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Published: 1-Jun-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The service was over and me and daddy were getting ready to go home. Or at least that's what I thought. Daddy and I are like you know, lovers. I'm six and he snuggles in my little bed at night and kisses me all over my cunny and I kiss his special thing. I like it when it gets hard and fills my mouth up and then...and then daddy squirts his juices in my mouth! Mmmmm....yummmy!

This time some of daddies friends were going to play. I didn't thin that was strange cause the pastor was always holding me and feeling my tushy. He really liked it when I had on my special rhumba panties. He caressed them and tickled me all over. I have them on today. Two other people, a Mr. Johnson and a Mr. Kaye were going to join too.

I was dressed in a pretty yellow party dress with white thrills all about. I had little yellow rhumba panties on and knee socks as well as mary janes. I had my hair done up in pig tails. Daddy likes to take my pig tails in his hands and stick his thing in my tushy. I like that kind of. It's big and sometimes it really fills me up but OOOOOO when he squirts it's so fun!

"This is my daughter Angel." He said to the men and I smiled up at them. The pastor reach down and patted my hair and said "Hi Angel. Are you ready for some fun?" And I said "YES!" I could see how hard his thing was getting as well as the other men's.

We went into the nursery/playroom and there were lots of pillows there and a slide. Right away all of the men started touching me. Kissing me and feeling inside my panties. Daddy stood beside me and had his pants down and was playing with himself.

"Oooo I like to watch my little angel play with other men. Go ahead sweetheart play with the men." I smiled at daddy and began to reach out and stroke the pants of the pastor. His penis was getting really big and I think he wanted to cum but pulled back soon. Then Mr. Johnson came over and stuck his pants right in my face!

"Pull down my zipper Angel with your teeth." He hissed and pushed my face into his crotch. I was a little scared cause this part was new but when daddy nodded it was okay I began. I took my teeth and began to pull the zipper down. I liked hearing how it sounded. ZIIIIIP!

"OOOH girl are you gonna get a big load." Mr. Johnson said and his penis stuck out from his pants. I took it in my hands and kissed it. I soon felt it grow and moved my little fingers all over it. Then without warning, Mr. Johnson shoved his penis in my mouth! I went PLOP right in.

"Oooooo suck it you little slut. Yes that's it. Your daddies told us all about your mouth you sweet little girl." Mr. Johnson breath deeply and kept shoving his penis in my mouth. I moved my lips back and forth as best I could and soon...soon...I felt SQUIRT! SQUIRT! SQUIRT! All inside my mouth. That lovely cream filling my mouth up. It tasted so wonderful! "Oooh God yes yes you sweet little cocksucker!" He breathed and pumped one last time in my mouth.

As This was going on I saw the pastor talking to daddy. I heard a few words like "Fuck and pussy." So I knew he wanted to fuck me. After I swallowed the last drops of Mr. Johnson's juice the pastor took me in his arms and laid me upon some pillows.

"God your daughter is sooo sweet." Mr. Johnson said to daddy as the pastor got ready to put his thing in me. Now I've had daddies fingers inside and even mommies dildo but this was a pretty big cock. I look to daddy for help but he just grinned and whispered "You can do it."

"I'll lick you up wet little Angel dol. I'll lick you through you cute little panties." The pastor said. Soon I forgot my fears as I felt his tongue against my panties. I squirmed and shoved my hips up to his face. I could still feel Mr. Johnson's cum in my mouth and I was getting more excited. As I felt and weaved through the feelings of being sucked I looked up and saw Mr. Kaye kneeling over me. His penis was rock hard and my little mouth was waiting for him.

"Here you go girl. Suck, suck, suck." The men laughed as he played with me poking my mouth and then taking it away and then poking. Soon though his penis was deep in my mouth and I reached up and took a hold of it.

I just love sucking no daddies penis and being able to do it with these men is neat too. I felt really special now with the pastor of our church who was really horny for me, sucking my little cunny. And these other men all making out to. Mmmmmmbut the best was yet to cum.

As I sucked on Mr. Kaye's penis I felt the pastor pulling my panties down. He was still licking my cunny and I was really wet.

