm enjoying myself." she groaned.

"There'll be plenty more time for you to enjoy yourself" he told her "Dave wants to film properly you now."

"Ohhh!" she smiled "So you want to do some video of me."

"Erm yes but not just of you. Graham and I will be joining you at some point."

"OHH!!! You mean you're going to fuck me?"

"Yes sweetheart we certainly are."

"Have I made the grade then? Will I be a star."

"We don't think there's any doubt of that Rebecca. Now you take a rest and spruce yourself up, we want you looking great for your first video" he just knew they were going to make a lot of money out of her.

Rebecca moved to the little changing room to freshen herself up. She reached the door and turned back to ask a question.

"Do you want me to put another outfit on?"

"Yes. Put the red mini dress on, the low cut zip front one with the red lingerie set." He told her.

Once she was out of hearing range Graham rang her Daddy. It only rang once before he answered.

"Hello!" the voice was full of eager expectation.

"Hi it's Graham here."

"Hello. How's it going" he asked.

"It's going very well. It's been nearly an hour and we haven't filmed her yet. In fact we've decided to do a full video session with her but it will mean keeping her here all night."

"That'll be ok." He was crowing "So she's impressed you then?"

"She certainly has. So much so that we don't think there'll be any problem making her a star."

"Really?" he was ecstatic with the news.

"Yes! She's going to be a big star. She's going to be very popular and very rich." he continued "We want to shoot a full video with her for our Pre-Teen Triple Fuck Sluts series which is why we'll need her all night and most of tomorrow. We'll call you when to come and get her."

"OK, yes Ok. How much will this film pay?" he asked, more interested in the money than his daughter's welfare.

"An initial five thousand and 1% royalties on sale. You can see that in the pre-contract you signed."

"Right. OK. I'll err wait to hear from you then."

"Yes probably tomorrow evening. Bye."

The phone line went dead and he triumphantly punched the air. Five thousand! He was finally going to be rich! He always knew she was going to be Daddy's little goldmine.

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Great story thank you.


I always adore dialogue like what opens the story; dialogue that reflects what physical and emotional realities are actually transpiring.

I approve of this piece for that single factor alone, and adjure any and all porn writers to take note.


Sligg's point about this style of dialogue caught my eye. I couldn't disagree more. In my book this is infantile rubbish that is a substitute for poor writing and imagination. And where else but in poor-quality porno stories do you see dialogue in SHOUTING CAPS, with unnecessary exclamation marks? Unfortunately it is so commonplace. People who don't know the rules should follow the examples of those that do. Incidentally Sligg, I adjure you to clean up your own grammar.


In response to the above comment you obviously still read the story despite your disavowed dissention to the 'infantile rubbish' you refer to. You must be some purile egotistic English Professor marking boring dissertations but still needing to visit this site to 'get off'. What a sad person you are and what a sad life you must lead. Now go bore the pants off your boring friends. Keep up the good work AP.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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