"Ooooh Angel baby I think your ready for my cock." He breath and took it in his hands. He gently aimed it at my cunny and made sure my tushy was raised enough for it to go in. "May you enjoy this bounty you are about to receive." He cried out and shoved. I didn't cry but I felt a slit pain. I raised my hips up a bit and moved as fast as I could. Mr. Kaye was getting so turned on by it all that he moved his penis faster in and out of my mouth.

"Go to it man! Give it to the little Angel." He groaned. And the pastor was! He got most of his penis in me and I just was feeling...feeling full up. Deeper and deeper he moved in me and I just had to move with him. Then as I felt my own cum spurting both men shot off all over me. The pastor wanted to see his stuff squirting all over my tummy. Mr. Kaye wanted to squirt on my "Angelic face." I took his penis in my hand and smeared it all over my wet face.

"Oh daddy daddy, the squirted all over me!" I said as I got up as best I could.

"Yes...yes they did darling. Are you okay?" He asked as he hugged me. He didn't mind tasting the cum on my face. I nodded yes and whispered "Now lets show them what I really can do." After saying that I giggled.

At one corner of the nursery the was this slide and that was for me. I got up upon it. Daddy put my panties back on me and took out a roll of rope. "Gentlemen. For your entertainment I present Angel the sodomized little slut." Daddy said and all three men clapped.

After tying my hands to the slide and making sure my panties were on snug daddy began the show.

"Angel did you have fun today?" Daddy asked.

"Yea...yes daddy" I said in a pretended scared voice. I tried to wiggle out of the ropes and whimpered a bit.

"You enjoyed having these cocks all pump their loads into you right?" He asked sternly then slapping my tushy cause I didn't answer.

"Yes...Yes daddy. I liked it when the men filled me up with cum." I said with my head bowed down.

"Hmmm...what do you think that makes you Angel? WHAT!" Daddy demanded to know.

In a small whisper barely able to hear I said "A...a..slut."


"A Slut daddy."

"That's right. A slut. Do you know what a slut girl like you craves more then anything?" Daddy once again spanked me but harder this time.

"Yes daddy I do." I whimpered but only playing.

"And what's that?"

"I want your penis up my tushy daddy."

"Don't you mean "I want your COCK up my ASS daddy?"


"Well then say it!" Daddy spanked me three more times on my bottom and reached over and felt inside my panties. They were very wet.

"That wasn't your COCK up my ASS daddy."

"Well then you shall have it." Daddy said and came behind me.

I felt daddies fingers on my panties and heard a RIPPP ! A cool breeze was tickling my bum. I knew soon the men would get a show they'd never forget. In fact, I heard them playing with themselves.

"Gentleman come...come closer to the Angel Slut." And all three men dashed in front of me.

"Now angel Slut, as I fuck your little asshole I want, no I demand you suck on each man's cock like the little slut you are." With that I felt daddies cock enter my bottom. I whimpered a bit and pushed back to receive it.

"Do you like daddies cock in your ass baby?" I nodded yes and felt the first cock enter my mouth. Even though my hands were tied I still could take the other two cocks in them. I worked my fingers up and down against them.

"Here you go little slut girl. Take daddies cock up your sweet little ass!" Daddy was breathing and shooting more of his cock inside of me. Mr. Johnson was the man I was sucking first then I felt the pastor nudge my face. Then Mr. Kaye's. All three men wanted inside my mouth but of course, they couldn't be there. So as daddy was assfucking his six year old girl I had three men jerking off right in my little face.

"OOOOO HERE I CUM SWEET GIRL!" Daddy shouted and soon I felt his lovely daddy squirt juice up my bum! There's nothing greater then feeling daddies juice in my tushy! As daddy was filling me up all three men shot off at the same time in my face. I was drenched in their sweet juice. Mmmmmm....I hope we can play again soon.

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lovely little girl being given the heavenly fruits of life by her loving daddy and her paster.All was gratefully received,amen x


Hot little baby whore. Love her. Can't wait for her next gangbang. Hope she learns to eat ass and cunt and drink piss. I'd love to see her French kissing an adult female while a couple of these old guys piss in their mouths.


Nice. Very nice.

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